Guy on Planet Rock… again

April 2006: Luka's Taproom & Lounge, Oakland, CaliforniaBassist and all-round funny man, Guy Pratt, is guest hosting another show on Planet Rock this weekend – and you really don’t want to miss Saturday’s.

If you’re in the UK and have a digital radio, you can search for ‘Planet Rock’. Alternatively, you can listen through your television set: channel 0110 on Sky, 924 on Virgin TV.

Best of all, you can listen online, regardless of your whereabouts.

The chatroom is open to our ‘Irregular’* friends all weekend, so why not listen with us?

Guy’s show is on between 9PM and midnight (UK), Saturday and Sunday.

There is a scheduled chat today between 3PM and 5PM (UK), where everybody is most welcome.

Thank you for all the questions sent in for David and the North American premiere of ‘Remember That Night’. No further questions will be considered after 5PM (UK) tonight, don’t forget, so please be sure to get your question in, if you haven’t already done so. It will not be eligible after 5PM, no matter what your excuse is.

I want questions for the UK & Europe premiere next week. The floodgates open on Monday morning. So, if you’re in Europe or will be going to one of the European cinemas on Thursday 6 September, I want to hear from you. Just not until Monday.

Don’t forget that, if you’re in the UK, you have another chance to see David’s brilliant ‘Live From Abbey Road’ performance in the early hours of Sunday morning. See the calendar for details.

And while you’re taking mental notes of what you mustn’t forget, do be sure to pay the Stuff & Nonsense page a visit before the weekend is over. There are five variations of ‘Take A Breath’ waiting for you.

The answer to yesterday’s Name That Tune? ‘Fat Old Sun’. Rather fitting, once you see what I’ve got for you over the weekend…

* To be considered an ‘Irregular’, you have to be a regular contributor. Unfortunately, the chatroom cannot stay open to everyone all weekend… for obvious reasons. However, anyone can join the ‘Irregular’ ranks. You just need to make the effort to join in. To be invited to such ‘lock-ins’, all you need to do is show up at a few of the scheduled chats and play nicely with the others. Details of all chats are always plainly listed on our calendar. Everybody is welcome at these sessions. Unfortunately, because of the odd muppet, only those who are invited get into our ‘lock-ins’. Apologies for any disappointment, but I’m sure you can appreciate the situation.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

54 thoughts on “Guy on Planet Rock… again”

  1. [‘Fat Old Sun’. Rather fitting, once you see what we’ve got for you over the weekend…]

    Hummm got my thinking cap on to try and figure that one out.

    Cheers, Howard

    [Tricky one, eh? You just wait and see. There’ll be a delay, or a problem of some sort, and it won’t be here this weekend after all. Then I’ll look like a complete muppet. – Features Editor]

  2. Hello FED!

    “Take a Breath“ in 5 variations- that’s great. Thank you!

    “The NEW EPK” was fantastic. David’s voice accompanied us by these 10 minutes. I saw it immediately several times. It makes “appetite” on the whole DVD.

    I wish you a beautiful weekend

  3. Just had a couple of minutes to sit down and watch the EPK…all I can say is “WOW”. I’m so looking forward to the upcoming show.

    Thank you for that little treat F’Ed.

  4. that’s gotta hurt!

    i’ll be listening to guy’s show. i’m especially excited about this ‘fat old sun’ treat.

    a fab weekend to all. x

  5. [‘Fat Old Sun’. Rather fitting, once you see what we’ve got for you over the weekend…]

    FEd, are you planning on making the sun shine this weekend? Wow! You really do know some people in high places. Just as well it wasn’t ‘Goodbye Blue Sky’. Pity it wasn’t ‘Money’!

  6. Regarding where we should meet before David’s show on September 6th, I hope its going to be the Moon Under Water pub as its right next door to the Odeon in London and anyone who is wearing stilletoes or has a little bit too much to drink, or both, can do a discrete wobble next door without letting on.

    Seriously, though, I was down in London yesterday, Thursday, picking up my ticket, which incidentally, places me in the stalls but in row Z. How further back can I go!!!!

    Nevertheless, I am just happy to be going to see David and am very exited about “Remember That Night” and generally having a good time.

    See you all then.

    Cori Burns

  7. There is a ‘dude’ called FEd
    Who never seems to go to bed
    He works twenty four – seven
    Creating our little heaven
    He needs a break in the Med!

    Can’t wait too see what’s in store over the weekend! But I’ll have to wait until Monday to find out 🙁


    Guy Pratt auditions for the lead role in the remake of the television classic, My Favorite Martian.

  9. Caption:

    “Guy thought he had his beer goggles on, but realises it was really his pint antenna”

  10. Just wishing lots of laughs and love for all of our Barnfesting Irregulars this weekend!!

    For the rest of us:

    Wish We Were There!

    JMike ;>)

  11. Thank you FEd for keeping the chatroom open all weekend! That’s a hilarious pic Of Guy up there…:D

    Hope to see you there, and we can all have fun and nonsense as we listen to him as well!


  12. My response to today’s picture:

    “Oh, cool, another picture of Guy at Luka’s with the scissors in his h – Oh, my God that’s me and Jenny!!”

    It gives me great joy that girlfriend Jennifer did not, in fact, avoid the lens as she had hoped. Hee, hee, hee.

  13. Grrr. North American Q&A closed on the 17th at 5:00pm. Just realized that the close was UK time. Oh well 🙁

  14. Hmm, I’ve tried clicking on the links to buy Leicester Square tickets (out of curiosity), and it takes you to a different part of the site now, a part non-Gilmour.

    Does this mean it’s sold out?

    – James.

    [I haven’t received official confirmation that it’s now sold out, but several fans have said that there are no tickets left. Until I get confirmation, however, I can’t say for sure. – Features Editor]

  15. voted for naturally

    2 radio gems and a bit of tv. ah ambassador FE’d with these rock-letts you are spoiling us

    hope all are ok?

    have a good weekend peeps

  16. WOW! This *fat old sun* is absolutely… no words to describe.

    I am sad he didn’t play it in Toronto, but i am so happy i can see it now and so on and on and on… thanks xxx

    Sylvie de montréal

  17. Wow, just watched the full version of Fat Old Sun.

    Used to think David was the greatest guitarist of all time but I think I grossly underrated him. His songwriting skills, his vocals, his musical arranging and his harmonies together with this guitaring surely make him one of the greatest musicians in the history of the world.

    I’ve run out of superlatives but I’m sure David doesn’t really want to hear this crap anyway.

    My mother (she’s nearly 75) was asking about David a couple of days ago so we watched the Meltdown Concert together. She loved it so I’ll get her a copy of this DVD when it comes out.

  18. I just got my email from the dgstore offering me the chance to pre-order the “Remember that night” DVD. If I’m in the US it’s $18.49 but if I’m in good old blighty it’s £24.95.

    Come on David what the hell’s going on???

    (No good saying buy the US version either as it’s region 1 and won’t play in the UK).

  19. Just thought I’d share with you my chuffiness at pre-ordering THE DVD with special offer of the blue T shirt from this site. Feeling quite proud really. No hitches and easy.

    Thanks to all who made that possible.

    Ian Pearson

  20. Ahh, I feel a bit foolish not going with “Fat Old Sun” now for name that tune #5.

    Great clip today and also great EPK for that matter. Looking forward to the chat later.

    You have been working overtime fed! Be sure to get some rest if at all possible and, have a great weekend all:-)

    ~Tomi Sue

  21. OK… so I have almost worn out my computer watching the Fat Old Sun video. Just how great is that ending. It’s so refreshing to hear these old songs with their new ‘Gilmour Twist’.

    One problem with the files is that they are the wrong shape. They should be 16:9 ratio not the 4:3 ratio that they display at.

    Geeky Fix:

    If you are using the ‘Flip4Mac’ plug in to play the Windows Media Player version on your Mac, you can save the file to your hard disk and then when you play it using Quicktime Player you can hold ‘shift’ and drag the screen’s bottom right hand corner to the right to make the video the correct shape which should be just less than 1.5 times the width of the original file.

  22. Love that Red Strat in the next entry!

    I’m off to see Max Boyce on 1st September, WOOHOO!

  23. Caption:

    Audience to Guy: “Cut it out”.

    See what Rudders has got us into? Captions and all.

  24. Crudmeister! It WUZ Fat Old Sun, wasn’t it…. Nice snippet though…

    I must be getting rusty on my Gilmour Minutia…

    All the best to the Barnfesters out West. Me and my acoustic really wish we were there….

  25. *Caption*

    The ever versatile Guy tries out for the broadway version of “My Favorite Martian”.

  26. FED,

    Perfectly fitting, Fat Old Sun is great, I only wish I had to wait a month or so for the whole material, watching on the internet is not the best way to watch David’s performances, but keep them coming.

    Go Reds on Sunday,

    Have a wonderful weekend all,

  27. Irregulars:

    I visited the chatroom for the very first time. Pity that I was the only one there, which makes it kind of hard to chat, but still it means I’ve gotten over my irrational fear of visiting a chatroom.

    For some reason it would not allow me to register under the screen name I’ve been using here, so I had to make a new name for myself. In the future I’ll be known here (and in the chatroom) as NewYorkDan. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to switch names/identities in real life?

    I’ll be back to the chatroom when it ISN’T 4:30 AM, so hopefully more people will be in there and I can try my hand at chatting.

  28. One cinema in Copenhagen: What does go on sale tonight mean, FEd? Was that the night between Friday and Saturday, or is it the night between Saturday and Sunday? There is no sign of ticket sales at the website.

    I’m interested in the Copenhagen venue if there will be none in Norway!

    [I’m sorry, Martin. I was told that they’d be on sale from midnight Friday. I’m sorry if this turned out to be wrong. – Features Editor]

  29. Fat Old Sun really is a ‘ripper,’ isn’t it?

    Thanks so much for that video!

    – James.

  30. Hi FEd,

    Is this weekend chat thing a lock in? If so that explains why I can’t get in.

    As you know, I find it hard to make it to the usual chats due to work commitments and being a mom.

    If this weekend chat thing is not a lock in, am I doing something wrong as I cannot get connected.

    Looking forward to the release of David’s dvd.

    Kind regards.


    [Yes, it’s a lock-in. – Features Editor]

  31. A David Gilmour reference….

    Alex Lifeson of “Rush” was featured in this month’s Guitar Player magazine. When asked about his being a big fan of the acoustic he makes mention of David Gilmour:

    “I also had a meeting with David Gilmour… It was the first time I’d seen him play. I went back to say hello, and he was a very engaging, charming guy. We talked a lot about the power of the acoustic in terms of writing, because it doesn’t lie. It tells you straight up whether an idea has merit.”

  32. HA-HA-HA- was my first reaction to this picture.

    That was quite an angle of how this picture was being taken and Guy’s facial expression made this picture even more hilarious.

    I wonder who took this picture! He/she deserves the best cinematography award!

  33. Love the Fat Old Sun. Love the lyrics, they remind me of Coleridge for some reason. Love the electric guitar bits, all I can say is Rock on, excellent.

    Funny story about Take a breath. On a car trip with my 14 year old daughter, we hooked up our mp3 players to the rental car system and on my turn, guess which album was requested. My daughter has not yet heard it, although she is well aware of my love affair with everything pink floydish.

    Take a Breath started and out of the blue, my precious said “don’t tell me what to do!” I guess that song really does catch that parent-child moment quite well.

    Got my ticket for September and looking forward to the show and the DVD.

  34. Hello FEd & bloggers,

    What an amazing surprise being able to see the full live version of “Fat Old Sun” from the forthcoming DVD !!!!!

    This version is a masterpiece & David did a “powerful” guitar solo!

    Thank you very much David & everyone on this site !

  35. Don’t know if this has already been covered elsewhere but for anyone interested, you can pre-order the DVD now at Anthill, the official David Gilmour Store. There are also new T shirts.


  36. Love the Fat Old Sun, never saw it live until the tour.

    Sylvie, he did play it in Toronto then switched to Dominoes the next evening. Another new live song for me also.

    Also couldn’t forget Rick’s vocals on WTIO.

  37. Very entertaining show from Guy on Saturday’s Planet Rock. Rick’s recollections of Echoes on the tour was fascinating to hear, as was the few minutes of the live performance from Gdansk. We even got an advert from Phil for his new Planet Rock show too.

    The DG entourage seem to be taking over the station. Can we expect Steve hosting an A-Z of great drummers or Jon interviewing David in future slots?


  38. [Hmm, I’ve tried clicking on the links to buy Leicester Square tickets (out of curiosity), and it takes you to a different part of the site now, a part non-Gilmour. Does this mean it’s sold out?]

    Actually it is just that the link is outdated. You need to go through the menus on the home page for Odeon or try the link by clicking my name.



  39. Hi Fed and all,

    HURRAH! And thanks so much for thinking of us Danish fans.

    However, I still – Sunday evening – cant find the tickets to the event in Copenhagen, though the link seems to be working fine. I guess I just have to keep checking? (maybe they didnt know that you wrote on the blog that the tickets would be on sale already..) 🙂

    Have a nice evening,

    [As soon as I get word on when exactly these tickets will be on sale, I’ll let you know (and perhaps I’ll have a more precise link for you by then, too). I’m very sorry to have said that they’re on sale when, actually, they’re not. Do please keep checking the site, because I’d hate it if they are suddenly put on sale and I’m not informed until later. In the case of all the other sites, they’ve used the DVD cover as a button to take people to the right page (to order tickets). Please click your name below and have a look at the site for Austria, for example. You’ll see the banner on the right – that’s what you need to look out for at the Bio Booking site… Soon, hopefully. – Features Editor]

  40. Full Fat Old Sun vídeo!!! Amazing, incredible performance…

    Thanks FEd for you informing here on the date of launching of the DVD in Brazil. I only hope that the news is good, therefore always here in Brazil, for a reason that I am unaware of, the launchings delay to arrive.

    I remember in the passed year to buy the cd On An Island I had to wait until July (15/07/2006), when the cd arrived in the store together with the DVD PULSE. For me “to know” the cd On An Island, I had to search the resources of the InterNet and the celebrities mp3, clearly that when “had allowed me”, I bought the original cd. But I believe that this delay made many people leave to buy the original cd or leaves people (as I) with an almost mortal anxiety.

    Sincerely I hope that the date of launching in Brazil is the same, or not too long here in relation to the other countries of the world. Probably there is a reason for the delay of launchings here in Brazil, I do not argue this, but I do not understand for example the cd On An Island had its launching in the certain date in Argentina and in Brazil it was delayed 4 months. It swims against the argentines (3×0 hehehe in the end of the America Cup) but with certainty does not exist only samba and carnaval in Brazil in the musical question!

    FEd thanks again for your help, we Brazilians await a date…

    [I am still waiting for an answer, Marcos, but I will not forget to let you know. – Features Editor]

  41. The “EPK” & Fat Old Sun fantastic additions, thank you.

    I still managed to miss Guy on Planet rock, shame on me.

  42. I enjoyed the FAT OLD SUN, Mr. David Gilmour did a faithful nostalgic version, a wonderful clip for me and my husband to enjoy over and over again throughout the weekend.

    Thank you.

  43. It was a fun-filled experience in the chat room this weekend. Thanks FEd for leaving the chat room open – it was awesome and I had a blast.

    Not only did we get to chat with the folks who attended the Barnfest get together, we were able to enjoy the wonderful show by Guy Pratt at Planet Rock together, and the bonus interview of Richard Wright … most of all, the 10-mins broadcast of the remake of ‘ECHOES”. Life is good…

    Thanks again.

    [Glad to hear that you enjoyed it, Veronica. – Features Editor]

  44. Sorry to say that I missed Guy on Planet Rock again. Well maybe next time.



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