Cinemas in Sweden

Remember That Night DVD (2007).IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: EXTRA VENUE (17/08/07)

One extra venue is to be added to the list for Sweden: Nynäshamn.

It has not been added to the FHP website yet, but please click here for booking details.


We’ve once again been nominated for the Best Music Blog award at BT’s annual DMAs.

If you’d like to vote for us, please click the button below (ignoring the way it says “Vote for me!”, as your vote is obviously recognition of each and every person that contributes here).

Voting closes on 30 September. The winner will be announced on 2 October.

Thank you.

Our very patient friends in Sweden have been waiting for this news for a while now, so I’m very happy to be able to inform you that the cinematic premiere of ‘Remember That Night’ will be shown in the following 13 areas:

Åseda, Boxholm, Emmaboda, Filipstad, Gislaved, Gusum, Haparanda, Höör, Kallhäll, Lammhult, Lövånger, Söråker and Tomelilla.

Please click here for more on individual venues.

Tickets cost 190 SEK. I’ll have details on how to order soon.

This event is on the evening of Thursday 6 September.

You get 85-minutes of concert footage from David’s forthcoming DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, in glorious High Definition. David will also be performing one song live, as well as participating in a Q&A… which you can be involved in. This will be transmitted, live, via satellite from London’s Leicester Square.

This is all I know for now, so please continue to be patient. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything else until further details have been finalised, but there will be an update for Sweden this week – with the possibility of more venues being added to the above list.

I’m taking questions for the North American Q&A this week, but will invite questions from fans in Europe (or anyone who will be attending this event in any European cinema) next week.

Tickets are still available for participating cinemas in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, including the UK & Europe premiere at London’s Leicester Square.

The chatroom will be open between 10AM and 12PM tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

55 thoughts on “Cinemas in Sweden”

  1. It’s amazing, in the Q and A in the other blog entry, how many questions are coming in. Sob, sob…and they’re all so good…darn…there goes my chances…:-P…just kidding…everyone still has a fair chance. But there’s some people that have really intelligent questions.

    Anyways, congrats Sweden. Hope you enjoy it!

    Hope everyone’s weekend went well!


  2. i’m happy for our friends in sweden. 13 is a good number and there may be more. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the great news for us here in Sweden. Very nice.

    Thanks Fed, really made my day!

    I already have my tickets reserved. I recieved an email with this URL for ordering my tickets. It’s for all participating cities in Sweden so far (click my name). It’s in swedish though.

    However, I talked to the cinema closest to me and they reserved me my tickets, so I don’t know the procedure when ordering at that website.

    Again, many thanks for making this happening, Fed & Co!



  4. I’m currently watching the Radio 2 performance on the BBC website you provided FEd.

    Means a lot buddy, thanks

  5. Est-ce qu’il y aura des avants premières en France ?

    [Il n’y a pas des cinémas pour la France, désolé. – Features Editor]

  6. Great publicity about David and historical events on Radio 2 website I note.

    Thanks for offer of taxi Lorraine but fixed South of London that night.

    Great others are finding transport to/from Odeon OK.

    Also I am enjoying all the questions posed so far. I admire your stamina FEd to sticking to the rules and managing these posts so admirally. I may not agree with everything you say but I can’t argue with your dedication and loyalty. I hope you never suffer from self doubt. Hang in there. I may not ask anything due due not being able to record said question.

    Looking back on interviews with David its interesting to note what people ask him and if they asked me some of the questions I would just laugh. Having worked with hot glass for 40 years now it never ceases to amaze me people still ask, “is the flame hot? Do you blow with your mouth? Ever cut yourself? and burn yourself?” Week in week out. Draining but always entertaining!

    Ian Pearson

  7. I have just read through the North American Questions & there are some “i wish i had thought of that” moments.

    Will David only consider Questions regarding music?.Obviously questions of a personal nature would not be considered, i was just wondering how broad our questions can be, as we only have one shot at it.

    [Just about anything is acceptable, but the following are not: When are Pink Floyd reuniting? Have you seen my tribute band? Will you put on a concert in my home town? How can I get my demo recordings to you? – Features Editor]

  8. Hi FEd,

    On a non Q&A note, I’d like to wish David Crosby a happy 66th birthday!

  9. Ian:

    “is the flame hot? Do you blow with your mouth? Ever cut yourself? and burn yourself?”

    Well? What are the answers? Don’t leave us hanging! 😉

    My question to David would be whether he has considered buying Arsenal. Perhaps they need a new owner to get past Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool. (just kidding).

    [They need Henry back, that’s what they need. And to cut out the diving. – Features Editor]

  10. Happy Tuesday,

    [I can’t argue with your dedication and loyalty. I hope you never suffer from self doubt. Hang in there. I may not ask anything due to not being able to record said question.]

    Seconded – Well said Ian !

    I am thinking about maybe not asking a question (yes Fed, I know I asked it a while back when I shouldnt have) for similar reasons.

    Pete – Coventry

  11. [They need Henry back, that’s what they need. And to cut out the diving. – Features Editor]

    What Diving! they had a clear pen denied as well, as for Henry coming back, thats a bit like wanting a floyd reunion, be nice for a friendly sometime but we have moved onwards (& upwards, barring Jens howlers)

    good goal by Gerrard i must admit though.

    [Jens is still a top ‘keeper, though (and you missed the chance to comment on the soft free kick that put Gerrard on the scoresheet against Villa). This tongue was firmly in cheek when I made that ‘diving’ remark, believe me. – Features Editor]

  12. When will we know the cinemas in Norway? It’s not long to go to the 6th of September now!

    [I’m sorry, Martin. With the time ticking by, I’m as concerned for Norway (and Spain) as you are. There’s nothing to report just yet, but we’ll let you know if anything develops. – Features Editor]

  13. ola David, sou seu fá incondicional. adoro todas as suas músicas, amu Pink Floyd, gostaria de saber quando vc vem fazer um show no Brasil.

    forte abraço.

    [I’m very sorry that I cannot answer in Portuguese, but there are no shows planned for Brazil. If that changes, we will let you know. Thank you very much for your support. – Features Editor]

  14. As it is a very rare thing indeed, I’d like to highlight the fact that Newcastle United are top of the Premiership. Can we end the season now, please?!?!?!?

    [Well, as much as I like seeing Manchester United in the bottom half of the table, I’m not too keen on the idea of finishing the season behind Everton… – Features Editor]

  15. Hey everyone!

    In relation to the ‘Best Music Blog award’, don’t forget to vote for ‘Best Official Music Site’ too!!

    FEd, not fluent in Portuguese? Well I never!

    [Did we get nominated for that, too? – Features Editor]

  16. FEd, I assume you can vote for this site and blog under the people’s choice awards section??

    Maybe I’m wrong??

    [No, I just looked and you’re absolutely right. – Features Editor]

  17. [In relation to the ‘Best Music Blog award’, don’t forget to vote for ‘Best Official Music Site’ too!!]

    Done and done, any idea how many times we can vote?

    [Pass. But we will get one of those very pink buttons sorted, so that you can vote for ‘Best Official Music Site’, as well as ‘Best Music Blog’, with complete ease. – Features Editor]

  18. Picked up my plane ticket to Heathrow London!! I am really going WOOHOOO!!!!!!

    Cheers, Howard

  19. Fed,

    I wont be about on Monday as i’m going to Edinburgh to see Guy do his other job, any body else going??


    [The window for questions for the UK & Europe premiere – on Thursday 6 September – will be open from Monday until Friday 24 August, so don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  20. Hello FED and all,

    How much time will be given to record the question and submit it, a day or three? Time frame and logistics can be important for me.

    I’ve just voted


    [Thank you for your vote. You’ll have at least three days to submit everything. – Features Editor]

  21. FED,

    With me going to both Europe and North American shows, can I submit another question for Europe? ;-)))

    I am being greedy aren’t I?

    Cheers, Howard

    [Maybe. But you could submit it twice, if it isn’t chosen the first time. – Features Editor]

  22. Congratulations on a second successive ‘Best Music Blog’ nomination. I have, of course, voted.

    I also wanted to add that I think it highly admirable how there is repeat use of “us” here. It is always “our” site, etc. That means a lot.

    Each vote is certainly recognition of every person that contributes, but it is nice to feel so welcome and appreciated.

    Which brings me on to my next topic.

    I disagree with Alejandro’s comment in the previous entry. “Hard” words are absolutely necessary at times and the quality of questions received is, in part, due to the clarity of instruction and the no-nonsense approach of the Features Editor.

    The rules are always fair and I’m happy to see that people are finally understanding that there is a deadline and that “one question” means one question.

    I hope the European Q&A is just as positive.

    [Thank you very much. The questions have been of the highest quality so far. – Features Editor]

  23. For Andrew S,

    OK OK Answers

    – Flame is soooooooooooo hot but then again it’s real cool
    – I mostly blow with my mouth except when I burn my lips.
    – I ration cutting to once a week but the first cut is always the deepest.

    Ian Pearson

  24. Nominated for another award!

    Da Iawn FEd and everyone involved with and Da Iawn to David too.

    [Diolch yn fawr, Jonathan. (Do you think there are more than six people reading who understood that?) – Features Editor]

  25. [Diolch yn fawr, Jonathan. (Do you think there are more than six people reading who understood that?) – Features Editor]

    I bet Rudders would be one..

    Cheers, Howard

  26. Did my civic duty and voted for both blog and official site..

    Cheers, Howard

    [Thank you all very much for voting. I have used your comments to twist the webmaster’s arm, so he will be adding a similar “Vote for me!” button to the homepage shortly. – Features Editor]

  27. re: the bt digital music awards

    i just went back to october ’06 to jog my memory (click my name). david’s blog finished 3rd and david’s site finished 21st.

    how late did you enter? as i wrote back then, i bet you’d have won it if you’d entered sooner.

    can’t believe it’s been a year since the ‘whose shoes?’ blogs!

    [We had two weeks, I think. – Features Editor]

  28. thank you for the answer,but i didn’t mean it only about the “lose our time” thing….it’s a general feeling i had sometimes when i check the blog.

    it’s sad that because of some people, even the ones that respect Mr Gilmour more as a person than anything else,need to feel that you are in a sort of way “bothering”…him,his family or his personal issues.

    thank you.

    [I’m sorry that you feel that way, Alejandro, and will keep your point in mind. – Features Editor]

  29. 13 cinemas in this small country? A BIG LAUGH – of course great for the Swedish people, however: DAVID played 4 shows in GERMANY 2006 and only 5 (?????) cinemas here promote the movie? This is of course a BIG LAUGH too for me!

    He played in HAMBURG last year but NO cinema will perform that (of course) GREAT EVENT here in the NORTH of GERMANY!?!! I have to ride approx 400-500 Kilometers to see that show? A BAD JOKE for me! This is too much expensive for me!


  30. F’Ed, are you giving out those “I Voted” stickers for us? Hmm, probably not, but the votes are being cast. I love the site.

    [Thanks very much. That deserves a sticker… If I had stickers, that is. – Features Editor]

  31. Shumai Peeps

    Fi un Chwaraed pel droid, heno.

    Fyn smashed nawr. Yeskin Post!


    Lets see if anyone can work that one out FEd!

    By the way, Happy Days!!!

  32. Hi,

    I voted for this site.

    I am sad that I will not be able to submit a question to David’s Q & A due to the lack of facilities again i.e. nothing to make a video with.

    Perhaps I could stealthily ask a question in the hopes that someone could ask it for me? Ha, ha.



  33. I voted for you and the site, of course, but I personally think that it doesn’t matter at all if you don’t win.

    Seuls ceux qui connaissent ce site/blog ‘en profondeur’ savent qu’il est le meilleur et, mieux, le plus attachant.

    De plus, si chacun peut voter une fois par jour, tout est ‘truqué’ (=rigged ?) d’avance, comme d’habitude…

    I’m sorry if this hurts you, it’s just an opinion.

    Je crains la pire des humiliations pour Toulouse cet après-midi ! No need to wish you good luck, I think.

    Anyway, no problem, I don’t care about Toulouse. Allez les Rouges !


    [Merci (et je ne suis pas offensé par votre mots, parce que ils sont vrai). – Features Editor]

  34. Morning FEd et al,

    I just noticed that the European launch of RTN coincides with a certain ex Floyd members birthday!! Coincidence or conspiracy??

    Happy Wednesday all and remember to vote again today!

    [Not Bob Klose? – Features Editor]

  35. Hello FED!

    I voted for “Best Music Blog” and the “Best Music Site” too. I hope that you win.

    Fed, I have a question. We prepared 3 questions for Q&A. Is there a possibility to give them to David in the blog later this year? He could answer it sometime in the blog.


    [Thank you very much for your votes, Ina. I’m sorry, but David isn’t going to start answering questions on the blog (because he wouldn’t be able to stop!), but please do select the best one for the European Q&A next week. We’ll be taking them from Monday. Maybe the other blog readers could help you select the best one? – Features Editor]

  36. It happened again last night, i managed to get into chat & there was nobody about, must have been something good on the TV last night, sure as hell, people weren’t in their gardens around our way, it was chucking it down with rain.

    I did vote though.

    [They were all hiding from you, Graham. They all want to see Henry back at Arsenal and just couldn’t face you. – Features Editor]

  37. [They were all hiding from you, Graham. They all want to see Henry back at Arsenal and just couldn’t face you. – Features Editor]

    I thought they had more sense! I had even got the drinks in too (a cheap round).

  38. [13 cinemas in this small country? – petefloyd]

    i hope i don’t get my head bitten off again, but i’m also surprised that there are not more cinemas showing ‘rtn’ in germany after such successful live shows last year.

    i’m still really happy for sweden, though.

    i think it’s great that countries that missed out when david was touring are getting something now.

  39. Voted.

    Congratulations FEd for being nominated.

    Not that it matters but I hope we win.

  40. One of my questions will be .. what kind of speakers are in those Wem cabs? maybe JBL?? please..

    Charles DeSpain
    St. Tacoma, WA, USA

    [That would be your one and only question, Charles. Only one question is allowed, I’m afraid. And it has to be left at the right place, which isn’t here… Please click your name below. – Features Editor]

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