Cinemas in Germany


As I told you last week, seven Cinemark cinemas in the US had a delayed on-sale date, due to ticket system changes.

Tickets are now available from the following:

Tinseltown, Colorado Springs, CO
Cinemark @ Seven Bridges, Woodridge, IL
Tinseltown, Louisville, KY
Cinemark Tulsa, Tulsa, OK
Cinemark Pittsburgh Mills, Pittsburg, PA
Cinemark 24 Jordan Crossing, West Jordan, UT
Tinseltown USA, Kenosha, WI

The news that fans in Germany have been waiting for…

You can be part of the ‘Remember That Night’ experience at the following five cinemas:

Cinemagnum, DRESDEN (Telephone: 0351 484 3922)
Cinemagnum, FRANKFURT (Telephone: 0692 097 8863)
Cinecitta’, NÜRNBERG (Telephone: 0911 20 66 66)
Cinemagnum, WEIMAR (Telephone: 0364 349 9756)
Cinemagnum, WÜRZBURG (Telephone: 0930 293 3933)

Tickets cost between €13 and €16 (before tax). You can order online or over the telephone.

Your ticket entitles you to 85-minutes of concert footage from David’s forthcoming DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, a week before it’s released – in High Definition. In addition, David will be performing one song live, as well as participating in an interactive Q&A session. All this will be transmitted, live, via satellite from London’s Leicester Square.

This event is on Thursday 6 September at 8.30PM (CET).

Cinemas for other countries in Europe will follow as soon as possible, so please continue to be patient. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything else until all details have been confirmed.

Tickets are still available for participating cinemas in Canada, the Netherlands, the UK and the US – and even the UK & Europe premiere at London’s Leicester Square.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I’m a projectionist at the Edwards Marq-e in Houston and I will be working the event here.

    Really looking forward to it, as a fan and a musicain.

  2. Off Topic:

    Was it just me or it also happened to everyone else; I couldn’t enter the site for the last few hours until just now; I hope all is well, FEd.

    [Has anybody else had this problem? – Features Editor]


    wollen wir eine Interpretation des Rings meine Glocke tun

    Riiiiiings meine glocke, meine glocke, meine glocke

    wo ist mein Mantel?


    Steve, “Oi, Guy, do you know you are standing on my foot”.

    Guy “you hum it son, i’ll play it”

  5. Hi to all

    Just to say El Magnifico’s (young Mr Manzanera) Planet Rock show is a real treat : with insights into Roger ‘Syd’Barretts inflential guitar playing

    and many more inc. Jeff Beck/Allman Bros/Steely Dan PLUS working with our valued ‘friend’ David Gilmour A++++++

    Did you catch the show Fed ? and apologies if this duplicates other ‘irregs’ comments 🙂

    martin_ D

    [I’m afraid I missed it, but I’m looking forward to the repeat on Friday. – Features Editor]

  6. On the ‘Name the Tune ‘ board could this be
    ‘Take A Breath’ …because it looks to be what Stevie D is saying to Guy !!

    CAPTION :Stevie to Guy ‘Where did you hide my beer – you bounder?’


  7. Caption Competition…

    “Ok, Ok, funky boy… so I didn’t have a black one!?! Pink is nice”

  8. hope all our friends in germany have a fab time. 🙂

    name that tune: how about ‘comfy numb’?

  9. FEd,

    Yes around 10 – 10:30 last night New York time I could not access the site. By 11 it was back up.



    [Thanks for letting me know. It was stuttering at about 11PM UK time. – Features Editor]

  10. Happy Tuesday,

    Interesting about Leicester Square not being sold out.

    With things slowly getting back to normal for me then if (big if I know) they still have tickets available in a couple of weeks I may be in a position to take one.

    Who knows?

    Pete – Coventry

  11. Hope all our friends in Germany have a great time….From us not so lucky ones in Ireland!!

  12. *Caption*

    You’ve heard of a “Bowl Cut” right? So what’s wrong with my “Bell Cut?”

  13. [Hope all our friends in Germany have a great time….From us not so lucky ones in Ireland!! – Posted by: Paul Sexton]

    You’ve never heard that old phrase “The luck ‘O the Germans”?

  14. *caption*

    ‘oh my, I’m playing on the ride with two drumsticks??’

    Good luck,german friends:)

  15. Name that tune: Fat Old Sun for me too

    What about the last one (Take a breath, I mean). Did you say which was and I missed it (and of course you said it was Take a breath, as I guessed) or we are still waiting to know I guessed right?


    [Well, the last Name That Tune was ‘This Heaven’. Since then, the screenshots have been taken from ‘Smile’ (‘Cinemas in Canada’, 2 August) and ‘Time’ (‘Wireman’, 5 August). – Features Editor]

  16. fed, i couldnt get on the site last night either

    [I’m sorry to hear that, Tracy. Thanks for letting us know. – Features Editor]

  17. Has it already been announced about when we can submit questions?

    [No, but there will be an update towards the end of the week. – Features Editor]

  18. Caption:

    Guy to Steve.”What’re you doing mate? Where’s the hammer, we’re playing High Hopes!
    Steve:” What? Oh all right then”.

    Fed I had also trouble last night but got on eventually @ 3:45 am UK. Not to worry.

  19. hmmm….I was refering to the pic of the 1 August. The pic in red!

    I didn’t realize so many days were passed, sorry. I image you already gave the solution, but can you tell me again, for feed my curiosity?

    You will see that life will recompense your patience with me, believe me. The flowers of your garden will grow strong and several, your car will become dirty slower, from the tap will flow beer, tv will trasmit more sport on tv and the dog will learn to open the door to the boy who delivers the pizza, so that you won’t need to stand up from your chair. God bless you!


    [That one – ‘Name That Tune (Part Three)’ – is taken from ‘This Heaven’. – Features Editor]

  20. [Hope all our friends in Germany have a great time….From us not so lucky ones in Ireland!!]

    I’m with you on that Paul as I have previously posted – we’re only ‘across the pond’ after all, but yet it feels we are a million miles away. I’ve forked out for the Leicester Square show + flights & accomodation which is costing me and my wife a packet. And as I’m sure FEd would add, “nobody has forced me to go and pay this money”. Which they haven’t but I just had to indulge 🙂

    Is it that no cinema in Ireland meets the technical criteria for such a show FEd or are the establishments just not cooperating?

    || Caption ||

    “Hey Guy, stop eating my cymbal! Catering aint that bad!!”

    [I’ll pass, Brian, as I’m not dealing with the cinemas. But, in the case of the UK, all participating cinemas are part of the Picturehouse chain. If there are no Picturehouses in Ireland – as seems to be the case in Wales – then that would explain it. – Features Editor]

  21. [That one – ‘Name That Tune (Part Three)’ – is taken from ‘This Heaven’. – Features Editor]

    Ops, I thought that telling “the last ‘name that tune'” you were talking about this pic with Steve, not the last one titled “name that tune”. But you also wrote “since then” so…I apologise…and now I will go to sit on the ground, in an angle of the bathroom, feeling ashamed for a little, ok? Bye!


  22. caption:

    “And another thing young Mr Pratt if I ever find one of these things in your pocket again I’ll make you smoke the lot of them in one go , you hear?”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  23. [You’ve never heard that old phrase “The luck ‘O the Germans”?]


  24. Looking forward to the show. I will be watching it at a theatre in Irvine, California.

    Now….In case my question does not get selected..^_^

    I was wondering in light of the rendition of Astromony Domine and High Hopes, will there possibly be a release or re-release of the 23 minute masterpiece ‘Echoes’? I ask it since David and Richard did the vocals on that one, and I’m sure they both can contribute things to it they could not do back in the day.

    [Maybe they could, but they aren’t going to try. Sorry to disappoint you. – Features Editor]

  25. *caption*

    “I don’t tell you how to play bass, so don’t tell me how to play the drums….I know what I’m doing up here….so just turn around and mind your own instrument…”

    Of course I don’t believe anyone in this band would be this rude but Stevie does seem to have a face of anger here.



  26. Re: July 31, 2007 Comments (peddlemania)

    [Not pretentious, just posted in the wrong place. – Features Editor]

    Yes, yes, FEd.

    A half of a creative thought and pissed away in the backwaters of yesterdays news.

    It would be a fair question ‘what was I thinking’ if it can be proven that I was.

    Still, Wireman (next weeks news from where I was rooting about, back there) does have it’s essence to be dealt with.

    And here I am, now, days late. Oblio, lost in the pointless forest, again.

    OK gotta go find me a nearby ‘Island’ cinema…

  27. Hey FEd, I’d like to second those that say they couldn’t get in last night. Neither could I. Tried the wrong front door key!!!!!!!!!!!

    Getting excited to hear all those questions but what I’d really like to see is David asking a question of the audience. Like he would just point to someone, politely inquire how they are and what there hobbies are, maybe a litle about their occupation and wishes for the future along with their favourite colour. Now that would be interesting.

    OK, over and out

    Ian Pearson

  28. FEd, I had trouble logging onto chat as well… the only way I could enter was to come to the blog, and click on the “Wireman” page (yesterdays post of yours), and click on CHATROOM.

    It would not open the page if I tried to enter from the “nonsense” page.

    I was able to enter with your link, though… but I was all alone in there!!! LOL

    Take care,

  29. ***A BIG Shout out to MELISSA!!***


    You Gilmourette, you!!! I hope it’s a good one. Make it as good as you are, and it’ll be GREAT!!!

    (And please don’t spit on the cake when blowing out the candles!)

    [Have a good one, Melissa. – Features Editor]

  30. Hello Fed, in case I may have missed it any idea of what the setlist will look like for the the screening of “Remember that Night”?

    Not that it really matters. The Man could sing “Like a Virgin” and it would probably be excellent.


    [It’s a surprise, but I can confirm that there will be no Madonna covers. – Features Editor]

  31. Hello!!! 😉 Lots of reading to “catch” up on … Busy, busy, busy … Hysteron Proteron sends his warmest regards. Normal “transmission” will resume shortly … 😉

    The “feeling” for “today” is ” The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn!!!” Mono if you got it!!! Enjoy!!!

  32. **Caption**

    Ah….I am a magician, your shirt is black.

    Reference to movie “Kung Pow-Enter The Fist”.

  33. To me, “Name that Tune” is truly as difficult as Blotto … all these images look so familiar to me; yet, the minute I thought I guess the song for the image, then another thought came into my mind…

    Although I’ve tried, I decided to take it easy with this game and conserve my energy for the premiere at the cinema.

    I commend those who play along and to those who actually named the RIGHT tune; a big hand from me to all the incredible fans of David Gilmour and to FEd for keeping the momentum.

  34. Hi Fed

    Im home soon after my long adventure. I am currently in Canada on an Island, Vancouver Island.

    I hope all goes well on Davids special night and i hope to catch it at a cinema near My home town

    Back in 3 weeks

    Kind regards

  35. With so many cinemas showing Remember That Night what is the criteria for an Oscar nomination?

    – Best lead male (David)
    – Supporting male (Richard)
    – Leading lady and script (song)writer (Polly)
    – Musical Score (The whole film)
    – Choreography (Guy)
    – Action shot (Dick Parry switching saxophones)

    and so many more

    And as for best Director, Scorsese and Co can stay at home that night and we get a first class rendition of Comfortably Numb… never know!!

  36. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL!!! (now what should I get you, hmmm a cpr dummy, perhaps?) 😛

    …Have a good b-day!

    K.C. xoxo 🙂

  37. Hello Fed and all!

    Phil, thank you for many interesting answers!

    I ordered my tickets for the cinema in Dresden. I am so happy!

    All the best from Berlin

    [Have a wonderful time, Ina. – Features Editor]

  38. Happy Belated Birthday, Melissa –

    Hope it was filled with fun, my best wishes to you for a fabulous year ahead!

  39. I reflected on my previous post about “Name That Tune”. I sounded like a party-pooper and being a bad sport; but I am not.

    Trust me, it is hard to resist joining in the game such as “Name That Tune”.

  40. Hey, what is it?

    my dear Mr.Gilmour, it drives me insane waiting for the new album!

    pleaaaaaaaaaaaase record anew

    brilliantly composed stuff with well-written lyrics, and guitar riffs echoin` in the empty halls of our memories. Floyd is not here but you are!

    I cant stand waitin`, I can`t… 🙂

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