Cinemas in Canada

Remember That Night DVD (2007)


If you wish to book your tickets online, and find the Cineplex website difficult, you should find this link more helpful.

54 venues across Canada are involved in the North American cinematic premiere of ‘Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live At The Royal Albert Hall’, which takes place on Saturday 15 September.

Please click here for a list of all participating cinemas.

Tickets go on sale tomorrowFriday 3 August – from each cinema’s Box Office. You can also book your tickets online.

Please do not contact any of these cinemas before this time. No tickets will be issued today.

You cannot order online until tomorrow, so don’t be alarmed by the website’s total lack of any mention of this event. The details you require will be there tomorrow.

However, if you do experience any technical difficulties with ordering online first thing tomorrow morning, please be patient and try again a little later.

Tickets are priced at $12.95 (plus tax).

So, that’s 54 cinemas in Canada, 111 in the United States, 15 in the UK and three in the Netherlands, not to mention the UK & Europe premiere at London’s Leicester Square.

I’ll have more cinemas in more countries just as soon as I can announce them.

If you need reminding: both the European and North American premieres of David’s forthcoming live DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, will be broadcast, in High Definition, via satellite from London.

This includes 85-minutes from the concert, introduced by David himself, plus a live song and live Q&A.

I know that many of you have your question at the ready, but think it only fair to announce all participating cinemas before inviting you to send them in. So, please hold on to your question for now and I’ll let you know when I’m ready for them.

Yesterday’s Name That Tune teaser was ‘This Heaven’. Well done if you guessed correctly.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    [Not here. There’ll be more from Phil next week. – Features Editor]

  2. Hi FED!

    Any news from Italian cinemas? We’d appreciate so much entering the game…;)


    [I’m sorry, Francesco. No good news for Italy. – Features Editor]

  3. Hi Fed,

    How long is the question window going to be open for? I’m off on holiday next week and don’t want to miss my chance!

    And is it cheeky of me to ask again if a release date for the HD version of the DVD is known yet?! I’m getting twitchy not knowing!

    Cheers, Jon

    [I can’t answer either question, sorry. If you’re only away for a week, I’m sure you’ll be back before we even open the floodgates. As soon as we can confirm a release date for the HD versions, I promise that we’ll splash the news all over the site. Sorry to keep you twitching. – Features Editor]

  4. This flippin’ Heaven!!!! well I never…

    Gold star Shiry and Ronny!! I think they were the only 2 who got that!! Apologies if there were more.

    Happy days Canadians!!


    Yes I’m so going to the coliseum in Ottawa…!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( u can easily tell that I am excited now!)

  6. *caption*

    David doing his rendition of “O Canada” at the show in Toronto.



  7. Congrats Canada!!!

    Happy Thirsty Thursday everyone…ok now go have a pint.

    Have a great day Fed

    Renee B.

  8. Sylvie !

    Quatre cinémas à Montréal ! Je suis ravie pour toi !

    J’espère que tu trouveras des billets sans problème, je penserai bien à toi le 15 Septembre …


    I’m very happy for our other Canadian friends too ! Enjoy !


  9. Wow, I would have never guessed “This Heaven.”

    As for todays, I would say “Wish You Were Here” or “Smile.”

  10. hey FEd,

    sorry if you’ve got this q a few times, but is Remember that Night going to be shown in any Irish cinemas?

    thanks a lot if you can put me out of my misery! (in a good way hopefully…)


    [Sorry, Dan, but there’s nothing planned for Ireland. – Features Editor]

  11. Fed,

    Looks like you can book tickets for the Canadian shows now. See this link (click my name).

    If you click on the David Gilmour concert link in the list, it will take you to a list of cinemas where you can select the one you want to book through.

    Cheers, Howard

    [They’re not supposed to be on sale until tomorrow, but… – Features Editor]

  12. Fed, et al Canucks…

    Ain’t technology wonderful! I’ve just booked my tickets on-line for Burlington, Ontario so it looks like they aren’t waiting until tomorrow…

    [Oh, technology is great. People, too. – Features Editor]

  13. Tickets are booked so…

    Next jobs are:

    1. Get some new glasses as my lenses have some scratches…

    2. Tone up so the t’shirt looks good…

    3. Sharpen pointy stick for WooHoo’ers and tw*ts shouting “Bring it on home Dave” and “You rock Dave” at the screen

    4. Prepare banner saying “That’s my question” so I can hold it up and accept cheers from the audience… well I can hope!

    5. Ensure plenty of beers in the ‘fridge for the “after party” barbeque back at my place

    Do we have enough “locals” to the Burlington area to warrant a “meet”?

  14. Hey East Village Stephen,

    Wanna pick a place close to the theater where we can all chat over a couple of pints before/after the show? Since you’re from down there, you may have a better idea than I.

    I remember a brewery just north of 14th street, but it’s been a looooooong time….

  15. Best wishes to all our Canadian friends

    Have a great time KC 🙂

    Oh as for name that tune : well done the enlightened few who got ‘This Heaven’ – I must admit I didn’t give that a thought!

    good luck


  16. Hi,

    I’m a huge fan. Ask my kids about listening to PK growing up.

    Anyway, I’m in the maritimes in Canada, no show there. I would have thought that Halifax would have a show at least.

  17. Hi Fed

    How come here in the UK the tickets are so much more expensive than elsewhere?

    I’m quite disappointed that we are only getting to see 85 minutes of the performance, why couldn’t we see all of the dvd?

    I believe that as the tickets are quite expensive we should be getting a better deal than this

    Feels like a bit of a rip off to me

    [First, everything is more expensive in the UK. Second, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. – Features Editor]

  18. I was looking through some old articles in the Press section while anxiously waiting for the DVD. One review caught my eye.

    A music critic,who obviously enjoyed his Albert Hall show, said something I really liked…

    “Were his lead-guitar sound a food-stuff, it would be Beluga caviar: rich,classy and expensive-sounding,it is truly something to be savored.”

    Couldn’t agree more. I might add that Rick’s keyboards are like a fine wine along with it.

  19. I’ll definetely be in Guelph. The word’s out, now we can rock the joint with my friends and family.

    Thank You All Indeed! You too Fed. Yeehah! Oh Canada.

  20. What an extraordinary shot! This picture sure captured one of the many beautiful moments of David’s performance.

    Counting down and it’s just six more weeks to go till the release of the DVD. I know we will be replaying each song over and over again once we have the DVD in hand! And of course, the premiere – I can’t wait for September to come…

    FEd, thanks for all these fabulous pictures and the games to tie us over to September.

    Have a nice weekend all!

  21. Looks like I was off a bit on the name that tune yesterday. I am enjoying the game though.

    You didn’t announce one for this picture but, I’m gonna guess anyway with “Wish You Were Here”. Got the C chord happening and you can just picture David singing “How I wish, how I wish you were here”.

    This was probably way too easy eh?

  22. i’m happy for our canadian friends. hope you guys have a ball. 🙂

    name that tune? gotta be ‘smile’ for me.

    hope everyone reading this has a fab weekend. x

  23. Hey All,

    Back at last, still a long way to recovery though…hope to be back in chat asap.

    Have a good weekend all, and beers are at my house cos it my birthday.

    [Wonderful to hear from you, Emiel. Have a great birthday, mate (and have an extra beer for me). – Features Editor]

  24. Hey Fed,

    I know its still early in canada but when i get to the DG page on the ciniplex website and search for Kingston it tells me there is no show in Kingston and that the closest one to me is Guelph.

    However, according to the list it should be playing in Kingston…

    [Please click your name below, Mikael. – Features Editor]

  25. [(and have an extra beer for me). – Features Editor]

    Hahahaha, no can do mate, no alcohol with these medications, although the morphine is good too.

    Good to see Holland included in the cinema list, although i wont be able to go for obvious reasons, how many days untill the DVD release?…..i cant wait…….

    [45 days for you, I think. – Features Editor]

  26. Had a great time in the chatroom! Very interesting indeedyoo! Some cool guys in there!

  27. I know this isn’t another “name that tune” but is that caption from “Wish You Were Here”?

    [Could be. Will let you know next time, as people are still guessing. – Features Editor]

  28. [First, everything is more expensive in the UK. Second, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. – Features Editor]

    Well said FED. I am paying the UK admission for the Leicester Square show and flying in from Canada to boot…and I think it is worth it!!

    Cheers, Howard

  29. [First, everything is more expensive in the UK. Second, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. – Features Editor]

    I agree with Howard. Nobody is bending anybodys arm to go. Plus, the fact that the whole show is not being screened, we will still have a few surprises left for when the DVD actually gets released!

    Also, these days a standard ticket costs anywhere from €9 up!

    – Plus David is playing a tune for us
    – Plus you get to watch the DVD with David and guests
    – Plus you get the chance to participate in a Q&A session
    – Plus you are part of what will be an historic event
    – Plus a lot of the irregulars will be there to meet

    So no more whinging people! At least it’s not a Barbara Streisand premiere!!

  30. So with the release of OAI, David played sax on a few songs as it was an instrument he recently learned to play. Maybe I’m on DG overload now, but allow me to share a dream I had last night. And yes, I did absolutely dream this last night.

    In my dream, I was very excited because DG just came out with a new release. It was a CD of concertos for the flute, yes I said flute. But it also came with a special edition DG flute so that you can play along. The flute came in a triangular blue box with the David Gilmour logo as you see on this web site. I opened the box and inside was a nice chrome flute. I put the CD in the player and the music, well it was rather odd. Then my dream went on to something else that I do not remember.

    Anyway, maybe the chat last night affected my subconcious. Maybe I’m just going mad, absolutely mad.

    Are you rolling on the floor laughing yet??

    I’m sure others here have dreams about DG and PF. Probably some that can’t be published too but I had to share this amusing and absurd one with you.



    PS – So is David actually taking up the flute?? Sorry, just had to ask…lol.

    [Could you be psychic, Andrew? – Features Editor]

  31. Tried on line, system’s not up yet in Guelph. Will be hopefully later today.

    The song has got to be WYWH. Looks like an Am there. Or Dark Globe?

  32. I think compared to the price of concert tickets in other countries, which is obscene even for the naff seats, paying out 20 notes for what we are getting is just a balance for the cheap gigs we do get

    £50 for the floyd?
    £50 for DG?
    £50 for our dubya!

    personally I’d pay 50 notes to watch Richard Wright tinkle the ivories in some smoke filled jazz club, well not that there’ll be any smoke nowadays 🙁

    hope peeps are ok? nice to hear those on the way to recovery

    have a good weekend FE’d DG & co

  33. Have a great day Emiel!!

    I’d pay £50 to hear David or Richard on the flippin’ radio if it meant not listening to Justin Timberbrain and Britney ‘You got me in tears spears’ 🙂

    Happy weekend all!! I won’t be able to join our chatroom though, entertaining family – so put up a ‘smiley’ for me!

  34. Fed,

    Questions on the upcoming David questions.

    Will the people selected to ask questions be sorted as to geographic area and the location of the premieres? For instance, if a person from North America is selected will the question be asked at the North American portion of the show? And vice versa for Europeans? What about selectees from the rest of the world that will not have ready access to get to a show?

    Cheers, Howard

    [As soon as we’re ready for your questions, we’ll let you know what’s what. – Features Editor]

  35. Enjoy your birthday Emiel and have a speedy recovery! 🙂

    Feisty FEd, heh-heh! ;-))


  36. “I’m sure others here have dreams about DG and PF”

    Andrew, I can say without fear of contradiction that I have never dreamt of DG or PF …

    Perhaps I am the mad one ?

  37. Name that tune: David looks like he is playing “Smile”.

    Just over six weeks to go!

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  38. [sorry if you’ve got this q a few times, but is Remember that Night going to be shown in any Irish cinemas? – Dan]

    [Sorry, Dan, but there’s nothing planned for Ireland. – Features Editor]

    wa hey, there are now 4 of us what with me geoff duffy and last but by no means least brian from kildare ! what part of ireland are you from dan, if you don’t mind me asking ? i am from dublin .

    do drop by the chatroom sometime and say hi . click on the calendar link on the main page to see when the next chat is .

    have a good weekend fet ed . looks like my beloved united are about to get tevez !


    [I hope they’ll be very happy together, Linda… Not really. – Features Editor]

  39. Frank

    If you want me to book Guelph tickets for you let me know… and we must get together soon… Tightrope is not finished 🙂

    Have a good weekend everyone…

  40. Dave looks like he’s singing “Smile” – the acoustic is a semi giveaway.

    Onto other news, Q107 is celebrating the long weekend (Rudders, what gives?) with battle of the guitar riffs. Mssr Gilmour’s name was included on this list. The gist is this – every hour, two songs with classic riffs are pitted against one another. The fans call up or vote online for their favorite riff.

    So, now that you know your assignments, lets get out there and show what for!

    Whose with me? (crickets heard chirping in the background).

    Rudders, Guelph for tickets? Why Guelph? I’ve been there….. yikes! (just kidding)


  41. Speaking of Canada, I just read a Guitar Player Magazine interview with Alex Lifeson of Rush in which he mentions David.

    “I also had a meeting with David Gilmour when he was here. It was the first time I’d seen him play. I went back to say hello, and he was a very engaging, charming guy. We talked a lot about the power of the acoustic in terms of writing, because it doesn’t lie. It tells you straight up whether an idea has merit.”

    I guess that explains why Alex credits David on the latest Rush album.

    Bye for now.

  42. Happy Birthday Emiel, and a speedy recovery.

    My guess for the screen shot is `Smile` as David is on a `C` chord, which unfortunately for guessing purposes is in WYWH, `High Hopes` (but maybe Cm from memory), or it could be `Fat old sun`. Oh I`m rubbish at this!!

    Anyway have a great weekend all.


  43. Wouldn’t you know it. Bad enough for me that I can’t make it to the Canadian premiere because of a previously booked engagement (Genesis concert), but know I find out that it is playing at a theatre within walking distance from where I live here in Kingston..Woe is me!!

    Were you successful in scoring ticket(s) Mikael?..and is anybody else from Kingston Ont. going?


    A is for AXE: A-Z of Great Guitarists

    This Sunday: 8 PM – 9 PM (repeated Fridays 6pm)

    Phil Manzanera joins Planet Rock to host this NEW SERIES ‘A is for Axe: A-Z of Great Guitarists’. The Roxy Music guitarist and record producer gives a unique insight into the likes of Jeff Beck to Ritchie Blackmore and Hendrix to Eddie Van Halen. Hear Phil demonstrate guitar traits and skills from his own recording studio as he plays examples of songs showing the guitarists’ influence.

    nobody saw this ? it is on panet rock radio you know , the station we all listened to guy pratt on last weekend .

  45. Thanks Rudders, there is a glitch here. It only opens up to Aug. 29th under David’s ad. Weird. This happened in the UK probably too perhaps. I understand the situation thoroughly. I’ve left two managers the message that they are losing money every minute as we speak. I’m driving tomorrow if I have too. Or else, I’m going to Burlington. LOL.

  46. The more I look at this image of David, the more I incline to guess that David is singing “Then I Close My Eyes”. I hope you don’t mind I change my mind – FEd!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Emiel and most importantly, wishing you a speedy recovery.

  47. hey, does anybody know what is the room’s code in the chat? please answer

    [We sometimes have chatroom ‘lock-ins’, where a special ‘room password’ is put in place after closing time. This allows those who wish to chat for a little longer to return to the chatroom when it is officially closed to everyone else. This password changes every time and is only revealed to those who are in the chatroom during scheduled opening hours (in this case, those who were in the chatroom at closing time on Thursday), or the group of people who contribute most regularly. Apologies for the disappointment, but opening and closing times are clearly listed on our calendar. Please click your name below to see the calendar. Hopefully you can join us in the chatroom soon. We are always happy to add more names to our list of regulars. – Features Editor]

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