Brixton Ritzy


I still have some tickets left, so forget about the deadline.

If you haven’t yet put your name forward, there’s still time to do so.

Please read the following very carefully before you leave a message. Ineed your full name and full postal address, the same for any of your guests (three are permitted), and greatly appreciate one post with all the details included (as opposed to several disjointed ones).

When they’re gone, they’re gone, so please don’t deliberate for too long.

The North American premiere of ‘Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live at The Royal Albert Hall’ – on Saturday 15 September – is to be a private event held at London’s Brixton Ritzy… and I’m inviting all our ‘Irregular’ friends.

So, that’s another opportunity for a fan get-together in the capital, if you fancy it.

Let me know if you’d like to attend and I’ll see how many of you I can fit in. I’ll even give you up to four tickets each so that you can take three of your friends along with you (thus guaranteeing a place in their good books just in time for Christmas).

However, if you’re not a regular contributor, please don’t bother reading any further.

I hark on about our ‘Irregulars’ often enough, and stress that anyone can join their ranks if they only joined in. As I anticipate more names than actual tickets, I have to prioritise, and I like to reward those who are loyal to this blog.

If you are an Irregular and can get to the Ritzy Picturehouse at Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane, London, SW2 1JG by 8PM sharp (UK time) on Saturday 15 September, I want to hear from you.

I need your full name and postal address, plus the full names and postal addresses of up to three of your friends. Manage this in just one post and you might hear from me on Monday.

If you don’t, you haven’t been chosen. You can’t all win, sadly.

Tickets are non-refundable and, obviously, I want all ticket-holders to attend. There will be a small crowd in attendance and I don’t want it to get any smaller just because you aren’t 100% certain that you can be there. Therefore, please only express your interest if you are absolutely sure that you can attend. Other fans will miss out if you win tickets and, subsequently, waste them.

Furthermore, if you find that you cannot attend for any reason, yet your non-blogging friends can, they will not be eligible. You need to attend to get your friends in. So, why not get your mates to wrap you up in cotton wool and look after you for a week or two? It seems a shame to miss an opportunity to be pampered rotten, doesn’t it?

This is an out-and-out ticket give-away to our Irregulars. Again, all I ask is that you:

– Include your full name and address,
– Include the full names and full addresses of up to three friends,
– Promise that you will all show up on the night and look dead keen,
– Do all of the above in just one brief post.

Time is of the essence. If you give me incomplete details, or send your names in dribs and drabs, you have no chance. One post with everything I need, please. No excuses. No favours.

For the record, you can’t sell your spare tickets. You can’t even give them away. You, and your guests, need to be on the guest list to get in.

That’s why I urge you to choose your guests carefully and be sure that you are all able to attend before contacting me. If you can’t do this, then know that somebody else can – and will.

If I do not have your full details by 1PM Friday (UK time), then you’re too late to be considered, so don’t dilly-dally. As soon as my tickets are gone, they’re gone.

I promise not to advertise a surprise party at your house and make a mess on your front lawn while you’re away. Your names and addresses will never be published, shared, sold, or anything irritating like that.

Good luck and remember: one post with all your details, please. Just one.

Thank you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

230 thoughts on “Brixton Ritzy”

  1. There will be just 2 of us attending:


    I solemnly swear that i will be able to attend the show!!

  2. This is so tempting but i will have to say no, I can not be certain i can make it, i feel a bit gutted.

    My wife & i are lucky enough to be going to Leicester Square on the 6th, so that will more than make up for it.

    Have fun, all those that are going.

  3. Sorry FEd,

    Forgot to say a very big “thank you” in my last post! I know nothing is guaranteed but I’m grateful for the opportunity.

    Gonna have to remortgage at this stage 🙂

    Good luck peoples!

  4. lovely jubbly. Nice one f’ed

    just got me flight sorted for the 6th… it’s on!!

    I think my sister might be coming of all people!

  5. Oh ! Fed, do you know what happens to me ? at least 25 people at home on 15th September, invited such a long time ago …

    Oh ! no ! what a nightmare !


  6. Hi Fed.

    Great offer!!! sounds fantastic.

    im happy to be in London next week. and meet one or the other from this blog?

    what i wanted to ask you: do we get to read the question before next weeks cinema adventures? Surely they are already chosen – because theres not really a lot of time to make a good video and all the rest.


    [There’s not much time left at all! The questions have been chosen. I’m just waiting for the area to which all videos, audio recordings and photos will be uploaded to be ready before I can ask people to send them to us. The questions may be here before the event, they may not be. That’s still being decided. However, winners will be notified either today, or tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  7. Yet another great goodie for this tightly knit little community on this blog. Good luck to all those who wish to attend! I’m out of the race because I’ve got tickets for the Leicester-Square-premiere ( …already shivering in anticipation!!).

    On another note: Came back from a lengthy holiday and discovered all those great previews and EPK on the site. This DVD will definitely be a runner!

    I also discovered a slightly different cover design over on amazon (is this official?) and now IMHO it really looks great! (remember: I burnt my tongue somewhat by critizising the earlier cover design a few month ago…)

    Have a great day everybody out there, especially you, Fed!

    [I haven’t seen what Amazon have on show, but will have a look later. – Features Editor]

  8. [I also discovered a slightly different cover design over on amazon (is this official?) …]

    Sorry, but a have to correct myself slightly. The different cover can be found on the German EMI-Site.

    [Thanks for that, Georg. That’s a new one on me. – Features Editor]

  9. Already have tickets for the Leicester Square performance, so very excited about that. My friend who would like to come is American so he can wave to all his buddies back home. Fingers crossed.


    Friend’s name: […]

  10. Great offer for 15th. I am not sad I can’t go as I’ll be at Leicester Square and Christmas only comes once a year doesn’t it?

    Best wishes to all who can go and look forward to seeing as many as possible in Imperial.

    Ian Pearson

  11. Once again, you people are the best.

    Sadly, I would not be able to cross the pond, however I sincerely thank David and this site for being given an opportunity.

    Good luck to anyone who can make it.

  12. Hello FEd,

    Wow, what a splendid gesture. Thank you very much indeed FEd and David for giving us this opportunity.

    Tempting as it is, I will have to let go on this one though. I will be in London next week Thursday (can hardly wait) and am not 100 % certain I could make it on the 15th 🙁

    So, better luck on the next DVD premiere 😉

    To all attending, have a truely marvellous time.

    To Michéle : “Mich, just sneak out and hop on a plane …”

    Best regards,

  13. I wanted to thank you Fed and David Gilmour for a chance to finaly get to see David play Live (even for one song) and to have him answer Questions while we are there, But I live in the states and being disabled, The cost would be to untouchable.

    But I hope that everyone who gets a chance to be there has a great time for that would be pretty cool to preview his new DVD with David being there.

    Again Thank You Fed for I hope you’ll have a great time.

    Take Care, Thomas

  14. And yet another excellent opportunity finds its way to the real fans, should be a good night.

    I’ll be at Leicester Square on the 6th so that will satisfy my DG craving, for a short time anyway.

    Have a great time guys.


  15. Wow…you guys over on that side of the pond get some great gigs. That event sounds like it’ll be a really, really, really great time!

    It is to that accord that I now echo Howard’s sentiments…sob…sob…

    However, “We promise not to advertise a surprise party at your house and make a mess on your front lawn.”

    Now that would be more tempting Fed 🙂

    To all fortunate enough to go – Enjoy!

  16. Dear Fed,

    I would just like to comment on something if I may.

    I have been a David Gilmour/Pink Floyd fan for over thirty years now and seen him/them as many times – and more – live. So I visit this site every day for information, but I just don’t like to talk on blogs. Unless I feel I have to…

    I understand the way to become an ‘irregular’ is to leave comments on this blog regularly. It seems, therefore, that people are being rewarded (in this case the Ritzy event) for leaving messages on this blog a lot, not necessarily – and I do want to stress necessarily – for being a fan.

    I have a ticket for the Odeon event, of course, so I’m luckier than a lot of other fans, but I do find it disappointing that, to be able to attend wonderful opportunities like these, no other critera – it seems – can be found.

    [I run the parts of the site that are for the fans and, to my mind, it makes sense to reward those whose passion keeps me in a job. I’m not interested in who is the bigger fan, who has been a fan for the longest period of time, or who has attended the most concerts. I just care that people like the music and can take the time to show their appreciation of it here. That’s all I can see and prove. But I take your point. If you send in your details, I’d be very glad to put your name on the list, should we have any tickets left over once the Irregulars have all come forward. – Features Editor]

  17. Well done DG et al…

    Another cracking event that the Irregulars get first dibs on… So when everyone is in the Ritzy will it be a:

    1. Murder of Irregulars…
    2. Gaggle of Bloggers…
    3. Gilmour of Buffs…

    And remember! No dilly dallying along the way…

  18. Ciao Fed,

    I also saw a different cover. Could you answer as soon as you can about this cover? Or just tell if the final cover is NOT what we saw? Just curious.

    Thank you

    Ciao 🙂

    [The final cover is the one you see all over this site. What EMI (Germany) are showing is the cover of the DVD booklet. – Features Editor]

  19. What a fan-tastic opportunity for the Irregulars!

    I’ll be in the states that day, with my sisters, at the cinema, but I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed for the people submitting their info! I know those attending will have an incredible time.

    Just remember…even though some of us are at the cinema, we want to hear all about your adventures at the Odeon and/or the Ritzy!

    Finally, just wanted to thank Erin for the first installment of her travel adventures! I’m looking forward to the other installments — even though I know the story!

    I’ve been trying to sum up my experiences at BarnFest ’07, and…well…it’s nearly impossible. I felt like I had known the bloggers forever — and they could not be a nicer group of people. The time passed so quickly, and I found myself missing them last week. We have a great blog, and a great chatroom…now FEd, if you could just patent a method for slowing time down….(as if FEd doesn’t have enough to do already!)

    Good luck everyone!

  20. Wow, you never seem to amaze me FEd. One thing is for sure, David takes good care of us and gives us a lot more as fans then I have ever known an artist to do. Thanks!

    Barnfest 2007
    Part 2: The Chaos Begins

    We get up shortly before 7am. Originally, we were going to try and hit the road by 7, but we had a long night and a long day ahead of us, so I wasn’t going to push it too hard. Someone decided to sign into chat, (not naming anyone, Marcus) which really killed our time. I decide to go fill up the gas tank and get some coffee. We finally hit the road at about 8:30 AM, our next destination is to pick up Thomas. We had originally hoped to be there around 10am, but with our morning chat delay and the traffic that we hit, we didn’t make it until almost 1pm. It was great to finally meet Thomas. With little time to spare we got him loaded in the car and we were off to Gabrielle’s. We took the scenic route, which took us through the beautiful Columbia River Canyon. We saw gorgeous waterfalls and were following the river up to Washington State. The guys were up front, Marcus was driving, while Renee and I were relaxing in the back enjoying the scenery and listening to tunes on our headphones.

    All of a sudden, Marcus says ‘Shit, he got me!’ And gets into the slow lane. We were getting pulled over, Marcus was speeding (Bad Marcus – LOL). For those of you that don’t know, people in Oregon aren’t too fond of us, Californians. I thought we were going to get a ticket for sure. Marcus was completely honest with the police officer, and he ended up letting us go with no more then a warning.

    We get into Washington State and start climbing the hills. This area of Washington isn’t the typical ‘green’ Washington you may have heard about. I found it to be pretty dry and barren. We are driving along and then Marcus says to me ‘Does your car always run this hot?’ I look over his shoulder to see the temperature gauge red-lined. Luckily we had just climbed over a hill and we could see a little town coming up. We pulled into the auto parts store in the little town of Toppenish, Washington. By this time, I’m seriously freaking out. Thinking the worst, ‘o shit we cracked the block and now we are never going to get to Gabrielle’s.’

    Part 2 Total Distance Traveled: 413 miles


  21. YE GODS! I won’t have time for a facelift!!!

    I’ll be there but will respond more formally in a while.

    FEd, you are the best.

    Totally insane now,

  22. Wow, fed this is a great offer and im glad to be an irregular. But there is no way I could afford to fly there.

    Damn, how come I couldn’t have won that lottery, dang it.

    Thank you again, damn!

  23. Hello All,

    I really wish i could attend the London show, that would be so cool. One day i will be able to get to one of these get togethers, until then i just have to envy those who do.

    I know all of you that get the chance to go will have a great time. Maybe next time for me

    I really would love to go, been wanting to go to London for a while now, i know it will be a great trip.

    Blessed Be All

  24. Already booked for Leicester Square and the Imperial get together otherwise I would be there.

    Mat Lawrence

  25. Better waitin’ for Santa Claus in Italy this time;)

    Good luck to everyone!


  26. Can’t make it to the Ritzy either…

    I’m visiting the Formula 1 race in Spa-Francorchamps that weekend and there’s no way to make it back in time to Belgium.

    As Ian put it: “Christmas only comes once a year”!

    Still looking forward to the premiere on the 6th of September, in Amsterdam.

    Everyone have a splendid time too, either the 6th or the 15th.

    Hands down to everyone at to present us with these extraordinairy chances to relive the concerts of the OaI-tour.


  27. OK, so what are the requirements for a Yank to move to London before 15 September….anyone? No? The via-satellite will have to do then, but my, am I jealous.

    Have a great get together everyone.

  28. Just 1 ticket for me please. I’ll attend by myself.

    Been to every David show in UK since 2000 so I’m a real fan.


    I can definitely attend this show.

  29. AWESOME!!! I’ll be thinking of my Irregular friends, world-wide, on the 15th!!

    It’s great of you, FEd, to organise these things! That’s one of the reasons we’re going to win best web-site this time around…. (everybody been voting daily??? Hope so!).

    Have FUN you irregulars!! Have a pint for me!!!


  30. waaaaaaaaaa! i can’t make it! 🙁

    i’d love to be there, but i still think you rock for the invite.

  31. I think that’s very lovely of you Fed, and I do appreciate it. Although I don’t expect there to be any tickets left, my details are:


    At least I helped keep you in a job today, right?

  32. I join Emilio’s thought. Italians are very unlucky people this time… Neither ONE little, old, dirty cinema for us…ok, maybe the next time!

    Good luck to all the irregulars!


  33. Wow! I couldnt attend the 6th September premiere because of work commitments and so on. But this hopefully is my chance!! I’m literally shaking.

    Just the one ticket for me.


    This looks set to be the most important day of my life. Thank you to all involved for making this happen.

    Simon J

    PS My 21st birthday was brilliant yesterday. Thanks to all those who I saw, and those that I didnt! Unfortunately, because I hadnt had a drink in 4 days, it took me only about an hour to get sloshed…how embarrassing!

    [Happy 21st for yesterday, Simon. Glad it went well. – Features Editor]

  34. I’d love to, but getting from New York to London takes more time and money than I have. Once again I find myself wishing to be a Brit.

    I just read a “top five” list of top concert tours of North America for the summer. RW is listed at #4. No mention of what “top concert tours” actually means, but it’s safe to assume that it is based on the gross sales figures.

  35. Ach FEd, what a fabulously generous offer and I can’t make it.

    My book is due for release about the same time but because my last publisher pulled the plug I’ve had to go the POD route and it’s emptied my bank account.

    I do hope you all have a wonderful time and my heart will be with you.

  36. Wow, what an amazing gift! I’d been wondering about this ‘private’ screening on the 15th — surely David wouldn’t be playing to an empty theatre. I’m so happy for everyone who can make it to the show:-)

    Who’s the mastermind behind this wonderful choice of audience members? This doesn’t have the feel of any corporate promotional entity … methinks it must be none other than David, Polly and, hmmm, FEd!! Very cool of whomever is behind this surprise to favor the devoted Irregulars and congratulations to all who make the cut! I’ll be smiling throughout the show just knowing you’re all watching along with the Norte Americanos:-)

    Like Lynn, I too am enjoying reading Erin’s BarnFest 07 saga (heh-heh) even though I know the story. Didn’t we have fun? Or should I say “didn’t we do well”?

    Hope you’re weathering the storm of questions and requests FEd while still retaining your sanity! I have this mental picture of you at the helm of the good ship Gilmourette, battling against the elements while still maintaining a steady course! Captain FEd … what do you think about that title?

    Thanks to everyone at and remember to vote!

    Peace ‘n’ love to you all!
    Washington State

    [It depends. Is that like Captain Scarlet? – Features Editor]

  37. Blimey, this is exciting !

    I’d love to go. Just the one ticket please.


    Thanks !


  38. What a great event that would be. Sometimes I wonder why I live where I do.

    Well anyway, whoever makes it, have a great time.


  39. I would love to attend the Brixton private event.


    I shall be travelling alone should I be lucky enough to win .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  40. Man, I wish I could throw my name in the hat for a chance to hang with David and just a few fans.

    Oh well, good luck to those that get to go. Hope to hear a full report !

    Thanks so much for making all these opportunities available.

    That reminds me, time to cast a couple more votes.

  41. Hello FEd

    I’d love to come, can defo make it, only live 10 mins from the ritzy.

    I can’t always get on line, but when i do this place is my first stop, so may not have blogged as much as some, but i hope to be lucky any how.



    [Please let us know a name and address, plus details of up to three guests. – Features Editor]

  42. If anyone has any suggestions as to where fans could meet for a pre-show drink, do let us know.

  43. [It depends. Is that like Captain Scarlet? – Features Editor]

    You have just been elevated in my book for this reference sir, and since you were already at the top you may experience a neck pinch from the ceiling…

    ( This is the voice of the mysterons…. )

  44. Hey FED,

    Here are 2 possible pubs for the Ritzy get together..just to get you lot started…lucky devils

    The Prince Albert
    418 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8LF

    389 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8LQ

    Cheers, Howard

  45. Good thinkin FEd and thanks for that Howard.

    Should all go well and I gets me a ticket, it should be a great shindig. After the Leicester Square show meet up, the Ritzy one should be a nice little reunion, if only 9 days later!

    Sure we’ll be sick of the sight of each other at this rate!

    FEd, would you be making an appearance at this ‘lower key’ event??

    [I’m not sure yet. – Features Editor]

  46. Please put my, my wife’s and two dear friends names in the hat:


    Four promises and thank you’s.

  47. Have i posted enough to be considered, Fed?

    [Hmm. I don’t know. This is your third post. Your first was a whinge about the cost of tickets, how you feel you should be able to see the full DVD, and how it all seems like a rip-off. But send in your details, anyway, and we’ll see how forgiving I’m feeling at the deadline. – Features Editor]

  48. Have not stopt smiling since this morning, actually it’s starting to hurt a bit.

    A quick visit to the Ritzy website told me that they have everything in the house for a pre-show drink: The Ritzy Café (click my name).

    Just a suggestion of course.

    [Sounds perfect, Ronny. – Features Editor]

  49. Barnfest 2007
    Part 3: The Rule of 3

    The guy at the auto parts thought it was the thermostat and told us there was a place about 4 blocks away that could replace it. Everyone in the car sees how upset I am and is doing their part to try and help. Such great friends! Thomas decides to walk the 4 blocks (which turned out to be much more then that) to see how much it would cost to fix. Luckliy we had Renee with us and she is fluent in Spanish. She was talking to another guy at the auto parts store and he told her of another place to get it fixed that was closer.

    So we go over and talk to Phil (the mechanic). I thought ‘It’s 4:50pm on a Friday, there is no way anyone is going to fix this for us without charging us an arm and a leg.’ Phil tells us he’ll fix it and that he’ll do it for ½ of what the other mechanic had quoted Thomas. So Marcus and Thomas walked back to the auto parts to get the parts while Renee and I hung out with Phil while he started to get the thermostat out. We gave him the nick name ‘El Magnifico.’ I hope the Gilmours and Mr. Manzanara don’t mind, but Phil saved us that day, and it seemed so fitting on the way to Barnfest.

    Phil assures us that the thermostat was our problem and puts the new one on. (Even though more then one person said, ‘go without the thermostat, you don’t need it’) Meanwhile I’m sitting in the car and Marcus says ‘I hate to say it, but things happen in threes.’ He wasn’t saying anything I didn’t already know.

    Soon we were all set. After grabbing a burger we hit the road again. I was driving again, I couldn’t let Marcus kill my car =) And I had to make up for some lost time.

    Finally we start seeing the signs for Gabrielle’s town! We were getting so close, I was getting so excited all I can see is the road. Marcus and Renee notice the highway signs are in the shape of George Washington’s head. I was so focused on getting there, I didn’t even notice.

    Next I see a sign that says Gabrielle’s town is 11 miles away. My lead foot went down, and the pretty red and blues lights came on. ‘O Shit, I’m getting pulled over! F*ckin Marcus cursed me!’ For the record, I was going just over double the speed limit (Bad Erin!) which was 25 mph. I unfortunately don’t have the Buick charm and couldn’t get out of my ticket, but the officer did write it for less so I wouldn’t get a reckless driving charge. Which would have resulted in my car being impounded. Wouldn’t have that just topped off the night? As I get back on the road Marcus says ‘Look, George Washington’s head.’ And all I could say was . . . ‘I could give a f*ck about George Washington’s head!’

    Part 3 Total Distance Traveled: 219 miles


  50. FEd,

    You’re killing me!

    This is a wonderful event, but not enough time to prepare for it…my heart is broken.


  51. [Yet another U.S. defeat, I’m seriously thinking of relocating… – Posted by: Matt at August 30, 2007 01:48 PM]

    I’m with you, Matt… how soon can you pack your bags?? We’ll meet at London Heathrow!!!
    (and maybe we can stay with Howie; he’s going to be near the Astoria!!! Wait; he’ll be gone by then… we’ll stay with his friends there then!)

    Don’t laugh!! We can dream, can’t we????

  52. [I run the parts of the site that are for the fans and, to my mind, it makes sense to reward those whose passion keeps me in a job. I’m not interested in who is the bigger fan, who has been a fan for the longest period of time, or who has attended the most concerts. I just care that people like the music and can take the time to show their appreciation of it here… Features Editor]

    Awwwww…you’re so sweet.

    FEd…well…unfortunatly, no go for me. I mean I knew that a long time ago, but have fun to all the “Irregulars” that can make it!

    Glad to hear your b-day went well Simon!


  53. What a generous offer.

    I´m happy to be there on 6th so good luck to everyone for the 15th.

    Have fun !!!

  54. [It depends. Is that like Captain Scarlet? – Features Editor]

    Not in my mental picture, no. More along the lines of a pirate — parrot on your shoulder, wooden leg, wielding a pointy stick, and uttering a hearty “Aaaaargghhhh” whilst steering The Gilmourette three sheets to the wind!!

    Besides, you’re nobody’s puppet are you??

    I’m beginning to feel a yearning deep inside … wish I could be there on the 15th :-{ Ashamed to say that, even if I won the lottery, my tendency to procrastinate has kept me from ever getting a passport (also, never needed one to go into Mexico or Canada)! Oh well …

    Becky, you go girl!! A adventurous, travelin’ woman if I ever saw one!

    Washington State

    [I’m afraid I’d make a rubbish pirate, so I’ll have to shatter your mental image. – Features Editor]

  55. Alas, alack, I am in Chicago. No tickets for me.

    Sorry that I missed Simon’s birthday — Happy belated Simon J!! *throws confetti*

    The other day, I was talking to a guy in the coffee shop that I was playing in: he does catering backstage at concerts and he was backstage for David’s On An Island in Chicago! He told me this and I nearly cried. (He also saw Dick Parry.) He said that David seemed very nice and polite and that he rocked something fierce.

    So I asked him, “Did you go out and buy On An Island right away?”

    He said, “Mm… no…”

    *GASP* “WHY NOT?!” cried I.

    He has it now and loves it.

  56. I would love one ticket to the Brixton Ritzy please.


    I shall be there and I shall be mortally keen.

    Much obliged.

  57. Haven’t posted in a while, and wish I was there, but I’m not being on the other side of the pond.

    Will be at the show and looking forward to it, what a kick ass version of Fat Old Sun by the way.

    Good luck everyone.


  58. I’m ever so sorry FEd and Irregulars but I’m quite drunk again.

    Me being 21 is so important, but possibly given the chance to see Mr. Gilmour would be so amazing, I cant sleep!

    I want to wish everyone a happy weekend.

  59. Yes please!


    Both myself and Andy both promise to show up and look keen (try and stop us!).


  60. aaarrggghhh……seeing as I can’t sell my first born to go to England I must say I will be happily seeing it at the Theatre. Oh well. Have fun to all the Irregulars that do get to go.

    Love Erins barnfest 07 stories….even tho I was there it is still fun to read it and relive it LOL. Damn cops. HAHA

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  61. Hello, FEd. I’m taking the plunge! I need just one ticket.

    Here is my info:


    I hereby promise to show up on the night and will try my best to look dead keen.

    This is very exciting….

    Thanks a bunch!


  62. Howard

    You know London so well you could become a Cabbie me old mucka! Gor blimey love a duck! Up the apples and pears, just popping out a for a few pints of larf and titter followed by a Ruby! And after all that I’ll have a dose of the thrupenny bits…

    Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit…. Gercha!

    My apologies to those of you who absolutely no clue what I’m saying… 🙂

  63. What a marvelous idea.

    I’ll be sitting cozy in my theatre seat watching the fun from the other side of the pond. I bet if we all sing along to wish you were here, it will be phenomenal, not global but pretty cool anyways.

  64. What a wonderful chance for a great night you are offering your faithful bloggers.

    I had never looked at a blog much less responded to one until a few months ago when I found this one.. My husband gave me the OAI CD which I love and it had this web site address in it. I sent my first comment 14 times not knowing how it worked (sorry about that Fed, you were very understanding about it at the time, thanks!)

    I hope everyone that wants tickets get them. Good luck!

    I will be at a cinema in Alabama watching!

  65. How thrilling for those of you who can make it! What a wonderful opportunity!

    We’ll all be thinking of you stateside… Have fun!!



  66. Ahh, the torture. First I decide to skip Leicester Square event to help save the planet. (And it’s all your fault, Nate.) Now there’s no way I can make it over the pond for the 15th.

    Additionally I have to catch up with all the California bloggers in Emeryville, since I was the missing man at BarnFest.

    So I will wistfully decline this marvelous offer and wish all of our European friends the best of times (again).

    “Oh s–t, we cracked the block!” – Brilliant.

    Didn’t you do well indeed.

  67. I wish everyone best wishes for the 15th. Fed, it must be fun to play Santa so early.

    Some good points today from bloggers. Wish to be there though. How was your mini vacation? Arsenal, and the Reds are doing not too badly so far.

    P.S. I’ve tried to obtain a copy of RTN in Guelph from HMV and they haven’t any information yet. Management may want to look into our Canadian end of things unless it is premature.

    [My mini vacation was… mini, but very nice, thank you. – Features Editor]

  68. FEd,

    I only want 2 tickets. I dont want to go with a friend, but with my wife and daughter. We (my wife and I) also went to RAH, and so we can make the circle round (is a Dutch saying).

    Our name and address:


    Of course we will be there in London to attend the North American premiere of David Gilmour’s new dvd at Brixton Ritzy.

    A greater gift I could not possible receive ever.

    To everybody, have a nice weekend.


  69. I recieved an email today 31 aug from the odeon leicester square telling me that they have a technical error and sadly has overbooked so i cant attend now as the ticket will go to the other person, gutted is the word!!!!!!!!!

    anyway can I apply for 2 tickets for the brixton event? i was looking for the email to send my application but cant find it on your page

    many regards

    [You can apply, but not without a full name and postal address first. – Features Editor]

  70. Amazing! Thank you so much for offering this incredible opportunity to the irregulars – I’m quite happy to be among this great group!

    I managed to resist the temptation the first time, but I just can’t pass on this chance – please consider me for one ticket to the Brixton Ritzy, here is my contact info:


  71. I’d love to be able to attend but I will have to give it a miss. I think I would have problems getting back to Birmingham after the show. I would probably miss the last train.

    Have fun to all those who have been fortunate in winning tickets. You lucky bar stewards, you. 😀

    Best regards.


  72. man, Im so tired of missing out, I really shud move to London. Sounds like whole lot of fun.

    Anyways, just a couple of weeks to the release :DD

  73. Another great opportunity, I’d love to be there, one seat please:


    Good luck to everyone,

    Thank you FED,


  74. Excellent idea, Ralph ! and could you replace me as a cook for my guests, please ?



    [Are you doing Tartiflette? – Features Editor]

  75. Oh please, yes…(!!)

    We both do Promise that you will all show up on the night and look dead keen ;-))


    Ernest & Ruud

  76. Dear FEd,

    Last night I picked up our 3rd row centre tickets from the Odeon Leicester Square for the film next week, the guy at the box office told me the film will last 120 minutes (on the Odeon web site) and not 85 minutes, and all tickets are now sold out.

    Then when I got home last night I told my wife about the Brixton film on the 15th and thats when she dropped the bombshell “I will be working late that evening, and you be babysitting our 2 kids!”

    So can you please remove our names from the grand draw (Blog 30/8/07 time 09.27.)


    Gary Hurley.

    [Hard luck, mate. (The Odeon’s time includes the live performance and Q&A.) – Features Editor]

  77. Hello FED, hello everybody.

    i’d love to be there on the 15th. i would promise to show up and look dead keen!

    just one seat please.

    my details:


    sad that there is no chat today.

    happy to drink some pints with some of you on 6th september. (at least i hope that some of you will drink some pints with a swiss boy) 🙂


  78. [Excellent idea, Ralph ! and could you replace me as a cook for my guests, please ?….Michèle]

    Just send out for some pizza and come to london!


  79. – Include your full name and address


    – Promise that you will all show up on the night and look dead keen


    There you go, darling!

    Cori Burns xxxxx

    [You didn’t quote any of the lines about sending one post only… – Features Editor]

  80. That is a quality present!

    But, the 6th will do me nicely. I hope everybody at the 15th has a good time! 🙂

    – James.

  81. How exciting to have the chance to go to the Ritzy! I’m going to spend six months in California from January, and as I’ve been there before (loads), I’m gonna give a big wave to all my mates.

    I hope I get tickets as my dad wants to come with me I’ve already done a blog for the tickets – and he does have a rather appropriate postcode: 6DG – near Dalston and Hoxton Market.

    I have been gigging in Barcelona over Bank Holiday and been going on and on about how great David is and driving my band crazy. I care not – perhaps they’ll improve! HA HA!

    Another bit of information is my friend Brian Addass, did an audition for X-Factor in London and sang David’s SMILE and got through to the Boot Camp stage!

    BTW, Fed, does David watch things like X-Factor. I find it hilarious. It seems that everyone in the world thinks they can sing. Mind you, to sing without any accompaniment is well hard.

    Can’t wait for Leicester Square, less than a week away.

    Will David come and say Hello to us all at The Imperial. Well, you never know!

    And, Fed, you know you said in an earlier blog, that there will be no new merchandise available, will we still be able to buy a programme from the original concert?

    Moonboy, I will have a pint with you in London. It will be absolutely fascinating to watch a Swiss boy drink a pint as it will be me!

    Big kiss for David and a smaller one for you.

    Cori Burns xxxxx

    [The last I heard, there’d be no merchandise. I have no idea if David watches programmes such as The X Factor. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry for a whole hour isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The auditions are, undoubtedly, the funniest thing in the history of the world, though. That said, don’t they also make you irritable at times? I’m still troubled by the brother-sister act from two Saturdays back. How anyone can be so annoyingly, maniacally cheerful is beyond me. – Features Editor]

  82. Have the winners of the UK/European Q&A session have been informed yet?

    Many thanks

    [Yes, they have. And they’ve been sworn to secrecy, too. – Features Editor]

  83. Happy Friday Fed.. and to all sparkling ‘irregs’

    The Ritzy event sounds great – sad to miss it BUT every one have a great time

    Perhaps you can go in disguise Fed – how about in a gold lame suit with your very best ‘glitzy’ pointy stick ?

    ok I hear the huff of indignation, is that a no then OR is gold just so not your colour ?

    good luck

    [It wasn’t a huff you heard. Words like ‘glitzy’ make me want to throw up. – Features Editor]

  84. Flippin Heck!

    Thats what I get when I go offline for a while.

    Just in time!!!!

    My details are: […]

  85. I could ask Lucia for pizza and Fed (the specialist) for Tartifflette, Lorraine…Do you think they would agree ?


  86. Been frantically trying to find mates who want to go but don’t appear to have any!!


    This is a fantastic gesture from all concerned but, if tickets are still available I’d like to throw my lonely little single hat into the ring – cheers F’Ed

  87. fED ? Sorry, darling, but I don’t understand what you mean! Perhaps I had a blonde moment, Probably as I am going to get my roots done this afternoon. Truly, tho. I don’t understand what you meant. Pls explain. Love Cori xxxx

    PS: Like my dad ses (Cori seems to be the hardest word)! Groan!

    [You sent two posts with different (guest) names on, that’s all. – Features Editor]

  88. To Rudders = Ah well, you tried! It’s just you forgot syrup of figs!

    Love Cori Burns xxxxx

  89. Dear FEd,

    Even though my heart is broken, I wish you a very lovely weekend.

    It’s Labor Day weekend for us in the states, it’s our turn for a long weekend.


  90. What’s the chance of having some of Polly’s snaps turned into them Screen thingy’s ???

    [I’ve been saying that for ages… – Features Editor]

  91. [recieved an email today 31 aug from the odeon leicester square telling me that they have a technical error and sadly has overbooked so i cant attend now as the ticket will go to the other person, gutted is the word!!!!!!!!!]

    Micheal, what a nightmare, also you have set my heart racing i have still to pick my tickets up, i am doing so on the night, & i am one of those whose credit cards have expired since ordering & although i am assured by everyone including the Odeon that everything will be fine, i still have the jitters.

    good luck with applying for tickets on 15th.

  92. Hi there Fed,

    just a quick question, am i right to believe i should pick the tickets up for the Odeon gig on the day? They’re not posted are they?

    [They’re not. You can collect them at any time, so please be sure to take the debit, or credit, card that you used when you booked them, plus any reference number given. – Features Editor]

  93. Hey FED,

    Well I did go so far as check out the airfares for flying in for the 15th and they are $300 cheaper than for the time period around the 6th. Next step was talking to the Boss…and he was not sympathetic despite being a PF and DG fan..and since I have no more vacation… near and yet so far..

    Cheers, Howard

  94. [Hmm. I don’t know. This is your third post. Your first was a whinge about the cost of tickets, how you feel you should be able to see the full DVD, and how it all seems like a rip-off. But send in your details, anyway, and we’ll see how forgiving I’m feeling at the deadline. – Features Editor]

    lol! i’m still gutted about not being able to go, but that cheered me up.

    funny how people don’t want to leave a message, but can manage it when there is a competition.

    fed, i hope you get lots of thanks for this.

  95. Have the winners of the Canada/US Q&A session been informed yet?

    Thank you


    [No, they haven’t. – Features Editor]

  96. Victor, i expressed my opinions on the subject of the cinema prices because i felt compelled to, on other topics i haven’t felt the need to contribute.

    Wouldn’t life be boring if we all agreed on everything?

    For the record, i am in the front row at Leicester Square because DG is my hero and i’ve accepted that £20 for 2 hours in his presence isn’t a problem. I was also at the RAH on all 3 occasions and again paid the £65 each time.

    I think it’s unfair to be judged on 1 post.

  97. Hello FED!

    I have a request to you!

    The list with the chosen questions was not published. The probability my question was chosen is small. Tomorrow my holidays will begin (without Internet)- with the highlight on next thursday evening in a cinema..

    Please confirm that my question was not chosen.

    Many thanks and have a beautiful weekend

    [We are not going to be publishing the questions before the event, not least because the ones we have chosen simply – and sadly – cannot all be used on the night. If you did not receive an e-mail from me yesterday, then I’m sorry to say that your question was not chosen. Sorry to disappoint. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy yourself in London on Thursday. – Features Editor]

  98. fed i dont know if its too late but my husband is letting me go if i still have a chance,


  99. One seat PLEASE


    Thanks FED for this opportunity, you’re THE BEST


    [Flattery, as you know, gets you everywhere… – Features Editor]

  100. Dear F.Ed.,

    so many fantastic news in these last days, i’m very stunned and i must thank Mr.Gilmour, you and all the people involved for the very important opportunities given to all the fans (the premiere,the questions, and now the tickets).

    Good luck to anyone who can be there to enjoy the shows and….i wait for the DVD release then!

    Have a good time and have a nice week end

    Ciao Elisabetta

  101. Barnfest 2007
    Part 4: Barnfest

    We finally arrive at Gabrielle’s around 10-11pm. I was so happy to see her. She took us over to our Cabin. It’s a beautiful cabin with a full kitchen and plenty of room for everyone. It was where we had many of our gatherings over the next couple days.

    Since we arrived so late, we didn’t have a chance to talk to everyone that night, but we did visit with some Irregulars for awhile. During the last hour or so of the drive, I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly awesome the night sky looked. Being so far north and away from city lights and smog, we could see deep into the Milky Way galaxy. So Marcus and I lay in the road (the little dirt road that goes around Gabrielle’s property) and we were ‘mapping the stars for a while.’

    The next day most of us went into town. I had to get one of these famous Twisp I had heard so much about and we also stopped in at the little farmers market they had going on. When we got back to Gabrielle’s it was time for Guy’s show. So we laid down a blanket in her backyard.

    We had two laptops set up, one to listen to Guy’s show and the other one was for us to pop into chat. So we all sat there chatting with each other and taking turns in chat while we listened to Guy’s show. I really enjoyed Rick’s interview and of course hearing part of Echoes was fantastic!

    After, everyone came over to our cabin for dinner. We had some delicious tacos, with all the fixins’, curiosity of Gabrielle’s family. Renee made some cheese stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon . . . sinfully delicious! Of course, our trusty Bartender kept the drinks flowing.

    After dinner we all went over to the fire pit. It was time to play some music. We got the fire made and Marcus got his recording stuff set up, we even had some blue lights that seemed to ‘colour us blue.’

    To be continued…

  102. Barnfest 2007
    Part 5: Barnfest

    So a couple other girls and myself started playing. It was the first time I had ever played in front of anyone beside a few selected family and friends. We played WYWH, Mother, Brain Damage . .you know some of the easier stuff. We must have been doing ok, because everyone was singing along and we even got a name. ( I think we were coined the Blueberries, although I couldn’t tell you why.)

    Apparently our playing wasn’t so great to everyone because all of a sudden we all hear Marcus start snoring. He had fallen asleep. So while everyone is talking and acting like everything is ‘normal,’ as to not wake Marcus, I grabbed the mic stand and put it over by him so we could get him snoring. I thought the sound of his own snoring might wake him up (since he was listening to it through headphones) but it didn’t. So everyone grabbed their cameras and start snapping shots. All the snapping of the paparazzi finally woke him up.

    After the fire died we all headed to our respective sleeping area for the night. It was such a fantastic and relaxing day. Tomorrow, we would have to get back on the road.

    The next morning we decide it was time to give Gabrielle our little present for all her wonderful hospitality. This idea started with a great bag that Lynn found. It was the Rolling Stones magazine that came out recently about PF. Somehow it had been made into a tote bag. Then we all started putting stuff into it. By the time we got to Gabrielle’s the bag was stuffed and we needed a box to put the extra stuff in. She got everything from PF drinking glasses, to t-shirts, and even an autographed copy of Guy’s book.

    Marcus, Thomas, Renee and I had to hit the road soon. So we got all the photos out of the way. We got photos of the whole group and of just the Gilmourettes. We had to get pictures of the guys too, and we just happened to have one of David’s DVD going in the background (imagine that?) so when we took the shot of the guys, David was in the shot too.

    After getting all packed up, we said our goodbyes and we were back on the road.


  103. to richard:

    i just think it’s funny how fed never forgets who puts a foot wrong and also how people put their names down when it’s clear that tix are for the irregulars. it happens with every competition.

    [And everyone is entitled to an opinion, so let’s just leave it at that. – Features Editor]

  104. There will be three of us attending if there are any available that is : )

    we are all from the same household. the address is:


    thanks FED

  105. [I recieved an email today 31 aug from the odeon leicester square telling me that they have a technical error and sadly has overbooked so i cant attend now as the ticket will go to the other person, gutted is the word!!!!!!!!!]

    thats terrible, how can an organisation like the odeon make a technical error, im sure that in this time and age with computerisation they should not have made that mistake

    anyway they should give you another ticket as im sure u took time from work and made your arrangements and to leave it that late as im sure you could have got tickets earlier as they were still on sale on tuesday

  106. [Excellent idea, Ralph ! and could you replace me as a cook for my guests, please ? – Mich]

    Well, Michele, I do like cooking. Send me the menu, and I’ll consider.

    Have a nice weekend everyone,

  107. That sounds like a real blast and I’d be there if I could.

    What an incredible, generous opportunity–so cool. Thank you!

  108. hey FEd,

    not been able to get away from work for a change, seems like an age since i read the blog, and whats this? i may have missed a golden opportunity….

    well as it turns out i had a phone call this morning from my aunt – a friend of another guy named rob, who has entered us all (himself, my, my aunt and uncle) into a competition, so i came on to have a looksee.

    It seems to only be open to irregulars, i beleive rob, aka scissorkick may have put my name forward – i think you have my postal details,

    its all a bit up in the air, i need to have a chat with rob to see what went on, and what details were sent, i just wanted to get my name on the list in any case.

    cheers, have a good weekend, (girlfriend passed her driving test yesterday so make sure you look both ways before crossing the street 😉 sssh dont tell her i said that)

    [Thanks for the warning, Rob. Don’t worry, I can confirm that you are down as a guest of Scissorkick’s, along with a couple from SE1. – Features Editor]

  109. Hello fed

    i hate to bother you with all the emails you are getting, but im so excited about this chance of a life time.

    I was wondering if i made it on the list to go, or you just going to let everyone know later, because i need to make flight plans.

    Thank you so much, you are a awsome fed, im down on my knees praising you. You are a knight in shining armour!

    [I need to know that people from outside the UK are serious about attending… – Features Editor]

  110. Hey FED,

    Will you let the NA question crowd know today?

    Cheers, Howard

    [Sorry, that will now have to wait until Monday. We want to sort out the UK & Europe Q&A first. – Features Editor]

  111. features editor

    hi again

    finally read the conditions and hopefully got it right. my friend whos looking for a ticket as well is



  112. Good evening,

    is there any chance for one ticket?

    My details:



  113. im sorry fed, after i calmed down from the excitement i read your post all the way through

    monday, you will let us know

    sorry, im just so excited!!

  114. [I could ask Lucia for pizza and Fed (the specialist) for Tartifflette, Lorraine… – Michèle]

    Oh dear, you overstimate my abilities in the kitchen! But I could book a plane and come to London with you!


  115. Hi

    What can i do if i want to see you in Bs As . Argentina.

    You never came here. Why is that ?? We love all about Pink Floyd.

    Please come soon. A fan of you and your band


  116. Hi Fed.

    Yes I do remember that bro/sis act and thought them very odd. It was like they were on speed and I reckon they were more than bro and sis!

    In 2004, before things started happening for me, I auditioned for X Factor in Leeds and got through 3 auditions to go before Simon, Sharon and Louis. They positively hated me and Louis said ‘you’ve lost your voice’ when Sharon piped up saying ‘you’ve lost your bra too’. How rude. Even more shocked when they put it out on tv!

    The things we do for love, eh!

    See ya

    [I’m impressed. – Features Editor]

  117. Is this the Gerry Anderson blog? or have I been posting in the wrong place all this time?

    Anyways Fed – I’m confused………Am I a regular Irregular or an Irregular regular. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so shy.

    Hope you lucky ones enjoy the DG appearances I shall just have to make do with a screen at the local Cineplex. Sigh…….

    PS: I’m thing you’re more along the lines of Capt. Black right now 😉

    [Captain Black, you say? I feel more like Cilla Black today. Anyway, you have posted several times before. I don’t think you’ve visited the chatroom, but you have been posting since the start. So, that would make you an irregular Irregular? Irregular enough to be eligible for this contest, if you wanted to enter, anyway. – Features Editor]

  118. hey i WANT to be an irregular but living here in the US and the time difference and my work/family/etc schedule makes it impossible!

    I HAVE tried.

    [Is there anyone else here from the US with a job and family? Case closed. – Features Editor]

  119. Hi,

    I would love 2 tickets for the Brixton Ritzy and I promise I will attend.

    I will be coming down from sunny Suffolk with 1 friend.



  120. Bought 3 tickets for middle circle Odeon Leicester Square on July 22nd, upgraded to seats in front stalls on August 18th.

    Received email from Odeon yesterday telling us our seats were double booked, the shows a sell out and that my 2 friends and myself are well and truly stuffed.

    Travelling down from Edinburgh on Thursday morning. Been on phone to Odeon several times today, they wont help. Any suggestions?

    [Yes, just the one: please come back here on Monday. – Features Editor]

  121. Hi F’ed and co!

    Please can I have 2 tickets (if I’m not too late??!!)

    We are 300% sure we will go and will certainly be enthusiastic – it’d be great to meet some of the other irregulars person! (missed the meet up for RAH last year)

    Our names are (it’s just me and the other ‘alf)


    We live in the same house (ooooh, and not married too, how awful…)

    Cheers & have a great weekend!

    Emma x

  122. Been awhile since I checked in here, heard about the DVD release and Piper’s reissue and then I see this announcement- OMG. Please keep me in in the loop about US screenings, like CHICAGO!

    Despite the sound problems from the previous telecast, I did have a good time and wore my Arsenal jersey. Hopefully it will be at another theatre that is more capable.

    Just what is the post threshhold when one goes from Irregular to Regular classification.

    Cheers, S.L.

    [Any regular user of our blog and/or chatroom is an ‘Irregular’ in my book. – Features Editor]





    [Full names? Full addresses? First ever post? – Features Editor]

  124. er you don’t fancy moving it to Edinburgh FE’d? it’s a capital city?

    didn’t think so. i think I’m too irregular anyway lol

    hope everyone is fine? and has a good time

    oh got an email from pink floyd too


    [Oh, I’d always move things away from London, believe me. – Features Editor]

  125. I am so sorry I am going to miss out on all the fun! I certainly hope all that are travelling get there and home safely.

    Remember…watch the speed limit.

    Speaking of which, nice recaps on the Barnfest. I hope to make next years festivities, if it happens.

    I am counting the days til Sept 18th, as my lovely bride and I will be exchanging RTN DVD’s for our anniversary!!!

  126. Fed, i see that the Ritzy has 5 auditoria with capacities of 352, 179, 118, 104 & 84. Do you have any idea which one will be used? (so i can definitely rule myself out/keep the flame of hope burning faintly!?)

    [I really couldn’t say, sorry. Do keep the flame burning, but some will miss out. – Features Editor]

  127. Love to go but can’t make it.

    Will David know in advance which questions will be put to him?

    I notice the Q&A’s will be broadcast live on Radio 2 but will Radio 2 also be broadcasting the one song live performance as well?


    [Again, I really couldn’t say. – Features Editor]

  128. Footnote to Erin’s saga:

    The name we gave the group wasn’t The Blueberries, although we did eat blueberry shortcake for Sunday brunch, but the Blue Belles. The name was then modified, I think by yours truly:), to the more raunchy ‘The Blue Balls,’ much to the discomfort of the Gilmourmates! What can I say, I’m the most mature of the group (read: old and over ripe) but still tend to be the worst offender when it comes to off-color jokes! And I hadn’t even been to Buick’s Bar:-)

    Speaking of bars/pubs, big Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Simon J! I hope you had a wonderful time.

    FEd, since I won’t be able to attend this latest oh-so-fantastic event (unless I quickly check my lottery ticket, win and then am able to get an expedited passport), I’m consoling myself with the thought that, because David looks/sounds like he’s very much in the zen-zone musically and personally, he might actually be up for putting together another wonderful album and tour! Wouldn’t that be just lover-ly?? It would be a shame to let all those brilliant songs that didn’t make the cut for On An Island just sit around collecting dust, don’t you think?

    I’m so happy (and a little envious …) that Becky and Melissa are making the pilgrimage for the shindig on the 15th. They are both really sweet and wonderful ‘chicks’ and you UK Irregulars will enjoy meeting up with them, trust me!! Melissa has a way with words and will make you laugh your collective asses off!

    Got to get back to the grindstone for now. My best to all and I wish I could be there on the 15th to meet everyone! Maybe BarnFest 08 could be in the UK at, hmmmmm, your place FEd!!! Do you have a looney bin that could accommodate the masses?? 🙂

    Love to all!

    [We’re a little presumptuous today, aren’t we? – Features Editor]

  129. Hey F*Ed just wanted to wish ya a great weekend. Do something for yourself will ya?


    [Thanks very much. Hope you also have a good one. – Features Editor]

  130. Dear FEd,

    I have spent the majority of the day wondering if I should apply for one of the tickets. I am after all going to the Odeon premiere and am I therefore being greedy by asking to be entered into the draw?

    Whilst I would love to come and whilst I suspect I will regret it later, I have decided not to ask for a ticket. But I do hope that any Irregulars that can’t make it to the Odeon are successful with their applications for this wonderful opportunity; especially those that are prepared to book flights. Good luck to you.

    Best wishes to one and all and have a great weekend.

    [That’s very decent of you, Jeremy. I certainly wouldn’t think you greedy. Unlike many of the people who have put their names forward, you are a regular contributor… – Features Editor]

  131. Hi Fed !

    With the event coming soon, is there any update about a potential online streaming of the “live” part of the night (song and Q&A) ?

    Thanks !

    [Still no word on that, sorry. – Features Editor]

  132. Dear Fed,

    this is very cool. I am from the North of Germany where will be NO CINEMA showing this on Sept.6! 🙁

    This will be MY CHANCE to see this which will be very important for me as I saw ALL 3 SHOWS at the RAH last May (saw totally 7 shows from the OAI-Tour incl. all 4 German gigs)! You can see I am a BIG FAN.

    If I win I need 2 TICKETS.

    My address is: […]

    The address of the friend will come with me: […]

    If we win we WILL BE THERE for sure!!

    All the best for now

  133. […]

    Will definitely be there, biggest pink floyd fans ever

    [Not more contenders for this prestigious title! Not big enough to leave a message earlier, though. The addresses of your guests are…? I’m sorry to say that you definitely won’t be there unless you provide them. And, as with all first-time posters, your chances are already slim. – Features Editor]

  134. If I only had the money to fly out there from California…. It would be soo nice to visit my designer friend in London while there…


  135. Have a great weekend and a long one for us here.

    To Simon if he’s awake, Happy Birthday dude.

  136. Aww… I’m jealous 🙁

    When will North America get a break? Just kidding! (sorta) 😛

    To those attending the premiere, enjoy!

  137. BOLLOCKS!!! Even though I haven’t posted in a while I consider myself very much an irregular. If only I lived in “Jolly Ol”

    Oh well, limited capacity and about 10,000 miles in between myself and greatness personified. Just have to settle for the DVD which is more than fair.

    Features Ed and all have a very nice weekend

    …and for about the bazillionth time thank YOU (David) very much indeed, good night to you

  138. What a marvelous gesture about the special invite for the irregulars at the Brixton Ritzy. Mr. David Gilmour and company are very kind and never stop coming up with great ideas of rewarding the fans, and in this case, the irregulars.

    FEd, regrettably, I read this post way too late (shame on me); I believe the tickets for the private event at the Brixton Ritzy must be gone by now.

    My vacation has just begun after long hours work over the past few days. We will be leaving for London in 48 hours for the premiere at Odeon Leicester Square for which I am thankful.

    It would truly be an added bonus to our trip, sadly, we schedule to return to US on the 10th.

    Good luck to those who submitted their names; and if you are the lucky ones who are being invited for the private event at the Brixton Ritzy – have a wonderful time.

    p.s. Happy belated birthday, Simon J.

  139. I wish everyone a very good weekend, especially to you, Fed, even if I’m quite sure it will be a very busy and restless one for you, once again.

    A quand le calme et la tranquillité ?


  140. another great opportunity FEd, and thank you very much, will enjoy that and many thanks to David and Polly too

    We could be 3 but 2 for sure


    Again hope to see you if you make it at the Imperial Leicester Square

    Emmanuel and Magda

  141. hey fed and everybody.

    what with the chat? isnt it gonna be open for the next month?

    [There are no chats planned for the time being. – Features Editor]

  142. I feel really sad for I tried to get tickets for my husband when David Gilmour was on tour, but ran into a little bad luck. Then the concert at the cinema was another big mistake. For the sound system was just horrible.

    Now I heard my husband talking about this great get together on 15th of September and knew he would love to go. But how when its in the UK and we live in the USA and like most people we don’t have money to burn just to take off for a trip like that.

    I only hope that one day David will do another tour for I have already seen my husband’s heart broken twice now and I really hope it doesn’t happen again, Because I know how much he has enjoyed David’s music from when he was with Pink Floyd to his wonderful solo career (which he thinks was the best move He could have made).

    Peace, Lu

  143. 2 tickets if possible for myself and my partner …

    […] and […]

    … fingers and everything else crossed that we are lucky!

    Adrian & Andrea

  144. I really wish I could have made that one, used up my vacation time for this year, and Marilyn and I are on a tight budget. But God, what an opportunity that is, to be a part of a small hand picked group of us! That is truly a generous thing…I wish I could be there.

    I still have my fingers crossed however, hoping I might have my question picked. That way in a sense I would be there with you, good luck to everyone!!!

    The Premiere is going to be really fun one way or the other!

  145. I finally got through reading the post. I feel very disconnected for missing two days of not visiting the I am getting more and more attached to this wonderful community and I am proud of it.

    What a wonderful read, Erin. Thanks for sharing the Barnfest with us. I was laughing so hard about Macus snoring away while you were all singing… Erin, you sure can write.

    For those who live in UK, can someone tell me how far is London to Maidstone, Kent? Is there train/tube that can take me there?

    Have a wonderful weekend all and please don’t forget to vote.

    [Maidstone is about 40 miles from the centre of London. Please click your name below and double-check for alternative options and times, but I know that you can get to Maidstone East from Victoria, by train, which takes about an hour. That might be your best option. – Features Editor]

  146. Hey Fed again!!

    If possible 4 tickets would be nice.

    My brother is moving back down to London on that very day so it would be pretty amazing going to this show! So we’d promise to be there for the show as we’d be there anyway! Oh I’d look keen 😀


    Cheers man!

    Also was wondering if the Mermaid Theatre stuff will ever be released on maybe a DVD. Or even be shown on the BBC HD channel. Seems a waste of the greatest gig I’ve ever been to and it not being appreciated properly.

  147. [There are no chats planned for the time being. – Features Editor]

    Aw FEd,

    We’re getting withdrawal symptoms.

    I guess next week you will be rather busy though and therefore won’t have much time to “fritter away the hours in an off-hand way” chatting.

    I’m really miffed that I can’t get down to the Brixton Ritzy gathering (I’m rota’d in to work that weekend).

    I trust all the lucky Irregular winners will have a blast.

    At least I’ll be in York on Thursday night to witness and enjoy the UK premiere. That will be an event in itself as far as I’m concerned.

    P.S. Derby were cannon fodder.

    [Indeed. It was nice to see Liverpool finishing off a side, as they used to do. – Features Editor]

  148. Fed, wow, what a wonderful offer, and it is really hard not being able to plan for that special event so far, given the fact that after being so lucky to be planning for the awesome Odeon event, I can hardly imagine booking another flight and accomodation for the Weekend later, although it is very, very tempting indeed, and honestly, I already checked flight fares.

    I´m wishing all those who are attending a great Weekend in Brixton! Are there any details available what is planned that evening exactly?

    I´m so thrilled with anticipation regarding the Odeon event next week!

    Have you all a Happy Weekend, and a Happy Labor Day Weekend to the American Blogies!

    [No details yet, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  149. to Michael…or anyone else looking for Odeon Square tickets…

    I mailed my English friend my credit card to get my front row tickets (2 of them)…

    I can’t fly over…long story short they refunded my money and my “old” seats are available as of this morning…

    I hope that whoever gets those two seats on the end has a FANTASTIC time..

  150. Hello Fed,

    I have been trying to vote for this site for the Peoples Choice Awards daily and I was just wondering if this blog wins, will you be rewarded with a big trophy to show off!!! And possibly a big pat on the back from DG himself!

    I hope everyone else remembers to vote!!!

    [Barbara, shame on me, but I have absolutely no idea what happens. Thank you for voting for us, though. It’s very kind of you – all of you – to do so. The results are announced a day or two before my birthday, if memory serves me well, so I suppose it would be nice to do well again. It’s also the webmaster’s birthday that week, or the week after. Not that I’m dropping hints… – Features Editor]

  151. Dear Cheeky Features!

    So you feel more like Cilla Black than Captain Black, do you!

    Must be the corset !

    Ha ha ha ha ha (manic laugh at rather odd mind-vision)!

    Sorry. I have a rather odd sense of humour.

    Love Cori xxx

    [Then perhaps more like Jimmy Saville. Minus the glitzy tracksuit, of course. – Features Editor]

  152. 6-0, now that’s karma at it’s best!

    [I’d have settled for three before the game. I’m not greedy. – Features Editor]

  153. Hiya Fabulous Fed!

    Have you seen the News of The World today? Sharon O has been exposed. Good. About time someone put that old so-n-so in her place.

    Love Cori xxx

    PS: I know what I’d liked to have called her rather than the very mild ‘so-n-so’ but:

    1. I’m too much of a lady :-*… ! and
    2. well this is and it’s posh here! lol….sometimes.


    [Just as long as nobody stops Cowell from telling it like it is, I’m happy. He was on form on Saturday, did you see? Telling that cheesy Birmingham four-piece that they’re only good for carol-singing. I thought he was being generous. – Features Editor]

  154. What a lovely gesture – would love to be there in person but but can’t for the obvious reasons – time, money, etc.

    To all irregulars who will be attending – you are in for a treat.

    Hi F.Ed – it’s been a while I know. I’ve been off celebrating my 40th birthday and dealing with life but hope to catch you and other bloggers in chat one of these days !

    Take care


    [I hope you celebrated properly and had a great birthday, Nisha. – Features Editor]

  155. Hi Fed,

    Can I have two tickets please,


    What a wonderful opportunity to see David.

    Sorry we are so late, bartering for child care.

    Cheers Chris and Caroline

  156. Love to relive the one with Crosby! Echoes was an unbelievable joy.

    Tickets for this gang would be a dream come true.


    I hope to to see you there. Best wishes

  157. Well fed when is your birthday, i wouldnt want to miss telling you happy birthday that day.

    [Bless you. The 4th (October) for me and, I think, our webmaster’s is on the 11th. No ages will be revealed, though. Not unless we can lie. (In which case, I’ll be 21.) – Features Editor]

  158. Dear FEd,

    I suspect you have been very busy this weekend, deciding just who most deserves the tickets money can’t buy. Was it the calculator or a spread sheet that got the most use?

    Saturday’s result obviously eased the burden, unlike that of Billy Davies, who’s team I fear are in for a long hard season. As for Liverpool, not only are they formidable in all areas of the team but they have real strength in depth.

    Apologies for leaving it so late and I quite appreciate that I should have made a request earlier, but if by some very slim chance there is still one ticket available I would like to be considered for it. As my lovely partner (who will be attending this Thursday’s premiere with me) has just said, if you don’t try you will only kick yourself later.


    [That’s very true. – Features Editor]

  159. [michele how are you? long time no chat.. whats new? – Ori ]

    Oh ! I would feel better if it was not the start of the new school year, tomorrow, Ori !

    I also would be very happy to see you again in the chatroom, surely later, when the blog will be quieter, I hope…


  160. Apologies if I’m just being somewhat stupid but I just noticed in the old tv guide that the albert hall showing will be on the bbc on saturday.

    When did I miss this? I think I need to keep up.

    Have a nice weekend all.

    [So, they’ve announced that, have they? Great. – Features Editor]

  161. Hi Fed

    Wow, I live in Brixton and would absolutely love to see David in my home town cinema.

    Four tickets please you fabulous person:


    Best wishes,

  162. Well F’ed, I wouldn’t want you to think that we “plastic Mancs” only pop up when the going is good – 6 nil eh ? and Chelski losing – and Man U’s innovative 4-6-0 formation failing to scoop the prizes just yet – this could be your year …

    [You want a ticket to The Ritzy badly, I can tell. – Features Editor]

  163. Are there any tickets available still? I would do anything to attend! It would be me by myself and probably a friend of mine but not sure if they would make it. So, here are my details.


    I will be there at 8 pm sharp!

    Err is that all?

    [I’d need your friend’s name and address… – Features Editor]

  164. HELLO to everyone (god Fed this lack of chat is killing me but we still LOVE you)

    I just wanted to say HI to everyone and hope everyone, who is going to see the GREAT ONE, has a great time on both occasions. Cant wait to finaly put some faces to the names at the meet ups.

    Have fun guys and gals and see you soon.

    P.S Fed, my little brother (Vinny,13) has asked me to ask you if David will ever put any ‘behind the scenes’ stuff out on a DVD of its own as he loves watching what goes on away from the stage?

    [There’s a fair bit of it on this DVD, Melanie. – Features Editor]

  165. Well I’m certainly not going to spend the $2,500 to fly my family to England for this event. It is very tempting but not money well spent if you know what I mean. BUT the good news is that my wife and two of my girls will be attending the screening on the 15th. We finally worked out babysitting arrangement for my youngest so to me, this is very exciting.

    Looking forward to it and to the reviews from this Thursday.



  166. Happy Birthday Nisha!

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned but Q107 is doing the top 500 songs of all time. We are at #78 til tomorrow and ironically I chose Shine On. My dog Lime and myself listened to it entirely outside in peace. Now I am getting excited to see where Echoes ends up. This is a fabulous relaxing weekend.

    Go Reds Go I may add.

  167. P.S. I had to say it was great to hear Dick’s switch on SOYCD from Tenor to Alto sax. I really hope all of us get to see him do it on RTN. Fingers crossed.

  168. [Thank you for voting for us, though. It’s very kind of you – all of you – to do so. The
    results are announced a day or two before my birthday – Feature Editor]

    That puts your birthday to be either on October 3rd or 4th if my guess is correct. Hope you’re doing something special for that special day, FEd; perhaps a day at the spa is in order so that you can refresh, recharge and rejuvenate with all that you do these days. I thank you for that.

    If you are heading to Edinburgh this week FEd, hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the premiere at wherever you are.

    A very happy week to you all!

    [Thank you. I’m hoping to go to France for my birthday to catch some football. – Features Editor]

  169. i’m not attending anything, but the suspense of the one chosen song is killing me.


  170. I hope I am not asking too much from you, but I was wondering if you had heard what song David will be giving us all a treat with live?

    It has been very exciting waiting on the premiere and I pre-ordered the DVD weeks ago so I can “RTN” anytime I want to.

    I have really enjoyed playing all the samples of the concert you have provided for us. Thanks to all that have been involved in the early “gifts”.

    [Ah, the live song. It’s going to be a surprise, so my lips (well, fingers) are sealed (not going to type the name of the song no matter how nicely, or many times, I’m asked). – Features Editor]

  171. Thank you FEd for the info and the link, which is very helpful and I found what I needed. Much appreciated.

    Just a few more hours to go and we’ll be on our way to UK. It’s been a while since we visited UK; but this time around, the feeling is so much different – I have so much more anxiety, excitement and joy.

    UK, here we come and upon our return, we’ll be joining a few of our dear friends at the cinema here in Miami for another overwhelming experience of “REMEMBER THAT NIGHT”. Life is good!

    [Have a marvellous time, Veronica. – Features Editor]

  172. thanks rob_p from ct. i will be checking out the odeon web site and try to get one of those tickets if they are still available but knowing my luck they will be gone!!!!!!!!!

    And i will be going to london on the 6 sept as i have paid for my hotel and train ticked booked a few days of work as well. well I can’t get out of it.

    and also thanks to garmik terani for your comments and i do agree with you. what a load of shambles the odeon web site is. how can they over book. i wounder if they over book when all the film stars go to the premieres. bet they would have extra seats in the aisles if that happens.

    well moaning and groaning over with but leaving it so late to cancel peoples tickets is a disgrace as tickets were still available earlier that week

    well good luck to all who has applied for the brixton event, i bet david do not have to send out emails to let people know they are over booked and destroy peoples dreams as im sure that the features editor is good at counting 🙂

    [Well, I’m good at everything. Fingers and toes are great, aren’t they? – Features Editor]

  173. Hi FEd

    In answer to Richard’s question about the 5 screens at the Ritzy and the capacities. Screen 1 is the only screen with a little stage in front of it and where I’ve seen previous performances. So its almost certain that this event will be in Screen 1.

    The Ritzy is my local cinema and its a small and intimate place, so its the perfect place for the Irregulars to meet and see David. The first time i made a posting was in the cafuffle for tickets for the Odeon and discovered a wonderful community of supportive and like minded fans. So if I’m lucky enough to get tickets it will almost be like welcoming you into my home as I live just up the road.

    After my posting last night I stayed awake for hours I was so excited. Good luck everyone who asked for tickets. I hope you feel really welcome and have a lovely time at the Ritzy, its a wonderful place. Look out for the homemade cake on the coffee bar just through the ticket hall.

    Best wishes,


  174. Dear Fed and all at the DG Blog,

    Just wanted to say that sadly I will not be able to attend this fabulous event. To all you lucky bloggers who Are going, have a wonderful time. An event like this doesn’t come by often so, cherish this truly amazing opportunity. I am anxiously looking forward to the cinema and DVD release:-)

    Thank You, and have a great weekend all!

    ~Tomi Sue

  175. Joint top eh Fed (Thierry who?),

    Thursday just around the corner too folks, getting excited now.

    [I always said that you were better off without him, didn’t I? – Features Editor]

  176. [I hope you celebrated properly and had a great birthday, Nisha. – Features Editor]

    Sure did F.Ed – the party lasted 4 days and I still get a headache when I think about how much alcohol was consumed…lol.

    A big week coming up – can’t wait to hear all about it, the day after. Are we playing “Name that Tune” (in advance) for the 6th ? 🙂


    PS: Frank, thanks for the wishes.

    [I think we should switch to Blankety Blank sooner, rather than later. As for news from Leicester Square, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a few days, and not just until the day after. – Features Editor]

  177. [Ah, the live song. It’s going to be a surprise, so my lips (well, fingers) are sealed (not going to type the name of the song no matter how nicely, or many times, I’m asked). – Features Editor]

    Does this mean you really know, causing us more excrutiating torment, i for one don’t wish to know, i really will enjoy the surprise.

    It wont stop me guessing though…..Island Jam perhaps? but you said song, mmmm not much singing on Island Jam, maybe its “On An Island”. see how you can jump on a word & read more into it than perhaps you meant (you’re enjoying this Fed i can tell)

    [Loving it. – Features Editor]

  178. I wouldn’t mind a game of Blankety Blank!

    As long as they’re not the, “fire salvage,” prizes as Les Dawson used to put it! 🙂

    It’s getting very exciting as we creep closer to Thursday!

    – James.

  179. Happy Monday,

    Just got back from a week away. Missed the deadline but what a fantastic offer.

    Thanks for the opportunity and to everyone who is succesful…..enjoy !!

    Pete – Coventry

    [There are still some tickets left… – Features Editor]

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