'A is for Axe'

Remember That Night DVD (2007)And ‘G’ is for ‘Gilmour’, so don’t miss Phil Manzanera’s radio show this weekend, because he will be talking about our David.

You’re looking for Planet Rock, which can be found online, on your DAB Digital Radio (if you’re in the UK), or on your television (again, if you’re in the UK). That’s channel 0110 on Sky, channel 924 on Virgin.

‘A is for Axe: The A-Z of the World’s Greatest Guitarists’ is an hour-long show, on every Sunday at 8PM (UK), with a repeat broadcast on Fridays at 6PM (UK).

You have exactly one hour left to submit a question for David (only if you reside in Europe, or will be attending one of the cinemas in Europe on Thursday 6 September, that is). The deadline is 5PM (UK), so don’t leave it much later or you’ll miss out.

Please leave your question (singular) here, after you’ve carefully read the terms and conditions at the top of the page.

Thank you to everyone for submitting a question. There are plenty of good ones to choose from – many more than I require – so apologies in advance to the majority of you.

If you don’t see your question listed with all the others, then it wasn’t considered. This was either because you sent in a list of questions, tried sending in multiple questions under different aliases, or asked a question from our ‘Forbidden and Incredibly Dull’ list.

This was all plainly, and repeatedly, set out in the terms – which you should have read before sending a question – so please don’t bother sending a complaint. That, too, will be treated as junk.

I’ll let you know which questions were chosen, as I will for the North American Q&A, next week.

Please remember that, even if your question is chosen, there is no guarantee that it will be used at the Odeon. I will select ten questions and ask ten people to send in their video, audio and photo. However, for reasons of time and technology, there can be no guarantee that all ten will be used on the night.

There’s a new poll today, so you can tell us if you will be going to see ‘Remember That Night’ at the cinema with just a click or two of your mouse.

(According to the results of our last poll, 61% of you said that you’d be sending a question for David’s Q&A. Thank you very much.)

Polls can always be found at the bottom-left corner of the Stuff & Nonsense page.

While you’re there, do have a listen to some interesting snippets from ‘This Heaven’, leave a message for David at his GuestMap and be sure to check out his MySpace page.

That’s all for another week. Back on Wednesday.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

44 thoughts on “'A is for Axe'”

  1. cool! looking forward to this one.

    phil sounds good on the radio. he just has one of those voices. david would sound good too, i think.

    36 minutes to go now. hurry up, peeps!

  2. Caption Competition…

    DG’s alternative to the Blue Man Group was a pale comparison…

    And did you know… The Blue Man Group have played PF’s “One of These Days” during their shows and a fine version it is…

  3. [‘Forbidden and Incredibly Dull’ – F*Ed]

    Wasn’t that the name of Paris Hilton’s debut?

    Have great weekend champ, cheers!

    [The same to you, mate. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  4. just 8 minutes to go… will anyone leave it too late?

    [Probably. – Features Editor]

  5. ‘David returns from the mothership after constant Martian queries regarding “when are you going to play on Mars David?” – much to FEd’s displeasure’ 🙂

    [please don’t bother sending a complaint. That, too, will be treated as junk] tee hee!! – to the point as ever FEd!!

    Happy Friday all. Time’s up on the Q&A so best of luck to all next week.

    Enjoy the weekend !!!!! Woo-hoo!

  6. have a great day everyone!

    Ciao Fed,hope it’s all ok for you.


    [Everything’s groovy, thank you. Enjoy the weekend. – Features Editor]

  7. ::Caption::

    2007: A Space Oddity

    I’m sorry David, I’m afraid I can’t do that. – (note HAL behind David!)

  8. [do you notice the lights and lasers on stage, and if so do they put you off? – adrian]

    [wait until you see the next (24 august) screenshot, adrian. talk about bright! – fed]

    fed, i see what you mean! that’s really bright!

    enjoy the rugby on sunday and a fab weekend to all. x

  9. WOAH! Psychedelic! And time’s up on the questions! This week was quite short…don’t you think?

    Anyways, have a good long restful weekend FEd, but because we are ourselves, I doubt you’ll be resting :P.


    [Oh, I will be. It’s been a long week and long weeks deserve long weekends! – Features Editor]

  10. Hey FED,

    I was talking to my friends in London whom I will be staying with while there and they told me a Kool fact. They live but a stones throw from David’s boat the Astoria on the Thames. It will be a really neat feeling to know that we will be practically neighbours while I am there.

    Cheers, Howard

  11. Just an off topic remark.

    I finally took the opportunity to watch David’s full version of “Fat Old Sun”. WOW!

    I can’t wait to purchase the DVD. I have a small music room and I’ve been playing that song over and over. It’s such a gas to play along with David and the rest of the guys. Although I can’t play lead yet I really rock out with my Epi Les Paul on rhythm during David’s solo. I used my Ibanez acoustic electric during the first half of the song to work out the chords.

    Too bad David got out-voted when trying to include it on the “Echoes” CD. David you’re amazing, both vocally and instrumentally.

    Have a great weekend all!

    Cheers, Cevin

  12. Off topic, but any word yet on the release date of the Blu-Ray version of “Remember That Night”

    As of late, all new movies have the same release date for all of the different versions of that DVD (DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray). After all, the Cinema premiere will feature David’s DVD in High Definition…

    Just wondering, I am VERY EXCITED!

    [Keep wondering. As soon as a date is carved in stone, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  13. That’s a great picture of David’s torso. I wonder if it’d even be possible to name THAT tune!

    To those who’ve never been in chat, you should go. It was a lot of fun getting to talk in real time with people whose names and ideas I know so well from this blog.

    Thanks, F’Ed, for making sure I went there.

  14. Howard…

    A stones throw from the Astoria! How do they know? Have they tried? Did they try whilst shouting “Turn that racket down”…

    Sorry guys just having a mad half hour before the weekend kicks off… 🙂

    And I’ll be singing “Hen Wlad fy Nhadau” with the rest of them tomorrow when Wales play France in rugby not soccer…

  15. The intro to his new DVD is AWESOME! I love the footage of David and co. walking towards the stage!!!! Nice job! Just what I was hoping for!!!!!!

  16. This is for Jo….

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend.

    My condolences go out to you and your friend’s family. I’m glad she had David Gilmour & PF for comfort during her difficult times. I’m especially glad she had a good friend like you during those times as well.

    She was right; time IS precious. I realize that more & more as I am fighting Ovarian cancer myself. And yes, I immerse myself in David Gilmour! As your friend said, “why waste precious time?”

    Take care, as she would want you to.

  17. Wednesday, huh FEd? Extended weekend! Good for you, you deserve it. Thanks for all you do.


    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  18. Good luck with your Reds on Sunday, FEd!!!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend…


    [Well, it was a good game and the best team won, so no complaints from me. – Features Editor]

  19. I’m REALLY interested to learn about the release dates on HD DVD.

    So far Amazon.com lists the normal DVD and Blu-Ray on the same date, but I can’t find anything on Amazon UK and all the HD news sites only list the Blu-Ray version?

    Please tell me it’s coming soon to HD DVD, I don’t want to have to buy the DVD and the HD DVD later 🙁

    [As soon as someone tells me what’s going on, I’ll be sure to tell you. – Features Editor]

  20. Hi, I’m Venezuelan guy, i don’t speak english, but i’ll write to Gilmour, please, please David Come to Sudamerica, any country, but come please!


    Luis A.Mendoza.

  21. Thanks for today’s snippet of Breathe, now I can. Jon’s back up is excellent.

    Have a great long weekend UK.

    Caption: David does his imitation of The Invisible Man. True to his history and the band. Maybe he should write a book. Hint Hint!

  22. [Wait until you see the next (24 August) screenshot, Adrian. Talk about bright! – Features Editor]

    I do see your point,Fed!

    Do have a great bank holiday weekend all!

  23. Thank you for the continued clips from Remember That Night. This will be an incredible disc, so thanks for making the waiting so much fun! The opening sequence is amazing, and Fat Old Sun is an enormous improvement on the original. Who else is so lucky as to so improve with age?

    Thanks again.

  24. **Caption**

    David’s playing is so hot that it reached Super Nova 🙂

    Have a superb weekend all.


  25. [The FE’d in Ed tour 2007]

    only if you’re there for work FE’d 🙁

    but depending on your particular peccadillo there’s something for everyone in edinburgh 😉

    and judging by the home nations results surely a good omen?

    guy pratt? picturehouse on the 6th? nice weather forcast? hairy men in womens underwear? and good kebabs! lol and some decent beer, get to rose street st andrews end there’s a pub that sells the brew from my village but old jock needs a warning label – and coal-islay [col-e-lah] whiskey as drunk by lighthouse keepers

    plus you’ve got a north west accent so the ladies will be partial to a lil’ bit of FE-d

    oooh don’t tempt me, I might turn up myself. I’m sure I’ve got at least one or two hairs left to let down

    have a good time

    [Many thanks. I’ll be sure to maintain my Scouse accent for as long as I’m there. – Features Editor]

  26. What happened to David’s face?

    Can’t wait for the rugby on Sunday! We’d better win this one :sigh:

  27. That Breathe clip was incredible!

    This is going to be one of my heavy rotation DVD’s, I can already tell…

  28. FED,

    I’m gutted, been home to the Wales for a week and Orange 3G was down. Drove around and couldn’t get a signal anywhere !!! Therefore i was unable to submit my question in time !

    I’ve had to change my golf trip arrangements to the Algarve to get to Leicester Square in time, and was also reminded last week its also my wedding anniversary !!!

    Any chance of a reprieve ???

    Don’t get nothing if you don’t ask ! I know its a long shot !!!

    [Sorry, mate. The questions for both Q&As have been chosen. – Features Editor]

  29. Bank Holiday Weekend in England and,as always,drinking is on the menu!!

    Anyway,I have to get this off my chest because today I had a very fiesty argument with some guys who thought they were the ‘history book’ of the music industry.

    So we’re talking and they ask me what type of music I like and I told them David Gilmour,PF (along with other’s) and that’s when it started: I was told that DG would’nt have a career if it wasn’t for RW or PF!

    I disagreed and told them to listen to David’s solo works and they’d see that he has an avenue of music all to himself.

    Dont get me wrong I do like the PF work he did,and what a job he did,but at the stage I am now in my life I just prefer DG’s solo work,I find it easy to listen to and I understand where it’s coming from!

    Call it ramblings of a (slightly) drunk,young woman but I dont care,it drives me mad when people ONLY talk about the music DG made with PF so I cant imagine what DG himself feels

    anyway I did my best to put them straight and now I can sleep well.

  30. Fed,

    You really need a vacation. So I hope you will have a great time in France, For it is a beautiful country.

    Take Care,

    [Thank you. – Features Editor]

  31. Remember a few weeks ago I told you about a dream of David Gilmour releasing a flute CD? Well here is another dream I just had:

    This time David and his band performed at my church hall. He opened the set with the song Black Sabbath (kinda ironic to play at a church hall). Guy really got into that tune and so did Stevie, probably cause he got to play the bell on something other than High Hopes. Then they played the Bob Seager tune Turn The Page. Then it was Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise….then the show stopped because apparently there was some dispute between the band and the church management.

    I think I need to stop eating so late.



  32. I didn’t submit my question for David, my bad.

    I have to say, nevertheless, there are bountiful of excellent questions being submitted from both US and UK and I can’t wait to find out the questions that are being selected.

    Good luck to you all!

    FEd, hope you are enjoying your long weekend off? Or, could that be a long weekend working (like myself)?

    [As you can see, there has been some work, but it’s been a very nice weekend – thank you for asking. (Every weekend should consist of three days, don’t you think?) – Features Editor]

  33. I just found the full-length version of Fat Old Sun (how the hell did I miss that??) and am stunned at how incredibly fan-f*cking-tastic it is … even better than I remember from the Kodak!!!

    I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, with or without ‘bank holiday’. I’ll be spending my time with my headphones on listening to, as well as watching, my favorite musicians play just for me:)


  34. FEd,

    If I may, I’d like to share with everyone about Barnfest.

    Those of us that were there, thought about and mentioned those of you that weren’t there, often. We really do have a special community here, a special bond, and this was very apparent to all of us. It felt like a gathering of old friends and everyone just felt really good.

    These are my memories of this wonderful adventure. It was quite an adventure, so I’ll post in parts.

    Barnfest 2007 – The Road Trip
    Part 1: The journey to Oregon

    I picked up Renee and around noon, on Wednesday at the Sacramento (California) airport. It was great to see her again. We had met before at the Leno show, and really hit it off. We went to my place and packed up a few miscellaneous things, then hit the road. We were on our way to Oakland, Califonia where we would spend the night at Marcus’ house and hit the road for Washington State on Thursday. To get in the proper mood for Barnfest we listened to DSOTM on Marcus 5.1 Surround Sound System. (Some women do know the difference, Rudders =) For those of you who have never heard this, you need to!! You hear things you’ll have never heard before, but I digress.

    The next day we get on the road about 5pm. However, I am a road trip master. I hold outstanding times on many of my road trips, and I planned to add this one to that list 😉 Imagine if you will, Renee in the passenger seat, Marcus in the back seat and me driving. We are flying up the winding mountain roads near Mt. Shasta (the 2nd highest peak in the Cascades Mt Range). Renee is grabbing the ‘o shit bar’ (is there a proper name for that part of the car?), clinching her teeth, and making a hissing sound like a tire losing it’s air; in fear for her life, no doubt. It was very dark and all of a sudden we hit a bridge that they were doing construction on. They had the concrete barriers up on either side of the lane. It felt like we were on a roller coaster track, and the smallest mistake would have ended our life. Now that’s excitement! We arrive in Grants Pass, Oregon and decide to spend the night.

    Part 1 Total Distance Traveled: 469 miles


  35. hope everyone in the uk is having a fab bank holiday weekend. i know i am! 🙂

    to fed: good game yesterday despite the result. hope you enjoyed it.

    [Very much so. The try in the dying seconds was a real sickener, as I feel that the scoreline flattered France somewhat, but they were undoubtedly prolific in attack. Wales just didn’t make their possession count. Good game, though. – Features Editor]

  36. Yet another great clip on the site, thank you very much once again, a very fine piece of music.
    I never noticed that white lap-steel guitar (shame on me!), I only know the red one on High Hopes and the other acoustic one on Smile…

    I do hope everyone had “un bon weekend”, as quoted from our Sned (I think) on the site.
    All weekends should last at least three days ! but I’m not sure if this ‘bank holiday’ is for all UK or only England …


  37. [So I hope you will have a great time in France, For it is a beautiful country – Thomas]

    It’s like the French have a different word for EVERYTHING! ~ Steve Martin

  38. Don’t know if anyone else noticed but Jimi Hendrix’s last concert performance was on September 6th in Germany!

    Is David making this video and one song his last performance or just by chance has it on the same date???

    Hope I’m wrong! I’d well like to see him play again somewhere.

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