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Remember That Night DVD (2007)Keep reading if you’re after details about Leicester Square.

First, I have some good news for fans in the Netherlands.

You will be able to share in this experience and witness 85-minutes of concert footage from David’s new DVD, ‘Remember That Night’ (plus a short live performance and a Q&A session, transmitted via satellite from London’s Leicester Square) at the following three venues:

Pathé Tuschinski, AMSTERDAM (Telephone: 0900 1458)
Pathé Buitenhof, DEN HAAG (Telephone: 0900 1458)
CineMec, EDE (Telephone: 0900 3210321)

Tickets cost €25. You can book online for the Pathé cinemas.

This event is on Thursday 6 September at 8.30PM (CET).

Cinema details for Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the US will be here just as soon as I have them. I can’t give you any details until plans are finalised, so please don’t ask.

Now, those Odeon details…

As you know, as well as having the choice to attend one of the 15 UK Picturehouses – or one of the three cinemas in the Netherlands – you also have the option of attending the premiere itself.

The premiere is at Leicester Square’s Odeon. If you’re in or around London at the time, this is definitely the place to be.

Ticket prices are £15, £16.50 and £20.

The show starts at 7.30PM (UK) on Thursday 6 September.

Tickets to the Odeon go on sale on Friday (tomorrow). Please don’t contact the Odeon today. You will not be able to jump the queue.

Tickets to the 15 Picturehouse cinemas go on sale today.

Please telephone the cinema or click here for further information.

As I have hopefully made clear, Picturehouse will not issue refunds if you purchase tickets before deciding that you no longer want them (because you’d rather go to Leicester Square instead). Please consider this before thinking about buying any additional tickets.

The chatroom is open today between 2PM and 4PM (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

57 thoughts on “The Netherlands”

  1. FEd,

    But what about the US? (just kidding)

    I’m gonna have to get a passport for this one. (still waiting on my lottery check)


  2. Good luck to everyone trying to get tickets!! I’d be having a heart attack if I could go to London, but needed a ticket for the show.

    I hope there are enough tickets available for all the Irregulars! HAVE FUN!!!

    Hopefully I’ll be watching from a local cinema 🙂


  3. Is there a limit on how many tickets available for Leicester Square? Will they be particularly hard to get? What time are they on sale?

    [We’re still ironing out the details. We’ll let you know the latest, with updates throughout the day, and will hopefully be able to answer all your questions (and more). – Features Editor]

  4. Oh goodie, more info on Canada…YESSS!!! Can’t wait…I’ve got my question figured out too…hopefully it’ll get picked…I find it to be an intelligent question, I guess, anyways cheers to you FEd and all of the crew!


  5. Hi Fed

    Do you have any details for remember that night showing in canada venues. We are currently in Vancouver for 4 weeks and then onto Toronto.

    I have missed out on so much lately with regards to david and his many projects it will be great to catch up.

    Kind regards to one and all


    [I’m afraid not, Damian. When we have the details, they’ll be here. – Features Editor]

  6. Hello F.E.!..Are there any plans in the works for hosting a blogger’s contest..1st prize being an all expense paid trip for 2 from anywhere in the world to David’s performance at Leicester Square?..How’s that for a rainy day idea?

    (Please try not to hurt yourself laughing so hard..just kidding..but.. however..Hmm..maybe I am serious..Not!)

  7. Fed, is the time 8:30 pm UK? CET is Central Europe Time yes? That would put myself at 3:30pm in Canada no? LOL.

    [7.30PM in the UK and 8.30PM in Europe is absolutely right, so don’t LOL. – Features Editor]

  8. Thank you! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!!

    Thursday 6 September will be my day. I cant wait!

    Carlos Wiesemann
    Hoorn, Netherlands

  9. Thanks Fed for all efforts. Loved your comment –

    [We’re still ironing out the details. We’ll let you know the latest, with updates throughout the day, and will hopefully be able to answer all your questions (and more). – Features Editor]

    “AND More”. Just how much more can we take??

    I’m going to be phoning tomorrow. Fingers, legs and other parts crossed!!

    Hopefully that option will still be avaible as its impossible for me to book on line due to work restrictions.

    Ian Pearson

  10. Hey FEd,

    NL is really not far for me, so this is excellent news.

    Now I have the luxury problem of which one to visit.

    Going to Germany to see Stephanie and potentially Michele would be very nice, Amsterdam is very nice.

    Best regards,

  11. Hello,

    Tis a pity that the “Remember that Night” will not be showing in the wonderful city of Birmingham. It it probably due to The Odeon etc not being able to accommodate the film.

    What a lovely old fashioned word “picturehouse”. It sure beats the word cinema.

    Have a good day.

    Best regards.


  12. Woohoo!! Thanks for that FEd. Fingers crossed I can get through in time!

    Do you know if there is any other number other then that automated number where you speak to a robot??

    Brian, Dublin

    [Which number/cinema is that? – Features Editor]

  13. How on earth am i going to limit myself to one question for David to consider to answer & i think i will be rewording it many times in the hope it wont sound too naff, i have a list allready, im not sure about being on a web cam though.

    Will David answer technical questions about his playing etc (was going to say equipment but it looked a bit wrong & too personal written down)

    Is there any truth in a Jokers Wild reunion?

    [Is your second question for real? – Features Editor]

  14. Wow ! great news ! Netherlands now ! and easilier accessible for French…

    Now, I’ll have to learn Dutch ! hmm…this ‘KaartenKopen’, ‘e-card’ thing is confusing me…

    Thank you for constantly updating the blog. BTW, do you sometimes sleep ?


    [I try to, as I hear it’s good for you, but I don’t get as much as I’d like. – Features Editor]

  15. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I’ve got tickets for Edinburgh.

    WooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooooo. (I’m pleased).

  16. So there will be no possibility to book tickets for Leicester Square via Internet, am I right? Only trip to Odeon’s box office is in option?

    [Those details will be here later today, just as soon as we can confirm them. You won’t have to visit the Box Office. You will be able to telephone, at least. – Features Editor]

  17. David is very good to us. If I were on the correct side of the pond, I’d SO be at the Odeon in September. It promises to be an inspired event.

  18. Hi FED;

    Very exited to see that cinemas in countries other than UK are planning to show the event and movie, too. Great! 🙂

    Lene, Denmark

  19. Ok I called Leicester Square and they said tickets aren’t on sale until next week?

    I hope I don’t miss out on a Picturehouse ticket if I don’t manage to get one for Leicester Square…

  20. Fed

    Dont forget to update the rather empty “Live Dates”page!

    Great idea to do this cinema thingy


  21. It’s all happening here on the site ain’t it boyos!

    Its a shame it wont be transmitted to Wales but for all of you who do get a ticket in the next few days, Its a once in a lifetime opportunity and therefore……Happy Days!!!

    I cant wait to post my webcam, I’ve got an opening gag already!

    [Your question has to be chosen before we get to see any videos, don’t forget. – Features Editor]

  22. I’m working myself into a complete swivet over here, thinking up hare-brained ideas about how to get to London in September. And then, every time I see a reference to Leicester Square, my brain cues up that Kinks song, Dedicated Follower of Fashion.

    Just call me “Jumpy Nerves with a side order of Tune Disease in Atlanta”.

  23. [Is your second question for real? – Features Editor]

    Not touched a raw nerve have i?

    [No, it’s just refreshing to be asked that question for a band other than P. Floyd. – Features Editor]

  24. Sorry FEd, the number for the Odeon. I was getting far too excited and left that detail out!

    [The link I included for the Odeon is just for people to get some idea of the venue (exact location, nearest tube stations, disabled facilities, etc). We’ll have specific booking details pertaining to this event sometime today… I hope. That will include the Box Office number that you need. Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but Odeon staff aren’t ready for your calls just yet, so please don’t call them until we give the green light. Details are still being finalised. – Features Editor]

  25. And at the end of that month, you should make it back to London to see an NHL hockey game.

    FEd, I know football/soccer is your sport but you really should try to witness the bone-crunching NHL just once. Plus it looks like the Stanley Cup will be there as well.



    [I think I can find time for that. Thanks, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  26. Great news for those able to attend the DVD launch! With all this excitement, David should come to the US and relax a bit (besides, isn’t it summer vacation for the kids?).

    Of course, he might need a quiet place to practice now and then. How about a location next to a police station that holds only 300 friends?…Say, here’s one.. Ridgefield Playhouse.

    Seriously Fed (or are their Feds?)…keep up the great work on the site!


    [Thank you, Craig. And there’s just the one. – Features Editor]

  27. My PULSE is pounding quicker and quicker as days go by…too much good news… too much fun stuff …too much temptations…

    I just submitted my request of changing my vacation to September instead of my scheduled August one (my trip to Canada). Hope it will get approved.

    Contingent upon the approval, we are going to UK.

    With the continuous updates (thank you for that FEd), I need to be very careful signing on the site and read the updated news of the event. I just can’t help it. Only problem is I can’t do the chat =(

    Mr. Gilmour, you are just too kind to us…thank you.

  28. Just managed to get a ticket for the cinema in Bath (as usual, there was a booking fee – £1.50 on this occasion).

    Quick technical question re. ‘webcam’. If your question is selected, can you record this using the digital video facility of a digital camera, or does it need to be an actual webcam using some sort of video link on the web?

    [You can use whatever you’ve got to record your video. The better the quality, the better it will look on the cinema screens. – Features Editor]

  29. I am available to assist with the security, crowd control, ticket scanning or popcorn buttering if need be. Have your people contact my people so we can work out the details…

  30. Hi FEd,

    On the Dutch cinema site it says that Mr Gilmour will be (live) in a studio performing and answering questions. Is that true, or will he be in the Odeon?

    [I was waiting for that question. I actually had a bet with our webmaster to see how long it would take before someone picked up on it and asked me if it’s true. It’s not true. David will be in the Odeon. That’s all I can say for now, sorry. – Features Editor]

  31. I hope details are released before 5.30 today – I head home then and have no internet access at home at the moment 🙁

    I’m with Matt for the security, crowd control thing. I can show people to their seats – I have a really good torch and great sense of direction…

  32. hey i just remembered that i suggested if a pf concert was going ahead it would be done via stream just as this event is doing!!

    coincidence? or did David read my post!!?? 🙂

    [You never know. At least, I don’t. – Features Editor]

  33. [Seriously Fed (or are their Feds?)…keep up the great work on the site!]

    That thought keeps crossing my mind too Craig.

    you work too hard (appreciated by us all i think)

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  34. OOO can’t wait for the info about Canada to come out…I wish I were older though, I would seriously save my money, and travel to the UK…darn :(…well I’ve got the cinemas here anyways… we get so spoiled…and sure are treated well for fans 😉 Thank You so very much

    K.C. from Ottawa, Canada

  35. Sorry about that. Was I too quick or too slow?

    [You were good. I was just cynical (I thought lots of people would ask at once). – Features Editor]

  36. [Matt and BrianM are really good friends of mine ~ Paul Sexton]

    Surely you have heard of our, Three Amigos Security Agency…no?

  37. I believe I misspoke from my previous post, there should never be too much good news; I apologize.

    Instead, I should welcome more of this kind of good news…

    Happy Thursday you all!

  38. p.s. FEd, I hope you will take it easy – you are working very hard.

    [Bless you, Veronica. You’re a sweetheart. – Features Editor]

  39. Do you think there’s a chance of seing the Mermaid concert on the screen again, I’ve missed it last year (There was none near Montréal). I know there is 5 songs on the DVD.

    Did you check out if David could make it to Chicago on the 28th of july for the Clapton’s Crossroads guitar festival.

    I’m waiting patiently to see the R A H concert on screen in Montréal.

    Raymond from Montréal

    [I’m afraid the Mermaid Theatre show is ancient history now. It won’t be returning to the cinema. Neither will David be involved on 28 July. Sorry to disappoint you, Raymond. – Features Editor]

  40. [Surely you have heard of our, Three Amigos Security Agency…no?]

    In case you haven’t:

    Three Amigos Security Agency
    No job too small

    • Reasonable Rates (DG tickets welcomed)
    • Crowd control to include ticket tout spotting
    • Excellent directional torch shining skills
    • Grade 3 confectionery skills to include:

    Hazardous popcorn buttering & icy drink pouring

  41. [Three Amigos Security Agency – Posted by: Brian_Kildare]

    I think if we actually wore the costumes, then…just maybe, just maybe… (click my name).

    [Just make sure you’re not sitting in front of me if you insist on wearing the hat. – Features Editor]

  42. If one of us gets to ask a question live on the webcam we should wear that outfit!! Imagine it – Buenos dias senor Gilmour!

    Gotta go guys. Been a good day. Lets hope tomorrow works out. Thanks FEd.

  43. [If one of us gets to ask a question live on the webcam we should wear that outfit!! Imagine it – Buenos dias Senor Gilmour! – Brian_Kildare]

    That’s brilliant…

  44. [If one of us gets to ask a question live on the webcam we should wear that outfit!! Imagine it – Buenos dias Senor Gilmour! – Brian_Kildare]

    We could keep it “short” and just cut to the “chase”…

  45. [Just make sure you’re not sitting in front of me if you insist on wearing the hat]

    The trousers look a real killer for me.

  46. to matt and brian: you made me laugh with your security guard gags. thanks! 😀

    i’m really happy for fans in the netherlands. hope you guys enjoy it.

    it’s great that we’ll all be watching this around the world at exactly the same time.

  47. Does anyone know when the tickets for the Pathe cinemas will be on sale? It’s not quite clear to me, the Pathe’s website doesn’t say it and when I try to get a ticket, all I get is javascript errors…

    Thanks for any info

    [Have you tried calling their telephone number: 0900 1458? – Features Editor]

  48. Hi Fed, sorry I should have mentioned that the phone number, which is served by an automated system, doesn’t mention the event yet.

    [I see. I’m sorry, JP. I was told that these tickets are on sale now. Is there a way of speaking to someone at the cinema and asking them? Maybe send an e-mail? – Features Editor]

  49. Does anyone know if there are plans to do also something in Belgium?

    [I’m afraid that there are no plans for Belgium just now, Marc. – Features Editor]

  50. to jp: good luck with those tickets. 🙂

    to marc: i hope there are plans for belgium soon. 🙂

    to everyone: this is going to be one seriously cool event!!!

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