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Remember That Night DVD (2007)Our Blotto game always had to end sometime (yes, I’m sad about it, too), but, look on the bright side: you now know which songs will be on Disc One of David’s double-disc live concert extravaganza, ‘Remember That Night’.

The 23 tracks in full are (so, if you don’t want to know, please look away now):

01. ‘Speak To Me’
02. ‘Breathe’
03. ‘Time’
04. ‘Breathe (Reprise)’
05. ‘Castellorizon’
06. ‘On An Island’
07. ‘The Blue’
08. ‘Red Sky At Night’
09. ‘This Heaven’
10. ‘Then I Close My Eyes’
11. ‘Smile’
12. ‘Take A Breath’
13. ‘A Pocketful Of Stones’
14. ‘Where We Start’
15. ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’
16. ‘Fat Old Sun’
17. ‘Coming Back To Life’
18. ‘High Hopes’
19. ‘Echoes’
20. ‘Wish You Were Here’
21. ‘Find The Cost Of Freedom’ (featuring David Crosby and Graham Nash)
22. ‘Arnold Layne’ (featuring David Bowie)
23. ‘Comfortably Numb’ (featuring David Bowie)

Thanks to everyone for playing along and for giving me a chance to cruelly drip-feed the information to you, laboratory-style. Hope you ‘enjoyed’ it.

I’ll announce the prize, and winner, later in the week.

Did I ever tell you that there will be several bonus tracks from the Royal Albert Hall shows on Disc Two? They just couldn’t fit them all onto Disc One, you see. I’ll have to tell you about those some other time.

Maybe even in the chatroom later…

If you have been affected by Blotto, our chatroom will be open today from 3PM (UK time) and counsellors will be on hand to help you come to terms with your feelings.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

59 thoughts on “Songs on the DVD”

  1. lol! i love the way you’ve done this, fed. what a wind up.

    will ‘wearing the inside out’ be on disc 2? let’s hear those babies say nice things about david now.

    [It sure is, Victor. ‘Wearing The Inside Out’ will be on disc two, as a bonus track. – Features Editor]

  2. Many thanks for finally revealing the full track listing for Disc 1….I really thought you were going to drag that one out until the end.

    It’s great to hear several RAH bonus tracks will be on Disc 2….now the speculation/debate/arguments about which of the ‘left over’ RAH songs to use can start all over again!!!!

    Incidentally, the BBC showed the version of WYWH by the two Mexican guitarists the other night on the Best of Glastonbury. What amazed me about about this performance of the mighty WYWH is that the folks on the stage didn’t actually sing the song…the whole song was sung by the crowd only and it was all very moving.

  3. 15. ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 2-15)’

    ??? 2 – 9 you mean!!

    and why was part 1 axed?

    [I’m glad that some of you are noticing the errors on my so-called ‘Definitive List of Track Times, Writers and Publishers’. It should read ’15. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part Two)’, and has now been altered. My apologies for the confusion. (That’s two mistakes so far…) – Features Editor]

  4. Hurray!! Excellent news for “Wearing the Inside Out” – I know Mr. Gilmour and company won’t disappoint us – thank you.

    Now, how about “Wot’s…uh the Deal?” and “Dominoes”? I am pushing it, am I?

    Happy Monday, everyone.

    [Push away, Veronica. They’re also on disc two. – Features Editor]

  5. Fed,

    Carrying on with the trend that Victor started, will Wots… be a bonus on disc two?


    [Yep. It’s all coming out now, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  6. can I do a spot of pushing too!?!?!

    a great day for freedom at gdansk? on the turning away in venice?

    regardless i’m foaming at the mouth!!

    [You can push off, sorry. The bonus concert tracks are from the Albert Hall only. – Features Editor]

  7. I only got a two-fer in Blotto but many of my selections were just missed by one. Plus I had the wrong guest for Comfortably Numb. O well.

    Speaking of guests, aren’t you missing a few references to Crosby and Nash appearing on some of the OAI songs? Wasn’t that part of the rules?

    What is also interesting to me is that I have not read one comment regarding the performance of The Great Gig in the Sky with Mica Paris as special guest. Not a one. I did have that song in my setlist and I’m guessing I may be the only one.

    I do remember reading last May that some were not impressed by the performance – but I would still love to see this and rate it myself.



    [Have a heart. I’m actually in bed today, poorly and irritable. Take it up with whoever gave me this inaccuracy-riddled ‘Definitive List of Track Times, Writers and Publishers’. They just give me the lines, you know. By the way, your pity is gratefully received. Cyber-grapes and cyber-soup would be most welcome (especially if the grapes are green and the soup is chicken). – Features Editor]

  8. Hi,

    Could we know if Dark Globe will forever stay in the webs of the internet or if it will find a place somewhere on that DVD2 ?


    [You could know. But not today. Please come back on Wednesday. – Features Editor]

  9. [Have a heart. I’m actually in bed today, poorly and irritable. Take it up with whoever gave me this inaccuracy-riddled ‘Definitive List of Track Times, Writers and Publishers’. They just give me the lines, you know. By the way, your pity is gratefully received. Cyber-grapes and cyber-soup would be most welcome (especially if the grapes are green and the soup is chicken). – Features Editor]

    Just for you FEd….I hope the image comes through.

    Hope you feel better…



    [Bless you for that, mate. – Features Editor]

  10. Thanks.

    Great to hear that “Wearing the Inside Out” has at least make it to the 2nd disc. What a relief!

    I am looking forward to the DVDs this Sept.

  11. As you’re obviously in a good mood today, will the additional RAH footage on Disc 2 include anything with Mr Mason on drums or with Mr Wright singing (i.e. instead of Mr Bowie)?

    Will there be any Gdansk or Venice footage at all? If there isn’t, it would be great for either these concerts to be broadcast one day (something along the lines of the Floyd Venice broadcast from 1989)

    [Yes, yes and yes. But that’s all for now. That’s quite enough for one day. – Features Editor]

  12. i think i mucked up my Blotto entry…i haven’t got a number 16 on my list, other wise i would have had 6 correct! bugger!

    good luck to the twisted soul that wins.

  13. Poor old F’ed – we have finally worn you to a crisp.

    You just hunker down in that bed and forget all about us … oops sorry I probably just woke you up didn’t I ?

    I’m reminded of a marvellous old Laurel & Hardy episode and to bring you some cyber- boiled eggs and nuts …

  14. GREAT picture of Richard!

    I’ve heard that autographed copies of this picture are being included inside the disc…or was that my inner monologue speaking again?

    [Definitely your inner monologue. – Features Editor]

  15. [Yes, yes and yes. But that’s all for now. That’s quite enough for one day. – Features Editor]

    Many thanks for answering that one…especially as I thought I might be pushing it a bit (my excuse is that, like yourself, I’m also ill but still soldiering on at work).

    So, as we’re getting closer to knowing the full content of the DVD, does this mean it can be released earlier, or maybe that’s just pushing it a bit too far?!?!?:-)

    [I wish! Hope you’re feeling better soon. – Features Editor]

  16. to all those who complained yesterday HA ! wait until everything is announced before you start or better yet just enjoy whats there and don’t moan about what isn’t .

    oops i think i am letting my internal bitch pop out today . normal service will be resumed shortly 🙂

    get well soon fet ed . it is brave of you to be sick and have a chat going on 🙂

    Linda Island Lady who just missed geting soaked by the rain today .

  17. Now that I saw it, I realized it is a very good and long list. And just a part of what the Dvds are going to offer us. Great! We will need a week of holiday from work to see the complete dvds with the right attention!

    btw, if you were considering a prize for people who guessed NO ONE song in the blotto game, put my name in the list!


  18. Fed its not true. Gerrard has not joined Arsenal. you can leave your sick bed now

    Chin up (you cant be as sick as i feel concerning my blotto entry…or did you muck yours up too?)

    [It’s worse than that. I’m messing up the official list today, Graham. – Features Editor]

  19. Graham you are on 6 correct even with no #16 on your list.

    Your lucky numbers were: 17,18,19,21,22,23

    There were also Marko Zwijnenburg and Gabrielle on 6 correct and all those are winners (imho), sorry if I missed anyone. Congratulations.

    Great news about bonus tracks, I hope that Mr. Richard Wright was happy to see so many bloggers mentioning Wearing The Inside Out to be somewhere on The DVD. Nothing strange about it, in the matter of fact it is a great song.


  20. [It should read ’15. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part Two)’, and has now been altered.]

    Hi FEd,

    Not that I want to quibble, but as far as I can remember from the shows in Paris and Gdansk, David actually played SOYCD Part One (or, to be clear, what features on track one of the WYWH CD). Maybe that changed on the particular RAH gigs, but that would quite surprise me. Or am I wrong ?

    BTW, a great version of (part of) SOYCD Part Two (i.e. track five on the WYWH CD) can be enjoyed on David’s previous DVD.

    Seeing that great shot of Richard, I’d like to share with you all that I listened quite a lot recently to SOYCD Part Two and that I was really amazed by Rick’s playing on that one. It certainly is one of his masterpieces.

    Dunno if Rick sometimes reads this blog but if so, I would like to tell him how fabulous he sounds on that track!

  21. Oh ! Fed, restez au lit, reposez vous, abandonnez donc un peu vos bloggers envahissants, c’est le moment de leur dire ‘fais moi des vacances’!

    Merci pour cette avalanche d’infos!


    [C’est “Fais moi des vacances!” demain, mais seulement pour un jour. – Features Editor]

  22. Is The Great Gig In The Sky (with Mica Paris) on second dvd??

    [Ask me tomorrow, Andy. I’ve been too nice for one day. Can’t say anything else. – Features Editor]

  23. Great!!!!

    Wearing the inside out was one of my favourites songs of the last tour….happy to hear that it is on 2nd dvd…..beautiful present for my birthday 🙂


    [Is your birthday today, Marco? If so, have a good one. – Features Editor]

  24. Poor FEd, it must be withdrawel symptoms of having no more blotto to play.

    Never mind mate, you could always start a new blotto using disk 2 . . .

    [Alas, Blotto is no more. Name That Tune is the future. – Features Editor]

  25. FEd! Hope you are feeling better really soon. If I were there, I’d bring you some chicken soup and some sort of strong liquor!

    Thank you for the complete list. It’s been fun stretching out the DVD line-up. But must we stretch the release to September?? I know we must, and we hate it, but we have no choice at this point.

    Can’t wait til September!!! It’s obviously going to be awesome; we can see that by the song list, photos, and being at the shows in person, hearing that goose-bump guitar playing!

    Feel better soon, Mate.

    And just to help you out, no need to check my Blotto entry. I’m a loser. (:>/

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  26. [Did we ever tell you that there will be several bonus tracks from the Royal Albert Hall shows on disc two?]

    Fed i could kiss you right now, and i aint gay!

    Thats just how much i wanted ‘Wearing the inside out’ and ‘Wots the deal’.

    Yaaaaas, I knew David wouldnt let us down.

  27. If we order all of our Christmas Gift copies of the DVD, can we have OUR copy NOW???

    … just a thought for marketing incentive….

    This DVD is going to be absolutely AWESOME!

    Thank you, David & Polly & Family for touring and producing this awesome dvd! There are so many things I can’t wait to see/hear on it.

  28. Hi all!

    Fed, I hope you get some rest and feel better. You’d think with all that you have revealed we’d leave you alone for a bit.

    Great info… disk 2 is shaping up very nicely as well. You HAVE been generous today Fed… anything that comes out now is just icing on the cake. The DVD will be amazing enough as it is!

    Have a great day all, and for you citizens of the US have a great 4th of July!


  29. The “[Part Two]” bit of Shine On You Crazy Diamond seems to have been quietly slipped in. The original Blog reveal of the track made no mention of it just being part of the song.

    Are you saying that Shine On starts part way through Part 1-5?

    [That’s what it says, but I share your disbelief. An answer as soon as I get one. – Features Editor]

  30. Hi Gang,

    Isn’t it great the blotto is finally over – although im sure it will leave a large gaping hole in many of our lives. What to fill it with?

    I am sad that the DVD is nearly ready and out, as it will mean the end of the whole On An Island, is era, too strong a word? The whole on an island thing then. I mean it started way back in early 2006, 2005, even and here we are mid 2007..

    Hopefully the dvd can keep us entertained and reminiscing untill early 2008, when who knows what will happen 😉 LOL

    anyway, just to keep up, my ilegitimate blotto card scored 9 correct entries, which were:

    1, 2, 5, 7, 11, 14, 16, 19, 22 🙂

    get well soon mate.

  31. Great! Finally no more Blotto.

    I like the list. This is great! September needs to hurry up.

    Fed great work this weekend keeping all of us informed.

    Renee B.

  32. Well thats THAT then…

    Disc ONE is a sure fire winner and loads of goodies on Disc ‘deux’—- Excellent

    Advice for Fed :

    – Wrap up nice and toasty
    – Plenty of fluids ( NO alkopops or WINE !! )
    – And put on your best jimjams – just in case we all decide to visit you…

    best of luck mate and get well soon 🙂


  33. Just a quickie re the chatroom.

    Why is it only open at stupid times during the day when I’m at work?

    [Because I need to moderate it and those stupid time are when I’m at work. – Features Editor]

  34. Hi Fed

    I have just read about the Strat, at first my heart pulsated and then sank, 2 grand, I dont think David would have paid that for both Candy apple red strats

    Fender are a joke David should gib the idea.

    Fender needs David more than he needs them. I have a genuine gibson les paul and you cannot put a reissue strat in comparison with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway I belive its not the guitar thats important but how you play. I once read an artical about David by Bob Ezirin that said “you could give david a ukulele and it would sound like a Stradivarius”

    sorry for my spelling. I am still in a mire of discontentment about the guitar.

    I wish you all the best and if anybody should wish to buy it do so for your pleasure.

    P.S my season ticket for the reds was 650. I would have to give up 4 years of football.

    See ya all soon
    5 Times

  35. [Now, how about “Wot’s…uh the Deal?” and “Dominoes”? I am pushing it, am I?]

    Happy Monday, everyone.

    [Push away, Veronica. They’re also on disc two. – Features Editor]

    When I saw this I almost cried.

    I must offer my profound apologies for doubting David and you FeEd. I did moan…but I am always quick to admit when I was wrong…and I was.

    Enthusiam is fully restored and then some.

    Cheers, Howard

  36. Hello, haven’t posted in awhile but I’ve been watching.

    First and foremost, get well soon Fed, the ship sails better with you at the wheel. Fine job in laying out the tracks for what looks like possibly the best concert dvd of all time.

    Off to see the Strawbs this week they are touring in Toronto area. As I seem to recall they put on a good show in 1974.

    Take Care Fed.


  37. Sorry youre not feeling well, but I’m having a great day today! Just went out to the post & what did I recieve? My vinyl copy of ON AN ISLAND!

    Whoever came up with the idea to issue a vinyl is BRILLIANT. Also, love the fact that it came with a poster, lyrics, (very nice poster, at that) and the actual disc is so heavy! Kudos to you all.

    It took me back to the days of my youth when all you had to do was go to the local shop & get real pieces of ART! If Mr. Gilmour ever puts out more vinyl, I’ll be first in line…online, that is. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!

    Oh, MY b-day is in september on the 10th, so the new DVD will be my #1 gift on my list!

    CHEERS, thanks alot!

    kittyjack melting in the 100 degree heat here in denver! Good thing I got the post right away!

  38. Good news about, ‘Wot’s uh the Deal’ and ‘Dominoes’ being included.

    ‘Wot’s…’ is definitely one of my favorites.

    I think this dvd will be the best one yet.

    Get well soon, Fed. You must have exhausted all of your strength being so nice recently.


    [It’s back to being a miserable git, then. – Features Editor]

  39. Hey FEd!

    hope youre doing better,

    Im just sitting here being a massive geek, and reading through my Windows Vista book, and i thought i would show you how cool it is.

    I can read the blog without opening up internet explorer!

    Using the built in RSS feed viewer you can link it to the new windows ‘sidebar’ and i also downloaded a cool weather gadget.

    told you i was a geek. i even posted up a picture 🙂

    naturally i also have on an island playing and chat as well – cool!

    anyway thats enough for me tonight. speak to you soon.

    [Did I ever stop to tell you that you have excellent taste, Rob? – Features Editor]

  40. 30 years ago today I attended my first ever rock concert: Pink Floyd at Madison Square Garden in New York.

    It has been well documented that the band was feeling very tense by this point in time during the 1977 Animals tour, but I didn’t notice it in their playing. The show and their performance was outstanding.

    My favorite moments were David’s solos on Dogs, and both parts of Shine On. I especially enjoyed the pedal steel guitar at the beginning of the second half of Shine On.

    I can’t believe it’s been 30 years. My memories of the show are as clear as my memories of David’s show at Radio City Music Hall last May.

    I’m glad David is still making fantastic music. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out in September. Now that the songs on Disc 1 have been revealed, I’m sure F*ed will taunt and tease us with the goodies to be included on Disc 2


  41. Get well soon Fed, make sure you get plenty of rest!

    The DVD is going to be one masterpiece judging by the track list for disc one, and some of the bonus songs on disc 2.

    Plus the great news of the signature strat, I think september is definitely a month to look forward to!

  42. 😀

    Looks like all my wishes come true….. Wearing The Inside Out + the songs with Mr Mason on drums…. LOVELY, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL + every other positive word that you can find in the English dictionary. This will be a wonderful autumn!



  43. My Dear FEdly,

    I am sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. Please do get better soon.

    I am sending healing thoughts your way. (along with invocations, chanting, burning candles and incense and etc…)


    [Bless you, Penny. Thanks a lot. – Features Editor]

  44. So, the tracks are all revealed then….

    And more goodies to come I see…

    My heart is all a flutter in sunny Ellenville, NY…

  45. Thanks for updating disc 2 Fed. That made my day.

    Now go to bed and rest. You’ve taken too much on. SLEEP!!

  46. I don’t wish to argue with the all powerful FEd, or sound like anorak, but Dave didn’t perform “Shine On (Part 2)” it was Part 1 or Parts 1-5 as it’s sometimes written, where did you get the “part 2” from?

    [Argue away, Jonathan. I agree with you. I’m only telling you what’s written down. It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve been given out-of-date details that result in more questions asked than answers given. Just call it ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, as originally stated, until I get an answer that’s more definitive than my so-called ‘Definitive List of Track Times, Writers and Publishers’. That’s the best I can do right now, sorry. – Features Editor]

  47. Oh No! FEd – please take good care of yourself.

    How many hours did you put in for this past week?

    Please don’t wear yourself out; or perhaps I should say don’t let us wear you out. We need you for more fun and playful ideas.


    [I’m fine now, thanks. I must have eaten something dodgy. – Features Editor]

  48. [It sure is, Victor. ‘Wearing The Inside Out’ will be on disc two, as a bonus track. – Features Editor]

    [“Wot’s…uh the Deal?” and “Dominoes”?]

    [They’re also on disc two. – Features Editor]

    I am in cloud nine – this is just too good to be true. Thank you David Gilmour and Company, the wait is definitely worthwhile.

    Don’t you worry about the mistakes, FEd – you did an excellent job of keeping the momentum going all this time and Voila – there it is – a complete track list of “Remember That Night”– how can we thank you, FEd?

    By the way FEd, I did poorly; bypass me to save you some time.


  49. [I’m fine now, thanks. I must have eaten something dodgy. – Features Editor]

    Or maybe the eighth pint was dodgy? 🙂

  50. As I wrote in a previous entry, I think the 23 songs selected are perfect.

    Those who complain about what’s missing are not “fans” in my book.

    David, thank you for giving us this DVD. I imagine that an astonishing amount of work goes into putting together such a thing. I am very grateful for your efforts.

  51. I really miss afternoon tea with buttered scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam….any chance we can get some of that included with the DVD release?? Just thought I’d ask…



  52. ECHOES is on the DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only better news would be David himself in my living room.



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