Remember That Webcam

Remember That Night DVD (2007)That extra little something that I told you about earlier?

Well, in addition to being able to enjoy ‘Remember That Night’ with all the trappings of a cinema environment (think more than popcorn), you’ll also be able to enjoy something else.

This is where it all falls nicely into place.

That same night – Thursday 6 September – there will be a premiere at London’s Leicester Square. David will be performing live, then sitting down with the rest of the world to watch 85-minutes of concert footage from London’s Royal Albert Hall.

David’s performance will be broadcast, live, to all the participating cinemas, via satellite. So, not only do you get to see the concert, you also get to see David performing a song or two.

But that’s not all. Get this: David will also be doing a live Question and Answer (Q&A) session.

This is the fun bit.

I want you to send in a question for David. I’ll pick the best ones. Then, if chosen, I want you to dust down your webcams and record yourself asking your question. If this isn’t possible, then I’d like a photograph of you, along with an audio file of your voice.

The idea is that, in every cinema that’s involved in this event, your face will be shown on its huge screen, everyone in all the participating cinemas (we’re looking at close to 200 at the moment) will hear you asking your question, and then we’ll all witness David answering it – all live and thanks to the wonders of technology.

Have a think about some appropriate questions. You know that I will not consider any questions about the likelihood of Pink Floyd getting back together, questions about rumoured future performances, questions about David listening to your band’s demo recordings, etc.

Please don’t send in your question yet. Just think about what you’d like to ask for now and sit tight.

Do let me know what you think of the idea. Are you going to send in a question? I’m relying on you ‘Irregulars’ to do me proud, you know.

A list of UK cinemas is coming next, with the rest just as soon as I can confirm them.

And before anyone asks, no, I’m not getting tired of ‘Remember That…?’ puns.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

74 thoughts on “Remember That Webcam”

  1. WOW !!! David !!! I’m voiceless !!! (I know, that doesn’t often happen…)


  2. Great News!!!! I didn’t know Christmas was in September…Definitely looking forward to it!!!

    The news just keeps on getting better and better! Also according to, Davids new DVD will be coming out on September 18th 2007 in the blu-ray format! Is this true?

    Cheers Fed for a continuing EXCELLENT BLOG! Thank David as well Please!

    [That’s not entirely true. We’ll announce a date just as soon as we know for sure when it can be released. We don’t want to announce a hopeful date, then postpone the release. – Features Editor]

  3. Maybe an alternate pun could be…

    Re-member that Knight (Re-attach a particular organ to a bloke in a shiny metal suit)

  4. WOW!!!! It just gets better and better.

    Now the hard bit, an apt, witty and original question.

    Bless you

  5. My, my, what a treat. This will truly be a “Night To Remember”.

    Bravo and a +10 for creativity.

  6. Caption Competition

    Spoken by the legendary “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum” actor, Windsor Davies…

    “Shoulders boy, shoulders!”

  7. hmmmm….I have a complaint.

    Does that means that people who can’t see a show at the cinema won’t be able to know the questions and the answers? That’s not kind…


    [Being so very kind, we could get the questions and answers for you. – Features Editor]

  8. Awesome! Totally awesome!

    But… “85-minutes of concert footage”. Does this mean the entire first disc of the DVD or are some songs not included in the cinema version?

    [Some songs will not be included. – Features Editor]

  9. The intelligence of David and this website never cease to amaze me.

    I’m just speechless and happy.

    Good night to everyone.

  10. Fed…

    Ssshhh don’t mention this to anyone else in the office but I think someone there is taking illegal substances to come up with these amazing ideas…

  11. damn, im going into hospital on september 6!!

    Just my luck

    [I’m so sorry to hear that, Kristopher. – Features Editor]

  12. i bloody knew it 😛

    are you in charge of allocating seats?

    [You wish. – Features Editor]

  13. [damn, im going into hospital on september 6!! – Kristopher Junner ]

    Then in that case its, “Remember That Knife”!

    j/k Kris, hope everything works out for you…

  14. Blimey, sounds rather good! 🙂

    Presumably, it won’t be that big a deal that 85 mins will be aired, rather than the whole of disc 1, as one imagines that some of the missing tracks might be what they play on the night itself! Could be wrong, and there might be duplication, but I’m sure no-one will be upset.

    Congrats to all behind this idea. It’s going to be a fun night!

  15. [Being so very kind, we could get the questions and answers for you. – Features Editor]

    oh, in this case you are very very kind! But can we trust you will do that? We can also hope Lorraine will see the show and will take note while she is at the cinema!


  16. This is just amazing. Trust David to be pushing the boundaries of modern technology.

    He should have played in that band, what were they called now pink ……..?

  17. Haha, that’s ace!

    I hope that there are some original and interesting questions entered 😎

  18. [Being so very kind, we could get the questions and answers for you. – Features Editor]

    While you’re there maybe a signed Programme and a few Guitar Picks? And if you have a broom handy… 🙂

    The mood today is light… nay! it’s almost gay in it’s abandon! Well done Fed and crew…

  19. This sounds amazing!!!

    I was just wondering how it would be possible to go to the leicester square showing? (wishful thinking I know). A prize maybe?

    cheerz, Vince

  20. Damn, I’ve ran out of superlatives!

    What a brilliant well thought out idea.

  21. Well, accidentally I will be in London on 6th September.

    Fed, do you know if one has to buy the normal cinema tickets for this special event or if there are special tickets which can be preordered through some sort of concert-ticket-agency?

    [You can only get them from the cinema. The UK list will be here within the hour. – Features Editor]

  22. This is looking good. I’m waiting eagerly to hear which UK cinemas will be involved.

    Surely the Cineworld in Glasgow, the world’s tallest cinema, won’t be overlooked? 🙂

  23. Fantastic news, it just gets better every day. Thanks to all involved to make this happen.

    [David’s good to us, isn’t he? – Features Editor]

  24. Hmmmmm…..$12/£18 certainly sounds like a big time bargain now.

    Very awesome, it’s like that old advertising slogan….”the next best thing to being there.”

    Speaking of which, with the premiere at London’s Leicester Square, will that just be a theatre that anyone will be able to purchase tickets to attend or will that be an invitation only. And if it is invitation only….are you working up another special announcement for the future???



    [We’re working up something along those lines, yes. – Features Editor]

  25. I know I became a little annoying over a year ago with my endless requests for “On The Turning Away” but I will be submitting a question for David, but I’m keeping it a secret for now 😉

  26. Hi Fed,

    That’s great!! What a fabulous and original idea….

    Now I’ve just got to try and come up with a fabulous and original question!!!

    Can it be about guitars??


    [It certainly could be. – Features Editor]

  27. Oh my god!!

    I got so excited about this news that I blew away my first attempt at posting. So glad I was sitting down when I read this.

    Ok, stupid questions will now abound. Can I ask if you already have a list of the participating cinemas? I want to get in line EARLY to get my ticket.

    First we get On An Island on the new dvd, AND ‘Wot’s Uh the deal’ AND ‘Fat Old Sun’. If I was the fainting type, I would here and now. (oh, let’s be honest, if I was standing next to David Gilmour I would definitely be if not fainting then for certain frozen and rooted to the spot. Jibbering idiot comes to mind, too)

    Wow, the chance to watch David perform again and answer questions. How can we miss that oportunity.

    jibber jibber jibber

    Must think of a good question….

    Goodnight for now,

    [The UK list will be here in about half an hour, with the other lists to follow throughout the week. We’re looking at about 170 participating cinemas in North America, so hopefully there’ll be one near you. As soon as we have that list, we’ll let you know and you can make all the necessary arrangements. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  28. My guess is that the songs he will be performing won’t be shown during the screening.

    Wish I could be there!!! Hope they have a screening near me!! It all sounds very fun & exciting!!

  29. Fed, I thought you seemed very eager to tell us about this extra bonus. Now I see why!

    Hope to make it to one of the cinemas.

    Because it’s live, I assume it will be shown in the afternoon in the US?

    [That’s right. Now’s the time to book a day off work or prepare a good excuse. – Features Editor]

  30. Wow, David really does have a big heart.

    Where did that hermit chappie with the long hair and the Stratocaster go anyway?

  31. Yikes, I´m lost for words, what a big surprise, it really makes my day, I´ve been hoping so much for David performing this year, and now there is hope!!!!!

    And what a great idea it is to make it possible that fans worldwide can share this thrill together!

  32. Wow, David performing and answering questions..

    FEd, the band who will be supporting David on his mini-show will be the same of the last year’s tour?

    [We don’t know yet, but it will only be a couple of songs. – Features Editor]

  33. This is so…fantastic!!! (Vous etes débordants de nouvelles idées!) Vous etes en effervescence mes chers amis (Fed, Polly, David). Merci!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  34. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!


    Do you have that speed dial hand ready?

    Cheers, Howard

  35. I don’t have a webcam!!

    it’s a wonderful idea, Fed, compliments to all you for this continued heartbreaking experience.

    I’m thinking of my question.

    You’re all great.


  36. Well, I was not interested in David listening to my bands demo’s.

    I was hoping, rather, that I might listen to David’s demos….

  37. OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!!…can sum1 put some words in my mouth…:O…I can’t believe this!!!

    Well, I’m gonna b busy thinking of a question all night…how many questions r u thinking of picking exactly???

    …damn don’t have a webcam…I do have photos …what a treat though, I mean what if u were 2 c urself on a bug screen etting ur q’s answereed by the world’s greatest guitarist?…thank-u 2 FEd and every1 else who helps with this , and of course 2 David..:)

    ooo so excited and it’s only July…anyways…Cheers!


  38. One question? Eegads, the task is afoot!

    This is absolutely awesome. Stunning. Unbelievable!

    Thanks again,

  39. Cazart !

    This is so bloody naffin’ fantastic ! I don’t have a webcam, but that won’t stop me from having a photograph of me taken and submitting an audio file with my question !!

    This is turning out to be the “New Summer of Love” if you ask me. And no, the signifcance of September 6th was not lost on me. I have been celebrating all of their birthdays since I was 16.

    FED, I just got off of the telephone with Veronica, in which we talked for the better part of, well, almost 45 minutes, I think. I am pleased to announce that there will be a core minimum of 7 to 8 people. Ulli and her husband, Veronica and her beau, myself, hopefully Lisa [ but she’s coming around…< cue guitar solo from DB’s WTIO ], and two other compatriots of mine at least.

    I was wondering if you could put the official word on the blog of our Gathering as per my details from the ‘Remember That Cinema’ post from 4 o’clock. ‘twould be great to have a good turn out.

    Veronica and I are hashing out some ideas and I will keep updating details as necessary.

    BTW, I just keep loving these fantastic pictues that accompany the Blogs and the new features are a delight. Just peachy !!!

    Well, I know…it’s late here and almost morning there. Makes me wonder: Are there a million bright ambassadors of morning come this morning’s sunrise. It would be great if one day if you, yourself or perhaps, Polly could capture a picture showing a million bright ambassadors of morning. That would be awesome !

    Well, I’m out. I’ve got to shower and get ready for bed, I’ve three interviews tomorrow. Now, if someone could sing me lullabies………..[sigh]

    Peace and Love To All !!! Cazart !

    [You announced it beautifully, but I will repeat the details for you next week. – Features Editor]

  40. Superb! What a splendid idea to round up the fans of David Gilmour and at the same time, watching the brilliant performance from one of the finest musician.

    I am overjoyed and speechless!

    I have my fingers crossed that we get to see the concert in the Miami cinema.

  41. Interesting. Trying to think of a question.

    Can we also include you Fed as well? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

    [Your question has to get past me first, so be nice. – Features Editor]

  42. [gulp – Posted by: Nate at July 10, 2007 09:05]

    Spot on, Spot on, I stand corrected

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  43. This is just GREAT, we are delighted!

    Well… it will be hard to concentrate 27 years of being a David fan in a very single question…

  44. Wow. We’d all better get our tickets EARLY!! Unlike the Regal showing of the Mermaid concert, this one is likely to sell out and fast.

    Wink wink, nudge nudge… Hey F’Ed, there is a brand new cinema here in Schenectady New York, been open about a month and it is a nice theater. Any chance you could persuade the powers to have this shown at the new Bow-Tie “Movieland Cinemas?” Wink wink, nudge nudge… (Don’t take me seriously.)

  45. So tickets for the Leicester Square show aren’t available yet right? I assume you’ll be telling us when they are and where from? I only live in NW London so getting there is no problem for me.

    [We will. – Features Editor]

  46. Question FeEd….

    Will David know the preapproved questions ahead of time? I have mine at the ready.

    Cheers, Howard

    [No, he won’t, but his management will. – Features Editor]

  47. Still don’t have regular access to the webiverse, but am loving all these revelations!!!

    You’re damn straight I’m going to ask a question!!!

  48. A*W*E*S*O*M*E*!!!

    I don’t think I can come up with a question that is worthy of a response from Mr. Gilmour – but I’m going to spend a lot of time trying!

    A big thank you to all involved in coming up with this awesome event!

  49. [Please don’t send in your question yet. Just think about what you’d like to ask for now and sit tight.]

    If I sit any tighter my genitals will have sucked up into my body cavity…

  50. Great news (for those who can actually see the concert again, in cinema)

    Any chance of a webcast for us living in this godforsaken and isolated part of Europe? Or I’ll just have to visit London again (insert evil smiley here)

    [There’s not going to be a webcast, sorry. – Features Editor]

  51. Oh dear, oh dear…what sort of question will be suitable and perspicacious and charming–all at the same time? Must think of something. But then do I really want my already sizable, collapsed souffle of a face on a huge screen for David Gilmour and everyone to see? Bosh! What to do, what to do?

    My nerves!

  52. [If I sit any tighter my genitals will have sucked up into my body cavity…]

    Matt! That’s not an image I want 🙂

  53. I know it’s been said over and over but.. WOW!

    Who thought of this? Genius.. just genius.

    Looking forward to seeing David on the big screen again!

  54. Hi,

    I’m afraid I’ve been terribly neglectful of the Blog lately — hectic life right now.

    I do want to tell David that I’m stunned as to how generous he has been with all the Irregulars. The cinema preview of parts of the dvd, then the live performance preceding that preview, and now answering some of our questions???

    This site, the community that has evolved out of the site, FEd’s timely and accurate dissemination of information pertaining to all things David, and the other ‘Important Stuff’ all make for an extremely pleasant escape from one’s everyday life while still staying tuned in!

    I’m a little bleary eyed this morning, and less than eloquent in my attempt to get my message across … but I know that FEd and everyone else who chooses to spend their time here will understand what I’m trying to say.

    I’ll trim it down to two words — thank you!!!

    Now I have to try to think up a unique and intelligent question to ask David:-} I’ll have to sleep on that one, maybe I’ll get some inspiration…

    Peace and love to you all!
    Washington State

  55. Remember That Night? I think everybody will…

    But once again,Ireland is going to have to miss out,and,once again,many DG fans will be forking out and travelling to an event to big to miss.

    Will be watching closely for a Dublin cinema yet to be added-maybe that could be a question for David?

    Maybe not…

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