Remember That Cinema

Remember That Night DVD (2007)If you can’t wait until the DVD is released – Monday 17 September in Europe, Tuesday 18 September everywhere else – then we have some very good news for some of you.

You’ll be able to see concert footage from ‘Remember The Night’ at a participating cinema near you… if you’re in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the UK or US.

This event, on Thursday 6 September, is going to be quite special, so write the date down in your diaries, on the back of your hand, or somewhere.

The perfect excuse for another blog get-together, perhaps?

Details are still being finalised, so please don’t ask for more information just yet, but we’re looking at about 120 cinemas across the US, 50 in Canada, 15 in the UK and a handful in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

I’ll have a full list of participating cinemas, with Box Office links, as soon as possible – starting with the UK tomorrow.

Ticket prices are very reasonable, ranging from roughly $12 in the US to £18 in the UK. This is in accordance with average cinema rates and, we think, is not too much to charge to be able to enjoy the concert in high definition, with the best available sound and visuals.

As always, it’s up to you and I welcome your thoughts.

There’s also a little extra bonus, besides seeing the concert. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

Interested? Come and let me know what you think about all this. The chatroom is open right now, closing at 12PM (UK time).

The above is another image from ‘Remember That Night’. Please click it for a closer look.

And before you ask, I haven’t forgotten about Blotto… although the winner seems to have forgotten all about it. I’ll announce who has won, and the prize, on Thursday or Friday.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

67 thoughts on “Remember That Cinema”

  1. What a wonderful idea!! An excellent opportunity for a gathering of fans in their respective homecountries 😀

  2. Sounds cool. Shame there’s no France, but you can’t have everything in life.

    Just caught up with everything. It seems that the Blog has been rather busy. I must say that the DVD sounds rather special – can’t wait for it to come out.

    Hope everyone’s well.

    Dom (Fresh from going to the French GP, seeing Air and finding an apartment)
    x x x

    P.s. Is the song in the above photo This Heaven?

    [It could be. You want more Name That Tune, don’t you? – Features Editor]

  3. I’m there. Actually I’m here, but that’s a very different matter.

    It was quite the thrill to see David’s Mermaid concert at Regal Cinemas last Spring in the U.S. For me, it was as close to seeing David in concert as I could get. And, athough it was a good show, the footage from REMEMBER THAT NIGHT is bound to be even better.

    David is really good to his fans. Kudos to David, the F’Ed, and everyone else who helped to make this happen.

  4. Dont forget that N.Ireland is part of the UK!!!! Fed, Oh great one 🙂

    [I should have said “England and Scotland”. None in Wales, either. Sorry, Paul. – Features Editor]

  5. I’m very glad I’ve stuck on this page ’cause I’m a great admirer of Mr.Gilmour and his music.

    I’m 47 yo,so, little bit younger than him,and an amateur guitar player for over than 30 years,I’m a dentist by the way.

    My tribute to the debate is this : solo from Comf.Numb. is the best one ever considering any aspect of making music. If Bach, Mozart … anyone from that age in music histoy is alive, he would be making that kind of music today.

    Never mind my english I’m from Sebia. Thank You.

  6. I guess asking for a cinema in India would be too much eh F.Ed?

    One of these days…..


  7. Pleeeeeeeease, somewhere near Knoxville 🙂

    (Hey Fed, check out this link. Wondering if it’s gonna be in the press section.)


    [Thanks for that, Melissa. – Features Editor]

  8. HOW MUCH? :0 what cinemas do you go to?

    Actually, the last time i went to the cinema i nearly had a heart attack – nearly twenty quid for two of us , a bloody joke 😛

    Having said that, of course i will be there, weather permitting.

    Shall i save you the trouble of announcing one of the venu’s – Southend On Sea Odeon 😉

    Seriously though it sounds like a wonderful idea, and a chance to meet up with some of you guys.

    [Just wait until you hear what else is included. It’s a bargain, trust me. – Features Editor]

  9. [I should have said “England and Scotland”. None in Wales, either. Sorry, Paul. – Features Editor]

    “Scotland,” ahh music to my ears! Cant wait.

    Ian Pearson

  10. [It could be. You want more Name That Tune, don’t you? – Features Editor]

    Yes, I do rather enjoy it. This is partly because I’m a bit of a geek and enjoy identifying which songs are being played based on what guitars people are using. Sad I know.

    x x x

    [There will be more, fear not (and you’re right about ‘This Heaven’). – Features Editor]

  11. i should imagine some kind of gold ‘statuette’ would be in order for that kind of money – which when you think about it, would fit quite nicely with all the chavs in southend 😉

    of which i must stress i am not one.

  12. Arrrggg not any projection in France, not even one. Would you know why FEd ? That’s so disappointing….

    On totally other subject what did you think of Live Earth ? To me Police really sucked (I so much prefered the act before them – no biased comment at all :-)).

    [I thought it was alright. I only saw the Wembley gig, though. – Features Editor]

  13. Brilliant idea and a really good excuse (if one were needed) for a get together.

  14. [bah N. Ireland is part of the UK when it comes to paying taxes]

    and what about those of us in the republic of ireland that could have travelled to see it ?

    o well at least i will see it when the dvd comes out so i don’t have much to complain about in reality

    thanks by the way for putting up the lyrics of dark globe . i always wanted to see them 🙂


  15. It seems like a great idea, but I think the price of £18 is a little steep.

    Most cinema ticket prices are around £5 or £6 and at most £10 for central London.

  16. Caption Competition

    David’s gout was really giving him gyp and Guy’s crack about re-naming the DVD to “Remember that Gout” earned him a good “shoeing” in the dressing room later that evening…

  17. Great idea. Now let’s hope my schedule will allow me to attend.

    Looking forward to the additional details.



    [They will be here at about midnight (UK time). Don’t miss them. – Features Editor]

  18. Wow! This is a tremendous treat, FEd! I can’t wait! We are getting so spoiled around here.

    Glad you had a weekend off — you deserve it! Hope you got to do something fun & relaxing.

    [Thank you, Lynn. I was very lazy, you have my word on that. – Features Editor]

  19. When you say “concert footage”, do you mean a preview of the concert (some select songs) or the full concert disc?

    Echoes in a cinema is too good to miss.

    Will there be multiple showings?

    Hopefully the Cineworld in Renfrew Street, Glasgow is one of the Scottish venues – the tallest cinema in the world!

    [We’ll have more details later tonight, but this is a one-off event. – Features Editor]

  20. it is a good idea, but i’m disappointed that it’s not being shown anywhere in wales.

    these cinemas are all around london, i expect. that’s how it usually works.

    i probably would pay £18 if i didn’t have to travel so far, but it is still a lot for the cinema.

    i’m just sorry for whoever has to miss out.

  21. Are cinema tickets in the states that much cheaper in the U.S than in the U.K generally, or have you got the prices the wrong way around Fed?

    waiting for further details with much intrigue.

    thanks for the recent updates “Federer” (ahhhh thats where you were on sunday!)

    [I wouldn’t mind his prize money. £700,000, wasn’t it? Anyway, it’s definitely £18 in the UK (£16 concessions, £14 for members). Everything’s cheaper in the States… – Features Editor]

  22. I saw Davids last theater appearance last year and will most definitely see this one. I would pay $100 to see a perfomance for 10 mins.

    $12 isn’t terribly awful. As long as I don’t get some moron in front of me that insists on getting up to go somewhere every 5 mins it’ll be great.

    So what’s this extra bonus or is it just for over in U.K? 😛

    [It’s for everyone, but that’s all I’m saying for now. $12 is very fair, you’ll see. – Features Editor]

  23. Fed, they say timing is the virtuoso of all performances. My timing is crap – keeping it polite ! I fly to the Algarve whacking a little ball about on the 6th Sep !

    Will there be a preview of the preview if you know what i mean ?

    I know the little tricks you get up to !

    There must be a ‘Premier’ for this ???

    [Hard luck, mate. The Algarve’s not bad, though. – Features Editor]

  24. Once again,

    It looks like Dublin misses out on yet another DG spectacular. Will I be forking out for a trip to London FEd?

    On a sombre note, I thought you should all know that a good friend I met in Venice at a DG concert has sadly passed away.

    Michael Alexander aka Floydian Leaf died suddenly on July 5th aged just 38. He was an amazing guy and serious DG and all things Floyd fan – he’s from the Cayman Islands and I met him at a show in Venice!! He was a poster on this very site!

    He was actually asked at the Venice show if he would mind possibly being used on the upcoming DG DVD. Maybe David remembers him. I know David’s agent met Michael a couple of times to bring him back stage to have his jersey signed.

    So if we could all take a moment to remember Michael and his wife and family. He will be missed by all who knew him.

    ‘Remember when you were young
    you shine like the sun
    shine on you crazy diamond’

  25. Hi, Lucia, Emilio, we have wonderful cinemas in France too… What have we done ?

    Will we have to do revolution ? 14 of July would be a good opportunity !


    [Any excuse for some, eh? – Features Editor]

  26. Apologies, I just noticed that Ripper had already posted the terrible news about Michael.

    I only received it yesterday morning from his wife Lisa.


    [We can post it again, it’s alright. My sincere condolences, Brian. – Features Editor]

  27. Out of respect for a friend of mine who passed on recently (Floydian Leaf) Mike Alexander, please try to include the footage of David Gilmour Signing his Hockey Jersey…That would be a very special extra on David’s new DVD and a great gesture to the fans.

    Pretty Please?

  28. CAPTION:

    We have all told Guy 1000 times, “it’s only a matter of time before that trademark scissors kick of yours hurts somebody”

  29. Hi BrianM.

    I remember talking to Michael about the extra footage and he was sure that he would appear (briefly) somewhere on disc 2. Time will tell, I really hope he does make it on there.

    I’m going to have a stab in the dark here and attempt to read f’ed’s mind. I think there is a chance that every cinema goer will get a copy of the DVD!!

    On a different note: Babel. Any thought F’ed? he looks pretty sweet on the ball with all his tomfoolery and dummy tactics, you would swear he has an elastic band round his foot and the ball!

    [Giving away copies of the DVD before it’s released? Think again. I do like the look of Babel. I’d like to see him on the left and Pennant on the right, whipping balls into the box all day long. Maybe Peter Crouch could learn to head the ball, then. I just hope he doesn’t sign for the Arse. I can see him going there instead. I think he’d fit right in with their style of play. – Features Editor]

  30. Wow a cinema release! Great great news! My heart skipped a beat when I read about this…

    However, my heart sunk a bit when I heard the price… £18 is a lot of money (more money than the cost of the DVD, perhaps?!) and some of us just won’t be able to afford both the DVD AND the cinema release…

    That said, I don’t know what the surprise is yet… Very eager to find out. But £18 may begin to put people off for sure… I’m a hardcore Gilmour fan, but would be hard pushed to find £18 for the cinema…

    Just my opinion. 🙂

  31. [We have wonderful cinemas in Italy…why don’t we have that too? Sob…]


    ’cause we are cheap Lucia. We will buy the DVD and we’ll see at home……

    What I do not understand is that Fed said price is reasonable. 18 Pounds? REASONABLE? is 27 Euros!! Fed, is there any mistake in this? In italy a cinema is maximum 7.5 euros and 27 euros could probably be the price of the DVD.

    NO ONE in Italy would spend that money for a cinema. that’s why, if the price was imposed, no one wanted to distribute that.

    I am just analyzing the data we have here.

    [I am starting to slightly regret saying that the price is “very reasonable”, but just wait until you find out what else is involved. Maybe you’ll change your mind. £18 is about the price of having a pizza and bottle of cola delivered, after all. That’s the UK for you. The ticket prices will be more reasonable in Europe and North America, but so is just about everything else. – Features Editor]

  32. Yeah!!!!!!!!! Go CANADA!!!!!!

    Can’t w8 4 it, in September…hopefully there’ll b a cinema in Ottawa playing….I’ll b saving my money….!!

    Anyways CHEERS! 🙂

  33. If I am not mistaken it looks like the event will be held at Picturehouse Cinemas in the UK as the number of screens and ‘membership’ both fit 🙂

    Name that Tune: High Hopes?

    [There’s no pulling the wool over your eyes, is there? Not all of them, but 15 of their cinemas will be involved. £14 is reasonable, isn’t it? How much does membership cost? – Features Editor]

  34. HULLO FED and All,

    It’s with my most heartfelt condolences and a final salute to Michael, aka, FloydianLeaf that I extend my deepest sympathies to Michael’s family and friends. How tragic ! 38 !!! What a shame. My prayers are with him that he goes into that gentle night.

    It has been a frustrating week from hell for me. I have lost my job working as Consultant / Account Executive for……….. . After three years of piecing their Customer Service department almost from scratch I have been “let go”. No severance pay or compensation whatsofriggin’ever. Not even so much as a f***ing “Thank you”. So, no, my Fourth of July was not so great. I’m beginning to loathe Florida’s lack of employer’s “proper” policies.

    And to top it off, Lisa is drifting ever so slowly away from me. Well, that part I CAN fix. I cannot put my finger on it now. The child is grown. And the dream is gone. And my back is painfully numb !

    And Now For Something Completely Different…

    FED, The Meeting of the Bloggers is officailly set for Saturday, July 28th, 2007.

    We will be hosting our get-together @ 7 p.m. that evening at the Miami Lakes Town Center. Upon inclement weather, I am sure we will be able to move it to a local pub if necessary. I CANNOT VOUCH FOR Lisa’s appearing with me, but right now this Gathering is all I have for motivation right now.

    Sometime this week I will personally be working on the banner myself. So, FED, it is set in stone. FED, I want to personally thank you for being the go-between for myself, Ulli and Veronica. Spread the word !

    I will climb that hill in my own way
    and everyday is the right day.

    To be continued…

    [You’re welcome, mate. Keep your chin up. Things will get better. – Features Editor]

  35. Hi Fed

    The cinema premiere sounds exciting.

    You all are great at dangling the proverbial carrot out for us, Fed. 😛

    Have a great day, all


  36. I just hope that people will not take pictures with their cell phones during the showing. Don’t need to remember that part of the night.



    [I still hope that someone will pick up on my ‘sniper’ idea from many months back. – Features Editor]

  37. BTW, I watched 98% of Live Earth on Saturday. I thought that for the most part that it was a hell of an event, now if we can just keep to the promises… . Really enjoyed Roger’s set and, frankly, despite Dimip’s review of The Police, I rather thought The Police put on a hell of a performance. Seeing them tonight@ 6:30 @ Joe Robbie Stadium here in Miami. Looking forward to it.

    Lastly, FED, how are you doing ? I hope that you are well and have re-charged your batteries, so to speak. I, personally, will be taking up Massage Therapy. I’m going to go back to school ! I’m rather, naturally proficient with massage as it is, so if you ever need that Head/Temple bit… : )

    A shame I missed chat this morning.

    Hey, since I’m unemployed now, I wonder if Mr. Gilmour has any openings…

    Peace and Love To All ! (Personally, I think “Love Stinks” )

    Cazart !

    [At the time, I thought the Indian head massage was rather effective. 30 minutes of that and I didn’t want to murder anyone for at least two hours. Now I’m wondering if I just paid someone to get my hair messed up. – Features Editor]

  38. Caption: David has a chuckle as Phil pokes his eye against the microphone.

    Great news Fed.

  39. I’ve marked my calendar.

    Of course Acoustic Echoes will be included, right Fed? ::wink::

    [Only if you fall asleep and dream about it. – Features Editor]

  40. On Topic :

    Fantastic News about the limited theatrical release !!! I’ve already marked my calendar. Woohoo ! Sounds like another means of another get-together if you ask me. Hmm, how about it Veronica ? Hehe.

    Anyhow, I hope that all is well with everyone and this evening I shall raise a glass and toast to FloydianLeaf, a fallen fellow whom we won’t soon forget.

    I’m off to an interview ! Wish me luck ! Luck ? Luck has nothing to do with it ! I’m going in based on my own merits !!

    Cazart !

    [That’s the spirit. – Features Editor]

  41. Excellent news, I rarely, if ever post from work, but could not contain myself. I’m guessing Canada means somewhere in the Toronto area (fingers crossed)

    Imax screens are amazing, but I think it needs special tech stuff, so a regular screen will be fine, just fine.

    Love the music, love the man, what’s not to love?

  42. [There’s no pulling the wool over your eyes, is there? Not all of them, but 15 of their cinemas will be involved. £14 is reasonable, isn’t it? How much does membership cost? – Features Editor]

    Well I didn’t think they would need to put it on at all of their London cinemas. They do special events a lot and this is about right price wise especially not knowing what the extras are yet!

    Membership costs £25 per year which includes 3 free tickets (worth up to £21), free special presentations and £2 off of every other ticket you buy.

    The Harbour Lights in Southampton is one of my favourite cinemas and it’s one of the things I will miss when I move to The Malverns.

    If any of these cinemas are showing this on their DLP screens I will make the trip to the nearest one as those things have to be seen to be believed.

    [So, there you have it. The cheque’s in the post, Nate. Many thanks. – Features Editor]

  43. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” – hope you don’t mind I borrow this word from you, FEd; or “Super – excellent” as Lorraine had put it.

    With 120 cinemas across the US showing the concert footage from “Remember That Night” – that’s fantastic and I hope Miami make it to the list.

    Mr. David Gilmour, much appreciated for your thoughtfulness and FEd for announcing this wonderful news.

    Happy Tuesday!

    [I have no problem with it, Veronica. I’ve sorted things with Mary Poppins, too. – Features Editor]

  44. Hmmm…..if my memory serves me correctly, ticket prices to see Gilmour live last year were at least 5 times higher than the $12/£18 figure quoted above. I know my ticket price was around $100 and those were cheap seats. And I know some that spent significantly more.

    So to put thing in perspective again (which for some reason I do often here) $12/£18 to see Gilmour live on a big screen with quality sound in a “live” style setting.

    Plus, there is also an unknown special surprise still to come. Sounds cheap actually.

    I realize that some may not be able to afford it but that is a different story.



  45. This sounds very good to me.

    Perhaps £18 is rather a lot, and is also roughly what we will pay for the DVD a week or so later.

    However, as the Features Editor says, we in the UK pay more than everybody else around the world. We are used to it.

    Indeed, we do not have to go; we can wait for the DVD. I personally love the cinema, so I will go.

    Not forgetting that we do not yet know what was meant by: “There’s also a little extra bonus, besides seeing the concert.”

    I very much look forward to discovering what was meant, but I will be there regardless.

  46. this should be great! i hope they show it at a cinema in colorado.

    i’m so glad that david is releasing a tour dvd.

    sorry, i have to ask; is there lots of unreleased floyd footage from all those amazing concerts?

    [Not really, no. – Features Editor]

  47. I’m thrilled to read about the all the great goodies packed into the DVD, it’s going to be the best ever!

    Thanks also for the new and improved ‘On an Island’ tab, it provides easy access to the great OAI info and videos.

    Excellent news about another cinema event, complete with surprise. I missed last year’s cinema event due to work, and I can’t believe my hard luck that I’ll have to miss this one as well due to work obligations.

    I’m very saddened to hear about the sudden passing of Floydian Leaf. My sincere condolences to his wife and family, I can’t imagine how hard coping with his loss must be.

    I’m also 38 and recently lost a high school friend to cancer. I’ve been too focused on an upward trajectory of building a family and business, primarily paying dues and delaying gratification to “get there.”

    Where? WTF for? I keep forgetting it’s not a mountain climb nor a race and I’m only competing with myself if I spend more time building and less time enjoying and appreciating. Every minute has a purpose and it’s easy to use most of them up for one extreme or another.

    Remembering (or even realizing) the minutes are not infinite tho is a good motivator to finding a better balance (now I have to figure out a way to blow-off that Board meeting on Sept 6th!)

  48. hey fed, how was your weekend?

    the line-up of the dvd is outstanding and the bonus features as well.

    i did listen to some of syds songs, davids dark globe, and i played a little bit too.

    thank you once again with great news, i don’t mind spending a little more for a guaranteed blockbuster movie with top notch sound & high def. i’ll definitely be there, hopefully a little close to nova scotia?

    take it easy,

    [I had a really good weekend, thanks. How about you? – Features Editor]

  49. [Of course Acoustic Echoes will be included, right Fed? ::wink::]

    [Only if you fall asleep and dream about it. – Features Editor]

    I do – frequently (sorry Bob couldn’t resist:))

  50. Sounds really good such a cinema event. The date is perfect. Now I hope there will be also a cinema not so far away for me.

    Ulli, maybe a possibility to meet each other again and – of course – a lot of other DG fans.

  51. I’m pleased that a number of people who also live in “Rip Off Britain” have complained about the £18 ticket price before I did, as I would probably have been labelled a whinging git or something similar!

    I’ll probably still try to get a ticket for this event and I do think it’s a great idea.

    However, if the money is tight, taking the whole family to see Shrek the Third (for the same price) will have to take priority!

  52. [However, if the money is tight, taking the whole family to see Shrek the Third (for the same price) will have to take priority! Posted by: IMcK at July 10, 2007 07:54 PM]

    Ha, ha. I know what you mean here. My daughter, Imogen is Shrek mad. She plays her DVDs – Shrek 1 and 2 – at least twice a day and I swear I know the scripts now.

    Best regards.


  53. This is great, and intriguing – nay, tantalising news (wonder what the extra bonus will be?)

    Since hearing about it earlier today, the date has been nagging away at me. I was certain that there was something else notable about that day… and it has just struck me – it’s Roger Waters’ birthday on the 6th!

    Will be checking back shortly to find out where my nearest cinema will be. Very pleased (as will many I’m sure) that there’s quite a number of venues being used, in quite a number of countries. Sheer logistics obviously mean that it is impossible to cover all territories but the number of venues shows that David is trying hard to make the event accessible to a large number of fans…

  54. Could you explain to me again why France is not part of the fest ? He did 3 sold-out shows here and yet Norway, Denmark or Sweden are prefered, go figure why… ?

    [I can’t, sorry. But I am happy that Norway, Denmark and Sweden, which were overlooked when planning the tour, are included. I only wish that more countries could have been. – Features Editor]

  55. Will there be any chance of a screening in the land down under? (Australia for those playing at home)

    [For now, the only countries taking part in this are Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US. If that changes, we’ll let you know immediately. – Features Editor]

  56. If this was a “Name That Tune” thingy, I would have to guess “Then I Close My Eyes”

    What a wonderful idea this is.Thank you David.You are going to make a whole lot of people very happy.

    Hope I’m one of the lucky ones for this “once in a lifetime now showing in a theater near you event!!”

  57. Wow, thank you to Mr Gilmour and the powers that be for this. I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m being spoiled rotten by Mssr Gilmour and associates.

    We’re not worthy… we’re not worthy!

    Ok, we are!


  58. I saw David’s last tour, it was sad because I was afraid it would be the last time I’d ever get to see him.

    I wonder if he’d care that I started playing guitar and writing songs because his music moved me so? I guess me and thousands of others.

    Only an exceptional artist could inspire others to become artists.

  59. to fed: thanks for the fine tribute to syd on the anniversary of his death. i thought it was just right.

    [Thanks very much. Beautiful lyrics, aren’t they? David performing that song on tour and including it on his DVD is the perfect tribute. The least I could do was add the lyrics and ask people to play some of Syd’s songs over the weekend. – Features Editor]

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