Picturehouses (UK)


Tickets to see ‘Remember That Night’ at the following 15 UK cinemas will be going on sale on Thursday morning.

Sincere apologies for the panic caused as a result of telling you that they were on sale today. They should have been, that was the plan, but they will definitely be ready for you tomorrow.

There is no limit as to how many you can buy, but please be sensible and reasonable. No refunds will be issued if you later wish to return unwanted tickets. For everyone’s sake, please only buy the number of tickets that you require.

Please do book your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

But please also see the ‘Leicester Square‘ entry for something to consider before you order any tickets.

A full list of participating cinemas for your part of the world is coming soon, but here’s the UK list.

You’ll be able to see the cinematic world premiere of ‘Remember That Night’, live via satellite, at these cinemas only:

The Belmont Picturehouse, ABERDEEN (Telephone: 01224 34 35 34)
The Little Theatre Cinema, BATH (Telephone: 0871 704 2061)
Duke of York’s Picturehouse, BRIGHTON (Telephone: 0871 704 2056)
Arts Picturehouse, CAMBRIDGE (Telephone: 0871 704 2050)
Cameo Picturehouse, EDINBURGH (Telephone: 0131 228 2800)
Exeter Picturehouse, EXETER (Telephone: 0871 704 2057)
Regal Picturehouse, HENLEY-ON-THAMES (Telephone: 0871 704 2064)
Picturehouse at FACT, LIVERPOOL (Telephone: 0871 704 2063)
The Ritzy Picturehouse, LONDON (Telephone: 0871 704 2065)
Clapham Picturehouse, LONDON (Telephone: 0871 704 2055)
Greenwich Picturehouse, LONDON (Telephone: 0871 704 2059)
Phoenix Picturehouse, OXFORD (Telephone: 0871 704 2062)
Harbour Lights Picturehouse, SOUTHAMPTON (Telephone: 0871 704 2060)
Stratford-upon-Avon Picturehouse, STRATFORD-UPON-AVON (Telephone: 0871 704 2067)
City Screen Picturehouse, YORK (Telephone: 0871 704 2054)

Please click on the cinema of your choice to see its address, fax number and e-mail address.

This is a one-night only event, on Thursday 6 September, at 7.30PM (UK).

Let me know if you’d like to plan a fan get-together around any of the above venues.

Today’s image is another taken from ‘Remember That Night’, which will be released on DVD in September. Please click it for a closer look.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

47 thoughts on “Picturehouses (UK)”

  1. To continue George’s theme: insert “we’re not worthy” smilie here!

  2. Wow!!!

    London bloggers…pick a cinema and let’s meet up? All three London cinemas are all south, so they’re all not that near…so I’m easy as to which one.

    – putting my thinking cap on for a good webcam question

  3. “remember that” kind of reminds me of the Chris Farley Sat. Nite Live skit where he would interview famous people (ie Sir Paul) with “remember that time when you…..”

    remember that?????

  4. Yeah..nice list, but, I don’t even live in the UK, sure would like 2 go there sumday, but anyways I’m sure there’ll b a list 4 Canada sumtime soon…Thumbs up u guys! Cheers!


  5. i cant go anyway, but im shocked they wouldnt have one in glasgow, and aberdeen in even in there, bah!

  6. I thought that I’d purchase the DVD instead and watch it at home. Now that David’s playing, that’s another story.

    Waiting for our list now. Thanks Again.

  7. I don’t see London’s Leicester Square on the above list, is it a special venue for special invites only?

    [Be patient… – Features Editor]

  8. Spoilt for choice with cinemas. Thanks to all who made this happen.

    Even though I’m in Scotland, probably easier to get to London venues so Im up for it, especially as I am due in Oxford on 8th and can be in London area beforehand no probs.

    Yes lets meet up, but I’m not a London blogger!

    [London bloggers…pick a cinema and let’s meet up? – nickster at July 11, 2007 02:07 AM]

    As for question, well it’s obvious. “David, please tell us all the real name of Fed!!!!!!!”


    Ian Pearson

  9. Forgive me, Fed for asking another question so pertinaciously:

    In which of the three London cinemas you listed above is David going to perform and make his q&a session, or is this an open air event on Leicester Square? – I still don’t get it completely…

    [David will be at a different cinema in Leicester Square. – Features Editor]

  10. wow factor at 15. jealousy factor at 20.

    Whats the story with sending in questions. I guess an email address or a youtube section are likely answers?

    I don’t suppose the few songs david will perform will be available via the DG website??

    There are some ‘upload’ web controls you can get by the way which would make for very easy video transfer… just a geeky thought

    Are you going to have to sift through 100(000)s of videos of us lot then f’ed?? I advise doing it on an empty stomach, we are freaks you know!!

    think about how streesful our words can be nevermind our actions/props/clothing (or lack of!!)/background. Oh and keep an eye out for subliminal messages too!!

    [I’ve thought about it, believe me. Questions are to be submitted here. We’ll pick the best ones, then we’ll ask those people to send in a video (or audio with photo). – Features Editor]

  11. [It’s ‘Smile’?]

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one with a ‘Name That Tune’ fixation. Alas, I was going to say Take A Breath so no points for me today.

    Take care all
    x x x

  12. Yeah I’m with you Kim. I’m in Dublin Ireland which might as well be Canada cos we’re always left out – boo!! 🙂

    If there is no screening in Dublin I may travel to London but only for the Leicester Square jobby. Any news on those tickets FEd?

    [Nope. – Features Editor]

  13. i am slightly concerned that odeon leicester square was ommited from your list.

    Are we to assume us mere mortals are not welcome at that staging… reserved for press/ media types?

    That would be a huge disappointment to all i must say.

    However i think i know you better than that – and maybe a small section of seats will be awarded to the winners of a forthcoming competition?

    I would like to think it is the latter – and if not a small section, then a very large section indeed.

    Just in case your wondering i would prefer to sit stage left, as i was stage right at RAH. LOL

  14. Just a quick question fed. When will tickets go on sale?

    I tried the stratford one this morn and the nice chap had not a clue of what i was on about, or have i missed a vital piece of info you gave us in the excitement of it all?

    Many thanks. Adrian.

    [We’ll let you know when tickets go on sale, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  15. I was born on the wrong side of the pond.

    Yes, I know that the list of American theaters should be out soon, and I plan to stake out my tickets early, but I want to see this in London where it all originated!!

    Aaaaaah, the deprived life I live.

  16. I gave the Greenwich cinema a ring but they said there isn’t anything on their system about this as of yet.

    When can we expect to see tickets become available? I’m definitely thinking of asking a question too!

    [Just before they’re about to go on sale, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  17. So do we ring up and book tickets, or just turn up on the night?

    [Please book. – Features Editor]

  18. Oh ! Excellentissime !

    Si je pouvais y aller, si je pouvais choisir, ce serait Cambridge ! et je suis sûre que ce serait époustouflant, voire même fantasmagorique !


  19. Zippity Do Da, Zippity Aye,
    My, oh my what at wonderful day!

    Can’t wait to see the US list…this is going to be an awesome event!

    Thank you David!!!!!!

  20. WOW! For once something important happens in the North East of Scotland! Woohoo!

    Just wondering, Features Ed, do you know when the tickets will be available to book, or will it depend on the individual cinema?


    [We’ll tell you when they’re about to go on sale. We really will. – Features Editor]

  21. I notice that there are none in Wales… why?

    [Because people from Wales are always expected to travel to England for these things. But, look on the bright side: you’ll get the pleasure of going back to Wales when it’s over. – Features Editor]

  22. Fed

    I cannot belive our luck, david performing a live broadcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    There is a god

  23. Great shot of Jon sittin’ there doin’ what he does best without a Carin the world…

  24. Back on February 14th at 02.22 pm the Blog for the day was……ONE (DVD) WISH.

    My blog at 10.27 p.m. on that day was for a launch party at the “Odeon Leicester Square” for the DVD. So you have now made my dream come true!

    Can you now promise me a pair of tickets for the event?

    Gary Hurley
    London England.

  25. Tried calling Belmont cinema in Aberdeen to book tickets but they do not have the screening on their system yet and do not have any information.

    Any idea when tickets are due to go on sale?

    [We’ll let you know before they go on sale, don’t worry. We’re still putting all this together. We just wanted you to have as much time as possible to find out what you need to know about the venue, make travel arrangements, etc. – Features Editor]

  26. Heads Up Canucks!

    On Toronto’s Q107 radio station this weekend is the Pink Floyd Classic Rock weekend starting Friday afternoon…

  27. [..then we’ll ask those people to send in a video (or audio with photo). – Features Editor]

    If I am shy, can I have a stand-in?

    […look on the bright side: you’ll get the pleasure of going back to Wales when it’s over. – Features Editor]

    Ah! ah! This sounds like when i say that I never loved my country town so much as well as now that I like in Rome! If the music shares us, it seems that the quiet life joins us. This has to be the reason why, after all, i never started hating you! I suggest a toast to the Welsh sheep!


  28. My Question for David:

    “David, when you are leisuring around the house with you friends and family, are you asked constantly to perfom acoustic versions of old Floyd tunes and your solo songs? If so, which ones do your close friends and family most want to here you play and sing on a regular basis for them?”

    [We don’t want them yet. Please wait just a little longer, John. – Features Editor]

  29. Add me to the speechless club, FEd! I’ve had a day to take in all this wonderful news, and I still can’t get over it! This is going to be such fun.

    I’m cancelling my meeting for that day, packing my bags, and heading to the nearest participating cinema. Well, even if our local cinema participates, I’ll still pack my bags out of sheer excitement, no doubt!

  30. Hi there,

    You English people are very lucky : I’m very happy to read this last entries and I hope to hear your comments above this special event

    Enjoy you all this special live ” Remember the night ”

    Bless you Mr.Gilmour , the Band, you F.Ed. and the whole organization

    Bye / Ciao

  31. Just tried to buy tickets to the Picturehouse in Clapham but was told that they’re not going on sale until Friday (she checked with her manager).

    Now I’m confused…! Or am I missing something?


    [If that’s what they say… We wanted it to be the end of the week, so… Good. – Features Editor]

  32. Thinking of going to Greenwich, but dont want to be on my own. Anyone also going?

    Ian Pearson

  33. Can my question for David be about Blotto? 😛

    [Sure. David loved Blotto. It was a sweeping sensation. We couldn’t get him to part with his Blotto card. It was a bit rich, seeing as he knew the setlist, though. – Features Editor]

  34. Hi,

    Just phoned Edinburgh and they say they’ve had a change of plan, tickets will go on sale on Friday around 11am.

    [Then that’s one less thing to panic about. My hair is very, very relieved. Please see the latest blog entry about Leicester Square and you’ll see what I mean. – Features Editor]

  35. I’m already looking into flights to the UK. If I make it, I’ll be up for a meet in London.

  36. hello me again 🙂

    i know what youre thinking, and no i really dont have anything better to be doing.

    So, can we bombard you with suggestions for songs to be played?

    ill go first.

    hmmm lets see – a song or two you said, lets say three.

    Im sure it would be a little bit too much to ask for echoes, dogs, and shine on…. thats at least 90 minutes there, 😉

    how about –

    Cluster One

    That way David can save his voice for the Q&A.

    If he wants to risk his voice, then i would ask for,

    On An Island
    Red Sky at Night.

    Also FEd, do you know if David intends to perform alone? or if he will have any of the OAI band with him? 🙂

    [We’re not saying anything else about it yet, sorry. It’s still being planned. – Features Editor]

  37. Hi there,

    Tried the Belmont in Aberdeen again who say tickets on sale Friday at about 11.

    Can I take it that the Leicester Square tickets will be on sale prior to this to avoid any double/nothing ticketing problems?

    Sounds like a lovely evening though.


    [They should all go on sale at the same time. We’ll have an update tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  38. Extra extra read all about it

    I am told that the Cambridge tickets will go on sale from 9:30am Thursday …

    We are always just a little ahead in the East …

    [There you have it, Tom. All at the same time. Not. – Features Editor]

  39. i just rang the little theatre in bath. they don’t know if tickets go on sale tomorrow or friday.

  40. Please note that all Picturehouse tickets will definitely be on sale tomorrow morning.

    The blog is shutting down now, but will be back when we have news about Leicester Square.

  41. Smile? I was thinking Breathe because David usually plays the lap steel on Smile…I think? haha another reason to get the DVD to check

  42. Yeah, sounds great.

    However (and isn’t there always a ‘however’?), there is only one venue in the north of England and that’s way over on the wrong side of the Pennines.

    So the question is: which numpty selected a list of cinemas so heavily skewed towards the South East?

    [I happen to share your point of view. There are just no Picturehouse cinemas in that area, sadly. Neither are there any in Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. – Features Editor]

  43. I have just tried to get a ticket for leicester square and they say they are not on sale, what is going on?


  44. … so there are no Picturehouse Cinemas here (or in Wales or in Ireland)? … in which case they shouldn’t mind the competition if others are franchised to show the simulcast in areas where they don’t operate!

    Ok. Let’s rephrase the question: “which numpty selected Picturehouse Cinemas instead of a national chain?”

    [That would be David’s management. – Features Editor]

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