Odeon tickets

Remember That Night DVD (2007)IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: TICKET DELAY (13/07/07)

Odeon tickets are now on sale. You can order online here.

Sincere apologies for this delay.

These are the details that you’ve been waiting for.

The cinematic world premiere of ‘Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live at The Royal Albert Hall’ (broadcast in High Definition)…

David will introduce the 85-minute programme and will perform one song (on electric guitar).

There is also the live Q&A session, of which I’ll have more details next week. Please don’t submit any questions yet.

Tickets to the premiere at the Odeon, Leicester Square, go on sale on Friday (that’s tomorrow) at 3PM (UK). Please don’t bother contacting the Odeon before this time. There is no way that anyone will be able to jump the queue and get tickets before 3PM.

Ticket prices are £15, £16.50 and £20.

You can order your tickets online at www.odeon.co.uk or over the telephone. The number for the Box Office is: 0871 2244007.

The show starts at 7.30PM (UK) on Thursday 6 September.

Details for other countries will be announced shortly, so please continue to be patient. I’ll reveal all just as soon as I can.

Good luck to everyone who hopes to get a ticket tomorrow.

If you can’t make it to the premiere, don’t forget the other 15 UK cinemas and the three cinemas in the Netherlands.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

177 thoughts on “Odeon tickets”

  1. Wow! My cousin is going to get married on the 6th of September…do you think she will angry if I don’t go to the celebration, if the reason is attented the show? I would understand!

    That’s really a great great great programme. I hope David and the lucky bloggers who will be there to enjoy really a lot!

    That’s really a great programme…I wish David was italian and he made the same in Rome! But in that case I would be very angry for my cousin’s wedding day. Maybe, for the family’s peace, it’s better as it is going to be!


  2. I’m afraid I’ve just spontaneously combusted from the friction caused by all this rubbing it in…

  3. hey, i´m brazilian and not enter to chat, because he´s ask a room password. i put my user password and not enter. where i find the room password?



    [The chatroom is now closed, I’m afraid. Please click your name below and see our calendar for opening/closing times. – Features Editor]

  4. FEd,

    (Waiting with baited breath for Us info.)

    Thanx for keeping us updated FEd. I truly appreciate all the work you put into this website. Do you ever get a vacation? (I have room here if you really want to get away! I won’t even make you stay in the barn.)


    [Bless you. I do need one. – Features Editor]

  5. Dear FEd,

    Thank you very much for keeping us abreast of all the ticket details. I suspect we will need a lot of luck to get an Odeon ticket, but we will try.

    I do hope there is a restriction on the number of tickets per applicant and most importantly that the genuine fans are successful.

    Good luck bloggers.


  6. Hi Ed

    Questions from a thickhead

    The sale of the tickets –
    1 – can i go there in person to buy the tickets
    2 – Can i buy the tickets online at anytime or only after 3 tomorrow.
    3 – oh wow can’t wait, Bowie did this years back for the reality tour and it was a great success.
    Can’t wait!


    [You can go there in person to get tickets, but only after 3PM. It’s the same time if you wish to order online. No tickets will be sold, in any way, before 3PM. Good luck to you. – Features Editor]

  7. Great News!!!! Hmmmm, one song…I’d be willing to bet a gentleman’s dollar that he will be perfoming the song “On an Island” Any takers? J/K!

  8. i was thinking of guessing the song,

    i reckon it will be one of the two singles!

    arrrr, this sounds mint! i am praying that at this time tomo ive got a pair of tickets!

  9. Dear Features Editor,

    I’ve not read the blog or checked the Gilmour website in quite a few months, just due to lack of time I guess.

    But as usually happens, something thought of, seen or heard leads me back for a look once in a while.

    I’ve read news of the DVD release a few days ago and couldn’t be more excited to see that there will be quality extras to match up to the concert performance.

    I know this is a bit late to comment on, but I’ve just seen it today and had a teary-eyed moment. The Dark Globe lyrics that you posted on 7 July and the picture above them. The teariness is more from a strong feeling of pure beauty really, if that makes sense.

    Perhaps that is what caused me to check the site and read some of the blog today.

    Anyway, thanks 🙂

    [Thanks for that, Kathryn. I had a teary-eyed moment putting them up. – Features Editor]

  10. When David played here in the US last Spring, many people from Britain expressed jealousy because “you Americans get everything.”

    Well, we Americans didn’t get an opportunity to attend David’s taping of LFAR, or any of the outdoor concerts, or the Syd Barrett tribute, or this event at the Odeon.

    There is something about the British culture that has always drawn me to it. The music I love is the music from Britain: bands like Floyd, The Who, Yes, King Crimson, The Beatles, and so on. The Brits that I’ve come across are always great people. I have always wanted to go to London and check out all those places we always read about: Abbey Road, Carnaby, the sites of the UFO and Marquee clubs, and yes, even Brittania Row.

    But now I want to go to London for another reason. I wish I could be on hand as David rolls out his new movie version of the DVD. I’d love to be there as he answers our questions and plays his song for us.

    Brits who are reading, count yourselves very lucky. You get these truly special one-time-only events. The closest I’ll get is a movie theater.

  11. *caption*

    ‘Why do I have to play this Rickenbacker? I love more the Jazz Bass!

  12. good luck to everyone who hopes to get tickets tomorrow. 🙂

    if you don’t succeed, don’t be down about it. there are other places where you can see it. 🙂

  13. [hey, i´m brazilian and not enter to chat, because he´s ask a room password. i put my user password and not enter. where i find the room password?]

    OMG! I have the exact same trouble…even when the chatroom was open…what is a room password, anyways?

    [The chatroom isn’t open all the time. At closing time, a room password is sometimes set in place to ‘lock-in’ whoever turned up before closing time (so that they can chat for a bit longer). You are only ever asked to enter a room password when the chatroom is closed and there is a ‘lock-in’ on the go (that is to say, directly after a scheduled chat). You will never know the day’s room password unless you turn up before closing time. Opening/closing times are on our calendar. – Features Editor]

  14. Fed, you’ve been quite busy lately!

    Two easy questions!!!

    Any plans for showing “Remember that Night” in Mexico?

    You promised this week you’d give us some more information on David’s Strat!!! Please… mitigate my pain and please, TELL ME MORE ABOUT IT!

    hehe! Hope everyone’s having a good day!

    Shine on!


    [Nothing in Mexico, sadly. News about that Strat will have to wait until we’ve said all there is to be said about the cinemas. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  15. So much happening lately that I can’t seem to keep up with it. So much good news. It give me much hope that this site will be going strong for a long time yet. I’m not ready for it to dry up an go away.

    Thank you for the latest flurry of excitement.

    Unfortunately, I will end up missing something here or there, because of circumstances, but I will be in line for the DVD and hopefully the tickets to see David’s film here in the US. In life unfortunately you can’t aways have it all. Thank you for everything we lucky bloggers have been given on this site.

    Now for that pesky question. It has to be good. Hmmmm, I wonder. What would be an interesting question to David who has been asked probably nearly every question under the sun and probably alot that he would not like to hear again, and again and again. Wracking the brain.

    Good evening to you all.

  16. Good luck to everyone going for the Leicester Square tickets. I was hoping I might be able to pull-off traveling from California to be there too. It was fun daydreaming, but gotta wake up to the fact it’s excessive to go to the event in person, especially since I could watch via live simulcast at a cinema.

    I even considered a week-long vacation to justify the jet lag and expense, but after a day or two, that would be boring without my family. No wonder my wise hubby said I could go if I wanted, he probably figured (hoped) practicality would prevail – it was nice having the choice tho …

    Once the U.S. cinemas are announced, I look forward to making plans to hook up with some fellow bloggers 🙂

  17. Why not some cinemas in Italy?!?

    Fed, any chance we (italians) get to see this (btw) WONDERFUL idea in our cinemas?



    [I wish I could say so, Marco. I’m sorry. – Features Editor]

  18. Hi FEd.

    Would it be possible to stream the Live part of the night somewhere on the blog or the website ? Or will it be at least available that way some time after ?


    [It’s certainly something to consider. – Features Editor]

  19. Oh dear, Friday the thirteenth, not good but I will `scream and shout with all my might` to see if I can get a ticket for the odeon!

  20. [.. and will perform one song (on electric guitar)]…Posted by Features Editor

    With the band or solo?

    Just asking because it may make a difference on how we all decide on our guess(es) on what the one song will be.Or will it be announced beforehand?..hence no need for speculation.

    I myself would prefer not to know because the pain of wanting to know so badly would be of the good sort like it was waiting for the concert.

    [It hasn’t yet been decided, and so will not be announced beforehand. – Features Editor]

  21. Bring it on Fed to the doorstep as you say.

    Hope you are resting this weekend. Today is our 16th Wedding Anniversary. I’ve been so lucky.

    [Congratulations, Frank. – Features Editor]

  22. is this a black tie event by the by??

    i’d hate to weigh in to the odeon in a DG tee and everyone is running about in bow ties!!

    friday at last wahey!! have a good weekend f’ed et al.

    [A T-shirt would be fine… but do wear trousers and something on your feet. – Features Editor]

  23. I want just ask, if there is any chance to see this performance in Czech Republic?

    Thank you very much.


    [I’m sorry to disappoint you, Thomas. Although we are still making arrangements, there is nothing planned for the Czech Republic at this time. – Features Editor]

  24. hi guys,

    Was it david’s choice to perform just one song?

    Sounds like those record company fat cats again.

    One song on electric guitar. Has to be, the immortal, Free Bird.

  25. I will be there from Italy.I’m living in front of my computer to get a ticket!

    See you soon Fed!

  26. ya know Matt…millions of people spontaneously combust every year but its not widely reported!….lol.

    once again i cant wait till september. thank you David. youre always thinking of your true fans.

  27. Hello Fed!

    I have a question for you: Who should i contact to try organising this live cinema experience in my country (Slovenija) – i am very much convinced it would be a sell out.. Can you help me?

    Cheers to everyone here, and a nice hello from Slovenia!-))

    [Miha, I’m very sorry, but the best I can do is pass your message on to David’s management for consideration. However, due to the technology involved, this is something that only several cinemas/cinema chains will be able to facilitate. But thank you for adding another country to the list. I do wish that every request could be met. – Features Editor]

  28. speed dial ready

    Is there a get together regardless?????

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  29. Hi Fed,

    Sept 6th eh. Very nice; its my (and my wife’s) wedding anniversary so thanks for that.

    BTW I worked out the other day that she and I hooked up together on the day DSOTM came out. Spooky or what.

    Oh and of course 6th Sept is the other Roger’s birthday isn’t it!!

    Roger (Not that one)

  30. I’m very nervous, I’m on the website, but I’m not sure where the tickets will be sold so I’m a bit confused about what page I should be on :S

  31. Hi Fed,

    will there be a direct link from the odeon.co.uk web site or will it be in the leicester section of the site?

    nice one


    [Pass. The Leicester Square section would make more sense. If in doubt, ‘phone. – Features Editor]

  32. 50 minutes encounting!

    Hi Gang. I have a funny feeling that all tickets will probably be sold within the first hour, so good luck to all you ticket purchasees out there.

  33. As time is ticking by and it seems that people wish to attend the premiere from outside the UK, could you please note that LEICESTER is a city which is some 100 miles north of London. There is an Odeon in Leicester. Please don’t look there for tickets to this event. You want LEICESTER SQUARE.

    If you are successful in obtaining tickets, please be careful when making travel arrangements.

    If you ask for directions to LEICESTER, you will end up 100 miles from where you need to be.

  34. ticking away the moments that make up a dull day………… it certainly has been dull today hasn’t it, although i am starting to get nervous….. excited……..

    FEd, any closer on a decision on whether you will be joining the lucky ones at leicester square?

    [Not sure yet. – Features Editor]

  35. i think phoning or actually going to the box office will be the best chance……. their website looks like a pain!


    DISASTER. My girlfriend has my debit card!!!!!!!!!!!


    how could i have overlooked something so important……….

  36. phew –

    i dont know if i told you guys or not, last month, my boss reversed into my car.

    i was sitting here minding my own business, when in he came looking a little bit worried.

    I’ve, er, had an accident he said.

    How did you have an accident in an empty car park i joked…

    Well i um, reversed into your car. And its quite bad.

    Are you taking the piss? i said.

    No. he said.

    So it turns out he had indeed reversed into my car, and owing to the fact he drives a passat, and i drive a fiesta he had left a ‘king great dent in my passenger door – and the wing mirror looking very sad indeed.

    Picture there for you (click my name).

    So i have now had it repaired and it is good as new.

    On hearing my cries of despair a moment ago he very kindly offered to lend me his credit card to purchase some tickets…… Not bad eh? 🙂

    [Result. Good luck with those tickets. – Features Editor]

  37. I want to wish all of you the best on your quest.

    This will indeed be a once in a lifetime event unless David decides to do this another night and then it will be a twice in a lifetime event.

    Stay alert, keep the fingers flexed and at the ready…

    Just remember…

    One slip, and down the hole we fall
    It seems to take no time at all
    A momentary lapse of reason
    That binds a life for life
    A small regret, you won’t forget,
    There’ll be no sleep in here tonight…

  38. FEd?

    whats going on, the phone operator told me to go to the cinema as they have no details?

    [Try again. Use the voice command “More options” to speak to an operator (hopefully one who knows what he or she is doing). – Features Editor]

  39. I just tried to order tickets from the Odeon by phone and web site and they are saying you have to go in person to the box office.


    [For f*ck’s sake… – Features Editor]

  40. tried contacting the Odeon at 15:05 no tickets on sale????

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Nervous )

  41. According to my friendly operator they do not go on sale until tomorrow (Saturday) because of the chaos with the new Harry Potter film. It may not even be till Monday.

    Thought I’d pass that on.


  42. Good luck everyone…

    These pictures are amazing by the way. I can imagine how great the picture quality will be for the DVD…mind staggering…

  43. The website is not working for me at all, and I can’t seem to get the phone number right…hope you all in the UK have better luck.

    I can’t find any reference to anything other than Spiderman 3 or Harry Potter tickets…and those I’ll see on this side of the pond 🙂

  44. They have no recollection of this! I’m talking to an operator now.

    What’s going on?

  45. We telephoned at 3 p.m. I was caller number 3 on the telephone and was told we have no information and we are only booking for the next week only.

    Gary Hurley.

    London England

  46. Yes, same experience with Odeon Leicester Square saying “I know nothing” in true Fawlty Towers style, and reluctant to pass me on to a manager or call me back. Very frustrating.

    Please advise, thanks very much.


    [I wish I could, Peter. They were supposed to be on sale from 3PM. – Features Editor]

  47. Just spoken to an operator at Leicester Square, who is convinced that the tickets can only be bought in person until Tuesday.

  48. Fed,

    Just wanted everyone to know…

    Just spoke to a person at the Odeon and she said you have to go to the Leicester Square Odeon to get them!

    They’re not listed on the website either.

    Oh well, guess I’ll be trooping into town tonight.


  49. The operator just told me they’re not selling any tickets for it and there are problems and the event might not be going ahead.

  50. Just tried getting tickets for Leicester square, and was told by the operator that nothing is confirmed yet and best to call back Monday/Tuesday next week… Arrgh!

    He did mention there will probably be a special phoneline set-up to order tickets.

    [Probably?! I’m very sorry about this, everyone. – Features Editor]

  51. FED

    All going haywire, got through to Leicester Square and they know nothing about the event !!!

    Any help would be appreciated !

    Nothing on the website either !

    [All I can do is apologise for what is turning out to be a complete farce. We’re speaking to the Odeon right now. Please be patient. – Features Editor]



  53. My friendly operator said it will be another half hour or so – she’s going to ring me back…..

  54. This is stupid!

    They’ve just told me they won’t be on sale until Monday.

    I took today off work to do this too!

    One pretty unhappy Floydette here!

    [I’m terribly sorry, Sue. – Features Editor]

  55. i was told to try next week…..

    i was also told there is no event…

    and then i was told to go in person…

    now i’m thinking i have no chance of going. it took me 6 hours to convince my gf. dang nabbit

  56. Operator told me that details haven’t been finalised yet!

    You just have to call back…


  57. I have just phoned to order a ticket for the Leicester Square premiere and have been told they are not on sale and wont be until next week, what is going on?

  58. Just been informed by ‘Phillipa’ they’re not going on sale until sometime next week and ring back Monday !

    Whats happening FED ?

    [I wish I could tell you, mate. Please hang in there. – Features Editor]

  59. I am getting really nervous. Most people can’t just go up to London – to the cinema itself!!!

    Can’t you FED try and sell them on this site or try and contact the Odeon and see what’s going on?

    It seems they need to speak to someone with authority or the website need to add a link to the tickets..

    Good luck people!!!

  60. Fed – deep controlled breaths…in through the nose and slowly out the mouth.

    Repeat a couple hundred times – hope the stress isn’t too much for you…on this Friday the 13th…(my favorite non-holiday BTW)…

  61. Called a second time and was told to call after 5 p.m. A big mix up at the Odeon I was told.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  62. I’ve just been told the same – the lady said they will not be available until Monday.

  63. that phone system is irritating the S*** out of me, please say yes or no, did you mean aberdeen, do you want to book tickets for spider man, if yes say yes if no please hang up.

    how frustrating!

    Luckily i may have a reprieve….. my aunt lives 5 minutes from leicester square 😉

    Shall i take bookings myself?

    Obviously non members will need to pay a substantial booking fee.

    speaking of which – 65p booking fee per ticket from odeon!

  64. No UK trip for us…my request didn’t get approved – peak season for the business = ( [tears…] I negotiated and I managed to get a vacation day for Thursday, September 6th.

    I gave up my chat last night in order to plan out the flight schedule and to pick out the hotel with my husband. We were so excited just doing the planning part of the trip. What a bummer, I am very disappointed and frustrated; this is truly Friday, the 13th for me.

    Will I ever see Mr. David Gilmour perform live???

  65. Fantastic, the Odeon rang back. But . . . the marketing department and the booking office have not been talking and they don’t have a slot. Yet. Keep ringing back they say.

    There’s going to be hundreds of us doing that I said, can’t you put me on email alert? No they said.

    I hope they’ve got enough staff to answer the phone because that will be the next problem. You are in a queue, you are number 537, you will be anwered in three days. This is one for the new UK Customer Service Index isn’t it?

    No wonder customer service in the UK has such a bad reputation with the this sort of mess up.


  66. Nothing on the web site at all and I have 2 browser windows open one to the general Odeon site and one to Leicester Square..

    Cheers, Howard

  67. I just called a friend who is 1/2 a mile away from the box office and will go and try to get me tickets…I will let you all know if the “going in person” approach works shortly.

  68. Rang the Odeon box office (not the booking call centre) and the lady there said she had the tickets in the system but could only sell them to people who come in person to the cinema…not over the phone or online.

    She hoped tickets would be available online…later…

  69. ..Go to Leicester Square?

    That’s over 200 miles away from me, guess I’ll have to miss out if that’s the case.

  70. Same here everyone. I got through and was told to phone back in one hours time. The reason for delay is a technical one. Then they said try tomorrow.

    Somehow I knew this would happen and have got a ticket OK at Greenwich as back up. Spoken to four different people on phone now.

    Oh well nice try. Needless to say I cant just pop into cinema, being 700 miles away!

    Ian Pearson

  71. Many frustrating calls to the cinema later they tell me that due to change of plan, tickets will now go on sale on Monday.


  72. Right, I have been told it will be Monday before tickets are sold – others are getting conflicting messages but I think it’s clear it ain’t going to be today!

  73. I was number 2 in line!!

    Don’t apologies FEd. Nobody is pointing the finger at you for this. We know that if you were in charge things would run just as smooth as this smooth site!

    Everyone should try and keep posting any info they hear. This is the only safe haven we have!!

    I hate this suspense of not knowing!! I think I aged about 10 years in the last 1/2 hour and sprouted a few grey ones…

  74. I can’t understand what’s going on with these tickets? Are they on sale or not? I can’t get a straight answer?

  75. Fed

    Don’t you be apologising – its definitely not your fault. These things happen. Besides it was inevitable it was going to go wrong – after all today is Friday the 13th 😉

    I am probably leaving early today so i’ll wander into Leics Square to find out whether tickets can be bought in person. I will let you all know what happens and what they say.


  76. CAPTION :

    “TESTING TESTING 1 2 3” says Guy


    Did the Odeon hear that????

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  77. Well, what can you do?? I know that Michele and some of our non-American friends have been learning new acronyms such as LOL, BTW, WTF and here we have another one SNAFU.

    But for God’s sake, let’s all not blame FEd here for he is the messenger. I’m sure we will get all the answers in due time even though this is very frustrating.



    [‘FFS’ works, too. – Features Editor]

  78. ok

    i spoke to ODEON general enquiries instead and they said they had not received the information for the event so they cannot make bookings and they cannot confirm when the tickets are going on sale.

    Possibly later today, sounds like we should all hold fire.

    Dont worry fed, just blame it on Friday 13th and all that!

    Hopefully they wont go on sale when i am driving back from work!

  79. Now, dear Odeon staff, what a hoax that had been for us fans desperate trying to get tickets?

    Having been totally thrilled, I planned anything to be ready to book the tickets for DG premiere in the Odeon Leicester Square online or via phone, and exactly on 3 PM UK time: neither the website is showing the David event, nor is it possible to get a valueable information via the phone line.

    Dear Odeon staff, David´s premiere is such a valuable event, it really deserves better treatment, not to mention the disappointment of us fans worldwide, eager to get tickets.

    Ulrike, Germany

  80. Hmmmm, Mr.Odeon, he say “Last minute changes, should be available Monday now … but could well be sooner … and they’ve been told to tell peeps to just keep checking the Odeon website.”

    Does anyone know officially what actually IS going on? Seems rather like a subtly different story each time from comments various here and elsewhere 🙁

  81. Wow!!! Just got seats, front row in the centre!! Check out the website, are on sale there.

    Hooray!!! 😀

    Lauren xxx

  82. Fed,

    you’re probably about to announce this anyway but its now up on the website.

    Click my name for details.

  83. The circus has apparently arrived back in town…

    Keep the faith my brothers and sisters. F*Ed and team Gilmour will get to the bottom of this…

  84. I’ve just tried to book by internet, there is nowhere to find anything about Remember That Night premiere.

    I registered there yesterday delivered payment details for quick bookings and it has not worked.

    I tried to call by phone and but I was informed that there is no such a number.

    Do I need additional extension for London, or something to given number?

    Leicester Square is an option for me, if I won’t be lucky I will try with German cinemas if internet booking will be allowed


    [Click your name and book online, Tomasz. – Features Editor]

  85. Fed

    I used the online site and I got some tickets so it does work.

    The link is here (click my name).

    Hope this helps everyone.


  86. Yes folks, just phoned myself and the tickets are probably not going to be on sale until Monday but the operator said to keep checking the Odeon website!!!

  87. Lucky I didnt want a ticket I suppose!

    [‘”I know nothing” in true Fawlty Towers style’ – Posted by: Peter Tattersall]

    Couldnt stop laughing at that. Good ol’ Manuel!

  88. Vicky,

    I can’t get to Leicester Square, but get me a ticket if you can ! I’ll buy you a mug of wine or something !

    I have just rebooked a flight to the Algarve and given up a days golf for this !!! I’ll be devastated if i can’t get a ticket !

    Cheers !

  89. I have a seat in the row A. I have the ticket! what confusion to buy it…ciao Fed


    RIGHT NOW is a VERY good time to visit the Odeon Website !!!

    All sorted. See ya there. Get in quick guys 🙂

  91. Just a thought – Would it be feasible to have an ‘Emergency Chat Session’ so everyone knows whats going on…..

    Just a thought

    [The chatroom is open. – Features Editor]

  92. Hi All

    Just letting you know that the tickets are now on sale online.

    Find the tab that says advance booking and up it will pop!! Just booked mine and i’m one happy chappy!!!

    Good luck all

  93. BOOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FEd, a lifesaver you truly are.

    Im sure you have been through hell this last hour.

    We all owe you a drink.

  94. Hallelujah FED ! Online is working !

    Available seats are crap but i got 2 !

    See you on the 6th FEd !

    Off straight to the airport after for my golf trip ! Cost me £226 to book a new flight so i hope its worth it !

    Alls well that ends well !

  95. Just got mine – 2 rows from front in middle!! Happy days!! Woohoo

  96. I was just able to buy 2 tickets at the box office. No line or anything and the guy had to look up what I was talking about so there couldn’t have been many if any who were there before me.

    Also, they didn’t have any of the 20 quid tix.

  97. Be patient guys, just got my ticket via the website. No seats available in the Royal Circle,probably reserved for some special guests :-).

    I’m in Row G, Seat 26 of the rear circle.

    Sees y’all there.


  98. Well all I get is the film, but then it resets the theater and gives me no cinema choices nor can I purchase them.

    congrats Lauren…I don’t know how you did it…

    [Rob, click your name below and give the page a moment to load. – Features Editor]

  99. the odeon must be making a mint out of us in phone calls 10p a minute it costs if in uk probably £10 a minute elsewhere!!

  100. got em, at the front, back a few rows after i remembered it is a cinema and didnt want to break my neck, row G i believe!!

  101. FFS

    I had row 3 in the front and then after I entered my credit card it said “sorry we sold your seats, please pick others….still waiting for it to reload… 🙁

  102. Wow Fed,

    See there wasn’t anything to worry about. You did it and I think you should get a raise for staying on top of it.

    David, you have a great editor. Please never let him go.

    Take Care,

    [You’re too kind, Thomas. – Features Editor]

  103. Thanks for the link.

    I got my ticket. Went for Row R which looks like it’s pretty much in the middle. Don’t want to be too close to the front, since most of it is a film.

  104. Got my tickets!

    Website is the only way to go as you all seem to know.

    Row B 😛


  105. Oops, when I first chose my seats the site crashed and so I picked another 2. After checking my emails I now have four tickets by mistake.

    2 of my friends are going to find out it’s their lucky day.


  106. [got em, at the front, back a few rows after i remembered it is a cinema and didnt want to break my neck, row G i believe!!]

    Damn it!! Good point Adam. Ah well, hopefully he plays his live bit up the front. Hell who cares. It’ll be great to sit in that room with Dave and all you guys.

    Keep trying everyone, it took me a few goes.

    Try booking through the non-flash version Rob P – there’s a little tab over the cinema listings. Maybe your browser is having problems with flash.

  107. Vicky you’re an absolute star, and how thoughtful to put in a link for us to go straight to right web page at the Odeon. After one hitch got two tickets in row B, I am one very happy bunny.

    Looks like the Odeon are really fast on service recovery – I’m impressed that they sorted it with such speed. Come back Manuell, all is forgiven.

    Thanks everyone for your postings, I felt we were in it together which helped a lot, what an adventure. Hope you get the tickets you want.

    Best wishes,

  108. I have managed to get four tickets in the fourth row!!!!! (Row D)

    They didn’t make it obvious on the site though did they? It was under advanced tab!!!

    Cheers FED for getting it sorted out? Or did you?

    We would all like to know what happened? You are a star FED!!!! Bet it was just as stressful for you as it was for all of us!!!

    [I love these stupid cock-ups, personally. They’re great fun. – Features Editor]

  109. looks like the odeon site is deader than tanktops.

    Well i for one give up…. no wait… oh… OH…


    panic buy of 2 tix for upper stalls confirmed. i need a beer after that!! puff pant

    have a good weekend everyone. good luck with the odeon!!

  110. I’ve booked six tickets phew (ROB/Rob2theMaxx – No worries one of the six at least is for you)

    But i get no info on what my seats are, it all happened so quick and i was in such a state, can’t quite figure out where to find out either.

    And why does it take so long for my comments to come up?


    Thanks FED youre a star.

    [Do you mean how long it takes for your blog comments to be published? Because I’ve been rushing around like a blue-arsed fly for the last hour, frankly. Five minutes isn’t bad. – Features Editor]

  111. I would very much like to nominate “stupid cock-ups” as the next password…thats brill F*Ed

  112. Thanks Peter T for the credit,

    However, I am fairly sure FEd was already one step ahead.

    I put in the weblink but more than likely he already knew!

    Well, this stress over the tickets certainly made the afternoon go by a little quicker.

    Have a good weekend everyone, and go drink a nice cold beer, FEd, you deserve it!


    [It was very kind of you to add it, Vicky (and everyone else who also added it later). I don’t think everyone saw the announcement at the top of the page, so many thanks to you. I’m glad that, one way or another, you’ve managed to get your tickets. Once again, I’m very sorry for the heart palpitations, the greying hairs, the mangled fingernails, the evil eyes from the boss, and anything else that came as a direct result of this embarrassing, unnecessary delay. It will be a truly wonderful event and I hope that, when you all get there, you’ll forget about the trouble you had obtaining your tickets. Thanks again for your patience. – Features Editor]

  113. [Do you mean how long it takes for your blog comments to be published? Because I’ve been rushing around like a blue-arsed fly for the last hour, frankly. Five minutes isn’t bad. – Features Editor]

    FEd, you’ve already done too much today. I think, and the rest of the bloggers would agree, that you deserve to knock off early and get some ale down your neck. You must be seriously stressed out!

    The online booking is working fine and I don’t think anybody would mind the blog closing early – we’re all as happy as pigs in sh*te!!

    [Bless you, Brian. I want to hear from more happy bloggers first, particularly those who were wrongly informed by Odeon staff that the only way they would get tickets was if they visited the Odeon Box Office today. – Features Editor]

  114. Fed

    Nah i meant how long it takes for me to write them up! I wrote it wrong i need a cup of tea and a brandy.

    [It was a tad stressful. Glad you got tickets in the end, mate. Enjoy the show. – Features Editor]

  115. F*Ed,

    You deserve the Meddle of Honor for clearing things up…well done mate!

    [Well, I appreciate you all for keeping me updated on what Odeon staff have been telling you. Fans stick together when there’s a problem (or a cock-up, call it what you will), and the desire to help and support your fellow fan at such times is one of the things that never ceases to amaze me about this place. Let’s just hope that everyone who wants a ticket will get one. – Features Editor]

  116. [It will be a truly wonderful event and I hope that, when you all get there, you’ll forget about the trouble you had obtaining your tickets. Thanks again for your patience. – Features Editor]

    No FeEd…THANK YOU!!!!

    Cheers, Howard

    PS Rudders thanks you 2

  117. How many of the 3 Amigos made it!!

    I haven’t done a tap this afternoon!!

    Woohoo it’s Friday. Have a good one everybody. What a great little community we have!!

    Thanks FEd, you made it all happen and I am forever grateful.

  118. Just wanted to say I can feel everyone’s anxiety and the thrill of getting those tickets.

    Congrats to you lucky ones.

    Special thanks to Fed, running around like a blue-arsed fly for everyone!

  119. Fed – you ROCK.

    Possible problem for me – I was lucky enough to get two tickets, however my social planner aka my wife may nix the idea given the air travel costs.

    If I couldn’t go I was going to see who didn’t get any from the irregulars and send them that way.

    But, the Odeon website says if purchased online:

    You can collect your tickets from the Box Office or from the Automatic Ticket Machines in the foyer (selected cinemas only). You must remember to bring the card used during the booking process as this will be required to locate and issue your booking.

    Any way that this can be changed – I would feel horrible if I can’t be sitting there while knowing that they are empty and an irregular is sitting in a different theater when they could be there.

    Of course, I will be doing whatever I can to get over the pond…it’s really not that big you know…if I start paddling now… 🙂

    [If that’s what the terms and conditions state… – Features Editor]

  120. Well I got my tickets row G 20 & 21, I hope everyone had a result

    Thanks Fed and Vicky for the link

    Now then which pub is it to be ?

  121. Let me add my thanks to FEd for your stirling efforts today. It appears things have worked out ok for most people in the end and once again, another fantastic occasion courtesy of this website looms in the future.

    A meet ‘n’ greet is definitely required. Lets get the organising started.


  122. Just a side note to say thanks f’ed. The little heads up at the top of the page was the reason I got tickets. Pure fluke that I refreshed this page around the time it went up.

    Adios amigos, until monday or thereabouts

    [I’m glad that you got them. And Babel has signed for Liverpool today, as well. – Features Editor]

  123. Dear F.Ed.

    i hope that after such special and busy last days you could have a very special week end.

    And to everybody too

    Bye/Ciao Elisabetta

    [The same to you, Elisabetta. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  124. Sitting here in Thurso, Caithness library with computer just after booking.

    1 seat (lonely eh!) Row M 15.

    Thanks ever so Fed, how can I ever repay you. It was a real pain though with phone calls and apparently the Royal Circle is taken for corporate reasons, so the guy on the phone said. Then my home computer crashed and I had to leave work early to be here now.

    So lets all meet up now eh! Hope its all worth it ( joke )

    Ian Pearson

    PS I’d like to thank the Library service for this “free” service to old buffers like me

    [I think I still owe you a few for Glassman, Ian. Enjoy it. It’s going to be great. – Features Editor]

  125. [I’m glad that you got them. And Babel has signed for Liverpool today, as well. – Features Editor]

    this is the best fri 13th ever!!!!

    i could kiss you F’ed! off home now latazzz

  126. Hi F Ed

    Many thanks for your fly like efforts to get our postings up so fast, and for getting the Odeon to sort out their act. Very much appreciated.

    Far from forgetting the experience, I’d like to remember it because it had such a happy ending. And I really hope it did for many other people too.

    In fact, anyone who’d like to chat on the night about how exciting it was getting tickets today is very welcome. I’m in row B seats 30/31.

    Thanks again F Ed, a drink is on me if I see you on the night.

    Best wishes,

    [Have a lovely time, Peter. I’m sure there will be some get-together arranged over the next few weeks, if you’re interested. You’d be very welcome. – Features Editor]

  127. FeEd,

    We should get a list set up if possible of all the irregulars going to the ‘Square’ Then we can work out a meeting place beforehand. Somewhere large and close at hand to the venue.

    Anyone know the area well enough to suggest such a place?

    Cheers, Howard

    PS Would you attend incogneto?

    [The way I feel right now, I’ll be on holiday in France that week! – Features Editor]

  128. Phew…I’ve gone through a hole pack of cigarettes waiting to hear from my mate who was in London and went to the box office.

    It was painful watching you all saying you had tickets and I was still hanging in there.

    Finally, yes I have two tickets!!!

    Well done to Fed for sorting out the problems and congrats to all that have tickets.

    How about a meet in one of the local pubs on the night to put faces to names? Any suggestions where?

    Have a good weekend and see you in London,

  129. Wow, got two tickets for Leicester Square, too!!

    Thanks Fed, for your fabulous work and for making all things run smoothly in the end …

    I had booked my trip to London already two month ago and it was pure coincidence that the premiere screening fell on 6th. Sept. Now you can call that luck, can’t you?

  130. [So lets all meet up now eh! – Ian Pearson]


    Really looking forward to meeting you…..Trust me you won’t be lonely with all of us there :-))))

    Cheers, Howard

  131. Fed,

    After calling the box office and being told there has been a huge cock up and the tickets will be available on Monday I thought I like others would share the problem. Low and behold i log on and there is a link for the tickets. Straight in two tickets in the middle.

    Thankyou once again for saving the day. I am sure you could do with a couple of beers which is exactly what i am going to do now.

    To those going see you there.


  132. Babel and Gilmour on Friday the 13th – does it get any better?

    I managed to book two tickets online and I am about to burst.


    We’ve won it five times

  133. Hey Everyone! Hope that you all were able to get your tickets for the premiere!

    I was boreed last night so I made a model of David’s Amplifiers…Its not exact, but its very close.

    I like it, and I thought you all would to, so I decided to share with you!

    [Sorry, but the link didn’t work. – Features Editor]

  134. [The way I feel right now, I’ll be on holiday in France that week! – Features Editor]

    Can i have your ticket????

    [I don’t have one. – Features Editor]

  135. Panic over.

    Got em, two tickets, Row Q which I am assured are good seats.

    Best wishes, to one and all; have a great weekend.


  136. Hi,

    great Britain, great London, great David and great FEd for his heavy, daily job


  137. I GOT MY TICKET!!!!

    The phone line told me to phone back on Monday – am I glad I did not believe them!!!

    Persistance pays.

    See you there.

  138. Well I’ve managed to get 4 tickets for my gang. We come from all over the UK and meet up for Floyd related shows.

    Pity I went out shopping though as the seats aren’t as good as I was hoping for, but at least we’re going!

    My friends will be pleased.

    A happier Floydette now 🙂

  139. Dear FEd,

    Stop! Take a break! Get away from the website, for the weekend (at least). Have you pulled out all of your hair yet? Any anxiety attacks yet? Try some tension tamer herbal tea. (I’ve got the spare bed all ready for you.)

    Generally I envy your job, but not right now with the onslaught of blog entries!

    Here, I’m passing the bing to you. My heart goes out to you.

    Please have a relaxing weekend.


    [Bless you, Penny. – Features Editor]


    “Dear Ian Pearson,

    Thank you for your booking online and we hope you enjoy “David Gilmour:Remember That Night”.

    Your online booking has been successful and your tickets have been booked at: …”

    Sorry but I’m crying as I type this-3 glasses of Merlot to celebrate. This whole episode I feel has brought us closer together.

    In the news recently the leader of the Conservatives went on about families and marriages but he missed the point, it’s FAMILY VALUES that are important and we have demonstrated that here today.

    Fed you are as my brother, as are the rest of you, well OK OK not the females, maybe sisters then!! I really really want to meet up with you all.

    I am off to work-can you believe that? I have a glass spitfire to make, ahhhh the demads of art!!!

    Have a good weekend everyone and relax!!!!!!!!

    Ian Pearson

    [Take it easy, Ian. Have a great weekend. – Features Editor]

  141. Well I got my ticket ! Got it from the box office as I was in London anyway, so I escaped all the madness that has been going on, thank god. Can’t wait ! Although it does have ‘D???? G??????’ as the name of the show, so they better not turn me away !

    Have a good weekend everyone.


  142. Dear Fed,

    ty so much for your prompt help, with the link you provided after the first Odeon blunders on their website and phone I succeeded finally to get 2 very nice tickets!

  143. CAPTION: fed is great

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Nice caption, Geoff. Like it. – Features Editor]

  144. I am truly humbled by todays experience, as there was no need to panic or worry because us fans have a great artist and management team looking after us (or so it feels)

    After numerous calls to the box office i did get my tickets.

    I must also mention that MartinS is a star, because he went in person to the Odeon to get his ticket, and was that concerned that i was having trouble getting mine, he kindly offered to go back and buy some tickets on my behalf. Nice one mate! (We will have that beer soon.)

    Have a good weekend all, and hat`s off to Fed!

  145. Well I must say that I am pleased that the mad rush has passed and even more so that tickets are still available. There is apparently no more phone booking till Monday though so the website is the only place to go over the weekend.

    Here is my record of events which seems to match what others experienced:

    At 3:00pm I called one of the Odeon’s direct lines and the operator spoke to her manager who told her that the tickets had to be purchased from the distributor?

    A few moments later I called the Film Line and was surprised to find myself in a queue for a human! I was put through quickly and told that there had been some sort of problem and the tickets were not available yet. The operator asked me for my phone number and said that she would let me know when they became available.

    I checked the website a couple more times and accepted that they would get there later.

    My very understanding client, whose computers I had been having problems with all day, went out of the room a bit later on and I checked again seeing that the entry for the event was there.

    At the second attempt I had my two tickets.

    I thought that I would never hear back from the Odeon but after about 5 minutes my phone rang and I was told that the tickets were now available on the website.

    So therefore I think I was given a good service.

  146. Hey FEd,

    Not to be a bother, but I thought i would send the alternate link…

    If it works, it works…If not, Ohh well… (click my name).

    [Nice, Ax. – Features Editor]

  147. FEd – thanks for everything this afternoon, stunning performance if you ask me!

    So, all confirmed, 2 tickets, row G, slap bang in the middle – perfect!

    I’m well aware of the ‘bring your credit card along’ routine at the Odeon – only problem is my card will have expired by the time the film is shown so a timely email is in order.

    Also, would just like to say that the lady I first spoke to at the Odeon did indeed ring me back…twice…to let me know the internet link was now live, so well done to at least some of the staff there.

  148. Will the song be a solo or Floyd song FEd?

    I would personally hope for ‘High Hopes’ because it was the last Floyd song released and it would make a fitting end the On An Island activities.

    [David hasn’t decided yet and, I suspect, will keep it a surprise. – Features Editor]

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