Name That Tune (Part Two)

Remember That Night DVD (2007)Any idea which song is being performed in this picture? You know all 23 songs from disc one now, including the five bonus tracks on disc two, so what do you think?

Simply click the above image to see a high-resolution version of it.

There are now just 10 (count ’em) weeks to wait until ‘Remember That Night’ is released on DVD: on Monday 17 September in Europe andΒ  Tuesday 18 September everywhere else. Those weeks will fly by, you’ll see.

More news on the cinemas to come, so please continue to be patient.

Here’s the next instalment in our Phil Manzanera Q&A.

Please take note of the kind of questions that make it through, if you’re thinking of submitting one for David to answer at the ‘Remember That Night’ premiere on Tuesday 6 September.

If you already have your question prepared, please don’t send it to us yet. I don’t want them until next week, possibly the week after.

Chris Thomas joined David and you for the “final push for the last 3 months”, and at that stage the album was very acoustic and very orchestral. David didn’t add any electric guitar until the final month!!! Did you and Chris have to do much coercing to persuade David to add the electric stuff? (Ken F)

No, David wanted to leave his electric playing until the songs and melodies were fully developed, although the electric on ‘Where We Start’ was there from the original demo.

In your opinion, is any of the material not used for the ‘On an Island’ sessions strong enough to be released? (Peter McConnell)


What was your process for learning the songs for the tour? Did you sit down with David and run through things, or listen to recordings and learn on your own? (George Gipe)

Tried to learn from the CDs, then asked David how (as I was meant to double some of his parts, exactly how he played them). Then an intensive rehearsal period.

How much fun was it doing this tour? (Paulo)

It was a very special, unique tour and there are so many great memories… some of which you will be able to see on the forthcoming DVD. Before the tour, we put in a lot of hours rehearsing and working on the shape of the concert, so from the beginning of the tour, we were a tight unit. We had many great times on and off stage. Lots of laughter in dressing rooms across the world.

I believe the tour was a family affair with most of the band bringing their children etc., but who in the band did you get on with best while on tour? (Tom B)

Claire, the tour publicist (my wife).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

53 thoughts on “Name That Tune (Part Two)”

  1. Yes, I say Take a Breath.

    Wow…I looked down and saw my name on the blog, and realized I had an answer to my question! Good morning to me, and thanks Phil!…and FEd!

  2. Only an idiot would venture the guess “Take A Breath” for that pict…oops, sorry Paul.

  3. The song is a little known ditty that has rarely been played in public entitled “Icarus You Were Here”

  4. hmm, well name that tune…

    it does look as though Guy is really ‘Rocking Out’ so i suppose i shall have to say, Smile.

    Errrrrm, seriously though, or not…

    i will say Comfortabechoetakeabrrtimeshineo…


  5. I’m enjoying these questions and answers from Phil very much, thanks!

    I’ll vote Take a Breath too 8)

  6. I’m guessing Fat Old Sun…the groovy ending…

    GREAT photo. Another one for my personal fave top 10.


  7. Great to see that he got along with his wife. Thanks Phil for taking the time to answer some questions.

    I’m not feeling Take A Breath from the above pic but then I don’t know what I am feeling. I’m thinking it is something from the second half of the show. Maybe Echoes. You’ve stumped me on this one.



  8. defo take a breath

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

    CAPTION:” i know i said take a deep breath now but did you have to light a match……………

  9. I would say this is definitely from “Take A Breath.” Coming in for a second-place guess, I’d say “Echoes.”

    Does Phil read this blog? If so, then thanks so much, Phil, for answering our questions. This is something that I have not seen elsewhere on the Net, musicians answering this kind of question. It really contributes to the sense that this is a community and that you are part of it. Thank you for taking part in our community.

    Thanks also to Guy and to Stevie for the same reasons. It helps us to get to know you all, and it also creates the sense that this site is not David’s alone. It goes a long way in making the album and DVD feel like a community effort.

    Thanks to you, F’Ed, for facilitating it all. These things don’t just happen by accident, so thank you for all that you do.

    And, last but absolutely not least, thank you David for planting all the right seeds and giving them the water that makes them grow.

  10. Hello Fed

    I’ll have a guess at the song being played…


    there, hope I’m right.

    I know its Tuesday, but i hope you had a relaxing weekend, the sun did come out for a little while.


    [It did, didn’t it? Saturday was a gorgeous day. Sunday was… less so. – Features Editor]

  11. not sure about this one so i’ll go with rob’s guess: comfortabechoetakeabrrtimeshineo… πŸ˜‰

    thanks again to phil for answering our questions. i’m looking forward to more.

  12. i am 100% sure its comfortably numb,

    i havent read the rest of the posts!!


  13. ok, just backing up the reasoning to my answer fed!

    1. david has his black strat
    2. the lights are all on a white wash pointing at the band, eg, like at the Royal Albert Hall finale!
    3. There is one big note played by Guy on his bass just like the one at the end of Comfortably Numb!

    Ok, so i must be right!

  14. Hullo FED and All !!!

    First off, I’d like to say thank’s to Phil for being so magnanimous and forthcoming for the chance of a little q&a with the fans here. Excellent questions btw gang !

    I’m inclined to think it’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ that this picture was taken from. One of Polly’s I presume ? God, she does have quite the eye for images. Or was this lifted from the DVD ? Either way, the fans really get an eyeful.

    Speaking of which, I have to relate a quick story from my visit to Venice last year. While I was staying at the Hotel Flora there was another hotel guest that I got along with named Ferdinand from Mexico. When I was lunching that Friday afternoon, before the scaffold incident, I was dining by myself and there was this couple seated a table over from me. As I was doing some writing between bites, I glanced up and saw that this fellow and his wife both wore Floyd shirts.

    They were in town for the same reason, to see our hero in action. With an easy smile, I got up and ambled over, introduced myself and we fast became acquainted. After finsihing with our respective lunches we went up to their room and Ferdinand and his wife Amelia proceeded to put on some Floyd, The Wall, and by the time ‘CN’ came on we were rather comfortably numb. Any way, we had nice afternoon ’til 3:30 whereupon I had to make my exit and go on my way.

    Oddly enough, after the announcement of Friday night’s show being cancelled, I went back to the hotel. I guess they had checked out. I never saw them again. Pity. Anyway, Ferdinand and Amelia, if you ever check here, please…POST on here. It would be great to get back in touch. Very cool and nice people.

    Anyhow, FED, when ever you are ready to make the announcement, that would be great. 10 + people and counting !! Looking forward to having a great turn out ! Too bad David and Polly couldn’t pencil our gathering in on their tight schedule. Now that would be special !

    Hope everyone has a great day !

    Peace and Love To All !!! Cazart !

    [I will make your announcement soon, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  15. I totally agree with Adam Kahan!

    Fed,this may seem a stupid question:will I be able to take some pictures to David when he will be playing on the 6th of September? I will be in the first row,so it’s a great chance for me to take a good picture of David!


    [You will not be able to take any photos, sorry. Cameras will not be allowed. – Features Editor]

  16. Hey Everyone,

    I have to say…………Take a breath

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca USA

  17. I say it’s the lively ending to “Arnold Layne”,

    (although my 1st instinct was “Take A Breath” and they say you should always follow your 1st instinct!).

    Whatever song, it looks GREAT! Can’t wait for the DVD!!!

  18. Well, judging by the way Guy is playing his bass – it looks like he is building up to a crescendo -coupled with the lights, I will opt for “Comfortably Numb”.



  19. i’m thinkin the shot is from echoes… or take a breath, i just don’t know

  20. I think i`ll go with comfortably numb, I tend to agree with Rudders and Ad.

    What a great picture though, those Hiwatts in the fore ground awesome!

  21. Hi FEd,

    That looks like Comfortably Numb.

    Oh, and I got my Odeon ticket last Saturday πŸ™‚


    [Congratulations, Ralph. – Features Editor]

  22. I know you’re busy and all Fed..but, anything new for us on the DG Strat?

    Your humble servant,

    [Nothing, sorry. – Features Editor]

  23. Fed, you’re right. The weeks will fly by waiting for the DVD. I just looked at my calender and it’s only 9 weeks to go. (I know,nobody likes a smart-ass. But you did say ‘count ’em’).

    [See? A week flew by before I’d even noticed it. – Features Editor]

  24. hey Fed,

    do we know when the tickets for Leicester Square show get posted?

    [No idea, I’m afraid. I thought you had to collect them on the night. – Features Editor]

  25. I didn’t recognize that piece of music that is part of the web page today. By chance could that be some of the material not yet recorded that was mentioned in one of the questions to Mr. Phil Manzanera? If it is there’s another must album.

    Thanks Phil it was a pleasure watching you and G bring the house down at Massey Hall.


  26. I guess Comfy numb.

    Thanks to Phil for answering the Qs, thanks to Fed et al for making it all happen.

    Tom B

  27. In response to Adam Kahan, I’m pretty sure that you use one of those ticket machines in the Odeon to collect your tickets, so don’t forget your credit card!

  28. O.K. Hmmmmmm let’s see…… I’m gonna guess it’s “Take A Breath”

    Great Picture BTW.

  29. Hey Adam,

    Further on the tickets at the Odeon. You will need the confirmation number you got at the end of the transaction and the exact credit card you used for the purchase. Tickets are picked up on the night I believe.

    Cheers, Howard

  30. [wow i said time πŸ™‚ i was correct. πŸ˜‰ what? its in there… – rob]

    sure it is, rob. πŸ˜‰

  31. Hi Everyone,

    the lights and the energy we can see let me say : it’s “Take a breath”


  32. Happy Thursday,

    My first thought was Astronomy Domine but, of course, it cannot possibly be that.

    [I say it’s the lively ending to “Arnold Layne”]

    My next thought agreed with Susan’s (copied above).

    Pete – Coventry

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