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April 2006: Radio City Music Hall, New York.We’re almost at the half-way stage of Phil Manzanera’s Q&A. Thank you again to Phil for taking the time to answer so many questions, and thank you to everyone who sent in a question for consideration.

Special thanks to those of you who sent in the following five.

Just in case you don’t recognise it, this isn’t a screenshot taken from the DVD, but one of Polly’s photographs. It was taken at New York’s Radio City Music Hall last April.

Don’t forget that it’s your last chance to see David’s excellent ‘Live From Abbey Road’ performance on the Sundance Channel tonight. Fans in the US can tune in from 6PM (E/P).

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If you could have any one of David’s guitars, which one would you choose and why? (Kris)

Obviously 001, as it’s iconic. However, the black Strat is pretty damn good.

I am a big Stratocaster fan: so, what pickups are you using in your black Strat and do they come close to the Fender ’54 custom shop pickups? (I use those.) (Ernest Peske)

The Strat I use on stage is one of David’s, as I wanted to get a similar sound when duplicating parts he played on the records. Only Phil Taylor, David’s guitar tech, knows exactly what pick-ups are used.

It’s well documented on the modifications David made to his black Strat. What kind of mods, if any, have you made to your main Strat? (Andrew)

None, because it’s David’s. (Sorry, there’ll have to be a separate Phil Taylor Q&A for guitar geeks.)

Using so many powerful amps on stage, is the sound comfortable to play with, or do you battle against each other? (5 Times)

The stage is so big and the amps quite directional, so monitoring is not a problem – due in large part to the excellence of the stage crew.

The involvement of digital technology in (nearly) every form of sound processing is one of the factors that has changed making music compared with, say, 20 years ago. As a musician, what do you see as major advantages and drawbacks of this development? (Ronny)

The advantages are it speeds up the whole ‘capturing’ process and what you can do with it. The disadvantage is that technology can become an end in itself, and not the music.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. The Thing About Syd
    Part 20

    Mark Radcliffe: Syd Barrett died on July 7th due to complications relating to diabetes. He was 60. His stare would beam down from magazines, newspapers and television news reports as the media relived his myth.

    Syd scored an obituary in The Sun. A front cover of the NME declared him “The original punk rocker.”. For a man who recorded just three albums, two of them difficult ones, the coverage seemed to outweigh his contribution to popular music. There seemed to be a rush by the media to romanticise this particular pop icon. Editor of Uncut magazine, Alan Jones:

    Alan Jones: This “Hold the front page”… We really didn’t even sit down and discuss what we should do. We had a feeling amongst ourselves that none of us would be here if it wasn’t for people like Syd, and we immediately took a decision to pull the cover story that we had just finished and replace it with a tribute to Syd.

    Mark Radcliffe: Andrew Mail, Assistant Editor at Mojo Magazine:

    Andrew Mail: It was press day. We were closing the magazine and I think, if it hadn’t have been Syd Barrett, if the there hadn’t been that warmth of feeling out there, if there hadn’t have been that need to sort of, come together and talk about this guy… We wouldn’t have got it done. It was astonishing, the degree of… love, yes, but also that need to, as people say, put the record straight.

    David: The media do like a good yarn about mythical lost things that disappeared in the sixties, or whatever. Syd’s one, I think. He was worth it.

    Andrew Mail: We romanticise that period in the late sixties because it will always seem to be a creative peak and Syd will always be one of the representative figures for that creative peak.

    David: But his influence obviously is great and his particular one tragedy that has affected me and thousands and thousands of people.

    Richard Wright: If you want to call someone a kind of genius in terms of pop music, there are not that many around. But possibly put Syd there. But then, I’m a bit biased.

    Nick Mason: There is a story, of course, about the creative genius that burns out long before he should have done. I was quite astonished by the ubiquity of the coverage. Obviously there is an allure, because he had become a bit of a mystery. He’d retired from music when he was still very young. So he was as famous for his absence as what he’d done… Mysterious, chubby little man who cycled around Cambridge… So he was tabloid, as well.

    To be continued…

  2. The Thing About Syd
    Part 21

    Rosemary: Why did these people want to talk to him? Why did they come to his door? The reason he hated all the attention was because he didn’t ever understand what he’d done that everybody wanted a bit of him.

    Richard Wright: And I suspect a lot of these people who are now writing for newspapers and working for radio were all part of that period – period around ‘67, when Syd was a huge part of it. They certainly did make Syd’s life romantic.

    Mark Radcliffe: And how did the Barrett family react to the unexpected media frenzy?

    Rosemary: Very surprised. After 30 years of being out of the limelight, I thought there’d probably be no reaction. I’ve just been amazed. Pleased, really. Pleased for him, although he would hate it. He wanted to make his mark in life, and he did in a very unusual way, and I think that would suit him. I don’t know, he was just such an amazingly unusual person. He was just so different and so original. I mean, we need people like him.

    Mark Radcliffe: A year on from his passing, the press coverage of Syd’s Barrett’s death reveals a great deal about how alternative culture has been embraced by the musical mainstream. Syd Barrett was not well known, but the fulsome praise lavishes on his songs and his subsequent departure reveals that the influence of this hero of the Sixties is more important than his musical output – and that is what will be revealed as his legacy.

    Let’s leave the final words to his former band mates: Rick Wright, David Gilmour, and Nick Mason.

    Nick Mason: Syd was the catalyst that produced Pink Floyd. So however talented Roger, David or Rick are, Syd deserves to take some of the credit for some of the best things that we’ve done since. I think, without Syd, there probably would not have been a ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ and probably not have been ‘The Wall’. And things that people still look fondly on today, like ‘Bike’, ‘Arnold Layne’ and things like that.

    David: Syd occupied the nether regions of all our mind at various times, and he was a brilliant, funny, intelligent, lovely chap. Just to see that whole thing disappear… It was a very troubling, very sad, thing. Not only for people like me, who knew him fairly well, but it obviously has that same thing for thousands of people who loved his work.

    Richard Wright: He was more than a product of his time. Syd was unique, and someone who is unique will write what they want, and won’t write what they feel they should write, because he had a very, sort of, individualistic way of living – of looking at life. And I sadly miss him, even now.

  3. FEd, thanks for making these Q & A’s available to us Fans…they are very interesting.

    Is there any possible way that there could be one arranged with David’s guitar tech for us guitar geeks??

    And a special thank you to Lorraine, who has done a wonderful job of presenting us with the transcription to the Radio Program.

    Hopefully I can make it to the chat tomorrow!! See you all there!

    [A Phil Taylor Q&A has been on my list for a while, but Phil is very busy right now. It may happen, it may not. – Features Editor]

  4. Yaaaay Phil answered my question about which one of Davids Guitars he would choose!

    I never realised he was going to answer so many question.

    Feat Ed you can thank Phil personally from me.

    Great that hes taken time out to do this, just like Steve and Guy previously

  5. Oooo yes I think I can make it to the chatroom tomorrow! It’s at, what is it 4:00 (UK) right, that makes it 11:00 A.M. in Canada…YESSS! Finally, I can make it to a David Gilmour chat…lol…and my friends wonder what I do during the day…” oh I basically surf the net, until I can make my way on some sort of chat” this’ll be my first time…must set my alarm so I don’t sleep in…anyways…hope your week is going good, and I’m still enjoying Phil’s questions and answers! Hope I see u guys chatting!

    Wow i wrote a whole paragraph about me trying to chat…you know you have no life…;-)

    K.C. from Canada

  6. Bless your heart, Lorraine! Thank you so very much for all your work on the transcript!

  7. [I hope to be seeing a good lot of you in chat on Friday! Being that Thursday is my birthday and all =) … ~Erin]

    It’s a date! Dark chocolate cake or maybe a strawberry shortcake? Or maybe both! In fact, I think I’ll have to fix up a real strawberry shortcake for the occasion — those virtual goodies just don’t offer much satisfaction no matter how much we try to convince ourselves.

    My ‘baby’ just turned 22 on July 18 … where does the time go? Better fix him up with some of your birthday shortcake too!

    I want to thank Lorraine for her incredible transcribing skills and her taking time out in order to allow some of us who, due to work, school or family obligations, find it difficult to listen intently to the program in its entirety — this way we can read it a little at a time when we find the time and listen to it when we can without interruption! Fantastic job Lady Lorraine!

    BarnFest is just 25 days away and I’m so looking forward to hanging out with friends, enjoying some music, listening to the river’s song, and watching the millions of stars putting on different kind of light show above our heads. David, Polly, Guy, and FEd will be here in spirit … In fact, isn’t Guy playing deejay that night on a digital broadcast? Maybe we can put in some requests!

    Peace and love!

  8. Ciao ,

    thanks again lorraine for your transcription.

    I was very moved by the words of Syd’s sister, the only one really taking care of her poor brother. Life of a lot of people is full of problems, and drugs ruined Syd Barrett life. I see this, a man behind a myth.

    Commercial reasons of music industry want to make him a “genius” etc. etc. with the aim of selling more records. That’s why there is new unuseful version of “piper” (who cares of a mono version? of a new booklet?) at a huge price.

    This thing of music industry creating myths after their death is so sad, it has always been so sad, it is quite disgusting. It is just done to sell more copies.

    My personal way to stop this is to listen to my old cd, and not to use the word “myth” for every dead man or woman killed by drugs, and their lack of control and conscience.

    I think I do not need dead myths anymore…

  9. [Sorry, there’ll have to be a separate Phil Taylor Q&A for guitar geeks.]

    We really are spoiled here!!!!

  10. Happy Wednesday,

    Lorraine – A massive thank you for reproducing all that.

    I for one enjoyed reading it immensely.

    Pete – Coventry

  11. I just listened to ‘The Thing About Syd’ on BBC Radio 2.

    Absolutely a true hero, a true genius and an amazing person.

    It goes without saying that without Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd would never have been what they were.

    Simon J

  12. god a phil taylor Q & A would be amazing.

    So many technical questions i would love to know the answers too. Just need to pick the best one of course.

  13. Hi guys,

    Just listend to ‘the thing about syd’ and really enjoyed it.

    Just wanted to day thanks to David for being interviewed for it, and all the people who made it 🙂

  14. I was away working on the weekend and didn’t have a chance to see ‘Live From Abbey Road’ until Tuesday.

    Sorry to be somewhat negative, but I was EXTREMELY disappointed that the LFAR producers edited the final guitar solo of ‘On An Island.’ They cut out one to two minutes – unacceptable! That’s one of David’s most iconic solos, and it’s inexcusable that they would just neuter the song, particularly the portion of the solo where David improvises during every performance. It wasn’t as bad of a hack job as the ‘Tonight Show,’ but a big letdown nonetheless.

    I am curious if anyone knows whether the American version of LFAR is an edited version of the international release, all so we could be treated to our customary 15 minutes of commercials per hour. If so, is there an unedited version of ‘On An Island’ available anywhere?

    Makes me more appreciative of the fact that David included the LFAR version (uncut, no less!) of ‘Astronomy Domine’ on his “Live and In Studio” bonus disc.

    While we’re dreaming, how about releasing ‘Echoes’ in its entirety from LFAR!


  15. Thanks Lorraine, Congrats Brook enjoy your prize.

    Thanks again to Phil for answering the Qs (and another of mine!!)

    G’luck all.

    Tom B

  16. Thank you Lorranie for the tireless effort in transcribing the show. It is greatly appreciated!

  17. Lo~reign’s supreme as the Queen of transcription, bless you for your herculean efforts on our behalf.

    F*Ed can these somehow be cut and pasted together and archived somewhere on the board?

    [No. – Features Editor]

  18. [This thing of music industry creating myths after their death is so sad, it has always been so sad, it is quite disgusting. It is just done to sell more copies.]

    This time, I agree with Piergiorgio; imho, it’s true, not only for Syd, but also Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley, etc…

    Music industry only wants profits, and all is good to reach that aim.

    It’s the same problem, I think, when ‘compilations’ come out.

    I was very proud that Pink Floyd remained independant and never put out any compilation, until the day ‘Echoes’ came out, I was a bit disappointed, but of course, bought it. I listened to it one time, but never again, I am not able to enjoy that random list of songs which have nothing to do with each other, and, worse, some songs are cut or remixed !

    I just wanted to express an opinion, I’m not moaning, not asking anything, I know that David, PF don’t owe us anything, if they want to do that, they do of course.

    Anyway, I had the choice to buy it or not, shame on fans weakness (it’s why music industry will always win !).

    Hope I didn’t shock anyone.


  19. Lorraine,

    Thanks to your tenacity we Floyd and Barrett fans can now enjoy a nicely transcribed document of the BBC radio special. For those of us in the States unfortunate to not have this show broadcast in our neck of the woods, this is akin to a godsend!

    Thanks so very very much,

  20. Thanks Phil for answering all these questions, including mine! You’re a great guy and did a very good job being David’s wingman on stage!

    And yes, perhaps Phil Taylor could do one Q&A for us guitar geeks…

    Take care,

  21. to lorraine: great work on the syd doc. it must have taken you hours to type it all up!!!

    i think fed had something to do with it coming out the way it did too, so thanks to you too fed.

    i’ve loved all the q&as so far. one from phil taylor would def be cool.

  22. [F*Ed can these somehow be cut and pasted together and archived somewhere on the board?]

    [No. – Features Editor]

    Well you don’t have to be so Beckhammy about it!

    Actually I understand, F*Ed…

  23. Id just like to ask why i was banned from the Chat room. On what grounds was this banning?

    [Do you really need to ask that question? Opinions are great, but if you only want to rub people up the wrong way, please go somewhere else. – Features Editor]

  24. [The Strat I use on stage is one of David’s, as I wanted to get a similar sound when duplicating parts he played on the records.]

    That is very interesting and if you think about it very obvious, no? I wonder if anyone would have realized that Phil was playing David’s guitar on stage.



  25. [While we’re dreaming, how about releasing ‘Echoes’ in its entirety from LFAR! -Posted by: John Oreovicz at July 25, 2007 01:20 PM]

    Well, that would have to remain as a dream as ‘Echoes’ was not performed in its entirety at Abbey Road. It started with the famous Gilmour guitar shuffle style – the part after the bickering rooks and whale noises – and then the last verse was sung and the rest of the song was played to the end.



  26. I didnt think i was going that far – and im not really sure who i rubbed up the wrong way, no one seemed annoyed at me. Well i apologise, i didnt mean any offense, i thought the internet was a democratic place geez.

    Well im sure you dont care but youve just lost a regular visitor to this site (which is great by the way) see you.

    [“David is a good guitarist, but not as good as… ‘On An Island’ is a good album, but not as good as…” Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but that’s not really the best way to endear yourself to a group of David’s fans (in his own chatroom). – Features Editor]

  27. [i think fed had something to do with it coming out the way it did too, so thanks to you too fed. – Victor]

    FEd had a lot to do with it coming out the way it did. I can assure you that his spelling and punctuation are a lot better than mine. Thanks FEd.

    [No problem. Thank you very much once again for going to such trouble. I hope all the fansites that pinched your transcription are thanking you, too. – Features Editor]

  28. Hi FEd

    Not that I’m OCD or anything but, I printed out Lorraine’s transcription of The Thing About Syd.

    FEd, are you having a rough day? Well, I’m sending peaceful thoughts your way.

    I don’t think I will be able to chat Friday, I’m scheduled for surgery on my left shoulder. Who knows, maybe I will catch you guys later on, while I’m still well medicated!!!

    Happy Anniversary David and Polly!(this weekend)

    Have a lovely weekend all.


    [Good luck, Penny. – Features Editor]

  29. For This Heaven sakes lorraine!

    you surely went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much for all of that..Incredible!!

    ..and thanks to you also Phil. Your answers are very insightful and much appreciated. Looking forward to more.

  30. I don’t know much about guitars, but I learned how to appreciate the guitar sounds through the beautiful music of David, his band, and Pink Floyd, of course.

    The Q&A posted for today is pretty technical for me, yet they are interesting and informative; one never ceases learning. Thank you all.

  31. I will post tomorrow.

    Did dry run to Miami Lakes Town Center today ! Didn’t get back home here until 8:30 tonight. I’m tired as can humanly be.

    Veronica, you are a GENIUS, God, I loved it there. I’ll give a more detailed account tomorrow/today.

    I tried to call Ulli and husband earlier this afternoon, but couldn’t get a hold of them. Forgot to leave a message with front desk, but I’ll call again tomorrow/today. I’ll call you tomorrow as well.

    I am knackered, beat, kaput and out……………………

    Set The Controls For The Heart of Dreamland ! I’m coming in.

    Cazart !

  32. Happy Birthday Erin!

    Enjoy your special day and hope you have a blast.

    I sure wanted to chat tonight – my finger is all bandaged up and it’s really hard to type fast. It took me almost 20 mins to do my last post.

    It’s nice to have FEd staying up in the middle of the early morning (UK time) and chat with the US folks; too bad I can’t join in, may be next time.

    p.s. Welcome to Miami, Ulli!

    [Insomnia can be a wonderful thing, can’t it? I hope your wounded finger heals soon and that Erin has a very happy birthday. – Features Editor]

  33. to lorraine

    i used your transcript for my fan floyd homepage. of course i gave you all the credits!!


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    The ancient Mayans got a whole lot right as their civilisation flourished in Mesoamerica between AD300 and AD900. They were famed for their written language, art, architecture and sophisticated mathematics and astronomy, not to mention their very community supportive attitudes. As we edge closer to 2012, the Mayan theory is gaining currency.

    There’s a swag of books on the subject including Apocalypse 2012 by Lawrence E. Joseph, who says that on the winter solstice in 2012 the sun will align with the centre of the Milky Way for the first time in about 26,000 years and “whatever energy typically streams to Earth from the centre of the Milky Way will indeed be disrupted”. That might mean the end of “Mr Whippy Ice Cream” vans as we know them.

    To be continued…

  35. Predictably, Hollywood is extracting its slice of the doomsday dollar with 2012, a family action-adventure based on the Mayan calendar and Whitley Strieber’s 2012: The War for Souls, about an academic who enters a parallel universe to stop the apocalypse. Last week in the US the History Channel screened Doomsday 2012: The End of Days, which is scheduled for Australian screens in October. I want to know about this as I’d hate to be busy painting Lorraine’s toenails and miss the end of the world.

    If the world really were going to end in five years, would you go on living the same way? Would you keep working more hours a day than you sleep, paying the mortgage or rent, putting coins in parking meters, driving under the speed limit and washing the car with a bucket? Would you care about building dams and desalination plants, Health and Safety, Gore vs Bush or fighting unwinnable wars? Hell no. You could tell everyone to piss off and do as you please.

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    Forget exercise and fruit and vegetables. Bring on the foie Gras, cream sauces, chocolate cakes, wine, women, sailors and Gilmour DVDs. Well, maybe I exaggerated on the sailors.

    To be continued…

  36. Take the good sheets, best towels, cutlery, suits and underwear out of the cupboard and use them every day. No point cellaring wine either; bring out the Grange and drink it wearing that silk dressing-gown you hide under the chenille sheets.

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    To be continued…

  37. The churches would be full of sinners desperate to repent and save their souls. Priests hardwired to fleece the gullible would stand outside selling get-out-of-hell cards like they did in the good old days before the peasants learned to read and realised the Bible wasn’t a Big Brother contest.

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    Me? I’ll believe what I like, not regurgitate what the world’s media shoves down my throat as truth.

    Have a wonderful day! I will!

    [Interesting piece. Thanks for that, George. You’ve given me something to think about over my fruit salad lunch, other than ‘food miles’. (I decline to answer your question about urinating on a politician from a great height, though.) Oh, and your house doesn’t have to be cold if you insulate it properly. That’s just cynicism. You find that you save money, not just greenhouse gas emissions, if you do. Everyone’s a winner as far as I’m concerned… and, ultimately, a loser. – Features Editor]

  38. Lorraine, you’re a saint!

    Good luck, Penny. Hope all goes well with your surgery.

    Happy birthday, Erin! Sorry I can’t join the chat on Friday…I’m off on a trip to the North Carolina mountains.

    Who else needs a personal message? Whom have I left out? Oh, congrats, Brook. I’m highly jealous of your signed program. :p

    Well, hope everyone is doing well (you too, FEd) and hope to see you all soon.


  39. Barely slept a wink. Adrenaline is coursing thru the veins. I am so pumped for Saturday night. Veronica, I’ll be in touch with you in a little while. I’ll update everyone a little bit later.

    FED, if you be the dear man/woman that you are and bear with me a little bit today.

    Ayako, please if you are able to, come on down. I pray that you’ll be make it !! And if you do bring along your sister. She came in from Japan…yet ?

    Bill Hayden, you are welcome too.

    Anybody that is checking in for any e-invites will have to be funelled to me courtesy of FED.
    FED the Negotiator. LOL, I Like that.

    Brain is definitely stuck in Interstellar Overdrive !!!

    Got to drive m’Ma off to work in a few minutes. FED, might it be possible to have an emergency chat session a little bit around 11:00 EDT, 16:00 for you. Please if you can I shall be your humble manservant for the next life !!!! : )

    Ulli…welcome ! I got to jet right now.

    Happy Birthday, Erin !!!!!

    Speedy Recovery-time for you, Penny !!!!

    Cazart !

    [If you can make it quick, as I’m up to my eyeballs right now. – Features Editor]

  40. [According to the ancient Mayans, the mob thrust onto the big screen by Mel Gibson’s 2006 film Apocalypto, 21 December, 2012, marks the end of a 5126-year cycle and the end of the world]

    Think about it….The only creatures in this huge universe that care about calendars are human beings and other aliens that don’t know any better.

    It is always amusing to me how self centred we humans are (myself included) about these sorts of things. I am sure that if the end does come for us it will be merely a blink in the the sky for everything else.

    Cheers, Howard

  41. Lorraine, you are just incredibly generous; what tremendous work!!! Thanks! Merci beaucoup!!!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  42. Thank you for giving my question to Phil and could you pass on my sincere thanks for him taking the time to answer it.

    I am so looking forward to the odeon and being able to watch the lovely memories of the concert and also seeing David play a song.

    Once again thank you so much

    5 Times

  43. I suggest a Fed Q&A … Not a wonderful idea ?


    [Mon Dieu! C’est une idée terrible. – Features Editor]

  44. Happy Thursday,

    Due to unavoidable events going on for most of the year I do seem to be playing catch up on this site recently.

    So belated birthday wishes to Frank Par and happy birthday to Erin.

    George – are we getting an insight to the future with events going on in Gloucestershire right now. Apparently there are disputes over clean water distribution.

    Pete – Coventry

  45. to erin: happy birthday. 🙂

    i disagree 100% with george maciver.

    global warming is real, it’s happening before our eyes and we all have to do something right now.

  46. What a world we live in…its so much nicer away from all the man-dness.

    Perhaps we should stay on an island?

  47. *PETITION*

    I agree with Michele, let’s do a petition to do a Fed Q&A! We need 100 signatures in two days 🙂

    [If there’s one thing I don’t need over the next two days, it’s 100 signatures… – Features Editor]

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    If the black hadnt a-pulled her off, I think she would have killed them
    A soldier with a broken arm, fixed his stare to the wheels of a cadillac
    A cop knelt and kissed the feet of a priest, and a queer threw up at the sight of that

    I think I saw you in an ice-cream parlour, drinking milk shakes cold and long
    Smiling and waving and looking so fine, dont think
    You knew you were in this song
    And it was cold and it rained so I felt like an actor
    And I thought of ma and I wanted to get back there
    Your face, your race, the way that you talk
    I kiss you, youre beautiful, I want you to walk

    Weve got five years, stuck on my eyes
    Five years, what a surprise
    Weve got five years, my brain hurts a lot
    Five years, thats all weve got
    Weve got five years, what a surprise
    Five years, stuck on my eyes
    Weve got five years, my brain hurts a lot
    Five years, thats all weve got
    Weve got five years, stuck on my eyes
    Five years, what a surprise
    Weve got five years, my brain hurts a lot
    Five years, thats all weve got
    Weve got five years, what a surprise
    Weve got five years, stuck on my eyes
    Weve got five years, my brain hurts a lot
    Five years, thats all weve got
    Five years
    Five years
    Five years
    Five years…

  49. Example of a F*Ed Q&A

    F*Ed, Are you a man or a woman?
    F*Ed, Are you smaller than a breadbox?
    F*Ed, Do you rhyme with orange?

    See what he means folks,it would be a disaster… 🙂

    [Bread box, bin or crock? – Features Editor]

  50. [Bread box, bin or crock? – Features Editor]

    In the immortal words of Homer Simpson…


  51. BTW, i know it’s David and Polly’s anniversary !!!

    Gathering on’s going on in Miami. July 28th.

    Hmmmm. Coincidence ? I think not.

    BTW, Lorraine…..BIG TIME KUDOS TO YOU, we will toast to YOU as well come Saturday evening. xxooxxoo


    And with glasses high…we raised a cry…for freedom had arrived…

    I’m already raising a cyber toast to David and Polly !!!

    Peace and Love To All !!!! Hugs !! Cazart !

  52. I’m gonna party like it’s 2011!!!!!!

    I think the end of the world will happen like this:

    I find a nice booth at the diner down the street. I called my wife earlier, I’m still waiting for her to get there…where the heck is she? Boy, there are some strange people in this place. Oh, a juke box…what should I put on?

    “Just a small town girl
    Livin’ in a lonely world
    She took the midnight train
    Goin’ anywhere”

    Oh, there’s the wife. She sites down and looks at the menu. Where’s my daughter?

    “A singer in a smokey room
    A smell of wine and cheap perfume
    For a smile they can share the night
    It goes on and on and on and on”

    Oh, there she is, coming through the door…

  53. Looks like the bottom of my message got chopped off!

    [‘Fraid so. It’s been a week of several-part-posts, so, go on, send us another. – Features Editor]

  54. George,

    What did Dr. Melfi say to Tony when she caught him naked and going to the bathroom on her office plant?

    “I used to think you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts”

    (credit:Austin Powers)

  55. Can I just say that I managed to see David’s rendition of Don’t yesterday. It absolutely blew me away.

    It was was (as we say in Wales) lush!

    Simon J

    [Proper lush, innit? – Features Editor]

  56. I’m sorry for the confusion.

    It said “Don’t Stop…”

    A reference to the ending of the Sopranos.

  57. Belated thank you Lorraine for your transcriptions. I am looking for a new secretary and you look like a prime candidate.

    Interesting words George. I can’t see the end of the world yet as I am busy waiting for it to start.

    Ian Pearson

  58. “I can’t see the end of the world yet as I am busy waiting for it to start. ~ Ian Pearson”

    That is brilliant Ian.

    It works as both song lyric as well as a nifty graduation quote!

  59. “I used to think you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts”

    ‘Your’ is possessive, as in ‘this is yours’. You’re is the abbreviation for ‘you are’. No wonder the world is going to pot . . .

  60. Hey u guys! Chatting mascot speaking!

    FEd you’ve done really well with this site,and I had soo much fun talking to all you guys, and I felt really welcome…so thank you very much! I’m sure that I’ll return when I’m available!

    Hey for anyone that remembers last night in the chat…(remember that night)…POMPEII!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… lol… hope to chat with u later!

    K.C. (mascot) from Canada

    [Glad you could join us, Kim. Do come along to the next one. – Features Editor]

  61. [“I used to think you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts”]

    [‘Your’ is possessive, as in ‘this is yours’. You’re is the abbreviation for ‘you are’. No wonder the world is going to pot . . . – Posted by: GeorgeMaciver at July 26, 2007 07:56 PM]

    But George, is it possible that your nuts were on display….



  62. To a stellar Gilmourette..

    Happy Birthday Erin!!..Cheers to you and hope this day will bring forth fond memories for the future.

  63. Poked my head out from under my rock to see the US cinema locations, but they ain’t there yet 🙁


    [They will be here within the hour. – Features Editor]

  64. working late again, fed?

    i’m excited for our friends in the states. i hope it’s a long list and everyone gets a chance to see this show without needing to travel too far and contributing to global warming!!!

    fed, how many cinemas are there?

    [111 cinemas in the States… and, looking also at the time of your post, surely that’s a sign to pick ‘1’ and ’11’ when you next play the lottery? – Features Editor]

  65. [But George, is it possible that your nuts were on display….]

    Possibly, possibly, stranger things have happened 8)

  66. Vaguely related to this site, fact of the day:

    Island on an island on an island

    There are several places where islands on islands in turn have lakes with islands – triple islands. The largest known example is a 2 acre / 0.8 ha island in the largest lake on Glover Island, Newfoundland.

  67. Sleep, sleep, I know that I’m only dreaming…..

    Adrenalin left, I’m falling…falling to pieces.

    Yay !!! Pictureshow time coming ! I hope its the same theater where I caught Mermaid performance. If anybody that comes has ‘Island Jam’, bring it, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease !

    I’m going. Circuit board in me brain pan done went kaput. No reserves left. Must sleep

    Goodnight and good luck.

    Heart beat….thump..thump…

    As long as the kids go, Hollywood awaits at the end of the rainbow…

    Cazart !

  68. [‘Your’ is possessive, as in ‘this is yours’. You’re is the abbreviation for ‘you are’. No wonder the world is going to pot . . . – Posted by: GeorgeMaciver]

    “I can see your nuts”, as in yours, as in you possess them…that’s the joke

    Hey it worked for Mike Myers…

    Put down the Hooka, George… ;p

  69. hi

    i know there is no link with the subject, but i heard a few months ago, that the Abbey Road movie will be edited on dvd and be on sale in the summer.

    I would like to know what about this news ? I visited amazon and nothing was there about it.

    thx a lot

    [If we hear anything about it, we’ll tell you. As we’ve been saying for months, there is talk of a DVD, but there is no guarantee that David’s performance will be on it. – Features Editor]

  70. [surely that’s a sign to pick ‘1’ and ’11’ when you next play the lottery? – fed]

    fed, i’ll give it a go. if i win more than a million, i’ll cut you in. :p

    [It’s a deal. – Features Editor]

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