LFAR reminder


Don’t forget ‘The Thing About Syd’ on Saturday, BBC Radio 2 at 8PM (UK time). David is one of many interviewed for this new documentary about the Madcap genius.

You can listen online, with live streaming, or you can ‘Listen Again’ – a feature that allows you to repeat the programme as many times as you like for a period of seven days following the original broadcast.

To ‘Listen Again’, please see the purple/lilac box on the right of the Radio 2 homepage (where it says “Listen to your favourite shows anytime”) and click LISTEN. This will open the BBC Radio Player.

Fans in the United States can see David’s excellent ‘Live From Abbey Road’ performance on the Sundance Channel tonight.

If you miss tonight’s broadcast at 10PM E/P, there are plenty of repeats coming up. The Sundance Channel will be showing it again on Saturday (at 2AM), Sunday (at 9PM) and Tuesday (at 6PM).

I hope you enjoy it as much as Dick Parry (above) seemed to when he was at the recording.

The Sundance Channel is available via satellite and cable television.

If you spot the series in your local TV listings, do let us know when and where others can see it.

Here’s the latest from Phil. Our thanks to everybody who submitted a question for him.

Phil answered a good batch of questions, so please appreciate that he will not be answering any additional ones, no matter how good they are. I’m sorry if you missed out.

And please hold on to your questions for David. I’m not ready for them just yet, but look forward to seeing what you’ve come up with.

I’ll open the floodgates towards the end of next week, possibly the week after.

What were the stand-out moments from the ‘On an Island’ tour for you? (Victor)

So many. Playing the Royal Albert Hall with all those guests…

I noticed huge grins on your face both nights at Massey Hall as David did extended solo flights during a few numbers. If you recall at all, what was going through your mind at the time? (Buffalo Phil)

That he was giving it a bit of welly and enjoying himself.

I loved watching you perform because you have such a groovy “wiggle” when you play. Are you able to let go and enjoy the music or are you focused on the piece at hand – or are the two not mutually exclusive? (Nickster)

Steady on there, Nickster. The resident PR is reading the answers! It’s good to lose yourself in the music, provided that you don’t lose your place in the music.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

107 thoughts on “LFAR reminder”

  1. To all my friends in the US… Enjoy!

    … and in the coming weeks you will have to see if you can beat the total number of times that Lorraine has watched it 😉


    “Ok Dick £25,000 – deal or no deal?”

    “Eh, no deal ”

    the gentlemen behind Dick braces himself as the tag is pulled and the box opened……

    Rgds geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. My world stops spinning tonight so that I can tune to Sundance…

    Aww, I feel like a kid preparing to leave an amusement park. Are we really almost done with the rides?…

  4. Caption:

    Dick thought it would be funny to intersperse ‘Smile’ with helicopter, drill and telephone noises from his new keyboard that he’d just aquired from Argos.

    Hmmm, I can’t think of a question to ask the great Mr. Gilmour – apart from the usual, ‘can you come and live with me?’ Maybe I can come up with something by next week…

    Hope all’s well.
    x x x

  5. FEd!! For the love of god, put me out of my misery and let me know the answer to yesterdays ‘name that tune’!! I’m flippin’ out here 🙂

    Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. Smile or High Hopes. aaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!*****!!!

    [It was ‘Smile’. – Features Editor]

  6. to phil:

    thanks for answering my question. the rah was also the highlight for me. i def remember that night.

  7. I just changed my cable package so that I’ll get the Sundance channel tonight! Thanks for the reminder Fed.

    And thank you Phil for answering so many questions!!! It was a great read!

    [There are lots more to come… – Features Editor]

  8. [That he was giving it a bit of welly and enjoying himself.]

    OK. I am a pretty good command of the English language…but I could use a translation on this. A bit of a welly? Must be a British expression. Hope he wasn’t trying to say a bit of a woody.



    [A bit of oomph. It means he was giving it his all, putting everything into it. – Features Editor]

  9. Ciao.

    Fed, forgot about the winner (or non-loser) of BLOTTO??

    [I haven’t, but I need to make time to double-check all the entries so that I can be sure who has won. I was hoping that more people would come forward and give their totals, saving me the hard work (nobody completed a line), but the winner hasn’t done that so far. – Features Editor]

  10. Like you said, it sure will be a floodgate at the end of the week….probably thousamds of questions coming in…EEK! The anxiety…:-)

    Anyways, thanks for the updates, and I hope everyone else is holdin up, wherever you are!

    Thank You so very much!


  11. I like Dick Parry, he always looks like an easy going man ! Maybe, one day, there will be a ‘Q&A’ about him…

    Lucky North American fans, who have both appropriate cinemas and TV channels to watch David ! Enjoy !

    And, you, Andrew, maybe you will now use and teach me nicer/sweeter acronyms than ‘WTF’, ‘SNAFU’, or ‘FFS’ (the three ones in one single comment ! I expected better from you !). Some research on the net allowed me to understand… hmm…

    Will anyone teach me, one day, an English/Welsh/American acronym without ‘F’ ???


    [I wouldn’t expect so. I would like to say that Dick Parry is a top man, though. – Features Editor]

  12. Live From Abbey Road tonight, finally!!

    My anticipation strangely resembles that of my younger self sitting on the living room floor on a Sunday evening waiting to see the Beatles on Ed Sullivan!

    Wooo-Hooo …


  13. Oh Fed, thank God I beat my kids to the computer this morning! Today is my son’s 8th birthday and it looks like I’m getting a gift of my own around 9 pm tonight courtesy of Sundance channel. We’ve been having a sucky week and this could be the boost I’ve needed.

    Can’t wait til tonight!

    Love to all in DG world—-


    [Hope your son enjoys his day, Elizabeth (and you enjoy the show, of course). – Features Editor]

  14. Nice analogy, Gabrielle. One I can definitely relate to…. 😀

    Hello, everybody! How’s it going, FEd?

    I’m really having fun with all the stuff that’s happening or about to happen or being hinted at. You are giving it more than a bit of welly! And I thank you for it all.


  15. Universal HD in the states has been running ads this month for Sundance programming starting in August. One of the shows they are highlighting is Live From Abbey Road.

    In the commercial they are highlighting Norah Jones and John Mayer, who appeared on the first episode. So it appears they will be rerunning the series in high definition starting in August on UniveralHD.

    UniversalHD hasn’t published their schedule yet for August so I don’t have any dates yet for when David’s episode will be re-aired.

    Have a good week everyone.

  16. Fed- I got 5 on blotto, but I think someone said they got 6.

    Draw from the best 10??? Please??? He he he.

    Have a great day.

  17. Thank you Phil for taking the time to answer all of our questions. It was a thrill to see you responding to one of mine!

    (And thank you Andrew for helping to decipher the answer for me! I assumed it meant something along those lines, but it’s nice to get a proper translation.)

  18. WooHoo LFAR!

    FEd, I love the Name that Tune game…Is it going to be a contest or just a fun way to kill time?

    By the way, I was watching Television the other night and I saw David with Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, and they were performing Elvis Presley’s Don’t. I dont know when it was from, but it was good.

    [Name That Tune is just something to pass the time. The concert you mentioned would be the Leiber and Stoller tribute from 2001, later released on DVD as ‘A Tribute To The King’. David’s rendition of ‘Don’t’ is also one of the extras on his ‘In Concert’ DVD. – Features Editor]

  19. All right, Dick Parry!

    Thanks to the great Parry, I got my jazz major buddy into the Floyd (and subsequently, On An Island). We watch P.U.L.S.E and wish we had the Dick Parry Experience t-shirts.

    Good to be back to the Blog!

  20. I saw the show a day early on my local cable “On Demand” channel.

    It is amazing! I will watch it again tonight too!

  21. Dear Editor

    Is it possible to tell me the price of the “Remember that night” DVD cause i wanna give the money to one of my relatives to send it from U.S…because i know the DVD won’t come in our country!

    [Sorry. Until it’s released, I cannot say how much it will cost. I simply don’t know. – Features Editor]

  22. Hullo FED and All,

    Well I am so looking forward to going over to a friend’s house tonight and watch LFAR. I ‘ve been waiting for this day. I really wanted to be “home” with Lisa and watch this, but lately we have been “two distant ships on the horizon”.

    And it just doesn’t seem right for me to watch it by myself either. It would be nicer to watch it with company as long as they don’t talk during the important parts !

    Great picture of Mr. Parry !

    Okay, now let me get down to brass tacks. FED, a pity you’re on “the other side of the pond”.

    Here is the rundown of “The Agenda / Itinerary” for next weeks Gathering :

    7:00 p.m. – 7:45 > Meet & Greet

    7:45 – 9:45, 10:00 > Drinks & Food @ establishment of “our” choosing. Hopefully, there’ll be a consensus ! During which we can all share our experiences and relate any anecdotes & stories of concerts and what have you. I am strongly encouraging that we all bring at least one item of interest, besides t-shirts ! ( ie.: concert tickets, pictures, posters, programs, autographed items, etc., etc. ).

    9:45, 10:00 – 10:30, 10:45 > Rendezvous @ meet up spot and maybe continue with more discussions and bonding as such. Wind down so to speak. Perhaps make a decision as to whether we should possibly have an “After-Party” or not. That is contingent.

    10:45, 11:00 – ???? > Possible “After-Party” @ place of choice.

    To be continued…

  23. Hey FEd,

    How has your week gone, so far?

    I totally agree with you Gabrielle! Although I was just about 5 1/2 years old at the time, I still remember the anticipation and the excitement. Tonight feels very much the same. I fell giddy.

    I have set my DVR to record all LFAR showings, so I don’t miss David’s performance.


    [Not bad, Penny. How about you? – Features Editor]

  24. Yea!! LFAR tonight…popcorn and hoping my boyfriend doesn’t say a word to me tonight. HAHA.

    Happy Belated B-day to Frank.

    Renee B.

  25. [Piper at the Gates of Dawn is certainly being given the gold star treatment this year. The expanded version will include 3-cds and a 12 page reproduction of Syd Barret’s notebook.]

    i found this somewhere in yesterdays blog, i don’t know how i feel about the notebook reproduction. is this really going to happen?


  26. Please forgive my whine….

    Don’t have Sundance channel…am leaving town to see my 90 year old dad. (he doesn’t have it either.) And no one I know has it. Gosh darn.

    Will console myself with the lovely dvd in Sept.

    Bloggers..enjoy the show and please report in.

    Have a great weekend all,

  27. Drat!!!..No Sundance channel provided in my location..Do tell details you lucky S.O.B.’s fortunate enough to watch tonight.

    What a pleasent photo to greet us on the blog today.Surely a Smile that could launch a thousand ships.

    Any chance for Q.& A.’s from Mr. Parry in the future?

    [Maybe. That would be good. – Features Editor]

  28. YEA! Just finished watching LFAR!!!

    Man, that was great! Hey, that bow at the end was to us bloggers clapping in the balcony at the end…. we couldn’t make a peep until they were done, then we let loose…

    Wow, did that actually happen? Did I say thanks to Tomasz yet? Dude man, thanks for the opportunity to accompany you…and thanks to DG and crew for the opportunity and coming up to chat a bit.

    Am I happy? Can you tell?

  29. Michèle,

    How about WYWH…but being into PF, you should know what that is.

    TTFN and thanks.


  30. We enjoyed “Live from Abbey Road”; you can tell they were enjoying themselves and having a good time.

    Thank you and have a nice weekend everyone!

    p.s. Raymond, don’t forget to send me the e-invitation for the get-together.

  31. All I’d like to say and see is Mr. Parry switch from Tenor to Alto sax midstream on SOYCD.

    What a classic move for the DVD.

  32. RE BLOTTO.

    I think i got 7? but as i said earlier i only posted 22 tracks instead of 23. Which either invalidates my entry…or, im such a smart arse that i could guess 7 from only 22 that i deserve a special prize (how about a nice big hat with a D on it?)

  33. Is it me or are the ‘Guess that Tune’ images becoming a little more difficult?

    Must be ‘Smile’ again . . .

  34. Off topic but related to a previous news item…

    I was driving in to work this morning in the hammering rain, lightning, and everything else that the British summer throws at us, and I had the Terry Wogan show (BBC Radio 2) on the radio (yeah, I know!).

    They played a short but sweet ad for tomorrow evening’s Syd Barrett doc, with David talking about what a nice guy Syd was. Certainly sounds an interesting – nay, essential – listen, and even Terry Wogan was moved to say “Excellent” when the trailer finished… praise indeed! 😉

    Have a good weekend all.

  35. I have always loved those sax solos from DSotM and WYWH; was so glad when Dick Parry turned up again. And I’m sure that, had I been able to attend a show last year, that Dick Parry would have been a highlight of the show for me.

    My only worry regarding Dick is that I wish he had more to do. Judging from the Mermaid film I saw at Regal Cinemas, in which Dick came onstage for one solo out of an hour-long concert, he must spend a lot of time backstage waiting for his part in the music.

  36. Continued…

    Note: There’s a reason I want people to contact me at either my e-mail address or telphone # [if you receive e-invitation ]. I would like to have The List of The Invited so as to ascertain what and how we would possibly make any necessary changes. For instance, I may need to be required to obtain a permit for such a Gathering if attendance exceeds expectations.

    Also, please govern yourselves accordingly. After all we are adults, so to speak, and I do not want to be “bothered with” policing anybody upon inappropiate conduct. I will assume limited liability only. We are to enjoy ourselves ! So let’s be good. After all, we are ambassadors of Mr. Gilmour / Pink Floyd, so let’s act as such. Who knows, this might turn out to be an annual event !

    So for anybody expressing interest in attending our quaint humble assembly, please let FED know, so he may be able to pass along your information so I may send you an e-invitation. I am also encouraging that any of you to extend the chance for others to attend. The more the merrier.

    Alright, I’ve just about knackered myself out here. I need to recharge my batteries, so to speak. So far to date the count is over 10, spread the word ! Invited may bring guests. It’s no skin off of my back.

    I want to thank you, Veronica, for taking care of the banner problem. Thanks a million ! You too, FED, you have been a helpful friend for me and to me. Again, tops in my book !!!!!!!

    Looking forward to next Saturday !!!

    Peace and Love To All !!! Cazart!

  37. Happy Friday all,

    LFAR was great. Another great piece to add to my collection.

    Now I can finally get rid of the Sundance channel for it has nothing on it worth keeping it for $13.00 a month. Got to see all the artists I wanted to see on LFAR.

    So looking forward to the DVD. It will bring back lots of memories.

  38. I have been taught to appreciate music from a young age. I am now 47 and am a professional artist (painter). I have been thru much. It is God and painting and music that has gotten me thru those times. I could escape thru paint and the paintings you did with notes.

    My love of Floyd spilled over to my sister, I got the opportunity to take her to see you in Ohio. She had a heart condition and is now gone, now the love of Floyd is in our boys. I hope that I am able to take them to see you in concert before my days are gone…… I do understand the time away from your own family and have an idea of the madness of the road.

    Anyway, thank you again. May God touch your family with a special blessing this day.

    An old fan

  39. LFAR was excellent. I was trying to see if I could see any bloggers, but it was to dark. I really liked the other two artists that were featured also. But of course fave was David. I really liked the relaxed atmosphere.

    Have a wonderful weekend to all. Fed take it easy this weekend. Becks hopefully will be playing tomorrow against Chelsea FC…I might head over to Carson to see it.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca (Beckhamland) USA

  40. Hello FED and All !!!

    Well I missed LFAR last night, but I hope to catch it tomorrow night @ my Grandmohter’s house, gin & tonic in hand. I just got done speaking with Veronica and she brought up something to me.

    I haven’t seen Bill Hayden in here for a little while now, but I do wish to extend the Invitation to him. If you are out there somewhere, Bill, please consider yourself invited. I have enjoyed your posts as well and I think you’d be a wonderful addition to our little soiree. As you are, I believe a Fort Lauderdale resident, take it in coonsideration that you are welcome as well.

    Anyhoo, I hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay safe and be cool. Well, I am going to be checking my inbox in a moment here as I have to take care of some business this evening. With any luck, Lisa won’t renege on our possible rendezvous tonight.

    FED, I hope you have a good weekend. Well it’s time for me to shuck some fresh oysters, dinner-time is approaching nigh !

    Peace and Love To All !!! Cazart !

  41. Talk of meet ups reminds me there was once talk of a UK gathering F’ed.

    Did it come to nought or has it happened and nobody told me ? 🙁

    [It came to nought. – Features Editor]

  42. Just curious..who’s the Gent beside Dick and what role does he play in all of this?

    [Security. If I gave a name, I’d have to kill you. Curiosity killed the cat and all. – Features Editor]

  43. Well I thought seeing David and his band playing in the Abbey Road Special was great, But for some reason I thought that they had played 4 songs. I’m not complaining for it was really done well, But right when your getting into it the music it’s over.

    Now I really can’t wait to see the concert when it is released in September.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend.

    Take Care,

  44. LOVE the new loop-thing!!!

    Have a great weekend everybody; and don’t forget to watch Abbey Rd. again in the U.S. !!!


  45. [I was trying to see if I could see any bloggers, but it was too dark. – Renee B]

    At best, you see my sky blue pair of jeans in a couple shots! LOL!

    True story: those were the last time I wore those jeans….they ripped down the crotch the next day at Heathrow when I ducked under a crowd barrier to make my flight…

    …it was quite “breezy” on the flight back…

  46. Nice post Annette, keep well.

    Have a nice weekend all and Thanks! I’m off this week to relax. See ya on Wednesday. Wife and our dog are going swimming on the beach in Wasaga. Maybe play a few tunes too. Oh Yeah!

  47. OMG! Thank You for the Island Loops! What a great idea. This site truly is first class all the way.

    Wishing all a great weekend.


  48. The OAIpod is a great addition and the loops are interesting to hear – overture 5 is a trip.

    LFAR on Sundance was excellent and I hope to catch the repeats this weekend.

    I just got sucked into MySpace for the first time and I’m now up way too late checking it out. The DG page is a fun extension of the website, thanks for the convenient push-button access.

    I can’t believe how huge the MySpace network is. I mistakenly thought it was mainly for teenagers or something – I should venture out from under my rock more often.

  49. Hey you,how are you?Hope everything is ok.

    It’s my birthday today and here in Italy it’s a sunny day with 40°!It’s f….n’ hot…how are you Fed?I would like to have a talk with David today,it would be the greatest gift of my whole life.

    So,that’s just my dream.Tonight there’s a great party at my home so if you want to fly to Italy Fed you’ll be welcome.Obviously,the whole band is invited.:-)

    That’s all Fed.I’ll be listening to David’s albums all night long.Have a nice weekend you all and have a rest from your hard work.


    [Hope you had a great birthday, Piero. – Features Editor]

  50. caption:

    Dick’s first televised ventriloquism performance doesn’t go quite according to plan!

    “psst! psst! I’ve forgotten the dummy!”

    sorry if this has already been mentioned, there’s so much going on here my weekly visit is inadequate to keep up!

    got my ticket for september for the cameo in edinburgh and was told that there’s no booking, just a case of turn up early if you dont want to be disappointed

    hope everyone in the DG-verse is doing ok?

  51. ON AN ISLAND LOOPS. Cool! Great idea and beautiful design.


    [Thanks very much, all, for the comments about the media player and loops. The webmaster put it together recently. I’ll let him know that you like it. – Features Editor]

  52. Thanks to Mr. Manzanera for taking the time to respond to our questions. It’s been great fun reading your answers, Phil!

    Now about LFAR, that was great! Can’t wait for a repeat =)

    Oh, and the new OAIPod addition to the Stuff & Nonesense page is pretty cool!

    Thank you to everyone who made that possible!

  53. LFAR, I’ll be catching the re-run tonight…I only caught the tail end on Thursday, but it looked fantastic.

    The OAIpod…beautiful. Kudos all around on that one. Never have we seen such a responsive site!

  54. Tim C, the UK meetup was shelved as I somehow knew something would come along a bit later, a nice convenient time for us all to meet up, like the DVD Premiere. 🙂

  55. Hi FEd,

    LFAR was, of course, wonderful, simply wonderful. It was nice to see a bit of Polly, she’s so stunning.

    I’m all worn out. I took one of my girls to veterinarian camp on Tues and picked her up Fri. Each round trip was almost 400 miles, which made 2 very loooooooong days for me.

    Coming home to LFAR was very nice.

    Have a peaceful weekend FEd.


  56. Just listened to most of the BBC Radio 2 documentary about Syd and it was great.

    I’ll listen to it again in the week.

  57. Just finished listening to “The thing about Syd” on Radio 2 and wonder if I am in minority in feeling there was something or someone missing. Anyone else notice it?

    I know its not popular but there is a danger of making icons out of people or things that appear to be no longer with us. It’s an easy trap to fall into and one which I and I daresay many here fall into time and time again.

    Just my sober thought on a drunken night.

    Good though to be recognised for what one is rather than what one thinks we are.

    Ian Pearson

  58. Just woke up an hour ago to the threatening thunder storm … that was 3:38 p.m. Miami time. Missed ½ an hour on the Live BBC Radio 2 ”The Thing about Syd”. Unfortunately, the program was disrupted on and off and a pop up screen finally came up and advised that they were experiencing severe technical problems and that many programs were unavailable. I guess I have to catch the “listen again” later.

    Last night, I indulged myself to the “cool” tunes on the ISLAND LOOPS over and over again; as well as exploring David Gilmour MySpace throughout the night up till 4 a.m. in the morning. I enjoyed every moment of it.

    Great job and congrats on these new enhancements – I thoroughly enjoyed them and am very much impressed. Thank you.

    Have a wonderful weekend all –

    p.s. Ayako – hope you are able to join us at the gathering on July 28?

  59. Thanks Fed for the heads up on the GilTunes, I feel a cold beer and Puff coming on.

    Later good people.


  60. Wow, that OAI Pod is really a great new rocking feature!

    My big thanks to Veronica and Raymond for organizing the Miami Blogies´ get-together!

    Have ya all a great weekend!


  61. I listened to “The Thing About Syd” last night and the most memorable thing to me was when David was speaking about in the intro on “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. He said: “These four notes just fell out of my guitar”. Gosh, I love it when he says that. I have heard him say that somewhre before and my reaction was exactly the same.

    It was nice to her Syd’s sister, Rosemary speaking fondly about Syd.

    Best regards.


  62. [I somehow knew something would come along a bit later, a nice convenient time for us all to meet up, like the DVD Premiere :-)]

    Thanks Nate

    Well if there are any bloggers at the Cambridge showing, I’ll be wearing the OAI blue shirt and looking handsome as ever – so do come up and say Hi. I may even wear my cowboy hat ….

  63. We just finished watching David Gilmour In Concert … that song “Sonnet 18” by David on his Astoria … magnificent and beautiful and, Mr. David Gilmour put on his suit for that song, very handsome, prim and proper if I may add.

    By the way, I’ve tried over and over again; but I still can’t access “The Thing about Syd” – it’s just my luck!

    [It isn’t working for me, either. – Features Editor]

  64. This site keeps getting better and better – didn’t think that was possible but you’ve managed to do it again.

    My thanks to all that have worked so hard to make this a place that DG music lovers like me, keep coming back to, again and again.


    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  65. I couldn’t listen to the “The Thing about Syd”. It just says that the link is not available.

    I love the new OAIPod. It’s a nice addition. Will we have the chance to win one of those, fully loaded with all of David’s solo work and tons of his unreleased material and some photos???

    Just kidding, but would be nice:)


  66. [I couldn’t listen to the “The Thing about Syd”. It just says that the link is not available – Mel]

    I had the same problem yesterday evening, Mel. We can put together our prayers and hope it will start working soon.


  67. I love the OAIPod! It could well become my new working ambiance.

    Throw caution to the wind and put them all together on a CD, perhaps even mixed into each other 🙂

    I’m loving Overture 4 at the moment – the cumbus background and waves are mesmerising! It’s also the perfect track for a competition…for people to use as a backing track to perhaps solo over?

    Thanks to all the DG people for this lovely new aural addition. I now need these tracks in my real ipod so I can take serenity on the road with me…


  68. Howdy FEd,

    How did your weekend go? We had our usual Saturday game night with our friends. (cards, board games, etc)

    Isn’t David and Polly’s anniversary this week?

    Love the OAIpod!


    [Yes, on Sunday. I had a really nice weekend, thanks for asking. Did nothing terribly exciting, but tied up a few loose ends and felt quite productive by the end of it. I also adopted a rhino. Click your name to see him. (Not that I’m trying to indoctrinate, you understand.) – Features Editor]

  69. This is only the fist ten minutes, so it may take a while! 🙂

    The Thing About Syd
    Part One

    Hello, I’m Mark Radcliffe and welcome to a special programme exploring the life and music of Syd Barrett. With comments from writers, family and artists, we’ll reveal ‘The Thing About Syd’.

    Unknown: He represents Britain letting go and, if you have to look at an example of a British musician who let go the most, it’s Syd, and what he did with Pink Floyd.

    Nick Mason: In some ways, I’d hate to view the, sort of, sixties with too over-rosy glasses, but it was interesting how many different styles were going on at the time. And I think the agenda was entirely set by Syd’s writing. He was a great talent, but he was also bloody difficult.

    Richard Wright: There were two Syds. There’s the pre-acid and the post-acid. And the pre-acid Syd was just the most wonderful, open and flamboyant guy, and clearly we were all hoping he’d get better and all desperately trying as hard as possible to keep him in the band – because we all loved him.

    David Gilmour: Syd’s intelligence and wit and humour are the things that don’t necessarily come across. My fond memories of him are not really related to the music.

    Unknown: Syd has an eternal youth because, in some sense, he died in 1968, you know? In some way. But he didn’t die, and so you couldn’t have that celebration of what he was and what he’d done and what he’d achieved until he finally did die. And then suddenly people realised, my God, how important he was.

    Mark Radcliffe: The passing of Syd Barrett just over a year ago in an average semi-detached house in a quiet Cambridge street not only brought to a close one of the most unusual chapters in British Popular music, but also an end to the speculation surrounding this unique icon of the sixties.

    To be continued…

  70. FEd,

    I just saw the news report about the flooding. Are you guys alright? Did you get any flooding in your area? Believe me, I know what its like. We just went through that here, in Texas.

    Stay dry and safe.


    [No flooding where I am, thankfully. – Features Editor]

  71. I have just finished listening to “The Thing About Syd” and am sitting here with a lump in my throat. What a lovely broadcast. There’s just so much in there that I had no idea about and it was all put together so well.

    Just one think though – Roger’s input seems conspicuously absent, given that all his other friends and bandmates recounted their experiences of Syd.

    I’m definitely going to have to give that a listen again. Anyone who hasn’t given it a listen should do so asap! There’s a lot of music cut through it and it makes for fantastic listening. Whoever the producer/writer/editor on it did a top job imho – the music clips perfectly and appropriately placed. Also the studio outtakes were a nice touch.

    Anyhow…work beckons….I hope everone is well and that all the UK bloggers are above water.

    Presumably David’s houseboat is ideally suited to this weather?!


  72. Thank you very much to our ‘WEb’ for that OAIPod addition !

    My favourite loop is Overture 2, haunting …

    That reminds me, exactly one year ago, the first OAI contest: “List any five words that spring to mind when you listen to ‘Castellorizon'”, and my T-shirt ! Oh ! time flies…so much behind us…but,…still far to go ?…I hope so…


  73. I genuinely enjoyed the show, for someone who isn’t in the maniac category of Syd fan

    whilst RW was probably on tour at the time the show was being recorded (???), I thought there were some nice and honest reminisces of the times by Pink Floyd.

    It was nice to hear richard and nick talk with some regularity in the show and to hear that the original manager admit to backing the wrong horse. definitely a different perspective after the show.

    it is always better to hear from the people who were there, rather than second hand


  74. The Thing About Syd
    Part Two

    Mark Radcliffe: Syd Barrett was originally Pink Floyd’s front man and composer. He went on to record two intriguing solo albums. But his drug taking shattered his mental faculties and he disappeared into a reclusive existence in the orbit of his loving family in Cambridge for the second half of his life.

    On the announcement of Syd’s death, queues of artists too numerous to mention sang Barrett’s praise and genius to a hungry media. In this programme, we check out the surprising press interest, explore his music and strip away the mystery surrounding Syd Barrett with those who knew and loved him.

    It’s a remarkable story which begins on the sixth of January 1946, when Syd was born Roger Barrett, the fourth of five children. He was a musical child, performing piano recitals with sister, Rosemary, around the Cambridge area.

    As a teenager, he showed promise in art and was getting noticed locally. Cambridge pal, David Gilmour:

    David: Syd was the sort of person that people would look at in the street. Even when he was fourteen, people would point him out and say “That’s Syd Barrett,” or Roger Barrett. But he was already sort of a legend at a very, very early age.

    Rosemary: Very, very charismatic. As a child he was a clown. He was very attractive and he was exceptionally gifted. He always had loads and loads of friends, because he was such fun. He was always laughing and always had huge sparkle in his eyes.

    Mark Radcliffe: At sixteen, Barrett enrolled at Cambridge Tech to study art. Also there, learning languages, was David Gilmour.

    To be continued…

  75. The Thing About Syd
    Part Three

    David: We spent all our lunchtimes learning songs like ‘Come On’ by the Rolling Stones and lots of Bo Diddley stuff. We were learning the guitar together and we wanted to go off and do it. I mean, I don’t remember Syd ever saying he was definitely going to be an artist, or he was definitely going to be a musician. He could have been pretty much anything he wanted to be, I suspect.

    Mark Radcliffe: It was around this time (the early Sixties) that Roger Barrett adopted the name ‘Syd’ after a local Trad-Jazz drummer he admired – and it stuck – but Cambridge was getting too small for him. He enrolled at Camberwell Art School and moved to London in the summer of ’64.

    By now his Cambridge chums, Roger Waters and Bob Klose, were also in the capital studying architecture at Regent Street Poly. They were also making music with drummer, Nick Mason.

    This motley, but intelligent, gang of musicians, architects and friends hung out at Mike Leonard’s house in Highgate, North London, where Roger and Nick were living.

    Nick Mason: The relationship with Mike Leonard was slightly curious anyway because, yes, he was our landlord, but actually he was our part-time tutor at the Regent Street Poly. He actually played keyboards in the band for a while. So, yes, it was a slightly sort of… unusual relationship. But this was not a sort of psychedelic, mad student flat. It was much more a sort of middle class student flat, I think. I mean it was exquisitely messy.

    Mark Radcliffe: The benevolent landlord took a keen interest in the Blues-flavoured music Barrett, Waters, Klose and Mason were making in his basement, and, in early 1965, their ranks were swelled by a pianist, Rick Wright.

    Richard Wright: I think Roger came up with the names. ‘The Screaming Abdabs’, we were once called. ‘The Tea Set’… And there was another band also called ‘The Tea Set’ and it was Syd, of course, who just looked at two album covers and saw Pink Anderson and Floyd Council and he said, “We’ll use that name for tonight, Pink Floyd,” and it stuck.

    To be continued…

  76. [I also adopted a rhino – Features Editor]

    That’s cool!!! But have you done that just to receive the “animal adoption pack” with that gorgeous soft toy or is there a real sweet heart under that cold appearance? Nice idea!



  77. Lorraine,

    You are awesome…thanks for doing this as I cant get the player to load properly.

  78. Great job Lorraine! That’s ten minutes? I’ve got to get to a computer here…

    I’m in Philadelphia for a conference. If there are any DG Bloggers in the area lemme know if you want to hook up. I’m here until Wednesday…

  79. Wow ! there was already a lucky Floyd the dog, now a lucky Kinyanjui the rhino partly because of you ! Great !

    it’s a pity he is black, not red though !!!


  80. The Thing About Syd
    Part Four

    Mark Radcliffe: Lucky, the band could have been dubbed by the young Barrett ‘Anderson Council’.
    Although there is a Pink Floyd tribute band trading under that name, I’m reliably informed.

    Meanwhile, in the summer of 1965, the fledgling group took a break from music and studying. Barrett headed to the South of France to rendezvous with his mate, David Gilmour.

    David: Busking in St Tropez and got arrested because we didn‘t have a licence. Flung us in a cell for about seven minutes and then we drove up to Paris and we went to The Louvre. Went to see the Mona Lisa. Syd was like an encyclopaedia going through The Louvre, talking about all the stuff. He picked up everything. Very, very sharp. Very, very funny. Laughing all the time.

    Mark Radcliffe: Barrett returned to Camberwell Art School for his second year. By now Bob Klose had left the group and Syd became the reluctant front man for Pink Floyd. Through the first half of 1966, the band played the more fashionable counter-culture events, like the Spontaneous Underground staged at London’s Marquee Club, and eventually came to the attention of aspiring hippy entrepreneurs, Andrew King and Peter Jenner.

    Pete Jenner: I was interested in avant garde music in a slightly pretentious way. Syd was the lead singer, he wrote the vast majority of the songs, he was the lead guitar player. He was absolutely the heart of the band, you know? He was the Lennon and McCartney of the band.

    Nick Mason: The slightly curious thing is, it’s not as if we were some old blues band from the Delta. I mean, we played absolutely anything we could learn. What we had realised was that, if you had original material, then that set the agenda, and this mix of styles that Syd had, this rather curious, wistful, folky thing – mystical – became the key thing. Then the very radical ‘Interstellar Overdrive’.

    Richard Wright: The riff that starts it off came from Syd. All the rest of it, whichever night you were playing it, would be different.

    To be continued…

  81. hello guys,

    FEd, can you tell me anymore about David’s performance with spinal tap??

    [Only that it was in aid of Amnesty International (their 30th anniversary, I think it was, back in… 1991). David has taken part in quite a few of these benefit gigs, acting as musical director and leading the house band. I’m not sure if it was the same year, but he did a great ‘Hey Joe’ with Seal one time. I think both the Spinal Tap and Seal performances were part of Amnesty’s Big 3-0 event, where Jonathan Ross and Alexei Sayle were the evening’s comperes. Tom Jones was there, too. I’m sure someone can correct me if I’m wrong. – Features Editor]

  82. The Thing About Syd
    Part Five

    Pete Jenner: And what I found interesting about them was what they did with, what I suspect, one chord improvisations, which Syd and Rick really mainly led on and the others just kept doodling away. That was what attracted me, that was the avant gardeness. Probably it was an instinctive commercial thing. That playing ‘Louie Louie’ rather undermined the whole avant gardeness, and their own material would be suited to the whole thing in a much better way.

    Richard Wright: We were a band that didn’t mind taking risks. We didn’t want to be your average showbiz band. Of course we wanted to be successful and popular. Syd, in particular, wanted to be a pop star, but he wanted to do it in his own way.

    Mark Radcliffe: In September ‘66, Syd and Pink Floyd signed a management deal with Andrew King and Peter Jenner. The pair secured them gigs like the high-profile launch party at The London Roundhouse for the underground magazine ‘International Times’. 2,000 people stood entranced by the band’s psychedelic sound and light show and soon The Floyd had a residency at the West End nightclub, UFO.

    Peter Jenner: Driving to the gig at UFO, which was the old Blarney Dance Hall, an old Irish dance hall in Tottenham Court Road. It was so noticeable that there were suddenly all these young people with lots of long hair and they all had bells on and the afghan coats… all the sort of hippyrama. I was probably stoned at the time, but I remember going “My goodness me, what’s going on here?”

    Mark Radcliffe: It was at UFO that Jenner introduced Pink Floyd to producer, Joe Boyd, and in late January ‘67, the band strolled into Boyd’s Sound Techniques studios to record the Barrett song, ‘Arnold Layne’.

    Peter Jenner: The key person there would be Syd, but he wasn’t bossy. He was very laissez-faire. It was his song, he was doing the vocal. He would usually have some sort of solo thing so, I mean, in that sense, he would do it and it was clearly down to the band as to whether they liked the thing at the end.

    To be continued…

  83. The Thing About Syd
    Part Six

    Peter Jenner: I just loved that song, I thought that could be a hit. Syd just flowered writing the songs: a) he dug out his book of songs that he already had, but b) he just went into a writing frenzy, which was extraordinary.

    Mark Radcliffe: The Barrett song, ‘Arnold Layne’, secured the group a record deal with EMI, and a top 20 hit in March ‘67. That month, the band settled into recording their debut album at Studio Three in Abbey Road. In Studio Two, The Beatles were working on Sgt Pepper’s. Syd, as front man, writer and singer, was in demand. He also had a new crowd of dubious friends taking large amounts of psychedelic drugs at his Cromwell Road flat.

    Even at this early stage of his career Syd was beginning to show signs of wear and tear mentally.

    Richard Wright: I think Syd was with a group of people who firmly believed ‘take loads of acid and you’ll see the truth’, and all that stuff. I believe they were basically spiking him, and I think that’s the main reason for his mental instability.

    David: Syd’s sort of magnetic character did attract a lot of people to him, who were frankly not his equal in any way at all and did rather provide him with lots of drugs.

    Peter Jenner: So he was absolutely out there in Space City, trying to deal with the demands of becoming a very hot, successful new band. So there was an enormous pressure, if you like, for interviews and people recognising him in the street and people would come up to him, out of their skull, and say “Syd, what‘s it all about? What does it all mean?” He was just overwhelmed by it.

    Mark Radcliffe: The Pink Floyd recorded their debut album around their heavy gig schedule. Producing was former Beatles engineer, Norman Smith.

    To be continued…

  84. FEd,

    You are way too cool!

    Good on you for adopting the black rhino, the world needs more people like you.


    [It’s just a few pounds each month. It’s nothing, really, but if enough people did the same… These great creatures have apparently inhabited the Earth for some 60 million years. They shouldn’t be an endangered species, on the verge of extinction, because humans want to hunt them, hack off their horns and sell them to rich men so that they can tart-up the handles of their daggers and look ‘important’. That is an absolute tragedy and, like most things, something could be done about it if enough people were willing to speak up and cough up. – Features Editor]

  85. Such awful news on TV this evening…

    Just heard of torrential rains and flooding in London, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and South Wales, I think very much of you all and hope you have no major problems.

    And just heard of a bus crash in French Alps, a bus carrying Polish pilgrims to Fatima or Lourdes, at least 26 people were killed . My deep thoughts to our Polish friends here, too.

    Is there any justice in this world ? I sometimes wonder.


  86. Thanks Lorraine for your work:)

    Good thing the rhino,let’s promote it,bravo Fed!

  87. The Thing About Syd
    Part Seven

    Nick Mason: Norman probably felt that he didn’t really communicate with Syd that well. But I think, at times, Syd took very kindly to some of Norman’s ideas. I mean, Norman was a very good musician in his own right and perfectly capable of, sort of, bringing in other sounds and other ideas.

    Peter Jenner: The album was the existing songs that we had around, plus songs that he was writing as we were going along.

    Richard Wright: Syd was a unique writer, as everyone knows. A lot of his songs didn’t actually get on to any albums, were very like fairytales, very whimsical. I mean, he was brilliant. He would come up with a song in ten minutes.

    Peter Jenner: And he was very like that. ‘Chapter 24‘, he wrote with a book of The I Ching and he opened it up an there was chapter 24, you know, and taking lines out of the book.

    Richard Wright: And the other thing about Syd was, when he wrote a song, he’d be writing to the rhythms of the words, rather than saying “I’ve got four beats to the bar,” but we had to work that out for him. He couldn’t work it out either, each time he did it, he changed it, so he would write rhythms to the words. Then his guitar would go with the rhythm of the words and the timing of the chord changes didn’t matter to him at all.

    Mark Radcliffe: ‘Bike’ – a quirky Barrett song that would feature on the Pink Floyd debut album ’Piper At The Gates of Dawn’. The Floyd had become the musical darlings of the flowering counter culture. The group continued their residency at UFO, performed at happening night spots, like the London Round House, and headlied the all-night benefit event, The Fourteen Hour Technicolor Dream, at Alexandra Palace.

    Nick Mason: For us, it was not a particularly great evening. By the time we got to The Technicolor Dream, we actually had done another show in Holland that same night, so we were not entirely on our very best, sharpest form – and Syd was by this time beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

    To be continued…

  88. The Thing About Syd
    Part Eight

    Richard Wright: By this time, Syd had lost it. He had definitely lost it in Holland and then I don’t think he even realised where he was.

    Peter Jenner: And it was trying to find different ways of coping with what was clearly becoming a very difficult position for them, because it would be things like: Is he going to turn up to go to the gig? What songs is he going to sing?

    Mark Radcliffe: Concerned by his erratic behaviour, Syd was moved from his Cromwell Road circle of friends and into a Richmond flat with Rick Wright.

    Richard Wright: All of us loved Syd and were clearly all hoping that he would get better and all desperately trying as hard as possible to keep him in the band.

    Mark Radcliffe: Word had reached the Barrett family in Cambridge. Sister Rosemary again:

    Rosemary: It was accepted, in his world, to be involved in drugs, and therefore he withdrew much more from Cambridge and from the family because he knew we didn’t understand.

    Mark Radcliffe: There were new pressures on Syd as Floyd’s EMI record label wanted a follow-up single to ‘Arnold Layne’.

    Peter Jenner: Up to and including recording ‘See Emily Play’, I think he may have been different, but it was still… One was working with him in a way that was still reasonably coherent. I think it became – through that next summer, ‘67 – it became harder.

    Mark Radcliffe: David Gilmour dropped by the ‘Emily Play’ sessions.

    David: He had a very strange look on his face. When I got there, they were all working away and we did talk, but he did have this very strange starey-eyed look, which was not friendly. There was something troubling him. He didn‘t look like the same person. On that particular day, I saw a sign of what was going to come.

    To be continued…

  89. The concluding parts of ‘The Thing About Syd’ will be found in the next blog entry.

    Does anybody want to take over and give Lorraine a rest?

    Lorraine, many thanks for taking the time to transcribe this for us. You’re a gem.

  90. You inspired me F’ed

    By a combination of looking cute and extortion (threatening to be sick on our Persian rug), our tabby Harry has persuaded me to adopt a Bengal Tiger …

    [Excellent! I don’t think there is a more beautiful, majestic, fascinating animal, is there? It would be a crying shame if our grandchildren and great-grandchildren only saw pictures of tigers and spoke of them as we speak of dodos. So, who’s next? I see that there is also a panda, an elephant, an orang-utan and a dolphin… It’s just a few quid, after all. – Features Editor]

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