'Dark Globe'

Remember That Night DVD (2007)As we approach the first anniversary of Syd Barrett’s death, it’s a genuine pleasure to be able to say that the video to his poignant song, ‘Dark Globe’, will be included on David’s ‘Remember That Night’ DVD.

This video has been available at DavidGilmour.com for a while now. If you missed it, please see the On an Island section.

David covered this song twice during his summer tour of Europe, and talks about his decision to first perform it – at Austria’s Klam Castle – on ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’, Gavin Elder’s tour documentary.

‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ is one of many extras on Disc Two. We’ll tell you about another tomorrow.

Don’t forget that BBC Radio has put together a new documentary about Syd, which is coming up later this month.

‘The Thing About Syd’ is on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday 14 July.

David is one of many people interviewed for this programme, along with other members of Pink Floyd, band manager Peter Jenner and various editors from the music press.

I’ll remind you that it’s coming up a little closer to the time.

The chatroom will be open between the hours of 12PM and 2PM (UK time) today, so do pop in if you want to be social.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

52 thoughts on “'Dark Globe'”

  1. Thank you so much for announcing that FEd, you made my day.

    Well, nothing lacks for that DVD to be perfect now.

  2. Glad to hear it! I love viewing the Dark Globe performance. It’s very beautiful.

    Many close friends and I will be having a very special gathering in remembrance of Mr. Barrett and his life and legacy on 7/7/07 in Northern California…

    We love and appreciate his music and art very much…

  3. Hmmm, 2 bad we can’t go 2 the future 2 September…well now actually I would rather wait for this magnificent DVD to come out…meanwhile I can easily anticipate many more “additions” you might say, that will be featured on there…anyways…CHEERS! 🙂


  4. So much information so quickly. Now we are spoiled.

    The DVD is shaping up to be perfect.

  5. Is it September yet?

    I think I’m just going to hibernate until the release date because I can’t deal with the anticipation.

  6. So glad to see that Dark Globe will be included.

    Each time I watch the clip from the website, I find it touching, uplifting and a little haunting all at the same time. So glad that David chose to perform it and was kind enough to share the footage with us. Absolutely wonderful.


  7. Well I’m ready for the DVD to come out. I’m saving my money by making my own smoothies, So I’ll be able to get it in the HD format.Plus they taste so much better. Plus the blue berries are ready for the picking and they make one of the best tasting smoothies I have ever had.

    So Thanks Fed for all the info on the DvD extras that David is putting out.

    Take Care, Thomas

  8. Oh my God…one more song! Amazing.

    Thank you so much for this notice and for this week, all days with update and news (good news) on the blog.

    Good work Fed…thank you very much!

  9. This is cool, I figured it would be an added feature to disc two. It just make sense.



  10. hey fed,

    you’re on fire with this hot streak, but i picked up on it yesterday when you responded to the question if dark globe would be featured on disc 2 with “ask me tommorow”, as i’m sure some may.

    i hope you know that some of us are pleased with anything we get, and these last couple days we been gett’n alot.

    thank you fed, i appreciate all you do. 🙂

    …people will always always ask for apple pie without the crust.

    get well soon,

  11. It’s complete now. I am so glad to see these songs and await Echoes and WTIO patiently.

    Thanks for the updates.

  12. I’m so very happy that Dark Globe is now a certainty! Thank you, thank you, thank you …

    David, thank you for singing Syd’s beautiful and emotional song in his memory and then sharing that tribute with all of us via your website. Thank you for making the decision to include this homage to Syd in what is obviously, due to your careful, discriminating attention to quality and perfection, certain to be an incredible dvd!

    Each of us lucky enough to have been able to attend any of the performances during the OAI tour will delight in our opportunity to “Remember That Night”!! For those who were unable to attend it will surely provide an experience nearly as satisfying as being there in person.

    FEd, you’ve done an admirable job during these weeks (months?) of speculating and pleading from the masses! Spoon-feeding us just the right amount to keep us satisfied but not quite full and always the knowledge that dessert was yet to come — very nicely done! And it’s good to know that you can still play a good game of Whack-A-Mole (or should that be ‘Muppet’?) when necessary … always fun to have someone ruffle your feathers ’cause your smackdowns are so damn good!

    Peace and love always!
    Washington State

  13. Best news of the week, just one thing now I need to know . Does Remember that NIght come with a box of tissues because the first time I heard David cover Dark Globe I was a sobbing mess?

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  14. Caption…..

    A voice from heaven was heard to say-

    “I spy with my little eye something brilliant!”

  15. Yet another caption…..

    O.K. Mr.Gilmour, bringing your guitar to the exam room is a little unusual but here it goes….Open up and say Ah.

  16. Ciao A tutti,

    So, all of a sudden all these news from the dvd: the performance at RAH, 5 bonus tracks from RAH, 5 bonus tracks from Mermaid, Dark globe from somewhere in Europe, documentaries….All fantastic news. It sounds as a totally professional product and honest to fans and public.

    You know which other news (about extras) I am waiting but I won’t bother you today. With this news everything else is plus.


  17. David’s Dark Globe performance is very beautiful. I am happy it will be on the Dvd.

    And I don’t feel to ask Lorraine – because she has already made a lot (thanks again!) -, but I hope some sweet heart will help foreigner bloggers to understand something more about ‘The Thing About Syd’.

    Foreigners will refund you with a lot of love and good words. If a transcript is too tiring, also a little summary will be very appreciated. Thank you!


  18. While i think its great news about the Gilmour Stratocaster, David certainly deserves the honour.I think the same guitar in my hands would be an embarrasement to both Fender & David, however much i dream about owning one i could never do it justice, its almost sacrilege that i should even think about owning one.

    That guitar looks and sounds so cool when David plays it.i still secretly would want the same guitar but i would then i know i would want the same rack of effects, the same Amps & speakers it would never end, & i would still be lacking the key ingredient……….talent.

    I will happily continue to play may cheap strat copy, i have only been playing for just over a year & while i think i have made progress (the missus recognises some of my noise)its too early, & expenisive for me to buy the Gilmour strat.

  19. Good morning everyone,

    Dark globe is one of the better Syd songs I think.

    I’ll pay my little tribute to Syd this saturday,’cause I’ll start a concert with some of his songs,I think 5 or 6 songs

    I feel I’ve to do this ’cause he’ll always remain for me one of the best songwriters ever.

    Have a good day,


    [Great post, Emilio. Thanks for that. Hope it all goes well on Saturday. – Features Editor]

  20. From yesterday Fed`s post: “Yes, there will be footage from both Gdansk and Venice, but there will not be complete songs. There are no complete live songs from any tour date other than the three London shows.”

    And today we have news, that Dark Globe from Austria’s Klam Castle will be on DVD !!

    What is going on ???

    [‘Dark Globe’ is practically a promo video. Look at it. It’s not a live performance as, I suspect, you are hoping to see from Gdansk. There are no complete live songs from any tour date other than the three London shows. There are other performances in their entirety, but not from the 30-odd tour dates across Europe and North America. There is some footage from Gdansk, but it is documentary footage only. (And I didn’t say that it’s from Klam Castle, either). – Features Editor]

  21. It seems that the excitiment for the Dvd is making us very nervous. It happens, I think, that when you are so excited you finish to be worried more about what you miss, than having fun from what good you are getting! I think the Dvds have great stuff. And the more Fed gives us informations, the more it seems to me that those Dvds are really full of things. A lot more I thought. And any kind of things!

    I think we will need one full week in front of the tv to see all the stuff!

    So, I invite the not-happy bloggers to turn their disappoint into happiness and start setting the chairs buying food and beers for their Dvds’ shows!

    We could also start a competition for who has the best idea about the way to see the dvds! If one of you is thinking to watch them while he/she is having a relaxing bath, with a glass of champagne and some candles, it could be great…but be careful of the electric shock, please.


  22. So must we understand that the video we all saw by the link on David’s site will NOT be the one present in the DVD ?


    [It’s the same ‘Dark Globe’ video. – Features Editor]

  23. I hesitate to ask you, Fed, because this DVD is already crammed with all sorts of fantastic features and a songlist which surpasses even the greatest expectations:

    Do you know if David decided to put the two OAI-videos (“On an Island” and “Smile”) on disc 2 ?

    [Yes, he did. They’re on there, too. – Features Editor]

  24. Hey FE’d

    there’s some exciting other shows along with the thing about syd!

    ray mazarek
    ’67 sounds

    should be cool to hear all three in dab

    hope folks are all keeping fine?

  25. This is going to be an incredible set of discs.

    The inclusion of Dark Globe is very, very much appreciated. The video of Dark Globe has been such a pleasure to check in with here on the site–and as with the site as a whole, such a generous gift to all of us.

  26. Thanks Fed for all the news and updates. Sorry that I have not emailed for a while but you know how it is………………….

    Anniversaries are good, memories are good. Today is the first anniversary of losing my dog.

    Keep up the good work. Love to all

    Ian Pearson

    [I’m sorry, Ian. – Features Editor]

  27. FeEd,

    Will RW version of Flickering Flame from the Syd tribute show be included? ;-)) It’s ok…I am just winding everyone up. I am back to being my old obnoxious self that everyone loves..

    Cheers, Howard

  28. Thanks so much.

    ‘Dark Globe’ is such an emotive song for me, and I thought David did it justice in that performance. I look forward to seeing the video again.

  29. [Do you know if David decided to put the two OAI-videos (“On an Island” and “Smile”) on disc 2 ?]

    [Yes, he did. They’re on there, too. – Features Editor]

    I once saw a promotional video clip named “Island Jam”, which audio was along with the Smile single if I remember right. Any chances to see that great clip near to the OAI and Smile ones ? That would be some kind of OAI new material in that DVD…

    Thanks for your answers, you’re too good to us, FEd 😉

    [More answers tomorrow, mate. – Features Editor]

  30. Hi Fed.

    the whole setup is like a wishlist!!

    dont think that there will be any other floyd or related dvd which will come close to remember that night!!

    thanx david!!

    is david planning any kind of screening at cinema or a party for its release??


    [All in good time. There’s lots more to tell you in the next week or two. – Features Editor]

  31. [We could also start a competition for who has the best idea about the way to see the dvds!]

    Oh I have my idea. you know I am a bit of an hippy. So it must be after sunset, I sit on my sofa with a joint of good weed this big (and also beer on the table). After having finished to smoke it I play the DVD….

    Oh and for those here who are minors: make responsible use of anything that can alterate your senses. I am not inducing no one to use anything!! 🙂


  32. Piergiorgio, just when I posted about the competition I thought: “Oh god! Maybe I started a festival of drugs’ reports!”. And your name immediately popped in my mind!

    What can I say? Enjoy your Dvds!


  33. With still another ten weeks to go until the release of the DVD, I’m intrigued to know how you’re going to keep us ‘interested’ until then. There’s either a hell of a lot more extras etc to tell us about or the release date will just have to be brought forward!!!!

    [I think we all wish that were possible. There are a few things to tell you about, and also some things to look forward to before the DVD is released. Hardly ten weeks’ worth, though. You’ll have to be patient and be prepared to entertain yourselves for a spell. – Features Editor]

  34. “Dark Globe” – yeah!

    I am very grateful and appreciative …does it mean more surprises could be on the way for us, FEd?

    This DVD is going to “eclipse” anything offered currently and in the future in the market as my husband has said. We finally get to see Mr. David Gilmour perform “On An Island” in its entirety… him playing sax, him playing cumbus, my goodness, I better take a deep breath now.

    10 more weeks to go …May God give me patience and keep me “Comfortably Numb” for now.


  35. Love the music from the home page today. Could that be something new in the making?

    p.s. If you check on the radar, Miami is “Obscured by Clouds” totally.

  36. `Dark Globe`, such a fitting tribute for an extremely talented man!

  37. Very happy that the new poll ‘Are you happy with what’s going to be included on David’s new double-disc set, ‘Remember That Night’?’ is getting 100% ‘yes’ !


  38. Today has been one of the best 4ths of July ever (yes, I’m in the U.S.)

    I came upon this site and watched the clips from the upcoming DVD, totally entranced. And the clip of David singing ‘Dark Globe’ – oh my, it literally grabs at one’s heart . . . .especially if you are a lover of Syd and the beginning of PF.

    The more I gleen about David Gilmour the man, the friend, as well as the incomperable artist, the more I am impressed by his truly amazing character.

    I hate that we have to wait for the DVD – but I guarantee I will wait for as long as it takes for me to get it!!

  39. We’re really good at entertaining ourselves, aren’t we Fed?

    [Not bad. – Features Editor]

  40. Caption..(Time stands still as the crowd warmly joins in on the repeating chorus of David’s new song)

    “TAKE OFF the top of your head. PUT IN a brain.Please”

    (Only back blog issue readers will get this)

  41. just wondering is it totally necessary to be using redsheriff on the main dg website? (secure-uk.imrworldwide.com cookies being blocked)

    its logging as spyware on my anti spyware prog… mainly because it is spyware to be honest.

    A clip round the ear will do please don’t shoot!

    [Have pushed your note in the webmaster’s general direction, Ripper. – Features Editor]

  42. Well, I should apologise for my earlier grousing. The inclusion of Dark Globe (and all the other extras) makes me very happy.

    Thank you to the smart people who decided to include all these really cool extras.

  43. Happy Thursday,

    I spoke too early, maybe this is the icing on the cake. Wonderful !

    Fed: What do they say about the icing on the cake ? (Seriously, dont think I have heard that one)

    Pete – Coventry

    [I think I must have made it up, Pete. I have no idea. – Features Editor]

  44. caption:

    the nibblers green giant was more than shocked when he spotted who was nibbling his corn!

  45. I nominate the above photo for wallpaper of the year.

    The overwhelming feeling of absence is palpable….just brilliant.

  46. Thanks for the Dark Globe Info Fed!!! I feel so special….Can’t wait for the DVD!!!

  47. [Fed: What do they say about the icing on the cake ? (Seriously, dont think I have heard that one) Posted by: pete at July 5, 2007 11:37 AM]

    I don’t know a saying about icing, except for the line “it’s the icing on the cake.” I have heard people say: Do you want your cake and eat it too?

    I guess recently, we’ve been getting our cake and enjoying eating it up.



  48. oh where are you now… rest in peace syd.

    i’m so glad that this is on disc 2. i was sure that david would do it for syd.

    wouldn’t you miss me at all?

  49. Another fitting tribute to his old friend, Syd… I wouldn’t have expected less of the man.

    A fine act, David. Thank you.

    I will be listening to Syd this weekend in remembrance.

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