Chatroom reminder

Remember That Night DVD (2007).The chatroom will be open today between the hours of 3PM and 5PM (UK time).

Please note that it will be closed at 5PM sharp, so you will not be able to get in should you arrive at five past.

If you do wish to visit, you’re very welcome. You need to register first, but doing so is a doddle. Everything you need to know about the chatroom – from how to register, to our common-sense rules – can be found here.

The chatroom is not open all the time, but opening and closing times for each chat session can be found on the calendar.

If you have any additional questions about the chatroom, please don’t hesitate to ask. But please do see the Chat pages first.

David does not participate in chat sessions.

For the benefit of everybody who asks about chatroom lock-ins:

Put simply, lock-ins are for anyone who shows up before closing time. It gives these people a chance to chat for a bit longer, or to return to the chatroom later should they get disconnected for any reason (a password is set in place).

It’s not a members-only club. Everyone is welcome. If you visit the scheduled chats and don’t piss about, you’re very welcome to the lock-ins. It’s as simple as that.

Do let me know what you think about the chatroom. Your comments are always very welcome and might encourage new fans to join in.

To those who thought our first Name That Tune teasers too easy:

Could you guess the song from the image above? Go on, you know you fancy a wild stab at it…

I’ll leave you with the latest from Phil Manzanera.

Out of all the guitars you have played, what is your favourite? (Julie Davies)

1957 Black Les Paul custom.

If you were only able to bring one guitar on tour, which would it be?  (Tomi Sue)

The red Gibson Firebird VII.

Please tell us about the translucent guitar you sometimes play: is it an aesthetic, or a sound, preference? (Peter McConnell)

It’s a lovely Yamaha guitar, which sounded very good on stage, which happened to be see through. Some fans thought it was polka dot to match my shirts!

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

61 thoughts on “Chatroom reminder”

  1. The Blue is my guess

    “If you visit the scheduled chats and don’t piss about….” As usual, say what you mean Fed!!!!

  2. i like the chats, but haven’t been to one since you had to register.

    do people still show up and interrupt a good discussion by asking where david is, then leave as soon as fed explains that david doesn’t visit the chatroom? that was funny!

    i’ve got nothing against registering, i just seem forget when it’s open or the timing is wrong for me. i work crazy shifts, so it’s difficult to do a lot of things. i will go back there one of these days.

    name that tune: take a breath

    that was a wild guess.

  3. Well, it’s Dave’s foot… I reckon it’s Echoes – the mid section where he goes crazy on the wah wah getting those ‘whale’ sounds!

    That’s a great idea FEd about the chatroom. It’s a bit of a dark day though that we have to set up passwords to protect the chatroom from a**holes who’s only mission in life is to randomly spurt crap from their lips. We all appreciate the efforts you constantly make to maintain the atmosphere both here in the blog and in the chatroom.

    [Thanks, mate. I very much appreciate people making the effort to visit. – Features Editor]

  4. Hi Fed,

    Just returned from a long weekend away to find a very nice signed copy of the tour program that will always be treasured. Thanks once again to you and of course David.

    Will hopefully be at the chat later

    [You’re very welcome, Brook. Glad you like it. – Features Editor]

  5. I reckon it could be the quiet section in ‘Take A Breath’ before the outro solo 🙂

    Probably not though 🙂

  6. I’m gonna have a wild stab in the dark with ‘Then I Close My Eyes’. Dunno why!

  7. Yessss..another chat! I love chatting on the best site on the web…too bad I can’t make it to this one…(swimming lessons) :(…but I might be able to chat later…

    hmmm oh yeah the pic up there….what a wonderful shoe someone focused on…wink wink 😉

    I’m gonna guess…drumroll….. The Blue!…

  8. I’m going to say The Blue because David’s foot appears to be on his Whammy pedal.

  9. The Chat? great stuff friends..

    mmm my tune is The Blue.David uses a volume pedal,and the other is a whammy I think:),even I read ‘long delay’…


    [The guitarists are coming out of the woodwork now… – Features Editor]

  10. Chatroom? If English was my first language, I think it would be my kingdom! People are very patient and kind there! You first of all, FEd. Thank you!

    I join who think it is The Blue


  11. Hi Everybody,

    I would love to visit the chat room (I have only managed it once) but I cannot get access during office hours but if our dear FEd does an evening session, I will say hello.



  12. My guess is the blue.

    & i must make more of an effort to get to the chat room.

  13. The Chatroom – a great place to hang out with some great people…

    My guess…Shine On

    Well, see you all later in the chat!

  14. Very recommendable these intercontinental chat sessions, a bit addictive but recommendable.

    Name that tune? A wild guess obviously, how can we possibly know what was on the radio when we get a picture of DG driving the tour bus. I think we see him gently releasing the throttle there, so maybe Radar Love was on, … No more speed I ‘m almost there…

  15. As a regular reader and occasional contributor to the blog I have thought about visiting the chatroom but a busy work and family schedule make it next to impossible. I’m also not sure I’d be any good at the chatting bit. I take a long time to compose my thoughts and it sounds as though it’s a fast moving environment.

    This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate this site and blog though. I do, very much. This is the place I come to escape from the ‘real’ world and spend just a little time doing something that I want to do.

    So thank you to all involved, especially you FEd, for making it such a great place to visit.

  16. Wow, what a great picture!!!

    If I wasn’t going to buy the DVD anyway, I would buy it just for that scene during The Blue! Gotta love how David integrates the Whammy into his own style.

    Off topic. All these off-season transfers in football are making my head spin. It looks like each team keeps a roster of around 50 players!?! When do the transfers stop and when does the action start?

    And condolences to Guy that his favourite Arsenal player (Henry) has left the team.

    [The transfer window closes on 31 August. It’s been open since the season ended in May. It then re-opens in January, ensuring that transfers only take place at regular intervals throughout the season. The new season starts in 11 days. – Features Editor]

  17. *caption*

    Who needs a DYMO or Brother P Touch when masking tape a black magic marker still can get the job done?



  18. Happy Tuesday,

    [As a regular reader and occasional contributor to the blog]

    To LynnR, the above statement sums me up nowadays however I can tell you that on the occasions I have managed to get into the chatroom (and even doing that I get into a pickle over – I am not the best on PC’s) I have really enjoyed it.

    Talking to people round the world in real time is quite something.

    Pete – Coventry

  19. [Please tell us about the translucent guitar you sometimes play – Peter McConnell]

    [It’s a lovely Yamaha guitar, which sounded very good on stage, which happened to be see through. Some fans thought it was polka dot to match my shirts! – Phil Manzanera]

    I must admit, at first, I did think . .’Where the Hell do you get a polka dot guitar’

    Yeah, yeah, I know . . .but I am a natural blonde =)

    Chat is great! You really get a chance to know others better, and there is a great group of people here, and it is constantly growing. As an old time Irregular, I love chatting with others who have been around here for awhile, as well as people who have just found the site, or just recently ‘found’ David’s music. So if you haven’t made it into chat, I hope you’ll take a chance!


  20. Just saw something very interesting on Guy Pratts site – he played on a Ronan Keating album!! How come he has this gem buried on his website? Maybe it was on his home page at one time 🙂

    He didn’t tell any stories about the wild antics of Ronan at his My Bass and Other Animals gig last Saturday. Maybe Ronan was around?

    Sorry about that FEd, I just thought it might be a good way of getting Mr Keating fans to join in on the blog… hmm, maybe Ronan could play with David at Leicester Square?? Wishful thinking…

  21. What a novel idea, combining Name That Tune with Name That Shoe. All we need to do now is find a way to squeeze BLOTTO into the picture.

    Everyone is saying The Blue, but if my memory serves correctly we already had one image for The Blue. Is it possible that we get two images for The Blue. Could this be a trick by the FEd and his diabolical mind??

    For no other reason than to be different, I am going to say it is the title track, On An Island.



  22. [It’s a lovely Yamaha guitar, which sounded very good on stage, which happened to be see through. Some fans thought it was polka dot to match my shirts! – Phil Manzanera]

    [I must admit, at first, I did think . .’Where the Hell do you get a polka dot guitar’ Posted by: Erin at July 31, 2007 02:13 PM]

    [The guitarists are coming out of the woodwork now… – Features Editor]

    Actually, a polka dot guitar would be the Buddy Guy Strat (click my name).



  23. – July 31, exactly one year ago, the Vienne concert…I will forever remember that night ! (mais ça fout le cafard !)

    – The chatroom ?

    I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow bloggers and speak of whatever you want, if you are not too much a rebel (joke), that is, if you are able to follow some basic, good sense and indispensable rules (oh ! I’m getting so good and docile, Fed, did you notice ?).

    Anyway, I think, in real life too, you have to respect anyone if you want to be respected ! As simple as that !

    I would like to add that everyone in the chatroom is always very welcoming, warm, funny, and makes (ir)regular or new chatters feel very comfortable (even if those ones had thought – as in my own case, for obvious reasons – that they would feel uncomfortable).

    Hmm… sorry for that ‘charabia'(=?) !

    I personally woud be very pleased to meet there more people whose names are familiar to me on the blog.

    Thanks to Fed for offering us that gift/opportunity !


  24. The pedal David is using in the photo is in fact a Digitech Whammy pedal. David uses this device on only two songs that I know of; Marooned and The Blue.

    Since he did not play Marooned on this tour it must be……….The Blue!


  25. I think this photo could be taken during the intro of Time …?

    Cheers, Ernest

  26. Really enjoyed today’s chat. Therapy. MMM..good.

    In light of what has been going on I have neglected to wish Erin a belated a Happy Birthday : ipromptu Bill Murray rendition of Happy Birthday from SNL as the airport bar piano man : Happy Birthdaaaaay tooooooo…you !!

    You are as young as how you feel. Enjoy the new year with relish, or mustard. Hope your birthday was a special day, Erin. My apologies for letting that slip by like that.

    Well, much to my chagrin I will not be able to meet Ulli and Mario as they are heading for Orlando, hope you guys enjoy it up there. Some sunny day will have to be another time. Maybe…we shall see. Thanks Veronica for letting me know. Maybe after September we might arrange a rendezvous.

    Randy, you have a very nice woman in Veronica. I wish you guys well and am a little envious you’ll be seeing the movie / q&a in England.

    Enjoy the rest of the day folks. It’s been great chatting with you all today.

    Matt, you kill with your wit.

    FED, I’ll be hoping your rest of the evening is good. And Everyone else !

    Cazart !

  27. Just being precise 🙂

    David uses the whammy on ‘Wearing the inside out’ too, on the record I mean! I didn’t listen to some whammy live at Florence.


  28. I have no idea on the song… everyone who said The Blue is probably right, but my guess is “These feet were made for walkin'”.

    Saw a popular Canadian band last night… one for whom the guitarist thanks David in the credits. Seen them 4 times now and this was the best show of all… great lighting, great set-list. Great how David can even influence a band that has been around as long as these guys.

    Have a great day all.

  29. How do we know the stage tech didn’t play a trick on David that day and label all the pedals differently? Therefore, maybe it is the volume pedal he is using that is mislabled as a whammy.

    Or maybe this was one of the mistakes caught on film where David actually meant to go for the Long Delay pedal but accidently stumbled on the whammy.

    These are all possibilities, maybe unlikely, but possibilities.

    O and as for the chat, really a wonderful way to interact with some of the fine people on this blog. We talk, we laugh, we cry, we pass virtual drinks. Its quite a friendly community that anyone can join.

    Don’t be shy, you know you want to participate. Just do it!! That is the next time the chat is open.



  30. The chatroom is great. Thank you, FEd for your efforts to keep it friendly and trouble-makers free. I only wish I could visit more often, but I can’t access it from work :/

    Anyway, I’m gonna guess the picture above is from Shine On.. yes?

  31. To echo the sentiments above, I popped in to chat for a few minutes for the first time this morning and was made to feel quite welcome. Great fun!

    Unfortunately, I fear that I’ll no longer be welcome after this post:

    -A Sneakerful of Secrets
    -The Shoe Must Go On
    -Oxford By Clouds
    -One Slipper
    -Jugband Blues Suede Shoes
    -Pigs on the Wingtip

    And my personal favorite:

    -Careful With That Aglet, Eugene

    Deepest apologies,

    [Dave, I think you’ll fit right in. Hope to see you at the next chat. – Features Editor]


    I finally made it to book tickets for the Amsterdam show of “Remember That Night” in the picturehouse (wink wink) Tuchinski! Jippieeeee!

    It’s a very nice movie theater, the atmosphere takes me back to a beautiful monday in May last year, sitting in The Royal Albert Hall…

    Watching the concert once again, this time on the big screen will be magnificent, no doubt about that.

    And the song that goes with the picture, as many have said before, is The Blue indeed.

    The OAI-songbook has the solo written out, I manage to play bits of it.

    This post inspires me to pick up my guitar right now and give it another go. Thanks FED!


  33. The Blue, that’s a Whammy Pedal ;)!!!

    Cheers my blogging friends!


  34. Name that tune, my educated guess would be `the blue` as I`m sure that ferarri red coloured pedal has to be a digitech whammy!

    I have one of these in my pedal board, but can never make it work like David does!!

  35. What a COOL photo!!

    My 1st instinct was “The Blue”, naturally because of the the lights…. (trying to trick us, FEd?)

    But my guess is “Pocketful Of Stones”


  36. My guess would be “Time”.

    If you notice, the pedal reads Long/Delay. Hence, Long-Time, Time-Delay.? Just my theory;)

    BTW, “Remember That Night” is playing in Swansea, MA. here in the states. This is very close by and I’m definitely going to try getting hold of some tickets.

    There are also some great bands coming to the Zieterion Theater in New Bedford…Jerry Lee Lewis (one of my first real rock influences), and Eric Burdon and The Yardbirds. What a great summer for music!

    [Hope you enjoy, Cevin. – Features Editor]

  37. Hi…this name of the tune is very hard for me…but for me is The Blue by the pedal…or Shine On?

    I like too much for video trailers for the events in theatres…amazing videos, only 30 sec but incredible.

    September is not so far…

  38. Good shoe lines David, they’re funny.

    The song is The Blue with the lights to enhance David playing his Pete Cornish Pedal? And not Echoes. David was in the dark on that one perhaps to hide his secret which he often does on film.

    Just a guess.

  39. [The guitarists are coming out of the woodwork now… – Features Editor]

    You’re not kidding, the “whammy pedal, volume pedal, Digitech Whammy pedal” – I don’t have a clue of the difference. But I do see the pedals at almost all the David performances.

    My wild guess: “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”!

  40. Ooops! I forgot my 2 cents about the chat room, it is a nice little hide-away for me from a day’s work; I did get carry away at times. But people are fun, friendly, helpful and welcoming. I still remember the few things Lynn had talked me the first day I signed on. Thank you for that Lynn.

    To be honest, I was very intimidated by it at the beginning and I still am. Language is definitely my barrier on the chat but I made it through time after time – thanks for everyone’s patience.

    By the way, FEd made the registration process extremely simple, so “join in, don’t be shy…” as FEd often says.

  41. Ciao a tutti.

    Yesterday night Italian national tv (usually broadcasting crap shows and cheap movies) returned for an evening to the quality of many years ago.

    To celebrate Michelangelo Antonioni they broadcasted two of his major movies: “Zabriskie point”(known to all of us for PF soundtrack) followed by “blow up” set in 60’s London (you british are weird, you know?! :).


  42. I just found out that film director Michelangelo Antonioni passed away at the age of 94.

    May he rest in peace.



  43. O.K. I’ll give it a go.

    Well, David looks like he is using his Digitech Whammy Pedal to get all those wonderful slide like effects on “The Blue”.

    Just got my tickets to the Sacramento Show and am tickled well…. uh…. BLUE. yeah that’s it;-)

    p.s. Thanks Phil for answering my question. BTW classy guitar!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  44. The chatroom is a very unique place. It serves many purposes.

    David discussions are always informative and exciting, especially if the Gilmourettes are involved.:)

    If you need to vent your frustrations about George W. Bush, football, or global warming, it’s all fair game.

    If you need an ice cold pint, it’s available.

    If you need a shoulder to cry on, it’s almost guarenteed you will find one.

    If you had a horrible day, and you are in need of an attitude adjustment, chances are you will end up laughing out loud at least once each visit.

    One of the things I enjoy the most and find most beneficial, is the music therapy sessions. It may seem a bit odd to some people, but when we all come together and cue up our David Gilmour/Pink Floyd album of the moment, and enjoy the experience together, it’s magic.:)

    If you find yourself in need of any of these services, I encourage you to give it a try. Make sure you have your DG/PF music library available for easy access. You may need it.

    David, Polly and of course Fed, Thank You for the chatroom.


    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  45. there are some lovely comments about the chatroom here. makes me want to visit right away!

    i like melissa’s best.

    may the chatroom continue to be a success. 🙂

  46. Hi to everybody.

    In my opinion it’s “On an Island”- Mr.Gilmour’s foot and pedals

    Have you all a very nice week end
    ciao Elisabetta

  47. Trying to get into the essence of the wireman…

    Try the untying of shoes, and in the process, untying itself, diminishing until, morphing into the ubiquitous island seagull, just flies away.

    The music could be the closing section of Echoes, if we weren’t in fact On An Island.

    Well, now, is that all just too pretentious?

    [Not pretentious, just posted in the wrong place. – Features Editor]

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