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May 2006: Rehearsing at Bray Film Studios.Our Blotto winner was… BrookC, who guessed seven of the 23 ‘Remember That Night’ songs in their correct order.

Congratulations! A tour programme, signed by David (along with a unique Blotto-related message), is your prize. Please let us know where we should send it.

Well done also to Gabrielle, Graham and Marko, for totalling an impressive six, and to Chantelle, Chris Parkinson, Piergiorgio, Tim Taylor and Tomasz – who correctly guessed a slightly less impressive, but still honourable, five.

Thank you all for playing along.

Today’s picture is one of Polly’s, this one taken during rehearsals at Bray Studios last May.

Keep reading for the latest of Phil’s Q&A, which I’m glad you’re enjoying.

Lastly, thank you very much for the kind words about the new OAIPod and David’s re-vamped MySpace page. I’m glad that you like them.

You and the band seemed very relaxed during the ‘On an Island’ tour: a lot of laughing during the concerts, a lot of eye contact between you and David. He always watched over to you when you played your solo for the ‘On an Island’ track. Is there one funny moment you remember with pleasure? (Werner)

Yes, when he performed ‘On the Turning Away’, a track that Stevie and I had never rehearsed and that Guy hadn’t played for 14 years. Not exactly a pleasurable moment, but one that certainly I’ll remember!

I’d like to know what do you think of the band, especially of Stevie and Guy? (Emilio)

I love them all.

Do you do any kind of warm up before going on stage? I know you do a sound check, but I mean just before you step out. (Robyn S)

Highly recommended, but don’t. The group hug that Madonna does is not really our style!

What was your favourite destination on the Gilmour tour and why? (Simon J)

Venice. It’s like going back in time and there is something very ‘otherworldly’ about it – and appropriate for the tour, as we were literally ‘On an Island’.

If every band member on the tour was given the opportunity to suggest a venue/city for the tour schedule, where would you have suggested (regardless of the venue capacity)? (Tom B)

The Malekon, Havana – next to the Nacional Hotel.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Wow! Congrats to Brook on Blotto…and thanks FEd for posting all of Phil’s answers…I’m enjoying them! 🙂

    Have a good week!


  2. Congratulations BrookC, very nice prize. And congrats to everyone who did better than my zero!!

    I finally got to listen again to `The thing about Syd` and I really enjoyed it. But I think the beeb are still having technical troubles as I had to restart the show a few times, but well worth it none the less!

  3. I am speechless i really am.

    Having seen David and the band at the RAH on the 29th and 30th, to reading the blog following the tour, the DVD and playing Blotto, this is fantastic.

    To those going to the premiere in London, see you there.

    Fed thankyou, David thankyou

    Think I need to take a breath, a deep breath now


    [Well done, Brook. It’ll be in the post this week. – Features Editor]

  4. Way to go Brook, Sounds like a really nice gift from David.

    I hope that You(FEd)and all the bloggers had a good weekend.

    Take Care

  5. Congratulations to BrookC on getting seven correct!! WOW!

    FEd, thanks for the nod to Tres Amigos (aka Graham, Marko and myself) for coming in second place (d’oh!) and thanks to Tomasz for letting me know (a week ago-ish) that I’d gotten six correct. Imagine my surprise — I had myself convinced that I’d only guessed one or two!

    I love Phil’s choice of venue by the way — very romantic and filled with musical history! I may be wrong but wasn’t that featured in the dvd The Buena Vista Social Club? That reminds me, where the hell is that dvd anyway? Note to self, must search for dvd … For anyone who hasn’t heard the cd or seen the dvd, I highly recommend it! Fantastic music, fantastic people.

    Happy Birthday to Clarice!! I hope it was a fun-filled and/or relaxing day for you:-)

    Peace everyone!

    [Many happy returns, Clarice. – Features Editor]

  6. Very well done, BrookC. “Blotto” was a hard game, especially judging from all the groaning that went on as each song was revealed. Some people have a gift for this kind of thing, and you’re obviously gifted in that way.

    Re: Phil’s statement that he would have taken the tour to Havana.

    Havana seems like a beautiful city, judging from pictures I’ve seen. As an American, I am forbidden from going there… which makes it even more alluring. And, I agree that it would be great for David to play in that part of the world. They don’t get that kind of thing very often.

  7. Congratulations, BrookC!! 7 is absolutely amazing! (I got 1) LOL

    I was also impressed by the runners-up.

    What a FABULUOS prize!! Cherish it, as I know you will!!


  8. Finally, our long awaited Blotto winner – congratulations Brook C!

    That must be quite a task, FEd, I bet you must have read through at least over 100 blotto entries and all those little detailed work to find the winner. Good game, frustrated at times, but fun. Thank you for that.

    Another batch of good questions for Mr. Phil Manzanera; hence the interesting answers – thank you.

  9. Hats off to you Lorraine and thank you very much.

    I feel guilty though, Lorraine…

  10. hey dave,

    please come to Argentina, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee come to america, come to Argentina. please


    that was all

    I love you =D

    yes, I am a man, but I like women, but I love your music, I love your style to play guitar.

    Ok then, good bye


  11. Congratulations Brook!

    I’m happy to see my question for mr Manzanera,thanks for answering!

    have a nice day,friends and Fed:)

  12. Ciao,

    compliments to BrookC!

    I want to express my special thanks to lorraine for her transcription. 🙂

  13. Well done Brook on the Blotto win, how did you do it? Blotto was meant to be a bit of fun but it drove us all mad for a few months. (thanks Fed…not)

    I would love to know which tracks Brook got correct.

    Off topic. i managed to get tickets to the Emirates stadium for Saturday, i have never been before & i am taking my son & stepson for a boys day out.

    [Hope you all enjoy, Graham. It looks like a terrific stadium. Please click your name below to see all Blotto entries. – Features Editor]

  14. Congrats to Brook C for winning the Blotto competition, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your prize very much.

    And thanks to everyone at for the Blog and these amazing answer and question sessions.

    I particularly enjoyed Phil’s comments about On the Turning Away as it’s one of my favourite tracks. Just goes to show you though, just how much respect and regard David has for the band if he feels confident enough to pull out an old song that’s never been rehearsed and pull it off!

    You guys are the best!

  15. Wow ! I’m impressed by BrookC’s performance (congratulations!), by his prize (such an awesome one !), but still more impressed by Fed’s hard and long work to find the winner and the others who guessed six or five songs ! It must have been a nightmare ! Well done to you too !


    [Yes, it’s true: I now have square eyes thanks to Blotto. – Features Editor]

  16. congrats to brook! i think i got 4 right.

    i’m loving phil’s q&a. thanks again for setting it up, fed.

    to el magnifico: thank you for doing this for us!!!

  17. [Yes, when he performed ‘On the Turning Away’, a track that Stevie and I had never rehearsed and that Guy hadn’t played for 14 years. Not exactly a pleasurable moment, but one that certainly I’ll remember! – Phil]

    ah! ah! Nice to her that also the great artists can feel the panic of the stage and confess it! Not only because is funny for a fan to listen to that, but also because it is – of course – the sign of modesty and wish to do the best. I am sure that the fact it was an improvisation made it really the best moment fans could hope to see! I guess the audience and the band really had big fun!

    And I am also happy you loved Venice…and I hope you have some good memories about my Rome too!

    Brook!!! WOW!!! SEVEN SONGS!!! You have to have magic powers! Congratulations!


  18. [Hope you all enjoy, Graham. It looks like a terrific stadium. Please click your name below to see all Blotto entries. – Features Editor]

    Now i appreciate what a task you had finding a winner.

    Also you may have some sympathy with my step son Thomas, there i am taking him to the Emirates Stadium…& he supports Liverpool.

    My son had no chance. His first soccer memory must have been me rushing up the stairs & picking him up from his cot & telling him we’ve done it, we’ve done it, after clinching the title in May 1989! of course he had no idea what i was on about & i only achieved in waking him up, i wasn’t very popular with his mother.

    [You needed to win by two clear goals to pip us to the title. Michael Thomas got your second. I remember it well, the pain… That vile yellow shirt with ‘JVC’ on the front… – Features Editor]

  19. The Thing About Syd
    Part Nine

    Peter Jenner: In the same way you don’t notice when your children are growing up, it was very hard to see that day-to-day change and I think Dave hadn’t seen them and it’s a bit different. I’m sure his observation is absolutely correct.

    David: He was tipping at that point, definitely in a strange mental place and was struggling, Maybe this was something that came in waves and that was a particularly bad moment but, hey, we were making ‘See Emily Play’. Doesn’t sound like there’s too much of a problem!

    Richard Wright: He’d present the song with the lyrics, strum away, sing it with wonderful words and then the band would say “Right, well, let’s try and put this together in some sense of order or in shape.” My memory of Syd is that it was a very sudden thing when he went over the edge, and I can’t remember exactly when. But clearly, when we were doing ‘Piper’, he was coming up with brilliant songs and he was together and he was vibrant. He gave the band a bit of glamour, if you like, as well. He was the charismatic person of the band out of all of us. He was the star.

    Mark Radcliffe: ‘See Emily Play’, a major Top 10 hit in July ‘67. That month, Pink Floyd would make three appearances on Top Of The Pops, but, on one occasion, Syd failed to appear at the TV studio.

    Richard Wright: We turned up to the BBC and they couldn’t find Syd. We eventually found him and came back and said “Something terrible has happened, he’s like a zombie.” The shock of seeing him… Such a change.

    Nick Mason: He stopped enjoying it. He just had lost interest in it. I think it was an ever-declining interest and enthusiasm that’s the unravelling, you know? The rest of us were still absolutely hot to do it.

    To be continued…

  20. Congrats to all Blotto winners.

    I would like to congratulate myself for finding out how to play the “Loops” as I had prevously thought I couldn’t due to using computer at work. But hey guess what just got in there and switched on. In fact listening to it right now and its a great way to spend a lunch time.

    Probably be “kicked” out soon as not business relevent. I even found out how to alter the volume and I presume the little red arrows are to make the music repeat itself.

    Ian Pearson

    PS FEd, remember a rhino isnt just for christmas! Good on you. I’ve a tiger at Chester zoo. Where’s your animal?

    [Kenya. I’ve explained that I won’t be visiting. – Features Editor]

  21. Well done Brook. Top work.

    FEd, thank you so much for letting Phil answer one of my questions. He’s a true great, and it means a heck of a lot to me.

    Not forgetting Phil as well, thank you for taking the time out to answer my question.

    Funnily enough, about 5 years ago, I was supposed to go to Venice to perform in a mass orchestra out there. Couldn’t go because of technical difficulties but I bet its a great place to go.

    Cheers all,
    Simon J – Happy Days!

  22. Ok here goes.

    1. Breathe
    2. Time (breathe reprise)
    3. Castellorizon
    4. On an Island (C/N)
    5. The Blue (C/N)
    6. Red Sky at Night
    7. This Heaven
    8. Then I Close My Eyes (RW)
    9. Smile
    10. Take A Breath
    11. A Pocket Full Of Stones
    12. Where we Start
    13. Shine on you crazy diamond (C/N)
    14. Wots the Deal
    15. Wearing the Inside Out
    16. Fat Old Sun
    17. Coming Back To Life
    18. High Hopes
    19. Echoes
    20. Wish you Were here
    21. Find the Cost of Freedom (C/N)
    22. Arnold Layne (Bowie)
    23. Comfortably Numb


    well done again Brook (surely a torrent in this weather) & thanks again Fed for keeping us amused

  23. congrats to you brook, wow, hope we have another game soon. that prize was awesome!

    after fed has rested of course.

  24. Congrats Brook!! I got zero right – I was actually away when it all kicked off but I was seriously amused by the commotion it caused.

    Excellent competition FEd. Can’t wait for a new if there is going to one. Well done to everyone who took part. Just remember it’s the taking part that counts, not the winning…

    WHAT THE ****!! A SIGNED copy of the tour programme!! FEd, pass on Brooks details, we need a chat. Will you accept a cheque or bank draft?? 🙂

  25. Wow, Brook… good job!

    Congratulations on your winning the Blotto game, and to all the runners up for getting very close.

    Great answers from Phil, yet again.

    And to Gabrielle, I too highly recommend the Buena Vista Social Club. What Ry Cooder did in that documentary was phenomenal. The look in all the Cuban musicians eyes when walking the streets of New York City is marvelous stuff! I gotta dig out my copy, too!


  26. The Thing About Syd
    Part Ten

    Mark Radcliffe: With ‘See Emily Play’ at Number Six, and the debut album, ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’, in the album charts, Pink Floyd were hot. Despite their ailing front man, they continued to perform and promote their material. But, by the end of August ‘67, all gigs were pulled as Syd’s ability to play and function gave further cause for concern.

    Nick Mason: Syd actually underwent a conscience crisis that this wasn’t art. It was becoming so commercial with television and record sales, promotions and so on and he had been an artist. He still painted and had a fairly rigorous view of how one should behave as an artist, and I think that just meant this was just not really what he wanted to do.

    Mark Radcliffe: Barrett was sent on a fortnight’s holiday to the island of Formentera with Rick Wright.

    Richard Wright: The idea was to get Syd out of London, away from acid, away from all his friends who treated him like a God. I mean, they worshipped him. It was clearly much more serious than we thought it was, because he couldn’t respond, he couldn’t communicate. He couldn’t do anything in Formentera. I think he had nightmares – I mean, real living nightmares, trying to climb up walls – and the biggest change for me, his eyes, used to have so much life in him and then his eyes just went dead. I mean, we were all hoping that he was just basically burnt out and needed a complete break, but it clearly was much more serious than that. It was very scary, very upsetting.

    Mark Radcliffe: Rick, Syd and their respective girlfriends returned to the UK. With Barrett’s failing mental abilities, he still managed to front the band as it criss-crossed Britain and Scandinavia on another round of dates through September and October. The group also managed to record a couple of Waters and Wright songs for their next album, ‘Saucerful Of Secrets’. Then, in November, Pink Floyd boarded a plane and headed off for their first in America.

    Nick Mason: We were so determined to carry on that we probably all pretended that he was a bit better. We just did not want to recognise that there was a problem, because Syd was the writer, the front man. The last thing we needed was to lose Syd.

    To be continued…

  27. Congratulations to BrookC and all the finalists! This was no easy task and hats off to FEd for scoring this game. I’m not sure how you did it, FEd, unless you employed a team of actuaries or something.

    Many thanks to Phil for the wonderful answers. I’ve enjoyed reading all of his responses.

    Hope you had a great birthday, Clarice!

    Also, sending good thoughts to the UK bloggers with the recent flooding issues. I hope everyone is okay.

    [A team of actuaries?! I’m just damn good, Lynn. I don’t have a team of people doing anything for me. Besides, it’s a good warm-up in preparation for David’s Q&A. That will make Blotto look like a walk in the park, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  28. FEd,

    I think you have to hold off on sending BrookC the prize. There is one thing that BrookC has not done yet. BrookC has not yelled out BLOTTO….LOL.



  29. bit off topic, but I noticed a certain animator has had a website redesign and there were some cool wall illustrations that I had not seen before on there (click my name).

  30. Brook!

    I won Blotto myself this weekend….oh wait, thats got blotto’d…

    Anyhoo…awesome prize!


  31. The Thing About Syd
    Part 11

    Pete Jenner: In a sense, his behaviour before the American tour was getting a bit tricky, but it got really bad in America.

    Mark Radcliffe: Pink Floyd played six West Coast dates, further planned American performances and TV appearances on the East Coast were cancelled. As the band returned home, management realised that they needed to take some kind of action.

    Peter Jenner: When he came back from America, that was a real shocking effect. It was after that that we started worrying about his mental health, but before they could sort their crumbling front man, Pink Floyd joined a three week UK package tour alongside Amen Corner, The Nice and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

    Nick Mason: The tour was relatively simple. It was a very, sort of, rehearsed piece there was no room for playing other than the three songs, then going off again. When he didn’t turn up, that was one big problem.

    Peter Jenner: On one or two gigs, we had David O’List from The Nice do the guitar playing, because Syd just didn’t turn up.

    Richard Wright: There were times when it was impossible for him to play, and there were other times when “Mmm, yes, he’s singing, he’s playing,” and the hope came back

    Peter Jenner: There came a point where what was avant garde became a bit disturbing. When it was, like, playing the same note all the way through, it became clearly a bit weird. None of us had any experience of what was going on. It was… You know, we had no idea how to cope with it.

    Richard Wright: Virtually every night, all of us standing backstage waiting for Hendrix to come on, because he was extraordinary. That was an amazing tour, actually, but this was clearly… That was the end, this tour, when we just knew that Syd just couldn’t do it.

    To be continued…

  32. The Thing About Syd
    Part 12

    Mark Radcliffe: It was decided to cut Syd some much needed slack. Another guitarist would be recruited, freeing Barrett to do whatever he liked. Step forward David Gilmour.

    David: The idea became that I would be there as well, sing and play, and Syd would be there to sing and play when he felt like.

    Nick Mason: Very hard to know now how Syd perceived it, or even how well thought out it was from our point of view. It’s quite a sophisticated route to take, leaving the writer behind. He perhaps saw it even more clearly than we did and realised that he would eventually be pushed out.

    David: As the days went on, these ideas got modified to the point where Syd just stood there for a couple of gigs and didn’t really do anything and then…

    Richard Wright: One day, we had a gig to do. It was all decided by the band, with David now in the band, and we’ll go without Syd. I was living with Syd in Richmond, trying to take care of him. I had the horrible thing of having to say “Syd, I’m just going out to get some cigarettes,” because if I’d said “We’re off to do a gig,” whatever state he was in, he would have come. So I had to lie to him, if you like, then went off and did the gig and came back and he said “Have you got the cigarettes yet?” – and this was four hours later. It was a bit strange and I feel a bit bad about that.

    David: We didn’t pick Syd up and he didn’t come to gigs anymore, and we kind of hoped that he would stay home and give us lots more great songs and then everyone would be happy.

    Mark Radcliffe: ‘Jugband Blues’, from the album ‘Saucerful Of Secrets’, and the last Barrett song to feature on a Pink Floyd album.

    On April 6th 1968 Syd Barrett officially left The Pink Floyd and, despite the trials he had put his management through, he retained the services of Andrew King and Pete Jenner.

    To be continued…

  33. The Thing About Syd
    Part 13

    Peter Jenner: I couldn’t believe that we couldn’t get him back. He was so important to me as a person in the band. That, in a sense, I just backed the wrong horse, if you want to be really cynical.

    Mark Radcliffe: Now out of Pink Floyd, Syd slept on friend’s floors throughout the autumn of ’68. David Gilmour…

    David: We were in touch all the time. He was sleeping in my flat, we were still spending a fair bit of time together. He would come ’round and doss, as he didn’t have anywhere. He then moved in with Dougie Fields in Earl’s Court Square, and I got a flat in Old Brompton Road at some point in ’69, I guess was. I think it was complete coincidence that we happened to live where I could look out of my kitchen in to his kitchen. Very strange really.

    Mark Radcliffe: As David and Syd waved to each other from their respective kitchen tables, Barrett decided to record again.

    In April ‘69, he returned to Abbey Road studios, with Malcolm Jones producing. Pete Jenner was also at the studio controls.

    Pete Jenner: There were a lot of tapes running, trying to make something from what was there. He’d come up with something and maybe we could go back and work on it, but that sort of rationality “Well, that was good, why don’t we do that again?” – that all didn’t work. That was the problem: we tried with some musicians with him, we tried with him on his own. “Just go and do what you want to do Syd. Go on, let’s hear it.” To me, it was all about creativity. Every now and then, some lyrics would come out; a bit of a tune would come out and you’d try and capture it before it just disappeared back into the fog.

    I have to say, one of the most frustrating things in my life, because you could see that genius of his would come through in little bits and pieces, but I couldn’t get him to get it together into a coherent form. And most of the songs that ended up on the record were really worked over a lot by Roger and Dave.

    To be continued…

  34. wow, lorraine really is a saint. how did they fit so much into 10 minutes??!?!?

    oh and congratz to Brook. Keep that programme offa ebay now, ya hear!

  35. The Thing About Syd
    Part 14

    Mark Radcliffe: Roger Waters and David Gilmour were drafted in to salvage the recordings, as the record company was losing patience.

    David: That they were going to shut the album down and can it. Then we said “We’ll finish it.” I think we only had two-and-a-half days, or something. Syd was not really taking much part in this process, you know? I would pick him up from his flat and we would go to Abbey Road and do stuff, but he was not really taking control of what was going on. It was extremely hard, because he would never do the same thing twice.

    Peter Jenner: There is some real pain, some real genius, some real flashes. In a way, I think it’s really great what Dave and Roger did to try and bring out what was there. It was a work of great love.

    David: There was some great stuff. I mean, there was some great playing by The Soft Machine on it. ‘Octopus’ is good. I mean, ‘Octopus’ he did well and consistently enough for me to then go and play some horrible drums and bass and other instruments on and turn it, sort of, into a pop song.

    Mark Radcliffe: Lifting a line from the track ‘Octopus’, David Gilmour titled the album ‘The Madcap Laughs’.

    David: I pulled that phrase out of lyrics, really. Said “Let’s call it this.” We didn’t have a title for the album. I liked the sound of the word ‘Madcap’, because it sounds mad only in a nice way. It doesn’t sound like it means actual mental-incapacity-madness. It means a joyful sort of lunacy, if you like. I can’t remember what he said to that. He certainly didn’t argue.

    To be continued…

  36. The Thing About Syd
    Part 15

    David: It is a document of the moment. The state he was in at that moment is partially temporary, because it is made far worse by him actually having been on drugs in the studio when he was doing this stuff. He was fairly certainly on Mandrax for some of those recordings, which are just downers. It’s one of these completely useless things. I mean, the album – I mean not all of it – the core moments on it are due to his permanent incapacity. Some are his temporary incapacities, too. It’s one of those funny things. I mean, one tries to explain what went on with the poor boy, that there were days when things worked.

    Mark Radcliffe: On the track ‘Golden Hair’, Barrett puts the words of poet James Joyce to music.

    David: ‘Golden Hair’ is one of the ones that he did before we came on board. Not one of the ones that many people would think of doing these days. It’s lovely.

    Mark Radcliffe: Words by James Joyce, music by Syd Barrett. ‘Golden Hair’,” released January 1970 on ‘The Madcap Laughs’ album. The record got no radio air time, although Barrett did play a Top Gear session for John Peel.

    Despite Syd’s erratic behaviour and drug taking, he was keen and showed up on time. David Gilmour also played at the session.

    David: The urgency of doing a radio session where you’re going to do it now and you’re going to get it done in that one-three hour thing. He seemed to respond better to that, and it did seem that we could do things that sounded more cohesive and that he was more into it. He would gather his wits together and would go for things in a better way.

    Mark Radcliffe: Recorded for John Peel’s Top Gear in February 1970, ‘Gigolo Aunt’. That song would feature on Syd’s second album, simply called ‘Barrett’. This time, it was produced by Rick Wright and David Gilmour.

    To be continued…

  37. hats off to lorraine and fed for making the syd doc available to all our english-learner friends. 🙂

    fed, i told my girlfriend about your wwf rhino and together we decided to adopt their panda.

    [That’s great news, Victor. Many thanks. – Features Editor]

  38. Oh, Lorraine, please, have some rest!!!

    You are a incredibly kind, but you are human! You can’t go on in this way! Have some rest! I’d like to be there to prepare you the dinner so that, meanwhile, you can sleep some minute and give your fingers some rest…

    Fed, doesn’t she deserve a prize? At least the sellotape!!!

    Thanks, Lorraine. Really thanks


  39. Congratulations Brook!

    I hope you enjoy your prize, it’s very special.

    Lorraine, you are very considerate to transcribe this thingy. I wish for good things to come your way.


  40. Congrats Brook. Well done! Seven correct guesses! Very impressive.

    Very cool prize too… I’m surprised it is a signed copy of the program after all the flack about e-bay and memorabilia… we’ll all be watching to ensure it stays in YOUR hands!

    The OAIpod is such a cool idea… just wish I had a sound card.

    Well, you all enjoy and have a great day!

  41. Nice one brookc, and thanks for the mention fed.

    even though 5 out 23 isn’t that impressive it was all good fun.


    [You should see what some of the others got. Five is amazing in comparison. – Features Editor]

  42. Well done BrookC, a very impressive seven and what a fantastic prize

    Yet again an excellent question and answers session


    [More to come in an hour or two. – Features Editor]

  43. Well done to Brook on winning Blotto. Seven is a most impressive total.

    I did not play, but enjoyed the reaction when everyone realised that they had another one wrong!

    Lorraine, you are a very kind person indeed for transcribing the documentary.

    I listened to it for the first time yesterday afternoon (I also had trouble with Listen Again) and enjoyed it very much.

    I have always appreciated Syd’s solo work and cannot imagine how incredibly difficult it must have been, for David especially, working on those sad, yet magical, albums.

    David, you did a remarkable job. My thanks to you.

  44. Congrats to Brook, the contests are really fun.

    i also want to thank everyone for the birthday greetings. that was very nice of all of you. i had a great day, i spent my day with my children so it was great.

    thanks again for the greetings.

  45. Congrats Brook on winning that confounded Blotto. Having gotten a total of 1 (one) in correct order, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not my game.

    Well done David and F’Ed on the prize.

  46. Lorraine,

    Never in the field of blogging has so much been owed by so many to so few (one) …

    Saintdom beckons ..

  47. Congratulations to the blotto winner BrookC.

    Can we start a new blotto for the 85 Minute film……..only joking!!!!!!!

    Will a film programme be on sale at the Odeon in September?

    Gary Hurley
    London England.

    [Programmes? We don’t have the full list of cinemas yet. – Features Editor]

  48. [You should see what some of the others got. Five is amazing in comparison. – Features Editor]

    I think I would be one of those ;-)))

    Cheers, Howard

  49. Hip hip hip hourra pour Lorraine !!!

    Does that exist in English ? Fed, please, show us how good your French is and translate that for Lorraine ! Pleeeeaaaase ! Merci !


    [That would be a very English: Hip hip hooray. – Features Editor]

  50. It seems like it’s been awhile since I posted, and I have some time so I thought I’d drop in.

    First, congrats to Brook! That is an awesome prize, enjoy it! Can we ban the word blotto now that it’s over with?

    Thanks Lorraine for all your hard work with the Syd stuff.

    Barnfest is right around the corner, less then a month away. Can you feel the excitment building?!

    I hope to be seeing a good lot of you in chat on Friday! Being that Thursday is my birthday and all =)

    Hope everyone is doing well . . .

  51. The Thing About Syd
    Part 16

    David: Well, the thing with the second one was we did have more time, because we had the time to start it from scratch. It meant that we could get some musicians in, try and put some songs down.

    Richard Wright: Jerry Shirley was on drums, Dave playing guitars and bass, I think, as well. It was a lot of hard work getting it all in to time, and everything. He had all these songs, some which he’d already recorded, which we’d never done. He was still writing ‘though he could not basically communicate. He’d definitely lost it. Inside his head, he was still thinking these great lyrics. I could never understand it; the fact that he could come up with these great lyrics still, but everyday life was impossible for him.

    David: Some of the songs, we have Syd recording the song first and then we have people struggling to play along to it afterwards. But if we played a track with Syd playing along and singing, he would go in to changes and choruses in all different places, and we were not sharp enough to stick with him all the time. So you would kind of be persuading Syd to go and do something, or getting him to come down and play with the bunch of musicians, whoever I could cobble together on the day. ‘Dominoes’ is the track that stands out for me.

    Mark Radcliffe: ‘Dominoes’ from the second, and last, Barrett studio album – released November 1970.

    Peter Jenner: I could never listen to ‘The Madcap Laughs’ or the other one, ‘Barrett’, because it was like a shadow of what I’d known. It brought back the sessions to me and I sort of worry about people who get excited by how great those albums are. Not worried, I just think that’s not the real Syd. But then, who am I to say that? Maybe that’s my problem, not theirs. What he did is he articulated his vision, his genius, in a fantastic way. They’re trying to find the bits of gold dust that’s in the pan that they are washing out, to stick them together and make them into a nugget. Whereas what he was doing back with the Floyd, ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’, he was making the nuggets.

    To be continued…

  52. Nice one lorraine, you are doing a sterling job. I`m enjoying reading the transcription myself!!

  53. The Thing About Syd
    Part 17

    Mark Radcliffe: By the end of 1970, Barrett turned his back on London. Six years after leaving Cambridge for Camberwell Art College, he returned to his mother, Winifred’s, house.

    Rosemary: To me, he was somebody who I’d lost at that time. It was a very bad time for him. He did some artwork. He did a huge canvas about six-seven foot in width, and it was all black, and in the bottom corner, about an inch by an inch, there was a little red square. Ad I remember looking at that and thinking, you know, he’s in trouble. So he came home to stay with Mum and it was a bad time. He was quite distressed for a long time.

    Mark Radcliffe: Syd spent 1971 in seclusion. The following year, he ventured on stage with his band called Stars. They managed five gigs, the last on February 22nd, 1972 – the last time Syd Barrett was seen by an audience. Meanwhile, in London, Pink Floyd performed at the Rainbow, showcasing their new project ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’, which would lift them into super-stardom.

    David: ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ is about the tendency that is brought upon one by the pressures of life and, obviously, to me, ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ is definitely very, very influenced by Syd’s condition.

    Mark Radcliffe: Syd returned to London. He enjoyed being anonymous in the capital, but he still cast a shadow over his former band mates. In the summer of 1975, as they worked on their follow up to ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, one particular track became significant.

    David: ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ was written about Syd. It all came out of a haunting little guitar phrase that fell out of my guitar one day, and that did something to Roger. It moved something in Roger and it started this whole process off that became ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, which was specifically about Syd and his problems.

    To be continued…

  54. The Thing About Syd
    Part 18

    Mark Radcliffe: Strange that, after such a considerable absence, Barrett should turn up at Abbey Road studios to pay a visit to his former band mates.

    Richard Wright: Roger was already in the studio and I came in. As I walked in, I saw this extraordinary person sitting on the sofa.

    David: Syd turned up at Abbey Road as we were recording in number three and, I think, he wandered in and wandered into the actual recording room – the large recording room there – and I think we were all working, doing stuff in the control room, and we saw some chap wandering around out there. And he came out of the blue…

    Nick Mason: I’ve never heard anyone say “Oh, I said to Syd, why don’t you drop in?” I don’t think anyone had seen him for a while. I think it was variable as to whether people knew who he was, him or not. I certainly didn’t recognise him straight away, but my memory is of him being in the studio when I came back into the control room after doing a drum track, or something.

    Richard Wright: I didn’t recognise him, so I sat down next to Roger and I said “Iis that one of your friends?” He said no and he wouldn’t tell me and I didn’t get it for about ten minutes. And then he said “That’s Syd!” and I was just so shocked.

    David: It’s a strange thing but, yeah, he was there. It did take a while before one of us said “Bloody hell, that’s Syd.” None of us remembers it that clearly, I don’t think, but it’s spooky.

    Richard Wright: Because, by this time, he was about 18 stone, because I think he was on Cortisone. Shaved off all his body hair, including his eyebrows, although he did jump up and sit down again. Then he did say “When do you want me to put guitar on?”

    Nick Mason: It has become a slightly odd story because there seem to be two or three different versions of how long he was there and how long he stayed.

    To be continued…

  55. The Thing About Syd
    Part 19

    Richard Wright: It was about seven years since he’d left the band. Very, very shocked and shaken by it, I have to say. But it was unique, because we were actually recording the song dedicated to him – ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ – when he came in. There’s no way he would have known we were doing that. So I was in a state of shock, but none of us knew who he was until we were told, and we couldn’t do anything after that. We couldn’t record or play music. We just went down to the café, had a cup of tea with him and were trying to have a conversation with him. But God knows what we talked about. Then he just stood up and said “I’ve got to go now.” “Where are you going?” “I’m going back to Cambridge.” And he went back to Cambridge and that was it.

    Mark Radcliffe: Summer ‘75 was the last time the Pink Floyd members saw Syd Barrett. He left London for good after a period of eight years.

    Rosemary: He lived in Chelsea Cloisters for some years, but it was a bad time. He was very lonely and eventually money became a problem, because brown envelopes went straight into the bin. So he came home to stay with Mum. He was quite distressed for a long time, but then we’re talking years and years and years – probably ten years plus of chaos. He eventually, after some years, sorted himself out and he got himself a life with me and my mother.

    Mark Radcliffe: Throughout the Eighties, Syd became a recluse; occasionally photographed looking portly, wandering through Cambridge. He continued to paint and draw, but never pursued music again. Things changed for him in 1991, when his mother passed away, and Syd became the responsibility of his sister.

    Rosemary: I didn’t see him every day. I’d see him two or three times a week. He needed a lot of support in lots of ways, to learn how to live in many different ways. I had to teach him how to live. He had forgotten you get up, you have breakfast, you go shopping, you come back, you have lunch. The normal routine of a day. It had never really featured in his life. It was a worry. It was a worry I did perhaps take too seriously, but I did love him – perhaps too much – so he learnt slowly, but he was content. And that was what I strived for, for him: contentment. I think… I think he achieved it.

    To be continued…

  56. The final parts of ‘The Thing About Syd’ can be found in the next blog entry.

    Thanks again to Lorraine for transcribing it for us.

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  62. Syd discovered the Secret too soon…but you discovered on Time, I can feel it on every song you wrote and every sound you make deep from your Soul. I cant see Them yet, but I can feel when they get closer…feel this Warmth besides.

    I hope some day to see the dark side of the Moon, but first I must clean my eyes and see the light hidden behind the Eclipse.

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