Blotto (#1, #11, #19, #22)

Remember That Night DVD (2007)All good things must come to an end, so here are the final four numbers that are just itching to be scratched off your Blotto cards.

The 20th song to be revealed is ‘Speak To Me‘. This is the first track on the concert disc.

There was some confusion among the fans over whether or not this song had even been performed. We enjoyed that, partly because we weren’t even sure ourselves.

The 21st song to be revealed is ‘Smile‘, which will be number ‘11‘.

The 22nd song to be revealed is the one that some of you started to panic about as the weeks rolled by. Yes, it’s ‘Echoes‘, at number ‘19‘. (How could we possibly leave that one out?)

And last, but not least, the 23rd song to be revealed is ‘Arnold Layne‘ – featuring David Bowie. This is your ’22’ (and you’re only correct if you named Mr Bowie, don’t forget).

So that wraps up Blotto. How many did you get right? We’ll announce the prize, and winner, later this week.

One quick note.

Even though the discs used are DVD-9 dual layer discs, which allow a greater playing time, 23 songs was the most we could possibly fit on without having to split the concert over two discs, which we didn’t want to do. So, there had to be a few omissions.

I know that some of you had been hoping for the likes of ‘Wearing The Inside Out’ and ‘Dominoes’, so I’m sorry to disappoint.

That said, it’s not a bad list of songs, is it?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

81 thoughts on “Blotto (#1, #11, #19, #22)”

  1. Oh no!!!!!! Where’s Wearing the Inside Out????? I’m disappointed…. VERY disappointed!

  2. That is a good list. Thanks.

    I would quite like to have heard Wot’s the Deal on the disc, but maybe David could consider it as a bonus track on disc two?

    Anyway, as usual, thank you for all the information — I am looking forward to September!

  3. Is there a possibility that more songs are in the bonus features?


    [Sure. – Features Editor]

  4. I can’t wait for the DVD (or the guitar!) but, they could have left Echoes off and we’d have still have bought it ;D

    I don’t mind losing “Wearing The Inside Out” because we get “Fat Old Sun” which is awesome!

  5. That is one awesome photo! Is this one from Polly?

    I might have to borrow it and use it as a desktop pic. 😉

    [It’s actually one of the DVD’s opening images. That’s the DVD that will be out in September and is called ‘Remember That Night’ (just in case our Koen has forgotten). – Features Editor]

  6. It’s a WONDERFUL list of songs…. but not on my Blotto card… the order, anyway.

    Now… what’s uh, the deal for our next exciting
    contest, FEd?


    oh, I only had 2 right by the way…

  7. no wearing the inside out?????

    Ok fed you cant torture us for weeks by not revealing whether this has been left out completely.

    You have to tell us if it will be in the set somewhere! 🙂

  8. can someone put up the whole tracklist? hehehe

    any news on whether there’s going 2 be a CD to accompany it? really hope there is!

    [Full tracklist to follow tomorrow, but there is to be no matching live CD, sorry. – Features Editor]

  9. No Wot’s uh the Deal?; quite the bummer. But what’s one song lost next to 23 fantastic others?

    September, September, seems so far away…

  10. Wow! The list is close. Really not bad!

    So, is time, now, to listen to someone shouting “BLOTTO!!!”? I can’t listen to any voice…but maybe they are shy.

    Come on, let us know how many songs did you guess. For me, no hope to win the sellotape either this time!


  11. I can`t belive that I didn`t get one right. But it`s a great list of songs though, well chuffed!!!

  12. i have said this before so i hope i will be forgiven at aiming the same comment at riis .

    it has been mentioned that the mermaid theatre show will be one of the extras on disk 2 . so if thats true wearing the inside out will be found there .

    how could you be disappointed with a line up of songs such as we have ? i would have liked to see wearing the inside out too but i am happy with whats there , very happy .

    also bear in mind at least you got to see the gigs live . that was more then i did !


    a wet and soggy linda island lady who just got caught out in the rain while making a home brew delivery .

  13. “Even though the discs used are DVD-9 dual layer discs, which allow a greater playing time, 23 songs was the most we could possibly fit on without having to split the concert over two discs, which we didn’t want to do. So there had to be a few omissions”

    Cream’s recent concert DVD at the Royal Albert hall went to 2 disks and I don’t feel inconvenienced at all having to flip from one to another for more music. I always think that more music is better than including some documentaries.

    Everyone knows that one of my top 3 tunes played at the concert was Wot’s and not to have it included is really crushing. It is so rarely played compared to others which are thrashed to death.

    I will buy the DVD but not with the same enthusiasm as before….

    Cheers, Howard

  14. No suprises then, fed. mixed feelings…

    i’m relieved for echoes, fat old sun and the rest, yet i’m sad for wearing the inside out and wot’s oh the deal.

    Fed – any bonus tracks on the second discs? wikipedia says there will be but i never trust wiki.

    Inside out maybe? please?

  15. Hello all,

    Another 2 correct (Echoes and Arnold Layne), which made 5 (just like Tim Taylor, congrats) in total, but it is not enough to win.

    Graham please accept my congratulations. I’m deeply sorry for Nikki_sk which was correct with the first part of the DVD setlist, unfortunately, he changed his order after rules were tightened.

    No “Wearing The Inside Out”, it’s a pity, any chance it will be included anywhere on second disc?

    All the best,

  16. Hi FEd,

    Well it took a lot of work, but I did it, I missed them all! Damn I am good.

    So, when do I get my prize for being completely and utterly wrong on every single track?

    I hope your weekend was drier than mine.


  17. OMG!

    Echoes! I knew David wouldn’t let us down.

    Thank you so much for this news.

    Now we can all take a breath and wait patiently.


  18. i heard Wearing the inside out BBC version and it was so thrilling. So am I. Disappointed.

  19. […it’s not a bad list of songs, is it?]

    It’s an excellent list !

    Anyway, I would have been pleased with any list of songs that David would have chosen…

    The second disc, now ? I would like to know nothing about it, in order to have the total surprise when it will be coming out…

    So, maybe, I will have to prevent myself from reading the blog ! Oh ! too hard for me !


    [You’ll want to avoid it all week, then. – Features Editor]

  20. I can imagine how tough it is to pick and choose from all these wonderful performances for disc one, it sure is a great list of songs – although I am a little disappointed – they are all my favorites. I can’t complain and besides, the announcement is for disc one ONLY. Right?

    I haven’t given up my hopes yet, I am hoping for some surprises in disc two with which it might include “Dominoes” and “Wearing the Inside Out” as bonus features; plus some other surprised performances…we never know, do we, FEd?

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    Thank you.

    [You never know… – Features Editor]

  21. You’re right FEd, that’s not a bad list of songs! It’s going to be amazing.

  22. Oh man, I didn’t get a chance to see “Wot’s… Uh the Deal” in concert and I was so hoping to see it on the DVD.

    Please..Please..let us have it on the bonus disc!!

  23. not a bad list of songs at all!

    to all the people moaning because their favourite isn’t on disc 1: get a life!

    i hope it’s on disc 2 as an extra and then we can all laugh at you for being big babies!!!

  24. Hi FEd and all,

    Well its been a busy few days for blotto. I think I have five right 19-23

  25. Well I guess Blotto just isn’t my bag. I did not guess correctly on a single song…

    I love the image/vision above… It looks like a magnificent UFO or some other vessel in space. Very inspiring…

    I guess I’ll need to work double time over the summer to afford all the David Gilmour goodies that are soon to be released…

    I have high hopes that if I’m a good bean and play my cards right the universe will surprise me with a great opportunity???


  26. Thanks for all the news updates.

    A great list of songs it is. You knew everything couldn’t be included on the main concert disc. It’ll be a lot of fun seeing what’s included in the bonuses.

    Fed, can you tell us the playing time of disc one? Must be close to 2.5 hours.

    [It runs to approximately two hours and 20 minutes. – Features Editor]

  27. Hello, blogpersons! Hello, FEd!

    I do really love Wearing the Inside Out but I’m not going to mutter and gripe about it not making the cut. It’s really best to quietly accept certain things and move on.

    On the other hand, if the great Echoes had been left off, I’d have to check myself into the looney bin, whinging all the way! 😀


  28. Hey FEd! Hey Everyone!!

    Just thought I would let you know that I finished my job yesterday, and it was a great success! The orientation program ran very smoothly and we have a great group of students coming into the university(for those who dont know, I was an orientation leader at my school).

    Add to that, It was the best summer of my life, and I made so many new friends. Plus, the setlist for this DVD is AMAZINGGG! I am so excited to purchase it. Thanks for the updates FEd, and I loved the post about the signature Strat.

    I cant wait until the DVD comes out…It is going to be the best purchase I make all year…Thanks for all the updates Mate!!

    [Welcome back, Mr Ax. – Features Editor]

  29. Who cares if the concert is on two discs? If you want the concert on one disc only how about including ‘Wearing the Inside Out’ and ‘Dominoes’ on the second disc as “bonus” songs.

    I bet most people who are going to buy the 2 dvd set would rather have the two songs included over some of the other material that is on disc two. This material may be interesting but not to the point of excluding songs actually played on the tour.

    David doesn’t play live that often. Let us see all of the songs that were played live. This is a big disappointment!

  30. Wow, how can ANYONE complain about that setlist? With all we’ve been given by Mssr Gilmour and company this past year, there’s no need for FEd or anyone associated with David to apologize for any decisions/omissions/oversights. This package will be stellar by all accounts and something I’m counting down the seconds until owning one!

    Truth be told, I’m such a Gilmour nut I’d buy a DVD of him sitting on a rocking chair reading Green Eggs and Ham (hmmmm, any chance of that getting on DVD 2s bag o’ extras, FEd?).

    Seriously though, good on for Mr Gilmour. I for one can’t be disappointed by the set list on this remarkable sounding DVD package.

    ‘Nuff said,

  31. Well my computer broke in these days and when I enter in the Internet and in this blog I took a scare! All numbers of the Blotto!!!I thought: “the editor is crazy! But thank’s for its sudden madness.hehehe

    The set list is fantastic, of course,all songs are wonderful but that GOD (already I am appealing for HE) does not forget for the other songs.

    And thank’s too for the images of dvd…September never was so distant! So far away…

  32. The Blotto is finished and same my list not more valid. i demonstrate my “delayed list”.

    1. Speak To Me
    2. breathe
    3. Time
    4. Castellorizon
    5. On An island (w/ Crosby and Nash)
    6. The Blue (w/ Crosby and Nash)
    7. red Sky At The Night
    8. This Heaven
    9. Then i Close My Eyes (w/ Robert Wyatt)
    10. Smile
    11. Take A breath
    12. A pocketful of stones
    13. Where we start
    14. Shine on you crazy diamond
    15. Fat old Sun
    16. Wearing the inside out
    17. Coming Back To Life
    18. High Hopes
    19. Echoes
    20. Wish You were here
    21. Find the Cost of freedom (w/ Crosby and Nash)
    22. Arnold Layne (w/ David Bowie)
    23. Comfortably Numb (w/David Bowie)

    I imagined that I would make right more but…

    Who was the winner of the Blotto?

    [We’ll announce the winner towards the end of the week. – Features Editor]

  33. Tsk tsk Victor. Anyway, love the Echoes entry. Listened to it last nite actually. Seen it live, me thinks 4 times.

    I really hope we can see Mr. Parry, Mr. Wright and David Sir on the 2nd disc with WTIO. No harm in trying. I love that one too. So glad to have seen it on tour.

    Final note: The Diana concert was great to see Elton John end it,” Saturday Night “was great. Thank You U.K.

  34. I’m really looking forward to the DVD now that the setlist is revealed!

    Can’t wait to find out what the bonus features will be.

    It would seem that my sound system will be getting a workout in September… 🙂

  35. Excellent setlist – thanks for revealing all the songs for disk one. It was fun to guess what the setlist might include, but good to see what has actually been chosen. I don’t quite get the disappointment expressed about song choice at this point (maybe Victor is right, those comments may be from big babies that we can laugh at later)

    I guessed three right, which is nothing to complain about considering it’s all just a guess, but with only 13% correct, it’s also nothing to brag about! Congrats to those who got five right – or more ?

  36. Congratulations to all who did well on the BLOTTO game. The titles promise to make out one heck of a dvd!

    Well, thats all from me in a while i guess, the surgery date has been moved up to half july, so i’ll probably not be around for a while, but wishing you all a great summer and lots of fun in this wonderful community!!!

    take care all!!


    [Look after yourself, mate. – Features Editor]

  37. Hi Fed!

    It will be nice to get the dvd and really re-live those wonderful nights in the Royal Albert Hall.

    Of course there will always be some songs/performances that will be missed in the list for disc one, but I still hope for them to appear in the bonus section…

    Wearing the inside out was great on the first night and of course WYWH and CN from the last night. Truly a great moment in Floyd history when Mr Mason joins the band on stage. There were a lot of tears flowing in the audience at that moment I can tell you.

    Anyway, looking forward to the dvd and love the way you make us live in suspense but at the same time feed us with information we love to have. It is really some kind of “drug habit”…



  38. Ciao,

    finally the whole cd track-list. Disappointed? No, why? I only expect that what was not on the first DVD comes out in the second ( ames? astronomy domine,wot’s..uh the deal, and others). In that case maybe I would be a bit…

    And speak to me is not a song!!! 🙂

    [Indeed. – Features Editor]

  39. Hi all, does anyone know the full tracklist and will we know which night each song was taken from, only because i will be looking for myself at the front of the stage on the final night

    [Sorry, we don’t know. A full tracklist will be included in the next entry, though. – Features Editor]

  40. FEd, will david mind too much if we make our own live cd using our computaters?

    [From the tracks on the DVD? Of course not. – Features Editor]

  41. Echoes

    YES! i am happy, for me i would have got the DVD just for that, everything else is a huge bonus.

    Did any body see the Princes Concert for Diana yesterday. Poor Roger Hogson 35 years of admiration blown away in 3 minutes. Apart from Bryan Ferry (I was looking to see if Guy or Phil were in his line up, i didn’t spot them) the whole concert left me disapointed, a nice sentiment, but im not sorry David decided not to perform there.

  42. Echoes! ok,finally I have two right. Better than nothing…

    ciao a tutti!

  43. How many did I get right? None. My hat off for all of you who have more than that. Considering that 5 are a mega score, 0 is not that bad after all.

    Of course the list is good, scramble, mix or change it as much as you want from now to the date of release, I’ll still like it (fans huh, silly buggers).

    There is one thing though with this list, it surprises me that it does not kick off with a track from OAI.

  44. If you can would you give us a run down on the blotto numbers before you pick a winner. But if you can’t thats ok. For I may have only 1 or 2 picks.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend. Plus the 4th of July is this week and I’m Looking forward
    to the 4 day Blues Festival. There are a lot of the great ones coming to play and I know you Fed would really enjoy it. So see you all later.

    Take Care,

    [Just for you, Thomas: Please see the next entry (‘Songs on the DVD’, it’s coming very soon) for the list of 23 songs that make up disc one of ‘Remember That Night’. – Features Editor]

  45. Hello FEd and fellow bloggers. Long time no see. Just putting in my comment that the tracklist looks very exciting and I can’t wait to get the DVD.

    I think Disc 2 will have what some people here are looking for. It’s a hunch.

    Ohhhh I’ll be re-living that awesome Radio City show again when I see the DVD. Hurry hurry September please!

  46. Hi,

    Just read about an auction for Syd’s poem he had written for an old girlfriend. She’s selling it (you know saturday is the first anniversary of Syd’s death).

    I just want to show here my disgust and hope it’s the last time I read this kind of thing.

    Sure, Syd don’t care. But I would just say to Vivien she’s a stupid woman. Money can’t buy the feeling of it. It was written only for her and it would be better to leave it in a secret box, to smell it sometimes, and say thanks to God for having it.

    Poor girl. Hope she can earn money to be happy in some way.

    Have a nice day and excuse me for my english.


  47. I would just like to take this time to say, “Thank you David!”

    Thank you for doing another tour for us last year – Thank you for releasing a DVD this year – Thank you for the 23 fantastic songs to be featured!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    You’ll get no arguements or second-guessing from me!

    …okay, I’m off my soap box.. 🙂

  48. “There once was a game called blotto
    and did I win, i think notto
    dont fill in your card
    for its too bloody hard
    and thats become my new motto.”

    great list of songs why didnt I think of it.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  49. i suppose distributing them would be a step too far though 😉

    [Just a bit. – Features Editor]

  50. Hello,

    it seems a good track list….but I’m very, very disappointed for “wearing the inside out”.

    Is there any chance to see it on the bonus dvd?

    Please, don’t leave this song out


  51. I managed to get 3 right for the entire competition. Par for the course for this C average student.

    Blotto – we will never see the likes of it again in our lifetime!

  52. Best o’ luck to you, Emiel.

    Now listening to “Rudy With a Flashlight.” Didn’t David once say that it’s a favorite song of his?


    [It was one of his Desert Island Discs in… 2003, I think. Others were: The Kinks’ ‘Waterloo Sunset’, Bob Dylan’s ‘Ballad in Plain D’, Tom Waits’ ‘I’m Still Here’, Martha & The Vandellas’ ‘Dancing In The Street’, Leonard Cohen’s ‘Anthem’, Neil Young’s ‘A Man Needs A Maid’, and Joni Mitchell’s ‘For Free’. When asked to select just one from this list, he went for ‘Dancing In The Street’. Lucia, please note the absence of any Radiohead songs. Not that I’m being smug, you understand. – Features Editor]

  53. [Just read about an auction for Syd’s poem he had written for an old girlfriend… – Emilio]

    I was disgusted when I heard about it too Emilio.

    That poem was something special that she should cherish and never put a price on.

    Some people don’t care about things like that, all they see is money. It’s very sad.

    I still have a small buckeye that a boyfriend from highschool gave to me. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. That may sound silly to some people, but I have something to hold in my hand and remember that he touched it once.


  54. 1. ‘speak to me’ = unblotto!
    11. ‘smile’ = unblotto!
    19. ‘echoes’ = unblotto!
    22. ‘arnold layne’ (featuring bowie) = blotto!!!

    4 right for me, but i was just 1 out for most of the others. good game but fed, you are wicked.

    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  55. [Lucia, please note the absence of any Radiohead songs. – FEd]

    Oh boy, you are right. And I see the worrying presence of Dylan there. I am nodding my head on right and left. Oh David, how could you?

    Probably you didn’t feel well that day, right? Did you eat bad? Did you get a cold? Did you have nightmares the night before? Maybe the idea to stay all alone, abandoned on a desert island, without food, drink, a guitar etc. etc. made you think about bad things. This could justify Dylan’s choice…

    Just joking. I don’t know any of the songs on the list, but I am sure they are all good.

    You can be smug, dear Fed. You already have your troubles being a Dylan fan, at least today you have a reason to be happy!


  56. *Oh, my best wish to Emiel*

    and dear, dear, dear FEd, I listened to “Ballad in Plain D”. My god! More than “plain”, a real PLAIN!!! I try loving Dylan…but I don’t find a reason to do that! I will do better listening to my favourite “Tangled up in blue”, at least I will remember that he can also stop whining!


  57. Just think, Syd’s ex can now buy herself two DG Signature Strats and some lessons.



  58. Emiel having surgery?? You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

    And Pete C, I hope & pray your wife is doing well.


  59. Geoff your poem cracked me up! You should get a prize just for THAT!

    Well… I got off track somewhere… when I reviewed my card with the complete revealed list I actually have 5 correct spots! I hear others got 6 so I’m not in the running to win, but 5 is HUGE it seems so I’m ok with it.

    The DVD has blown even my high expectations out the water. SOOOOO looking forward to September!


  60. Well I tried but I only have three right. So it looks as if I have been knocked out of this game too. I had 19,21 and 22.

    My luck has been really bad this last few years. First our Tickets and now the contests, but thats OK. Who knows maybe next year my luck will change.

    But thanks for all the great contest games Fed and David.

    Take Care, Thomas

  61. I can’t believe, I actually got 2 correct…and here I thought I was going to get a perfect score of 0, silly me.

  62. Emiel –

    We’ve never met except via the post. I always think the Blog is a one big family and we are all part of it.

    Best of luck with your surgery – take care.

  63. Unblotto!!!

    There’s one for the history books.

    It was a great game Fed. You confounded us all.

  64. Eh. First of all I think it’s a good setlist contain great songs.

    On the other hand I am worry about Gdańsk on the DVD2. Songs like Echoes, Fat Old Sun, On An Island were played there just perfect.

    I wanna see this candy on the DVD number 2!

  65. Please, I like to see the Astronomy Domine song in the “Remember that night” DVD, The Great gig in the sky (with Mica Paris), Wot’s…uh the Deal, Dogs, Have a cigar, too (I like this songs very, very much). Why you repeat songs from In concert and Pulse DVD?

    Take off Smile, Comfortably numb, High hopes and put songs that never played live or never appeared in other DVD’s.

    [And while you’re at it, David, please invent a time machine, go back to May 2006 and perform all the songs that you didn’t perform the first time around – regardless of why you chose not to play them – just to please Alessandro. It’s not too much to ask, is it? Gimme a break. Go back to the time of Alessandro’s childhood and teach him some bloody manners, more like. – Features Editor]

  66. TAKE OFF Smile, Comfortably numb (the two), High hopes, Take a breath, coming back to life and Wish you were here.

    PUT IN Astronomy domine, Wot’s…uh the deal, The great gig in the sky, Have a cigar, Dogs, Arnold Layne and other songs what never appeared in David Gilmour or Pink Floyd’s DVD

    [TAKE OFF the top of your head. PUT IN a brain. Please. For the good of mankind. Right now. And don’t post here again unless you want to be called “a f*cking donkey”. – Features Editor]

  67. I did not join in with Blotto, but it was good fun watching from the sidelines.

    I wanted to say two things in response to the above:

    1. The 23 songs are perfect.
    2. Some people are very silly indeed. Hardly “fans”.

  68. [Did any body see the Princes Concert for Diana yesterday. Poor Roger Hogson 35 years of admiration blown away in 3 minutes.Posted by: Graham Knight]

    Hi Graham..Ya I watched it.Roger’s set was a little painful and uncomfortable to watch.

    I own his “Take The Long Way Home” DVD that he released, I think sometime last year, and he sounds incredible in it.I don’t know if I can enjoy it as much anymore as there obviously has to be some lip synching and major production corrections going on there.

    But you know what? really doesn’t matter as he has brought me much joy over the years and I respect him no matter what.

    However having said that, he really does need a band behind him to help cover up his once incredible but now not so well aged voice.

  69. Interesting game this Blotto…although I know that I have only two right plus the two free spaces, I also know that others had a higher number of correct guesses.

    So then why I am I still holding on to the bloody Blotto card. It’s pretty with all the X’s but I’m not going to redeem it for anything. It’s useless, yet I still carry it around like it has some value. I look at it and shake my head in disbelief. But I do not trash it. Is this Blotto dementia I ask?? It certainly does not keep me awake at night, I still eat well…so why I ask do I still have this Blotto chart??

    Maybe once FEd announces the winner then I will part with it. But my fear is that it will continue to lurk in my possession. Rearing its ugly head from time to time and remind me what a fool I was for thinking Breathe/Time/Breathe (reprise) are one song. But actually that would have made it worse, I would have then gotten zero correct if I split that into three songs.

    What the hell was I thinking, choosing CN with Nick Mason?? If I would have picked the Bowie rendition that would have been another correct pick.

    Will I ever forget about this game?? Or has the damage been done?? O why, o why do I keep this silly piece of paper around….

    Thanks, I feel better now….


  70. [TAKE OFF the top of your head. PUT IN a brain. Please. For the good of mankind. Right now. And don’t post here again unless you want to be called “a f*cking donkey”. – Features Editor]

    That has got to be one of the best FEd put-downs ever! FEd, I salute you.

  71. I can’t believe there is a winner at this blotto game. It must be a visionary (in french, un voyant;somebody who can see the futur…) Everybody looked not to get a number right.

    The prize is a chance to participate in an international tournament of blotto game!!! Ha,ha,ha…

    Sylvie de montréal

  72. Coucou, Sylvie! plus de chatroom pour toi ? Dommage, tu nous manques…


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