'Astronomy Domine'

Remember That Night DVD (2007)The ‘Live From Abbey Road’ series is currently being shown in the US on the Sundance Channel. David’s performance is due for broadcast two week’s from now: on Thursday 19 July.

Of the songs performed (officially and in their entirety) at the legendary London studios last August, one which is not being shown on television is ‘Astronomy Domine’.

So you might be pleased to know that this is one of the extra goodies on David’s forthcoming double-DVD, ‘Remember That Night’.

I especially hope that those fans who were present at the recording will like the extra memento of what was a unique day.

Its inclusion, obviously, is another nod in recognition of the late Syd Barrett.

Something else to look forward to: promo videos for ‘On an Island’ and ‘Smile’, plus ‘This Heaven’ from the AOL Sessions.

If you need reminding: ‘Remember That Night’ is released by EMI on Monday 17 September in Europe, and by Sony on Tuesday 18 September everywhere else.

The image above is taken from Disc One. Please click it if you wish to see a bigger version.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. FEd,

    You are on Fire with all the Updates!

    You get the Ax award for Excellence in Entertainment Journalism, the Ax Award for Excellence in Internet Blogging, and the Ax Award for Excellence in being the Coolest FEd Ever!!

    Congratulations…Feel free to make an acceptance speech if you wish….

    Here is your award (click my name).

    [You nutter… – Features Editor]

  2. Hey, what about acoustic Echoes from Abbey Road? Asking for too much, but since it was performed on Abbey Road, people have some faith to get it someday.

    [Nothing wrong with having faith. Whatever gets you through the night, and all that. – Features Editor]

  3. Its going to be the greatest DVD to ever hit the shelves.

    I personally think that particular performance of Astronomy Domine is the best one ever, some of Davids guitar jamming on that version is terrific!

    Cheers Feat Ed. We really are being spoiled now!

  4. The version of “Echoes” from Abbey Road should also be included, as I have heard it also won’t be on the show.

  5. Thanks for the update f’ed. You have been a busy bee the past few days no?

    [I’ll buzz off soon, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  6. Is there anything else that can make this any more of a perfect DVD? Well, ther probably are more goodies 2 b added, but so far this deserves a 12 out of 10…:) WELL DONE!


  7. One more good news…thank you very much. See “Astronomy Domine” is fantastic. I waiting for this in PULSE DVD, but Astronomy Domine not included in PULSE.

    One more motives for waiting for September!

    I have a question: in these days passed, one post called “Name Of The Tune”. I very liked this post, very interesting to see the images of musics that will leave in dvd. Have possibilities of more “Name of the Tune”?


    [There will be more Name That Tune for sure. Glad you enjoyed it, Marcos. – Features Editor]

  8. Fed you are extremely busy and it’s not September yet. Maybe lots of surprises along the the way too? Bring it on.

    [I’m gonna bring it, alright. I’m gonna bring it right to your doorstep, Frank. – Features Editor]


    its seems that you, FEd & David Gilmour can, looking at the latest poll.

    [Good to see. – Features Editor]

  10. Regarding the latest poll on the site (“Are you happy with what’s going to be included on David’s new double-disc set, ‘Remember That Night’?”): A statistical miracle will happen. I’m sure there will be at least a 130 % “yes”-vote, Fed …

    Have a nice day!

  11. Its rather good this version to say the least!! it is the version on the bonus dvd that came out at christmas right?

    [I believe so, yes. – Features Editor]

  12. forgive me for the subject

    Im a great fan of david and the guitar solos of animals album….

    exists some possibility of david playing some music of this album in future or release something in video of 1977 tour?


    [I wouldn’t count on it, but maybe such footage will see the light of day at some point in the future. There are no such plans right now, put it that way. – Features Editor]

  13. Ciao,

    you are great!!! Now this is the perfect DVD. Everything I wanted is in there, and I didn’t even have to ask for it.

    Fantastic. You made me happy. If I would like to play the part of the “unpleased” fan really I would ask….I would ask…. I dunno, there is really everything I needed 🙂


  14. Hi Fed

    I watched some of the AOL sessions the other day and I was wanting to know who the drummer was on OAI. I noticed it was not Stevie D and why did the drummer who recorded the track not play on the tour? Hope these questions are not too contetious. Both drummers sounded very alike.

    [David had recently seen Stevie performing with Crosby and Nash and liked the cut of his gib. Other touring and recording commitments often make it impossible for musicians to accept offers of work, of course. Perhaps that had something to do with it, too. David thinks highly of Stevie, Andy Newmark and Ged Lynch, all of whom contributed on drums to this project. – Features Editor]

  15. Although I’ve been reading the Blog site for a year now this is my first contibution.

    The forthcoming DVD sounds fantastic- it appears it’s going to surpass anything thats gone before and seems truly amazing.

    We were lucky enough to get tickets for the RAH and it was a brilliant evening- the first live show we had ever been to. I still keep pinching myself to realise I didn’t dream the whole experience.

    We have been so lucky this last 18 months a wonderful CD, the fantastic shows for those lucky enough to see them, Davids TV appearances plus the surprise DVD of the AOL sessions which features the best ever version of Comfortably Numb (just my opinion) and now counting down to the new DVD itself.

    Thank you David so much for all your hard work in such a short space of time. I hope he gets as much pleasure and enjoyment from perfoming and creating such wonderful music after all these years as we do listening and viewing.

    Thanks also to Richard Wright the loyal creative keyboard and harmony genius who enhances anything he performs. To Guy for a wonderfully funny book and shows and all the other musicians who performed with David and helped to make it all so special.

    Last but by no means least thank you Polly for your support commitment and encouragement to David and your wonderful photos you’ve been so kind to share with us, we have been so priviliged.

    To all bloggers out there you seem a really great bunch more like penfriends (or is it E friends) than just contributors- a real shared experience- and also to Fed for keeping a wonderful ship in good order and superb comments and innovative ideas that make this site so interesting and amusing.

    From soggy Surrey cheerio for now. It might as well rain until September and probably will but the Fat Old Sun will be shining on the 17th- and I might have learnt paragraphs by then!!!

    Best wishes to you all …… Heather

    [Thanks for leaving us a message, Heather. I hope there’s another soon. – Features Editor]

  16. Wow, that’s very cool to now that Astronomy will be there too, which makes all the Syd songs played during that tour eventually present in the DVD.

    Now FED, I’ve been good and patient as you asked, so, will there be the Island Jam video clip somewhere in disc 2 please ? 🙂

    [This is what some of you call patience?! The ‘Island Jam’ clip, shared over Christmas 2005, will not be included on the DVD, sorry. – Features Editor]

  17. There’ll be a knickerwetting jamboree over this Fed… mark my words…

    Jolly good news as well! 🙂

  18. Okay, let me be one of the first to take the flak by asking whether the impromptu performance of acoustic Echoes from Abbey Road is included on the DVD?

    I promise not to complain if it’s not the answer I was hoping to hear:-)

    Incidentally, for anyone who hasn’t seen Astronomy Domine from Abbey Road, you’re in for a real treat.

    [I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that I know that I will be asked it dozens of times, that I will have to keep giving the same answer over and over again (an answer that will not please you, by the way), and that, all the while, I’ll find it incredibly and increasingly depressing knowing that it won’t stop more people from asking it as the weeks roll by. So, you can find out for yourself when the DVD is released in September. There’s not that long to wait. – Features Editor]

  19. Very good news indeed FeEd. All you could wish for is on the DVD.

    Cheers, Howard

  20. F’ed

    Enough, you are spoiling us !

    Torres vs Tevez ? £20m well spent ??

    [I don’t think either player is worth half that, in truth. I have my doubts about Torres, especially as we lost Garcia in the deal, but would love to be proved wrong. We definitely need some top-quality players. I’m not sure that Torres fits that description… It makes you wonder how much Dalglish or Best would cost were they playing today, doesn’t it? £40m? £50m? – Features Editor]

  21. Hi dear FEd & all DG’s bloggers !

    It’s such a pleasure to discover little by little all the fantastics extras songs on this forthcoming & so wanted “Remember that night” DVD !!!!

    But, Dear FEd, what about “A great day for freedom” played with the symphony in Gdansk in August 2006 ?

    It’s one of my favorites songs on the “Division bell” album…

    Please, please, please…;)

    [That was very special, but I’m afraid it’s not included. All you get from Gdansk is some documentary footage. It’s the same for every venue other than the Royal Albert Hall (unless you want to be picky and quibble over where the ‘Dark Globe’ video was filmed). – Features Editor]

  22. [Promo videos for ‘On An Island’ and ‘Smile’ will be included.]

    I feel like such a knucklehead. (How do you say that in French or German??)

    I don’t know how I overlooked that traditional music videos were created for these songs. Granted I don’t watch MTV or VH1 as much as I used to…although I doubt I would have seen it anyway since both channels have become reality show/documentary central.

    I’ve actually just watched both and what fine pieces of work they are.



    [Knochenkopf? – Features Editor]

  23. Thank you for posting the information regarding the ‘Live From Abbey Road’ on Sundance Channel. I have marked my calendar!

    I am also as giddy as a schoolgirl – I just pre-ordered ‘Remember That Night’ for myself and a friend . . . and now the waiting ‘officially’ begins 🙂

    [Arlene, if you haven’t already seen it, check out the ‘Live From Abbey Road’ website. Under ‘Artists’, you’ll find details of which songs David will be performing, including a video of ‘Take A Breath’. Click your name below for that. – Features Editor]

  24. Very nice!

    We got astronomy domine and dark globe, the additions for the summer tour… it seems that all in all the DVD will feature all the song played on the tour! (Well, all except the great gig in the sky).

  25. [I watched some of the AOL sessions the other day and I was wanting to know who the drummer was on OAI. – 5times]

    I’m sure that Steve was in New York in April 2006, at least I can see him on my copy (Limited Edition DVD). Probably you mean OAI video, where you can find original drummer for that one, who is … of course Mr. Andy Newmark.

    FED I think Ged Lynch was drummer for Island Jam, as my memory serves me correct. And of course all these drummers are excellent in my opinion.

    I just wanted to clarify, am I correct?


    [Sounds good to me. Album credits can be found on the Discography page. – Features Editor]

  26. [I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that I know that I will be asked it dozens of times, that I will have to keep giving the same answer over and over again (an answer that will not please you, by the way), and that, all the while, I’ll find it incredibly and increasingly depressing knowing that it won’t stop more people from asking it as the weeks roll by. So, you can find out for yourself when the DVD is released in September. There’s not that long to wait. – Features Editor]

    Fair enough. At least my direct question gave you the opportunity to state your position on this one.

    For the record, I’m not that bothered either way whether the acoustic Echoes performance is included on the DVD. I just thought I’d get the question in early to save the Blog being bombarded with it from all four corners of the globe.

    You recently mentioned that you might include some of the DVD crowd shots from the RAH gigs on the website. Any more thoughts on this?

    [Not this week. – Features Editor]

  27. The quality of these screenshots are looking very good! Are these taken from the “normal” DVD or Blue Ray DVD version?

    Cheers, Ernest

    [That’s HD, I think. – Features Editor]

  28. it sounds like rodrigo and me have the same idea.

    lets start a bring back animals campaign. 😀

    can we count on your signature fed?

    [Sure. Anything for a quiet life. – Features Editor]

  29. so its offical then?

    ok the list so far – all bloggers please copy and add your name to the bottom. FEd will gladly repost the list each time.

    Rob (lower case)

    [Get away. – Features Editor]

  30. I do have a song I’m hoping is on the DVD somewhere, but I’m quite happy to wait to find out.

  31. Wow Fed,

    As for me I am happy with whatever comes out for the DVD. This has definitely been a treat filled week. So can offer you some leftover girl scout cookies 🙂

    Have a great day Fed

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Thank you, Renee. I’m sure they’re delicious. Did you have a good 4th of July? – Features Editor]

  32. [I’ll buzz off soon, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

    What is that ? I’m not sure to understand very well, but you frighten me !


    [Bees buzz and “buzz off” means “go away”. The frenzy of news can’t go on forever, but don’t worry. It’s meant to relieve you, not frighten you. – Features Editor]

  33. Oh that is wonderful news. Though my birthday has just come and gone (7/4), I feel as though I’ll be having another in September with this double DVD release.

    I remember falling in love with Astronomy Domine waaay back in the mid-80s when I purchased the Nice Pair lps at a garage sale. As soon as I put the stylus on the platter and heard the throbbing pulse of this enigmatic song, I was hooked!

    Hearing that this track was to be excluded from the Live at Abbey Road tv series, my heart broke but I found a way to live with it. But now as an extra on whats turning out to be an exceptional DVD #2, this is so sweet to read!

    What a great couple of weeks its been with all this great news… keep it coming, FEd!

    All the best,

    [Cheers for that, Darren. Happy belated birthday to you. – Features Editor]

  34. Hey FeD,

    This could be a contest with bragging rights only. Who is the longest serving blogite? In other words, who is the person who has the earliest blog on the site that still contributes today? Have you kept track? You could even award a prize to the person who names the correct person. This would take our minds off whats been happening over song inclusion..etc. What do you think?

    Cheers, Howard

    [Interesting. I’ll add it to my list for next week, Howard (there’s still more to be announced before then), but speak up if you think you’re a contender. – Features Editor]

  35. I’m off the Blog for two weeks and look at what I missed…good grief!!

    First off, this live DVD is sounding better and better all the time. Not only is the track selection superb, but you’ve jammed on enough worthwhile extras to make any Gilmour fan drool like a mental patient.

    Second, a David Gilmour Signature Strat?? (wait…gotta’ wipe my mouth) Phenomenal news!! The only question I have is, will Fender be issuing a set of David Gilmour Signature Hands to go with it??

  36. I vote that it’s time for Fed to take some time off for the weekend. We have more than enough news to keep us busy for a while.

    Great job this week, Fed. As always.

    [Thank you, Bob. (My cheque is in the post, by the way.) – Features Editor]

  37. I haven’t been on the blog for a while and logged on yesterday to see references to a David Gilmour signature strat. I remember reading this on the blog sometime ago. I contacted Fender and asked when this strat was going to be released and received a reply saying there were no plans for it in the foreseeable future. So is this definite?

    [It’s definite. – Features Editor]

  38. FEd…Is there any possible way that you would be able to find out the Model of the acoustic guitar in today’s Picture??

    Its the One on the Stand in front of Mr Wright, not the one Mr Gilmour is Playing…I have seen a few other pictures of it, and I think it is beautiful…

    If its possible, that would be awesome…If not, no Worries, have a good day!!! :o)

    [It’s a Gibson Munumunah, isn’t it? I’ll let the guitarists answer this one, Ax, if you don’t mind. I’m more the tambourine type, if you know what I mean. I’m sure that one or two readers can tell you a lot more than just the model. – Features Editor]

  39. Hi Fed,

    Astronomy Domine rocks out anyway, and David does the song justice. This is good news.

    Ripper- The accident in the story from WOOD TV happened literally a mile from my house.

    As far as the proposed longest contributing Blogger contest, I know I am not at the top, but probably in the top 15. The site has changed quite alot over time. All for the better, of course.

    Have a geat day, all


  40. Hi all!

    Wow! Its hard to believe all the great stuff being jammed on this DVD! My wife thinks I’m completely nuts (says I’m part of a cult!) I don’t care… if all we got was disk 1 it would be a fantastic DVD… but disk 2 is CRAMMED with great stuff!

    I can’t wait for September! I doubt my other DVDs will ever get much air time again! It’s simply going to be the best music DVD out there!


  41. I am slightly curious with whomever might not be sure if they like what’s on the DVD in the poll…

    Did they vote before they read what’s on it? Are they that tormented about the content that they can’t properly form an opinion? Or do they need to consult a professional to help them decide?

    Very curious, indeed. Not meaning this in a surly manner, it’s all very lighthearted…really…you can trust us.

    [You can call them “Muppets!!!” if you want to, George. I don’t mind. They’re probably unhappy because there isn’t a ten-hour version of ‘Free Bird’ on there. – Features Editor]

  42. Good, good stuff! I am more excited than ever at Astronomy Domine being included. Can’t ever have too many Abbey Road recordings….

  43. More good news regarding the DVD. You keep spoiling us.

    Dalglish or Best; £50+million, each. There is not one current British player to touch them.

    I was lucky enough to see Dalglish play his first game for Liverpool (1977 Charity Shield) and was far from impressed, though I was soon proved wrong.

    He was however more impressive than the first time I saw my hero, Bestie; he got sent off.

  44. Hi FEd.

    This is with infinite sadness that I’d like to give my best thoughts to the memory of Mike Alexander (nicknamed FloydianLeaf) who just passed away in his thirties. He was known and respected by all the Floyd community and was famous for his Canadian Jersey dedicated by all the members of the band. He had achieved to lose 70lbs in a few months and was eager for future.

    Shine on.

    [I’m very sorry to hear that. My condolences to his friends and family. – Features Editor]

  45. [who is the person who has the earliest blog on the site that still contributes today? -Howard]

    [speak up if you think you’re a contender. – Features Editor]

    I think I may be in the running for this one, FEd.


  46. Kudos Fed for the Rob comments, I laughed big time. Free Bird was good too. Are you sure you aren’t a stand up comic on the side! LOL.

  47. Well, I was checking old entries. Even though I know I started reading in December 2005, I didn’t start posting until later later. However, I did see a few familiar names: Angelo, Lucia, Gabrielle, Renee, Becky.

    Man, FEd, you were so much nicer back on those old entries, what happened??!! 😉


    [Was I? Then you lot must be entirely to blame. – Features Editor]

  48. [I’m gonna bring it right to your doorstep, Frank. – Features Editor]

    Have you thought about what that would be, Frank? Ummm – could that be you are the Blotto winner?!

    Well, I am falling behind again with all these good news about the new DVD and all the wonderful posts from everyone …

  49. [speak up if you think you’re a contender. – Features Editor]

    I am not a contender, but I speak up anyway.

    I started posting in january or february 2006. Fed in the old times was not much different anyway, he was getting upset for some posts and replying with a certain harshness to those, making them public anyway (fed never censored much).

    The community was smaller, there was more time for off-topic subjects not David Gilmour related. Fed In my opinion became even more patient, at least with me…. (but obviously upset after months of posts with no meaning).

    On my side I think my biggest contribution was a three part review of Florence concert of David together with some posts that created some discussions over here. I like my role as the one who takes out “subjects” to talk about and sometimes goes up-stream….


    [Long may it continue, mate. – Features Editor]

  50. By the way this picture is amazing, one of the best I’ve seen here for definition and colours!

  51. to Mike from Michigan

    I bet you would have had a shock if that thing touched down in your back yard!! hehe close call!!

  52. I’m glad that Astronomy Domine as well as This Heaven from AOL Session are included on DVD disc 2. Some may say that it was already released, but taking into account HD/Blue Ray future releases it for sure will be real treat.

    May I have additional question about audio mixes, any chance for surround mixes (at least DD 5.1 or dts) of those extra material or the whole disc 2. I’m sure disc 1 will have at least some of those surround sound, but not always additional material of other artists is equally treated.


    [We’ll have technical details for you soon. By the way, it’s a new and improved ‘This Heaven’, so it will be slightly different to what you get on the ‘Live And In Session’ DVD. – Features Editor]

  53. happy to hear about ‘astronomy domine’ being on disc 2. 🙂

    sorry to hear about floydian leaf’s death. 🙁

  54. I do remember reading posts from FloydianLeaf on this site. Sorry to hear of his passing. My condolences to all who were close to him.

    Shine on indeed.



  55. Another nod towards Mr Barrett, which is something I can only ever approve and applaud. I was delighted when David decided to add this to the 1994 Pink Floyd tour.

    [This could be a contest with bragging rights only. Who is the longest serving blogite? – Posted by: Howard Bayliss at July 5, 2007 06:31 PM]

    I am not a contender, Howard, but I have been reading since the beginning. I have only ever been an occasional contributor, but I do enjoy being a regular reader.

  56. [This could be a contest with bragging rights only. Who is the longest serving blogite? – Posted by: Howard Bayliss at July 5, 2007 06:31 PM]

    I know I started posting back in February and maybe January of 2006 but I don’t think I’m the winner. I know I have contributed by getting under Lucia’s skin from time-to-time if there is an award for that.

    BUT, I think I found the winner….

    [Yes! Why don’t you play Chile and Brazil!!? It would be great!!! Posted by: Guy Pratt at December 26, 2005 07:25 PM]

    Found this nugget while browsing through the second blog entry. Angelo Ortiz does have an entry on the first ever blog entry but he posted his 5 months after the blog opened.

    Guess I opened a can of worms in more ways than one.



  57. Dear Fed, Andrew and all Bloggies,

    I´d like to correct Fed´s answer to Andrew´s question how to translate “knucklehead” into German, which -Fed, I´m afraid, lol- isn´t “Knochenkopf”, but Fed is close, the proper translation would be “Holzkopf” or “Dummkopf!” However, I had to look that up myselfers.

    How sad that there is no chat this WE, I have to admit to some chat addiction, but I´m sure I have a lot of company!

    Have you all a great Weekend!

    P.S.: The URL (click my name) is a link to an online dictionary, where all of you can look for a proper German-English translation and vice versa, as sadly there won´t be any language lessons this weekend due to the cancelled chat. 🙂

    [But Ulli, you have to admit that ‘Knochenkopf’ does sound sehr schön… – Features Editor]

  58. [but speak up if you think you’re a contender.]

    I started Jan/Feb 06 maybe even Dec 05 not sure but that was about the time I ordered a ticket for the RAH. (Even kept the email as a souvenir – how sad is that)

    But I reckon one of the Tim’s must be in with a shout for this.

    More good news on the DVD. Surely there are no more surprises.

    Pete – Coventry

  59. FEd, you gave us so much good news in so few days…that I wonder how long your weekend will be! Till the 17th of Septemeber, maybe?

    It is going to be a great show. The good news increased so fast…that I think the most of use started feeling without breath!

    Oh, and I hope I will have another chance, because that one with The Who doesn’t work! I really prefer Bob Dylan to The Who. And you can understand on your own what that means!

    But I am honest and a woman of good will, so I have to admit that I don’t know The Who very well. I don’t like what I know, but maybe I know the wrong songs!

    So, tell me some titles of your favourite tracks and I will do also this new effort for you. I hope my ears will forgive me for all this sacrifices. Ok. I will do better starting doing some spiritual excercises to find the bravery…


    [Let me see… ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ is a lovely song. ‘The Kids Are Alright’ is an early favourite. You must know ‘Pinball Wizard’. ‘Baba O’Riley’ is a trip. You might see the funny side in the opening lines: “Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals, I get my back into my living…” – Features Editor]

  60. Andrew, Andrew, Andrew,

    You could win that prize if your tries to drive me crazy really drove me crazy. So, I am sorry, no prize for you!

    But please, don’t become more wicked now!


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