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Remember That Night DVD (2007)I told you back in November that there were plans by Fender to produce a custom model of David’s black Stratocaster, which is the one he has been playing most of all throughout the ‘On an Island’ tour.

Well, if you were one of the many excited guitar enthusiasts who didn’t quite relish waiting until July 2008 to get your hands on one, then I have some very good news.

It will be out this year, to coincide with the release of David’s ‘Remember That Night’ DVD.

The provisional price tag is said to be around $4,000 in the US and £2,000 in the UK.

Please note that it is a signature model, not a tribute model. Therefore it is not a ‘perfect’ replica of David’s, but it does have the same wood, pickups, neck, fixtures, etc.

More details to follow in the next week or two, so please don’t ask. I can’t add anything to the above at this time, unfortunately.

Indeed, these are all provisional details, hot off the press and subject to change. I just wanted to give you an update on how plans are progressing.

For a closer look at the image above, simply click it. That’s another screenshot from ‘Remember That Night’, which is released in September and presents the London concerts of May 2006.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

51 thoughts on “Signature Strat”

  1. Hello Fed and all…

    Great news about the Fender Strat…YES it may be called a ‘signature’ model BUT I think it is actually a ‘ TRIBUTE ‘ to David who ‘we’ know to be a peerless exponent of the instrument.

    …And lets face it : IT SOUNDED SUPERB on the tour did’nt it

    Have a great week end

    martin _ d

  2. WHAAAT! Wow! I’m glad I checked the blog before I hit the road to go out of town!

    And that’s some sticker shock! To be expected for sure… I’m glad I didn’t wait to buy my first electric, I would never have been able to.

    Time to save up….

  3. fed do you know if its going to be limited or not?

    [Sorry, but that’s all we have for now. More details as soon as possible. – Features Editor]

  4. Although I won’t be able to buy one of these for a very long time, I will definitely want to try one out. Can’t wait for it!

  5. Great news: signature is what we want! Tribute is nice but too expensive, for me…

    And quite a big surprise about the release date 🙂

    Thanks for the info FEd!

    Have a nice weekend, Ernest

  6. If only I practiced more I might merit treating myself – but me banging about on this would be like buying a Picasso for the chimpanzee cage at London Z00

    Would be nice though ….

  7. I’m going to work for a long time to have it!

    Finally Fender has taken a good decision, David deserves it.

    Have a great weekend dear Fed.


  8. Wow I missed a lot in the last few days huh? Blotto, and guitars what a great weekend surprise.

    Well Everyone have a great weekend

    Renee B.

  9. I believe Signature is not as limited in edition as Tribute. Sounds like this will be similar in release to the Stevie Ray Vaugh and Eric Clapton models.

    Still exciting and looking forward to more details.



  10. Well, just like the Real Estate market here in the US, I have been priced out of the market.

    I was hoping for around $2K, I was hoping Fender wouldn’t try to squeeze the public like this, again.

    Thing is, if I had it, I would buy it anyway!

    Oh well, the price tag is unfortunate, for many enthusiasts will not have the chance to own such an iconic piece of guitar history.

    Is Fender using any of the proceeds for Crisis or any other of David’s charities…that might make it a worthwhile investment?

    [That’s all we can tell you for now (and that in itself is subject to change). – Features Editor]

  11. Hi FEd,

    Wonderful news about the strat. Well thank goodness I inherited my Dad’s ’79 Guild, because the only way I will be able to afford that strat is by winning the lottery! I can barely afford to pay attention.

    Anyway, it is still thundering, lightening and pouring down copious amounts of rain here. No flooding in my area, but my barnyard looks like a lake.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely,


  12. … and the million self-professed guitar “geeks” in the audience let out a collective wheeze of excitement! Though not one of them, I can surely see why many guitar fanatics would want to have one!

    So, FEd, you left off a very important part of this message…. when is the contest to win one of these black beauties? (autographed by you, of course!).

    … and whatssis I hear about a live Gilmour DVD? Thats news to me… do tell? (wink wink, nudge nudge – say no mo’!!!!) (heh heh — pointed sticks at the ready!)


  13. I would guess this is going to be one of the best vintage Strats in centuries to come.

  14. I´m still very sad……….. No “wot’s…uh the deal” on DVD…………..

  15. You would have to be an extremely good guitarist to do it justice.

    I hope they end up in the hands of real players.

  16. [The provisional price tag is said to be around $4,000 in the US and £2,000 in the UK.]

    I suddenly feel less guilty about recently spending 160 pounds on a Squier Standard Series Stratocaster!!! If I ever learn to play the thing to a reasonable standard, you never know, one day I might aspire to one of these DG signature guitars.

  17. Sorry for my ignorance, but what is exactly a ‘signature model’ guitar ?

    So many guitarists here must be excited by that great news ! I’m very happy for them!


    [A guitar made and designed to be just like one that a famous guitarist favours. – Features Editor]

  18. I really like to share my feelings about this fantastic issue: The new Fender David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster!

    First of all, this is quite an extraordinary, historical guitar moment: the release of a Gilmour signature strat. Congratulations!!!

    It certainly feels good… Must be cool to own one of these!

    I am glad it’s a signature version and not a tribute version (very expensive custom shop relic versions). These tributes are nice, but not really a big issue to me sound wise. I guess, am not a relic man also. I believe the actual player should play the instrument, time will do the rest, it’s all very individual to me.

    (PS- But I really love this video when custom shop people start exploring “Blacky” of Eric Clapton: feels like they discovered a mummy from Egypt!).

    Anyway, I really love my own stratocaster baby, which is capable of producing some very good “Gilmour” (=vintage) tones. Maybe not 100% identical, but it has the same “spirit” and goal, I believe. That’s what playing guitar is all about, isn’t it?

    Don’t forget, after all, David himself did buy an “ordinary” good USA standard strat, back in the 70’s and did change things over the years. I do share the same philosophy:

    I did buy my own good strat, years ago and changed / modified things to get that high class vintage tone out of my strat.

    To be continued…

  19. Don’t really have anything relevant to say about todays topic,however it’s my birthday today and am treating myself to:.. No music other than what is David related is allowed to pass through my speakers today! (Nobody seems to be complaining)

    [Many happy returns, John. Have a good day. – Features Editor]

  20. Oh my goodness! That’s absolutely thrilling. Got to start a fund…

    Sittin’ here thinkin’
    Where does the money go?

    Well, the man came and took my Chevy back
    I’m glad I hid my old guitar

    Hope I could have signature DG guitar to hide.

    [And two eggs and a slice of ham, I’ll bet. – Features Editor]

  21. My favourite photo of “Blackie” is from the Animals Tour featuring David on page #11 of the program. I’ve mentioned it a year and a half ago, it was chilly at rehearsal. David has gloves, mitts on.

    Caption says “A Dog Is A Mans Best Friend”.

    P.S. Fed, are you watching the FIFA under 20 tournament hosted by Canada? There’s the fix you may well need.

    [I have seen some of it, just to ease the cravings. – Features Editor]

  22. For years I’ve been waiting for a DG Strat…

    But… huh, I think I need to win the Lottery, 4k$ is pretty much since I’ve bought a House. 🙂

    But great that it will be released this year, maybe there will be a Guitar at my favourite Dealer and I can test it and dream of playing with David 😉

  23. Fed…

    I’ve prepared some answers just in case…

    1. Sorry it doesn’t come in a four string version
    2. No! just Black
    3. No! just right handed ones…
    4. It’s called a whammy bar/tremelo arm
    5. It’s made of wood
    6. Yes, wood does float but that doesn’t make it a witch
    7. You probably won’t sound exactly the same as David Gilmour…
    8. Please… it’s David not Dave…

    [You know, I’ll probably be using them all. Many thanks. – Features Editor]

  24. Continued…

    Another “Gilmour-philosophy”: David himself never did try to duplicate exactly his own gear (like his pedal setup from the 70’s) every time he’s touring again. So I guess, it must be good to let things develop, still reaching the very same goal!

    But of course for us Gilmourish-Purist-People it is really cool to duplicate that vintage gear of the 70’s (or whatever)…! It’s all about finding a balance between being a David Gilmour fan and being yourself. I like to be in between, something of both…

    So what about this signature Stratocaster? Yeah, of course I do love it! Great axe! And, yes, OK, I really would love to buy this signature strat, but to be very honest: I am a “poor man” and I simply can’t afford spending $4000, right now…

    I would have to sell my own Strat-baby, and maybe someday I will, and buy this Gilmour Strat. But I really would love to keep my own strat AND buy this Gilmour strat. Why(?): well you know why…

    Let’s hope they don’t make a replica of Polly, I would have to explain things to my wife. Well I would like to have both, you know 🙂

    Enough BS from me.

    Once again, great news today and probably I will run like hell to buy this guitar in September…

    Cheers, Ernest

    [Very well said, Ernest. I enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. – Features Editor]

  25. As much as I want that guitar, I certainly can’t do it justice yet, and surely can’t afford the price tag.

    Guess I’ll just have to win it here, whadda say FEd?


    [Would love to give one away. Have asked nicely. – Features Editor]

  26. Wow, I cant wait to try one of these out although Im sure it will be a while before they bring one to Mexico.

    Hey FEd, how about a contest to win one? Maybe autographed? Im sure loads of us would die for it! 🙂

    And probably the only chance I could maybe afford to get one! Please please please contest! A musical one again so a musician takes it, but this time you run it! Please, please, please, please…..please.

    Oh yeah…please. Please, please, please.

    Hope to join in a chat with you guys sometime soon!

  27. Hi,

    What exciting news about the signature Strat. Even though it is not a tribute guitar, I am rather hoping it will come equipped with the Gilmour-style tremolo bar – the short stubby tremolo bar, that is – so that we can mimick Gilmour’s palming with relative ease (I think that is how his tremolo playing is described; as palming).

    However, saying that, I suppose for me I shall be going to the local guitar shop and trying the said Strat for size then hanging it promptly back on the wall in the shop. One can dream of owning a Gilmour signature Stratocaster though. I certainly have for many a year.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend all you good people.

    Best regards.


  28. Ernest, Very honest of you Sir!!

    I will however be selling some of my babies….and maybe the wife if pushed:-)



  29. This must be a fantastic news for the fans of Mr. David Gilmour and who are also guitar fanatics.

    [More details to follow in the next week or two, so please don’t ask.- Feature Editor]

    ok – I’ll wait till that time comes then.

    p.s. Happy Birthday wishes to John Nff and happiness always!

  30. Thanks for the posts Ernest, enjoyed reading them and you made me laugh 8)

  31. cool! i’m not much of a guitarist, but i want one. looking forward to more details.

    to fed: are you getting paid extra for working all weekend?

    [No, but I am definitely feeling the love in here. Must work weekends more often. – Features Editor]

  32. Thank you Veronica!!!.. and many wishes for joy in your life also.

    A little anecdote for you seeing that you live in Miami.The nff after my name refers to: Not From Florida.

    The reason for this is that very early on in the blog beginnings a John from Florida submitted a malicious post which caused quite a bit of controversy so I added Not From Florida at the end of John as to not be confused with him.I’ve since shortened it to nff for easier typing.

    I could probably drop it now since we’ve never heard from him again as the Fed and many more blew him away into limbo with their pointy sticks…(Are you asleep yet?)

  33. one can just hope that the price will come down. $4k is a lot.

    even though my birthday is in September i don’t think anybody will buy me this fender as a present. 🙁

  34. David deserves this special signature model from Fender, it should have been done earlier I think.

    Although, many of us I’m sure put together a very personal tribute Gilmour Strat already, so this signature Strat will probably be more significant for the upcoming generations of guitarists.

    But, yeah, I would prefer a 30 years old Strat with the right sound, rather than a brand new one.

    I’d like to spend a few more words about this Strat, it should also be partly a Phil Taylor Strat, he was the one experimenting and building the sound with David.


  35. About the price tag:

    High quality acoustic musical instruments hold their value well and require very little maintenance over the years. If you have to sell for some reason then chances are that you will get most of your money back, if not all, with some luck (Try that with other expensive toys like cars or electronic devices).

    So in that sense yes $4K is a lot of cash, but in the end you will have made the better deal.

    In reply to Rudders’ remark earlier: Whether this particular Strat will float or not will remain the question for a while I am afraid.

  36. Wonderful !

    about 3000 euros……..(not mentioned above Fed !!)…and so we support euro..go euro go…. (i’m joking of course)!

    PS.tomorrow will be my birthday…any ideas ? 🙂 (hahahahah)

    PS2. Please David stop Holidays !!! 🙂 🙂


    [Happy birthday for tomorrow, Salin. Enjoy your day. – Features Editor]

  37. It’s funny how ordinary his strat is. Just a few little mods. His fingers provide so much magic. David could play Comfortably Numb with rubber bands stretched across a cigar box, and he’d STILL sound better than any imitator.

  38. [The nff after my name refers to: Not From Florida. – John]

    Another embarrassing moment of mine – what else is new? Sorry about that.

    I was kind of wondering how one would pronounce a surname such as “nff” without a “vowel”. That explains it.

    Now you got me worrying – Raymond is trying to put together a South Floridian gathering in July – Ummm!!!

  39. I forgot to add –

    I found the comments from today’s post quite interesting and insightful.

    I don’t know much about guitars but it seems like I attended a guitar session by just reading the comments from everyone.

    Thank you.

  40. It does sound like a lot of money to spend on a guitar, but there are surely more expensive guitars on the market.

    Let’s not forget that David will not have been the one to set the price.

  41. Hey, can I put this into a bit of perspective regarding the price??? Sure $4,000 and 2,000 pounds is a lot of money. And the reality is that some will buy it and never play, just hold it like a museum piece.

    But let’s consider the following:

    The Andy Summer tribute Telecaster guitar sold for $15,000 and sold out at that.

    The Gibson Double-Neck Jimmy Page reissue sells for about $8,000.

    And are you ready for this….

    I just saw a new guitar out there. It is the Eddie Van Halen EVH Frankenstein Replica guitar. You know, the red one with all the white lines….well it is selling for $25,000.

    So you really think that $4,000 for Gilmour Signature Strat is too much?? Really now??



  42. Actually, if you want to achieve that true David Gilmour sound it is going to take much more than a guitar expenditure….you’ll also need to invest in a Cornish pedal board which will set you back a bit as well.

    Anyone know a range of how much? I don’t as I have not priced out that kind of set-up.



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