Seven Ages on radio

Remember That Night DVD (2007)

If you weren’t able to see the BBC’s acclaimed television series, ‘The Seven Ages Of Rock’, last month, then you’ll be pleased to know that BBC 6 Music has put together a re-hash of the series for radio.

This features highlights from the series, as well as extra interviews which were not broadcast.

Everyone can listen online, live, wherever you may be. You can also listen ‘on demand’ for a whole week after the original broadcast.

There’s a free half-hour download of the best bits available to all, too.

Delve into the world of artistic and conceptual art rock, as they say, with David (and Peter Gabriel) tonight, in part two, from 9.30PM (UK).

Parts three and four follow later in the week, with punk and indie respectively.

Part one was entitled ‘Birth Of Rock’ and is still available from the website. You want the light blue ‘Listen Again’ area on the right.

There’s no chat today, but there is one tomorrow from 3PM (UK).

Lastly, if anyone’s wondering, the image above is indeed another high-resolution shot captured from David’s new DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, which is released worldwide in September.

Click it for a closer look and marvel at the quality, if you wish.

Author: FEd

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  1. Fed,

    If Fat old sun didn’t make it on to disc 1 would it be included in the extras?

    Highlight of the show for me!

    [It could be, Paul. Then again… Disc two consists mostly of documentaries and other performances, such as the Mermaid Theatre and… some other places. – Features Editor]

  2. Im glad the beeb have done this as i missed it first time around.

    I actualy went into chat last night for the first time in quite a while & managed to Iron a few things out thanks to Nate, Ulli & Steph, time for a bacon sandwich now its lunch time (Danish of course).

  3. Well we all know that David is ‘quality’… Oh… you meant the image!

    Sorry I thought I was in the chat room with the Gilmourettes for a moment 😉

  4. Happy Tuesday,

    Thats great news about the 7 ages of rock being a radio show.

    Although my memories differ to the programme makers (sure everyone could say that) I have, in the main, enjoyed the series.

    Pete – Coventry

  5. Nice piccie, now I’ll have to go out & buy the equipment to see it in high def!!??!!

  6. My goodness, we’re certainly being spoiled by the quality of the pictures these days. Magnificent!

  7. [Disc two consists mostly of documentaries and other performances, such as the Mermaid Theatre and… some other places. – Features Editor]

    Oh, you little tease, you!

  8. Sh*t (Excuse my French) but I just watched the 2 mexicans rendition of WYWH & I must say it was nerve tingling & moving to hear the crowd sing this beautiful song note for note. Thanks to the kind chap on the previous blog for the info.

    Now, I must watch the marvellous lily allen again, as I’m sure they’ll be singing her wonderous songs at Glastonbury in 30 years time!!


  9. Regarding the definition of the photograph posted. That is only half the size of what the High Definition 1080p version of the DVD will look like. Imagine what these images will look like at twice the height and width! Amazing!


    The Blue Screen Technique proved to be quite helpful to answer the suggestions for concert footage of different places to be put on DVD-2, given by the (ir)regulars of the Blog!

  11. Hullo FED and All !!

    Happy Tuesday everyone !

    Well after my rant I feel a little vindicated. Oh well, enough of that. Just wanted to peek my head in real quick.

    Thanks again, FED for yesterday. Things are looking well for The Gathering. Hopefully, the weather will be ideal. It is today, but we’re expecting a tropical wave or two. Our Lake Okeechobee needs the water badly.

    Anyhoo, hope everybody is having a blessed day today.

    That picture !

    Peace and Love to All !! Cazart!

  12. Hi all… with regard to FOS… it was never a song I particularly cared much for. That is until David’s treatment of the song on this tour. I’m among those who feel it is absolutely a must have on the DVD.

    But I’m confident that since David feels strongly about the song (and I hear was bummed it didn’t make it to the “Echoes” best of album) that it will indeed make it on to the DVD SOMEWHERE, especially with the re-vamped and soaring ending!

    And FED… you said “Disc two consists mostly of documentaries and other performances, such as the Mermaid Theatre and… some other places.”.

    You already HAD my full attention. Statements like this just make it worse! You devious B……..!

    Have a great day all.


  13. wow! the quality on that pic sure is amazing. but a quality man should have a quality dvd.

    to fed: keep on teasing.

  14. Just watched Rodrigo y Gabriela and their / crowd version of “Wish You Were Here”.

    Some 32+ years after its initial release the song continues to solidify people…truly amazing

  15. Wow ! that picture ! amazing ! ( the high-resolution quality, of course, but above all, David ! )

    Brad K.,…we should show him that pic, maybe that could leave him without voice…and, sure, that would be good for the planet !


  16. caption: My pc is acting up I clicked on the X and the picture enlarged.

    fantastic photo by the way.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  17. Great pic! Did Polly take it?

    Looking forward to the DVD!!

    What is David up to these days? Just relaxing and enjoying summer, I suppose?


    [No, it’s not one of Polly’s. It’s from the DVD, which David is still working on. – Features Editor]

  18. Fed,

    I just watched the terrible news of the UK and Wales flooding, hopefully you are safe and sound. Maybe you could give us all a headsup that you have not been affected by these horrible weather conditions?


    [Bless you, Ulli. You have nothing to worry about. – Features Editor]

  19. Caption:

    David to himself: “Who’s that guy in the 3rd row aiming with a pointy stick to that poor fellow?”

    Great shot, definitely a high resolution pic, though in my 1600×1200 monitor it looks a little bit small 😛

    Fed… actually I have a question for the “Remember That Night” release. Is it also going to be available in HD-DVD and Blue Ray in September? If so, my main concern is to get a PS3 (Blue Ray included :D) to play my disc on it. Can’t miss it!

    Michèle c’est un plaisir de converser avec toi! Il y a pas de ‘ç’ en mon ordinateur… Il faut que j’utilise la combinaison ALT+135 pour lui utiliser! hehe! Merci pour tes mots… c’est un vrait plaisir de trouver des personnes comment ci agrèables comment toi!

    I hope everyone’s doing good!

    Shine on!


    [We don’t have a release date for anything other than the standard release for now. As soon as we can announce release dates for the other formats, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  20. thats was a really good interview with david . it is interesting to hear him talk about music and art .

    i can see where he is coming from . the floyd were always trying to make art as well as music .

    if you heard peter gabriel talk about the reaction in dublin to him wearing a dress and a fox’s head in the 1970’s i would say that would be spot on for the time. people eyes must have been popping out of their heads !


  21. I listened to the BBC programme…I could understand almost nothing of what David said, but listening to his voice was nice anyway!

    Darn! I have to improve my english listening!

    Michèle, Emilio and the other not english people, what about your experience? I hope you could understand more than me!

    Sweet dreams


  22. what a great piece of radio, I really enjoyed it, seeing as I was going between the radio and the f word! But as Gordon Ramsay got to the bit where he slaughters those lambs, I stuck with the radio!

    Cheers all (from a squeamish).

  23. Whilst we are on the subject of excellent content that you can download for free while keeping a clear conscience… tonight I am listening to a Richard Thompson gig that was recorded on June 22nd at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club and has been made available by NPR on their ‘All Songs Considered’ podcast. It’s so new that it doesn’t yet feature on their website so you have to subscribe to the podcast or click on my name below for the mp3 file. It is over 2 hours long and I think my favourite song so far (I’m only just an hour into it) has been ‘Dad’s Gonna Kill Me’.

    … also talking as I was of clear consciences and ‘Dad’ which is soldier slang for ‘Baghdad’… Tony Blair is supposed to becoming a Middle East Peace Envoy!!! You gotta be [insert profanity of your choice] kidding Me!!! Rumours are he is going to convert to Catholicism too? Now… what’s that thing they go to? Ah Yes, that’s right!… Confession!

    Disclaimer: The views expressed in this comment are those of ‘Nate’ and not necessarily those of David Gilmour, his staff or 99% of the good people that I meet here 😉

    [Will “bloody” do? – Features Editor]

  24. I actualy went into chat last night for the first time in quite a while & managed to Iron a few things out thanks to Nate, Ulli & Steph

    Graham – I hope you displayed the regulation straight crease. Watch out for Nate though, he’s been know to make the bacon too crispy, if you get my drift.

  25. Much appreciated for the exciting radio broadcast updates and the schedules. I can’t believe we in the US can actually be able to “connect” to “The Seven Ages of Rock “. Even though it is from the radio, hey, we can’t be too choosy – this is just too good to be true.

    Thank you.

  26. [Disc two consists mostly of documentaries and other performances, such as the Mermaid Theatre and… some other places. – Features Editor]

    I hope “some other places” include David Gilmour’s “Dark Globe” performance; and of course, a clip or two of David Gilmour’s performance at Jay Leno’s show which I sadly missed.

    Thank you.

  27. ‘The Seven Ages Of Rock’ show on BBC radio…

    Many thanks for letting us know and giving us the link to listen on line.

    So, I listened on line yesterday night, and again later, to try to understand what David said, but no, couldn’t, too sad…

    I only understood some few words like ‘music is art’, ‘our work was giving music space’, some words about the last verse of ‘WYWH’ “we’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl”, and something like ‘one needs to progress’, but nothing else…

    But it was nice to hear David’s voice with background music of ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’…

    Maybe, one day, some genius will invente subtitles for radio shows ! hmm…don’t tell me I’m stupid, I know !


  28. FEd,

    I was watching Bryan Ferry on TV last nite and was wondering if David Gilmour is playing on
    the new LP that Bryan Ferry has just released.

    Plus thats a very clear Pic of David and it reminds me that there are only a few more months to go for the new DVD by David to come out and I’m getting really excited to see it.

    Take Care, Thomas

    [Would that be ‘Dylanesque’? No David, but I think Guy lends a hand. – Features Editor]

  29. The Mermaid show was really a good performance. I saw it here in the USA when Regal Cinemas did a one-night showing of it.

    I kinda hope that “other places” includes Gdansk, because by all accounts that was a truly memorable show.

  30. [I just watched the 2 mexicans rendition of WYWH & I must say it was nerve tingling & moving to hear the crowd sing this beautiful song note for note.]

    I was doing some voluntary work at Glastonbury Festival again this year but, unfortunately, I missed this performance of WYWH. Pity, as it might have made up for what was a disappointing festival for me (not helped by the mud, the weather and a chest infection).

    However, on Saturday I did get to see some bloke in a flowered shirt who reckoned he’d played bass with the Floyd on one or two occasions.

    Guy Pratt was very funny and his performance made hanging around for four hours after my shift worthwhile. Unfortunately, he disappeared immediately after his performance – maybe he spotted the ‘autograph hunter’ wearing a Division Bell tee-shirt and sounding like they had TB:-(

  31. I listened to the interview finally, it’s just another sweet chance to feel David so closer to us, speaking with that warm and intimate tone. I could listen to it over and over again…

    Thank you for that, I wonder where the interview was taken, I bet it was in the Astoria, I could hear some birds chattering in the background 🙂

  32. I’ve just been to Somerfields supermarket in […] (not far from where David lives) and someone was talking about an impending gig. Is this just local gossip?

    [More than likely. Did you notice if their Shortbread Fingers are still on offer? – Features Editor]

  33. [Michèle, Emilio and the other not english people, what about your experience? I hope you could understand more than me!- Lucia]

    Hi, Lucia, I have the feeling that we (you and I) will forever be ‘two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl…what have we found? the same old fears…’

    Too sad…


  34. Great news about the online broadcast of ‘The Seven Ages of Rock’. And great timing, too! I’ve just finished moving to a new place, and my internet has finally been hooked up!

    I’ve missed my daily dose of blog news.

  35. Bye, bye, Tony…are you reading?


    [Good God, I hope not. – Features Editor]

  36. Did you know…

    Tony Blair wore the same pair of shoes for every Prime Minister’s Question Time! I hope he changed his socks!

  37. Thank you for the Seven Ages of Rock link.

    I´m in the same situation as Michéle, I didn´t understand the most of it but it was still nice to hear David`s voice. And I loved his description of Pink Floyd´s music as food for the senses. I think it´s a very good explaination of what´s make this music (and the music he makes solo) so fascinating. It´s gives the listener always a bit more than the most other music out there.

    [some other places. – Features Editor]

    You know how to tease us Fed. But you know we love you for it.

  38. [I listened to the BBC programme…I could understand almost nothing of what David said, but listening to his voice was nice anyway!…Posted by: Lucia at June 26, 2007 11:11 PM]

    [So, I listened on line yesterday night, and again later, to try to understand what David said, but no, couldn’t, too sad…Posted by: Michèle at June 27, 2007 08:44 AM]

    Here is a suggestion, is it possible to post a transcript of what David says? Maybe it will be easier for non-English speaking people to read it than to hear it. Just a suggestion.



    [Feel free to assist if you have more free time than I have at the moment. – Features Editor]

  39. I hope to god Fat Old Sun is included and that i have just missed out on a private joke between you and pete? Fat Old Sun was THE highlight.

    Though i can understand the attraction in cramming a bonus dvd with lots of extra what is the point if the main feature is lacking?

    Surely fans desire the show (which incidentally was brilliant) to feature more than the bonus documentaries and perfomances which you mention?

  40. Great caption Jonathan Parsons.

    That’s David’s singing technique by the way. Aiming high with your neck and chest makes you reach higher and stronger tones and this is fundamental for a pitch-perfect singer like David.

  41. [Tony Blair is supposed to becoming a Middle East Peace Envoy!!! You gotta be [insert profanity of your choice] kidding Me!!! – Nate]

    [Will “bloody” do? – Features Editor]

    no no no we need something a bit stronger in this case fet ed . lets see what about freaking !


    p.s nate i agree with you 100%

  42. NICE photo!!!! Can’t wait for September!!

    [Disc two consists mostly of documentaries and other performances, such as the Mermaid Theatre and… some other places. – Features Editor]

    FEd, any chance some of the Jay Leno taping will be on the DVD extra disc? Or do we have to wait and see….?

    [You know, you’ll just have to wait and see. (Sorry!) – Features Editor]

  43. [is it possible to post a transcript of what David says? – Andrew]

    Oh dear, what a wonderful idea! Your heart is so full of mercy for these poor two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl…it’s moving. I count on you!

    And don’t forget the special about Syd, the 14th July at 8PM (UK)!!!


    [Any other requests, while we’re at it? That’s requests for me, not David. – Features Editor]

  44. [Here is a suggestion, is it possible to post a transcript of what David says? – Andrew]

    Wow ! Andrew ! Is that an ‘honest proposition’ from you ? (or just a question asked to Fed ?)

    It’s a nice idea… but, what would you want in return?

    Don’t be too greedy, please…


  45. I’ve nearly finished with the other parts of 7 Ages but here’s the first PF bit.

    7 Ages Of Rock: Part 1

    N: It’s 1967 and rock music is about to undergo a revolution- although you wouldn’t have known it from the charts. But then EMI signed a band that would change Britains musical landscape. Their name was Pink Floyd. AL the band’s first single was the story of an underwear stealing transvestite, not an obvious subject for immediate chart success.

    JH: If you look certainly at the headlines around at the time there were saying the Pinky Kinky’s and there was talk of were the BBC going to ban it and all this stuff. So I guess it’s part and parcel of that sense that Pf were gleefully pushing the envelope a little.

    N: PF consisted of Roger Waters, Rick Wright, Nick Mason and their maverick song writer Syd Barrett, an art school student from Cambridge.

    RW: No one in those days would have written a song like that except for Syd. I suppose that should have given us an indication that this guy’s brain is rather different to ours.

    N: Syd and the band defined a new kind of rock psychedelic, mind expanding. This was rock meets the mad hatters tea party.

    DB: I was passionately in love with the writing of Syd Barrett from PF. There was something slightly not quite with us about Syd that really appealed to me strongly. There was a Peter Pan quality about him.

    N: PF’s second single “See Emily Play” allegedly told the story of a young aristocrat, known as the psychedelic school girl.

    PJ: It had hit written all over it, suddenly it took the band from being a sort of underground band and turned them into a sort of Top Of The Pops pop phenomenon and that meant there was an awful lot of idiot questions and an awful lot of pressure on Syd to do interviews.

    (At this point some patronising git interviews Syd and OWHF)

    N: SEP was a top ten hit and Syd and the Floyd became household names but Syd didn’t want to be a household name.

    NM: I think by the time we got on TOTP Syd was already struggling really, with the whole concept of being a commercial rock musician, rather than being an artist.

    N: What Syd really wanted was a return to the band’s early experimental days when he created musical happenings.

    NM: Syd was responsible for Interstellar Overdrive which was improvised, lengthy, no lyrics, atmospheric and actually ran through a whole series of musical ideas in one piece.

    N: IO became the centre piece of the band’s live show. It lasted anything from 10 to 30 minutes.

    H: It’s built like a piece of experimental music. These four musicians, even the drummer, really just exploring and seeing what they could do. So it’s rock music but not rock music really as had been understood as rock music prior to that point. There are analogies you could draw between that and what The Velvet Underground were doing at that point in New York.

    [Good karma to be sent in Lorraine’s direction, please. Many thanks, Lorraine. – Features Editor]

  46. ….and the middle bit

    N: While Bowie had found his way PF were still experimenting. Searching for a sound that would bring some of the success that Barrett had brought the band.

    DG (looking bloody gorgeous in an indigo blue shirt): We were looking for direction and we didn’t want to compromise the art that we were making. We wanted to do longer pieces that were connected by ideas and that’s what we were looking at.

    N: With the band’s album Meddle and it’s 23 minute extended track “Echoes” PF found their signature sound.


    RW: Well, I was in the studio and was playing the piano and maybe it was me, maybe it was Roger, maybe it was Dave and he said “I wonder what the piano would sound like going through a Leslie?”

    DG: Rick started plonking on the piano…

    OWHF: Wow what a great noise

    DG: …and they had a tape running and that is the beginning of “Echoes”, it’s Rick just sitting there just mucking about.

    N: The grand design of “Echoes” suited it’s performance in the dramatic Roman amphitheatre at Pompeii. PF no linger improvising created a cinematic epic into which the listener could escape.

    DG: The audience feels like they’re going on some sort of a, a journey with us and I hesitate to use the word trip, because the other sort of trip wasn’t where we were at.

    N: Having found musical direction with the album Meddle, PF’s next project would take them to a new level entirely.

    H: Dark Side developed what “Echoes” did, which is taking one very long piece of music and seeing what you can do with it. It just so happens in the course of that long piece of music on Dark Side you get a lot of great and memorable songs, which stand on their own.

    N: DSOTM with it’s lyrics about the pressure of modern life, struck a chord with almost everyone who heard it. It became a rock classic.

    OWHF: It’s really about how the machinery of living comes between us and our potential to develop as human beings and to grow. It’s about the influences that prevent our individual development.

    N: Although individual tracks explored money, war and time, the overriding theme of the album was insanity.

    DG: Lunacy is at the heart of that album, it would be hard to make a whole album about the many pressures in ones life that can drive one to lunacy, at that point, without Syd being in there somewhere.

    OWHF: It’s very easy to sing those lyrics with passion standing on stage and it’s very easy to understand why all those lips moving in unison out there totally understand what it’s expressing.

    N: DSOTM shifted millions and millions of units world wide. PF, once the darlings of the underground were now rock superstars.

    RW: When we finished the album we had no idea how successful it would be but I think we all said “That’s good”. We finally done something that we can all be very proud of.

    N: T compliment the album PF moved from their early light shows into large scale theatrical spectacles.

    OWHF (holding a guitar for reasons best known to himself): From DSOTM on I wanted to get away from the visual aspects of the show being abstract and not illustrate what the songs were actually about and so when I started using kinda films it was in order to sort of drive home the message.

    NM: DS was really the beginning of proper staging a big screen behind us, and a circular screen, which was considered to be wonderfully extraordinary. We had film running on the screen behind and every now and again there’d be a few explosions or fireworks, in particular the crashing plane. Anything that could be done to add something to the music.

    N: But spectacular as the PF shows were, the band seemed dwarfed by the theatrics, not something that could be said of David Bowie…………..

    [Bless you, Lorraine. Very kind of you to do this. Thanks again. – Features Editor]

  47. and the other bit.

    Part 2

    N: PF’s manager peter Jenner had heard a tape of The Velvet Underground and saw his band as the British equivalent.

    PJ: Like TVU, PF were about breaking the barriers between art and music. Lights were very important, they encouraged the idea of what they were doing as being art, rather than just being a rock band.

    PJ: Like TVU before them PF understood how manipulating their stage presentation could add to the power of their music. Why PF became so big, so quickly was because what they were doing was culturally and musically different and radical. In the context of a socially radical and political time.

    N: And when the lights and music of PF were combined with the drug of the moment LSD rock entered its psychedelic phase. But LSD was also to be the undoing of lead singer Syd Barrett, who indulged in ever increasing quantities to cope with the band’s success. As the drugs took over Syd wrote about his world falling apart around him.

    H: Jugband Blues is Syd Barrett’s kinda last word within the context of PF. It’s really the sound of someone going mad. I mean, the absence of structure and the idea of pushing the envelope by that point has turned absolutely crazy. So it’s about being disjointed from ones self. They’re so sort of disjointed and chaotic and on a whim on Jugband Blues what sounds like Salvation Army Band suddenly sort of intrudes on the whole thing, you know if you want to understand what it’s like loosing your mind Jugband Blues isn’t a bad place to start.

    N: Syd’s days in PF were numbered his erratic behaviour lead to a group decision to employ one of his old friends David Gilmour to fill in on Syd’s off days.

    DG: It was awkward. I mean, initially, it was me adding on. I became the fifth member initially for a few weeks, so that part wasn’t too bad. I’d just come along, play a bit, sing a bit and Syd would sit there and play a bit and sing a bit, too. He wasn’t really functioning particularly well.

    N: On the fifteenth of January 1968, Syd Barrett played the last concert of his life with The Pink Floyd on a faded pier in Hastings on the South Coast. But although Sydd was gone he has kick started a revolution that would take rock music to a different planet. A planet inhabited by a struggling young singer called David Bowie, who had been watching every move Syd had made.

  48. Oh ! Lorraine ! I’m feeling very confused ! All that work! Many, many thanks, you’re a true friend !

    Such an amazing site/blog ! it keeps enlightening our life every day !

    Thanks again to you, Lorraine, and to Fed for making it possible and keeping that wonderful blog alive.


  49. God bless Lorraine!

    Thanks dear! You are on the top of my list of favourite bloggers! Andrew, you are down again! 😉

    Fed, if I tell you what I want for dinner, can you send me that in a nice box with a red/white checked tablecloth? Don’t forget the wine!

    Happy evening and thanks to Lorraine again. I won’t forget your kindness and when I will be old I will tell about that to my young nephews and nieces, while I will be sitting in front of the fireplace, telling them stories about how the world was at my times! You earnt to be the protagonist of one of those stories, Lorraine!


    [Is French wine OK? – Features Editor]

  50. Thanks again to Lorraine. It was really interesting. Details, news, moemories and also some funny lines.

    Your work is very appreciate and my good karma is sent to your direction, Lorraine!

    Andrew, you can climb the top with the BBC’s interview transcript yet…

    FEd, not too much salt, please!


  51. Lorraine,

    Thanks for that. I’m sure Lucia, Michele as well as many others appreciate it.

    I was going to take a crack at it but cannot get access to the streaming audio from my office.



  52. [Any other requests, while we’re at it? That’s requests for me, not David. – Features Editor]

    ok so David’s off, ok then i’ll have 2 poached f’eds with extra toast. yummy.

    oh and don’t forget the coffee!

  53. In today’s headlines…

    Stocks wobble, waiting for Fed

    …well, get on with it. 🙂

  54. As you’re now showing shots from the actual RAH DVD footage on the website, is there any possibility that you could include some crowd shots from the RAH concerts? At least some of us could then see whether we can spot our (ugly?) mugs in the crowd.

    Okay, so it’s not quite the same as being included in the footage shot in the bar in Oakland, but it could be fun.

    [Maybe. – Features Editor]

  55. Wow lorraine! Excellent work! A pat on the back for you 🙂

    That’s from the TV show too!

    I have had the offer accepted on my next home in the Malvern Hills! I’m moving on up to Middle England 😉

    Altogether now… “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Gilmour”

    [Good stuff, Nate. – Features Editor]

  56. Thanks Lorraine for this excellent work !

    You are now the saviour of the lost souls 🙂

  57. ….and the end bit.

    Part 4

    N: Rock theatre was becoming ever more elaborate, attracting ever bigger audiences, in ever bigger venues. But this came at a price, spectacle was replacing intimacy. A dilemma felt even by the kings of rock theatre PF.

    OWHF: I famously became very disgruntled on the road at the huge audiences, so the audience was just growing exponentially and I did feel that it all got a bit out of control. That we were becoming overcome by commerce. I found myself becoming increasingly upset by, erm, people in the audience going…… (I had to look away from the TV at this point because what I saw just wasn’t pretty), you know for two hours rather than listening to what we were doing.

    N: Roger Waters solution to this problem was radical, they would send up the whole process while ironically still providing the rock world with one of the most ambitious show in it’s history.

    OWHF: The idea formed in my mind of doing a show where we actually, physically built a wall across the front of the stage to express my feeling of alienation from that part of the audience.

    N: Released in 1979 The Wall double album became a huge success. It delivered an unexpected hit single for the band. But not everyone was convinced by Roger Water’s stage concept.

    RW: I thought the idea was crazy, I have to say. I love having an audience. I thought it was a bit illogical, this. If you’re going to build a wall between the audience, why bother to turn up? You know, why do it anyway?

    DG: The building of the wall went on throughout the first half and we were gradually becoming obscured and at the end of the first half it would be Goodbye Cruel World and then the last brick would go on.

    OWHF: (I’ll spare you what happens here)

    N: One of the most iconic moments of the performance showed off one of PF’s best loved songs. Sung by David Gilmour from the dizzying height on the top of the wall.
    As the show progressed the wall became a vast screen showing satirical animations created by caricaturist Gerald Scarfe.

    GS: PF were pushing the boundary and I loved the theatricality of their work. Something of that excitement got in to me and made me want to illustrate and enhance them visually.

    PH: Taking themselves seriously and making some sort of grand spectacle had never got so ambitious/overblown (depending on which way you look at it) as that before. But certainly in terms of a touring show that you could sit in an auditorium and see The Wall was almost preposterously ambitious.

    N: When the show came to it’s end the wall would come crashing down, only to be rebuilt the next night.

    RW: It was the ultimate sort of theatrical show that PF had put on, that’s for sure, where could you go from there?

    N: The cost of the performance was prohibitive and the show was seen in just four cities and then only in massive arenas. Many questioned whether rock theatricality had gone a brick to far.

    CSM: With TW the great irony was that part of the inspiration was RW’s increasing distaste for the way that stadium performance was isolating the band from the audience. So in order to dramatise this he created this huge theatrical spectacle which effectively alienated the band from the audience more effectively than anything staged by any band beforehand, ever.

    [Once again, I take my hat off to you. Many thanks, Lorraine. – Features Editor]

  58. Lorraine

    You are a gentlewoman and a scholar ….

    May all your sporrans be magnificent ones

  59. A million thanks to Lorraine!

    Bless your heart, Lorraine, for all your work. That was wonderful and such a special treat! Thank you so much!

    Happy Weekend, everyone!

  60. good karma is on its way from me to lorraine. that was very kind of you.

    btw, “owhf” means “old what’s his face” i presume! lol!!!

    [It’s very inconsiderate of Richard to have the same initials as Roger, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  61. [It’s very inconsiderate of Richard to have the same initials as Roger, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

    Perhaps you meant to say “…unfortunate for…”?

  62. [Thanks dear! You are on the top of my list of favourite bloggers! Andrew, you are down again! 😉 – Posted by: Lucia at June 28, 2007 04:03 PM]

    Hmmmmm….I make the suggestion and this is the thanks I get. Shoved off to the bottom of the pile. I’m sure Michèle is more appreciative. But I won’t take it personally.

    By the way FEd, are you re-gifting? That bottle of French wine for Lucia, is it the one that Michèle sent to you??



    [Michèle has fine taste in wine, I must say. And crêpes. – Features Editor]

  63. Oh stop it, you’ll make me blush.

    As afternoons go, watching Mr G a couple of frames at a time isn’t that bad a way to spend one 😀

  64. Andrew, you suggested and I appreciated that…but then you didn’t transcript and I didn’t appreciate that! But I will let you make one step on for the suggestion, ok? 😉

    Lorraine, thanks again! But is that the interview we can listen online on BBC radio? Or which other show? Anyway, it is fantastic, whatever it is! Thanks again, Lorraine.

    FEd, Michèle’s wine is perfect, thanks. But don’t drink my wine! If you drink and then dilute it with water, I will notice that! Not only by the taste, but also by the amount of silliness you will write here!


    FEd, glad to hear you in a good mood!

  65. [Andrew, you suggested and I appreciated that…but then you didn’t transcript and I didn’t appreciate that! But I will let you make one step on for the suggestion, ok? 😉 – Posted by: Lucia at June 28, 2007 09:33 PM]


    You are a tough woman to please. So I’ll send you a TV dinner and a bottle of Gallo or maybe a box of wine instead…



  66. ‘More appreciative’, Andrew ?… maybe, it depends on what you offer me ! I like good deals…

    A bottle of fine wine won’t be enough… but, what about that transcript of David’s interview in the BBC radio show ?

    If Andrew doesn’t understand now, Lucia, I give up !


  67. Lorraine, how did you do that? You must know either shorthand or speed writing of some sort. You are amazing. Thank you so very much.

    I was scratching my head and tried to figure out some of the dialogue – your transcript really came in handy.

    You are a champ!

  68. Hey FEd,

    I just finished listening to the Seven Ages interview on the website. I was just wondering is this a new interview, or are they taking things David had said before?

    Thanks for all that work Lorraine! I especally like the little details like: (looking bloody gorgeous in an indigo blue shirt)! Well done, Gilmourette =)


    [It’s a re-working of the television series of the same name. – Features Editor]

  69. Hats off to Lorraine.

    Has someone dedicated a song to you already? What style would you like?

  70. The translation must be from another show because I tried to reference the translation with the BBC radio show off the website – but it is different – did I miss anything?

    Regardless, this is definitely an added bonus for me if the translation is from another show. Thank you once again Lorraine – you are incredible.

    Have a nice weekend all!

  71. 7 ages was diabolical

    it took every opportunity to dig post-syd floyd and made it look as if they just ended in ’79

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