Remember that?

April 2006: Luka's Taproom & Lounge, Oakland, California.

Do you recognise any of the people in the above picture (not including a certain book-writing bassist)?

To see a larger, high-resolution version, just click the picture.

This is one of the images taken from the West Coast documentary, an extra from David’s new DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, where Guy dropped in on a group of fans in Oakland.

Don’t be shy if you were there…

‘Remember That Night’ is released on Monday 17 September in Europe and Tuesday 18 September in North America.

Our chatroom is currently open and will be until 12PM (UK time).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

61 thoughts on “Remember that?”

  1. Beautiful, smiling pic!

    Come on, don’t be shy! It was a nice experience and we want to know any detail about that. Please!!!


  2. That was so cool of Guy to attend. Wish I was there. The dvd is going to be great.

    Happy Wednesday everyone.

  3. Caption Competition

    Guy joins the cast of Sesame Street for a drink at the local speakeasy…

  4. You lucky, lucky gits!! 🙂

    Caption Competition…

    The auditions for the 1989 Film, The Dream Team were going surprisingly well…

    For those of you who haven’t seen the film, it’s about a Doctor taking some of his Sanitorium patients on a day out into New York…

  5. CAPTION 2:

    All seemed to be going quite well just before Guy went bezerk and beat the camera phone-toting fan with a bar stool…

  6. Thank you Fed for your intercession about english subtitles, Lucia and I, perhaps many others, will be very thankful if you succeed!

    We are waiting for David to become our “maestro e guida” not only in music but also in language.

    To those happy few who met Guy Pratt we want to know what does this experience mean.


  7. Back to the grind of work after vacation…

    Since I haven’t been able to get into chat, I just wanted to say hello to everyone in bloggerland, especially the west coasters in the above pic! Nice going, folks!

  8. Happy Wednesday,

    What is the significance of the pair of sissors at the back. Was the photo taken in a barbers shop ?

    Pete – Coventrty

  9. Not for nothing but all this West Coast love fan exposure is a bit dis-“concert”-ing…

    Love to all,
    Matt “sour grapes” Parish

  10. Wow , Bob, I have just been told in the chatroom that you were the one with “scissors stuck in his head” !!! I hope that didn’t hurt you too much ! LOL ! And well done !


  11. Hi all… have you all noticed how fast time is flying? September will be here before we know it!

    That was cool of Guy to show up. Even cooler that those who went will be part of the DVD!

    Have a great day everyone!

  12. I wish i was in the picture but im not maybe one day. Cant wait till september to see the whole dvd i know its going to be great, i was at the NYC show so i know it will be good. I sure hope they make a book about Syd i would love to have it in my Floyd collection.

    Everyone have a great week.

  13. Hey I recognise some of the irregulars in there. Erin can I be your agent….? I only take 5% haha. Great picture.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  14. We didn’t know that our fellow bloggers were the Scissor Sisters ! Did you play ‘Comfortably Numb’ that day?


  15. a few blogservations…

    1) The “inferior” decorator at Luka’s should be shot…

    2) Is that an Archangel inbetween those two chaps on the left?

  16. I see three or four of my Irregular friends, including Guy of course! And I am currently kicking myself in the ass (which, all things taken into consideration, is quite a feat in and of itself) … why, oh why, didn’t I venture out to Luka’s that night? On an adventure by myself for the first time in 30 years and I let my shy side get the best of me. {:>O

    Oh well, at least I can have a brush with international fame via a certain Gilmourette and the Gilmourette’s ‘mascot’ or two! You guys should be smilin’ from ear to ear!

    Guy just blends right in doesn’t he? Just a real, regular kind of guy, hmm, dude, bloke … as sweet a ‘guy’ as Mary Wells sang about long, long ago!

    I’ll leave the reveal to the actual cast of characters shown in the photo. Step up Irregulars and claim thy moment of fame!

    FEd, should we expect a reveal from you anytime soon? Ah, didn’t think so …

    Peace ‘n’ love!
    Washington State

  17. Is this incredible or what?

    No, no significance to the scissors – just bad art – and the archangel on my shoulder, Matt, just follows me around and makes me behave, damn it all.

    I have all the surnames save two, but I’ll leave them out in the interest of protecting folks’ anonymitiy, in case they value it. It goes like this:

    Front: Erin, BigAl, Brian
    Rear: Kingzorghh, Me, the warm and generous Guy Pratt, EchoesBob, Sean from Ireland

    Dave Warner

  18. That’s me with the scissors in my head. Which one’s Pink? is me with the pink shirt on.

    Great photo, Fed.

  19. Nice to be able to relate faces to the meanwhile so familiar names.

    Best regards,

  20. Me surrounded by a bunch of good looking guys . . .yeah, I enjoyed myself. =)

    Remember that? I’ll never forget it.


  21. Arghh, I was directly across the room from Guy and the group, but wasn’t bold enough to join in for the discussions or pix – I’m a shy idiot and should be shot (to be put out of my misery for missing a great opportunity). Okay, my self esteem isn’t really that low, but it sure looks like I’d have more fun if I weren’t so introverted …

    If the DVD reveals more from the room, I’m the one with long curly auburn hair, (safely secured to the wall) across from the festivities.

    It was still an awesome night to remember and I’m happy I was there.

  22. has someone already mentioned? more “bootlegging the bootleggers” on the dvd please 🙂

    I said please!!!!

    dont tell the family 🙂


    ps – it’s not 4:3 ratio is it???

    [No. Apparently the camera taken to Luka’s was an oldie. – Features Editor]

  23. Caption..

    What a life Guy leads!..playing in David’s band by night and hangin with a motley crew by day!

  24. Christine,

    I can understand the intovertedness. I’m an introvert myself, until I get around my friends and family. I had already been talking to a lot of this guys for months. I was nervous too. I’ve found if I do the things that make me nervous, there is usually a great reward on the other side.


  25. Front: Erin, BigAl, Brian
    Rear: Kingzorghh, Me, the warm and generous Guy Pratt, EchoesBob, Sean from Ireland – information provided by Dave Warner

    So, this is the “famous” bunch; I am very happy for you all, hope to see you on the upcoming “Remember That Night” DVD.

    Happy Thursday!

  26. ECHOES BOB! I had to comment on this. too funny…great job and yes im jealous.

    hi irregulars and i miss u all…very busy. ill try to hook up in a chatroom soon…

    jersey mike and gipey…i still think abbey road was yours.

    dvd looks awesome…great bowie footage and im pumped.


  27. That’s really cool getting to see what our fellow Irregulars look like, we should have some more stuff like that.

    I’m sure we all have our own idea of what each of us looks like, for example, I see Dom as a rather handsome individual who looks a bit like a young Johnny Depp (only not quite as good at acting)…Or not…

    Anyhoos I’ve talked rubbish for long enough.

    Hope everyone’s well.
    x x x

  28. Great pic. So that is BigAl or also known as BiGal (you have to go back in the blog posts for that one). But I believe he is one who has not posted for quite some time.

    It looked like a fun night for all and one that will not be forgotten.

    On the scissors image, I like it, it is very Warhol. And Angelo’s chanting of Scissors reminded me of the song Scissor Man by XTC. Snipping, snipping, snipping goes the scissor man…putting end to evil doers games…now I can’t get the friggin song out of my head, thanks Ang.

    I think I need to go listen to One of These Days.



  29. Hullo FED and All !!!

    Well, the sun has come up, racing behind me again, but the sun’s not the same…years have got behind me, no one told me when to run…hmmm, maybe I should run for President ! Certainly couldn’t do any more harm than [self-censored].

    Another year has come and gone. God, so much has been going on. Lisa and I spent a quiet [ and if you believe that, I’ve a great deal on… ] Tuesday evening. Two N.Y. strips on the grill, one glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Limited edition dvd + no kids + empty house = One Big Grin on each others faces yesterday morning !

    Thank you, Veronica for your well wishes. BTW, Veronica and to anybody interested in the South Florida area I think maybe Saturday, the 18th of August would be ideal for the get together. Now, comes the tough part. Where ?

    Here’s one possibility not happening, Haulover Park. No way, Jose. Any ideas would be appreciated, it ought to be at a centralized spot, easy for any of us to get to within 45 to 60 minute drive, tops.

    So, now we have faces to attach to names. Great ! The shears in the background are a little tacky, but it looks like a good time was had by all. Lucky, lucky folks. I’m going to print the picture. I’d love to edit out the cell phone toting individual, but that would ruin the integrity.

    I thought I’d share this:

    Above the noise and the din
    I find a moment to talk to you,
    Oh, my friends…we shall meet

    Waiting for this moment to begin
    We share what’s real and true,
    The feelings of many we will greet…

    with open hearts and open minds,
    Let the Summer gatherings begin !

    Peace and Love to All ! Cazart !

  30. i had the afternoon off work today (yay!) so i went back to read the comments of those who were at luka’s. i spotted the following. someone had said that fed rocks.

    [If it wasn’t for the nice, sensible, kind-hearted among you (the ones who can be bothered to READ), I really would rock. Constantly. Back and forth. In an old rickety chair that faces a wall, whilst muttering something incoherent about the black and the bold. – Features Editor]

    fed, you crack me up with your quips.

    btw, are you watching britain’s got talent with simon cowell?

    [Of course. It’s the funniest thing on the telly. That lycra-clad lady who thought she was the new Madonna was rather… entertaining, wasn’t she? I think she mistakenly took the title of the programme as being “Britain’s Got a Very Vivid Imagination”, though. – Features Editor]

  31. Hello again !

    Just wanted to give Nick a hearty, “Congratulations !!!! on your wedding !! Hope you have a great honeymoon !!!”

    and to Lynn : Happy Belated Birthday !!

    Peace and Love To You Both !!! And Everyone Else !!

    I’m off ! Cazart !

  32. Today is my wife’s birthday. For ten days I’m married to an older woman. Then my birthday is on the 24th.

    Good to see David Warner posting again. It’s been a while. Don’t be a stranger. Come join a chat once in a while.

    Take care, everyone.

  33. Hello there I have a random question for you. its been bothering me for quite some time:

    was the publius enigma ever cracked. If so what was it and what was the ‘unique’ prize?

    if it has not been solved is the competition still going?!

    its all very spooky!!

    [I think it died. Eventually. – Features Editor]

  34. Hi everyone, sorry i have been away for a while but fed thanks for keeping me in the loop. hope everyone is ok. im so busy with work. i am still reading the blog so i am up to date. ill be back.

  35. Great to see some bloggers faces! That’s quite a bonus knowing you’ve made the DVD!

    Some nice comments from everyone else as well. This is something much more than a virtual community.

    Blake! I hear you, brother. I haven’t made the chat lately, but am sure I will again. Thanks for the kudos.


  36. Just so we can reference faces with names…I am Brian in the front row on the right.

    I left a rather detailed description of my encounters that evening at Luka’s on the June 8th post.

    I am thrilled to have been a part of this wonderful evening and lucky it has been immortalized on DVD so I don’t have to trust only my memories (and sometimes fuzzy ones at that) to recall such events.

    Cheers, again my fellow bloggers! Let’s all raise a pint on the night of the DVD release and thank those talents for bringing us such great music and entertainment.

    B. Slater
    Bay Area, Ca.

  37. Living a little on the cutting edge, aren’t you Bob?…and Erin..what was Guy thinking?.. not being sidled up to such a hotty for the shoot!!! if it were me..

  38. I just have to say again how much the sound loops on the home page are always so interesting. I wonder if any of them are hints to Mr. Gilmour’s future solo works. ??? “Simply Complex”


  39. You lucky lucky Oakland bloggers! Too cool for words.

    So here I am sitting on my balcony in Kauai watching some cheesy hula thingy going on by the pool whilst my wife is in the shower (I’m SO not used to referring to Deb as my wife but I’m loving it) and figured I’d chance it to see if a chat was running, but alas no.

    I’m also jetlagged out of my mind (London -> SF is bad enough but then adding 3 hours from SF -> Hawaii totally throws my brain out beyond the dark side of the moon).

    Our first dance at the wedding was amazing – “Where We Start” was just so perfect and I have to be totally honest with you….when David’s solo kicked in I was ripped from my lovey dovey mindset and right back into DG appreciation mode!!! You can take the boy from Gilmour but you can’t ever take the Gilmour from the boy 🙂

    It’s also a relatively long song at 6 minutes so it gave plenty of time for family to step in and save me/us and for everyone to enjoy the song. Really amazing…thanks to David for writing it and FEd for that blog entry that gave me the idea. We were going to use “Smile” but “Where We Start” is just so perfect for a first dance. If I had had things totally my way we’d probably have been dancing to “Comfortably Numb”.

    I also almost used lyrics from “Fearless” to open my speech with (“Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd, smiling”) but instead went with “What a long strange trip it’s been” (courtesy of Mr Garcia) because after 10 years together it was perfect. Also brought the house down 🙂

    Anyhow…my jetlagged tummy is now yelling at me to go find some food….

    Thanks to everyone here – I love you all 🙂 First dance, honeymoon, proposal… all ideas generated via here (chat, blog). You lot are the greatest.


  40. [btw, are you watching britain’s got talent with simon cowell?]

    yup, im hooked, im an animal lover but so glad the animals have got eliminated. As for that lad with the smile, his singing gave me goose bumps but he lost out to a man with his hand up a monkey’s backside, i dont understand.

    [Very strange, isn’t it? There was another young lad who was a terrific street-dancer. He should have got through to the semi-finals, instead of that cheesy chap and his tinny keyboard (in show four). And don’t get me started on that dance troupe where the girls were dressed as witches, talked in unison and generally screeched a lot. They gave me a migraine. If anyone fancies a laugh today, click the link below and have a look at the videos. Paul Potts to win. – Features Editor]

  41. [That lycra-clad lady who thought she was the new Madonna was rather… entertaining, wasn’t she? – Features Editor]

    Well she fooled me – I couldnt tell the difference 🙂

    Another programme with only 1 winner, and it wont come from the participants.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Laughter is the real winner, surely. – Features Editor]

  42. Gostaria de saber se será lançado no Brasil este DVD das noites em Londres de 2006.

    [‘Remember That Night’ will be out in Brazil. (Sorry, I can’t answer in Portuguese.) – Features Editor]

  43. That is one great picture. Seeing Bob, Erin and The rest of the group having a really good time.

    I really hope some day David will tour again and that we all can get together after his concert and
    party together. For this is one great group of Friends.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend.

    Take Care,

  44. to fed, graham and pete:

    this series is too funny. i’m sorry that the auditions are over because they’re a good laugh. some of the people stepping up to the mic should be ashamed! i wanted the rapping granny to win!!!

    [Some of them should be shot (or at least publicly flogged). – Features Editor]

  45. Another New York City Live From Abbey Road Advertising update….

    Today I noticed a new ad on the side of the NYC bus. This time it promoted John Mayer, Dave Matthews and another artist but not David. So let’s hope as the weeks go by we may see an ad with DG on it. That is if Angelo doesn’t rip the ads right off the side of the buses so that he can decorate his apartment.



  46. Cool picture! It’s nice to put a few faces with a few names.

    I’m jealous 🙂

  47. [Laughter is the real winner, surely. – Features Editor]

    I bet it has done no harm to Simon Cowells fame and fortune.

    But I have watched it when I could have turned it off so I guess youre right. It does make me chuckle.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Not to mention his ego… – Features Editor]

  48. [That is if Angelo doesn’t rip the ads right off the side of the buses so that he can decorate his apartment. – Posted by: Andrew at June 15, 2007 01:31 PM]

    Oops… caught me red-handed… 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  49. The photo of the bloggers is really great. Nice to see faces for the names. How very wonderful for you all to be on the dvd. How incredible is that! Can’t imagine any other site being that generous. Wish I could have been there to see that. I hope I would have been just brave enough to say ‘hang it all, I’m going over to butt in and meet some bloggers.’ But like some others, maybe not. Perhaps after a drink or two.

    Anyway, Erin is right. Sometimes you just have to ‘take a breath’ and do it.

    My best to you all, have a great weekend.

  50. i’m glad that paul potts won ‘britain’s got talent’. good call there, fed.

    i think some contestants could make a mess out of being shot or flogged, they were so bad!!!

    i’m looking forward to ‘america’s got talent’. the trailer showed a man kicking himself in the head.

    wow, america has got talent!!!

    [It wasn’t a “George from Texas”, was it? – Features Editor]

  51. I’ve just come back from Formentera where I believe Dave and the rest of Pink Floyd stayed in the old house that I own way back in the 60’s. Its name is Casa Garrovas in the middle of the island. I wonder if Dave remembers?????? and would be interested in how it is now.

    Oh yes, I was at the Wall concert at Wembley way,way back!!

    Adios amigo

  52. I have been trying for months to get into the chat room to no avail. If an irregular could help with an email or two, it would be greatly appreciated.

    [Everything you need to know about the chatroom is on the Stuff & Nonsense page. Problems only arise when people turn up after the doors have closed and wonder why they can’t get in. Closing times for each chat session are on the calendar. Links to both the Stuff & Nonsense page and calendar are on the homepage (please click your name below to visit it). – Features Editor]

  53. fed, i wish it was george from texas. lol! i’d pay to see that.

    [So would I… but only if he wore boots with steel toe caps. – Features Editor]

  54. Just two things to mention to Michael regarding the chat. Don’t know if your issue is the schedule or technical. Can’t help you with the schedule but from a technical aspect:

    1. Make sure you have a compatible version of Java. I’ve had problems in the past to get to the chat room due to Java issues. But all works well now, even on my Mac.

    2. If you are trying to access from a work place, you may have issues because some firms/organizations block access to chat features.

    Good luck and looking forward to catching you chatting at some point.



  55. I wonder if the footage that was shot of me after Neil Warnock handed me my signed jersey back in Venice will be in the extras as well? Me being handed the jersey back was filmed and the cameraman did interview me a bit about it.

    I have mixed emotions actually. On the one hand it would be cool to be on there and on the other I would be embarrassed. My eyes were full of tears and I looked like a 14 year old girl after a Beatles or Elvis Presley meeting where I got a lock of hair. LOL

    To those pictured who will be on the DVD for sure, you look a lot cooler than I did. Congrats on a very cool thing!

    In other news, Roger signed the jersey in Vegas so it is only missing Mr Mason now. Hopefully that will be sorted out soon. Interestingly Roger started his signature over top of David’s…quite a thing these two old mates have going eh? 😉

    Shine on and once again can’t wait for the DVD so I too can “remember that night”.

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