Name That Tune (Part One)

Remember That Night DVD (2007)You guessed bravely, but few of you guessed correctly.

Sunday’s picture was taken during the band’s performance of ‘This Heaven’.

For real this time, but still just for fun…

There’s no Melody Roulette or Golden Medley rounds, but this is very much Name That Tune (a popular television quiz show, from the decade that gave us striped leggings and mullets, where contestants had to put forth a song title after hearing just a few bars of music).

Far too easy, I’m sure you’ll agree, so we’ll try it with pictures instead.

The image above is from one of the remaining nine songs that we have yet to reveal. Click it for a closer look.

Try and guess the song being performed and, if you can or care, which slot it’s taking up on the DVD.

Remember that the only slots as yet unannounced are as follows: one, two, five, seven, 11, 14, 16, 19 and 22.

Forget your original Blotto entry. You know that it’s a lost cause. Go with your heart on this (as your heads were quite clearly all over the place when you submitted your lists of 23 songs).

I’ll name the song when I announce the next Blotto number. Funnily enough, the next song to be revealed is the very one which is being performed in the screenshot above.

So, can you name that tune in one, two or three pictures?

The chatroom is open from 4PM (UK time) today, especially to those who wish to talk about old television quiz shows.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

83 thoughts on “Name That Tune (Part One)”

  1. My guess would be SOYCD…was that one chosen yet? I have completely lost track, only because Blotto is a lost cause in my case!

    [‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ sure is on the DVD. It’s sitting pretty at #15. – Features Editor]

  2. Aha….I finally guessed correctly with the last photo. No applause necessary…just throw money…

    Now my guess for this one…I have to say it is for The Blue.



  3. I’ll say Cost of Freedom at #19.

    [I wouldn’t, Frank, as that’s already been announced as #21. – Features Editor]

  4. too easy! crosby and nash give it away. it can only be ‘the blue’.

    or did they do ‘smile’ as well? i can’t remember.

  5. the only other tune that crosby and nash sang on that hasnt already been revealed is ‘the blue’ i think.

  6. I think it’s ‘The Blue’ in slot 7. That must be the only one left where Crosby & Nash were singing.

  7. amazing quality on the pic, btw. check out the high-res image.

    it’s going to be a fab dvd.

  8. i wanted to say On an Island…but all said The Blue and I trust them more than me!

    So I will copy: THE BLUE!


  9. I’m going to guess, Then I close my eyes at # 10

    [We’ve already had that one, too. Right song, right space, wrong picture. Remember that we’re looking for one of the (nine) songs that we haven’t yet announced. – Features Editor]

  10. Hmm… I think its ‘The Blue’, and it’s #7 on the DVD, because I tried to read again (!!!) the three old blog entries of the three London shows and I noticed someone who said (the last night) that Crosby & Nash had sung on ‘The Blue’ too…

    Wow ! such hard work !


  11. Fedmeister…

    I can sense the arteries in your neck throbbing 🙂

    [As long as you can’t see them, I’m alright. – Features Editor]

  12. I haven’t really kept up with the blotto so my guess may already have been revealed, but here goes —because of Crosby & Nash I’ll say On An Island and just because it’s a good number I’ll say 7.

  13. Hmmm Ok I guess ” Take a breath”

    wanna know why I think that! The lights.

    Take a breath was bright and the lights moved to the beat, the song is up beat whereas the blue is softer, therefore the lighting would reflect this

    I guess number #7

  14. Ok,’The Blue'(my favourite of all the times from David),at n.7.

    I agree with Lucia.


  15. Well, since I have not gotten one correct one yet, maybe I take a stab and say The Blue at #7

  16. I think it’s “The Blue”. Which would be track 7.

    I’d have been a very happy bunny indeed if David had been playing an acoustic guitar in that picture.

  17. Graham Nash is clearly mouthing the words “Oooh that smell” so I’m going with the Skynard classic “That Smell” on this one…

  18. OK… the only song I’m certain Crosby and Nash sang on that hasn’t appeared yet is The Blue. So that’s my guess. great shot by the way… can’t wait for the DVD.


  19. Andrew- don’t feel bad about the calendar with the set lists… I had no idea either. When I made my blotto list I went back thru the old posts and hunted… it took way too long!


  20. I went back to the Blog entries for the RAH concerts and checked so my guess is The Blue…

    I also found Guy’s post about the secret shenanigans and your response Fed… ahhh bless 🙂

    And according to the calendar listing for the RAH dates Neil Young made an appearance! Ooo Errr

    [‘Find The Cost…’ is a CSNY song, so all four members are rightfully credited. – Features Editor]

  21. Deeply scarred by my blotto experience/debacle, I am not healed enough to venture a guess. But I did have to write in to say “what a lovely, lovely picture”!

    As always, this site has wonderful content and is well worth a look in from time to time.

    Hope everyone is well and enjoying the prospect of summer.

  22. I’ll take a stab at “On an Island” simply because David Crosby and Graham Nash are singing in the picture.

    I don’t know if On an Island has already been mentioned in the Blotto thing as I didn’t partake. I think I missed out on that.

    Best regards.


  23. the song is The Blue…and this is the complete tracklist!:

    01. Speak to me
    02. Breathe
    03. Time
    04. Breathe Reprise
    05. Castellorizon
    06. On An Island with Crosby/Nash
    07. The Blue with Crosby/Nash
    08. Red Sky At Night
    09. This Heaven
    10. Then I Close MY Eyes
    11. Smile
    12. Take A Breathe
    13. Pocketful Of Stones
    14. Where We Start
    15. Shine On You Crazy Diamond with Crosby/Nash
    16. Wots .. Uh The Deal
    17. Coming Back To Life
    18. High Hopes
    19. Echoes
    20. Wish You Were Here
    21. Find The Cost Of Freedom with Crosby/Nash
    22. Arnold Layne with David Bowie
    23. Comfortably Numb with Nick Mason

  24. Disregard last post, i don’t know what the hell i was saying. So blue………..

  25. I think this one has to be `The Blue` as I don`t think it`s `find the cost of freedom` as steve is playing drums.

    But hey I could be wrong again! I`ve discovered I`m not very good at these games!

  26. Not sure but kind of feeling “On And Island” regardless of majority popular opinion for “The Blue”

    (By the way F.E.,I’m thrilled that you are using an idea that I submitted quite a while ago for matching songs to photos..not after recognition..just tickled that I had a good idea and it seems to be working.)

    [Did you really? I’d better stop patting myself on the back, then. – Features Editor]

  27. Well, darn.

    I was feeling really confident about my guess until I read Matt’s.

  28. My guess would be “The Blue” for # 7. I believe this is one of the four songs David performed with Crosby and Nash.

    Fun games, FEd. At times, I do feel that they are a bit tormenting; however, game such as this is a good tool for us the old folks to sharpen and stimulate our brains.

    Bring it on…

    p.s. Raymond, unfortunately I won’t be able to join in for the South Floridian meet up on 8/18 – I will be in Canada during that time.

  29. Dear Fed…

    your questions…. always let us in a bath of souvenirs !….

    my souvenirs : Crosby & Nash in London were with the band on :

    On An Island (with David Crosby & Graham Nash) (already revealed)
    Shine On 1-5 (with David Crosby & Graham Nash) (already revealed)
    Find The Cost Of Freedom (with David Crosby & Graham Nash) (already revealed)

    and and… the good answer is…. (not sure…I hope… I cross the fingers…) >> THE BLUE (with David Crosby & Graham Nash)

    ..please Fed…be kind with me…

    j’aimerai tant avoir le DVD ici à Chantilly le plus vite possible !!! 😉


  30. Dear Fed…

    I forgot to say..that I think also THE BLUE will be on track #7 on blotto… 😉


  31. Pants! I did suggest that it was This Heaven didn’t I? Oh well. This one has to be The Blue (I can’t remember if it has been called or not though).

    Anyhoos, I gotta go be a tourist.
    x x x

  32. hi there FEd,

    Ok im still not sure if i get this whole blotto thing, do i just list the tracks as i think they will appear on the dvd, i dont have to guess the order that you release them? hope not!

    ok here goes – (btw is there a list of the ones you have already revealed, because i cannot be assed going through the last 6 months of blogs :p)

    1. Speak to Me
    2. Breathe
    3. Time
    4. Breathe (Reprise)
    5. Castellorizon
    6. On An Island (w/ Crosby & Nash)
    7. The Blue (w/ Crosby & Nash)
    8. Red Sky At Night
    9. This Heaven
    10. Then I Close My Eyes (w/ Robert Wyatt)
    11. Smile
    12. Take A Breath
    13. A Pocket Full Of Stones
    14. Where We Start

    Intermission 😛 (or side 2)

    15. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (god knows which parts) (w/Crosby & Nash)
    16. Fat Old Sun
    17. Wearing the inside out
    18. High Hopes
    19. The Great Gig in the Sky (w/Micia Paris)
    20. Echoes


    21. Wish You Were Here
    22. Fnd the Cost of Freedom (w/ Crosby & Nash)
    23. Comfortbaly Numb (w/ Nick Mason)

    The second half is the real challenge, as im sure you know you sneak!

    im really not sure wether its going to be wearing the inside out, or coming back to life, or for that matter if mica paris’ rendition of great gig will make it in, as it was very avante garde. at least from where i was sitting.

    Also i think all the bowie stuff will be on the special features. for that matter i have a feeling nicks appearance may also be on the special features, but, its a bit of fun after all….

    anyway, if you could let me know if i got ANY correct , out of the ones you have already released thatd be great.

    cheers 🙂

    [I’ll let you know the ones we’ve already announced, and you can try again. They are: ‘Time’ (3), ‘Breathe (Reprise)’ (4), ‘On An Island’ (6), ‘Red Sky at Night’ (8), ‘This Heaven’ (9), ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ (10), ‘Take A Breath’ (12), ‘A Pocketful of Stones’ (13), ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ (15), ‘Coming Back To Life’ (17), ‘High Hopes’ (18), ‘Wish You Were Here’ (20), ‘Find The Cost Of Freedom’ (21), and ‘Comfortably Numb’ (featuring David Bowie)’ (23). – Features Editor]

  33. LOL!

    which i just realised doesnt fit in with my blotto prediction, ummmmm

    i now beleive it is slot 22, find the cost of freedom (w/ crosby & nash)

    ill stop bugging you now!

  34. FEd,

    My apologies i know this my millionth message in a very short space of time, however i am incredibly bored at work and have nothing better to do than annoy you.

    I know that blotto is a one entry per person game, however i know i am also too late to win anyway so dont see the harm in sending in one more.

    I just found your post listing off the ‘so far announced’ tracks and realised my last one was slighly, off. lol. so i thought i would try and patch it up and have come up with….

    1. speak to me
    2. breathe
    3. time
    4. breathe reprise
    5. castellorizon
    6. on an island
    7. the blue
    8. red sky at night
    9. this heaven
    10. then i close my eyes
    11. smile
    12. take a breath
    13. a pocket full of stones
    14. where we start
    15. shine on you crazy diamond
    16. fat old sun
    17. coming back to life
    18. high hopes
    19. echoes
    20. wish you were here
    21. find the cost of freedom
    22. arnold layne (w/david bowie)
    23. comfortably numb (w/david bowie)

    hopefully that one is a little more like it.

  35. The Blue

    what do i win fed, whatever it is donate it to your fave charity please

  36. ‘Top of the pops style’:

    “Coming in at number 7, it’s David Gilmour with Crosby and Nash, with ‘The Blue’.”

    Gosh how I miss TOTP!

    Yep – it’s The Blue at no. 7


  37. Ok made a bit of a mess of my first guess

    second bite at the cherry if I can Fed

    The Blue #7

  38. [My apologies i know this my millionth message in a very short space of time, however i am incredibly bored at work and have nothing better to do than annoy you.]

    Rob, i hope the I.T police at your work dont read this im sure you are as enthralled with your work as me….yawn…ooops

    not feeling very inspired at the moment, im going with the majority here

    the blue @ #7

  39. CAPTION:

    “Ladies and gentlemen of the Readybrek eaters association may I present tonights entertainment….. Mr David Gilmour and his fantastic band”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  40. In the U.K. it was Top of the Pops.

    In the U.S. it was American Top 40 Countdown with Casey Kasem. How many remember that?? As well as Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.

    Of course AT40 is still on the air with Ryan Seacrest but it is just not the same as good old Casey. Good we still have him on other programs.



  41. Hi all!

    I’ll name that tune in one picture – The Blue (with Crosby and Nash) as track #7 on the early awaited DVD.

  42. Dear F.ed.

    i think it’s surely a song from OAI and checking among the nine songs to be revealed i guess The Blue too.

    It’s true it’s better to forget my original Blotto entry.

    Take care / bye / ciao Ely

  43. I believe it might be On an island or The Blue.

    I haven’t been around so excuse me for being a thick git if on an island has already been mentioned in the blotto!??!

    Regards to everyone

  44. Andy

    I hope you are wrong on the setlist… no Fat Old Sun??? REALLY hoping it makes it to the main concert disk, BUT AN EXTRA ON DISK 2 WOULD BE BETTER THAN NOT AT ALL!


  45. Hi FEd,

    It’s been a while:-{

    The answer must be “The Blue” — my thanks to everyone who has kept up on ‘the list’ since I’ve been too busy to do so! And if that wasn’t enough even the musical snippet ‘o the day seems to be pointing in that direction as well!

    It’s a good thing that no prizes were offered for a correct answer. Could a t-shirt be divided into that many pieces?

    That question just jogged my memory … early ’60s and the Beatles had come to Los Angeles for the first time. One of the LA radio stations (KFWB or KRLA) had a call-in contest and everyone (yes, including me!) received a piece of a towel said to have been used by ‘a Beatle’. It was about one-quarter the size of a postage stamp, not even big enough to catch one young girl’s tear of joy!!

    So I suppose you could divide the prize if you had the time or inclination …

    Peace ‘n’ love!
    Washington State

  46. Begin whine –

    Can we please have #16 next? The suspense is killing me. And while I am whining, can we make sure that #16 is Fat Old Sun?

    – End whine.

    I’m off to Lake Tahoe tomorrow to celebrate my birthday on Sunday. I may make tomorrow’s chat depending on how much packing I get done tonight. Otherwise I will see you all next week when I’m shorter of breath and one year closer to death (and just one birthday shy of 40 for the record).

    Cheers, all.

    [Shouldn’t it be wine to celebrate a birthday? Have a good one, anyway. – Features Editor]

  47. The blue @ 7

    So many posts its hard to disagree.

    Happy birthday Echoesbob! I’ve just finished celebrating mine and 2 of my kids birthday, I’m all birthday’d out and then there was fathers day…….

    Off to the sun at the weekend. Catch up in July.

  48. Surely this is “The Blue” on # 7.

    As we are on setlists again, here’s mine:

    1. Echoes
    2. Speak To Me/Breathe
    3. Time
    4. Breathe (Reprise)
    5. Castellorizon
    6. On an Island
    7. The Blue
    8. Red Sky At Night
    9. This Heaven
    10. Then I Close My Eyes
    11. Smile
    12. Take A Breath
    13. A Pocketful Of Stones
    14. Where We Start
    15. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    16. Wearing The Inside Out
    17. Coming Back To Life
    18. High Hopes
    19. Fat Old Sun
    20. Wish You Were Here
    21. Find The Cost Of Freedom
    22. Arnold Layne w. Bowie
    23. Comfortably Numb w. Bowie

  49. Well, lets try this 1 more time.

    I would like to know if the Room password and my user password is the same!! I tried for an hour to get into the chatroom yesterday, with NO luck at all, am I doing something wrong??? If anyone knows the answer to my ??, could you post it on the blog (FE) PLEASE?

    I guess I’m just not that much of a computer geek (YET). PLEASE, HELP ME!?!?!

    Cheers, thanks alot.

    [You are doing something wrong: you’re trying to get into the chatroom after it’s been locked up for the night. As I explained to you yesterday, the chatroom was closed by the time you tried to get in (on Tuesday). It is not open all the time. At closing time, a completely random room password is often set in place to ‘lock-in’ those people who did manage to turn up before closing time, so that they may chat for a little longer if they so wish. The room password is not the same as your user password. You are only ever asked to enter a room password when the chatroom is closed and there is a ‘lock-in’ underway (that is to say, directly after a scheduled chat). You will never know the day’s room password unless you turn up before closing time. Therefore, you will never be able to get into the chatroom when it’s closed. Opening and closing times are clearly stated on our calendar. Please click your name below to see our calendar. – Features Editor]

  50. Find the Cost of Freedom!!!


    ps time for David to get some new T-shirts in happy colors!

  51. Well Bob, I was gonna wait until Sunday to wish you a happy birthday, but since you aren’t going to be around . . .


    Have a great one, perfect weekend to go to Tahoe!



  52. [Did you really? I’d better stop patting myself on the back, then. – Features Editor]

    By all means pat away..Great Minds think alike!

    I tracked it down to the Nov. 17, 2006 blog issue,on or about post #34

    [Very good. I preferred Chain Letters, myself. Won’t be doing that, though. – Features Editor]

  53. Hi fed

    As usual im writing about another subject, but may be an interest for David.

    We are in New ZEALAND as you are aware, we are in the north island at a place called whangamata. Everywhere i look i see the name Gilmour, there is a lake called lake gilmour, i have seen a freezer company called gilmour, a main street was called gilmour street.

    I wonder if david knows if he has any family who may have moved here in the past.


  54. For me is “The Blue”. I wait to see this music in dvd, The Blue is fantastic, one of my favorites of the album. With Crosby And Nash on backing vocals…wonderful!

  55. I’m pretty sure that’s “The Blue”, placed at number 7. Whad will I win ??? xD just kiddin

  56. What was I thinking. FTCOF is already in, thanks Fed.

    So it’s The Blue at #7 according to the music intro today.

  57. I don’t really want to post a comment, I’m just desperately seeking Imo – if anyone knows his whereabouts (Dave would know where he’s hiding) please give him my email.

  58. Hi Graham,

    No worries, i AM the IT police for my office 😀

    so i can do whatever i like, i am ABOVE THE LAW so to speak 😀

  59. I would guess “The Blue” #7

    This has got to be to easy though.Hmmmmmmmm

    [We thought we’d give you an easy one to start with. – Features Editor]

  60. It’s obviously the blue, number 7. Crosby and nash give it away, as well as phil playing an acoustic guitar.

    C’mon fed, I expected something harder…

  61. my guess about this picture is that they’re playin’ “The Blue”.

    Let us know as soon as possible Fed!

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