Meeting the Bloggers

April 2006: Luka's Taproom & Lounge, Oakland, California.

One of the many DVD extras to feature on David’s forthcoming ‘Remember That Night’ double-disc set is a short documentary filmed on America’s West Coast.

In between shows at Oakland’s Paramount and Los Angeles’ Kodak and Gibson theatres, as well as performing for ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’, the band found time to put their feet up and have some fun.

Much of this was caught on camera, thanks to Richard Wright, and highlights include Jon Carin treating everyone to some cocktail jazz, some semi-nudity, courtesy of Guy Pratt, and a song by Steve DiStanislao.

And, oh yes, there’s also footage from Guy’s surprise visit to Luka’s Taproom & Lounge, where a group of fans were meeting for drinks and a natter (about how great the Features Editor is, naturally).

So, if you were there, now’s the time to come forward and confess all. We’ve got more exclusive images from the DVD to come next week, so do be sure to point yourselves out.

To see a high-resolution version of the above, including the mysterious people on the left, simply click on the image itself.

You may also wish to jog your memories by going back to the blog entries of 14-17 April 2006 for a recap.

If you haven’t yet cast your vote, we really want to know how you rate the five-minute DVD teaser.

That’s your lot for another week. I’ll be back on Monday, with the chatroom open to all from 12PM (UK).

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I’m shocked because normally the nudity is provided by me on this site!!!

    I’ve got competition 🙁 !!!!!

  2. Alright y’all . .if you look at the high resolution pic, you can see my curly, blonde hair on the left. My face will have to remain a mystery until the DVD comes out. Mwah ah ah . . .

    That would be so cool, if I can say my first DVD apperance is on a DG DVD! Can we get royalities for that? Just kidding!

    Have a good weekend everyone



    “Erin?! Sorry, I just never pictured you with….a beard?”

  4. “Birdseye View”

    See me there
    upon the wall.
    Shining brightly,
    wings and all.
    Careful not to move,
    you see.
    Been caught and caged before.
    Frozen here in time.
    Until the winter’s thaw.
    And when you leave,
    turn down the lights.
    Though I’ll have lost my gleam.
    Cheers all ’round boys.
    Off you go.
    See you in my dreams.

  5. I listened to yesterday’s music intro again and figured out it may be David’s take on the Timpani Drum. He did play it for the recording as I recall,the photo shot previously.

    As for the photo today, all I see is Guy and the bearded fellow. We’ll find out soon enough.

    Good Weekend all.

  6. This is great! I can’t wait to see more images and of course, more reveals of the Blotto songs in the upcoming weeks.

    I am excited for those regulars/irregulars who are going to be on one of disc two’s extras of David Gilmour’s upcoming DVD “Remember That Night”. It must be a wonderful feeling.

    Hopefully, the DVD will also have some footage of David Gilmour at the Leno Show!

    Have a nice weekend all!

  7. Talking as are were of fans going to gigs, it was great to hear on the radio this morning about David going to see his mate Paul who played a secret gig in London last night 🙂

  8. [How did it go, Graham? – Features Editor]

    Fantastic Fed,

    We went to visit Chichen Itza (or chicken pizza as we called it) what an incredible place made better by our guide explaining the history of the Mayan people as well telling us about the site of Chichen Itza. He was scathing of the Mexican government letting vendors into what he called an archealogical site & we were constantly pestered by young children,who according to our guide should have been at school.

    Visitors are no longer allowed to climb the “pyramid” as previous visitors were found to be carving graffiti into the sides (can you believe that?), although initialy disappointed i can fully understand the action taken to preserve this wonderous site.

    on reflection, i cant help but think that some rock group some where has missed the chance to create a “concept” album about Chichen Itza when such things were all the rage back in the 70’s.

    We had a great time away, we met some great people, had too much food & drink & were spoiled rotten at our hotel but really, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place……

    [I’m so glad that you enjoyed, mate. – Features Editor]

  9. huh…the Cat in da hat…is that Mr.GiLmour doin’ a BiLLy Gibbons of ZzTop…? wundr wuT a jam with thoSe two wud be Like? seCond thouGht why hasnt there beEn a Get toGether by them yet? hint,wink wink n0d…shine On!

  10. i voted excellent on the 5 min clip. Whatever idiot voted disappointed I would love it if they could explain the reason they thought this?

    as for the lucky 2 who made it onto the extras you must be floatin on air right now!!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  11. That’s a great pic from Richard Wright, though few snaps can be as good as what Polly produces.

    No, unfortunately there’s no way I’ll ever show up on the disk — money being very short when David was touring, I had to stay home. The closest I got to one of David’s shows was being in the same state with him (New York), albeit some 150 miles away. I did catch the Mermaid concert the day they showed it at my local Regal rip-off palace.

    But THAT would be cool, to actually be on the disc via Richard’s video camera.

    [The footage from Luka’s – and, therefore, the picture above – wasn’t filmed by Richard, but he did film much of the other footage that makes up this short documentary. – Features Editor]

  12. That sounds like good fun. I just wonder who had the idea and authority to put Richard Wright a camera in his hands whishing him “happy hunting”?

  13. [some semi-nudity, courtesy of Guy Pratt]

    now that sounds quite appetising. guy, is not too bad looking, a little bonus for us female fans 🙂

    i know, guy reads this blog and he is married but as i always say just because you look at a nice picture in an art gallery doesn’t mean you want to drag it off the wall 🙂

    it will also be interesting to see if any of the chat room regulars got on the dvd !

    i can’t wait to see what richard wright has filmed . you are making it sound good fet ed . hurry up september 🙂

    have a great weekend everyone . you too fet ed .

    peace out

  14. wow, that’s cool. can’t wait to see these screenshots.

    a great weekend to all. x

  15. a question for the Features Editor:

    Will there be italian subtitles for all these dvd extras???

    [Yes. We’ll have more about subtitles next week. – Features Editor]

  16. Fantastic stuff!

    Just think how boring our Blogger Buffs, who were at Lukas, can be when friends or anyone for that matter visits their house…

    “NO! I insist! Sit down and watch this DVD…SIT DOWN AND WATCH!”

    Well done DG for putting this onto the DVD for the buffs amongst us…

  17. Wow, Irregulars on the DVD ?

    How much more of an acknowledgment could you wish for ?

    Hope to make it to a chat next week, FEd.

    Have a nice weekend,

  18. I know at least one who’s not in the picture…however…I spy a few pints of Guinness it looks like.

    Looks like a couple of truckers are there – my favorite! Truckers rule LOL

  19. Hi all. Happy Friday!

    How absolutely cool is it going to be to see the West Coast documentary??? Those lucky enough to meet with Guy before the Kodak show will have the ultimate momento! Very cool.

    I echo Veronicas hopes…. that something from the Leno taping will be included.

    Wow, I went back and re-read some of the posts from April 17th. It was great to relive that day (and the next when I saw DG at the Gibson!!!). I had to laugh at the controversy that was boiling back then over hand waving at the Leno show… my we find the silliest things to get up-tight about!

    For those who were offended at the hand waving… watch the Pink Floyd performance at Live 8… DG waving his hands!

    Have a great day!

  20. The DVD is sounding better and better as the weeks go by and we find out more and more!

    Is there anymore news on a date for the HD version yet?

    [Not yet. We do have a date in mind, but won’t announce it until more work has been done on the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray versions. We will be sure to keep you posted, though. – Features Editor]

  21. I have a little secret for you…I saw Jon Carin yesterday in a Montreal show.He was accompanied by a certain bass player, i can’t remember the name…………..

    Sylvie de montréal

  22. Very cool for you fellow bloggers who make it into the DVD!

    What a bonus, in addition to meeting Mr. Pratt!!

  23. Dear F.Ed.,

    Thank you again for this further “drop” of the funny, large “sea” of the extras to be featured on the forthcoming DVD ‘Remember that night’.

    About Paul McCartney who played a secret gig in London last night i’ve seen on the national italian television few hours ago the news reportage about it: i told to myself that surely Mr.Gilmour should be there!

    In the meantime I’d like to leave you (and especially to Ripper) the following thought:

    “Don’t be afraid of the shadows.It merely means that somewhere nearby there is a light that shines upon us.” (R.E.Renker)

    To F.Ed and everyone have a pleasant weekend

    ciao/bye Elisabetta

  24. Hey Erin I can see the back of your head….That is so cool the Luka’s get-together is going to be on the DVD. So I can at least say I know those people.

    Angelo and Erin I had garlic fries yesterday…they were yummy. But I ate at a table not over a trash can. 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  25. partial nudity (which part?) from Guy, no less? PSHAW!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing this humorous little extra… hopefully its the “director’s cut” – no pun intended!


  26. Have a good weekend everyone.

    I also would like to wish Lynn a Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!!!


    [Have a good day, Lynn. – Features Editor]

  27. This is the best news I’ve received in quite some time. I’m just out of this picture, standing behind where Guy is sitting. I was sitting across from Guy, but moved so that he could talk to the other fans who were coming up to say hello.

    Erin is the only blogger who is visible in the picture. Most of the people in the bar were there for the concert, so when people recognized Guy, they started to come over to introduce themselves and get photos.

  28. Hi-de-hi bloggers!

    I just read about the McCartney gig and our DG’s attendance at it. How I wish I wish I was there.

    Anyhow, this is me signing off for 3 weeks. I’m getting married to the lovely Deb on Sunday, first dancing to “Where We Start” and then off on honeymoon to Hawaii. Back end June.

    Have a fantastic June everyone…I’ll see you all again as a married man with a tan (and a couple of new lenses…gotta love the $/£ rate atm!).


    [Good luck, Nick. Enjoy. – Features Editor]

  29. Hey FEd,

    Partial nudity? You know that gets my attention!

    You go Guy! Was there a table top dance included?

    Sunday we are going to see George Carlin, in Beaumont, TX at the Jefferson Theatre. I’m looking forward to it.

    Anyway, I hope you have a blessed weekend FEd, et al.


  30. Nick,

    Best of luck on your wedding day, hoping everything turns out EXACTLY to your planning. Have a great time, and take it from me – it flies by far too fast for words to convey. Soak up every good vibe and well wish with your whole being.

    I was married this past October and the day, was by and far, the best day of my life.

    Congratulations to you and your wife to be!

    While you’re away in Hawaii, I’ll be in Vegas for my “proper” honeymoon around the same time, roughly. Except the blast furnace heat I’ll be experiencing will be “dry”, so I’m told! hahah


  31. ummm.

    It would be pretty embarrassing if my tipsy rant on camera that night made it on DVD….but there were enough pretty ladies and characters that night that I’m not too worried about that happening.

    In this picture, my beer and I are sitting right behind this gentleman taking up the frame.

  32. This is going to be such a fantastic DVD. Thanks for making the lead up to this so much fun!

  33. Caption Competition

    Mick Fleetwood wasn’t completely convinced that opening for DG was a good idea especially when his Bass player was starting to kick-off in the bar area…

  34. Sylvie

    I didn’t know Pino Palladino was playing in Montreal? 🙂

  35. Wow, Erin, you lucky blogger ! I’m so happy for you, what an honour to be on David’s DVD !


  36. Beautiful hair, Erin! Wow! I imaged it has been a great moment for you, lucky bloggers! Look forward to see all the stars of the DVD. David and the band…and bloggers included. I think we will have a lot of fun, watching it! hmmm…september…3 months yet, sob

    Happy weekend, above all to the birthday girl and the bridegroom!


  37. Erin: how very cool to be on the dvd. What a nice thing for this site to include a blogger.

    Nick and Deb: my best to you. Hope your wedding is beautiful and you have a long and happy marriage.

    Finally have seen the RTN teaser. Outstanding. I think the extras are going to be some of the best ever. The concert speaks for itself. It will be so great to sit back and relive that night.

    Have a great weekend all,

  38. ~Bye, guys!!

    I’m going on vacation for 11 days!! whoo-hoo!! A cruise to Alaska, but first I get to meet up with Bloggers Erin & Marcus for a drink in San Francisco!!! Is that cool or what?? :0

    You all behave & take care while I’m away… I’ll miss you!

    ~Susan xoxo

    [Have fun, Susan. – Features Editor]

  39. this pic was shot just after i’d talked with guy about the first night’s show, lamenting (and being consoled about) the omission of ‘fat old sun’ from the setlist. restoration of f.o.s. (and “the surprise”) made the 2nd show special. “echoes” live 2 nights in a row: not to be forgotten.

    guy’s show shirt was something like “did they not do well?” — they sure did: both nights were great!

  40. Caption..

    What a nice Guy he is.. instructing the barkeep to charge all drinks for the night to Fed’s tab!

  41. Prize Received.

    Many thanks for the t-shirt, much more than i deserve 😉

    I was thinking of an idea for a competition, or just a bit of a game really, and here it is.

    How about putting together an album for David, in the style of David Bowie’s ‘Pin Up’s’ – a ten track fantasy covers album.

    And a long shot – the best entry, or the best ideas for covers, might be recorded by Mr Gilmour as a kind of download only thankyou to his loyal thanks on

    Whatdya reckon…….?

    I think its easily on a par with the spy novel 😛

    [Interesting, but I did like the idea of a spy novel (if anyone’s confused, this is something discussed, in jest, in the chatroom). We’re always glad of suggestions for rainy days. No rainy days this week, though. Maybe next week. – Features Editor]

  42. Happy weekend,

    Hope the wedding goes well Nick.

    Elizabetta, my 25th is very very soon but unfortunately Italy is on hold for now.

    Meet the bloggers: what a cracking extra. Look forward to it.

    Pete – Coventry

  43. Update on Toronto’s Q107 Top 40 Classic Rock Singers of all Time…

    Looks like DG is in the Top 10! 40 – 11 have been announced and he’s not there… 🙂

    [Pleased to hear it. Thanks for the update. – Features Editor]

  44. Nice gesture indeed – thank you David, for acknowledging and giving us physical form outside this forum.

    Just finished reading Guy’s new book and I quote from his chapter on OAI…

    “the shows were wonderful, warm, shared experiences between us and the audience and I even got involved in the blog on David’s website…”

    That’s two.

    Shine On Irregulars !


  45. Is it Lynn’s Birthday??? If so,

    **Happy Birthday, Lynn!**

    Hope it’s a good one!!


  46. WOW! I can’t believe after all the touring and world-wide Tap Rooms out there, that not only did Guy stop in for a pint at our little Luka’s in Oakland, but that the footage will make it to the “extra’s” disc.

    I was one of the fortunate souls who spent a brief moment in time bending Guy’s ear over a pint before he took stage at another glorious night of magnitude and reverence.

    I remember BigAl and I met ahead of time and hoped to catch a glimpse of Guy as he sat in a crowd, but it wasn’t at all what I expected. There were probably a dozen people sharing intimate stories and asking questions while relaxing over a drink before the 2nd show in Oakland, Ca. I realized I had a golden opportunity to say a few personal things and “to feel the warm thrill of confusion, That space cadet glow.” So, briefly, we conversed about certain styles of bass guitar playing on some of the songs and which ones he enjoyed playing the most.

    I also had a rare opportunity to show gratitude for all his efforts with PF over the years and being a part of another timeless DG album by buying him a pint.

    Everyone there showed respect for Guy and each other rather than become a mob of stary-eyed fans waiting impatiently for a photo.

    It had a feel of intimacy; much like the show later that night. Guy was an absolute gentlemen and my fellow bloggers were courteous in every respect. What a thrill it was! I’m not sure if I made the disc, but I’m excited to not only relive this great experience in seeing those who do, but also this wonderfully emotional and moving concert once again in live format. I will always “Remember That Night.”

    Thanks, Guy, for being “one of us” that night and making us all feel part of such a spectacular event. After all, were you not a great fan of David’s at one time if not still, just like the rest of us? Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m the redhead who had the cheshire-cat grin.

    B Slater
    Bay Area, Ca.

    p.s. – We raved about how great our features editor is because without this forum (which is so painstakingly looked after mind you) we wouldn’t have had this once in a lifetime gathering. Special thanks to you too, F.Ed. Couldn’t have done it without you.

  47. Hmmm – a half naked Guy ?

    Chat room regulars will know that this is only half good enough for some of us.

    Come on Guy, let’s iron out the difference

    By the way F’ed, that’s not you in the famous beard disguise is it ??

  48. you sure that’s america? guy pratt aint sold you a fast one?

    they are drinking pints!!? 😉

    finally got to see the high res quicktime. officially drooling for that dvd now


  49. Happy Birthday Lynn!

    Happiness Always – hope you have a blast!

  50. The secret McCartney gig….is going to happen again, at least one more time for those of us in the U.S.. There is a radio station in Phoenix KSLX, that has a contest for the first few callers every hour.

    There is absolutley no information about it other than if you win, you will be flown somewhere to see the secret show.

    Marilyn has been speed dialing like crazy all morning….isn’t this what living is really all about, not to take anything away from the “Hokey pokey”.

  51. About Paul McCartney who played a secret gig in London last night, i’ve seen on the national italian television a few hours ago the news reportage about it: i told to myself that surely Mr.Gilmour should be there!

    didn’t david play on a few songs for sir paul in the 80’s. i remember one of them being no more lonely nights from the flim give my regards to broad street . it is a lovely song and i am not normally someone who cares for slow songs !

    peace out

    [That’s right, Linda. David has worked with Sir Paul several times. There’s some great work on the ‘Run Devil Run’ album, if you aren’t familiar with it. – Features Editor]

  52. Hope everyone is having a good weekend, its about over.

    Happy Birthday to Lynn Have a good one.

    Congratulations to the contest winners, the prizes are really cool, you will enjoy it.


  53. excelente! lo mejor “the best”

    Es preferible resistir la tentacion de sospecharse “genial”

  54. It’s been over a year since I checked in – Hi, everybody! How great to find Erin and EchoesBob and kingzorghh (and the ever-faithful Features Editor, of course) all still here! And the only thing cooler than the memory of that evening at Luka’s is the fact that it’s going to be immortalized on the DG DVD. Amazing.

    I’m on Guy’s left, against the wall to the right of the picture, unless by then I had gotten up to allow others better access to him.

    Warm regards to all –

    Dave Warner

  55. Good Luck to both you & Deb Nickster, enjoy the day & have a great time on Honeymoon.

  56. Hi Fed

    Im totally off the subject as usual but i have to ask if you know if David has ever visited the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand.

    Katrina and i as you may remember are travelling. we visited these caves the other day.

    There is a Cave named the cathedral cave. Many musicians have paid a visit and artists such as Rod Stewart and sting have sang a tune or two in the caves as the accoustics are second too none.


    [I have no idea if David has been there, but it sounds like it’s worth a visit. – Features Editor]

  57. I’m still not sure how I missed everyone at Luka’s. I swear, I did multiple laps looking for Guy and surrounding crowd (the bloggers) and I never found you all. Where were you guys seated. I ended up hanging in the pool room after multiple failed attempts.

  58. [….. my 25th is very very soon but unfortunately Italy is on hold for now. – Pete-Coventry]

    Pete: i was wondering in these last days whether you were ready for your italian journey (i didn’t forget it): i hope you both should have a further occasion in the very near future:in the meantime have a wonderful and special Silver Wedding anniversary wherever you will celebrate it!

    Thank you F.Ed.: it’s so nice to read messages as the Slater’s one!

    Ciao a tutti Elisabetta

  59. to nick (and deb): congrats on the wedding!

    to linda: def look out for paul mccartney’s ‘run devil run’ album. it’s fab.

  60. I made it to the first nights show in Oakland and was excited to deliver my own special birthday gift to David Gilmour. My gift to him was an introduction of myself and with some delicious Ethiopian and Kenyan beans I had roasted for him that night.

    After the show I realized for good reason why he had gave the bags to the girls at Anthill when they were relieved to meet me after the show and see who had roasted and packaged the beans. I know from experience that there are quite a bit of dangerous loonies out there.

    I suppose that I could admit that I am a bit mad myself, but I can also assure you that I am harmlessly mad. At age 16 I had begun to be profoundly affected by Pink Floyd and David Gilmour’s music. My brothers and I had always struggled growing up. We grew up in a morally rich home but our home severely lacked money. We ended up all homeless when I was 18.

    At 18 I was able to get along fine but my two younger brothers needed help. The youngest was 14. I had to mature fast and put down my paint brush and music to financially make up the difference. Our father served in the church and always figured God would somehow in someway pay the bills. The three of us pulled it together and I must admit that the lyrics and sounds of David Gilmour had really helped me to carry my brothers off the streets and to eventually become positive performers in society. I understand that we are not alone.

    Please take notice of the organizations that David Gilmour supports on his Important Stuff link. I can really appreciate an artist that can intentionally heal people with their art.

    I really wanted to give something back and I figured the only thing that I could offer a man like David Gilmour was to simply let him know I existed, thank him and give him a glimpse into my life and of course roast some of my best coffee beans for him (assuming he likes coffee).

    To be continued…

  61. Continued…

    In my opinion some of the best tasting coffee in the world comes from some of the poorest regions in the world, like Ethiopia and Kenya. Unfortunately coffee is one of the only products that these people have to offer the world markets and we pay them pennies for it. A pound of green coffee costs me on average $1 per pound on the going market. You can brew 50 cups of coffee and/or 60 shots of espresso per pound and retail it to the consumer and earn $50 to the $1 investment.

    Just to give you an idea of the profit margin people make from it. The farm worker/citizens of these impoverished regions receive about 35 cents or less to pick 100 pounds of ripe coffee cherries and yield 20 pounds of green beans in a day. I find it disturbing that the second highest traded commodity in the world next to oil is coffee and that it brings so many riches to the world but comes from some of the poorest regions in the world.

    I also get concerned that once the evil (which is to live backwards) of the world are done taking lives from millions of families for oil riches that they might eventually conspire to kill millions for coffee…

    Beside the point, I had witnessed a fantastic show that night. As soon as I arrived in Oakland I delivered my gift and went directly to our seats. We all love to dance and had strategically purchased our seats on the balcony so we could dance at the show and not obstruct anyone’s view. I had so much fun that night.

    The next day I sent my brother out for the second night with a friend of the family. She was nice enough to go even though she had her baby in toe. They went with high hopes to make it in the show somehow someway. All tickets were sold out and without a babysitter it seemed impossible to get in. They made the most of the trip from Sacramento to Oakland anyway and listened outside the Paramount.

    My brother was very excited and called me to let me know they were playing Arnold Layne and he could here it outside. We should have gone both nights.

    Fortunately outside the Paramount they had the opportunity to meet Guy Pratt briefly while he had a smoke. My brother was embarrassed when Guy took notice to the little one and asked if the young one was his.

    My brother who loves to play bass and studies the techniques of Jaco Pastorius would have enjoyed a chat with Guy. If they had known about Luka’s Taproom & Lounge they could have relaxed with a pint before heading home.

  62. Happy Wednesday,

    Elisabetta – my 25th is next Tuesday. Having had one operation already this year my lady has to have another major one at the end of the month. Of course this has put all plans on hold.

    I read Susan’s recent blog which I found very inspiring.

    Pete – Coventry

    [All the best to her, Peter. – Features Editor]

  63. and all the best wishes to your wife from me too, Pete

    Bye Bloggers and F.Ed.

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