LFAR in the US

April 2006: Luka's Taproom & Lounge, Oakland, California.

The 12-part ‘Live From Abbey Road’ series starts tonight in the US.

David’s performance airs on Thursday 19 July at 10PM E/P on the Sundance Channel, with repeats the following Saturday (at 2AM), Sunday (at 9PM) and Tuesday (at 6PM).

The Sundance Channel is available via satellite and cable television.

‘Live From Abbey Road’ is being broadcast in many parts of the world. Please see the ‘More on LFAR’ entry of 24 April for further details.

If you spot the series mentioned in your local TV listings, do tell.

Don’t forget that you can see the entire ‘Live From Abbey Road’ series this weekend in Australia on MAX TV.

Do let us know what you thought of the band’s performance.

The above is another image from Guy’s quest to find Luka’s Taproom & Lounge, documented on Disc Two of David’s new DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, which will be out in September. Click it for a closer look.

Our chatroom is open today between the hours of 1PM and 3PM (UK).

And yes, it was ‘The Blue’…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

77 thoughts on “LFAR in the US”

  1. *caption*

    “Does anybody really know what time it is?? Does anybody really care??”



  2. The Sundance Channel…need to check my cable guide…or walk over and demand that it be on my system before the week is out!

    Happy Birthday Bob! Enjoy Tahoe.

  3. Hello Fed!

    It is so unfortunate that we cannot see the show LFAR in old Central Europe.

    Will it give to buy this gig with David and his wonderful band as DVD and when and in which format?

    All the best from Berlin

    [There will be a ‘Live From Abbey Road’ DVD, but we don’t yet know for sure that David will be included on it. As soon as we have news on this, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  4. enjoy it! great series. really enjoyed it. thought david and the band were fab.

    i hope you get to see it soon, ina. 🙂

    btw, happy birthday to bob.

  5. We have cable here but I’m not aware of Sundance Channel in Canada. If someone knows, drop a line later.

    Thanks and Happy Birthday Bob. Enjoy the weekend.

  6. Believe it or not I was just at my local cable office not 10 minutes ago. My modem had the hick-ups. Much better now. Will definitely have to call them and see if I can order the Sundance channel for this evening’s show.

    By the way, Guy looks a bit tired. Tell David not to crack the whip so hard. Just kidding ’round. I can only imagine the break-neck pace you all must be running at.

    Take care of yourselves. We all want to be listening and watching you perform for many more years!

  7. Oh, almost forgot. I’m FINALLY getting my copy of the “Echoes” guitar book to go with the double CD I’ve been fumbling with. Because of the huge demand I’ve had it on backorder now for two months. It’s due to arrive today.

    Yes, what a wonderful Thursday this is turning out out be!

    I noticed the “Dark Globe” video is no longer on the website. I really enjoyed playing along and learning the chords with David on that one. Beautiful song.

    Have a great day everyone!

  8. CAPTION: “All signs point to this being a very good dvd indeed”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  9. Today, 21 June, is Music Day in France, all day and of course all night ! Very nice.

    That reminds me that quote:

    “Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Irrtum.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    = “Without music, life would be a mistake.”
    = “Sans musique, la vie serait une erreur.”
    = in Italian? in Dutch?, in …?, in Cantonese, Mandarin?…

    So true in any language, I think…


  10. Hmmm… just lost my DishTV, however; I’ll certainly find a way to watch the show!

    Also wanted to say hi Fed! Hope everything is going well over there!

    Shine on!


  11. Thanks 4 the info! now I just need to calculate the times right! I told you I was kind of thick!?!

    But, on to more important stuff. I was soooo happy to hear that Mr. Gilmour was voted #1 guitar player, He always was, in my book anyway.

    I’ll be seeing you, CHEERS, thanks alot!!!

  12. I have the Sundance channel, and am very excited to get to see LFAR.

    Leaving for vacation to Myrtle beach in the morning. With 15 hours to drive, I’m sure there is going to be Lots of David Gilmour, and Pink Floyd being played…should be a nice ride.

    Have a great week.

  13. Slightly off topic but kinda on topic with the photo…

    I’ve just got back from watching Guys’ show in Swindon, it was simply brilliant. I haven’t laughed so much since seeing Bill Bailey.

    The only thing I found slightly disappointing was quite a poor turn out, but Guy managed to make that work for him. I bought my tickets a month ago but I could of got front row on the night, typical!

    A little anecdote of my own. I decided it would be fitting to wear my DG OAI Tshirt to the gig which I did with pride. At the end of the show the book was available to buy and Guy dutifully turned out to do a signing. As I had mine signed he pointed to acknowledge the Tshirt with a kind of ‘ha’ and I explained it seemed only right as I shook his hand (yes I know, I’m bragging).

    Anyways, I proudly walked out of the Arts centre showing off my newly signed book to my wife when I suddenly caught a cold draught and realised with absolute horror my jeans were completely unzipped and gapping.

    Now I cant help but wonder whether or not it was the Tshirt Guy was pointing at!? It will haunt me forever.

    [I saw you there, Yorkie. (I now notice that shade of blue – which shall forever be known as ‘On An Island’ Blue – anywhere.) You were sitting on the right, about four or five rows back? I didn’t see you close up, so can’t comment on the zip, but I’m glad that you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  14. Hey FEdmeister! Long Time No Chat…

    Just thought I would pop in and say hello…The job is going great, and I still am able to keep myself updated on whats going on with the blog (which is a nice way to relieve stress…)

    My Cable provider offered a sneak Peak of LFAR and I caught the John Mayer one last night…It was fantastic…Im Really looking forward to 19 July…

    Have a nice weekend…

  15. Hi,

    I may have missed the chance to name the tune, but I would agree it’s ‘The Blue’ – at #5. I’ll stick to my sad Blotto card and keep ‘Smile’ at #7.

    Happy Birthday Bob! I just got back from picking blueberries in Apple Hill – the weather is Ab Fab up the mountain today – have a great time in Tahoe! The mountains have a blue all their own – a deep, rich sky, backing majestic pines and soaring rock – heaven on earth 🙂

  16. Bob Happy Birthday…

    Note to self…… get the Sundance channel

    Fed how goes it?

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [It goes well, thank you. – Features Editor]

  17. It`s definitely worth watching, great stuff!

    Happy birthday Echoes Bob!

  18. Thank you for the reminder of the upcoming July schedule on “Live from Abbey Road”.

    [And yes, it was ‘The Blue’… ]

    FEd, which slot is it on the DVD? Reference to your last blog, I thought you are going to tell us the slot # also. Just curious.

    I am counting down on the new DVD release day… we have 12 more weeks to go.

    Happy Birthday Bob, enjoy your trip in Lake Tahoe and hope your birthday is a blast.

    [I’ll tell you next week, Veronica; not to be deliberately awkward or evasive, but in keeping with the standard Blotto format of announcing song and slot together (otherwise people will ask about it endlessly and say that they can’t find the information…). – Features Editor]

  19. Was that Richard Wright who took this picture of Guy Pratt?

    By the way, I am enjoying Guy Pratt’s book. I am especially impressed by the cover design, very original.

    Thanks again!

    [No, it wasn’t Richard. However, Richard did shoot much of the West Coast documentary, of which Luka’s is only a small portion. – Features Editor]

  20. well you are in for a treat with LFAR it was awesome. look out for me on the balcony. the one with the big GRIN in a trance

    Fed im having trouble with my Java. tried to get in chat yesterday but it would not let me. any ideas on how to un install then re install. i do not know how to do it

    cheers Fed and hello and goodbye to all out there

    [Click your name below and then click ‘Do I have Java?’ (beneath the large, green button). You want to verify that you have the recommended version installed, which is 6.1. If you don’t have that, you will be prompted to download it. – Features Editor]

  21. “Senza musica, la vita sarebbe un errore”. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    A deep truth. When you have good tastes as I have!

    But in Dylan’s case….just joking, Fed. You know Dylan is in my list of the 100 greatest musicians of all the time…he is the 100th, but he is in the list!

    And following this beautiful idea of “music’ quotes” our wonderful friend Michèle suggested, can I add “I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape”. (Thom Yorke)

    I think a quotes about music by David would be perfect now, Fed. Try to call him and ask, maybe he has something to say about that…Thanks David!

    And I am thinking: why you never put as new entry something like a reply of David to some of the questions in the Faq? I think it would start a lot of good reactions…but this means that you’d have a lot of work to do…ok, I will do better stop thinking!

    Have a nice day and a nice weekend

    With love


  22. wait, eh? what? you were there F’ed? JINKIES! Yes I was sat on the right, looking at 2 empty seats on the front row all night.

    Its a shame (for me) that I have no idea what you look like. Meeting anybody who has anything to do with DG or PF is one step closer to meeting the big man himself (what a pipe dream).

    Met Sam Brown as well in the past, actually my ex-band supported her tour. must have been around 99 or 2000 in Gloucester and Coventry.

    BTW, if David or Guy or anyone else ever mention they need a cornet/trumpet player or brass arranger, I can be found here!!!

    In answer to your question F’ed, yes he did indeed do very well. Seen the show, got the book, still waiting for the t-shirt!

  23. [caption]

    even the traffic signs knew it was a bad idea to approach guy that early in the morning.

  24. Im a bit slow on the uptake i just couldn’t understand what LFAR stood for, then in a flash of inspiration in the gym i got it, i must have actualy said it out loud & quite loudly, i had my i-pod at the time & got some strange looks (maybe i always get them but just not noticed before) not many people blurt out LIVE FROM ABBEY ROAD in public.

    i was given a wide birth afterwards.

  25. Happy Birthday Bob!

    Miss the Blog…I’ve been really busy…

    Sorry, cant stay, gotanotherthingIgottodoseeyoualllater..aaaaaaa!


  26. Yorkie,

    What an honour to be in a Guy / Fed sandwich at the Swindon show …. did you see anyone in the audience with a dodgy looking beard …. ?

    As ticket winner I also joined the fellowship of those who wore “the Blue” to the show – although I am confident I kept myself firmly zipped.

    Michele, c’est vrai, bien sur…

    How does the song go “Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right …”

  27. [If you can’t turn into, does that street sign mean on the turning away? Posted by: Matt at June 21, 2007 07:37 PM]


    Are you saying that Guy is a “leftist?”



  28. Hey All,

    I want to bring something to your attention that is pretty vile if not downright libellous.

    There is a preorder page at Amazon.com for David’s upcoming DVD.

    There is a comment there by Brad King which has Rudders and I quite upset. Rudders has written a rebuttal to this already.

    This guy has several other derogatory comments targeting David’s solo work and PF non RW releases like Division Bell.

    I think we should defend David’s honour by replying to this guy and also to try to get these sorts of comments off of Amazon period.

    Cheers, Howard

    [I think we should ignore such childish, predictable, mulch-like comments and silently mock the writer for being, quite plainly, a bit of a tw*t. Either that, or we could all report his ‘review’ to Amazon as being inappropriate. (To call it a ‘review’, of course, is a joke.) – Features Editor]

  29. The 21st Century Schizoid Man meets up with the Lamb lies Down on Broadway.

    Gary Hurley London England.

  30. As Billy Connolly once said “they are more to be pitied than scolded, I can assure you!”


    I for one am holding out hope that there will be a LFAR DVD release of DG’s show as I don’t have nor do I think I can get the Sundance Channel… and to be honest I wouldn’t subscribe just for one show… so fingers crossed…

  31. “All our dreams can become reality if we have the courage to follow them” (Walt Disney)

    …..at least “The Blue” was a right guess!

    Have a great week end to F.Ed. and all Bloggers. I’m going to be the near beach for the whole next week.. just a little (and i hope sunny) vacation away from job and from internet

    so : ciao /bye


    [Have a good time, Elisabetta. – Features Editor]

  32. […, quite plainly, a bit of a tw*t.]

    Hmmmm….two of the five vowels fit for that asterick. Wonder which one FEd was thinking…o my, the ladies are now blushing….



    PS – Bob, hope you have a happy one and enjoy Tahoe.

    [Forgive me. I really shouldn’t be ashamed to use the word ‘twit’ and must stop trying to cover it up. It’s a charming word, isn’t it? We don’t use it enough these days. – Features Editor]

  33. Well crap! I’ve been in hospital this week. Missed my daughter’s 16th bd, now I find I apparently missed DG too on Sundance. I’ll have to set up reminders for the extra showings. I swear, you can’t disappear from this site a day or two without missing something important! I have a lot to catch up on—see ya all soon!

    Love to all in DG world!


    [Hope you’re feeling better, Elizabeth. You haven’t missed the episode with David, don’t worry. Unless the Sundance people are lying, you’re alright. Please click your name below for our calendar, where you’ll find three July dates which might just be of interest to you. Or you could go back to the top of this page and read the opening blurb. – Features Editor]

  34. Hi Howard & Rudders,

    I was somewhat taken aback with what I’ve just read, someone needs to take that blokes crayon off him.

    On a much happier note Happy Birthday Bob, have a wonderful day 🙂

  35. Holy Shit! That review on Amazon is about the most despicable thing I’ve ever read. I can’t believe Amazon posted it. It has nothing to do with the DVD. I certainly think Amazon should take it down.

    I agree with you, FEd, having everyone post comments ‘defending’ David will just make things worse. Guys like that want you to react, it gives them more fuel for their fire. Besides David’s a big boy. I’m sure in all his years he’s had to put up with a great deal of bullshit like this. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?

    Have a great weekend all!


  36. Hi

    Roastin my slender frame in Turkey with Guys book. A great read!!!!

    Back on Monday

  37. – Molte grazie, Lucia !

    – Brad King’s comment on Amazon.com:

    “La bêtise humaine est la seule chose qui donne une idée de l’infini.” (Ernest Renan, académicien, philosophe et historien.)

    I can’t translate, sorry, can you ?


    [My French isn’t too hot, but I believe that loosely translates as: “The muppet who wrote that vile ‘review’ is a good-for-nothing little gobshite who should spend less time ‘reviewing’ DVDs several months before they’re released and more time getting his facts straight before he bores the whole world with his tedious ignorance.” Really, I expected better from you, Michèle… Or is it something more profound, about the silly human and his twisted idea of infinity? Pass. – Features Editor]

  38. Wow, disturbing – the credibility of Amazon’s review system is undermined when such demented and flaming comments are allowed to be posted as reviews.

    I also reported the comments as inappropriate, hopefully they’ll get enough reports to remove the trash and ban the freak offender.

    Happy (belated) Summer Solstice! Enjoy your weekend.

  39. I love all with relation to Pink Floyd, but i don’t speak english for expression, sorry.

    My dream is: See live the Pink Floyd, and i go before my death.

    Thank you very, very, very much. I am happy when listen Pink Floyd.

    I am a Brazilian man.

  40. LFAR – you Americans enjoy it. Not just Davids performance but the whole series.

    There were some really good moments.

    Pete – Coventry

  41. Hello Fed! I hope you’re well!

    I can’t wait to see David’s performance here in Italy.

    I’ve just learnt to play Wish You Were Here with my guitar, it’s a great satisfaction for me! I WOULD LIKE to play all David’s songs, it will take some years but in the end I will do it…

    I hope my idol is very very very very well! Have a nice weekend Fed!


    [Keep practicing, Piero. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  42. Hi FEd,

    How was your week? I do hope it went well. I did miss chatting with you guys.

    I just returned from Austin, today. There were lovely thunderstorms and flash floods while I was there. But it was nice to get away.

    I hope you have a brilliant weekend!


    [The week was fair to middling, I’d say. Bless you for asking, though. – Features Editor]

  43. OK Howard.

    I did go to look at this stuff and, what can I say, this guy’s heading way up his own butt.

    I do really hate this RW vs DHG shoutdown crap. Nobody can win such a pissing-into-the-fan contest. My ??? is bigger than your ??? and nobody else wants to hear it.

    The focus should, for the most part, remain on the music; on the presentation, and the emotions which surround that.

    This goofball clearly must have no true sense of the music that finds it’s way into his ears (banging around lost forever in there).

    David Gilmour In Concert certainly is a very passionate and emotive performance; I just don’t see how he gets ‘there’ from here.

    Maybe he has his roger-pajamas pulled up too high and it’s cutting off his air. Take a Breath, pal.

  44. “Sin música, la vida sería un error” Nietzche.

    That’d be in Spanish my dear Michèle!

    Fed, Lucia’s idea of getting a quote from Mr. Gilmour sounds really good. Do you think we could do that?

    Bon weekend mes amis!

    Shine on!


    [We could do anything, couldn’t we? – Features Editor]

  45. Un petit coucou à toi, Jorge (Rivera), j’ai éré ravie de te lire, ça faisait si lontemps !

    Comment ça va à Mexico? et c’est quoi, ça, ‘a dishTV’ ? En tous cas, j’espère que tu vas la retrouver et pouvoir regarder le LFAR show quand ce sera David ! Sacré veinard !

    Et toujours pas de ‘ç’ sur ton ordinateur ?


  46. Caption..

    “Name’s Pratt..Guy Pratt.. My mission here is to shake but not stir my fellow blogger friends.”

    Drat!..no Sundance Channel in my area.

    Yorkie..HaHa..funny anectode.But you were truly standing on hallowed ground and no better place to show off your one eyed trouser snake!

  47. Howard and Rudders:

    Re; Brad King…In the larger scheme of things..who is he really and does he matter? It’s just one persons sour grapes.

    My feeling is ‘ignore him’. He’d love someone to challenge. Don’t take the bait.

    After all David has gone through over the years, I am sure that he has learned to let most of it roll of his back. Harsh and incorrect statements are always hard to accept. It may bother us more because it attacks someone and something that we have much love and respect for.

    Ignoring the small minded person is more effective. Don’t make him feel his opinion is worth the attention.

    I have to say that as gorgeous and talented as the Gilmours are they can just sit back and laugh at this dud.

    my best to you all,

    [Well said, Jan. Nobody has to say that this guy is, clearly, an arse. – Features Editor]

  48. I was busy playing my air Theremin the other day and began wondering if David Gilmour has ever used a Theremin in any of his works before? It would be interesting to hear and maybe we could get a sample on the website if you have samples to give?

    [It would be, but I’m afraid we don’t. – Features Editor]

  49. Just seen Guy’s show and it was a real laugh, especially for the girl sat near me!

    I of course would not have been satisfied to see him in such a place as Swindon 😉 I just had to do one better than Yorkie & FEd and see him in Chelsea 😉 It was VERY ‘Chelsea’ too 🙂

    I met Guy in the street a while before the gig (using the above mugshot for reference 😉 ) and he signed my book afterwards. Nice guy!

    Turns out that the Wimborne, Dorset gig has been rescheduled.

    I trust you enjoyed it FEd?

    [I did, thanks. It was very good. He’s a funny bugger, isn’t he? – Features Editor]

  50. Amazon: Isn’t that a Bryan Ferry song? LOL. This will be interesting.

    Thanks Howard and Roofer, what would we do without yous.

  51. Happy Birthday Bob.

    FEd, I watched the 1st Abbey road sessions and it was OK, I’m not a real fan of the people who were on. But there are still 7 more weeks till David Gilmour and I’m sure that there is alot more artist to see that I will Like.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.

    Take Care, Thomas

    [It should be seven weeks away, but apparently David’s performance is going to be the fifth programme shown in the US. Please keep an eye on your TV listings. – Features Editor]

  52. LFAR has been very widely publicised here in the US. I’ve seen ads for it in very visible places. They always mention that Norah Jones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and LeeAnn Rimes are featured artists. I have not seen an ad that makes mention of David Gilmour or Pink Floyd.

    How many fans of this music will miss the series because of that?

    [Idiots… – Features Editor]

  53. “Guy’s quest to find Luka’s Taproom & Lounge”, does this remind anyone else of “Wiggy’s Quest For Pints” on the PULSE DVD?

    [It’s better than that, believe me. – Features Editor]

  54. Off the topic~

    I just read in Rolling Stone magazine, that there was a lot of bad press in the UK over the live earth concert. It said there was concerns about the air travel for those concerts raising more c02 emissions. It also mentioned Bob Geldof complaining about it as well…saying it is only a concert….is this why not that many bands have decided to help this cause?

    First off unless the flights are chartered there is no cause for alarm…secondly one step back, for a thousand steps forward is worth it in the long run. We are not trying to raise money for the hungry or any other worthy problem like that. We are trying to raise global awareness, with the hopes to try and slow down a problem that is reaking havok to the only planet we are able to live in.

    Solving this problem is going to have to be done directly through us for the most part. If the concerts can provide a few educational lessons along with the entertainment, then that is a step forward.

    I want “you”-> the reader to think about one little thing for a minute.

    If you ran your exaust pipe from your car into the car and rolled up all the windows, sat in your your car and started it up…..how long to you think you would have to live? ………Now ask yourself is that volume of air in that car any good?……Now ask yourself just how many millions of cars are running every second on this earth. It’s no wonder this world is getting wackier and wackier, and that is only a small part of the problem.

    Anyway please don’t pay attention to the negative comments, be positive, spread the word, and help out. Go buy a hybrid, energy saving lights, solar panels, plant a tree, recycle, consume less energy, install sky lights in your house, and get informed!

    [You tell ’em, Stephen. (Get composting, too. It’s great.) – Features Editor]

  55. Yep Guy is a funny bugger…

    …not as funny as Iggy Pop though! A year younger than David he is… Why can’t David jump around like that 😉

    … Oooops Iggy’s dived into the crowd…

  56. Victor:

    Actually, I couldn’t agree with you more. I just feel in a case like this it is better to take the high road.

    If I was standing next to this person I’d try to deck him. At the very least any paint in the vicinity would blister off the wall after I had my say.

    But giving someone attention on a public format just gives them fodder for their ego.

    Frankly, I don’t understand how this constitutes a review. More of a personal attack. I’d like to see what this person looks like and what he’d look like at 60. If he had a quarter of David’s looks at 60 he could count himself damn lucky. David at 60 still takes my breath away. And in my work office, there are other ladies with the same opinion and they are 20+ years younger.

    But all that aside. We know the talent and we love it. Spread the word about the Abbey Road series and buy the RTN dvd. That’s the best response. Call your radio stations, tv stations, and request that they advertise. Do what you can. If you reach one person, they may tell someone else.

    David and Polly, keep doing what you do. We love and respect your talents and your ethics. Keep setting the fine example you do, that speaks volumes.

    F’Ed.. you called it, ‘arse’ is a perfect name for the guy, because that’s where his opinions must come from. (sorry, I’m usually a lady about this, but a review this isn’t…excuse me, but as my nephew says…it’s a butt burp).

    My best to you all,

  57. Thanks Simon for asking the question re: Java update and thanks to FEd for providing the link — seems I was out-of-date ;-}

    I just had to take a look at the so-called review and I’m really quite surprised that they would even allow something so obviously demented to be published at all. It goes way beyond the usual Roger vs. David shit that we’ve come to expect from assorted ill-mannered, mean-spirited, over-zealous Roger devotees.

    This troll is actually verbally assaulting David and Polly and that, to me at least, seems way over the line.

    I have no desire to verbally wrangle with said troll, but I do think that Amazon should exercise a bit of editorial control over what is allowed to be passed off as a review. This person obviously has no intention of doing anything more than using that podium to spew his vile, hateful opinion of two people, period!

    On a more positive and cheerful note, a big Happy Birthday to Bob! Hope you’re enjoying Tahoe:-}

    I enjoyed the first Live From Abbey Road — loved John Mayer. I can hardly wait for David’s session!

    Last but not least, it’s nice to hear that Guy was able to tickle some funny-bones, even FEd’s! I’d love to see him do his stand-up gig.

    I hope I can make chat for a few minutes on Monday — I’m having a payroll tax audit! I think I’d rather have a root canal :-{ Yuck!

    Washington State

  58. RE: A certain Amazon Reviewer.

    I think its best not to respond to someone of that ilk. The adage of, “Never argue with an idiot. He will lower you to his level and beat you with experience,” comes to mind. You can do more by clicking “No” next to “Was this review helpful to you?” Then click the “Report Abuse” button. That will do more to remedy the situation.

    In reading some of his other musings, the poor fellow obviously has a self-esteem problem among other issues. His reviewer ranking is 2,765,846 on Amazon’s Hot 3 Million! Keep plugging away dude; that’s a big hill to climb. Get some therapy and deal with those issues. You will feel better getting them out in the open. Your Mom and Dad, your siblings, heck all of us will still love you.

    Me? Just hanging out in the tall grass, with a pointy stick at the ready! Cheers FEd!

  59. Brad King..I know you read here, probably to scout for your camp.

    I, myself, would never presume to tell people what and who they should listen to as we all have different tastes and that is what makes us individuals,but what you said was way out of line and just downright mean.

    What happened to you growing up to make you this way?

  60. RE: LFAR marketing.

    The front end of the series definately skews to the younger set. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Hopefully the kids will be hooked by edisode #5. Then DG can teach the kids a thing or two ’bout rock ‘n roll.

    But you do have to chuckle when you see names like LeAnn Rimes and Gnarls Barkley (isn’t he an NBA basketball player?) on the same roster as David Gilmour, Paul Simon, Dave Matthews and Wynton Marsalis.

  61. Right on Jan.

    I am amazed after all these years that the press can be so demeaning, yet David and company sell worldwide even as we speak.

    No comment, CLASS! Let us be the judge and jury. No need to hear a nobody’s B.S.

    The DVD isn’t even released yet. Why does this moron have a pickle up his rear is what I’d like to know?

  62. Hullo FED and All !!!

    Thank you, Fed for you know….anyway, I’ve a quick question.

    Is it possible, or not, as the case may be, to possibly have/get/buy a Gilmour banner (2 or 3 x 5 to 6 ft.) ? I would love to be able to get my hands on one as that we would love to have one for our South Florida gathering ? Please let me know…money is no object, yeah, right ! As long as it’s less than 75 to 125 dollars or so.

    BTW, can’t wait for another season can we ?

    [Not from Anthill, seller of official merchandise, so I suppose I have to say ‘no’. – Features Editor]

  63. Off Topic:


    Let’s schedule around Ulli’s appearance why don’t we ? Peace and Love to All !!!

    Cazart !

  64. “Just seen Guy’s show and it was a real laugh, especially for the girl sat near me!”

    Nate, that’s an intriguing comment – you didn’t follow Yorkie’s example and fly the flag at low mast did you ?

  65. [My French isn’t too hot, but I believe that loosely translates as: “The muppet who wrote that vile ‘review’ is a good-for-nothing little gobshite who… – Features Editor]

    I like to understand what ‘I’ say, so, I looked on line for the translation of the word ‘gobshite’ and found two interesting translations :

    “Someone who talks an absolute load of bollocks & has nothing meaningful to say. They just talk complete & utter shit.”


    “Someone who follows liverpool fc usually dresses like a complete tw*t and comes from anywhere but liverpool. Is usually completely clueless about football”

    Are you sure that I said that ?

    Really, I expected better from you, Fed ! My English could be better but your French too !


    [That was very good. – Features Editor]

  66. En réalité, je suis bien plus polie que ne le pense Fed, Jorge !

    Donc, un grand merci à toi pour ta traduction en Espagnol de la citation de Nietzsche !


  67. What an evening for Wales on the TV!

    Dame Shirley Bassey followed by the Manic Street Preachers at Glastonbury and the show Coast is going along the Gower. Don’t go out looking for Alice now though FEd as they recorded it last summer 😉

    No Tim, I was decent at all times. Just ask Guy! You’re cooking nicely I presume 😉 Time to turn Mr Curry 😉

  68. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes.

    Last night I was playing Us and Them, Brain Damage and Echoes to the ripples and waves at the end of the pier at Lake Tahoe. Truly relaxing.

  69. “Someone who follows liverpool fc usually dresses like a complete tw*t and comes from anywhere but liverpool. Is usually completely clueless about football”

    Oh Michele, vous êtes la poetess et la prophète

  70. I didn’t read the comment, and I wouldn’t. I am quite certain my blood pressure will zoom up at least 2 times if I would have read the write up. I need to stay alive for a live concert of Mr. David Gilmour – who knows when 🙁

    My husband and I decided to watch “Live and In-session” instead. As usual, we thoroughly enjoyed the DVD even though we endlessly watch it, we still enjoy it. It just amazes me how Mr. David Gilmour can keep his vocal in such a fine form.

    p.s. Raymond, it is an excellent idea for the South Floridian to meet up during Ulli’s visit. Thanks for spearheading the get together.

  71. Tim, do you want me to try to find a poetic way to describe a Plastic Manc, too ?

    Cheers, Tim, enjoy your holiday ! (honest)


  72. As usual, I’m late posting…but that guy Brad King is a professional DG basher.

    Last year, during David’s tour, he posted on a California newspaper website for weeks about how much he loves loves loves Roger and hates David. He’s a troll and a rubbish-spewer and writes like a twelve-year-old boy. He really should be given “what for”!!!

    Bad-Mood Becky

    [Did you remember to shake your fist at the screen before submitting? – Features Editor]

  73. [giving someone attention on a public format just gives them fodder for their ego. – jan]

    that’s true. i hope amazon pull his reviews down soon.

  74. I’m late in posting, too, as I have been catching up on the Blog since being on vacation.

    RE: this Amazon-guy. I refuse to post his name to give him further satisfaction of seeing his name in print; but his remarks are easily “seen-through” as BASHING and NOT as OPINION.

    I doubt that his remarks could ever stop a PF or DG fan or anyone else from buying the CD’s or DVD’s. I mean; check out the other positive postings! They are mostly 5-star and SINCERE. This “Amazon Savage” is far from sincere, anyone tell by the way he writes. Full of anger, that one is…. Sad, as in the long-run he’s missing out on the best music in the world; and deservedly so.

    Echoes Bob, I’m glad you had a nice Birthday at Lake Tahoe and got home safely.

    Pete-Coventry; I pray for your wife and hope all is well with her. You are welcome to contact me if you like. I hope you read this, as it’s such a late posting.

    FEd, my love, I missed you while I was gone! I know what you mean about “football withdrawals”. I go through the same thing when our American Football season ends…. Have a pint & cheer up while your “Reds” are gearing up for the next season!!

    I missed you all while I was gone!!!

    ~Susan xoxo

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