History of the Guitar

Remember That Night DVD (2007)

Thought you might like to know that, yesterday, David recorded a television programme for the BBC at his Astoria houseboat-studio.

Presented by Alan Yentob, it will make up their history of the guitar.

It will be broadcast in three parts. David will appear in the final part, which is about contemporary guitar heroes and their approach to the instrument.

Among others being interviewed are two of David’s very own guitar heroes, BB King and Hank Marvin.

That’s all I can tell you for now, but I will keep you posted. It’s far too early for a title or transmission date, of course, but please don’t expect to see it before January.

Although I can’t say which guitars David will be discussing on this programme, he did have his famed 1954 Fender Stratocaster (the one with the 0001 serial number, last used at the Strat Pack concert in 2004), his black Strat (used extensively during the recent ‘On An Island’ tour, and the one that the nice people at Fender are currently producing as the David Gilmour signature model), and his 1955 Goldtop Les Paul with him at the time.

As has been the case for a while now, the above picture is taken from David’s live DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, which is released in September. Click it to see a larger version.

There are many more screenshots to come – glad that you’ve been enjoying the ones shared so far.

Our chatroom is currently open and will be until 4PM (UK time).

Unusually for a Friday, that’s not all for this week. I’ll have more over the weekend, as I’d quite like to burden you with details of the aforementioned DVD, plus one or two other things.

You don’t mind, do you?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

50 thoughts on “History of the Guitar”

  1. It’s good to see that the BBC are finally getting round to making some quality programmes instead of the usual dreary idiot-fest that is this so-called reality TV. I won’t name any programmes lest they hunt me down and put me in a brightly-coloured hoodie for their next programme, ‘Any Crime Will Do’.

    Cynical and bitter, me? Don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I did, however, catch the radio version of 7 Ages… It was quite good, especially the bits with David ‘Dave’ Gilmour in (that made me shudder and want to kill a BBC researcher – probably called Nate with stupid hair even stupider glasses), although as I never saw the televised version, I can’t really compare.

    Anyhoos, going to la France profonde to see Air (and maybe the Grand Prix) so won’t see the weekend of fun that is planned.

    Hope everyone’s fine. Loving all the updates.

    Dom (in need of a psychiatrist and a probably a lawyer)
    x x x

  2. P.s. is that ‘Smile’ David’s performing?

    x x x

    [It could be. – Features Editor]


    “David’s solo was so good it brought a tear to the jawa on the rights eye”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    cant wait for this show

  4. “You don’t mind, do you?”

    Smugging for the cameras again F*Ed? 🙂

    Thanks for all the info and updates brother. Have a great weekend…

    [Thank you. The same to you, mate. – Features Editor]

  5. [Unusually for a Friday, that’s not all for this week. We’ll have more over the weekend, as we’d quite like to burden you with details of the aforementioned DVD, plus one or two other things]

    Mouth is watering, FEd.

  6. Perhaps any news in the near future regarding the signature strat?


    [Yes, in the not-too-distant future. – Features Editor]

  7. I’m getting a little annoyed by the DVD announcements daily. By now we really know about the DVD release. Don’t have to repeat it in every single topic…

    [Then I’ll forward every question received about the DVD release to you from now on, Koen. You can answer them and correct the people who are still getting it wrong (and proving that, yes, we do have to repeat ourselves). Somehow I think you might find that just a tad more annoying than having to skip over a line or two that nobody made you read in the first place. – Features Editor]

  8. Wow FEd, four blotto numbers, today, and more this weekend! You must have a wild hair up your arse!

    I’m moving this weekend, but I’ll be sure to check in.

    Have a great weekend all

  9. Hi all! Happy Friday!

    Wow Fed! More info over the weekend??? Very cool, though unless it goes on the page today I won’t be able to see til Monday anyway.

    I was off on my prediction for the last tracks on the DVD. I was thinking 3 slots left as well… oops! Either way- gonna be great!

    Have a good weekend all… all of you in Europe stay cool… especially Italy! Drink lots of water… no alcohol… its a diuretic!


  10. Hope we get that show eventually here in the US.

    Side note, VH1 Classic showed the Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd story yesterday (June 29) afternoon here, and David had a few well placed spots in it.

    A nice find on a Thursday afternoon I must say.

  11. Great news on two accounts…

    One, MORE material from Mssr Gilmour, albeit in the form of a documentary and not more concert footage (still a VERRRRRY good thing!).

    Secondly, more visibility from FEd throughout the weekend. Still a very good thing!

    Amen for this website!

  12. This sounds like an awesome program for us guitar nuts out there. Very much looking forward to more details on this as well as whatever else FEd and the management decide to share.



  13. Thanks for the information

    I’d really appreciate if the program will be aired in BBC Prime or BBC World, as only those I can watch in Poland. But I’m afraid it won’t happened, but who knows. DVD is also a good option.

    It looks to be a very promising weekend for all of us,

    All the best,

  14. Overtime FEd? Was your arm twisted up your back?


    [There aren’t enough working hours in the week for me. Who needs weekends? – Features Editor]

  15. plus one or two other things….it’s nothing short of torture from you Fed!!

  16. Some weekend fun…

    Toronto’s radio station Q107 is having it’s annual World Cup of Rock which Floyd won last year…

    Basically bands/artists are pitted against each other and whoever gets the most votes wins… it’s a lot easier than bootle…bottle…lobot…bolto …whatever it’s called 🙂

    Click my name for the link…

  17. “You must have a wild hare up your arse!”

    Ergo the Fed must be Richard Gere… 🙂

  18. The Doors vs Van Morrison

    Van Morrison wins by 70%

    What, are all the voters comfortably numb?

  19. Wow, thanks for all those updates FEd.

    As for blotto : same old score, zero …

    Enjoy the weekend,

  20. [Toronto’s radio station Q107 is having it’s annual World Cup of Rock which Floyd won last year…]

    When I was in the radio biz, I always seemed to be on the air when we wrapped up our “World Series of Rock” or our “Super Bowl of Rock” and the funny thing is, Pink Floyd always used to win when I was on the air…hmmmmm

    Looking forward to the news this weekend and this guitar program.

  21. [Then I’ll forward every question received about the DVD release to you from now on, Koen. You can answer them and correct the people who are still getting it wrong (and proving that, yes, we do have to repeat ourselves). Somehow I think you might find that just a tad more annoying than having to skip over a line or two that nobody made you read in the first place. – Features Editor]

    You Go FEd!

    Don’t you just get annoyed at those who get annoyed? I don’t seem to recognize this person. Or am I, as usual unobservant?

    More lovely thunderstorms today, sending all of my animals completely underfoot (or as we say “Up my butt”).

    How’s the weather in the UK?

    Well I do hope you have a fantabulous weekend.


    [The weather’s been fine here, thanks. No danger of flooding. How about you? – Features Editor]

  22. [plus one or two other things – Features Editor]

    That is a perfect way to keep us in suspense !
    I’m so curious !

    But news, whatever it is, can wait…and we too…Everyone should have his weekend off …(David, don’t be a tyrant ! Hmm… hope he won’t read this evening !)

    Have a good one, off or not !


    [Merci et “Bless you” en français – cependant on peut parle l’expression. David n’est pas un tyran, honnêtement. Il est peut-être trop peinard (?), à mon avis (mais ça vient d’un maniaque comme moi, n’oubliez pas). En outre, juste au cas où David est lire mon français terrible, je voudrais dire qu’il est mon employeur favori… – Features Editor]

  23. I’m glad David is doing this show, I think he interviews very well.

    Hope I ever get the chance to see it.

  24. [Merci et “Bless you” en français – cependant on peut parle l’expression. David n’est pas un tyran, honnêtement. Il est peut-être trop peinard (?), à mon avis (mais ça vient d’un maniaque comme moi, n’oubliez pas). En outre, juste au cas où David est lire mon français terrible, je voudrais dire qu’il est mon employeur favori… – Features Editor]

    Scary, but I can almost understand what you wrote. I believe it says something along the lines of:

    Thank you for your concern but David is honestly not a tyrant. Then something about since David’s French being terrible you will write your response in French. But David is still your all time favorite employer.

    I know I’m missing something in the middle there. Close??

    Mind you, I never took French. Never even kissed a French girl. Had a huge crush on one back in first grade though. We held hands….awe..so sweet.



    [You’ve got me worried now. I was trying to say that my French is terrible. – Features Editor]

  25. F’Ed ….burden us with anything you want.

    How can we make your job lighter? Read properly, I suppose, and not whine. But then, you’d miss that.

    I’m moving to where ever I can pick up the BBC broadcasts. I’m tired of hearing about them with no way to watch or hear the latest with David. Darn it all.

    Good weekend to you,

  26. Oh Fed, what`s going on. so much profanity on the blog these days? I even got away with saying `bloody` the other night.

    Anyway do you know if the video of the `About Face` tour is still avalable?

    And please do ignore anyone who puts you down over the DVD, I appreciate the information, and think you are worth your weight in gold for the job that you do!

    Have a great weekend all.

    [God bless you. You should have been in the chatroom tonight. Talk about profanity! I can imagine some very burly sailors blushing. Anyway, the video is still available… if you look hard enough for it. It was only ever released in the United States, though. – Features Editor]

  27. It irks you Koen,doesn’t it?.. that David is about to release the best damn concert DVD ever released.

  28. Everybody knows that David is one of the best guitar heroes of the planet.

    Do you think he could attend Eric Clapton’s “Crossroad’s Guitar Festival” in Chicago on the 28 of July.

    A lot of them heroes will be there.

    [To my knowledge, David will not be there, but I will check for you next week. – Features Editor]

  29. History of Guitar, I’m so glad David Sir chose BB King as one favourite player.

    Please meet again and record the Blues David, with Hank too. Meet up with Nokie from the Ventures and I’ll be in 7th heaven. WOW. What an event that would be to let us all to see the guitars in glory. How about Ghost Riders In The Sky to start? One of my ultimate fave songs. Just a thought.

    Smoke that up your “Pipe Line” Funny how that came up. Fed, you are busy this weekend. Did you get a raise? LOL.

    [No, I’m just one of those fools who, when there’s work to be done, sticks around to do it. But at least it means that Saturday doesn’t feel like a Saturday, so I shouldn’t pine too much for football. – Features Editor]

  30. I feel like such a bloke, i’m not an extreme regular as far as this blog goes. I do occasionally get a few lines in from time to time and I am doubly impressed with the amount of information this site and FEd contain.

    However, i’m having a bit of trouble in trying to find out how to register for the chatroom…if someone could help me i’d be more than appreciative. Thank you.


    [You’d be very welcome, Cody. All you need to know about the chatroom can be found on the Stuff & Nonsense page. Please click your name below for our starter’s guide. You first need to register a name and password, wait for an ‘activation code’ to arrive via e-mail, and then, once you’ve checked the calendar and noted when the chatroom is next open, you simply sign in with your name and password. Hope to see you there soon. – Features Editor]

  31. FEd,

    Just sitting here listening to the Division Bell on my new surround sound speakers :D:D:D:D:D

    And i was wondering, has David ever played ‘Cluster One’ live?

    if not.. do you think he would consider adding this to the setlist for any future tours/shows?

    A question came up in chat yesterday/ cant remember who asked it… “if you had to choose just one song for David to play, what would it be?”

    it was promptly changed to two songs, lol.

    anyway, i chose ‘Marooned’ and ‘High Hopes’ but then Uppercase Rob, chose ‘Shine on, parts 1 to a million’ so i scrubbed ‘High Hopes’ in favour of…

    Shine On (pt 1)
    Shine on (pt 2)

    how many parts to shine on ARE there, how many didnt make the cut?

    What would you choose?

    [You did say 22 Pink Floyd songs? In which case, at a push, I’ll go for the following: ‘Comfortably Numb’, ‘Echoes’, ‘High Hopes’, ‘Dogs’, ‘Sorrow’, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, ‘Time’, ‘On The Turning Away’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘See Emily Play’, ‘Coming Back To Life’, ‘Us And Them’, ‘Marooned’, ‘Cymbaline’, ‘Jugband Blues’, ‘Fat Old Sun’, ‘Poles Apart’, ‘Hey You’, ‘Astronomy Domine’, ‘Green Is The Colour’, ‘Lucifer Sam’ and ‘Take It Back’ (probably leaving out another 22, not least ‘Careful With That Axe, Eugene’ and ‘Money’). I don’t think ‘Cluster One’ has ever been performed live, but I’m sure someone can correct me if I’m wrong (believe it or not, it does happen occasionally… Did I mention ‘Saucerful Of Secrets’?). ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ is actually in nine parts, with parts one to five often being considered the first half of the song. Also ‘The Gnome’… – Features Editor]

  32. Hi, Andrew, jamais trop tard pour apprendre…

    I learnt two new letters in the chatroom yesterday : ‘xo’…

    Luckily (I think), your ex naïve frenchy girl didn’t know them, maybe you wouldn’t have kept such a sweet and nice souvenir…

    Very funny, in French, ‘xo’ is the name of a ‘Cognac’ which is more than six years old.

    Anyway, congratulations to Fed for his ‘terrible’ and always very much appreciated French.


  33. to fed:

    working at the weekend? 26 fave floyd songs? you only ever let us pick three or five. 😉

    good to see ‘the gnome’ included on your list. i love that one.

    [‘Matilda Mother’ should be on there, too. – Features Editor]

  34. 22? did i? that’d take over a week!

    Actually i think it a cruel task to have to choose just 2, or even just 22.

    I’d definatley LOVE to hear Anmials, in full, as ive said before that album is really underated, definatley an album worth ‘going back to’

    And as it’s David, not Pink Floyd, id have to have him play some, if not all of On An Island……. ooh thats a good one.

    Lets reshoot ‘Remember that night…’

    First Half,

    Pigs On The Wing, Pt 1
    Pigs (three little ones)
    Pigs on The Wing, Pt 2


    Second Half,

    Shine On pt 1-5
    On An Island
    The Blue
    take A breath
    Red Sky at Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close my Eyes
    A Pocket full of stones
    Where we start
    Shine On (pt6-9)


    Wish You Were here
    High Hopes

    Encore 2

    Speak to me
    On The Run
    Breathe (Reprise)
    Great Gig (w/ Sam Brown)

    Encore 3

    Comfortably Numb (full extended P.U.L.S.E solo)

    Im sure the audience wouldnt mind three encores.

    How about it David, 2008 tour??? go on, you know we want you to!

  35. Ah..Michele, you’re right, you’re never too late to learn. And who knows, maybe you are that French girl I had a crush on. She did move back to France after first grade….so I send you an….

    XO or an OX – whichever you prefer first.



  36. Another great updates on David Gilmour’s project, thank you. Programs such as this one of BBC’s and last year’s AOL sessions, etc. help us musically connected with David.

    It is also very consoling and encouraging seeing David’s continuous involvement in the music world. I know David is a mentor to Kate Bush. Is David a mentor to anyone else that we may know of – particularly specializing in learning David’s guitar skills?

    Keep talking, David, we need you.

    [David gave Unicorn a helping hand, I believe. – Features Editor]

  37. I don’t think this is one of those long weekends in UK – but it sure keeps you going and working hard, FEd; or perhaps it is the TENDER LOVING CARE you have for David and for the fellow bloggers. You are terribly kind to us this week.

    So no “burden” FEd, even though I feel a bit overwhelmed, but the more the merrier – we can handle this. We don’t mind at all.

    Thank you as usual.

    [Bless you, Veronica. There’s more to come, so be prepared. – Features Editor]

  38. [Has David ever played ‘Cluster One’ live? – Rob]

    “Cluster One”, is one of my favorites in The Division Bell, as is “High Hopes”, “Lost for Words”, “Marooned” and so many others. I can’t name any one song that I don’t like from David Gilmour or PF. To me, it’s a matter of “love” it and “like” it.

    Believe it or not, I LOVE “The Fletcher Memorial Home” – THE GUITAR PORTION OF IT, OF COURSE. That’s the only part I’d listen to and we usually have it blasted.

    Have a wonderful and fun-filled weekend all!

    p.s. It’s been fun in the chat room today. Thanks for those who joined in.

  39. i’d have to say that the picture is of David playing “Smile”

    can’t wait for the dvd.

  40. Oh dear..sorry F.E.!..Heartfelt thanks to you also for the warm birthday wish.I had a great day!

    [Pleased to hear it, mate. – Features Editor]

  41. [David gave Unicorn a helping hand, I believe. – Features Editor]

    Thanks – I went on line and had the chance to listen to some samples of their songs feature Mr. David Gilmour – nice treats.

    [‘There’s No Way Out Of Here’ from David’s first solo album was actually written and first recorded by Unicorn. – Features Editor]

  42. Since I’ve neglected the fabulous Blog in recent days, using my little bits of spare time to hang out in the Lobby and swear, it seemed to me that I should at least say something regardless of it’s relevance to the day’s topic. (taking a breath)

    Strangely enough rob posted above regarding “if you could only pick one song (then became two) for David to play which would you choose?”. Strange only because I had mentioned, out of the blue, to Rob P in chat (after his daughter’s first birthday celebration and fireworks extravaganza), that I had just that day come to the conclusion that if I were to choose just one David composition it would be Sorrow. From the first note it has me and doesn’t let go!

    If I could choose just one more it would be Marooned. David is one with that guitar, making it sing, moan, howl, squeal, beckon and caress… it doesn’t get much better than that! Oh, to be a guitar…

    Of course now FEd you go and pick 22 songs — what’s that about?? Yeah, yeah, I know, special privileges and all. That’s cool and you’ll get no argument from me regarding your choices!

    And, before I leave, will someone please put out a saucer of milk for all those whining pussies? Thanks a bunch!

    Peace ‘n’ love!
    Washington State

  43. to fed: i love ‘matilda mother’. i can’t believe it’s been almost a year since syd died.

    to john nff: belated happy birthday!

    to rob and gabrielle: ‘marooned’ is def one of the best floyd instrumentals ever. amazing song.

  44. [‘There’s No Way Out Of Here’ from David’s first solo album was actually written and first recorded by Unicorn. – Features Editor]


    Is it also true that Comfortably Numb was originally planned for David’s first solo album but then someone (OWHF) convinced him to keep it for The Wall recording?



    [The ‘Comfortably Numb’ demo originates from those sessions, but I’ve no idea who convinced David to hold on to it so that it could be included on ‘The Wall’ album. It is by far the best song on that album, of course… – Features Editor]

  45. Thanks for confirming. Now even though demos are usually not as interesting as the final studio production – THAT is still something that totally intrigues me and I would love to hear. But of course understand why David would not want to share.

    By the way, it is also intriguing to ponder what history would be like if Comfortably Numb was not on The Wall and only appeared on the solo recording. Would The Wall still stand? Would it have propelled the solo release to triple platinum status? Would PF have broken up sooner? Answers to these questions will never be answered but still interesting.



    [David has, in fact, shared his original ‘Comfortably Numb’ demo. He let BBC Radio play it in the early Nineties. – Features Editor]

  46. Andrew – you reminded me of Rodin’s “The Thinker”.

    Thank you FEd and Andrew for the insight of “Comfortably Numb”. Trivia about Mr. David Gilmour and PF is always interesting and fascinating.

  47. I will look forward to news of this programme.

    Thank you, Features Editor, for letting us know that we have something to look forward to beyond the DVD’s release.

    [Life will go on beyond September… or so they tell me. – Features Editor]

  48. Belated and sincere thanks to Lorraine for the great work and help : i really enjoyed your posts about the interviews of 7 ages of rock and please remember that one heart is beating for you from Italy too.

    About the mythical Astoria houseboat-studio, i’m still remembering the last year’s interview of Mr.Gilmour on it about the OAI’s release, and now we can read the great announcement of this further important television programme for BBC: I hope to be able to see at least this one.

    Many compliments again to the Artist, to F.Ed and the whole involved team.

    Grazie/ciao /Thanks and bye Elisabetta

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