DVD subtitles

August 2, 2006: Florence, Italy.

There have been a few enquiries as to whether David’s DVD will have subtitles and, if so, which languages will be available.

I can confirm that the European/EMI (PAL) version will include subtitles in the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

The Sony (NTSC) version for the rest of the world will have subtitles in the following languages: Cantonese, English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.

The PAL version for Australia and New Zealand will be the same as the NTSC version.

All documentary footage and menus will be subtitled.

Hopefully that sets a few minds at ease.

‘Remember The Night’ is released by EMI on Monday 17 September in Europe, and by Sony on Tuesday 18 September everywhere else.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

67 thoughts on “DVD subtitles”

  1. Thanks for the info,

    Polish is included, and personally I counted for that, as it was also on Pink Floyd Live at Pompei, as well of course Gdansk gig and some material about it on 2nd disc.

    Have a wonderful weekend all,


  2. Cantonese and Mandarin! Thank the gods for that…

    Fed… I’ve added them to the insulted list already so don’t worry…

  3. What?? No Russian??

    You have Polish, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese but no Russian? Its a good thing the English version is good enough for me.

    Sorry FEd, just having some fun. You know how I like to stir the pot from time to time.



  4. Wow ! Thank you very much for the good news !

    Is it selfish to feel proud ? I do, though…

    Good weekend !


  5. Great, I can learn several new languages while watching David on the telly, just the motivation I needed.

    …and you’re right about the witches.

    [Bless you, Lorraine. After about 15 seconds of their act, I wanted to drop each of the high-pitched little madams face-first into a bubbling cauldron, I really did. Shame on me. Although, that said, I reckon they could still screech and squeal under water. – Features Editor]

  6. And of course another thing, another question answered in FAQ’s section,

    I’m glad it happened, and of hope for more in the future


  7. Thats absolutely great news. Cracking addition to the DVD.

    I dont know if many people watch this ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ programme, but the Welsh opera guy went through last night….again!!! He’s in the final.

    However, the little girl is on tonight, and last time I saw her sing ‘Over The Rainbow’, for the first time in my life, I was reduced to tears by a song.

    She made me think of the parents of Madeline McCann, and I just realised what kind of situation they are in.

    I’d recommend to all to watch her tonight.

    Simon J

  8. Such an obvious and sensible feature, but rarely seen on music DVD’s.

    Once again M. Gilmour and his team show true consideration for the fans! Thanks a lot for that 🙂

  9. Hello FeD!

    Thanks for this info. Now I will also understand all details and English humor well.

    Again thank you to David and all DVD co-workers.

    Have a great and sunny weekend!

    Many greetings from Berlin

  10. A lot of Thanks from spain!!

    Every DVD should have subtitles… It´s a good notice for all the spanish people who love Dave Gilmour

  11. *caption*

    Is it real? Or is it someone playing with the projector and making hand puppets again??



  12. I would also like to see a feature that allows you to watch the concert performed with marionettes…

  13. Hey FEd,

    Thank you for the update.

    Indeed, so many languages to learn …

    On the other hand, Lorraine, we’ll be able to babble away in Cantonese in the Barn 😉

    Enjoy the weekend,

  14. ‘Let there be more light’

    I love that picture of David. I remember the first time I saw it in the gallery, I just stared at it for a long time. I kept thinking how it seemed so right.

    Beautiful image Polly, thank you.


  15. that’s good to know.

    how many more times do we all think that someone will ask about subtitles now that this info is clear? i bet 5 or 6 times before the dvd comes out and fed to make some seriously sarcy comments.

    to fed and lorraine: you’re so right about the witches.

  16. yet… no Esperanto?

    I failed to study the last great international language during my school days (whatever happened to all that, anyway?).

    Since Mr. Gilmour has such a worldwide audience, I think it is appropriate to have subtitles. If ‘E’ had taken hold, the task should have been less daunting.

    So, OK, we have to: can anybody say ‘Remember That Night” in Esperanto?


    “Yo, yo, yo…whoze up in dere? Just holla’ back if you feelin’ me…YO! What’s up I’m talkin’ to you…”

    Song: Comfortably Numb
    Language: Ebonics
    Urban Ranking: The Shiznit

  18. was there no blotto this week?

    [Are you upset? And there was me thinking nobody cared… – Features Editor]

  19. Hello FED and All !!!

    What !??!! No Gaelic ? O’, the despair of it all ! The folly ! Well, I guess the Picts won’t be too pleased either ! Guess what, tho’, I’ll still be groovin’ to this DVD. And yes, I have to admit that there are times that I’ll put sub-titles on just to learn something different.

    Whether it be a different country, culture and language, I like to broaden my horizons. That is one other aspect of touring bands that I’ve enjoyed over the years.

    Many moons ago, I was a Merchant Marine working the Caribbean Sea and going as far south as Tierra del Fuego and going around the tip. That was as close to the equivalent of going around the dark side of the moon for me. One day, I hope to achieve one of my dreams, traversing the Pacific all the way to Japan.

    Lovely to see that this DVD is offering so many different languages aside fom the usual English,
    Spanish and French choices. Can hardly wait to play with the choices and gee, perhaps learn something ! Again, Thank You, Mr. Gilmour !

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend !

    You too, FED, hoping you have a crackin’ly wonderful weekend !

    Cazart !

  20. CAPTION: “Tonight Matthew i’m gonna be Hank Marvin”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    p.s All you stateside bloggers be rest assured your beautiful country gave me a great holiday.

  21. Presumably the subtitles are only for the spoken word/documentary content and not for the lyrical/sung content? I had visions of it turning into a DG karaoke disk 🙂


  22. “Troppa grazia S. Antonio!” This was much more than we expected, thanks a lot…


  23. “Remember That Night” in Esperanto?

    Why that’d be “Memori ke nokto”… sounds not too far different. Wonder why it never really took off as an international language?

  24. [was there no blotto this week?]

    [Are you upset? And there was me thinking nobody cared… – Features Editor]

    I am just pleased I didn’t get another one wrong.

  25. im gutted.

    Ive been off work for a while after surgery and blotto has been the highlight of the week! come on whats this weeks song?

    and stop tormenting us with wearing the inside out, fat old sun and wots the deal already!! 😛

  26. gonna be a cool september with the dvd and the 3 disc 40th anniversary PatGoD! 🙂

    although tradition has it I only play David Sylvian vinyl during that month. hmmmm decisions decisions

    hope eveyone and theirs are doing fine?

  27. oh yeah cool cool picture!


    ps – caption?

    “Super Trooper lights are.. gonna. fi..nd.. meh.. h’hmmm”

    at this point things began to get ugly as David realises the audience and himself were on different wavelengths!

  28. oh and I apologise to FE’d, Mr Gilmour & family in advance but the people who jeered Roger Waters at the Madcaps Last Laugh were disgusting

    bang out of order

    [Jeering is always bang out of order whenever someone – anyone – has the guts to stand on stage and perform. Everyone involved with this site, including David, would agree with that statement, so save your somewhat gratuitous apology for someone who might appreciate it. – Features Editor]

  29. Ill be at Best Buy on Tuesday the 18th of September when they open. Just as I was for Pulse, and On an Island. Ill be the first in my town to get a copy.

    Any other cool Lithographs this time?


    [Nope. – Features Editor]

  30. The one thing that could be added is close footage of David playing on guitar (like it was on In concert DVD) – with some new solos.

  31. Subtitles….I love it now almost everyone can enjoy the DVD. But really who needs subtitles for the wonderful music.

    Angelo I loved your entry…ebonics haha…and to think they actually wanted to offer that in the Los Angeles are High Schools. Funny.

    Have a great weekend everyone
    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  32. That’s really nice to hear. Maybe more alien tongues will not curse us English folks as much if they can finally understand what’s being said without some third party interpreter…

  33. Great news, many thanks!!!

    Just one question please: will there be subtitles only for the documentary footage or for all the occasional talking/jokes/comments from David and the band during the concert itself as well? Hope it does!*Crossing my fingers*

    Many thanks again from Peru!

    Rocío 🙂

    [As far as I know, there are no subtitles during the concert footage. – Features Editor]

  34. Hello! when Pink do a world tour, and including Mexico? I and more people have hope

    [There are no plans whatsoever for any such tour, sorry. – Features Editor]

  35. Good news!! And thank you very much for the David Gilmour and the producers of the “Remember That Night” DVD. This DVD is perfect…!!

  36. Nickster…

    That thought struck my mind as well. The I thought of the Welsh Dub of Comfortably Numb with Gladys Pugh doing the “Hello… is there anybody out there”…

    Most of you have no idea what I’m going on about but Gladys Pugh was a Welsh Character (from the Rhondda) in an 80s sitcom called Hi-De-Hi which was based in a fictional Holiday Camp called Maplins in the 60s…

  37. Guys…

    I’m off to New York for a long weekend next month so can anyone suggest some things to see besides the obvious…

    Any hidden gems stashed away?

  38. Hi,

    Nice to hear about the DVD subtitles.

    What I want to ask though, is David planning on touring at all this year?


    [No. David has no plans to tour anywhere, with anyone, at any time this year. – Features Editor]

  39. No Hungarian? What’s this world coming to. LOL.

    That photo today has got to be from Echoes, I can smell it. You’re teasing us again.

    Have a great weekend.


    David says, “Damn, you can’t even take a shower without the Paparazzi taking photos of you.”

  40. I can’t imagine the time and effort involved in adding the subtitles for the DVD, a total of 11 languages – how elaborating and thoughtful!

    “We’ll be able to babble away in Cantonese in the Barn”. You are very funny, Ralph, you know subtitle doesn’t teach you how to speak, nice try though.

    Isn’t it time for another blotto #…I’ll be waiting, FEd.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  41. Caption..

    I think I now know who the Bubble Boy is!..who knew!!

    What about Angelspeak so that all the Gilmourettes can understand?

  42. Happy Father’s day to Mr. David Gilmour and all the fathers out there!

    Have a wonderful and super father’s day!


    And all other dads out there around the world. today is your day so enjoy it all you can. you deserve it.


  44. Happy Father’s day to David and all of our blogger dads.

    BTW, when is Father’s Day in the UK??


    [Today. – Features Editor]

  45. Well, I had to do this sooner or later.

    The above wonderful silhouette photograph of David reminded of an ode that I sent to David at his old Portland Road office years ago on the back of another silhouette picture of David. I doubt however that he ever received it so I shall recite it again.

    Ode to a Great Guitar Hero

    The ghost of David has found me
    and his brillance arrives as he surrounds me.
    His spirits make me rise
    and I sore off into the skies
    and I swear the ghost of David
    has got me.

    circa 1988.

    The meter of the poem goes in time with the guitar intro on “Sorrow”.

    Just to mention that I was trying to convey how much his guitar playing influenced mine at the time. His guitar makes me soar off into the skies too. So I hope people do not find the above poem rather on the spooky side.

    I inadvertantly traded my hero for a ghost,too. Ha, ha.

    Hope you all are well.

    Best regards


  46. Hey all,

    i just read that the piper album will be released again with bonus material because of its 40 th anniversary. Is David involved or consulted about the bonus material? Any ideas what the bonus is?

    cheers all!


    [Nothing to do with David, sorry. – Features Editor]

  47. It’s always a pleasure to read you and your poems here, Julie.

    It would be nice to hear you playing guitar too…Luckily we have our imagination…


  48. Dear F.Ed.,

    let’s say that “less three months” to the DVD’s release and reading today the very good news it’s so fabulous: thank you for your complicity!

    we can wait the missing time with this confirmation about the subtitles : surely 11 different languages are a great gift to all the fans spread worldwide.

    Thank you all again
    Bye / ciao Elisabetta

  49. [so save your somewhat gratuitous apology for someone who might appreciate it. – fed]

    i don’t see why david would be offended by someone saying “i was annoyed to hear roger being jeered”.

    i hate how this floyd ‘war’ is still being fought by the fans on behalf of their heroes. let it go!!!

  50. [It’s always a pleasure to read you and your poems here, Julie. It would be nice to hear you playing guitar too…Luckily we have our imagination…Posted by: Michèle at June 17, 2007 09:14 PM]

    You know, Michele, (I don’t know how to put the accent mark over the first “e” of your name – perhaps someone can let me know) you are the only person who makes me pick up my pc monitor a kiss it due to your lovely encouraging words.

    Anyway, I am rather ashamed in that made two spelling mistakes in my previous post. Probably due to the fact that I am running around after a toddler, working full time, gardening, doing housework etc etc that my head is spinning.

    I always make a mistake with my “tants” and “tents”, “dants” and “dents” etc etc. And David’s ode should have said “soar off into the skies” not “sore” as in ouch. But the sense of the ode was not missing. But I’m sure you know what I mean.

    I’ll take my Strat off the wall and play it for you, Michele. Ha, ha.

    Best regards.


    [My apologies. Lazy editing. (You just can’t get the staff these days, can you?) – Features Editor]

  51. [… so save your somewhat gratuitous apology for someone who might appreciate it. – Features Editor]

    not sure if apologising to you now FE’d would be of any use

    the reason for apologising in the first post is that there is a policy of respect here, for you and David Gilmour + where it’s my understanding that things should try and steer away from all things RW?

    it’s just my opinion, like my backside, that maybe people here would also like to comment on it, an evening of remembrance

    it’s not offensive to me, but to the people that were there on stage, including David Gilmour
    shouting the things they did surely means they don’t get it to begin with

    the apology was for having an unapologetic tone

    I’ll get my coat 🙁

    [No need to get your coat, mate. Understood. – Features Editor]

  52. Julie, I can easily imagine you playing guitar, since I listened to and enjoyed very much your guitar and your voice on the ‘Arnold Layne’ contest.

    Very funny, though, your ‘sore – soar’ thing, because I looked on my dictionary to find the meaning of ‘to sore’ and, of course didn’t find it, but didn’t dare to ask you or Fed the meaning…I thought that that was something to do with ‘pain’.

    So, we were two to be ashamed ! But now, all is well that ends well !

    Cheers, Julie


  53. Off topic – I read the updated FAQs over the weekend and found that the FAQs section is very informative. It also features some of the unique photos of Mr. David Gilmour. I am much fascinated by the charming and attractive photo of Mr. David Gilmour for his CBE recognition in 2003. What a distinguished looking gentleman!

    I further came across the update under THE IMPORTANT STUFF and I am very touched to find that On An Island was manufactured under CarbonNeutral guidelines and it is also the first Columbia Records release with this guidelines. Much impressed and thank you for sharing the insight on CarbonNeutral.

    What a unique and well-managed website! Kudos to you all!

    If I may ask, how often the FAQ gets updated? I sure enjoy reading it.

    Thank you.

    [Thank you very much, Veronica. “Not often enough” is the answer (but I would say that, seeing as I answer the questions). As for ‘On An Island’ being CarbonNeutral, then you’ll be pleased to know that the same is true for ‘Remember That Night’. – Features Editor]

  54. that’s great news about the dvd being carbon neutral as well. david’s a dude!!!

  55. Further to Veronica’s post, you can find the same picture of Sir David Gilmour in the Wikipedia site, section Philanthropy, showing the following description :

    “In November 2003, he was made a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) for philanthropy and for services to music.” and i’ve found it out in other sites too. I think this photo must be here, in its natural location!

    Very nice to read the last updated FAQs too.

    Take care to all
    bye/ciao Elisabetta

    [Well, Wikipedia is not entirely correct. David is certainly more philanthropic than we’ll ever know, but his CBE was ‘only’ for services to music. And he’s not a Sir. Yet. – Features Editor]

  56. [Posted by: Elisabetta Corsi-Italy N.E. at June 19, 2007 01:35 PM]

    Dear Elisabetta, David is not a Sir.

  57. [As for ‘On An Island’ being CarbonNeutral, then you’ll be pleased to know that the same is true for ‘Remember That Night’. – Features Editor]

    Mr. David Gilmour, you and your staff sure make us proud.

    Thank you.

  58. Thank you very much dear Julie and F.Ed, well noted and sorry.

    That’s right: not yet! Nobody knows what the future holds…for him and for us too.

    But i’ll never say “you” to Mr.David Gilmour as i’m italian, due to the respect to him, i must use the “lei” form that’s the corresponding “Mr.” in english …. this one at least!

    Thank you / bye – grazie e ciao Elisabetta

  59. thanks FE’d

    didnt mean to cause any kerfuffle


    [Not to worry, no kerfuffle caused. Unfortunately, comments are often misinterpreted all too easily and blown out of all proportion. It’s a shame, but it doesn’t take much for the rival factions to start throwing insults. It’s easier for me to don the jackboots, just in case. – Features Editor]

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