Blotto (#9)

Remember That Night DVD (2007)

We are just ten songs away from completing the track listing of David’s brilliant new DVD, which is released in September and is rather suitably titled ‘Remember That Night’.

The 14th song to be revealed is ‘This Heaven‘, which will be the ninth song on the concert disc.

And as if a concert disc isn’t enough, there is also a second disc made up entirely of extra material. We’ll tell you a little more about these extras before the month is out (but only if you’re good).

Meanwhile, please mark the ‘9’ space on your cards appropriately. If you guessed that ‘This Heaven’ would take up the ninth space on both disc and card, then well done you. If you guessed anything else, better luck next time.

As much as we’d love a cry of "Blotto!" should you complete a line on your Blotto card, either horizontally or vertically, we don’t hold out much hope. Yet do keep tallying up your correct guesses and let us know how you’re doing.

Also, tell us what you think of these exclusive DVD screenshots. We’ll be showing plenty of them over the next week or so, and most of the ones we’ll be showing are taken from the nine songs we are yet to announce.

Maybe they’ll help, maybe they’ll hinder. They’ll most likely just confirm how badly you’ve done at Blotto.

Go on, have a guess at which song the shot above is taken from. It’s from a song you already know to be included on the concert disc.

Click it to see a larger, high-resolution version.

There won’t be a chat session until Tuesday, but do drop by from 4PM (UK time) if you fancy it. You’ll be made to feel very welcome.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

51 thoughts on “Blotto (#9)”

  1. I want to have echoes, astronomy domine and fat old sun on the dvd! pleassssszzzzzeeeeee

    if not please create third dvd which is going to contain these three songs.


  2. ill hazard a guess and say “time”

    come on though, you cant reveal a song from On an Island each week when we know they are going to be included!! Wearing the inside out, fat old sun and wots…uh the deal are killing me!

  3. I’ll say Red Sky At Night for today’s screener.

    And I got wrongo blotto again. 0 for 14. I’m on a roll.LOL.

  4. The screenshots promise something very beautiful.

    Judging by that little promo video, the editing of video is perfect.

  5. Hi FEd,

    How was your weekend?

    Once again, an incorrect guess for me…

    Well, I hope you have a nice week. I will be in Austin for a few days. Maybe I will catch you guys chatting when I get home Thursday.

    Take care,

    [I had a decent weekend, thanks. Have started pining for the football, though. – Features Editor]

  6. This really is a guess, mmmm let me see ,”take a breath”??? i have really no idea but its just a bit of fun.

    not even going there regarding “blotto”

    Pol Pot won the talent contest then Fed, as you predicted.

    [He sure did. I know talent when I see it. – Features Editor]

  7. Can’t wait for this DVD!

    When will we be getting Mr Manzanera’s replies to the Q&A?

    [When Mr Manzanera has finished answering your questions. – Features Editor]

  8. Hmmm, I think that the above pic. has to be ‘On an Island’ as I believe most band members sang on that track.

    Will you be telling us the answer at all or will we just have to assume that our reponse is correct?

    Actually, I change my guess as Steve is using a hi-hat (or is he actually hitting a Tom-Tom and it just LOOKS like he’s hitting a Hi-Hat?), something that is not used in OAI. Maybe ‘This Heaven’ or ‘Coming Back To Life’? I might just go through all the tracks, I’m bound to get it right eventually.

    I can’t quite see what guitar David is using, I think it’s his Strat (which would therefore rule out ‘This Heaven’. I’m going for ‘Coming Back To Life’.

    Decisions, Decisions.

    Take care all.
    x x x

    [I’ll let you know the song when the next blog entry is published, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  9. Absolutely no idea which song it is…sorry…

    Among(st?), your genius ideas, there was that limerick thing…I miss it ! (true).

    Couldn’t you give us the title of the song the shot is taken from, and ask us to write a little poem/limerick about it ? (and also every time a Blotto # is revealed).

    Just for fun of course, not to win anything, wow, that would be cool ! Please ?… You wouldn’t want our brain to get lazy during the Summer time !


    [Lazy brains? Here? Surely not. – Features Editor]

  10. As a matter of interest, do you happen to know if the footage of the RAH version of Take a Breath has been re-edited for the Remember That Night DVD, or will it be the the same edit as that on the special edition of OAI?

    Also, is there any possibility of letting us know which particular night the songs on the DVD have been taken from? (apart from the obvious ones, e.g David Bowie singing CN!)

    Many thanks.

    [None whatsoever, sorry. And you’ll have to wait and see about ‘Take A Breath’. – Features Editor]

  11. i would suggest ‘comfortbaly numb’ as the screen shot, i was thinking of ‘red sky at night’ but i dont think there are any vocals in that and Mr Steve… seems to be singing.

    I also think ‘take a breath’ is a good possibility.

    Special mention today must go to Guy Pratt, i am now up to chapter sixteen of his wonderful book and am throughly enjoying it.

    FEd, where did he get the title?

    I have a feeling he has pinched it from a Black Adder sketch 😛

  12. I think this is another opportunity for FEd to be tricky. I’m going to guess the photo is from This Heaven as it is the topic for this blog.

    By the way, interesting approach Sir Paul McCartney is taking with his latest release by only playing 3 dates (London, NY and LA) in small intimate venues. Heard an interview with him this morning where he said that due to other events in his life, he couldn’t do a full-blown tour but wanted to do something for this release. Very interesting idea……..



  13. If one was to guess, it would have to be Take a Breath, take a deep breath now!

  14. …no clue so I’ll just hanker a guess and say High Hopes…

    A belated Happy Father’s Day to David and all of the rest of the fathers out there. Hope your day was at least as good as mine was 🙂

    Backyard BBQ with the kids swimming about…all listening to David and Pink Floyd on the iPod all day…

    For Rud: on your trip to NY – one suggestion, take the Staten Island Ferry. The only FREE ride in NY and gives you one of the best views of the Statue of Liberty and the NY Skyline. I’ll think of some more…don’t worry…

  15. In my opinion the pic was taken while the band was having a moment of relax playing “There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. There’s a hole in my bucket dear Liza, a hole!”

    Ah! ah! I remember in my english class, 100 years ago, the teacher let us listen a lot of songs like that one… It’s a long way to Tipperary and You are my shunshine were other two…but I recently learnt also A windmill in old Amsterdam and it is not bad too.

    Yeah, maybe is really this last song that david and the band are playing in this pic…the weekend was too short. I need more rest…



  16. Rudders,

    Want to do something off the beaten path? Take a PATH train or ferry to Hoboken, NJ some evening and check out the pubs and restaurants on First Street and Washington Street. The train runs more frequently but if you take the ferry, make sure you take it from Downtown NY at the World Financial Center to South Hoboken.

    Hoboken is right on the water with a view of Manhattan. Hoboken is the birthplace to Frank Sinatra, the first beer brewery and the Oreo cookie as well as the first baseball game (but that is disputed).

    Enjoy your trip.


  17. unblotto! wrong again. i had ‘then i close my eyes’ for song 9.

    my guess is that this pic is from ‘on an island’. and can i just say what a great song that is?

    [Sure. Go ahead. – Features Editor]

  18. Ahah, crazy Lucia ! ‘the hole in the bucket’ ? wouldn’t it be rather (if I remember well what I read some years ago) ‘Looking Through The Hole In Granny’s Wooden Leg’ ? = our beloved ‘Echoes’ ?


  19. I’d guess “Find the Cost of Freedom” for something a little more random…you never know.

  20. Obviously its “My Sharona”

    In the immortal words of Paris Hilton, “Give me a hard one will ya?”

  21. [Have started pining for the football, though. – Features Editor]

    what does that mean? something with the championship under 21?? Holland against England is next up…….go Holland!!!!!!

    xx miel

    [Good luck. I miss the Premiership. Saturday just isn’t Saturday without league football. – Features Editor]

  22. Speaking of football. My daughter Victoria and her team won their last game of the season on Saturday going undefeated for the year and taking first place. It dont know who was beaming brighter, the coaches, the team or yours truly…

    [Excellent. Congratulations to your daughter – and to you. – Features Editor]

  23. Thanks F*Ed,

    It’s quite an accomplishment in any sport to go undefeated. And I promise their success had nothing to do with the fact that I was the teams flagman for 90% of their games 🙂

  24. I think the picture is from “Take A Breath”, because Steve DiStanislao is singing, and that’s the only song i know he sings on. The DVD should be great!!! Thanks, David.

    P.S. Is David planning on having another tour any time soon?

    [No, sorry. – Features Editor]

  25. Hi there, long time no post.

    A long time ago Gerrald Durrell, naturalist & Zoo owner, wrote a book about his childhood growing up in Corfu. Called ” My family & other animals”.

    So I guess that’s where Guy got the Idea,(or his publisher did).


  26. “Looking through the hole in granny’s wooden leg”. I read a strange story about that…but maybe someone more informed than me, could give me more explanations…

    Hey! But what kind of granny did they have? Captain Hook?!!! So, are they all Peter Pan? And should we turn the barn in to Neverland? Should we replace sheep with crocodiles? And we should all start drinking Rum!

    FEd, if the story I read is true, please explain to us why the band choose this strange, funny title. I like it! And I am so curious!


    [I’m sure that someone reading this can get far greater satisfaction than I ever could by attempting such a feat. My understanding is that the song was simply announced as ‘Looking Through The Knothole(s) In Granny’s Wooden Leg’ at a few European shows before ‘Meddle’ was released. ‘March Of The Dam Busters’ and ‘The Return Of The Son Of Nothing’ were two other titles for it. But don’t ask me why, because I haven’t the foggiest. (For shits and giggles, I suppose.) – Features Editor]

  27. Song from the RAH Concert?

    Nah… isn’t Stevie shouting “Look out Carrie they’re tricking you!”

  28. Hi All,

    Wrong again with blotto, I`ve not got one right as yet! so things are not too good on that front.

    I`ll hazard a guess that the screenshot is from Take A Breath.

    Hope everyone is well.

  29. I would have to be a good bean and guess that it is Arnold Layne at the Paramount in Oakland. I really hope it will be included anyway…

  30. Lucia,

    A windmill with mice in, it’s hardly surprisin’

    I know a very nice, empty beach, just around the corner. I think you need it more than I do !

  31. Apologies for being away for yonks – had the great pleasure of seeing Guy’s superb show at the Liverpool Royal Court on Saturday, my girlfriend (a bit of a Floyd/DG rookie) really enjoyed it as well (especially Guy peeping round the doorway for what seemed like an eternity waiting for the second half to start :D)

    FEd, now the Primera’s over, who do you think Rafa will be luring to Anfield?

    [Nobody, at this rate! I’m pleased that he’s got Gerrard, Carragher, Reina and Alonso committed to long-term deals, but would very much like to see Eto’o in a red shirt. Henry would be welcome at any time, Forlan and Tevez less so. Not too sure about Benayoun or Bent. Maybe Simao… I don’t want to see Bellamy go. We haven’t seen the best of him. That said, Mancini could be a big hit at Anfield if Roma offer him as part of a swap deal for Bellamy. – Features Editor]

  32. Fed: Is there anywhere I can view the entire tour’s set lists from each show? I am having a hard time finding all of them in one place.. Cory

    [Please click your name below for our calendar. They’re all there. – Features Editor]

  33. No surprises, I missed this Blotto # also!

    I venture to say this shot was taken from “Take a Breath”? But it could also be from “This Heaven”. Or may be neither…Judging from Stevie’s right hand, he was really in quick motion with his drumstick.

    And the correct answer is…

    […Coming later today. – Features Editor]

  34. Going to guess before I read all the posts….and my vote goes to “High Hopes”.

    Then again maybe I’m as bad at this as I am at Blotto !


    [Everyone was rubbish at Blotto, Nisha. Don’t be too hard on yourself. – Features Editor]

  35. Hi Roger,

    yes somone here put me straight about that one, was my face red!

    ( i still prefer my version though :P)

  36. to lucia:

    i think fed has said all there is to say about ‘echoes’. all i can add is that roger announced the song as ‘looking through the knothole in granny’s wooden leg’ twice in germany in 1972.

    that’s what wikipedia has to say about it, so it could be wrong.

  37. I’ve changed my mind on this one several times but I’ll go for “Take A Breath”.

  38. [Nobody, at this rate! I’m pleased that he’s got Gerrard, Carragher, Reina and Alonso committed to long-term deals, but would very much like to see Eto’o in a red shirt. Henry would be welcome at any time, Forlan and Tevez less so. Not too sure about Benayoun or Bent. Maybe Simao… I don’t want to see Bellamy go. We haven’t seen the best of him. That said, Mancini could be a big hit at Anfield if Roma offer him as part of a swap deal for Bellamy. – Features Editor]

    With so many living in the past, glad to see you didn’t mention Pele…



    [He was alright, I suppose. Not as good as Maradona, though. – Features Editor]

  39. [Please click your name below for our calendar. They’re all there. – Features Editor]

    Wow. So cool. I didn’t know this feature was added that allows you to view each set list for each performance plus a link back to the blog for fan reviews.

    If someone hasn’t figured it out, go to the calendar and then go to a month last year (like May 2006). You can click on one of the concert dates and a window pops up with a set list.

    Was this feature promoted before and I missed it??



    [It’s been there for a while, yes. We launched it last June, I think. – Features Editor]

  40. to quote: “a second disc made up entirely of extra material. We’ll tell you a little more about these extras before the month is out (…)”

    I am not so impatient, but just a gentle reminder it is the nineteenth. So, 11 days.

    (I am good.)

    I’ll keep checking in…

    [Thank you. Saturday the 30th it is, then. – Features Editor]

  41. Oh Tim, I learn also a beautiful song by pirates: “What shall we do with the drunken sailor”. That’s perfect for Grannies with wooden legs! Take a glass of rum and you join us!

    Thanks for the explanations about Echoes. I’ve never heard about that…it’s funny! Don’t we have similar stories about other songs? I want some gossip!


  42. In a vain attempt to maintain a Floydian theme, I can heartily recommend the “brain damage” at Tippy’s beach and bar, Eleuthera which appears to consist largely of Rum, a token amount of orange and/or pineapple juice and more rum.

    Drunken sailors and one legged grannies with woodworm much in evidence …

  43. [Special mention today must go to Guy Pratt, i am now up to chapter sixteen of his wonderful book… FEd, where did he get the title? – Posted by: rob at June 18, 2007 01:42 PM]

    Okay, so I am not FEd, but I will take a stab at the inspiration behind the title of Guy’s book. I reckon the title of the book was inspired by a children’s novel entitled: “My Family and other Animals” by Gerald Durrell.

    However, I haven’t read the said Durrell novel yet, but I’m sure I will sometime as I understand it is a real gem.

  44. To whom it may concern,

    Am I Having a BLONDE moment or what????? I just registered to enter the chatroom, got my name & USER password, & then it asks for a ROOM password!!! What or where do I find or get this info!!! Granted, I just got my computer 2 weeks ago, but, I’M LOST!?! Guess I’m just thick.

    [Well, as advertised, the chatroom closed at 6PM (UK time). A completely random room password is then set in place to lock-in those who turned up before closing time and who wish to chat for a little longer. Opening and closing times are on our calendar. – Features Editor]

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