Blotto (#7)

Remember That Night DVD (2007)

For consistency’s sake (and also as a test to see who reads):

Please reach for your Blotto card… if you can bear to look at it.

Look on the bright side. At least, after this, you’ll be one step closer towards knowing the full list of songs to feature on the concert disc of David’s forthcoming live DVD, ‘Remember That Night’.

The 15th song to be named is ‘The Blue‘, which is the seventh song.

Last week’s Name That Tune snap was indeed an image of ‘The Blue’, taken straight from the DVD. Just like the image above, in fact.

Please cross off ‘7’ on your card. You’re only right if you guessed that ‘The Blue’ would take seventh spot. Anything else is wrong.

The aim of Blotto is to complete a line on your Blotto card, either horizontally or vertically, and to exclaim "Blotto!" the moment you do so. We don’t expect to hear such a cry, unfortunately, but do keep tallying up your correct guesses. There is a prize, and you’re only eligible to win it if you humour us by continuing with the charade.

‘Remember That Night’ is released worldwide in September.

The chatroom will be open on Monday from 11AM (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

52 thoughts on “Blotto (#7)”

  1. I’m reading this blog….but i have not understand after months and months this game…how can you be sure that the future winner has not deceived you?

    The blotto’s player has sent you their blotto card before the game begin? I have not understand…

    [You are right, Emilio. You had to submit your list of songs back in March to play. – Features Editor]

  2. *sigh* Oh Blotto. Why blother anymore? I just marking down the days until the dvd comes out, now. I ought to go and catch up on all the days I’ve missed…

  3. Another one bites the dust, none right so far.

    Please, Fat Old Sun. Wearing the Inside Out and Echoes. I will be a happy soul indeed, please!!

  4. I can’t believe I left my Blotto card at work! I should have it on my person at all times. I will try harder…

    Stunning visual…looks like a beacon shining out into The Blue.

  5. cool, i’ve got the first comment, anyway, i tuned in late to blotto, so here’s my guess, with the info that’s been given already:

    1. “Speak To Me”
    2. “Breathe”
    3. “Time”
    4. “Breathe (Reprise)”
    5. “Castellorizon”
    6. “On An Island”
    7. “The Blue”
    8. “Red Sky At Night”
    9. “This Heaven”
    10. “Then I Close My Eyes”
    11. “Smile”
    12. “Take A Breath”
    13. “A Pocketful Of Stones”
    14. “Where We Start”
    15. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)”
    16. “Wots… Uh The Deal”
    17. “Coming Back To Life”
    18. “High Hopes”
    19. “Echoes”
    20. “Wish You Were Here” (not with Nick Mason)
    21. “Find The Cost Of Freedom” (with David Crosby and Graham Nash)
    22. “Arnold Layne”
    23. “Comfortably Numb” (with David Bowie)

    i hope david puts AD, FOS, and dark globe and wearing the inside out and tggits and Dominoes on the bonus DVD.

  6. Happy Monday everyone!

    I missed this one also. I did guess both the song and # correctly at last week’s “Name that Tune” as I believe a lot of the bloggers did also. That was fun.

    Did we really do that poorly, FEd – is there someone out there actually guessed more than half of the blotto #s correctly?

    [Um… No. – Features Editor]

  7. Hi FEd,

    Did you have a decent weekend? I do hope so.

    As far as Blotto goes…not a single correct answer! At least I’m consistent!!!

    Hope to catch you in the chatroom Monday.


  8. Hello all,

    Another miss, but I was prepared for that.

    I revisited Blotto entry, to check other bloggers lists, Graham Knight is on the lead now with 4 correct, with chances for another ones. What is interesting about it there is no #16 on his entry, which potentially could secure him a win in the game.

    And Nikki_sk You must have hard and silent days, changing the rules turned your blotto into disaster. But don’t worry You be happy in September.

    All the best,

  9. [And also as a test to see who reads… Posted by Features Editor at June 24, 2007 08:58 PM]

    Sunday evening blues Fed? Let me cheer you up by telling you that I still read and enjoy these pages, and don’t worry about consistency here, you have got the South Americans taking care of that.

    You have lost me with Blotto though.

  10. CAPTION:

    All were left scratching their heads when a demonic blue Pac-Man descended to eat a trail of blotto cards as the band played an old tune with a strange twist…

    “BLOT-to…BLOT–toHO! Ha HAAAAAAA charAAAAde you aaaaaare….”

  11. Hey Rudders, did you come to NYC yet? I may have a suggestion or two….including meeting up if there’s time in our schedules…

  12. Hello!

    As wonderful, you can pre-order the DVD “Remember That Night” with Amazon in UK for 16.99pound. I want to wait with my pre-order (I want to pay with Euros).

    I wish you a beautiful week!

  13. hi FEd, good composting tips abound,

    [Thanks, Rob. Let’s get the whole world composting. You know it makes sense. – Features Editor]

  14. Only 8 more songs left to go folks.

    Talking about 8, I watched the Live 8 performance from David this morning. Its good to go back and delve into the collection. Apart from Pulse, thats the dvd I watch the most.


  15. i must admit, im hugely disappointed that not all of wearing the inside out, fat old sun and wots uh deal are included.

    I would have scrapped coming back to life and high hopes, we’ve heard those songs dont live a few times, we needed something new!

  16. Angelo…

    I’m flying in on Thursday 12th July… 🙂

    I bottomed out with Blotto… I think I’m stuck with just two correct answers…

  17. FEd,

    and all the rest of ya 😉

    just my thoughts on this amazon thing.

    Firstly im sure that if David were to ever read or be told about these comments he would treat them with nothing but total indifference. i really cannot see him getting as upset as we have about it.

    That isnt to say we shouldnt get upset about somone we are passionate about being berated in this way.

    The reviews themselves are not without their humour, if you take them with a pinch of salt – some do go too far as im sure we all know.

    The real sad thing is that he goes on, in a sub thread, with one of us if im not mistaken, is that he calls Syd, a ‘psyco’ but again i just think this goes to show how idiotic this whole thing is.

    I wasnt there, and havent met them, but from what ive heard seen and read i would say Syd was a dear friend to all concerned with Pink Floyd, and anyone pertaining to be a pink floyd fan cannot underestimate the role syd had in bringing the rest of the band to us.

    Without Syd there would be no pink floyd, no roger, no david, no nick and no rick.

    Calling him such a name in such an offhand and dismissive way as if he had nothing to do with any of the bands later success is just, to me, infuriating.

    I know this is David’s website, but i would love to bring those comments to Roger’s attention just so he could tell this guy to f*** off.

    Look what this bloody nutter has reduced us all to!!!

    [Further proof, then, that this amazing psychic reviewer is a pillock. – Features Editor]

  18. [You’re only right if you guessed that ‘The Blue’ would take seventh spot….(and also as a test to see who reads) – Features Editor]

    YES ! I guessed that !…in the ‘Name That Tune’ entry…

    So, I think that I deserve a consolation prize !

    And be sure that I read too…you can test me, so I think that I deserve a second consolation prize !

    And ‘The Blue’ is my favourite one, too, so I think that I deserve…


    [But what do I deserve? No, don’t answer that. – Features Editor]

  19. Ciao a tutti,

    not writing but always keeping an eye on you. BLOTTO is a monumental tragedy for all of us. With three songs correct MAYBE with another one or two I will be eligible for a prize!!!

    Fed, I heard that blotto means drunk. Is this true? Then it is the perfect name for the game (probably not the first one to notice this)…


    [Absolutely true. – Features Editor]

  20. I know it weeks too late, but…..

    I’ve just gone back, checked, and realised that I’ve got one right!!!

    Number 16 – Coming back to life!!!

    It’s like christmas all over again!!! Get in! Back of the net!

    Happy days,

    P.S How many exclamation marks does one man want. 11! Whoops make that 12 🙂

  21. Hi all.. still holding at 3 correct blottos… I think I’m guaranteed for 4 when Echoes is announced for slot 19!

    This is an amazing photo. But I can’t for the life of me think of what song is left with Crosby and Nash singing. I want to say the photo is Echoes but I don’t think they sang on it and I doubt Fed would reveal Echoes yet… I’m sure it will be the last one revealed from Disk 1.

    My guess is… Stairway to Heaven!


    [That one’s also ‘The Blue’, but I think they’d do a good ‘Stairway To Heaven’. – Features Editor]

  22. The song is obviously “Breast Milky”…my kudos to the lighting engineer…but as Woody Allen once said in his movie, “Sleeper” .

    “Don’t they usually come in pairs?”

  23. I cannot figure out what the work-up is all about. I sit here, working on a perfect Blotto score, week in & week out.

    Every song (or tune) that FEd reveals I find that, I write it down and there it is; another one, right where it should be.

    I will send in my perfect card, no erasures, when I am done. In fairness, I will take at least as long as you take to reveal them all, so I don’t seem – to some – to be showing off.

    I think this method will work equally well for the Disc-2 competition.

    What will the prize be, again? (I have bet the farm on it.)

  24. Another Emilio in the Blog?? wow good…but friends please,help me to find a way to understand who’s who…I could be simply Emi…do you like it?


  25. No, no joy again. i`ve scored a big juicy Zero so far.

    I must have been Blotto(ed) when I posted my song list!

  26. Dooooohhhhhh!

    Sorry Fed- you said “For consistency’s sake (and also as a test to see who reads”… I obviously don’t read as you said clearly this photo was also from the Blue… I was thinking it was the next photo to name… spent my whole lunch break at work trying to figure it out. Sheesh what a dork!


  27. Was just doing research on Mr. Gilmour and I spotted something I’ve never seen or heard of.

    ‘The Columbian Volcano Concert’

    Anybody got any information on this? I’ve never heard of it!

    Simon J

    [It was available on video, released in 1987. This was a charity event, organised by Chucho Merchan, in aid of the Nevado del Ruiz Disaster Appeal Fund. Held at the Albert Hall in February 1986, David performed ‘Comfortably Numb’, ‘Out Of The Blue’ and ‘Run Like Hell’ (with Chucho on bass). The Nevada del Ruiz volcano had melted glaciers and caused incredible flooding the previous November, resulting in the deaths of more than 25,000 people. Other notable performances were by Chrissie Hynde, Annie Lennox, Mike Oldfield and Pete Townshend. – Features Editor]

  28. Wrong again!

    Did anyone catch the Mexican duo, Rodrigo Y Gabriella perform “Wish You Were Here” at Glastonbury?

    A nice interoperation, not least because of the accompaniment of the crowd in a display of unity, taste and knowledge. One of this years highlights.

  29. Features Editor:

    I do read this blog, almost every single day. It´s something like brushing my teeth: can´t be happy without it.

    I do miss you all. Good to see that things are running ok and, yes, I don´t regret not having joined blotto!

    Wish you all a great week!


  30. Blotto blah blah blah. I think I chucked my card oh well.

    USA beat Mexico in the CONCACAF Gold Cup woo hoo…

    Although I was torn…most of my family is from Mexico. I was an outsider to say the least, but I did have the last word..and a fair amount of money HAHA

    Hope your week goes good Fed

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  31. F’Ed, we read this blog. I come here several times a week, even when I don’t post anything. Don’t dismiss us so easily 😉

    Re: the Amazon review. Certain people are just determined to make the rest of us laugh at them. Anyone who calls Syd “Psycho” is just not nice, and fails to understand how important Syd was in his day and how influential he remains.

    By reviewing this DVD three months before its release and by demonstrating his need to berate all things Floyd, this wing nut is showing his true colors. He has an agenda, is picking a fight, and is probably a few fries short of a happy meal.

  32. to simon j:

    look out for that video. david did an amazing ‘comfy’ on a gorgeous charvel guitar.

  33. I was told that someone done a cover of WYWH @ Glastonbury & the crowd more or less sung the song all the way through. Apparently it was a very emotionally charged moment.

    Unfortunately the BBC seem to think Lily Allen is flavour of the month & i witnessed numerous re-runs of her vomit inducing garbage & departed to Bedfordshire early doors.

    One only hopes that David will help us out at next years event.

    All the best, Ciarán

    [Don’t get me started on Lily Allen, for God’s sake. – Features Editor]

  34. In case I didn’t said it before, I like this ‘rss’ thingy. It’s very efficient 🙂

    I never knew it existed until I read about it here on the blog. Thanks for the ongoing education.


  35. Chaps

    Chucho Merchan was also the bass player for the Meltdown Concerts as well… but you knew that anyway…

  36. For the aforementioned ‘Rodrigo Y Gabriella’, ‘Lily Allen’ (Specials reunion!), Iggy & The Stooges and many other Glastonbury video/audio performances (available for the next week) go to the BBC website by clicking on my name…

  37. Regarding this Amazon controversy,

    I believe rainforests are important….

  38. RE: Amazon Review

    I just have to say that this individual was talking out his a**.

    After reading here what was going on I just had to check out what all of the hullabaloo was about. So, after my first read I determined that this individual is not worth the spit that I wish to expel in his direction a la Rog, sorry Rog, you’re great when it comes to being sardonic. Not to mention David. David wouldn’t even give this bloke the time of day if he happened past David in the street.

    But, in spite of myself I couldn’t help but read his drivel again. Obviously, just a disenfranchised soul whom I actually have a little pity for. I pray for him that someday he ought to see the light. If not, it’s his loss and I won’t even further discuss him or his review again, because he showed how arrogant and full o’himself he is. I won’t even distinguish this matter with a modicum of attention any further.

    Well, on a lighter note, if you would like to read something a little more dead-on you should check out my review for OAI on Rolling Stone.

    Anyway, thank you FED for the mail yesterday. Preparations are proceeding underway. But I am curious to know if there might be something resembling a banner with David’s signature logo available for merchandise or might I special order something like that. Would love to know as the Gathering deserves a proper sign flag in the middle of a park.

    I would like to extend the Invitation to anyone else in the Florida area. Further details coming forthwith real soon.

    Peace and Love to All !!! Cazart !

    [I’m afraid there’s no such item for sale via this website, but there’s nothing stopping you from making your own. – Features Editor]

  39. i’m with angelo. rainforests are very important!!!

    fed, are you a composter?

    [Well, I’ve just started composting. I don’t know what that makes me, as such, but I’d recommend it. – Features Editor]

  40. like the poster above me i also read the “review” by the disenfranchised waters fan on . what an arse . at least i can relax and know he has made a clear eejit of himself and everyone who reads that will laugh him out of the place .

    ah the 7 ages of rock is about to start . thats me out of here !

    peace out !

  41. Just curious as to exactly how many BLOTTO participants there are? 100? 50? Far less?

    It is intriguing that of all the entries, not one is going to get a BLOTTO line. I know that Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise) caused much trouble for many. Just wondering if those 3 were counted as one song – would anybody have been yelling BLOTTO? But then you wouldn’t have 23 songs on the disc, you would end up with two empty spots for songs 22 and 23.



    [That is intriguing. I must find out. – Features Editor]

  42. My first post on here. hope he does play ‘wtio’. would’ve loved to have seen more from the division bell on here like poles apart and lost for words

    1. “Speak To Me”
    2. “Breathe”
    3. “Time”
    4. “Breathe (Reprise)”
    5. “Castellorizon”
    6. “On An Island”
    7. “The Blue”
    8. “Red Sky At Night”
    9. “This Heaven”
    10. “Then I Close My Eyes”
    11. “Smile”
    12. “Take A Breath”
    13. “A Pocketful Of Stones”
    14. “Where We Start”
    15. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)”
    16. “Wearing the Inside Out”
    17. “Coming Back To Life”
    18. “High Hopes”
    19. “Wots Uh the Deal”
    20. “Wish You Were Here” (not with Nick Mason)
    21. “Find The Cost Of Freedom” (with David Crosby and Graham Nash)
    22. “Arnold Layne”
    23. “Comfortably Numb” (with David Bowie)

    [Welcome, Joe. – Features Editor]

  43. Well, I’m with Rudders with only 2 right so far on my UN-Blotto card….

    Rabid Soul: there are lots of sign shops that could make that banner for your shindig… just a thought.

    Angelo: You’re right about the rainforests!!


  44. It must suck being idealized and worshipped by all, I think I will go in the crowd. out of the Blue, momentary lapse of reason. ohio, I think it was 87 or sometime about.

    Double delay to ya. Truly a Diamond in my mind!!! Shine on….

  45. Hey FE’d

    hope everyone is ok?

    wanted to know that with this being a big year for DG with the dvd release, but it’s also my 40th er… I mean 40 years since the real pink floyd, in my opinion, got started with DG, was wondering if asides from the 3 cd rerelease if there were other goodies in the pipeline? books? films? compilation cd’s? etc? 🙂

    hope folks have a good weekend

    [Not that I know of, sorry. If there’s any news relevant to this site, then I’m sure we’ll let you know as soon as we can. – Features Editor]

  46. to joe: welcome to the blog. 🙂

    no ‘echoes’? i think it could be #1. would love to see ‘wot’s… uh the deal’ or ‘dominoes’ at #19.

    also, which ‘arnold layne’ will they go for? i think it will be bowie’s version at #22.

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