Blotto (#2, #5, #14, #16)

Remember That Night DVD (2007)I have a bonanza of Blotto for you today, with four – yes, four (what the heck?) – of the remaining eight mystery songs being recklessly announced… for the sake of everyone’s sanity.

If you’d given up on Blotto, then you might want to reach for your Blotto card after this.

The 16th song to be revealed is ‘Breathe‘, which will be the second tune on the concert DVD.

The 17th song to be revealed is ‘Castellorizon‘, which will be the DVD’s fifth live song.

The 18th song to be revealed is ‘Where We Start‘, which is where we end, as far as the ‘On an Island’ set is concerned. It’s number 14.

And the 19th song to be revealed is an old Pink Floyd number called ‘Fat Old Sun‘, or something like that (you seem to be rather fond of it, whatever it’s called). This little ditty will take up the oh-so controversial ’16’ space on both concert disc and Blotto card.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Once you’re done with your pipe, please mark these spaces on your game card. You know the rest (complete a line, shout “Blotto!”, tally up your correct guesses, be entered into a prize draw, win something really great, etc.).

There are 23 songs from the Royal Albert Hall taking up the first DVD of David’s forthcoming double-disc set, ‘Remember That Night’, which is released in September and is absolutely crammed with goodies.

The picture above is taken from the live DVD. Please click it for a better look. There are plenty of screenshots to come.

So, how’s your Blotto card looking after that crazed outburst? Better?

Do tell. You can do so here, below, or save it for the chatroom, which is open tomorrow from 2PM (UK time).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

70 thoughts on “Blotto (#2, #5, #14, #16)”

  1. “Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.”

    I love you…

    In the most hetero way possible of course

  2. working late, fed? you’re very generous tonight. been drinking? 😉

    i can’t remember what i picked. too much information. i’ll say “unbloto!” just to be safe.

    i’m so glad about ‘fat old sun’. i was getting worried.

    [Are you trying to suggest that I’ve been at Lucia’s (French) wine, Victor? Don’t get too used to the generosity, by the way. That’s your lot for this year. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the back of Blotto and thought we’d hurry things along a bit. It is a Thursday, after all. If you can’t announce four songs on a Thursday, what can you do? – Features Editor]

  3. fat old sun on both of his dvds? wtf? more from the division bell please, its probably the worst track on atom heart mother. sorry david, I will cry if wearing the inside out doesn’t figure.

  4. Here’s hoping Fat Old Sun lives up to all of the hype that many of us have been giving it….of course I can only vouch for the version that I heard on the 30th May. If it doesn’t live up to expectations, then it must have been the version from 31st May!!!! 🙂

    I’m elated that FOS has made it onto the first disc….it was the second best song performed on 30th May….now what was the best song called again???

    [You’ll have to remind me… – Features Editor]

  5. Blotto Schmotto…I gave up on this ages ago. Good luck to the rest of you.

    On another subject, but one about David.

    I was listening to ‘Let’s Get Metaphysical’ and I noticed in the credits in those little booklets that accompany the disk, that it does not even mention the song or who wrote it.

    I have always assumed that it was David as most of the music is his. It is listed on the back of the book, but only regarding the name, number and length of the song.

    Can someone tell me if this is for certain David’s? It is one of my top favorites. Then followed by the wonderful ‘Near the End’. Wonderful guitar work. Wow. Also, great lyrics.

    Also, listening to ‘Childhoods End’ ‘Wot’s..Uh the Deal’. What lovely melodys, lyrics, voice and guitar. That voice at 25 or so. Again wow. Sings, writes, plays guitar. Drop dead looks. It’s the whole package. No wonder ‘some’ find lots to criticize. is the color.

    Ok, so lots of this is old news and we are all whiners to a degree. But if we can’t have Wot’s Uh the Deal on RTN, then thank you thank you thank you for the information that ‘Fat Old Sun’ will be on the dvd. Whew, one out of two at least.

    Again, good luck to the BEST BLOTTO BLOGGER.


    [Nothing about ‘Let’s Get Metaphysical’ in the little CD booklet thingy? That’s not on. It’s very much David’s song, but I will see if I can find out whether anyone else should be rightfully credited (my encyclopaedic knowledge is waning tonight – I’m three times more Blotto than normal, you see). Indeed, you’ll know that, as well as all of the above praise heaped on the man’s shoulders, David has also always been the first to give credit when he collaborates with others. – Features Editor]

  6. I need something bigger than a pipe to smoke that along with my Blotto card…maybe a bong would be better.

    For me, two right on Blotto with only a chance of one more correct entry and that is not counting the two stars.



  7. Fat Old Who? Dunno that one… Could you hum it? 😉

    I have one left (using a process of elimination). n… n… n… n… nineteen 🙂

    [Oh, that one. Why, that’s… Steady! Four’s enough for one night, surely. – Features Editor]

  8. I’m going to lose my job today if I’m not careful.

    But, I just had to say…’Dimming of the Day’…I love David’s singing and playing on that. A friend recorded it for me so I can play it here at work. I know he did not write it, but in my mind he ‘owns’ it. That kid can still play and sing.

    later all,

    [Yes, but he has rotten taste in football teams, don’t forget. And it’s only going to get worse for Arsenal now that Thierry’s gone… – Features Editor]

  9. Wow, “Fat Old Sun”, that made my afternoon.

    Thanks fed. Blotto card was shredded long ago, but I love getting the updates anyway.

    [I’m glad that, if you had to throw it away, you at least shredded it first. – Features Editor]

  10. Damn! Although I really enjoy ‘Fat Old Sun’, its appearance surely means that my number one wish list song, ‘Wot’s..Uh the Deal’ will not be included.

    Still holding out hope for Echoes though.

  11. so there are four left.

    i think ‘smile’ is #11 and ‘arnold layne’ with bowie will be #22. echoes perhaps #1.

    still hoping for ‘dominoes’ at #19.

    my original list was

    1. breathe
    2. time
    3. breathe (reprise)
    4. castellorizon
    5. on an island
    6. the blue
    7. red sky at night
    8. this heaven
    9. then i close my eyes
    10. smile
    11. take a breath
    12. a pocketful of stones
    13. where we start
    14. shine on you crazy diamond
    15. fat old sun
    16. dominoes
    17. coming back to life
    18. high hopes
    19. wot’s uh… the deal
    20. echoes
    21. wish you were here
    22. arnold layne (bowie)
    23. comfortably numb (bowie)

    so it’s “unblotto!” for #2, “unblotto!” for #5, “unblotto!” for #15 and “unblotto!” for #16!

  12. [I was listening to ‘Let’s Get Metaphysical’ and I noticed in the credits in those little booklets that accompany the disk, that it does not even mention the song or who wrote it. – Posted by: jan at June 28, 2007 08:19 PM]

    Are you sure that Olivia Newton-John shouldn’t get a credit for that one?? LOL.



  13. Bloody hell I messed my go up big time! not one right.

    It`s a huge relief to see `Fat Old Sun` included though!

    Sorry for my little tantrum.

  14. Unfortunately I’m at the office so I can’t smoke my pipe at the moment…

    But thanks FEd for making my Birthday wish come true. Fat Old Sun is going to be smoking. Possibly the best a Telecaster has ever sounded..

    “When that Fat Old Bob on the blog..”

    Blotto is me as I head to the pub after work to celebrate.

    [I thought you might like it, Bob. Have one for me. – Features Editor]

  15. Inside cover of About Face (Remastered) CD Booklet: 9. Let’s Get Metaphysical (D. Gilmour)

    Inside cover of About Face Cassette: 4. Let’s Get Metaphysical (David Gilmour)

    It has no lyrics so the designer probably just left it out as it probably made his page layout look uneven.

    Take it from me, I have worked with these people 😉


    I am jumping on the sofa!!! Great!

    I always loved this song and also more after the tour. I enjoyed sooooo much seeing the band playing Fat old sun! Really happy to have all that good energy on the Dvd!



  17. Good choice of including Fat Old Sun! The setlist is great now, really looking forward to the DVD.

    However, this probably means that Wearing The Inside Out won’t make it to the first disc. Can you confirm if it will be on the second, or not? I really hope that the song will be included!

    [I can’t. – Features Editor]

  18. [Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.]

    Oh ! such an exquisite language ! that sounds so poetic ! another great souvenir from Fed to put in my little notebook…


    [And to think that I’m from the same part of the world as Dylan Thomas. He must be spinning in his grave… if he reads the blog from there, that is. – Features Editor]

  19. I’m feeling plenty of fat old relief that “Fat Old Sun” will appear on the DVD! Whoo Hoo! And, to celebrate, I’m giving myself partial credit for having listed “Time/Breathe Reprise” as song #2. That means, counting the two stars FEd gave us as freebies, I’ve scored 2.5 on Blotto!

    EchoesBob is absolutely correct: “the best a Telecaster ever sounded.” I know I’ll be playing “Fat Old Sun,” first on the DVD. And over, and over, and over again!

  20. theres no way Echoes will be number one surely?

    I wouldnt want that, it wouldnt be a true representation of what the shows were like since he never once opened with Echoes.

    number one will be Speak to me.

  21. [Yes, but he has rotten taste in football teams, don’t forget. And it’s only going to get worse for Arsenal now that Thierry’s gone… – Features Editor]

    Oh how my heart bleeds for the crumbling edifice that is AFC = once old Arsene waves goodbye it could be thank you and goodnight.

    By the way F’ed, I expect you have a close relationship with all the Liverpool team but have you ever shared a flight cabin back from Nassau with a certain Stevie G and his new W(AG)?

    My Julie could hardly contain her excitement, I’ll have you know, whilst I narrowly missed out on treading on his flip-flops and doing his fourth metatarsal.

    [You’d get more than a pointy stick if you damaged Stevie, mark my words. – Features Editor]

  22. [And to think that I’m from the same part of the world as Dylan Thomas. He must be spinning in his grave… if he reads the blog from there, that is. – Features Editor]

    Always had you down as from the “Max Boyce school” myself, F’ed

    [Well, you would. However, I’m sure that Max would be very disappointed, too. – Features Editor]

  23. Great news that FOS will be on disk 1.

    Ok, so looking at the order revealed so far… I’m gonna step out here and say that I don’t think Echoes will preceed Comfortably Numb in slot 22 (stylistically it wouldn’t fit there and it didn’t appear as an encore during the tour).

    #11 is obviously Smile so that leaves Echoes as #16 or on disk 2 as a special feature (since its such a long track).

    I think it will be on disk 2 leaving room for Wearing The Inside Out on disk 1, slot 16.


  24. Cymru am byth! Oggi, Oggi, Oggi…

    Nice to see a good Welsh theme sliding into today’s blog…

    “And we were singing hymns and arias, land of my fathers, ar hyd y nos” 🙂

  25. Nate: Thank you for the information about ‘Let’s Get Metaphysical.’ On my booklet it is song number 9 with no information anywhere else. It says that it is digitally mastered not remastered and dates on back say 1984 CBS.

    And F’Ed…from the little I know about English football I would have no way of challenging David’s taste regarding teams. I must bow to your vast knowledge. And I would bow to you anyway just because you work for David and have an extraordinary command of language. Make that several languages.

    Best to you all,

    [You’re far too kind, Jan. – Features Editor]

  26. Although “Fat Old Sun” is a great song, I feel kind of “meh” about it’s inclusion. Since David recently released it on DVD, I would have preferred something a little different.

    Maybe he’s taking a page from Roger’s book of releasing the same stuff over and over again.

  27. If i was not so stupid at the beginning (thinking that Breathe/time/breathe reprise were only one song) i would get more than my 2old little x on my blotto card.

    We always learn something in this amazing life isn’t it? Bless you…

    Sylvie de montréal

  28. Never saw Fat Old Sun until the tour. The guitar solo is fantastic, get ready people, David rocked on that one.

    Now I’m crossing my fingers for Wearing the Inside out. What a great job on that one too for Richard.

    Smile must be on the 2nd disc since Fed said OAI is done. HMMMM. That leaves something open perhaps.

    Have a great Canada Day and 4th of July to North America everyone.

  29. I missed all four numbers.

    What’s the rush FEd?

    [I was feeling unusually kind yesterday. – Features Editor]

  30. Four FEd? Did you get lucky last night or something?

    I’m still on my unblotto streak. (So I will go smoke my pipe now.)


  31. [Nice to see a good Welsh theme sliding into today’s blog… – Rudders]

    Talking about Welsh themes, I’m hitting Swansea’s Wind St for an all-dayer on Saturday. Look out Wales!

    [You’re the reason why they sporadically open and close Wind Street, are you? – Features Editor]

  32. I know you can’t please everyone but it’s such a real shame Wots…Uh The Deal [seems] to be missing, especially since Fat Old Sun and Coming Back To Life were on David’s last In Concert DVD.

    The avoidable repetition is disappointing, even though Fat Old Sun is a superb piece.

  33. Unblotto!/Unblotto!!/Unblotto!!!/Unblotto!!!!

    Thanks Fed for this tornado…

    Complimenti, Lucia!


  34. i think ‘echoes’ really could be #1.

    i can’t believe that some people are grumbling about ‘fat old sun’.

  35. Please can you remind us which four track numbers are still to be revealed. From some of the responses, there seems to be a fair bit of confusion.

    I thought I had my head around it, but then realised I incorrectly thought there were only three tracks left undisclosed!

    [The four remaining numbers are: 1, 11, 19 and 22. – Features Editor]

  36. Blotto……not !

    Oh well, another 4 wrong. At least I’m being consistent.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  37. [i think ‘echoes’ really could be #1. – Victor]

    I was just thinking that too. I remember an interview from Mr. Gilmour, during the tour, saying “It’s been good to be playing echoes after all these years”.

    So therefore, he must want it on his DVD….surely?

  38. Great news about ‘Fat Old Sun’. David played that one in Gdansk last August as well as ‘Wot’s uh the deal’. They were great compliments to ‘OAI’, and they never sounded better to my ears. It was a real treat to see them done live. I’m very happy that ‘FOS’ will be included:)

    It’s so hot and humid here in Tennessee, it’s disgustingly miserable. It’s a welcome sight indeed, when that fat old sun in the sky is falling.

    I hope everyone will have a good weekend.

    L O V E it!

  39. Blotto Blitz!

    “When that Fat Old Sun in the sky is falling…”

  40. Well, I put it in my pipe, and I’m trying to smoke it, but it just won’t light for me…

    UnBlottoed again, on all counts!!!

  41. [Yes, but he has rotten taste in football teams, don’t forget. And it’s only going to get worse for Arsenal now that Thierry’s gone… – Features Editor]

    mmmm, we will see if Nasty Nick returns to make a difference to the gunners.

    David’s taste is immaculate.

  42. Excellent news about Fat Old Sun !

    It really is such an amazing mindblowingly good version ! I was blown away by it.

    Nice screenshot. Looks like they are playing under the sea !

    Have a good weekend everyone.


  43. I think that the only FAT OLD SUN we will ever see around these parts is on the DVD.

  44. [The four remaining numbers are: 1, 11, 19 and 22. – Features Editor]

    So that’ll be Speak to Me, Smile, Echoes and Arnold Layne (with David Bowie) then.

    Then again it could always be TGGITS, What’s uh the Deal, Dominoes and Wearing the Inside Out:-)

    Many thanks for the confirmation.

  45. How about…Notto!!!

    But who cares really…this is going to be a fantastic DVD!!! I can’t wait…Fat Old Sun…perfect 🙂

    This is a harder…and better wait than for the iPhone! Part of me wants the summer to go by slowly, but…September…at least we’ve got 4 more songs left for you to drag out over this time span.

    I wish everyone a great weekend – We’ll be celebrating my youngest daughter’s 1st birthday tomorrow.


    [Enjoy your daughter’s birthday, Rob. – Features Editor]

  46. Dylan, Dylan… everywhere…

    Didn’t a certain Robert Zimmerman change his name in homage to Dylan Thomas ?



  47. To anyone in and around London,

    I read the news about the diffused car bomb. Please watch after yourselves…

  48. ‘Wot’s..Uh the Deal’

    I am starting to get very very nervous and the old palms are sweaty.

    Cheers, Howard

  49. [Maybe he’s taking a page from Roger’s book of releasing the same stuff over and over again]

    I think this is a little harsh and I have to defend David.

    How does playing a whole new album live constitute the above?

    David, as I see it, was not putting on a Pink Floyd concert but a David Gilmour solo concert with some Floyd hits. Just my opinion.

  50. [Didn’t a certain Robert Zimmerman change his name in homage to Dylan Thomas?]

    And then didn’t the Rabbit from the Magic Roundabout change his name after old Bob – or did I dream that?

  51. Happy Friday all,

    Fat old sun, so glad it made it. It really rocked.

    Well off to the mountains for a week of sun, nature and lot’s of beer of course.

    Everyone have a Happy 4th of July (my birthday also). Take it easy.

  52. to anyone moaning and groaning about whether wearing the inside out will be on the dvd :

    correct me if i am wrong (and i am sure fet ed will!) but if the mermaid theatre show is put onto the extras disk, i believe wearing the insdie out was on that show so i would hazard a guess (and i stress this is just a guess) that it will feature at least on that disk if not on the other .

    i have to say am not too bothered about whats on the dvd but i would like to see echoes somewhere i have never seen it live ! i have decided to enjoy it what ever is on it !

    peace and a good weekend to all (and you too fet ed !)

  53. Well, “Fat Old Sun” is obviously a great song, but on the other hand that means probably no “Wearing the inside out” and “wot’s oh the deal”, which is very sad.

    But then again, no matter which one of the 3 will be chosen I’ll still be sad for the other too… you should have included them all, you bastards!

    Why choose? Why couldn’t you make an extended second set:

    Shine On/Wearing The Inside Out/Wot’s Oh The Deal/Fat Old Sun/Coming Back To Life/High Hopes/Echoes

    It’s not that long, really. and we’ll have astronomy domine and dark globe on the other DVD…

    And there’s still one more mystery to reveal: It seems that none of the Nick Mason songs would make it to the DVD, but Mason is clearly seen at the 5-minute trailer… So, what part will Nick Mason have on the DVD?

  54. Thank you David!

    You must have heard me …
    singing through the gloom
    singing and singing, a merry air
    I leaned out of the window golden hair …
    I declared!
    No 16, your time is up!

    I’m so happy! Please can you let us know which night this version of FOS was taken from. I’m hoping it was from the final night 31 May (when I was sat in the centre of 5th row). You and the band looked as if you were thoroughly enjoying yourselves! It was fabulous!

  55. While I like Fat Old Sun, it was already in the David Gilmour in concert DVD.

    I was hoping that Wearing the Inside Out would make it to this DVD.

    My hope is fading now. What a shame.

  56. Gosh – I don’t check in for a day and suddenly there are three new posts and four Blotto entries revealed at once!

    I’m really pleased that Fat Old Sun has made it on to the DVD. The performance on May 31st was one of the show’s highlights for me.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

  57. [David’s taste is immaculate.]

    come on he supports l’arse and he puts fat old sun on both his dvds after slaggin off atom heart mother.

    i admire and respect the man as a musician but what was going through his head???

  58. W-wwe-eari-ing the-ee-e insi-iide oo-oout! What is really interesting in Fat Old Sun?

  59. to joe:

    when did david slag off atom heart mother? ‘fat old sun’ is his song and the best one on the album imo. of course he’s going to play it.

    maybe he’s slagged off side 1 of ahm, but i don’t see why he shouldn’t be allowed to play whatever he wants at his shows or put whatever he wants on his dvds.

    and i for one like ‘fat old sun’ more than ‘wearing the inside out’.

  60. “Some of it now, like Atom Heart Mother, strikes me as absolute crap, but I no longer want or have to play stuff I don’t enjoy.” – David Gilmour, November 1994

    “What do you think of your early records like Atom Heart Mother and Ummagumma today?”

    “I think both are pretty horrible. Well, the live disc of Ummagumma might be all right, but even that isn’t recorded well.” – David Gilmour, German news magazine “Der Spiegel” No. 23 – 5 June 1995


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