Strat Pack (Mexico)


Throughout the rest of the month, fans in Mexico City will be able to see David’s performance at the Strat Pack concert on television.

It’s available on Cablevision, on Channel 106, so do look out for it.

The 2004 benefit concert was in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, a UK organisation which uses music therapy to prove that everyone can respond to music, regardless of illness or disability.

David played the tracks ‘Marooned’, ‘Coming Back To Life’ and ‘Sorrow’, as well as giving everyone a glimpse of his famed 1954 Stratocaster with the 0001 serial number (as shown above).

David’s friend and ‘On An Island’ collaborator, Phil Manzanera, also performed, along with a host of legendary guitarists – which included Hank Marvin, Brian May, Joe Walsh and Ronnie Wood.

The concert is available on DVD as ‘The Strat Pack: The 50th Anniversary Of The Fender Stratocaster’.

Our thanks to Paul B for letting us know.

There’s no chat today, but our chatroom will be open on Wednesday from 10AM (UK). Doors will be closing with a cyber-slam at 12PM (UK), but that really has nothing to do with a certain football match.

Everyone is welcome to drop by, particularly those wearing red.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Please take a look at this link concerning a missing child Madeleine McCann, a beautiful four year old little girl from the UK.

    Please take the time out to help bring Madeleine home…


  2. Thank heavens the organizers got their choices right by having Strat-cat Gilmour on the show. By all means, he saved the show (he and Phil M, natch!).

    Loved his mini-set… only wish was that there were more songs performed.

    I would also love to see the other Nordoff Robbins performance by David and Co. at the Knebworth 1990 show. THAT was every bit as masterful and passionate as the Strat Pack performance (gotta love the rain torrent during the musical “torrent” of Sorrow …. iconic imagery all over THAT song!).

    Nuff said,

  3. i agree with beppo the mime. david saved this show. he played great (as always) and it was all for charity, but i don’t know why some of the acts were booked for this fender celebration.

  4. I agree with the comments above. This show is worth watching if only for David’s performance!

    I have it on dvd and there are some really good performances but, as mentioned, I too had to scratch my head wondering why some acts were booked. “Celebrating 50 Years of the Fender Stratocaster” — huh?

    David more than makes up for any of ‘those’ performers though. Marooned, Coming Back To Life and Sorrow?? Soooo damn good, it’ll give you chills, guaranteed!

    Peace ‘n’ love all!
    Washington State

  5. As Max Boyce once said “I was there”…

    It was a very, very long concert with some interesting bands and people…


    – Gary Moore
    – El Magnifico
    – Joe Walsh
    – And of course the reason I went was that iconic Welshman Pino Paladino was playing bass in the house band

    A list of “What the *uck is going on”s

    – Brian May playing a Strat (since when?)
    – Jamie Cullum – that well known pianist banging out a tune on his Fender Stratocaster NOT!
    – In the middle section of the concert we had the Paul Rodgers show…
    – Ronnie Wood… words fail me as to how awful his singing was…
    – Theresa Andersson… I don’t know who she is either!
    – Amy Winehouse???? WTF??

    I did once promise the Fedmeister my t’shirt from this concert but you didn’t show at Massey Hall to collect it me old mucka!

    So… buy the DVD if you want to pay for 4 or 5 excellent performances amidst the vacuous, malodorous dross…

    DG was pretty good by the way… 🙂

    [I saw Max Boyce the other night, funnily enough. David’s gig was better… – Features Editor]

  6. [I would also love to see the other Nordoff Robbins performance by David and Co. at the Knebworth 1990 show.]

    i could’nt agree more . the show as i recall was released onto tape at least . i bought it and used to love listening to it . as i recall there was a dire staights song on it called i think i love too much . the guitar work on that was cool too 🙂

    i bet the early chat is somewhat to do with a certain football match on tomorrow night . ok i will say it even though it is very hard for me to do so . i hope liverpool win .

    there you go i don’t say that too often 🙂


    [I’m going to print a copy of your message, Linda. That was beautiful. – Features Editor]

  7. Update on Max Boyce…

    Max Boyce is a Welsh Poet/Comedian/Singer/StoryTeller and he once wrote a song entitled 9-3 when Llanelli Rugby Football Club beat the the touring All Blacks side on a 31st October 1972..

    I was just a boy back then but I can say that “I was there” the day the Scarlets beat Iain Kirkpatrick’s mighty All Blacks 9 – 3.

    Still brings a lump to my throat to this day….

    [I’m feeling emotional enough as it is, Rudders. You’ll have me crying next. – Features Editor]

  8. I was there. I cried. I’m not ashamed to say.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Rudders, look. Now you’ve set Geoff off… – Features Editor]

  9. jamie cullum – that’s the one. why was he there?

    you can put the kettle on many times during this concert, but don’t you dare move when david comes on. ‘marooned’ was fab. i thought it was good of david to take the 0001 strat along.

    max boyce rules!

  10. [Rudders, look. Now you’ve set Geoff off… – Features Editor]

    If memory serves me Mr Rudders got a little momento from said night off the nice man from Dublin.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Athensish…… nah Dublin )

  11. Geoff… have a tissue…

    Where were you when you say you were there?

    The Strat Pack or at the Scarlets ground in Llanelli when we beat the mighty All Blacks… sh*t… I’m welling up again!?! Damn….

  12. Rudders…..I’m an Osprey!! Scarlets…I hate them!

    Anyway people, I have a major announcement that may not be of any matter to you, but it is very important to me and I wish to share it with you.

    Today, I completed my degree, and am proud to say that all went well. I will not know the results until June 25th-ish, but I thank you all for your kind words of support.

    Until next time, your pal, Simon J (Happy Days!)

    [Well done, Simon. – Features Editor]

  13. Of course, David was the star of the Strat pack show. I thought another highlight was to see Hank Marvin play. He inspired a lot of players.

    Even though Mr. May is one of my faves, I thought that it was very curious that he was there. Maybe they needed more names because some Strat players *cough* Clapton *cough* didn’t make it.

    I have the video of the 1990 Knebworth show and it only has two out of the five songs that Pink Floyd played. I know they had to make some cuts, but that is just wrong, don’t you think?

    [I sure do. – Features Editor]

  14. Hi all. I have the Strat Pack on DVD as well. I bought it for DG (for Marooned!!!), but I think there is a lot of good music. Everyone looked like they were having fun and most of the music was good. Gary Moore is smokin… a lot of the songs I am unfamiliar with, but enjoyed anyway.

    It was a cheap DVD and it has DG on it… a winner in my book!

    Have a great day all!

  15. That topic made me feel like watching ‘The Strat Pack’ DVD again.

    Wow! I had forgotten, but that version of ‘Marooned’ is just amazing ! You just have to close your eyes and dream…(But, of course, if you close your eyes, you can’t watch David anymore… et ce serait dommage!).

    I do love ‘Sorrow’ too, the guitar solo as well as the lyrics. How could anyone say that David is not a great songwriter ? The lyrics on ‘Sorrow’ are great, I think.

    And, at the end of the DVD, there is an interesting little documentary about ‘Nordoff-Robins Music Therapy’ with that beautiful and hopeful conclusion : “We believe that everyone can respond to music”.

    BTW, I think (not sure) that David won the only PF award with the song ‘Marooned’.


    [Pink Floyd have a Grammy award thanks to that fine piece of music. – Features Editor]

  16. David Was great at that show…As for some of the other performers…Thats debatable.

    If I may…Here are some people that would have fit in better at that show (and they are all strat Players…David and Phil automatically make the list)

    El Magnifico
    Joe Walsh
    Eric Clapton
    Jeff Beck
    Bonnie Rait

    That said…David stole the Show..I loved that he Played Marooned. FEd, Do you know who the Bass player was for David? I was always curious…

    Liverpool Tomorrow!! Enjoy the game!

    [That was Pino Palladino, I believe. – Features Editor]

  17. I also got a chance to see this on DVD. David’s performance was great! ‘Marooned’ is probably one of the best instrumental songs out there. I just love it.

    By the way, a few friends and I are getting together to watch the football match… There are a few pennies at stake. We’re rooting for Liverpool!

    [Bless you. Hope you enjoy it. – Features Editor]

  18. FEd!!! They finally posted it; and YES, the game will be televised here… GO RED!!!

    I’ll be wearing red and singing the Steven Gerrard song!! How FUN it shall be!! Only one more day til game time!!

    I’ll be thinking especially of YOU & your friends having fun watching your team.

    “Steven Gerrard, Steven Gerrard… He’ll pass the ball forty yards……, etc.”

    Thank you for teaching me a song. I feel “official” about watching the game now!! LOL


    [Enjoy. Listen out for that song and another to the tune of ‘La Bamba’. – Features Editor]

  19. *sigh* once again, like a child on the playground who isn’t wearing the cool shoes…

  20. I was accidentally fortunate enough to see and hear David (as well as Phil or course) perform during this concert while channel surfing no less, a couple months ago on a channel here in North America called HDNet..Make my day or what!!!..ABSOLUTELY STUNNING

    I got the feeling that the majority of the crowd was there primarily to hear David spin his magic, as when Phil announced that David was up next, the whole atmosphere of the event went from WooHoooo Rock On to quiet irreverence in anticipation for what they were about to experience…and they were not disappointed..I’ll say it again..Stunning!!!

    Also has anyone else ever noticed that when David is playing, the other musicians sharing his stage can’t help but watch him..shake their heads in disbelief and what was evident during this show?…Enjoy Mexico City..You’re in for a special treat!

  21. Come on the Reds!

    Am I the only North American skipping work on Wednesday to watch the match?

  22. To see the Stat pack. Hi-lites for me: Gary Moore was Priceless. Hank Marvin and Joe Walsh were Amazing. The Country Boy Albert Lee, Stupendous. And Ronnie Wood, Totally Useless.

    David, I wish you had played a lead solo on the encore. You did play exceptionally well that night and Marooned was classic.


  23. Thanks to the Blog, we got hold of the Strat Pack concert DVD last year and have been enjoying most of the performances ever since.

    “Marooned”, “Coming Back to Life” and “Sorrow” – We love them all. David Gilmour delivered a first class performance; it was breathtaking!


  24. It would have been funny, if not totally sick for david to have done a jimi and burnt the 0001 strat onstage at that event. Bet that would ruffle a few feathers!!

    are you going to the match fed? i notice there is a flight leaving heathrow going to athens at 3pm. just enough time to get the chat out of the way and hop in a taxi eh?

    walk on f’ed walk on

    [As tempting as that is, I’ll be watching on TV. How about you? – Features Editor]

  25. [As tempting as that is, I’ll be watching on TV. How about you? – Features Editor]

    its gotta be the mighty ‘bot’ inn (pub) the only place in belfast to watch a liverpool match with 99.999% of patrons wearing red. One of the guys in our place (an arsenal season ticket holder) is away to athens for it, silly bugger thought that the gooners were going to make it to athens, hahaha

    [Just what was he thinking?! Hope you enjoy the game, mate. Walk on. – Features Editor]

  26. [I would also love to see the other Nordoff Robbins performance by David and Co. at the Knebworth 1990 show. THAT was every bit as masterful and passionate as the Strat Pack performance (gotta love the rain torrent during the musical “torrent” of Sorrow …. iconic imagery all over THAT song!). – Posted by: Beppo]

    When you said David and Co, did you mean Pink Floyd? I was at the Knebworth concert in 1990 and remembered that it rained at the beginning of the concert and at the end.

    For some odd reason Mr Screen was taken down before Pink Floyd went on stage and just the round lighting rig was left up. I figure there must have been a fault with the projector.

    In retrospect, the one thing that really stands out about the Knebworth concert is that I felt one particular star (no names mentioned) was trying to upstage Pink Floyd. Well that is how it appeared to me anyway. Pink Floyd were well worth the wait.

    I also remember what an excellent combination Eric Clapton and Elton John made and even though I was no big fan of Status Quo, I found my foot wouldn’t stop tapping. They were very good live. And what can I say about Cliff Richard and The Shadows, great stuff.

    Whoops, sorry this is a David Gilmour site! I shall put my memories back into archives now.

    FEd, good luck with Liddypool.

    Best regards.

  27. hmmm…Brian May and Joe Walsh…I’m sure they own a strat or two but then again so do “i”…but I wasnt invited.

    May built his own guitar and Walsh’s sound is predominately Les Paul with a lil tele on the side.

    I wonder if Mr.Gilmour had the chance to jam with Hank Marvin at the 50th, wut a sight that wud be. Also ok it wuz the 50th anniversary go ahead and dust off the 0001 and show it off. And maybe next time you play “Wish you were here” how bout using that early 70’s D-35 Martin for the lead again…

  28. Hello Fed! Hi friends!

    I bought this DVD last year. That was a really good decision. The high point of this DVD is for me David’s performance. I wished I would have been at this concert.

    With the best greetings from Berlin

  29. [Today, I completed my degree]

    Great news, Simon! Enjoy your free time!


  30. Fed

    Just wanted to wish you luck watching Liverpool tonight…I’m going to try and have a looong lunch to watch it live over here.

    Should be a great match…try not to chew your fingers off 🙂

    Go Liverpool!

    [Thank you, I’ll try not to. – Features Editor]

  31. Now I know who took my guitar without permission….!

    Jokes apart, I think She’s nice in David’s hands!

    Ok, all is ready for the match… Fed, you have to win the Cup for Juventus, too!


  32. Hi Fed, back from travels.

    Anyway best o luck to the pool tonite.

    Tom B

    [Thanks. Hope you had a good time on your travels, Tom. – Features Editor]

  33. Hello all,

    I too like John Nff was channel surfing one night and came across this. Quickly I got the DVD recorder going.

    Just this past weekend I was on a David Gilmour/Pink Floyd kick. I watched every tape that I have of them, including the strat pack. It is nice to be able to fast forward directly to Phil.


    Hi, I am heading to NYC on Saturday morning and was wondering if you had decided where to meet up at with some fellow bloggers if they can make it. The date was the 30th correct?

    Name a time and a place and me and my friend will meet you there If I can find my way there of course. Just kidding, would not miss it.

    Good luck on the match today Fed.

  34. Who the hell is Liverpool? ;-)))

    Cheers, Howard

    PS Rudders, I just got back from Greece. I will email you.

  35. Poor FEd 🙁

    Even my daughters watched with me and were shouting ‘Come On You Reds!’

    We tried. Next time they won’t be so lucky…

  36. What a thoroughly undeserved win…

    – That nasty little thug, Gattuso should have been sent off
    – The ref needed rogering with a rusty speculum – his decision making was just wrong!

    Saying that though Liverpool’s ball control was not good.

    Anyway… two finals in three years isn’t too shabby Fed!


    I would comment about not starting enough strikers *cough* Crouch *cough*, but what do I know. Plus having 1 striker seemed to be the winning formula in this year’s World Cup.

    My sincere condolences Fed.

    Milan’s first goal was lucky, was the second any good?

    Remember, always look on the bright side of life (insert Eric Idle’s whistling here). There’s always next year.

  38. Condolences to Fed and his Reds….thought the last minute dramatics would be really something to talk about, but it wasn’t enough….

    Haven’t watched a football game in about three years…have to admit I played hookie to catch it..anyway

    NOW its off to work for the remainder of my day….

  39. I went to Knebworth 90. it was very special apart from i had to sit through cliff richard jumpin about in a pink suit and Status quo, not to mention someone called Paul McCartney running over and keepin the floyd waiting

    i remember David saying “we are a bit wet up here, i expect youre a bit wet down there” n how sad am i to remember that and also the fact that David stood out front under the rain. electric shock comes to mind. other artists were cowering at the back of the stage

    it was a great concert from memory, Dire straits were just that – Dire. you could not understand a word he sang

    Fed, sorry mate, it was a valiant effort

  40. P.S in my humble opinion david never sounded better than in the strat pack concert

    i also love his version of the elvis song Dont that he sang in the lieber and stroller concert

    thats all folks. good night

  41. (((((FEd)))) I’m so sorry, hun…

    We should all be wearing one of Guy’s t-shirts about now…

    but they should have won!!! Italy knows they got lucky.

    Sorry for your loss, FEd. Otherwise, I did enjoy my first Liverpoooool game. I sang the song, too.


  42. Commiserations FEd, YOU’LL never walk alone…

    Left it too late tonight, for the comeback.

    I spotted a banner behind the Liverpool goal in the second half which said “Irregulars” on it, surely not DG bloggers (was 5times in Athens)

    I thought you weren’t going, FEd.!!!

    [I spotted that, too. 5 Times was there. – Features Editor]

  43. Oh blast!

    Bad luck F’Ed, wasn’t meant to be I guess…still I enjoyed cheering the Reds on in the pub tonight and it WAS a terrific achievement getting to yet another final – just remember it could be worse, like me you could support Cripple Palace 🙂

  44. It was a shock to see the word MEXICO in the title lol, I got very excited hahaha

  45. Strat Pack was cool. Gary Moore made my jaw dropped, and Joe Walsh was cool too. Of course, David made the show.

    Congrats Simon! Now that’s a reason to drink!


  46. Sad day for the reds…but a happy day for Bob Dylan!

    Happy Birthday, genius!

    [That’s cheered me up. Thanks, Emilio. – Features Editor]

  47. True Story:

    A young man in 1949 had to escape his own country for his life. He went abroad to Canada and loved it, but missed his own family. He went across again to Europe in 1951 and crossed the border into now occupied Soviet Hungary. There he reached his wife and 5 yr. old son. They walked in silence, the little boy could not speak for fear of capture and reprisal.

    At the Austrian border he remembered the pinging of cut barbed wire. At a lumberjack camp, a well to do friend asked the man to fetch his wife for a reward. Against his wife’s wishes, he did and returned with her. The reward never sufficed as promised. The family went overseas to Canada, this time together.

    That little boy was my eldest brother. He passed away 5:30 this morning. My three brothers and sister miss him dearly.

    Rest in Peace Bro. Jan.25 1946-May 24 2007.

    [Frank, my condolences to your family. Makes football seem insignificant… – Features Editor]

  48. Frank: So sorry for your loss.

    You know that our thoughts are with you and your family during this sad time.

  49. Frank Par,

    My condolences to you and your family.

    Every true story, such as the one you shared, is pieced together from memories. Memories enable the deceased to continue living in our hearts. I’m sure your brother will continue to be there in the hearts of many.


  50. Wow, Frank….I’m sorry for your loss.

    May you find some measure of condolence in these words and thoughts which are impossible to capture what I wish to express…

  51. [I am heading to NYC on Saturday morning… – Posted by: wendy at May 23, 2007 05:34 PM]

    I’ll be in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields at 3pm-ish on Wednesday the 30th with my acoustic and a load of OAI and Floyd songs to play…

    Hope to catch you then!

  52. [It was a shock to see the word MEXICO in the title lol, I got very excited hahaha – Pepe]

    Yes! I believe that this year marks the 20th anniversary of Fender making guitars in Mexico. That and the fact that David was in Mexico City earlier this year made me think that perhaps something was happening there.

    Oh well.

  53. Oh, Frank….

    I’m so very sorry to hear about your brother. Thank you for sharing the history, too.

    He will always live on in your hearts.

    Hugs to you and your family…. You are all in our thoughts.


  54. Well FEd….I certainly hoped for a better outcome yesterday, but like so many others — I had a great deal of fun skipping work, taking a long lunch, and watching the Liverpool game.

    KenF, above, is right on: you’ll never walk alone.

  55. Knebworth ’90 really was fantastic. I recall taping certain sets off the live broadcast all day (gee was Pink Floyd one of them?) and then later in the week grabbing what video I could from MTV (though of course the sets were truncated).

    MTV even used a slow motion shot of David’s frethand, wringing out the solo to Sorrow during the torrential downpour as one of their lead-in’s to/from commercial breaks.

    I’ll never forget how the mood of the music fit the rage of the elements so perfectly! I was also monstrously impressed at David’s ability to be so precise, melodic, and soulful on a soaking wet fretboard being hammered by rain!

    Pink Floyd’s set is really worth tracking down. I’ll never understand why it never made it to DVD. If memory serves, they played:

    – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-5)
    – The Great Gig in the Sky
    – Money
    – Wish You Were Here
    – Sorrow
    – Comfortably numb
    – Run Like Hell

    Julie, to answer your question: I believe Mr. Screen was out of commission because, prior to Floyd’s set, rain water had collected on it and the weight tore it open (or some such thing). Why it was left in an umbrella-like position is anyone’s guess!

  56. Ok….I got so excited reminiscing about Knebworth ’90 I completely forgot to comment on the Strat Pack!

    I agree with most in that it was a very uneven show. It was a celebration of the strat and I would have loved to have seen Jeff Beck (who I guess pulled out at the last second), Robin Trower, Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Johnson, etc etc etc. I mean I’m sure we could all think of a list of others we hoped to see, but I don’t think we can quite imagine the effort necessary to actually pull off such an event. Still, one can’t help wondering about SOME of the invitees!

    For me it was all about seeing David and Gary Moore. I also absolutely loved sets by Hank Marvin and of course Phil (two wonderful surprises that got me out hunting for CD’s soon after!).

    But seeing David play Marooned is worth the cost of the DVD alone. Easily one of the greatest instrumentals of all time (in my highly biased opinion). Just phenomenal.

    Anyway, if you don’t have it yet, snap it up. It’s reasonably priced and as stated many times above, it’s for a very worthy cause.

  57. to frank: my condolences on your loss. love to you and your family.

    to fed: sorry that liverpool lost. i thought you deserved to win.

  58. Frank, I’m so very sorry for your family’s loss. Hold your memories close to your heart — those can never be taken away. Thank you for sharing your brother’s (and parent’s) story with us, such courage.

    Peace and love to you always!
    Washington State

  59. Frank,

    I am so sorry for your sudden loss. There are no words that can express what you must be feeling. I know you thought you a more time. Take it one moment at a time, one day it will hurt less.

    To all who have been touched by your brother’s life–

    Peace, Love and Serenity,

  60. Being hammered by the rain, made that show all that much better. Then again, I wasn’t there. Probably wasn’t the safest, but those pictures are awesome.

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Bob Dylan today


  61. My deepest condolences, Frank..

    I know how devastating the loss of a loved one can be. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  62. So sorry for you Frank… really from the bottom of my heart.

    Sylvie de Montréal

  63. Dear Frank,

    the true stories are the more touching. Please accept my condolences to you and your family.


  64. Since I’m at work I tend to skim through the blog and see I missed something very significant…

    Frank, I am terribly sorry to hear you lost your brother. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for you and your family.

  65. FEd,

    The chat has been great. Glad I finally made one.



    [Glad you could join us, Andrew. Hope to see you again. – Features Editor]

  66. Why didn`t you come to Portugal?

    I hope soon… to watch and hear you and the rest of Pink Floyd mates!

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