'Seven Ages of Rock'


You might – nay, should – be interested to know that episode two of a new BBC music series, ‘The Seven Ages of Rock’ – which "traces the story of how artistic and conceptual expression permeated rock" and is rather cleverly entitled ‘Between Rock And An Art Place’ – features plenty of rare film footage for all you Pink Floyd buffs.

This includes a never-before-seen snippet from the band’s extremely rare first colour film, which includes David, shot shortly after he joined Pink Floyd in 1968.

Not wishing to give too much away, but we can exclusively reveal that this rare clip is from a BBC documentary called ‘The Sound of Change’, broadcast by the BBC just once back in 1969. It has been cut into a rare promo video for ‘Jugband Blues’, which was originally filmed for North America, Canada and Australia and has never before been broadcast.

There is also a short clip of David explaining the circumstances of how he came to join Pink Floyd, and another of him singing/discussing ‘Brain Damage’ from ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’.

Of interest to fans of the band when it was led by the late, great Syd Barrett, are several things. As well as home-made videos shot in 1967 and an alternate promo for the ‘Arnold Layne’ single, a ‘new’ version of ‘See Emily Play’ – which includes footage of Syd outside Abbey Road, plus footage from Jonathan Miller’s version of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ – will also be screened on television* for the very first time.

That’s ‘The Seven Ages of Rock’, which can be found on BBC2 at 9.10PM (UK) on Saturday 26 May and is repeated over on BBC1 the following Sunday at 11PM (UK).

If you missed the first programme last night, then you can catch the repeat tonight at 11PM (UK) on BBC1.

Don’t forget ‘Live From Abbey Road’ if you’re in Australia. That’s tonight at 10PM and tomorrow night at 8PM, both on MAX TV.

* There’s really no need for anyone to point out whether or not any of this material is already widely bootlegged and is available from the usual sources, but thanks all the same.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I’d love to see that one, hopefully here sometime.

    Good Luck Reds and a congrats to Chelsea. Go Blues.

  2. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY do I have to live in America?! Where the people are many and their hands are all empty?! WHYYYY?! *sniffles sullenly*

    [Jessica, I am sorry that you’re disappointed, but I do love your exquisite use of Bob Dylan’s lyrics. I met a young girl, she gave me a rainbow… Can you believe it? – Features Editor]

  3. If the first programme in the series is anything to go by then it should be good.

    Although to be fair if they were broadcasting the test card with the odd bit of footage of David in it, I’d watch that too.

    [Well, I wasn’t going to say anything, but there is a very rare clip of David playing Noughts and Crosses on a blackboard with a clown… It’s only ever been broadcast in my mind. – Features Editor]

  4. wow, this sounds amazing!!! last night’s show was brilliant. i can’t wait to see this stuff.

    thanks for the news, fed. first again with the story. davidgilmour.com is the best site on the net!!!

  5. lol, david playing noughts and crosses with a clown!!!

    we don’t want to know what else goes on in your mind, fed!!!

    if anyone’s confused, this is the old bbc test card (click my name below).

  6. Not to sound like a broken record, but…

    Wow, what another great photo!

    [If you haven’t seen Polly’s Venice photos, please click your name below. – Features Editor]

  7. [but I do love your exquisite use of Bob Dylan’s lyrics. I met a young girl, she gave me a rainbow… Can you believe it? – Features Editor]

    It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall…

    FEd, have you ever seen the mini-series film “The 60’s”? The characters talked in Dylan lyrics a lot; that’s what got me started. It’s a fantastic film, I think it aired on NBC in ’99. I don’t know when they released it on VHS.

    [No, I haven’t seen that. That’s a great idea. I think it should be a new rule here, don’t you? I ain’t no monkey, but I know what I like. – Features Editor]

  8. Just finished watching a taped copy of last nights Hendrix themed show and it was wonderful. Although I am left with a feeling of great loss as to what he could have been; we will never know.

    Based on episode one, next weeks Floyd (I believe the likes of Bowie/Roxy and the Velvet Underground will also be dissected and debated) special will not disappoint. Although, fitting these acts and more into one hour will have to be a masterful feat of engineering.

  9. I am packed and I am ready to go to UK to watch the broadcast – wishful thinking! :=(

    My vacation has just come to an end.

  10. OMG, this is another way to torture us. We have no hope left here in America:(

    Wonder how much a plane ticket to the UK would cost me. I could just pop over to watch this “RARE” treat.

    A very jealous and disappointed

  11. David to guitar technician, “what do you mean the show’s tomorrow?”

  12. [I think it should be a new rule here, don’t you? I ain’t no monkey, but I know what I like. – Features Editor]

    Yes! It should be a rule. I never engaged in this kind of thing before, but yes I think it can be very easily done. 😉

    [To prevent putting any noses out of joint, “rule” has been downgraded to “completely optional running joke (which, perhaps, nobody will find funny except for a few people)”. – Features Editor]

  13. Hey FEd, I just wanted to post this to let the Americans on here who are interested in the game on Wednesday know that it WILL be on tv.

    It will be on ESPN2 at 2:25 EST

    [Good stuff. Walk on, Ax (with hope in your heart, and all that). – Features Editor]

  14. Mighty Praise Fed…thank you for the info…can’t wait to see the BBC show of early PF complete with DG footage….

    Its a shame that all ‘our’ good DG.com friends across the globe have to wait to see it though…especially as most of them have also become Liverpool FC supporters ?


  15. Looking forward to next week’s “Seven Ages Of Rock”.

    The BBC have a dedicated webpage for this series, complete with track listing, which contains:-
    TEN PF tracks, 4 from David Bowie, 3 each from Velvet Underground & Roxy Music and 2 from Genesis (click my name below).

  16. A very enjoyable first episode. I eagerly anticipate the second, not least since reading the mouth-watering details you have shared with us here.

    Thank you for sparing some time over the weekend to update the blog, Features Editor. It seems that, in this day and age, everything stops on a Friday afternoon and things don’t start back up again until the following Monday morning. It’s always refreshing to see that someone will put their responsibilities before their leisure time and I, for one, appreciate that very much indeed.

    Good luck to Liverpool on Wednesday night.

    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  17. I just caught the rerun of the first episode, was very informative and a pleasure to watch.

    I very much look forward to the second one, firstly because of course they’re documenting Pink Floyd and secondly, I’ve got to write an essay about Prog Rock so this should be very helpful indeed =D.

  18. …Once again, you Britons get the good stuff and leave us Yanks behind to wallow in the dust.

    F’Ed, this is a completely ridiculous question (because if you knew the answer you would have given us teh info), but is there any chance this “Seven Ages” is going to be shown in America? Are there any strings you can pull with your friends at the BBC to get this released on DVD in the USA?

    Please, please, PLEEEEEEEEASE offer me a ray of hope here!!

    Hold on, there’s a man at my door with a strait-jacket and a set of padded handcuffs…

    [I do hope so, Dan (I hope you get to see it, I don’t hope that there’s a man with a strait-jacket at your door). If we hear of any plans to show this series in the States, or anywhere else, we’ll let you know immediately. – Features Editor]

  19. Wow…this is really fascinating news!

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for if BBC ever streams this on the web…

  20. That would be a lot of fun watching The seven ages of rock. Maybe they will play it the States some day. But until then I just want to thank you for letting us know what it is all about.

    I hope everyone had a good week end and that you (FEd) were able to finish the bathroom.

    Take Care

    [Not yet, Thomas, but soon… Very soon. – Features Editor]

  21. Well, well, well, I must say I got a whole new appreciation for OAI this weekend. I’m sure I’m a bit behind some of you others, but I heard the LP version for the 1st time. IMHO, it blows the CD out of the water! It’s so nice to see an artist take the time to make a quality LP. Thanks so much, David!

    Now I have to explain to my husband that we NEED a new turntable.

    I’m glad so many of you liked that article by Polly and Charlie, as much as I did.


  22. Afternoon,

    I did catch MAX TV’s (Australia) run of ‘Live from Abbey Road’ last night.

    Firstly they actually ran leading up to it,

    Pink Floyd – Live from Pompeii
    Pink Floyd – Dark side of the moon
    Pink Floyd – A – Z

    I enjoyed the LFAR very very much; it was nice to actually see the band performing, as before I had had stills to look at or a dodgy web screening.

    Even through it was fairly short, I did enjoy the bits of interview and behind the scenes shots. I may get my shot again tonight.


    [Thanks for letting us know, Karen. Glad you enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

  23. Agree with the comments so far about the first programme of the series. Although I have seen some of the clips several times you never tire of them.

    And, after Saturdays programme, there was even more Hendrix straight after on BBC4. Not sure if the same will happen this Saturday though.

    Pete – Coventry

  24. saw the first installment of the seven ages last night, they did a cracking jimi hendrix slot. Also featured were the beatles, cream, the who and the stones. Hopefully next weeks show will be of a similar calibre when the boys are featured!

    good luck wednesday. I’ll be a watchin’ and crossing every extremity i have going!

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  25. caption:

    david was a bit miffed at the ‘gooners’ seat allocation in the chelsea arsenal cup final

    [Very good. – Features Editor]

  26. HA HA HA…. all these programmes while im going to be away on honeymoon in Mexico.

    I am going to be a hypocrite, as I will have to set the DVD to record them, something I said I would never do… be a “slave to the TV”…but on this occaision ummmmmm.

    My wife & I (I didn’t make a speech at the wedding breakfast so its the first time I have said that) are busy trying to figure out how we are going to fit everything into the suitcase(s). from what I can see, it won’t !! (I can see our 1st arguement approaching as I try to “persuade” her to reduce the amount of clothes she takes !!!! )

    We had a fantastic day and the weather held, enabling us to all spill outside onto the grass during the day, I hope everybody enjoyed themselves.

    I did tell my father-in-law that I wanted an informal day & said no speeches & while I think he wanted to make one, we agreed. Then half way through the meal my autistic daughter stood up un-announced & said “quiet everybody, I want to make a speech”

    I, and everyone else, held our breath, wondering what she was going to say & she went on: “I want to thank everybody for coming to Jayne & My Daddies wedding, three cheers for Daddy & Jayne…hip hip..” we all responded with gusto followed by a huge round of applause for Aimee.

    My mother-in-law said it brought a tear to her eye as did my elderly aunt, I must admit it was so unexpected & so natural & heart warming, nothing else needed to be said.

    I’ll try & catch up with the blog while i’m away & thank you all for your good wishes.

    Kindest regards,
    Graham & MRS Jayne Knight

    [Bless you, Graham. It sounds like you all had a lovely day. Good luck with that suitcase argument, by the way. You’ll never win that one. – Features Editor]

  27. …waits another 30 years for the hoLoGraphic mind impLant so I too can see the “The Seven ages of RoCk”I’ve spent the last 30 trying to find everything audio and visuaL of Pink FLoyd. Who know wuT the future hoLds…afteraLL im on my fone browsing this site…wounder if cdz wiLL or DVDz wiLL be invoGue then…shine on!

  28. [I’m glad so many of you liked that article by Polly and Charlie, as much as I did. ~Erin]

    ?? What article was that the ??

    Thanks Pete – Coventry

    PS: Last Saturdays cup final was no where near as good as the one 20 years ago

    [Please click your name below, Pete. – Features Editor]

  29. Caption

    Not for one moment had it ever occured to David that his Blog might one day be more popular than his live show.

    [Now that’s a scary thought. There’s no chance of that. – Features Editor]

  30. [Good luck with that suitcase argument, by the way. You’ll never win that one. – Features Editor]

    Been there too, my dear Fed??

    [You could say that. – Features Editor]

  31. CAPTION:

    Always one to help out the needy our hero gears up for the (BRING THE SMURFS BACK ON TV) campaign by playing to the original cast members.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  32. The program sounds great–hope it comes to America.

    Yet again I’m stuck inside of Mobile with those Memphis blues again.

    [Bonus points for Gus. – Features Editor]

  33. Thanks for that link Fed – appreciated.

    I had a quick read but I will find time to fully digest.

    I have to say though that teenagers nowadays are certainly a different breed than when I was one.

    It is not an easy job but, as parents, you learn quickly that honesty and openness is the way to go.

    Having said that, and as much as I love them, I do not want to go through it again.

    Pete – Coventry

  34. Thanks for the inside info on next weeks programme, FEd.

    I really enjoyed the first episode with Hendrix, it was good to finally see a well-researched and informative documentary about the music I enjoy the most. Congrats to the BBC & their co-producer VH1. Hopefully the quality is maintained throught the series.

    Best regards to all us Liverpool fans throughout the world and may history repeat itself on Wednesday, though my doctor would probably prefer my blood pressure to stay a little lower this time. I’ve already been told I have to wear the same t-shirt as last time, go to the same pub and stand in the same place.

    No, of course I’m not superstitious !


    [My doctor is in complete agreement with your doctor, Colin. I don’t know about you, but I’m practicing the breathing exercises already. Very important, breathing. – Features Editor]

  35. Looking forward to seeing that show…..give us Americans a heads up when you find out if/when it airs over here. PBS plays a good deal of BBC specials for us non-cable tv watchers.

  36. Really quick, have to work, just wanted to say hola…and nice caption to Geoff and I loved the article and good luck on the wed match.

    ok done

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  37. I have just read Polly & Charlie’s article, last week we caught my step son smoking (not dope just normal ciggies). i am not sure if i dealt with it correctly or not, but the worse part of it for us was that he stole money from us to buy them, which in my eyes was a far worse crime.

    He too, took ID in the form of his passport which was filed under lock & key in our office. when we pointed out that the ID showed him to be under age he said it didn’t matter as the shop did not even check it properly.

    He uses MSN & Jayne actually found out he was being bullied online, maybe its wrong but we read his conversations afterwards to find this out, then we went online using his MSN ID & experienced first hand the bullying he was being subjected to.

    Were we wrong not to trust him with his privacy? We would not have found out about this bullying if we had not so. maybe as a mother Jayne had a second sense. I am not sure why he could not tell Jayne or myself about the problem in the first place. We felt he should be able confide with either of us any matter.

    Who would be a parent today. Who would be a teenager.

  38. Enjoyed the first episode too – the bit about Hendrix playing “Wild thing” on an out-of-tune guitar – behind his back – brilliantly, was priceless.

    Like they said – not so much a guitarist, more a force of nature.

  39. Graham,

    As a teenager, most feel embarrassed to discuss things with their parents, regardless of how open or close they are. Or they feel they can handle it themselves.

    The issue of privacy is a tricky one. I have always told my girls I will respect their privacy until I have reason to believe otherwise.

    Stealing and lying to me is also a major breach of trust. It is hard to gain back trust, once it has been damaged. Sometimes family counseling is in order.

    Does the bully actually have personal contact with your son? If the online bullying is just online, does he truly pose a threat? Do yu know the bully’s identity? Just a few things I’m sure you have already mulled over.

    By the way Congratulations!!!


  40. I read the articles written by Polly and Charlie. For a better understanding of it, I had to read it twice. The two write-ups were powerful and disturbing to me (coming from a very conservative Chinese upbringing as myself) yet I commend the honesty, sincerity and candidness for both Polly and Charlie.

    Hats off to Polly, I am most impressed and moved by her forthrightness. As a mother, an author, and a wife of a prominent musician, it takes “guts” to “come clean”. I truly respect Polly for that.

    I admire your stand, Polly and I wish the Gilmours the best with their children.

    p.s. Thank you EchoesBob and Erin for referring us to the articles.

  41. The trouble is that there is no rule book to life. What seemed to work for us was honesty.

    Using smoking for example. I clearly remember being told by my parents when they found out ‘we cant stop you son but remember this’. They then told me all the ills against smoking. They then finished with ‘leave it with you its your choice’. Never any threats or demands.

    The fact is that I did smoke till my mid 20’s, my choice, but the advice always stayed with me. That is the attitude I/we have adopted.

  42. what a drag i am on my way to work in 10 mins doing the 2-10 shift. what a drag but still it brings in the bacon

    so Fed, how r u doing? gettin a bit nervous eh? you’ll win i hope, milan r a better team than last time but so is Liverpool, they have an old team Milan but the quality is def there but then you have Gerrard and co and in my humble view Gerrard is the best Midfielder in the game at the moment. at least he is wearing the Red of the pool and not the blue of Chelsea

    [Indeed. – Features Editor]

  43. Hello Fed! Hello Polly and Charlie!

    I found this article from Polly and Charlie in the “Guardian”. Thanks for the interesting discussion over problems of that-young-finite.

    In our city this problem is also discussed.

    Many sunny greetings from Berlin (We have today 30 degrees)

  44. Dear F*Ed ~

    Please take a look at this link concerning a missing child Madeleine McCann, a beautiful four year old little girl from the UK.

    Please take the time out to help bring Madeleine home…


  45. Dear grumpy Americans (of which I am one),

    VH1 Classic is airing some Pink Floyd stuff tonight (May 22): Classic Albums: Dark Side of the Moon, The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story, and The Wall. Click my name for the schedule. Times are EDT, I presume?

    Maybe those will help until we can get our grubby hands on the Seven Ages of Rock videos.

    Lost in the rain in Juarez,

  46. Very illuminating and candid portrait of what a mother and son feel about each other, and about the habits a youthful population might get into.

    Aside from an eye opening appeal in what this generations 11 year olds (and up) are doing — and, at the same time, what the parents might not know what is happening – that read was very candid; it also reitterates, as a US citizen, that the Europeans (British, in this particular case) are more progressive and forward thinking than we Americans are in their response to sex/drugs/alcohol and its place in their childs lives.

    Hats off to Charlie and Polly for such an open discourse on their beliefs. With that slight touch of wry humor thrown in (especially Polly explanation of “losing ones lunch” as J Pollock artwork …hilariously BRILLIANT!!! hahha) the read was as touching as it was revealing!

    Warmest regards,

  47. hope you get to see this in other parts of the world. can’t wait for saturday.

    to fed: good luck to liverpool tomorrow. hope you win.

  48. Hi friends!

    Congratulations to Graham and Jayne ~ and what a special ‘toast’ 🙂 You’ll have that happy story to tell for years to come. I love how things just happen sometimes, those magic moments.

    I greatly appreciated the honest comments by Polly and Charlie as well. Having ‘been there, done just about everything’ I’ve always felt like honesty was the best gift I could give my kids. I could never bring myself to act as though I’d never done anything wrong or experienced the ‘sex/drugs/rock and roll’ of the ’60s-’70s.

    Funny story — I was with my daughter, she was 20 at the time, going to some stressful (for her) event and she blurts out “Mom, dammit, I have to tell you something and you’re going to be sooo mad at me. I’m a nervous wreck and I need a cigarette!” She knew that I absolutely did not want her to start smoking — one of the ‘legal’ addictive drugs (along with alcohol of course). I had to laugh … Thankfully, she did finally quit smoking, drinks very little, and has zero-tolerance for those who do hard drugs.

    “May you grow up to be righteous
    May you grow up to be true
    May you always know the truth
    And see the lights surrounding you
    May you always be courageous
    Stand upright and be strong
    May you stay forever young… ” Bob Dylan

    Just seemed to fit the discussion.

    Peace ‘n’ love!
    Washington State

  49. Becky: re “Dear grumpy Americans” – there are some grumpy Canadians about as well. We don’t see this stuff and I don’t get VH1 as well. So I suppose that we are grumpier.

    Thank to Erin for the interesting article. My daughter is almost 6, but I am starting to dread (well, more like be grumpy about) whatever the future may have in store for us.

    This is off topic, but since the topic mentions something shown by the BBC… I have read these quotes on the BBC website:

    “They’re a very well-trained team by Benitez and a very tactical team, they mark tight and have all the traits of an English team.”

    “Steven Gerrard is an excellent, modern player because he’s a player who runs, marks, knows how to pass, cross, score goals and is a leader in the field for Liverpool.”

    Can anyone tell me what they mean by “mark”?

    Goooooooooo Liverpooooool! My fingers are crossed (worked last time).

    Hope that my man Crouch plays well!

    [Thanks for your support. (Keep those fingers crossed!) Each player marks/tracks/sticks closely to a player on the opposing side. ‘Marking tight’ just means that they don’t give their opponents much time on the ball – or room to pass the ball – and will always try to win possession back for their team before they are punished. Steven Gerrard certainly isn’t shy of a tackle and will try to win the ball back at every opportunity, thereby turning defence into attack. – Features Editor]

  50. [it also reitterates, as a US citizen, that the Europeans (British, in this particular case) are more progressive and forward thinking than we Americans are in their response to sex/drugs/alcohol and its place in their childs lives.]

    I couldn’t agree more, Darren. When Polly said she let the kid’s parents know there would be some beer and wine, my jaw dropped that most of the responses were basically, ‘well you gotta deal with it.’ If I did that, here in the states, especally California, I’m certain I’d have the police called on me numerous times.

    Maybe some day America will pull its head out of its ass.


  51. Fed:

    Thanks for the info about “mark”. Since I grew up following hockey, I would call it checking.

    By the way, tomorrow’s game will be played when most Americans are at, ahem, work. I plan to follow the game via the BBC Sports website, which will post updates of the game every few minutes. The page is easy to find when the game is on.

    After BBC writes its final report on the game, the page is harder to find. That’s too bad because the final report is rather dull while the live updates are interesting and not politically correct. Often they are hilarious.

    Anyway, thought I’d tell any blogger who doesn’t know about it.

    Here’s an example (FA Cup final game)…

    [Thanks, Andrew. Love this bit: “Sir Alex Ferguson leads his team out sporting a vivid red rose in his lapel. Nothing of the sort for Jose Mourinho, although he has had a shave.” – Features Editor]

  52. [Maybe some day America will pull its head out of its ass.- Posted by: Erin]

    That would explain the anti-midas touch we’ve been fortune to…everything we touch has been turning to sh*t…(as a nation).

  53. [Each player marks/tracks/sticks closely to a player on the opposing side. ‘Marking tight’ just means that they don’t give their opponents much time on the ball – or room to pass the ball – and will always try to win possession back for their team before they are punished. Steven Gerrard certainly isn’t shy of a tackle and will try to win the ball back at every opportunity, thereby turning defence into attack. – Features Editor]

    Always trying “to be an educational resource here at davidgilmour.com.”, Fed ? Bravo!


    [Always. – Features Editor]

  54. Howdy FEd,

    I loved the Polly and Charlie article. Such candid discussions are rare I do believe.

    I just really adore Polly. She is a truly multi-talented person and a good parent. Maybe one day we can share a joint, that would be amazing.

    I agree with Erin, if I did anything like that, the police would be battering my door in and hauling me off to jail.

    When I was young my ‘foster’ mom would supply the alcohol for our weekend parties. We provided the money by having to pay for demerits, (infractions of Momma D’s rules). At that time, late 60s, early 70s, the police would actually come by and thank her for keeping us off the streets.

    Take Care,

    [Lamb? Beef? You don’t have to answer. – Features Editor]

  55. Excellent review of Polly and Charlie’s Survey. Thanks Fed. So much said, well done.

    Charlie is literate and should perhaps take up writing as a career like his mum. Charlie, if you play guitar, what can I say?

  56. Graham: A belated best wishes to you and Jayne.

    I am so sorry to hear about the mishap you had with your stepson. It is sad that a few of us have to find out the truth about our children in a round about way. As Penny said, they may feel embarrassed to discuss the matter or that they thought they can handle it themselves.

    I learned that being a good listener and not being judgmental to our children is also helpful to the relationship (Sadly, I learnt my lesson way too late). It may encourage them to speak openly without feeling intimidated; hence might avoid them from lying.

    ”Don’t you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry,
    So just look at them and sigh and know they love you” – Crosby Stills Nash & Young

    Good luck!

  57. I’m surprised that logical responses to “common” situations are regarded as special.

    I thought that all the “wowsers” would be out for blood after reading the article… I was half right… Welcome to the real world.

    The “feeling” for “today” is “The Madcap Laughs!!!” Enjoy!!!

    Go The REDS!!! ;^)

  58. caption:

    david: we did say that we’d start at 3pm, didn’t we?

    all the best to graham and jayne. 🙂

  59. Further to Matt’s msg, all my solidarity to the family of the missing child Madeleine and to the UK people, we all hope she can be back home quickly.

    So this is David Gilmour’s view from the stage….simply great : the artist, the picture, the guitars waiting to be played, my memory of that night… sigh (again)

    Thank you F.Ed.
    bye/ciao Elisabetta

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