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We’re glad to see that you like the look of ‘Remember That Night’. Thanks for your kind words. It sure is going to be a great DVD.

We’d love to know what you made of the weekend’s ‘Seven Ages Of Rock’ programme. According to our latest poll, 94% of you liked it.

Your comments on this, as always, are very welcome – both here and in our chatroom, which will be opening at 4PM (UK time) today.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    “I did not steel your last gobstopper Mr Crosby, check if you don’t believe me.”

  2. I’ve been subscribed to the RSS feed here at the DG blog since day 1, and very useful it has been.

    bloglines ( is my personal favourite feed reader. It’s generally easy to use, I find, and slightly faster than Google Reader, for example. I’m subscribed to around 100 feeds at the moment, so a browser-based reader doesn’t do me justice…


    As David C leaves the restroom room he cant help thinking “That was the coolest hand drying machine I ever seen” And that song, Learning to Dry.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  4. the 7 Ages show, both of them have been excellent

    the channel4/abbey road only had two good shows in it’s run, apart from DG & Paul Simon I found myself asking who nearly everyone else was, not even caring to find out either

    7 Ages has now matched that, the show with DG and the other Floyd members, past as well, was a real eye opener

    seen lots of pix that may have been from The Wall film/concert footage – but never seen any actual footage before, that was good! no reason now that the four of them cant come to some agreement over realising a double disc extravaganza on DVD soon

    not seen that version of Jug Band Blues either, it really gave Syd Barrett a real LA rock star look – all tanned n’ tousled

    watching the show made me think that having the attitude that Pink Floyd doesnt really start until DG joins, might have to be looked at, clearly wrong on my part, the floyd I love doesnt start til DG, but there’s a lot to be enjoyed prior too.

    nice to see the glint in Bowies eyes when he talked about Syd

    oh if you use a mac, then you can set up an RSS feed to be your screen saver – it’ll even update the news if you are online

    cant wait for the rest of the 7 Ages shows,

  5. Hi

    i have 2 questions …sorry for these questions cause i know that they’re not related to this post

    1-How did David learn guitar? 😀

    i read that he and Syd played guitar together at the univesity? but i wanna know if he had a guitar teacher or he was a self-educated guitar player 😀

    2-what is Polly camera models? 😀

    [David is entirely self-taught. Not sure which Leica Polly uses, sorry. – Features Editor]

  6. Caption Competition

    “Times were hard between concerts and busking was the only answer. DG found that the Gents toilets at Oxford Circus Tube Station warm and quiet enough for a rehearsal of Ralph McTell’s “Streets of London”…

  7. seven ages of rock, so good i watched it twice (the repeat)

    well holiday weekend over and its back to work for me

    so Fed how are you doing my friend? good i hope and Angelo i have not forgot u my friend

    Fed can rss be connected to my mobile as it has this rss thing. if so do u know how please then i could get updates at work

    [Yes, you can read RSS feeds with your mobile phone, PDA, BlackBerry, Pocket PC, WAP-enabled pager, etc. Please follow the instructions given for your specific handset. – Features Editor]

  8. Sorry mate, just checking i can send messages on my mobile

    this rss is great if i have done it correct, cheers mate

    all out there give it a try. you can keep up with david on the move

  9. The best RSS feedreader I’ve found is the Google Feed Reader – Every day it’s evolving and is taking up many new features …

    Google Rocks! (I’ll say this though I’m in a competitor company of Google … giggles)

  10. Hi to one and all…

    Good points on the 7 Ages of Rock :

    1. Syd FINALLY (somewhat overdue perhaps ?) gets some credit from the ‘critics’ for his innovative vocal style HE didnt try to sound American..and wasn’t that refreshing at the time ??

    2.David on top of the Wall – My word I bet he wouldn’t want to do that again – especially if David Crosby said he’d build it !!!

    3. Great to see unseen ( for me ) early PF footage..what TALENT…GREAT ART !!

    martin_ d

    [I couldn’t agree more with your first point, Martin. About bloody time. – Features Editor]

  11. Caption Competition:

    In a tense Spinal Tap moment, D. Gilmour and G. Nash get into a heated discussion regarding how to get out of the woman’s bathroom and onto the stage for an encore.


  12. Hello,

    Well, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Seven Ages of Rock. I liked how the programme started with a snippet from The Wall and ended with a snippet from The Wall. Kind of like “…isn’t this where…we came in…”.

    I enjoyed the old films that accompanied some of Barrett’s songs. It would be an excellent idea if EMI released these old gems (including early films with David when he joined Pink Floyd) on DVD.

    It was also great to see David holding (and playing at one point of the programme) his “beat up” Fender Esquire. The very same guitar David is holding within the artwork of About Face.

    Best regards.


  13. Happy Tuesday,

    So, as today is the 29th, is it a year today since the first of the RAH shows or a year ago yesterday.

    Either way it is a whole year. How quick did that go.

    7 ages of rock, as others say, was very enjoyable. And the memories for me personally of that time really came flooding back.

    Pete – Coventry

  14. *caption*

    With the Astoria being repaired and studio time in London at a premium, Gilmour/Crosby/Nash decide to reherse in the men’s room.



  15. *caption*

    Gilmour and Nash emphatically sing to Crosby, “You cut the cheese in here…”



  16. well a year has passed since i was blessed enough to see David at RAH. can u believe its been a year? how quick has that gone eh? where does time go?

    since then ive had a baby and started a new job. i must be getting old as every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time, and then one day you’ll find….1 year has got behind me ……,

    wow i think i should write a song with those words in. they are quite good arent they? what else can i add, let me think. i’ll get back to you on this

  17. I find you the biggest artist already in all my life, I touch guitar for you to be mine inspiração.

    I desire for one day to see you in Brazil. This would be as to finish with all males in the world for me.

    Forgive my English, for I do not have total knowledge and it confuses me with my Portuguese.

  18. CAPTION:

    David Gilmour regrets taking his guitar with him to the ‘Gents’ when confronted by a crazy fan in a baseball cap and a would be ‘mime – artist’ !!

    just messing guys !

  19. come on 4 o clock.

    i can actually make the chatroom today. its been a while. hope u are not cancelling Fed

    [Nope. – Features Editor]

  20. I can’t say that in English, sorry.

    Le navigateur ‘Internet Explorer 7 (dernière version à télécharger gratuitement) offre cette fonctionnalité et permet de s’abonner gratuitement à n’importe quel flux RSS. Gestion et consultation des flux RSS sont très faciles, leur suppression aussi (ce qu’on ne fera évidemment pas avec le site de David ! don’t worry !)

    Hors sujet, mais si j’ai bonne mémoire, bientôt le concert des Who pour un certain et très veinard Features Editor ?

    Bonne soirée ! Enjoy !


    [Merci. Je suis un veinard, c’est vrai (et vous avez une mémoire superbe). – Features Editor]

  21. *Voice Over*

    “It could have been the difficulty of the song, it could have just been the location, but to me, their faces looked flushed”

  22. Hi all

    I loved the 7 ages of rock, I checked out the bbc web site and there was more footage of roger talking about syds improptue visit to Abbey Road studio during the recording of wish you were here.

    I have to say though from my personal perspective Pink Floyd became what they were due to David Gilmour, psychedelia came to an end and David invented progessive rock, and here we are.

    Love peace and happiness to all

  23. [It was also great to see David holding (and playing at one point of the programme) his “beat up” Fender Esquire. The very same guitar David is holding within the artwork of About Face.]

    Of course it was !!.

    Well that answered that one for me. I was sat there thinking that guitar looked familiar.

    Nice one
    Pete – Coventry

  24. I really enjoyed 7 Ages Of Rock on Saturday, twice on Sunday morning and again on Sunday night. Worth watching for Nick Mason’s big fur coat and moustache alone and as has been said earlier it was a nice tribute to Syd.

  25. What’s with all the “Caption Insults”… David and crew are worth more than this “repetitive” childish nonsense… Get your minds out of the “toilet”…

    Seven Ages of Rock was great… what a trip down memory lane… I agree with Julie’s comments about releasing all those “gems” from the early days… You never know…

    Well said Martin!!! I doubt the “critics” will ever give Syd full credit for his incredible contribution to music… Hopefully that will change over time…

    The “feeling” for “today” is “On An Island!!!”. Enjoy!!!

  26. i was too slow to comment on the dvd taster. all i can say is WOW!!! i can’t wait to get my hands on that dvd. it’s going to be fab.

    as for ‘the seven ages of rock’, then i really enjoyed it. i thought it was nice to see syd finally getting the credit he deserves for inspiring the likes of david bowie.

    fed, i know you agree with me on this. syd was a genius.

    [Agreed. – Features Editor]

  27. Since I noticed you have a chat scheduled for 4PM today, please indulge me for a moment to promote the chatroom.

    I’ve been on this blog for over a year now, almost since the beginning. However it was only last week that my schedule finally allowed me to check out the chatroom.

    What a blast and what fun it was to interact with so many irregulars and Gilmour fans. All were so friendly and welcoming that the experience was just fantastic.

    It was nice to finally “meet” some of the bloggers whose posts I read all the time such as Melissa, Veronica from Miami, Simon, Matt, Michele, Tracy, EchoesBob, Susan, Nate, Gabrielle, Marcus Buick, Clarice and the Radiohead fanatic – Lucia. I’m sure I’m leaving someone out. Some say that their English is not so good – you could have fooled me with the banter that was going back and forth.

    Anyone who is a bit intimidated by it, should really just try it out.

    Now I just have to hope that my schedule will allow me to join in the fun again in the future.



    [Thanks for that, Andrew. I appreciate it. Hope to catch you in there again soon. – Features Editor]

  28. A critic is just that. Personally I have never ever given a flying f**k to what they say……..good or bad. At the end of the day it is all about what you think.

    Don’t get me wrong. I understand the sentiments being expressed here. But, over the years, critics have had to much to say. They have created and broken to many artists.

    I am afraid that I do get irritated when anything they say gets a mention.

    Pete – Coventry

  29. That BBC special sounds great. Hope I get to catch it soon…

    On a similar note, I saw the first advertisement for “Live from Abbey Road” on the side of an express bus this morning. June 21st is the start of the series on sundance…looking forward to that too…

    I tried the rss thing once and never got it to work…for this site I’ll give it another go then…

    Is there an elephant on the blog today?

    [There most certainly is. – Features Editor]

  30. CAPTION:

    Crosby, Gils, and Nash try harmonize on Spanish language children’s folkloric tunes:

    “Un elefante se balanciaba sobre la tela de un araña, como veia que resistía fue a llamar otro elefante. Dos elefantes…….”

  31. Caption:

    Even superstars have to do DIY over a Bank Holiday Weekend. “Keep blowing guys, we’ll have this grouting dried off in no time.”

    Another excellent ‘Seven Ages’, the series is proving quite a hit around here it seems.

    RSS…another advance in technology for me to catch up with. I’d better check it our PDQ before it starts sending me feeds for things that haven’t happened yet!


  32. I, too, enjoyed the Seven Ages of Rock. A ‘must see’ for every music fan.

    The interesting thing was that the Radio Times asked 13 ‘experts’ to decide which genre rocks the most. Lemmy said, “None of them. The best era is the one that’s been left out, which is the first era right up to the Beatles. And to forget it is ridiculous. At a stroke, the likes of Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, and a thousand others dismissed – brilliant, eh? That’s the era that made rock ‘n’ roll”.

    I wouldn’t say it’s the best era, but would agree with him that it shouldn’t have been left out. Eddie Cochran – fantastic.

  33. Well, I wanted to post re yesterday’s blog, re the sneak-peek at RTN, but my comment box wouldn’t appear. Hope its not too late to comment.

    I just want to say hot-damn but this is the best artist web-site EVER, hands-freaking down. Seeing the peek at DVD gave me goose bumps, and brought back WONDERFUL emotions from the show I saw in Chicago.

    I want to thank David, and you Fea. Ed., for caring about the fans to the degree that you do. You go the extra mile for us, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    Thank you David & Co.

    Elizabeth, USA

  34. Caption:

    Crosby: We know you get a little obssesive, David, near the end of recording, but just let us take a shower, man!


  35. Okay FEd, so how do we do this RSS feed? I see the button on the side. I found out where to go to set it up. I’m supposed to enter a URL, so which one do I enter? Sorry, I’m not the greatest with computers, I learn as I go. Will it notify us just when you put up a new topic, or also when someone responds? Will it just be for the blog, or for news and calendar updates as well? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to understand it all.


    [You want the URL for the blog, which is You will only be alerted when the blog is updated, so that’s each new topic, not each new post. This concerns the blog only and has nothing to do with the Latest News page or calendar, sorry. – Features Editor]

  36. Hullo FED and All !!!

    Wow, hard to believe it’s been 13 days since I last checked in here. Life has definitely been throwing me a lot of curve balls lately. My mother was in the hospital for four days with a bacterial infection in her lungs, on top of going through chemotherapy. Since her realease from the hospital I have been tending to my mother. It’s been a bit of a rough spot, but things are getting better each day,Thank God.

    I love the five minute teaser. Definitely meets my expectations in the quality department.

    I am anticipating the day when September 18th arrives. You can bet your bottom dollar I will be at my local music shop’s front door when they open. You can’t help but admire the sound quality . This dvd will be perfection in my book. One of the best audio/video products to hit the shelves. You can also put even money down that when I watch this the very first time I will be in utter BLISS.

    It would be nice if Mr. Gilmour wouldn’t take such another long break between projects. I’m imploring Mr. Gilmour that you might sometime consider a date in South Florida. Before I die, hopefully. Just Kidding. : )

    Anyway, I hope everyone here is well. Maybe sometime I’ll get time to chat with youse guys, again real soon. I just have to make the time.

    FED, have a good one today, tomorrow and the rest of the week if I don’t get the chance this week to hop onto the chat wagon. Erin, Penny, Melissa, Lucia, Rudders, Simon, Gabrielle and everyone else I didn’t mention, Have A GREAT Day/Night.

    Caption : David teaches the boys how to sing. As if !!!

    Peace and Love To All !! Cazart !

  37. “I’m sure I’m leaving someone out”.

    Andrew, that’ll be me then…

  38. sorry again…but how can i be a self-taught guitar player…is this possible to all the technics by oneself…i’m not exaggerating but i worship dave for his style music love and everything else in his work…u know when he plays guitars it’s like the guitar is part of his body…

    i wish i’ll get an answer by David 🙁

    [Sorry, mate. All you get is me. – Features Editor]

  39. As I was too late to effuse about the DVD taster – which I enjoyed very much, thank you, apart from the reminder it represents that I am feeling a complete burk for failing to get to see the concerts last year – I thought I ought to do my bit on behalf of the seven ages of rock.

    I’ve really enjoyed both shows so far and was pleasantly surprised at the breadth of Floyd related content on view, some old, some new.

    Given that the three bands in prime focus were PF, Bowie, and Roxy Music it shows us what a “second age of rock” phenomena the Albert Hall Gigs were with 4 prime representatives on the stage at the same time. It was nice to see both Phil and David with guitars on knee during the talking head slots as well.

    Poor old Roger couldn’t quite help himself from taking all the credit though ..

    Next stop “Punk”…

  40. Caption: Say arghh. Good, no NHS dentistry there.

    The RSS seems a very good idea but having never used it, I will be seeking the advice of those of you in the know.

    The Seven Ages Rock did not disappoint (how could it, whilst covering such a stellar cast of artists) although there was not a great deal of new Pink Floyd footage.

    It reminded me of a football match where from the very first kick you just know your team is not only going to win, but to win in style; to copy a well-worn phrase, it hit the ground running and covered a lot in a short space of time.

    In keeping with our traditional Bank Holiday weekend’s the weather was poor but that was a good excuse to watch the programme three times.

    I was particularly pleased with the way it emphasised Syd‘s/Pink Floyd’s influence on the writing and/or vocals/visuals of other artists (including another genius that is Mr Bowie + Roxy & early Genesis). Although one couldn’t, but be moved by some of the footage of Syd’s performances (has anyone considered a blue-plaque for him?).

    One of the key elements that all these artists share is that they were all well read as well as being hugely talented. They could therefore individually or collectively draw from a large pool of knowledge and ability which was used it to create new sights and sounds that would often become themes. Should I mention innovative, progressive, exciting ideas that deviated from the recognised norm and did not follow the usual”music by numbers” ideals of their less talented peers.

    A big bonus was the comparison drawn between early Pink Floyd and the Velvet Underground, a group who rarely get the airplay or coverage their music and influence deserves. Their first LP is a corker and whilst Venus in Furs may not be as palatable as some would like, it is as original, direct and more importantly extremely good and sounds as fresh today as when I first heard it. But I appreciate that they are not everybody’s cup of tea.

    The wonderful clips of The Wall live shows did remind me of a friend of mine. After every concert we went to in the 1980’s, no matter how good it was, he would say “but, you should have seen the Wall”.

    In fact I could go on and on about the programme, but rather than bore everyone I will just mention that even when watching it for the third time I couldn’t stop smiling or telling my son how great this is. I prefer to listen to music and/or spend time on my computer rather than watch the TV, but this series has reminded me that television was a good idea after all.

    Of course it was not long enough, but I hope there will be a DVD release of this series along with lots and lots of extras.

    Sorry if I have gone on too long again, I just can’t help myself.


  41. re: Lesley

    maybe Lemmy doesnt want too many people to come across his contribution to psychdelia and the 60’s rock explosion?

    although just with it being Lemmy makes it a fantastic piece of history

    also maybe the programme is based on the british history with rock, hence not too much with the americans who took it from slavery to something spectacular, although it does rightly show that all of them were listening to that music?

  42. Caption:

    Crosby and Nash try to escape the bathroom with half-amused half-exasperated protests, but David blocks them off with a “a-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-bup. Back to your stalls, now, and sing.”

    I know, I know, demeaning the picture, disrespecting the site, blah blah, it’s just for a laugh! Plus, I have nothing serious nor relevant to say.

    Hello all, hope your long weekend was lovely if you had one.

  43. FEd! I love te RSS Feed..I found out about it a while ago so I added it 🙂

    Have a nice day!


  44. I have been using the RSS feed to keep up to date with this blog since the 1st post back in December 2005.

    Apple’s Safari browser notifies you in the web address area if a page has an RSS feed associated with it even if there is no little orange icon on the page. Just click on the Blue RSS icon to view the raw feed. These raw feeds can then be saved as Bookmarks/Favourites.

    You can group these saved RSS feeds together in a folder and view the content from all of them at once in one long stream. If you put the folders in your ‘bookmark toolbar’ they even display a number next to them informing you of the number of unread articles in the feeds

    I have 62 feeds in ‘work’ and 48 in ‘play’. This pushes a lot of both useful and useless information my way each day 😉

    One of the disadvantages of this approach is that you are able to read the article and see the picture in the raw feed but not the comments. This is the reason it took me so long to realise that there was such a community here. Just click on the article title to view it on its original page.

    Some blogs now also allow you to subscribe to a feed for the comments of an individual post. Guy’s blog has this but it doesn’t seem to work for me at the moment.

    A podcast is actually just an RSS feed that has files attached (like they are to an email) to it’s entries.

    The whole beauty of it is that you don’t have to go and search for the information, it comes to you 🙂

  45. I learn something new everyday – I just read through the questions & answers on RSS as it made available on the David Thanks for providing the added RSS information. We’ll sure research and subscribe to it.

    All I can say is not just a fan site and music site; it is also an educational site runs professionally and responsibility.

    Much appreciated!

    [Thanks very much, Veronica. I’m glad it was helpful. – Features Editor]

  46. FED,

    I have utilized the RSS feed on my Google start page for months now. I love it! While I may be a bit sporatic on my postings, I am always kept up-to-date with all things Gilmour thanks to this site. I thouroughly enjoy it.

    Lastly, the DVD clip was phenomenal! David always does things top-notch. This site and the forthcoming DVD are no exception.

    Thanks to you and the whole crew for your dedication. It is much appreciated.


  47. Thank you to those who posted the recaps of the “Seven Ages of Rock”. Though it’s brief, it is meaningful and significant to us here in the US.

    I am particularly jealous of Lorraine who managed to watch the show not just once, but three times – Life is good – I am very happy for you, Lorraine!

  48. The episode was a pleasure to see, full of interesting fragments, and focused on why and how Mr. Barrett was an inspiration for others.

    Remarkable was the interview where he and Mr. Waters are being questioned in a reactionary style, both sitting on a chair like two naughty schoolboys in front of the headmaster, accused about making noise and being very loud. Water’s answering: No our music doesn’t have to be loud but we like it that way.

    Mr. Manzanera popping up a few times when it was about Roxy Music was a pleasant surprise, never seen him before being interviewed.

    Then DG of course, commenting in his own relaxed and confident style.

    At the end of the documentary I realized to be glad that DG never showed up in a dress, in order to get attention.

    And oh yes my daughter (12) thought he had not changed a bit since the first day he joined PF, as they say over here: truth comes from the mouth of a child.

  49. Unfortunately I can’t see the 7 Ages of Rock as I’m still in Paris and staying here for the rest of the summer. My mother said it was great although they did seem to neglect Neil Young somewhat.

    As for the RSS feed, as a young whippersnapper it’s quite embarrassing to say that I haven’t a clue what to do with it (until now that is). Never mind, I’ve never been the most computer-literate person ever.

    Anyhoos, breakfast time.

    Dom (bored with his holiday already)
    x x x

    P.S. Could I put David down as one of my referees on my CV? No? Oh well.

  50. to jeremy: i forgot to mention how good it was to see clips from the wall shows. thanks for reminding me. i would love to see that on dvd.

    to fed: what’s all this about elephants?

    [The above photograph was taken at the Elephant Room at Radio City Music Hall. – Features Editor]

  51. I love all the bathroom captions… v. funny. To me it looks like they’re singing “RSS”. Nicely apt.

    Some of us have been RSSing DG for months 😛

    At the moment I’m using Firefox’s built in LiveBookmark feature that reads the RSS content into a browser button (for want of a better description). Very easy stuff…

    Oh, and I can’t believe that ANYONE could watch the preview video from RTN and then vote anything other than “wow, yes please, more”. You’d really have to be an incredibly cynical and critical person with questionnable music taste imho! (or maybe there’s a bored bass player out there tapping the “no” button again and again and again…;))


  52. To Tim C: it certainly wasn’t intentional that I left you out and apologies to anyone else who I may have forgotten.

    To Soheil: it absolutely is possible to be self-taught on guitar. The guitar is actually not that difficult an instrument to play. There are many musicians who never took a formal lesson, I believe Angus Young is another one who was self-taught, of course a totally different style there. It just takes practice and lots of it. Which requires time and that is something that teenagers have a lot of and adults just wish they did.

    Finally, a comment on the 5 minute video snippet. It really is awesome and I am very much looking forward to the release. Love the fact that there were some close-ups of David playing, we amatuer players love to see the master at work and what he does with the fretboard. Plus the playful style of the behind-the-scenes moments were wonderful to witness.


  53. Ciao a tutti,

    finally got the possibility to see the taster of the DVD. Audio quality is awesome, and I was just listening with a crap mono speaker from a PC. I imagine the DVD will be fantastic. Images are clear and crisp, seems to be there.

    Only thing it is left to know is if the extra alternate songs will be there. Everybody’s expectations will not be disappointed, it seems. 🙂


  54. It’s criminal how the shops are filled with rows of second-rate ‘critical review’ Floyd DVD’s and yet the marvellous footage shown on Seven Ages Of Rock remains unreleased. The Wall footage is awesome.

    What the programme did sadly seem to highlight was that the band haven’t got, or didn’t give access to any live 1970’s Dark Side footage. Brain Damage was carefully synched up with footage of the band perfoming Careful With That Axe, Eugene.

    I was actually very surprised that the programme was given over to so much Pink Floyd.

    And perhaps if Nick too had given us a few bangs on the drum the blog would be full of people claiming a second PF reunion within the space of a month.

  55. Wow, DVD teaser really brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for posting that everyone involved!

    Ive been using RSS for the blog for ages now using Firefox´s RSS tab. It comes really handy for knowing when new stuff is. Highly recommended.

    Wish I could type more but gots to rtu, hopefully I’ll see all of you in a chat very soon. I miss you guys!


  56. I would like to tell you David that those 5 minutes represent the happiness of people who work with you and of the whole band. I think that you have dedicated your life to music but you’ve never done something only for your ego.

    Also your lyrics always express your feelings and reflect your soul, a great soul. I’m proud to have an idol like you. I’m not that kind of person who would come up to you and ask for an autograph, but I would really like to tell you thanks for your music, the best music.

    That’s all David.

    I’m 23 years old but they are absolutely sufficient to understand the real values of life and you helped me to do it with your songs.


  57. Hi FEd and my Irregular friends!

    I wanted to thank David & company and you FEd for giving us a five-minute blast of what’s to come on the dvd!!! My internet went tits-up (an old American expression) for the entire weekend and I felt soo bad that I’d made no comments on the appropriate “DVD Taster” page. So thanks a million to all who made this tasty morsel available to us. :-)))

    The full-meal-deal is going to be spectacular!!

    The Seven Ages of Rock show sounds fantastic — hopefully it will find it’s way to a station in North America or to dvd. Man, I’d love to see that old footage …

    Gotta run, my hamster-wheel awaits me. (:-(

    Peace ‘n’ love to you all!
    Washington State

  58. Hi all!

    I finally was able to watch the teaser of the RTN DVD. Wow!

    I read a post by someone who said it was going to be way better than PULSE.

    I have to disagree… PULSE is a visual show. The emphasis was on the presentation, more than the individual band members, and in that it is very good-the best.

    But David’s OAI tour was meant to be more intimate, and the clips from the DVD reflect that. I think it will be a phenominal DVD (and yes, I think it will see way more air time than my PULSE DVD- which gets huge air play anyway-because I like the more intimate presentation).

    My point is- it looks like the two DVDs have different goals yet both succeed in their endeavors. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    Too bad I don’t have access to the Seven Ages of Rock. Any idea if it will ever be shown in the States Fed?


    [No idea, but let’s hope that it will be shown around the world at some point. – Features Editor]

  59. All I need now is an update to the blog to see if the RSS feed reader malarkey thingy works…

    Would you believe I passed six exams to become a Microsoft Systems Engineer and still got all excited setting this up! You try telling the kids today and they just won’t believe you…

  60. [i forgot to mention how good it was to see clips from the wall shows. thanks for reminding me. I would love to see that on dvd.]

    I’m with you on that Victor, but I don’t know just how much of the shows exists and what the quality is. I bet it’s in the depths of someone’s vaults though.


  61. Dear Fed and Blogies,

    like Gab, I´d also like to post here my big thankees for the appetizer for David´s DVD, as I´ve been too late to do so last weekend.

    Wow, what a surprise that was before the long WE. I could hardly wait for the release of the DVD anyway, and I really can´t say that this appetizer made the craving more endurable, lol.

    I´m sorry that Liverpool lost, even here in Germany the press unanimously stated that the best team had lost, but which isn´t too much a comfort either of course.

    The RSS feature is a great idea too, but I doubt that without the help of some nice and very very patient Blogies I ever would have understood it.

  62. So this may be a bit off topic, but since we’re on the technical bent thing here I wanted to add some information to this very fine and informative blog.

    Today, Apple released the entire EMI catalog on their iTunes music stores without that pesky DRM (Digital Rights Management) algorithm called FairPlay. I am quite thrilled by this. I will now buy more music online because of it.

    I happened to notice that of the 256k AAC files released, a certain favorite band of ours has five albums in the top 25. No other band has more than one. DSOTM is #1, The Wall is #2, Animals is #7, WYWH is #14, and TFC is #22.

    As for top songs, Comfy Numb is #2, with PF only being beat by the Beach Boys (2) and Frank Sinatra (3) for more than one song in the top 25.

    For those who don’t understand DRM, it’s a system that limits the number of times you can transfer music between computers and such things as MP3 players. Apple’s FairPlay only allowed you to put songs on their iPod for example. Now there are no limits. This makes me happy not because I can give stuff away freely (I don’t) but I can now purchase something online and it will play on all my gadgets. This has been plaguing me for years. I’m glad that EMI and Apple have come to the conclusion this will sell more music. I for one, am sold!

    And if the above statistics are any indication, David and his mates will be benefactors too!

    Thanks for the soapbox time FEd.

  63. Graham Nash and David Crosby say to DG.” No, No the chord is B minor”. DG says “OOOHH”.

    I would like to say Thanks for all the kind words this past week. It meant a lot to me. Peace.

  64. hmmm…is that the “Roy RogerS”or the “Tex Ritter”signature model Gibson guitar? LoL…taLk about toiLet humor…is it safe to have ones mouth open that wide in a Lavatory there…acoustics are much better in the shower than toiLet…trust me! wouLd i Lie 🙂 shine oN!

  65. I couldn’t think of any other words to describe my thought on the 5 minutes taster from the “Remember That Night” DVD. “WOW” was my immediate reaction. I was speechless… I was thrilled…I was delighted …I played the taster over and over again…I wanted more… I was hoping to see Echoes on the sneak peek (but that would not be fair for the Blotto game, wouldn’t it?)

    A belated thank you for the wonderful surprise, My husband and I enjoyed every second of it.

  66. Caption…..

    Do you guys know this one…..There’s no way out of here?

  67. hi bloggers

    just thought i’d pop in and say hello. caught at least a dozen fish over the trip away and got a cracking tan to boot. on the downside i missed the 7 ages of rock. anyone know when/if it is repeated in the uk?

    [I’m afraid you’ve missed the repeat, too. If there are plans to repeat the series, or plans to broadcast it outside the UK, we’ll be sure to let you know. – Features Editor]

  68. CAPTION:

    David, Crosby and Nash take to performing classics such as “Find The Cost Of Freedom”, “Wish You Were Here” & “Smile” in public toilets to promote David’s tour back in 2006.

  69. CAPTION: “When you said a night on the tiles I thought you meant……..”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  70. thanks Andrew. yep i know that we should practice a lot but i mean the first setp of guitar playing!

  71. Soheil:

    You can pick up some books or cds or dvds that may help you with some of your questions about learning to play.

    I personally feel that you have to be particularly gifted and passionately driven to learn on your own as David did. His particular style seems to have been born because of his desire to learn and create. I don’t think something like that can be taught.

    However, I think if you have a desire to learn then you should put that passion to work and try. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will have the pure joy of accomplishment.

    Don’t give up easily. We start everything with small steps.

    Good luck,

  72. Caption..

    David C. judges the virtual smoke ring blowing technique competition held in the boys room.

    Looks to me like David G. wins hands down!

  73. Caption:

    David G: “Check out the colour of my tongue David!”
    Graham N: “I told him not to eat raspberry twist before a performance.”





    [Thanks for that, Dave. I’m sure you will love the DVD. It’s going to be fantastic. – Features Editor]

  75. fed, you really know how to wind us up!

    i agree with dave carlin about the second-rate ‘critical review’ dvds. i hate them.

  76. Forgive me for a question that’s more PF-relevant than DG, but somebody else made mention of the Wall concert footage in the Seven Ages of Rock, which I also drank in with great pleasure while watching said program.

    Does David think there’s any possibility of a future DVD to supplement my well-worn copy of the strictly audio “Is There Anybody Out There?”

    [It’s unlikely. – Features Editor]

  77. [It’s unlikely. – Features Editor]

    Dang it. I’m just going to have to pester Roger instead, until he caves in. I can be very persistent.

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