LFAR in Australia


Fans in Australia can see David’s brilliant performance for the ‘Live From Abbey Road’ cameras this weekend.

This programme is on Sunday at 10PM on MAX TV. It will also be repeated on the same channel at 8PM on Monday 21 May.

If you won’t be able to catch either showing, then, luckily for you, the entire series is being repeated over the weekend of 23/24 June, when six episodes will be screened back-to-back from 11AM each day.

MAX TV is available on Foxtel Digital and Austar Digital.

Do let us know what you thought of the performance.

We are still led to believe that ABC (Australia) will also be showing the series in July. As soon as this is confirmed, we’ll let you know.

‘Live From Abbey Road’ is being broadcast just about all over the world. Please see the ‘More on LFAR’ entry of 24 April for details.

If you happen to spot the series mentioned in your local TV listings, no matter where in the world you are, please let us know and we will gladly add all the details to our calendar.

Our chatroom will next be open on Monday between 12PM and 2PM (UK time). Everyone’s very welcome to call in.

Have a good weekend, all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

25 thoughts on “LFAR in Australia”

  1. I got rid of Foxtel/Austar a couple of years ago because there was never anything on. Bit of a mistake, no?

    Oh well, looking forward to July when the free commercial TV stations air it.


    As our hero gets sucked into the tv Rick shouts aloud ” They’re hhhheeeeeeeerrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. Judging from the “Live and In Concert” special-edition DVD, these LFAR performances are HOT. I’d even go so far as to wager that the entire SERIES is hot! If you have not seen these performances, you should.

    Kudos to David, the F’Ed, and everyone affilliated with this site, for consistently going out of your way to provide us with the best information about things like the LFAR broadcasts. Most musicians’ Websites have none of this kind of information. These are the things that make Davidgilmour.com such a great place to hang out.

    This note to the “irregulars” who are reading: No, I am NOT trying to get F’Ed to give me money by offering praise for this site! However, if the F’ED wants to give me money, it would be rude to refuse to take it. Right? 😉

    [Thank you very much, Dan. I’m a fan, at the end of the day, and like to think that I know exactly what I hope and expect to see here. The cheque’s in the post, by the way. – Features Editor]

  4. Dear Fed,

    This is off-topic, so I apologise, but I wish to deliver a bouquet to you regarding The Blog.

    I am a regular reader and very occasional contributor to another well-known internet forum devoted to the one-and-only Leonard Cohen, and have over time become increasingly disgusted by the constant feuding, back-stabbing, posturing, slandering and oneupmanship displayed by regular forum contributors.

    It is a sorry state of affairs, and the situation has become so dire that the wonderful, selfless gentleman who runs the site has decided to close the forum at the end of the month because he cannot take any more.

    Most embarrassing is the fact that it has become apparent that Leonard Cohen himself reads the forum. What does he think of the appalling behaviour of his so-called fans?

    It is therefore incredibly refreshing to hop across to DavidGilmour.com and re-immerse myself in this well-moderated, polite, welcoming and informative blog.

    FEd, you deserve maximum kudos for this wonderful online environment. David should be very proud of what is achieved here, and we fans and regulars should be very grateful for the same.

    [Warren, thank you so much for your kind words. That’s really nice of you. In fact, you’ve made my night (I just peeled a parking ticket off my windscreen, so needed cheering up). However, no bouquets are allowed here under any circumstances. This place is still going strong because decent people keep leaving decent messages. I’m very, very lucky to be the one who gets to share them with you all. You taking the time to write in with such a thoughtful message is really all the thanks I need – and more. But thanks again, mate. Your words mean a lot to me. – Features Editor]

  5. Warren, I’m not familiar with the site (though I’m a fan of Leonard Cohen). I’m sorry to hear that the forum is closing due to bad ‘net behavior. Here’s hoping that our FEd and all of us here can continue to keep things fun and interesting and civil, eschewing all obstreperousness. 😀

    Becky the Word Slut

    [Love that word, Becky. You know I love it when you use big words. – Features Editor]

  6. Hi Becky,

    Of course by no means do all of the contributors to Leonard’s forum behave badly. Quite the opposite in fact. But once again it is a case of the few ruining it for the many.

    All the more reason to be grateful for what we have here at David’s site.

    Cheers to all the regulars here!

  7. Wow Becky, I can’t say obstreper whatever it is without spitting or controlling myself. LOL.

  8. [FEd, you deserve maximum kudos for this wonderful online environment. David should be very proud of what is achieved here, and we fans and regulars should be very grateful for the same. – Warren Loveridge]

    I second to that, Warren. My appreciation also goes out to all the staff in DG.com.

    Happy Sunday to you all!

    [Thank you very much, Veronica. – Features Editor]

  9. Caption:

    Richard presses control, alt, delete on his computer and says to David. “Wearing The Inside Out is next”.

  10. [Here’s hoping that our FEd and all of us here can continue to keep things fun and interesting and civil, eschewing all obstreperousness. – Becky the Word Slut]

    Becky, what’s this about chewing an obstetrician? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  11. Crikey Leonard Cohen. Now there is someone who I have not listened to in a while. Great great songwriter.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Pete – Coventry

  12. I know this may be a little bit too early to inquire, but for us in the US, according to the calendar, LFAR will be on Sundance Channel Thursday, July 19 at 10:00 p.m. – What time zone are they referring to, Eastern Standard Time, Central Time or Pacific Time? Anyone please?

    Thank you.

    [Good question. Eastern? – Features Editor]

  13. Fed

    i read that davidgilmour.com is or may be losing the rights to the name as someone else uses it. is this true? i hope not as i read it’s someone who just buys up certain domain names to sell them. i hope it’s not true. i have probably got my facts wrong as usual. this would be unfair as the name David Gilmour can only belong to our David surely. hope u dont mind me asking mate. i am just interested. cheers mate, see ya soon.

    [No, it’s not true. I’d like to see anyone try. – Features Editor]

  14. working weekends, fed? i didn’t expect to see anything new here and look at all this!!!

    thanks for keeping us updated. this programme was fab. hope you all enjoy it in oz.

    i echo warren’s words. it’s not unusual for public forums to go under due to arguing fans and we’ve all had our share. thanks for keeping them under control.

    shine on, fed.

    [Thank you, I’ll try. – Features Editor]

  15. Warren,

    Very well said. I may not contribute as regularly as many others, but this blog has been a pleasure to read for over a year now and is run in an even handed manner.

    I’m sorry to hear of this forum’s troubles. Leonard Cohen is a great artist and deserves better. However, like David, I’m sure he knows that the rambunctious fans are in the minority.

  16. Thanks to you Erin. I had a really great time (and a big headache too because it was not my language) to read Polly and her son in this newspaper. Here in America we don’t have the opportunity to read the newspaper in Europe (yes of course with internet we probably could find it, but thanks anyway)!

    And thanks to your son, Polly, to have such a clever survey. My older son is 10 years old so… I am getting to it pretty soon……………… I appreciated…

    Sylvie de Montréal

  17. [Becky, what’s this about chewing an obstetrician? – Posted by: Dan at May 20, 2007 11:01 AM]

    I just want to come out totally against chewing obstetricians. They play a valuable role in our society and chewing on them is not only rude but also bad for the environment…

    Is there a DVD coming out?

    Bob Klose is Pink Floyd.

    [Well said, Angelo. Just Say ‘No’. – Features Editor]

  18. I’d like to echo many of the comments made here regarding this magnificent site. Beyond the incredible amounts of information offered (as well as special treats such as contests and band member contributions), it is a true pleasure to tune in to a small on-line community that is consistently well-behaved and respectful of each other. Childish sniping is really something NONE of us need and I’m very grateful that we’ve rarely (if EVER) seen any of that.

    Just out of curiosity FEd, does this require a large amount of intervention on your part? Do you have to constantly “mind the gate” to filter out undesirable comments?

    To Frank Par: Cool! But ten bucks sent through the mail just wouldn’t be right! So impersonal! How about we say the next time David comes to town, you pay for parking? haha

    [There are the odd one or two, but nothing worth worrying about. – Features Editor]

  19. [there are the odd one or two, but nothing worth worrying about. – fed]

    that’s because you tell them all exactly where to go! and don’t we love it? 😉

  20. Caption;

    Ding’Ding’Ding,”erm message from the committee,the hot pies are ready at the back”.

    Colin Compton.

  21. caption:

    richard: this is a public announcement. could the man in a black shirt who is messing around with our cameras and televisions please come to the customer service desk? thank you.

  22. caption:

    richard: david, i hate to be a bother and can see that you’re busy right now, but someone’s put superglue on my keyboard again. i’m stuck! help!


    This is WGHT, Wright Radio. Next up we have a special guest in our studio: my son-in-law, Guy Pratt, will be here to talk about his new book and more importantly how he plans to teach my grandson the basics of jazz composition…

  24. Victor, I think you hit the nail on the head.

    There have been nuisances, but they’ve been dealt with by the Features Editor (often in humorous fashion) and, thankfully, they never returned. It’s just what we need at a place such as this.

    As Buffalo Phil says, none of us need “childish sniping” and the people who visited only to stir up trouble have always been identified as nothing but pests.

    As Warren said, thank you for this wonderful online environment.

    [Thank you very much for helping to make it so. – Features Editor]

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