Fruit salad, anyone?


Something silly for the weekend…

If you think of David’s ‘On An Island’ band as a fruit salad, which fruit would each band member be?

Guy could be the banana, perhaps, for his silliness. David, the orange: for being refreshing in so many ways.

Please send thanks, or men in white coats, to Andrew for the suggestion (and for labelling David an orange).

Also, if you know of a good smoothie recipe, please send it in – just no long lists, please.

Have a great weekend, all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

91 thoughts on “Fruit salad, anyone?”

  1. Fruit Salad

    David Gilmour: Star Fruit, what else
    Richard Wright: Golden Delicious Apple
    Polly: Lychee, sweet oriental delicacy
    Guy Prat: Plums (i cant go into detail)
    John Carin: Mango, always sounds sweet what ever he plays
    Stevie D: A peach
    Phil Manzanera: a Lemon (for his sharp dress sense)
    Dick Parry,Robert Whyatt: Rasberry’s
    Sam Brown, Mica Paris: a nice pear

    Im going to be in trouble, im supposed to be doing the garden while my better half has gone shopping (she’s getting my birthday pressie i think, its my birthday on monday & i cant believe how quickly another year has gone by) i better get a move on now

    [Have a good one on Monday, Graham. – Features Editor]

  2. Guy is definitely the banana. I buy Pratt’s organic bananas all the time 😉

  3. Have a great weekend everyone!

    Hmmm, fruit and smoothie recipies….I’ll get back to you….

  4. Right then.

    Rick would be a Raspberry. Sweet, Gentle, precise, very English.

    Phil would be a Grapefruit. Hard to see what’s on the inside, rock steady, suprisingly colourful and fruity at times.

    Guy would be a watermelon. Big personality, solid, heavy, dazzling.

    Stevie D would already be a box of mini fruit salad. Rythmical, busy, variable but guaranteed satisfaction.

    John would be a big apple. Haa haa.

    And finally, Im gonna cheat a bit here but David would have to be strawberries and cream. Quintessentially English, smooth, sophisticated, as with him and his Strat…..a genius combination….but most of all I never, ever get bored of him.

    I enjoyed that.

  5. I love the new doodle on the front page. Nice change up.

    Now onto The Amazing David and Ambrosia Salad Band

    Guy – coconut (shredded or not) no explaination necessary
    Phil – acai fruit – he is some brazillian right?
    Jon – apples – doesn’t matter what sort he just comes off as an apple to me
    Stevie – mango – goes great with banging bongos
    Rick – pineapple –
    David – grapes – more delicious than oranges thats for sure! Red, Green, purple

    A shake for you to try.

    2 cups soy milk, 1.5 cups fresh or frozen berries (your choice)
    1 banana
    1 Tbsp spirulina (a microalgae high in protein, vit.B12, iron

    Puree until smooth. Makes 2-4 servings

  6. At the risk of raising the ire of any parents who are reading the blog….I will say, I happened to watch a TV documentary recently about the Australian children’s group known as The Wiggles. Unfortunately, their annoying little song called “Fruit Salad,” has been running non-stop through my brain ever since. See what happens when one decides to “veg” in front of the TV for awhile? I had been applying copious amounts of good David Gilmour music to rid my brain of this song, and now….what do I find on my favorite blog?

    Well, obviously, FEd is a mango because I believe mangoes are a central ingredient of his main smoothie recipe.

    Richard Wright is a lime because he strikes me as the quintessential English gentleman and an English gentleman should always have a gin and tonic.

    Jon Carin is a grape because his musical talent encompasses many different varieties and a master musician like Jon is like a fine wine.

    El Magnifico is a blood orange because he’s refreshing on the outside, but has a flair on the inside.

    Guy probably is a banana.

    Dick Parry is a strawberry because he appears at just the right time each year and you’re always pleased to see him.

    Stevie is the pinch of sugar you add just to make everything taste good together.

    And David is a peach because he’s just plain peachy.

    Thanks for this bit of silly fun, FEd. I have a great temptation to delete everything I just typed, but will force myself to hit the “Post” button.

    Happy weekend, everybody!

  7. Angelo’s On An Island Smoothie:

    Version 1 (low-fat):

    1/4 cup Blueberries
    1/2 cup Orange Juice
    1 Cup Non-fat Yogurt
    Honey to taste
    Crushed Ice
    Blend until smooth

    Version 2 (high-fat and spiked):

    Above recipie except substitute yogurt for frozen Piña Colada (if you need a recipie for that, my wife makes a mean Piña Colada from condensed milk, evaporated milk, and “Coco Lopez” coconut mil that she freezes to a wonderful consistency)

    Add 1/2 cup Bacardi Rum-White (this is in addition to what’s in the Piña Colada!)

    Now THAT’S bein’ “On An Island”, baby!!!

    *Disclaimer: I know nothing about smoothies, so let me know how it turns out…

  8. Don’t let anyone else see this, we’ll all be committed……ok,ok….I’ll play.

    David G.-pineapple
    David C.-pappya

    Recipe: throw the band above in a blender (use pomagranite juice instead of promagranite) and mix in some yogurt.

  9. Here’s how I make smoothies:

    2 Bananas
    A bunch of frozen raspberries
    A few frozen strawberries
    Some Mango Slices
    Some Kiwi slices (skin it!)
    Through it all in the blender and fill in the cracks with Orange Juice!

    I can’t think of fruits to match up with band members. Maybe a Starfruit for Dave, since he is the star of the show?

    By the way, how long has the that new animation on the main page been up, I just noticed it!

    [Not long, Brian. Since midnight Friday, I believe. – Features Editor]

  10. Stevie – coconut
    Guy – strawberry
    Phil – mango
    Jon – lychee
    Richard – cherry
    David – pamplemousse

    and my favourite smoothie recipe

    blend the following:

    juice of 1 lime
    juice of 2 oranges
    some crushed ice
    add equal quantity of gold tequila

    …..tasty and full of vitamin C.

    [Bonus points for using “pamplemousse” instead of “grapefruit”… – Features Editor]

  11. Today’s photo is one of my all time favourites. Of all of Polly’s photos (I’m assuming that this is one) this is the one I wish I could buy a print of. The lens flares are just so perfect, the prism almost a Floydian metaphor, the master of space in space. Fantastic.

    DG: Grape (always tasty, very moorish and then turns into wine to get better and better)
    RW: Avocado (smooth and just a little bit nutty)
    PM: Apple (isn’t Red Dwarf a variety of apple?!)
    GP: Star fruit (a silly fruit that amuses everyone)
    SD: Pomegranite (complexity inside)
    JC: Banana (bends both ways…in ref to DG and RW)

    And my Saturday silly – a certain other bass player as a plum? 🙂


  12. That looks like a slice of orange hanging there in the photo….

    I’m thinking about “fruity” people now… I’ll get back to you with my ideas for this brilliant fruit salad.

    Interesting idea, Andrew… don’t know what to make of it! (other than a very odd fruit salad recipe) LOL


  13. Fruit Salad, anyone?

    David (PEACH) Gilmour – Dare I say it, juicy with a velvety down. A person of superlative quality.

    Richard (PLUM) Wright – an oval fleshy fruit, with sweet pulp. The best of a collection, something especially prized.

    Guy (RHUBARB) Pratt – Serving to purify, purgative. Didn’t he DO well.

    Jon [Big] (APPLE) Carin – Rounded in form with a crisp flesh. A cherished person. (Mainly by David)

    Phil (MELON) Manzanera – As COOL and sweet as ever. Shares abundant profits among a number of people.

    Stevie (KIWI) DiStanislao – The fruit of a climbing plant, having thin hairy skin, green flesh. I’m the one that was green to Stevie’s talent, he has certainly “climbed” in mine and many others esteem.

    Dick (RASPBERRY) Parry – consisting of numerous drupels on a conical receptical. A sound made with the lips (although Dick rarely blows any disapproving notes).

    Features (LIME) Editor – A round citrus fruit like a Lemon, but greener, smaller and more acid. Sorry FEd, I had to give you a mention too.

    It’s OK, you’re not greener or smaller, but you are definitely more acidic…. can you cure my scurvy.

    [Well, I don’t know if I’d want to cure it after that! – Features Editor]

  14. A band of fruit eh ?

    In no particular order

    Stevie – a solid dependable pear
    Guy – a funky little pineapple
    Phil – a big star taking a back seat – a plum
    Dick – good to blow – a raspberry
    Rick – a national treasure – a ripe cox’s pippen apple
    David – well he’s the cherry isn’t he ?

  15. Hi,

    Obviously Phil is the trustworthy Apple, whilst Guy sounds to me more as sweet Grapes. Jon is a rich Kiwi and Stevie is a juicy Mango. Dick is a perfumed Passion fruit, Crosby and Nash are a surprise combination of Pineapple and Blueberry. Rick’s the delightful Orange.

    Dave’s the final touch – the right portion of Vintage Port that enhances the balance of a normal salad into the unique “recipe” we’ve been offered last year.

    (Bon apetit)

  16. Definitely coconut for Guy. Pineapple for Phil. Banana for Dick, hence the shape. Kiwis for Richard and Jon – keyboards. Vanilla beans for Steve. Apple for David to keep the doctor so far away. Pomegranate for Polly. Mango for Fed. Chutney for Sned. Watermelon for Marc Brickman?

    I could go on.

  17. Fruit salad, FEd? You’ve definitely lost your mangoes….

  18. Strawberry juice forever! 🙂

    have a nice weekend Fed and Bloggers!

  19. Well, I must admit, there is no fruit to attach to this band. Sorry. Particularily when we are talking about the greatest guitarist of all time.

    Now for a smoothie recipe:

    2oz of non-alocholic pina colada mix
    2oz of non alcoholic strawberry dacquiri mix
    1/2 of a ripe banana
    3/4oz passion fruit
    1 1/2 scoop of crushed ice. Regular ice will do fine.

    Mix all ingredients into blender and blend until desired consistency. Not too thin though. Garnish with a banana slice and strawberry.

    One more:

    2 scoops of orange sherbert
    1oz orange juice
    1oz pineapple
    3/4oz peach nectar

    Same procedure with the ice, crushed or regular. If too thin, add more orange sherbert to thicken.

    Bill Hayden, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  20. Wow, imagine my surprise seeing this entry before hitting the sheets. O.k, lemme see…

    *Guy is a coconut (fuzzy and hard on the outside, sweet when cracked open)
    *Phil M is the strawberry (enhances the flavor of many!)
    *Steve is the apple (ever dependable and hearty!)
    *Dave is THE banana (a little green when young, but ripens nicely with age)
    *Rick is a watermelon (refreshing anytime, and has plenty musical “seeds” within)
    *Jon Carin is a cluster of grapes (with many pieces of him to go around!).

    Good lord, looking back at what I just typed… a psychoanalyst’s wet dream!


  21. Any group of your best local nature candy frozen while fresh then blended in fresh orange juice or apple juice makes for a very cool and delicious smoothie. I believe its best to use berries with berries and melons with melons for optimum flavor…

    It is the psychozoic age of centurions, isn’t it?

    Happy blending to happy bodies everyone!

  22. Hello FED and All !!!

    I’ll be happy to send some smoothie recipe’s to you FED and to anybody else out there, just not until tomorrow when I’m more alert.

    IMHO, David is the Grapes in the salad, but more like fermented grapes like a fine wine. Phil is the grapefruit. Guy is all apples, don’t ask me why. Jon is the peaches. Robert Wyatt is the cherry. And Richard is the Orange who just happens to be the sweet in the music that is Gilmour’s ‘OAI’.

    I’m out, Lisa is seriously distracting me, time to go to bed. It’s 2:58 a.m.

    Cazart !

  23. Oh the disgrace – I forgot Jon – smooth and sweet, he’ll have to be my Mango.

  24. I take it David’s on holiday somewhere tropical, judging by the latest wireman, so David must be a coconut. Tough shell to crack but squishy inside.

  25. There’s saner locked up fed!!!

    [You could be right, Paul. – Features Editor]

  26. Hi David Gilmour, I liked you blogsite and as I am a beginner blogger I see so many things to learn from you. …Keep it on ..

    Thank you

  27. Hmmm…..

    David Bowie is the grapefruit, bold and daring.

    Robert Wyatt is the versatile pineapple.

    Nick Mason is the grape. What kind of fruit salad is complete without the grapes?

    Crosby and Nash are bananas and strawberries, a combination that works so well together and enhances all the other ingredients.

    Sam Brown is the apple, making any fruit salad so much better.

    The wine glass player? Pomagranite, adding richness and complexity to the mix.

    David himself would be the juice of a citrus, the binder that holds everything else together.

    Rick is the bananna: essential but subtle, all too easily overlooked.

    Jon is the watermelon, blending in nicely.

    Steve is the mango. I don’t know why, he just is.

    Guy is the asparagus. Well, it would certainly stand out in a fruit salad, right?

    Phil is the passion fruit. Self-explanatory, I think.

    And, last but definitely not least, Dick. He’s the sweet cream on top of it all.

  28. Caption; Theres a train a coming.

    DG;A [TOP] Banana
    DP;Apple,makes great Brandy and Cider!
    GP;Pomegranate,its a confused frut!.”I would love to see Guy on his Trampoline trying to eat on of these”.
    PM;Tomato,for obvious reasons.
    DC;Grape, makes great Wine and Brandy!

  29. As David Gilmour today is on “an” island enjoying the sunny holiday….i can just suggest the following recipe (maybe he already knows it):

    Fruit Salad of the Ancient Greeks

    1 honeydew melon
    2 ripe peaches, pit removed and cut in to 1/2-inch pieces
    2 pears, cored and cut in to 1/2-inch pieces
    1 bunch red seedless grapes, removed from the stems
    1/2 cup chopped almonds
    1/2 cup yellow grapes
    2 glasses dry red wine
    1/2 cup honey

    Cut the melon in half and remove the flesh carefully so as to leave the rind intact allowing it to be used as a pair of bowls. Cut the removed melon flesh in to 1″ pieces. In a large bowl mix the fruit and the almonds. Divide the mixture between the two melon rinds.

    In a small pan mix the honey and wine (or grape juice) and heat over a low flame stirring until the honey is dissolved. Pour the honeyed wine over
    the fruit in the two melon halves.

    Refrigerate the whole thing for about an hour prior to serving.


  30. I couldn’t match fruit to band members but the following bands came to mind:

    Kid Creole and the Coconuts
    The Banana Splits
    The Pineapple Thief
    The Furious Apples
    Electric Orange
    The Jam

    Pete – Coventry

  31. I like the new wireman, too, by the way….

    As for our “fruity friends”, (I hope they aren’t insulted! ha ha…) Here goes:

    FEd: Apple= The apple represents you as the teacher trying to keep some sort of control of the restless bloggers. (And I’m sure we’ve given you a headache or two!!)

    DG: Watermelon= Larger than life and full of seeds to sow into flowing, wonderful music.

    Guy: Peach= “Guy is just a Peach of a Guy”…

    Phil: Strawberry= Versatile as musician/producer.

    Stevie: Coconut= Just seems “percussiony”, doesn’t it??

    Rick: Lime= Tops off that cool, refreshing drink which we all love so much!

    Dick: Grapes= He plays as smooth as fine wine…

    Jon: Pineapple= Sweet & necessary for a good mix!

    Banana Daquiri Smoothie:

    1 banana, sweet & ripe
    2 parts Sweet n Sour Mix
    1 part Rum
    Splash of cream

    Swirl them in the blender & enjoy!!

  32. On a tropical island.

    Fed do you know if he will be at the Syd Barrett tribute later this week. maybe even play a song there. I don’t think he will show up in Earls court this weekend.

    David being fruit. mmm it must be ripe and sound fat for the guitar sound. a gala melon maybe. well what ever he is, he sure is good!!

    [David will not be involved, sorry. – Features Editor]

  33. A fast, easy and smoothie recipe of red fruit salad:

    ‘Soupe de fruits rouges au Crémant d’Alsace’:

    – strawberries (fraises)
    – blackberries (mûres)
    – blueberries (myrtilles)
    – raspberries (framboises)
    – a bottle of ‘Crémant d’ Alsace rosé’ (= sort of semi-sparkling rose wine from Alsace)
    – sugar syrup
    – half a spoon of cinnamon

    Blend all those fresh (not frozen !) red fruits with sugar syrup in the ‘Crémant d’Alsace’.

    Let macerate 2 hours in the fridge.

    Pour, add cinnamon, add if you want a vanilla icecream ball and some leaves of mint.

    Believe me, delicious, gorgeous !


  34. Love the new animation! All work and no play, makes David a dull boy 😉

    I like some of these fruit salads, (especially David being Strawberries and Cream) although, I think I’ll leave it to you guys 😉

    What a great weekend! Had the kids’ birthday party yesterday at the park, which was great fun. Then last night all my family came home, to our small country town where we grew up. My dad’s a bass player and him and his band did a gig at the local hole in the wall, just for the hell of it. Drank Coronas and danced all night . .a perfect Cinco De Mayo! Just what I needed to de-stress.

    Hope you all had a great weekend too.


  35. I have to say that this weekend’s musical and aviation endeavors have rendered my mind useless to come up with something as creative/strange as this.

    The new drawing up front is a reminder that in 28 days, I will be doing exactly what is drawn there…relaxing on a beach with a guitar, and anything else I care to carry out to the beach!

    I will be copying the smoothie recipes for future reference.

  36. What are we gonna do next? Veggies I hope. Fed you are the beet that keeps us going.

  37. Great idea FEd, re fruit salad and smoothie recipe. All the band must be smoothies as they are sooooo smoooooth. Goodness knows what type of fruit they would be but this is what I did on Friday with my Beaver Scouts – we played a game of fuit salad.

    Idea is all sit in a circle facing out and are given a name of a fruit. Choose just three or four different fruits so that several Beavers are given the same name of fruit. When a fruit is called out the Beaver with that name jumps up and runs around the circle. When the leader shouts “twist”, the Beavers who are runing turn and run in opposite direction. When “fruit bowl” is shouted then they return to their place in circle. When “fruit salad” is shouted, then the whole circle jump up and run around. Its chaos but fun.

    Can you imagine if when David and the band came on stage they started playing games instead of music what the reaction would be??? Great stuff eh?

    Maybe next competition, “what games should the band play on stage?”

    Ian Pearson

  38. That’s a cute creative of the wireman on the main page. It echoes very well with the topic “Fruit Salad” and “Smoothies” recipe.

    David G: Grape (essential ingredient in most fruit salad. Versatile (grapes can be used either fresh or dried or even have it fermented to become wine; each with its own unique and distinguished taste).

    Rick W: Kiwi (distinctive, charming)
    Phil M: Pineapple (sweet, refreshing)
    Guy P: Lemon (“zesty”, energy)
    Dick P: Strawberry (delightful, appealing)
    Stevie D: Honeydew (pleasing, fresh)
    Jon C: Cantaloupe (sugary, warm)

    Mix the above ingredients together (in cubed) and you have yourself a delicious fruit salad.

    Here’s a easy recipe for a smoothie:

    3 ripe bananas
    1/2 cup soy milk
    1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt
    1 cup ice cubes
    1.4 teaspoon nutmeg

    Combine bananas and milk, puree until smooth.
    Add vanilla yogurt, ince cubes and nutmeg to the fruit mixture. Blend until the ice is finely crushed and the drink is frothy.

    Cheers to health!

    I slept through the storm and tornado watch that happened earlier this evening. Now I am wide awake. That’s Florida weather for you after a beautiful sunny day.

  39. [Running out of ideas, huh, Fed?]

    The point is that no important how silly the subject has to be, it has to be David Gilmour centered and oriented uh?!?. oh, now he and the band are nice little fruits?!? “love, devotion and surrender”.

    This idea is quite sad today..really. I’ll pass on. sometimes if there is nothing really better to say we could just shut up, no? I think that this time we passed the line and what irritates me are the bloggers prone to adore whatever stupid is done here.

    I think that the dictate from the management is “speak only about DG and the band”. I am waiting for the “band’s underpant’s colour” blog (after toilet, obviously).

    [Well, it is David’s site, so it’s not that far-out to keep discussion centred around the man, his music, his band, his album, his tour, his DVD… Neither is it too outrageous to consider an idea for a ‘rainy day’ topic from one of his fans (albeit a silly idea that some people think too ludicrous to get involved in, which is fair enough). It’s just a bit of fun. If it seems too much like nonsense to you, ignore it. You’ve just proved that you’ll also comment when perhaps it’s better to say nothing. I think it’s all quite funny, personally. Some of these comments make me laugh. – Features Editor]

  40. Looks like David has gone on vacation according the home page. He must have a song in his head, as he can’t stop tapping his foot. Oooh perhaps a new song. Good thing he brought his guitar so he can work it out.


  41. I can’t improve on anyone’s fruit salad or smoothie offerings but wanted to mention that at the beginning of a new episode of The Sopranos last night, Tony sang some of the words to Comfortably Numb. I don’t believe this is the first reference to Pink Floyd in the show. It’s a small thing, I guess, but unexpected cultural references to David and PF are always fun.


    PS–How are you, FEd?

    [I’m very well, thank you. How are you? – Features Editor]

  42. All male band members could be bananas. Big ones, small ones, green ones, mature ones, fair-trade ones, etc. That’s my support for Guy, who seems to need a supporter here, and who is no more or less silly than the others, maybe just not as skilled in hiding it. But I could be wrong, as I was before.

    Female band members (very and to few) are peaches.

    With thanks to The Steve Miller Band in their song “The Joker” where they perform the landmark phrase: I really love your peaches, Want to shake your tree.

    Real fruit wise it is a success-guaranteed-mix. Mmm, maybe DG could be the vanilla stick in this ensemble?

  43. “A clear cloudless day-time sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. When we look towards the sun at sunset, we see red and orange colours because the blue light has been scattered out and away from the line of sight.

    The white light from the sun is a mixture of all colours of the rainbow. This was demonstrated by Isaac Newton, who used a prism to separate the different colours and so form a spectrum. The colours of light are distinguished by their different wavelengths. The visible part of the spectrum ranges from red light with a wavelength of about 720 nm, to violet with a wavelength of about 380 nm, with orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo between. The three different types of colour receptors in the retina of the human eye respond most strongly to red, green and blue wavelengths, giving us our colour vision.”

    That´s why.

  44. Dear David Gilmour,

    it’s true or not what i read in an italian blog newspaper (La Stampa) that in a 2008 there is a Pink Floyd Reunion with Roger Waters (tour, dvd ..etc.)

    With Best Regards
    E. Salis

    [It’s not true, sorry. There are no plans for a reunion. – Features Editor]

  45. I drink this every time I have a smoothie. It’s Banana, Strawberry & Orange Smoothie. It’s great!

    Make sure that you freeze your Banana & Strawberries first (1 cup each). Then you add 4 slices of Orange. Next add 3 cups of Non-Fat milk (Make sure that the milk is about to Freeze)
    and 2 table spoons of splenda. Now put in a Blender. Let the Blender spin on high for 3 minutes. Now all you have to do is pour into a frosty mug and enjoy.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend.

    Take Care

  46. I’m looking to buy me another guitar and was wondering whether David has any plans (in conjunction with Fender of course) to have a “David Gilmour” signature model made???

    [Yes, plans are being made for Fender to produce a custom David Gilmour guitar. As we exclusively revealed back in November, it will be the black Strat and there’s talk of it being in the shops in July 2008, but that’s all we know for now. Please click your name below for the story. – Features Editor]

  47. David is a Red Apple. Do u know why?

    Because “listen to David’s songs a day, keeps all doctors away”. 🙂

  48. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

    Hey Fed, love the new animation on the main page. its cool.

    Hope to talk to you all soon in chatroom, i missed the last one but i wont miss thursdays. see you all there.


  49. i can’t say anything or comment. u r excellent, perfect. i can’t find more words.

  50. Well, I’d be an apple.

    Talking of apples……..cider…….. I’m off to the pub! Yum Yum.

  51. First…the smoothie…

    Ice, vodka, lemon – stir and enjoy…could help get through the big match. Not too many if you want to remember it though…

    Fruit Salad…yummy yummy (thanks Lynn…just when I thought I was cured):

    David – Passion Fruit
    Steve – coconut
    Guy – Rumberry
    Phil – Watermelon
    Dick – Elderberry
    Rick – Cloudberry
    Jon – Wineberry

    …mix some vodka…yup, still thinking about the weekend 🙂

  52. Dont know about the fruitsalad… But I do know that the webmaster must be a fruitcake.

  53. Hi fed, I dont drink smoothies but i got another mixed drink thats called “A NUDE SLIDE DOWN THE MOUNTAIN. 2oz Vodca, 4oz Mountain dew, (a soft drink from U.S.), with ice.


  55. Lol this is a good idea…

    Jon: The Tomato (Cause he is mistaken for a vegetable etc. Also does Roger Waters concerts)
    Guy: The Banana (Obvious Reasons)
    Stevie: The Mango (Bangs on the Drums)
    Phil: The Lemon (Sour Guitar Player)
    Rick: The Prune
    Dave: The Orange

  56. OK..I’ll play along..

    David is of course the ever delectable Maraschino Cherry that we either scoop up immediately or save the best for last,all the while savoring it’s supporting friends(peaches,pears,grapes,oranges, apples and bananas) all melding within their own juices to eventually bring us to a wonderful and ecstatic palate climax!

    Phew!!..I think I now need a very cold shower!

  57. It’s Monday, yet I don’t see any new posting.

    FEd, are you ok? Hope all is well.

    [No need to worry, Veronica. Monday was a holiday in the UK. – Features Editor]

  58. Great music clip at the front door today! Debatably, the best song on the CD. Since the whole CD is great, who can pick just one?

    In the low 90’s here in Sacramento today, so my 5 year old son and I went out and had a squirt gun war. Ahhh, the joys of family and children.

    Hope you all are having a good week. Looking forward to chat later in the week.


  59. Hello FEd! Hope you had a nice weekend!

    I have a smoothie recipe for you…Its absolutely amazing!(I tried it this week):

    1 mango, peeled and seeded
    1 papaya, peeled and seeded
    1/2 cup fresh strawberries
    1/3 cup orange juice
    5 cubes ice

    Place the mango, papaya, strawberries, orange juice, and ice cubes in an electric blender. Process.

  60. Air of summer holidays, in davidgilmour webspace! I didn’t realized that in the home page there was David, under a palm, reading the newspapers and playing guitar. Ah! Nice! Happy holidays!


  61. [it’s true or not what i read in an italian blog newspaper (La Stampa) that in a 2008 there is a Pink Floyd Reunion with Roger Waters]

    Yep – tonight at the NEC Birmingham !!


    Pete – Coventry

  62. I had a great birthday, i got an i-pod which my better half had preloaded all my PF collection & O.A.I. also she put About Face on as well which i kept meaning to get (again) as i only have it on vinyl & have not heard it for many a year, shes a clever girl isn’t she, & i am going to marry her in less than 2 weeks now.

  63. hey fet ed .

    i hope you had a good bank holiday . i was working but to make up for it i got a unexpected day off today due to dublins main ring road the m50 being blocked by a truckers protest !

    by the way beautiful song on the front page today . what is it if i may be so bold as to ask ?

    it was a good weekend for me . manchester untied won the premiership without kicking a ball ! as much as i hate to say it i hope liverpool cream milan !

    well thats enough ramblings form me . i hope to see you at the next chat


    [You can ask about the music on the homepage, but I’m afraid I can’t answer. – Features Editor]

  64. Nice new art on the home page – is summer here?

    I think the guys are just like a nice bunch of grapes – the sort that make a fine wine if you like – very similar to creating a new record – squeezing their creative juices, nurture it for about 18 months, bottle it and then go on the road & give everybody a good tasting.

    best wishes,
    Tom B

  65. [Yep – tonight at the NEC Birmingham !! Honest.]

    …..I knew there was a reason for me making a last minute decision on Friday to try to find a ticket for the said gig at the NEC tonight….I was considering shouting for Mr Waters and his band to play Fat Old Sun, Wearing the Inside Out and On the Turning Away but (until now!!) I had assumed Mr Carin would be the only person on stage who would know how to play these great songs:-)

    Anyway, back in the real world….I would say there’s more chance of hearing On an Island played in its entirety at the NEC tonight than there is of the three members of the Floyd turning up!!!!!

  66. this is funny and silly is ok now and then. some people need to get a sense of humour and stop moaning. if there was no space to comment, you’d complain about that. if it’s not about david, you complain. if it’s silly, you complain. if it’s serious, you complain. just shut up!!!

    to fed: thanks for letting us be silly and for adding a new topic over the weekend when you could just shut the blog down completely and not leave us any space to type our silly thoughts.

    to andrew: funny idea. i think david is a watermelon. i like susan’s way of thinking.

    [larger than life and full of seeds to sow into flowing, wonderful music. – susan]

    btw, i also like the new wireman. 🙂

  67. CAPTION:

    That is a fine size slice of orange on Rick’s arm, I must say.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  68. Just to please Piergiorgio:

    David might be a passion fruit, and, I let you guess which fruit I’m thinking of for you ! outrageous x 2 ! LOL !


  69. Hey Fed and all,

    Long time no see eh? Well, it has been quite busy around here. Decisions have been made, and the proces of the surgery have been put in motion. It now seems to take place around September, so the dvd release will be a good thing, i have something to watch all day!!

    Hey Ian, can you make me a leg of glass? Should be cool to have it with those color swils inside, just like marbles!!

    p.s. Fed, congrats with the reds reaching the finals of the champions league!!, very well done, and it needed 2 dutch players!!

    [They both did well (Kuyt doesn’t stop running). All the best to you, mate. – Features Editor]

  70. I have to deal with cynics everyday. Recently I’ve had to deal with them even more so, but it’s nice to come in here and have a chance to participate in an open and friendly community where we can just be ourselves and relax a bit.

    I have found that there is a fine line between being opinionated and being antagonistic. The successful sharing of opinions requires an open flow of communication. Cynicism cuts off dialogue or taints communication with a dourness that’s hard to walk away from without feeling the urge to cut oneself off from the source of negativity.

    Sometimes it seems as if people like being cynical? I think that’s contemptuous and unbecoming.

    In case you are wondering, here are some definitions from an easily accessible dictionary:

    Cynic: a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested points of view.

    Cynical: bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic; expressing jaded or scornful skepticism or negativity.

    Cynicism: an attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others; a scornfully or jadedly negative comment or act.

  71. Graham – Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you had a great day.


  72. Come on,

    do not hate me….this thing is not funny and it is cheesy. Michele, I could be a poisoned fruit I know…

    anyway I like Fed, because whatever silly things proposes, you all play. Fed, do something really silly and everyone will follow… hehehehe (I proposed the underpants…)

  73. Hello,

    A kiss to you dear “our” FEd and what’s about “that” fruit salad? I love it.


  74. Hello FED and All !!

    Sad to say, I fell “off the wagon” this weekend. However, it wasn’t horrendous. Lisa and I had a great weekend. Yes, the Thunderbirds, as Veronica pointed out, pulled off a fantatsic weeekend of air deviltry and this weekend weather was great. Even the rain was welcome.

    Lisa rung in her 37th year on Friday. I took her out to a French Cafe that we have here in Fort Lauderdale and we later took a stroll down Las Olas Boulevard and window shopped along the tree lined boulevard in the early evening. Then we wound up at a club later in the evening and had some drinks and danced right down the road from where I live for a few hours. Then we later wound up home listening to ‘OAI’ and ‘WYWH’ and just had a nice relaxing evening under the stars out on my porch. We played around on the computer and, more and more she is liking the site. We had fun and I even made a mix for the Air & Sea Show. We had a great night.

    This is the mix:

    1. When The Tigers Broke Free (Marines storm the beach with air support.)
    2. Run Like Hell (Marines running up and setting for firing positions)
    3. Point Me At The Sky
    4. The Nile Song
    5. One of These Days
    6. Time
    7. Echoes
    8. Obscured By Clouds
    9. Childhood’s End
    10. Not Now John
    11. A New Machine p.1 & 2
    12. Speak To Me / On The Run
    13. What Do You Want From Me
    14. High Hopes
    15. Castellorizon / Take A Breath
    16. Comfortably Numb
    17. What Shall We Do ?
    18. Learning To Fly
    19. Terminal Frost (excellent to an Air show !)

    That is a helluva mix and it worked rather nicely at the Air show. Fans came up and would ask me where they could buy this and I said, “You have to buy the whole collection. It’s my own mix.” But it’s one that I will keep !

    Smoothie recipe’s coming in the pipeline, FED. Just wanted to poke my head in. Check back laterz….

  75. FEd,

    I’m done!!! I took my last final today, yeah!!!

    Now I can decompress.


    [Well done, Penny. Put your feet up. – Features Editor]

  76. Hi FEd and Friends!

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of the various fruit salad blends — something fun and mindless (although someone may view it as a blind-faith, follow without question, brainwash sort of exercise). I’ll label that certain someone, if you don’t mind, a gooseberry — too sour and unpleasant to consume unless loaded with tons of sugar!!

    All along I had thought of David as the watermelon of the band, er, I mean fruit salad, which, when carved out, would also serve as the sturdy yet biodegradable serving bowl to hold all the bits of various sweet, tart, colorful and juicy fruits. The fruit should be organically grown, and from around the planet to fully represent the band and the Bloggers.

    Thanks to everyone for their best smoothie recipes — Ax, yours sounds really good as I’m freak for papaya!

    Happy belated birthday to Graham and congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

    Simon, once again I’ll say you need to be spanked! LOL;>)

    Angelo, thanks for your definitions.

    And Adriano, thanks for your enlightening words…

    Peace ‘n love!
    Washington State

  77. [I suppose Roger has to be the sour grapes… – Posted by: George Maciver]


  78. I love fruit in a salad or by itself and I love the band and Davids voice. The band and the fruit is both good for the soul.


  79. Hey FED and Everybody,

    It may be Tuesday afteroon, but I’m still recovering from weekend. Lisa and I are just basking in the sun. Perfect cerullean blue sky, just a few scant wisps of cirrus clouds streaking acorss like combed wool. Here is one of my favourites :

    1 banana
    8 medium sized strawberries
    1/4 cup plain yogurt
    1/2 cup skim milk
    3/4 ice tray, 12 cubes
    1 dash of Real Vanilla

    Blend in blender. Serve and Enjoy !

    Here’s another:

    2 medium, ripe peaches cut in to cubes
    1/2 cup blueberries
    6 to 8 chunks of Honeydew Melon
    8 ice cubes
    2 tbsp of Half and half
    1/4 tsp. honey

    Try these with any energy boosters, protein, etc. etc. I’m coming up on 40 and people tell me I look 25. Sometimes I still get carded. Healthy diet, exercise, listening to Gilmour are proven to add to a long life.

    Well, I’m out to tend to my new gardens. The sun is shining and I’ve put on PULSE. Time to go to work….Have a great day ! Cazart !

  80. Fed…

    Cracking way to get loads of smoothie recipes!

    What next? Decorating tips for the living room, inside knowledge on holiday destinations, simple but effective dinner party recipes…

    Nice one 🙂

    [Hmm, good idea. Dinner party recipes… – Features Editor]

  81. [Hey Ian, can you make me a leg of glass? Should be cool to have it with those color swils inside, just like marbles!! – Posted by: Emiel Schuurman]

    Sure thing Emiel. Legs in glass no probs, able to stand up to the heat so afraid not very cool! But if too holy might lose yer marbles.

    Ian Pearson

    PS. George, love your sour grapes comment, going to get some of that soon!

  82. Ken

    bravo we think alike, I could not have put it better.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  83. [I’m coming up on 40 and people tell me I look 25. Sometimes I still get carded. Healthy diet, exercise, listening to Gilmour are proven to add to a long life.]

    Raymond –

    I’m 37 and people tell me I look 27/28 and I don’t have a healthy diet or do regular exercise. I do however listen to Gilmour regularly and seeing as this is the only common factor between us two babyfaces then the only (hasty) conclusion to come to is that listening to Gilmour adds to a long life 🙂

    (or makes you look at least 10 years younger to say the least…some also say regular DG listening also makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, your team score more goals and you find parking spaces at the shopping mall with ease…)


  84. As silly as this topic is… it sure wore my brain out trying to reference the variety of fruits to the amazing team of fine musicians.

    As simple or childish as this game is, it made you think, at least it did to me, how we strived to find the best representation for each member based on our own interpretation of fruits.

    At the end, we all know that there is no right or wrong answer. Yet I did have fun playing along and I hope you did too. I laughed so hard reading so many creative fruit salad blends. I venture to say that the bloggers are talented on picking the selection of fruits for the band members.

    David would be a “star fruit” – a very clever choice from a few of the bloggers – much impressed by this one.

    Be happy!

  85. Hi Fed,

    its amusing to see us bloggers notice the new “wireman” & assume that David must be on holiday somewhere, i can envisage all sorts of fun you could have by introducing new animations from time to such as wireman with a supermarket trolley, wireman up a ladder with paint brush, wireman doing the ironing, then back to the original wireman & watch us bloggers wondering when the next tour will be.

    [Funny you should say that, Graham. Wireman will be doing different things from time-to-time. Keep an eye on him. – Features Editor]

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