For Syd

st_blog.jpgAs reported on the Latest News page, David surprised everyone by taking to the stage with Richard Wright and Nick Mason last night to celebrate the life and music of the late, great, Syd Barrett.

The concert, at London’s Barbican Hall, was organised by Pink Floyd’s first producer, Joe Boyd, and David’s good friend, Nick Laird-Clowes (of Dream Academy fame).

They performed ‘Arnold Layne’, accompanied by Jon Carin on keyboards and Oasis’ Andy Bell on bass, as well as returning to the stage for an all-star finale of ‘Bike’.

The above photo, taken by Polly, is of the only rehearsal. Note the time on the clock: a little after half past eight.

You can see the picture in all its glory in the Galleries.

The evening was a fitting tribute to Syd, who passed away in July.

The chatroom will open between 3PM and 5PM (UK) today.

That’s all for another week. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

146 thoughts on “For Syd”

  1. Great to see the guys do one for Syd!!! Any chance this event will be on DVD/CD.

    [No word on that yet, Tom. – Features Editor]

  2. Very cool that they did that, strange that Waters didn’t join in. A nice surprise though.


  3. David: I told you to bring your bl**dy drum kit!
    Nick: No problem, I can play the back of this armchair.

    (Wondering what Nick playing the back of an armchair sounds like)

  4. what about playing something with Roger Waters, at least for one only occasion and in particular in memory Syd? I only hope it wasn’t achievable only because of the absence of time to rehearse, and not because personal arguments are more important for you than remembering a friend all together…

  5. I cant believe they performed, that would have been amazing to see. Fitting tribute to Syd.

    Thats a great pic too! anyway we could see it in higher resolution?

    [It will be added to our Galleries soon, Kristopher. Please click your name below. – Features Editor]

  6. WOW! Now that is what i call one hell of a surprise for everyone who attended the concert!!! Wish i was there… Shine on, Syd!

  7. Way to go David. Nice Job, we all loved Syd.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  8. Amazing stuff, wish I could have been there, any chance the show was recorded?

    [We’ve nothing to add other than what’s already been said, sorry. – Features Editor]

  9. Hi,

    I was at the tribute gig last night and was pleasently surprised to see amongst the fine array of generous hearts, not only David but also Nick, Rick and Roger. The whole event was a fitting tribute for the original crazy diamond.

    *(Note to self: Engage brain, keep mouth firmly shut and ask first before saying the wrong thing etc.)

    Simple question: Why didn’t Roger perform with the other three?

    Now please do not patronise me (and, no doubt, countless others wanting the same question answered) with a ‘sanitised’ answer about lack of time for rehearsing etc.

    I’m glad David and the others took the time to appear, as I’m sure the organisers were too – what a fine endorsement for all the hard work that must have gone into organising such an event.

    But, come on guys, what a shame you didn’t all play together (nicely, like the grown up mature boys you are meant to be).

    *I tried.

    Kind regards,

  10. Hello Fed!

    I am so unfortunate. I could not be in London, because I had to work. Was the concert filmed?

    A beautiful weekend to all!

    Many greetings from rainy Berlin

    [Sorry that we can’t say more at this time. If we have more to add, we will. – Features Editor]

  11. Hope the guys felt good at the memorial gig.

    I’m sure they have great memories of the crazy diamond.But these things are real levelers – even mighty men are very humble at such times.

    Thoughts are with you all and God bless Syd.


  12. Seems to have been a great concert. What a pleasant surprise and fitting tribute to Syd!

    Well, Nick seems to have acquired an interesting new drum kit – I’ve never seen such a thing before! This again demonstrates that Pink Floyd were always ahead of their times not only musically, but also technology-wise …

    Are there already any rumours circulating if last nights concert will be available on DVD sometime??

    Have a nice and restful weekend everybody out there!

  13. Not for nothing but that counts as a Pink Floyd reunion….just sayin’ 🙂

  14. oh wow. what an evening. i wish i could’ve been there. i wonder if i can get some special guests to play at the syd tribute i’m putting together over here…hmmm. that’s so nice. puts a tear in my eye. and a smile on my face. for syd. you guys never cease to amaze me. thanks for everything.

    go sabres!!

  15. Andy Bell on bass???????? why not roger????

    david, why not roger? for syd.. for people.. one song with the complete PINK FLOYD…


    [Did you stop for just one moment to think that perhaps it was Roger’s decision not to join in with David and the other two members of Pink Floyd? Does it always have to be David’s fault? You really shouldn’t believe all that you read, you know. – Features Editor]

  16. I just read about the show, and it sounds like it was a wonderful tribute to Syd. Wish it was recorded for tv or whatever. I’d have loved to have seen them perform Bike, another favorite of mine.

  17. Great photo! What a special moment to capture on camera and then share with us. I like this place.

  18. What a surprise for everyone who was at the Syd Barrett Tribute. That David and his Mates (Nick & Richard) drop in and play a song that Syd had written.

    I hope you were there Fed, to enjoy it.

    Take Care

    [I’m afraid I wasn’t there, but it was a jolly good show by all accounts . – Features Editor]

  19. Hey Fed… Any iea if this tribute will be put on dvd for those of us who did not get to attend?

    Sure wish i could have been there, i know it was good. Nice how everyone stood beside David and not Roger, thats really a statement with no words.

    Ok just wanted to know about a dvd possibilty.


    [We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything, Clarice. – Features Editor]

  20. It sounded like a wonderful evening and a fitting tribute to an incredibly gifted musician and songwriter who continues to influnce new generations of musicians.

    Shine on.
    x x x

  21. Very nice tribute to Syd! Thanks for letting us know, FEd.

    Stay smooth and have a nice weekend, all of you!


  22. *caption*

    Nick turns to David and says, “You’re not seriously suggesting I drum on a chair on stage…”



  23. Glad to hear, hope it went well. Syd would have loved the show.

    Have a great weekend.

  24. Dave,

    Thanks for appearing with Nick and Steve for the finale – we really did not expect it and it was great! Nice to hear Pink Floyd play Syd’s tracks…

    By the way, great performances from all – especially from Chrissie Hynde, Captain Sensible & Damon Albarn. Please pass on the message.

    When can we see you play next?

    Brian W

  25. That’s very nice. It would have been nicer if Roger had played with the other guys…but it’s just my opinion.

    They played in memory of their ex-bandmate and obviously in memory of a friend.

    I’m sure Syd was happy of it…maybe from up there he was even happier.

  26. Don’t know what else to say but – Simply Beautiful!!!! I was so happy to hear the Floyd play again! Don’t stop now… Thanks David!!!!!

    Also thanks for a wonderful site!

  27. CAPTION : ” Ok Nick, this one is called sofa away”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Like it. – Features Editor]

  28. amazing!!!

    i agree with clarice. david, richard and nick are pink floyd. roger was there, but it wasn’t a floyd reunion and we can only imagine why not.

    blind roger fans will blame david, but i have my own feelings on why all four didn’t play together.

    and people still call for a reunion? never. get over it.

    but never mind that. the main thing is this: shine on syd. you’ll always be a diamond to me. x


    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  30. Dear F.Ed.,

    very surprising news: and on this picture the journalistic cut of Polly pops up again!

    So nice to read about this concert in honour of Syd Barrett: i’m very happy for all of them i’m sure the spirit of the Crazy Diamond was there.

    “together we stand, divided we fall”

    Thank You very much for updating in real time!

    Ciao Elisabetta

  31. Does anyone know if this gig will be broadcast anywhere in the near future?

    [If we hear anything, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  32. comfortably drum eh?

    hey fed, i was sure you would have been at the gig. Oh well fingers crossed for a dvd!!!

  33. Hi Fed,

    Caption- “David, I have better things to do than dust your furniture”

    In all seriousness, what a great tribute to a great legend.

    Here, we see a wonderful tribute take place for Syd. There are people from all walks of musical life, paying homage to a fallen comrade who shaped their lives. Now, I come here and see some great posts about the event.

    I also see a predictable trend of people bitching and whining because Roger, although he was there, didn’t play with them. Yet again, another event where the point is being missed. This was about Syd, NOT David and Roger. That’s why today’s entry is called ‘For Syd’.

    I am sure they had their reasons for not doing it together. (Which I would guess that one of the top three would be because the whole event would become about David and Roger) For once, can we just let sleeping dogs lie and leave out all the PF drama? (Wow, I can almost hear that crashing on deaf ears)

    Anyways, I’ll miss Syd, and I am glad that so many peple paid him tribute.

    Great day all,

    [Well said, Mike. – Features Editor]

  34. I’m confused, someone help….

    Was Roger there in attendance, but just didn’t play? That would seem very odd indeed, if he were to go to the trouble of attending, but not play. Was Roger there or not?!?!?!

    Shine on Syd.

    [Roger was there, and he did perform, just not with David, Richard and Nick. – Features Editor]

  35. Sounds like it was a wonderful evening, a fitting tribute to a great artist. Only wish I could have been there…

  36. I’m reading Joe Boyd’s book right now which largely focuses on most of the musicians who performed last night. Would have been all the more fascinating to see in that context. At any rate, I’m glad Syd is being remembered in ways like this. He was a truly great artist in every sense of the word.

    Personally, I think that it’s great that all the remaining Floyds performed whether or not they did so together. It was appropriate for the 4 of them to perform, and they did so. So I say well done to the lot of them.

  37. hello,

    great idea for Syd!I think it’s a real answer for the recent interview on “Uncut”…what do you think about dear FEd?

    It’s just a different world, a different music, a different time…not possible starting over.

    Don’t stop guys,please…

    Have a nice week end too,Syd

  38. There once was a diamond called Syd
    He stood like a man but looked like a kid
    His memory is precious but supplanted
    Because all they really wanted
    Was Pink Floyd to be re-united…

    Shame on you…

  39. Hey

    Didn’t know the gig was happening.

    I just read some of the cretins remarks about floyd not playing together. My first thought related to Roger being ungraceful in Syds memory, I guess there has always been a resentment toward David having a relationship with Syd outside of the band.

    B******ks to who ever refused to get up with the origanial line up. LIFES TOO SHORT.

  40. To Fed, le petit limerick du jour:

    Vous aviez oublié ces mots,
    C’est sûr, ils reviennent au galop,
    Ils ont tous répété,
    Moi, à David, je dis BRAVO !

    Bon courage et surtout bon weekend.


    [Merci beaucoup. – Features Editor]

  41. Why can’t we be pleased to see that all of Syd Barrett’s mates showed up at an event in his honour! Is it so important that we can call this a bloody Floyd reunion?

    The only regrets I have about this wonderful event is that I wasn’t there!

    Cheers! And have a beautiful weekend.

    Jersey Mike


    Next time David does something like that, hopefully he’ll let me know a bit earlier than 2pm on the day, when I’ve got another gig..

    (Ironically at the Cambridge Corn exchange, the last place Syd played..)

    Inconsolable Guy

  43. Wow is right. Sounds like it was a great show!
    A DVD of it would be nice.


    (Narrator’s voice) Yes, Nick Mason plays Sofa-King couches. They sound Sofa-King good you won’t believe it.

    (You have to say it sorta fast. Its an old joke.)

  44. I was going to post some clever comment about Nick playing a couch instead of a drumset, but you all have done a much better job than I could. Those captions are hilarious!

  45. All the tunes played, apart from Rogers contribution, were from the Syd era of the band not the latter day Pink Floyd.

    Please do not cloud the occasion and loose sight of what event was really for.

    Enjoy the weekend

    Pete – Coventry

  46. A lot of people commenting on Roger Waters failure to complete the so called Floyd reunion at Syd’s memorial gig (they were not introduced as Pink Floyd, just Rick Wright, David Gilmour and Nick Mason).

    What is made very clear is that Roger was very nervous (nay petrified) when he closed the first half, even going as far as explaining to the audience how nervous the intermate gigs make him cause theres nothing to hide behind.

    It also states that Roger is the only guest performer who did not take to the stage for the finale Bike song.

    Having read all this I have formed a few theories on why Roger did not play, and not one of them involves old rifts resurfacing. But the one I cant stop thinking about is this…

    Has anyone stopped to consider that after all the calls for a reunion tour following live 8, the floyd didn’t reunite last night so as not to deflect from the meaning of the evening, and leave the fans hanging in suspense again.

    In other words, WE the fans could be the very reason it didn’t happen.

    Rest well Syd.

  47. “Well, Nick seems to have acquired an interesting new drum kit – I’ve never seen such a thing before! This again demonstrates that Pink Floyd were always ahead of their times not only musically, but also technology-wise …”

    Probably part of the old Household Objects gear….:)

  48. Hi FEd,

    How wonderful it must have been!!!

    The whole reunion issue is so over-done. Can’t it be laid to rest? Once again, whatever the reason/s is/are is none of our business. Let’s all get over it. Not saying I wouldn’t enjoy it myself, but come on already, leave them be.


    P.S. Graduation is tomorrow. There are 4 people in my family graduating from college this month!

    [Enjoy it, Penny. – Features Editor]

  49. [Did you stop for just one moment to think that perhaps it was Roger’s decision not to join in with David and the other two members of Pink Floyd? Does it always have to be David’s fault? You really shouldn’t believe all that you read, you know. – Features Editor]

    Indulge me for a minute. First, I couldn’t agree more with the statement above.

    Second, people should step back and just try to interpret the actions of the event. Clearly all four members were at the event and very likely all were in the building at the same time. I say likely because it is possible that one left before the other arrived. But who cares?? They were there and the tribute was for the person who originally brought them all together. They could have done it “one more time for the hell of it” but it wouldn’t have been “one more time with feeling…”

    The point is all four were there and they CHOSE not to perform together. Lightning did not strike twice. How much more of a sign is needed saying that a PF reunion with all four of them is just not happening?? I think the message was crystal clear. And criticizing any party is meaningless because the reality is that it is none of your business.



  50. A wonderful evening. Everyone looked so happy.

    Gave 3000 a great memory – thanks Tabby (aka Pookers)

  51. *caption*

    David says to Nick, “That is not what I had in mind for softening the drum beat…”



  52. [Did you stop for just one moment to think that perhaps it was Roger’s decision not to join in with David and the other two members of Pink Floyd? Does it always have to be David’s fault? You really shouldn’t believe all that you read, you know. – Features Editor]

    FEd, I’m so glad you said that. I was going to and brick-bats would have been hurled at me and they probably still will. Also, the people who seem to be accusing David, why don’t they go and ask Roger why he didn’t/wouldn’t perform with the others.

    The thing that really upset me, though, was here was a wonderful concert in memory of Syd and his music. HIS songs being sung, but Roger comes along and sings one of his own. Couldn’t, for even one night, bring himself to sing a song of the original songwriter of Pink Floyd who wrote the early hits. THAT says it all, for me.

    I apologise to any Roger Waters fans here. Sorry FEd.

  53. Guide to interpreting ‘Was the gig recorded?’ answers:

    1. ‘The gig wasn’t recorded’: The gig wasn’t recorded.

    2. ‘We can’t tell you any more at this time’: The gig was recorded

    [No, it means we have nothing else to tell you at this time and, unless you want me to make up a story just to give you something juicy to talk about, I can’t tell you more. – Features Editor]

  54. Very nice, what a great tribute. Glad to see that all the guys were there. Who cares if they didn’t play together, they were there. This was for Syd, plain and simple.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoy those around you.

    Off to a Soccer Conference. Bye.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  55. I’m sorry FED

    I don’t believe all that I read, but many they say that

    it’s a dream for us… you know why? Golden years (72, 75, 77, 80) not have a videos… it’s a dream… imagine an Animals album tour!!!! we go to have that to forget???? is this my great sadness..

    I’m Sorry fed, sorry mr.gilmour

  56. These are thrilling breaking news! I can’t believe… Peter Wynne Wilson’s light effects and Joe Boyd?!?!?! This is just going back in time!

    Well done, and at least they played all four on the same stage, even not together, that doesn’t matter. We respect their own decisions, that doesn’t change our love for all of them, no matter what.

  57. Were any cameras there? I mean did anyone catch some scenes or photos?

    [Yes, the usual cameras were flashing when they shouldn’t have been… – Features Editor]

  58. A great event for a very lovely reason.

    I read a lot of interviews, in the past – also not at suspicious times – to artists who said they love Syd’s art. It think it was not a commercial evening. I really believe all the artists on that stage played Syd’ song with a honest respect and love for his art and for the man. David, Nick and Richard first of all, of course. And Roger too, wherever he was.

    Great news! I love that!


  59. Caption Competition

    David was shocked when he caught Nick in a compromising position with two snorkelling dwarves….

    I just like to say that if this is my last ever blog entry that it’s been a pleasure… 🙂

    I can just see the Fed shaking his head and muttering “Rudders you’ve just gone too far this time…”

  60. [Did you stop for just one moment to think that perhaps it was Roger’s decision not to join in with David and the other two members of Pink Floyd? Does it always have to be David’s fault? You really shouldn’t believe all that you read, you know. – Features Editor]

    Well said, Fed.

    Shine on Syd.

  61. Does anyone read the blog? we will be told if and when it will be available to watch on DVD etc,
    sorry Fed i have just read the same question 20 times or more…..!

    As for Roger not playing why should he? he is no longer a member of Pink Floyd, is he?

    isnt it amazing how David is getting all the blame? not so long ago it was all Rogers Fault now he is this cuddly reasonable man, how opinions change with no facts to back them up

    i would look on it as a bonus that you had Pink Floyd And Roger Waters on the same bill, you got more for your money

    sorry, maybe im being unreasonable but it is just my opinion

  62. [Did you stop for just one moment to think that perhaps it was Roger’s decision not to join in with David and the other two members of Pink Floyd? Does it always have to be David’s fault? You really shouldn’t believe all that you read, you know. – Features Editor]

    Except Roger had a 2 hour special on Planet Rock Radio last weekend and was very clear that he DID want to play with David, Rick and Nick. However maybe he changed his mind, who knows.

  63. A lovely fitting tribute to Syd from his friends and family. Shame about Roger, life’s too short.

  64. “There once was a Guy who played bass…”
    Who couldn’t get to the gig at that Barbican place
    David didn’t invite him until Two
    What else could Guy do?
    Play at Syd’s final venue and take some solace

  65. Oh man. I saw the picture and felt this great swelling of the spirits… I was listening to Wish You Were Here (song) and it came right on the chorus when the page appeared. I got a little misty-eyed, I must say.

    I would give my left ovary to see a Pink Floyd reunion concert live, either the traditional four-man line-up or the equally fantabulous post-Waters Floyd. I can only dream, I suppose…

  66. Rudders, Rudders …

    I hope my abdominal muscles are able to recover over the weekend! You saved my day, serotonin-wise.

    Where the hell do you get all those ideas from??

  67. Hello Fed and all

    Firstly if david nick or rick ever read this

    THANK YOU you made my dreams come true and helped us all remember somone special and of course helped many others through the charity SANE.

    I have a couple of lines that stick in my mind

    I love powerpoint, and blue liquid streams.

    Thank you so much

  68. it nice to see the four guys get on the same bill together

    having just been part of the rw jig at the men arena – it would have been a great to finish my celebrating to have been able to get down to see this show

    imo the four of them missed the perfect chance to shut everyone up and draw a line under pink floyd so everyone could finally get some peace

    they should have kicked everyone out apart from syd’s nephew and played arnold layne just for him. the right end to a perfect story

    guess it’s just the romantic in me FE’d 😉

  69. Well done, David.

    It was for Syd and that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter what you played or who you played with. All that matters to me is that you were there for Syd.

    Let us remember that David was Syd’s friend.

    Such events are more than opportunities to please fans.

    If Roger didn’t join David, Richard and Nick, what does it really matter?

    I fully agree with Yorkie’s post.

  70. Great for all of them to do something for Syd without turning it into a full Pink Floyd reunion circus.

  71. Listening to all this whining about reunions at Syd’s farewell bash, I would think has pretty much put a nail in the coffin of such an idea.

    You’re not fans, you don’t care about or think about anyone but yourselves.

  72. Great news!!!…glad they did that for Syd!

    I have no problem with the way it went down, it’s all about Syd…remember that.

  73. Its great to see the WHOLE of Floyd at the benefit concert (though not ALL of the Live8 lineup on the stage at the same time). I would have expected nothing less from the surviving members.

    Hopefully Mr Boyd had the foresight to have recorded this event. If not, I’m sure at least the memory of the event will linger on long enough to become foodstuff for us rabid fans hoping to relive the event.

    I love reading bits like that!

  74. Thank you Syd for all of your inspiration. The music community owes you so much and its good to see some of the musicians you influenced play in your memory.

    Good to see the boys playing together again! I wish I could have been there!

  75. An amazing evening. I saw something that had to be done since Syd left. This is how it has to be and thanks to all four of them for making this appearance.

  76. Oh man, Guy, I could imagine the disappointment. ‘swhat you get for being so damn good, more jobs than you can handle.

    Glad everyone was able to make the tribute. Who cares if they performed together or not? They paid tribute to Syd, which is all they were there to do.

    Have a great weekend all,


  77. The event was a tribute to Syd. Not a Pink Floyd reunion. It was great that all 4 went there. Whether they chose to play the songs together or not isn’t important. (Though if Roger played his own song, that was ungracious.)

    While I would love to be able to watch it on DVD, I don’t think it is right to put that onto the upcoming David’s Remember that Night DVD.

    I hope it has been recorded and made available for public viewing at some websites though.

  78. Stop. Syd Barrett no le hubiera gustado esto, le hubiera gustado que estuvieran David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Nick Nason y ….Roger Waters please. Hey guys, you forgive me and I forgive you, is it worth it? To speak of peace it is necessary to be in peace with oneself and with their friend.

  79. Caption***

    Nick: Well if you can use wine glasses then, why can’t I use a sofa?

    David: Because the wine was in the glasses and yours is all over the sofa making it sound like…
    Well, SHH-PLUNK!

  80. [Has anyone stopped to consider that after all the calls for a reunion tour following live 8, the floyd didn’t reunite last night so as not to deflect from the meaning of the evening, and leave the fans hanging in suspense again.]

    Well said. Unfortunately, by not all performing a song together, this seems to have created even more hysteria and probably only reinforced the notion that fans can only belong to either the DG camp or the RW camp.

    Whilst nobody is obliged to do so, an official statement on the issue (no matter how much the truth might hurt!) should at least stop all of the speculation and theories (which will run on for years and years) as to why Roger didn’t join his old bandmates on this important occasion.

  81. Must have been an fantastic evening. Wish I’d been there… I’m so happy David & co did this tribute to Syd.

    No offence Guy (where were you BTW?!)- but it was nice to see Andy Bell joining in with the lads! Another nice moment in Floyd-history.


  82. Mr Gilmour,you’ve always been my idol,On an Island is a wonderful album,both lyrics and music are fantastic.

    I’m 23 years old and I’ve grown up listening to Pink Floyd music and your solo albums,my father introduced me to your music and had the luck to meet Richard Wright in Lindos at the end of 70s,he’s a photographer.

    So I’d like to say another thing:my mother always tells me:Piero,stop talking about David Gilmour please,tell me something about University and your exams…but I’m very happy because yesterday she told me:for your birthday(next July)we’ll give you money for a holiday,look for a flight to Rhodes and find out a house in Lindos,then if want you can ask someone how to go to Castellorizon!

    I’m so happy,I’ll see the wonderful place which inspired my idol’s album!

    I’m sorry Fed if I annoyed you with my speech!

    Ciao Syd


    [No problem, Piero. Have a great holiday. – Features Editor]

  83. Hello.

    I have never posted here before. Only lurked (english isn´t my first language and I don´t speak it very well) but this time I feel the need to give my five cent to it.

    Some of the reactions to the Syd Tribute have shocked me. This was about Syd. Not about Pink Floyd or Roger Waters. This reaction is in my opinion belittling the memory of Syd Barrett.

    And about the question who was against playing together than I doubt that it was only David Gilmour’s fault as many seem to believe, if someone would ask me then it is the fact that Roger Waters played only one – not a song which was written by Syd – very telling…

    Oh and before I forget it. I love this site and the blog. Great work Fed.

    [Thank you very much for that, Irene. I hope this is the first of many posts. (Are you sure that English isn’t your first language? You could have fooled me.) – Features Editor]

  84. My mum (of all people) emailed me to tell me about this two days after it happened, I can’t believe I missed something as important as this, my shins are raw from reapeatedly kicking myself!!

  85. The truth of the matter is that any true die-hard Syd fan would have known about the Barbican show and bought a ticket months ago.

    The fact that David and friends turned up to pay tribute should have been icing on a very big cake, not the reason to attend, or a reason to get upset about afterwards.

    I’m as frustrated as any of you are, been kicking myself daily for not having spotted it myself (and Andy and Stewie, two friends of mine who should have spotted it if I didn’t!!)…but I’m over it already.

    Of course like everyone else I hope to be able to see it someday, but also like some of the LFAR performances or OAI tour items that won’t make it to DVD, I’m happy for them to remain special performances for those lucky enough to have been present.

    And as so many above me have said, it was all about Syd. Not DG, not PF, not RW….just Syd. Anything else is distraction or irrelevant.


  86. it was a good decision to do it that way! well done, roger, david,nick and rick.

  87. Hi everybody! My vacation was splendid with only sunshine, no rain at all.

    Veronica, i loved Key West with such an amazing spirit of vacation and a little hippie style life! I just went to the seaquarium in Miami but unfortunatly no time for South Beach (but i have been there a couple of years ago), my children loved it. I was staying at Deerfield Beach, you must know it.

    I now understand that I have a lot of reading to do to be up to date!!!

    See you later! xxx Sylvie de Montréal

    [Welcome back, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  88. ahhhhhhhh! why can’t I live in London! I’ve never see David play *live*!=(

  89. Hey Fed

    I like your slant on opening the debate to the tribute night for Syd. Would David like to comment and should it be David as there are 3 members in Pink floyd, oh that discounts the ego of Waters.

  90. MY GOD! Me and friends have been hoping for a “Gig for Syd” since last year, but we all thought it would be a big televised event…. I MUST see this!……. I miss Syd…..


  91. Poor old Guy!

    You know, I can remember walking out of a Floyd gig in ’89 at (the now demolished) London Arena thinking; ‘I wonder when the next album and tour will be’. That was about ten minutes after the gig had finished! Admittedly I was only 19 at the time, but this constant hankering after a Pink Floyd reunion/tour/album is fandom gone mad.

    People should think a little more and develop their own self – then it becomes a pleasure to be a fan and not some form of mental torture.

  92. Fed, I bet you have to bite your tongue sometimes.

    Who gives a #### if Roger or David didnt. What was important was some of Syds Mates Had their chance to give him the send off he deserved. Thats why they were there.

    shine on mate.

  93. I love Guy’s post. I feel for you man.

    Bloggers take note, even a guy who is in the inner circle didn’t know. Kinda tells you something….



  94. Caption:

    David says “What do you mean you didn’t bring your drums, we’re on stage in 20 minutes? And why the hell is Guy taking so long to call back?”

    Seems to me this was a last second idea somehow. Oh,to be a fly on the wall with Jon Carin too!

    Who cares about this or that, the main thing is they showed up and surprised us all and played.

    Good for the band, politics aside.

  95. I can’t help wondering why people are so upset Roger didn’t join David, Nick and Richard.

    Obvious, I should think: this would distract from what the evening was about: a tribute to Syd.

    And I can’t help thinking that this was also the reason for David, Nick and Richard to be introduced as such, and not as ‘Pink Floyd’.

    A ‘real’ Floyd reunion (i.e. in name too) would also distract from this. Or was there any other reason, FEd?


    [I think you’ve said what I’ve been tempted to say for about 80 posts now. – Features Editor]

  96. Hi everyone!

    I’m so happy that David did, at the last moment, decide to participate in the tribute to Syd. He may have intended to do so all along actually but didn’t want to stir up all the Pink Floyd reunion crap. After all this was Syd’s night and an opportunity for those close to Syd in the early days or those who were inspired by his music to show their love and respect.

    When David, Rick and Nick took the stage that’s how they were introduced I believe … that is to say they were introduced as Syd’s mates David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason.

    David has no responsibility to the world at large to re-unite Pink Floyd (with or without Roger Waters) in order to pay his respects to Syd’s memory and anyone who claims that he should have done is making that statement for completely selfish reasons. That same old demanding ‘one more time for Syd’ when in reality the ‘one more time’ would be for yet another person(s) who had absolutely nothing to do with Syd as a human being yet feels that he/she is somehow owed something from those who did know and love Syd!! Do you really think that Syd would approve of those kinds of demands being made on his behalf??

    I’m happy that dear friends of Syd’s from before the Pink Floyd days had an opportunity to remember him and pay their respects in a manner that was true and honest.

    I’d love to hear that these performances might make it to dvd but I for one will not be grilling anyone for an answer to that. If it happens great, if not, well that’s okay too.

    I hope that David, Rick, Nick and Roger found some solace in being part of the tribute — after all Syd was their mate before there ever was a Pink Floyd!

    Shine on Syd and rest in peace!
    Washington State

  97. I love Pink Floyd but it makes me sad that they can’t play together all 4 of them.

    I hope they soon can forget the things that have been said and become friends again, the world needs them back together.

  98. While we pay homage today, reflecting on Syd’s musical impact and PF on the whole in just the past 4 decades, I think 4 centuries from now the fandom will be much like how classical composers today are revered for their time. Regardless of whether we are then in some other celestial body or 6′ under, the music will still exist, it will still be transmitted and some lucky sole in the family will continue to spin the wheel w/ my LP12 and a great PF/Syd collection.

    Meanwhile in this lifetime, if I get the chance to make my own movie you can bet Syd’s presence will in some way make the edit.

    Cheers, S.L.

  99. It’s cool that all four Floyds showed up to the concert, I would have been really psyched if I’d been there.

    I’m curious to know why they didn’t play together. After all, they all would probably be doing other things if not for Syd.

    I’m not being judgemental or anything, just wondering.

  100. Re: Syd tribute concert

    I think that perhaps all members of that well known band past/present are mature enough and did not want to overshadow the event with all of that nonsense……… nuff said I think.

    Guys Compo my entry:-

    “There once was a Guy who played bass…”
    Who couldn’t keep the smile of his face 🙂
    He plucked rather well 😉
    And could write just as swell
    And told us what a jolly good time he has!

  101. I was at the Barbican on Thursday evening. I won’t pretend to be a huge fan of Syd’s solo music but I am fully aware of his contribution to the early days of Pink Floyd and for that reason alone I wanted to be there.

    Leaving aside the obvious questions, it was a wonderful evening and the most interesting part for me was to see the impact that Syd’s music had had on such a diverse range of musicians, from the punk days of Captain Sensible to the more contemporary style of Damon Albarn.

    Of course there was a small part of me that hoped I’d see all the guys play together, but this evening was about Syd and that in itself was enough for me.

    Thanks go out to Nick Laird-Clowes and Chrissie Hinde who seemed to be the driving forces behind the event. The warmth towards Syd was obvious throughout and quite frankly that was the point of it all, nothing else.


  102. Wow! I’m really glad to see David, Richard and Nick playing together for an Old Friend, Who they loved. Plus the money that was made went to a charity.

    This is a great web site. Thank you David Gilmour.

    I hope that you (Fed) and all the Bloggers have a good weekend.

    Take Care

  103. As many have already expressed, I too wish I could have seen the tribute for Syd. Beautiful

    Opinions abound. It is sad that some just can’t see that these men must have agreed on how they wanted to do this and that it was for their friend? But, as they say advise is free and you sure are getting alot of it here.

    It must have been a wonderful show and a lovely thought by his friends. A thought that has been trashed by some people and their small mindedness.

    Bravo to all those who chose to honor their friend. I know that that was all that was in their hearts. Syd, and not themselves.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend,

  104. I forgot…

    I just wanted to thank Polly for taking more wonderful photos again.


  105. Happy Mother’s Day to Polly and all the mothers out there!


  106. long time Fed

    i was there, it was great! I have been on a PF journey again this year, and this is a definite highlight!

    I feel proud and want to thank David

    this keeps on raising more geeky questions though for me, like why was it last minute etc etc, how did it happen etc etc

    and for the roger question i am not bothered, if the guys decieded to do this little thing last minute then it would have been hard to incorporate Roger too

    anyway great to see David, did i see polly running round the stage taking Picy’s?? i am sure they will be here soon


    [Glad to hear that you enjoyed it, Adam. – Features Editor]

  107. I was very pleased to hear that this event took place to remember Syd Barrett.

    I’m also pleased to know that all the members of Floyd were in attendance. The fact that all four of them didn’t perform together, should not be an issue at all. The point is, they were all in attendance to honor their friend.

    The way a person chooses to remember someone is personal. It should always be based on their own personal feelings, not on what someone else thinks is proper. How heart felt and sincere could that be? To base their decisions on the opinions of people who never knew Syd Barrett would have made no sense to me at all.

    Based on what I have heard, I am pleased at the way they conducted the event. As always, they truly had Syd’s best interest at heart.

    As a Pink Floyd fan, I would love nothing more than to see Pink Floyd perform, but not against their personal desires. What kind of fan would I be? In my opinion, it would be hypocritical. Pink Floyd is an anomaly, which is one of the biggest reasons I was attracted to their music. I hope most of you know what I mean by that. I would hate for them give up their principles and bow to the desires of the public.

    If I ever get to see Floyd perform together, I want it to be because David, Nick, Roger and Rick, felt the desire to be together once again.

    I am perfectly happy listening to David’s solo work and all of my Floyd albums, they always make me feel good.

    Shine on Syd and Shine On all of you.
    Melissa (*_*)

  108. Great news,well done David,Rick and Nick.

    I think they did the right thing playing without Roger.Sorry for Guy…Andy Bell played well?

    I was away in these days,sorry I didn’t chat…see you soon!

    have a nice day

  109. Happy Mothers’ Day to Polly and all you other mothers out there! I had a great day (so far) breakfast in bed, lots of homemade presents and a day free of housework. What more could a mother ask for?

    Have a great weekend everyone


  110. This concert was for you, Syd. Wherever you are, I hope you enjoyed it. Nothing else matters.

    This blog entry was for you, Syd…


  111. WOW! This was my ultimate dream event. I’ve been dreaming and talking to Storm and initially with Steve O’Rourke about uniting all the original folks from the 60s for 10 years now. I guess it took a great loss and Joe Boyd to finally make it happen. I really wish I could have gotten at least an invitation…

    I wonder if, after meeting Joe Boyd in Sacramento that our conversation had stimulated the event to take place. I could only imagine how extremely cool it must have been to be there. I had managed to make it to the Ian Dury wake a number of years ago with Storm and really enjoyed the experience…

    I really hope someone managed to get lots of great footage???

  112. It sounds like the concert was a very fitting tribute to Syd. Congratulations to everyone involved in it.

  113. “Didn’t They Do Well?”

    If I may apply this “famous phrase” of Guy Pratt’s t-shirt to the Syd’s mates; I would say “They Sure Did VERY Well!” They were all there for one special purpose – a tribute to their friend – Syd Barrett – that’s that.

    Now let’s hope that the event did get recorded and that it will be available on DVD – You never know!

    Welcome back Sylvie, I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the Keys.

  114. My first reaction upon hearing that David, Richard, Nick and Roger had played at Syd’s tribute was that it was a fitting way to remember their friend and had been done very sensitively. That turned to sadness when I started to read the posts criticising them for not making it a PF reunion.

    Catching up with the blog today I take heart from the fact that there seem to be more posts echoing the former sentiment than the latter.

    It doesn’t matter who played with who and why. This wasn’t for PF fans, It was for Syd.

  115. i said my bit already, but was curious to see the general response. lynn said it perfectly.

    i’m so glad to see lots of sensible, sensitive people here.

    shine on, syd. x

  116. [I would give my left ovary to see a Pink Floyd reunion concert live – Jessica]

    That phrase just took me by surprise. I hear guys always commenting like that but rarely women. Nothing wrong with it, it just conjured up an image of a field with men’s testicles scattered all around and Jessica’s lonely ovary…LOL.



  117. Hi,

    Isn’t it strange how blind devotion can affect clear thinking. With one or two exceptions nobody got the point that I was trying to make at the beginning of this particular subject. My question has inspired many ill judged responses but, alas, not an official one.

    I do find it funny that some of those that have criticised my view have also stated in the same sentence that they wished they had been at the event to have seen David and Nick and Rick and then boldly claim it was ‘about Syd’.

    The word ‘hypocrite’ springs to mind. How can you say it was not about the Floyd and also say you wished you’d known that they were appearing so that you could have seen it yourselves? You too could have bought tickets just as I did, but it appears you needed the promise of the appearance of David to make it worthwhile.

    Those same people now want a DVD of the event. It is strange that you all claim to be thinking of Syd. If that is true, why didn’t you go yourselves? That might be because the event wasn’t promoted on this site, which is just as well as it would have been attended for the wrong reason.

    Let me be very clear. I was NOT disappointed for myself that Roger didn’t appear with David, Nick and Rick, but for the organisers and for the memory of Syd. When I booked my ticket for the event I had no idea that they would be there. Their names were not mentioned in any of the advertising or publicity. I wasn’t totally surprised that Roger appeared as he was in town at the time for his own gigs. I was, however, very surprised to see Dave, Nick and Rick appear.

    I felt, and still feel, that having all been there, in the same building, on the same night, it would have been a fitting end to the event for the four of them to appear together. Not necessarily as Pink Floyd, but as friends and band mates. Jointly and publicly celebrating the life of a dear friend and band mate.

    I personally feel that it was a snub to those that put in an awful lot of effort to make the event the success it was and a snub to the memory of Syd that four people couldn’t be together for the duration of just one song.

    No it wasn’t about the Floyd but it was about respect. One song doesn’t ‘make it about the Floyd’ four or more, as at Live8, would have swamped the proceedings.

    The question was simple but no answer has been forth-coming, so speculation and ill informed opinion will abound as usual. There might well have been a genuine and understandable desire by all four not to appear on stage together but we don’t know and probably never will.

    This is one persons view that has been jumped upon and blown up out of all proportion – as usual.

    Kind regards,

  118. I think the concert was a fitting tribute by David, Richard, Nick AND Roger – they all remembered him in their own way.

    The concert wasn’t about them, it was about Syd and that is why so many other great musicians were a part of the evening.

    Syd, shine on – your music will be heard for a very long time.

  119. What a totally excellent evening and so good to hear Syd’s stuff played with feeling 🙂

    It was great that Roger and David, Rick & Nick were also there and whilst on a purely selfish basis I would have been delighted (understatement of the century!) to see the four of them play together, that would have turned the event into a bit of a circus rather than the intended tribute to Syd and a celebration of his work.

    I don’t therefore have any particular problem with them not playing together – the simple fact is they were all there and that’s what matters.

    HOWEVER, I did think that Roger apparently b*ggering off early and not being on stage for the Finale rightly or wrongly came across as petty and totally uncalled for 🙁

    OK, so he might well have had a very good reason for not being there at the end but I still think it didn’t look good. Does anyone know why he was a no-show other than speculation of continuing feuding or whatever?

    I do hope there was a good reason rather than historic personal issues getting in the way of everyone doing the ‘right’ thing.

  120. a good cause celebration!! i feel the right thing was done.

    i’m still in a state of “wow” by some posts… i’m happy to see the majority are understanding sensible people.

    thank you to everyone involved… i wasn’t there, but i’m listening to syd now & dreaming already.

    shine on,

  121. Why not have Waters play with the original Pink Floyd?

    David time to let the anger go and put Floyd back together.

    Bring Back Waters!!!!

  122. Just to add, regarding the comment posted while I was typing about some people being hypocrites by claiming ‘it was all about syd’ but following that with ‘I wish I’d gone now I know certain musicians were there’:

    I agree totally. I bought tix long before there was even an announcement of ANY of the specific guests who would be performing. A tribute To Syd and the quite possibly the only opportunity to hear some of his material played live was all I needed to know ! I knew I would not be disappointed … and I most certainly wasn’t 🙂

    Many, many thanks to everyone who was involved in making it an evening to remember.

  123. In an earlier post, I asked for clarification about whether Roger played with the boys or not, as I had read rumblings about Roger being there etc..Thanks F’Ed for clearing that up for me.

    Let me get something of my chest..please. Would a ‘reunion’ have been ‘distracting’ at this event? Maybe, but it would be due to the enormity of this issue and the lack of any real understanding that any ‘regular-guy’ Floyd fan has about why or why not this does/doesn’t happen.

    C’mon…it’s a tribute to Syd Barrett, founding member of Pink Floyd. I hardly see the rest of his band mates getting together in rememberance of him as a distraction. It would have been a HUGE gesture..

    And lastly, I for one do not feel guilty or selfish for wanting to see the four gents play together again. We grew up, and grew to love Pink Floyd as (SYD) Roger, David, Rick, and Nick, and they were a historical band. OF COURSE I want to see them again together!!

    I’ll hold my breath, thank you very much, and don’t try to make me feel bad about it either!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Nice Tribute. But I wish Roger would have joined Pink Floyd for this special occasion.

  125. Look, if I go somewhere or do something or don’t go somewhere or don’t do something, what damn business is it of yours?

    Similarly, if you go somewhere or do something or don’t go somewhere or don’t do something, what business is it of mine?

    No one, but no one (apart from his family) has any right whatsoever to expect David to do anything anymore than you have a right to tell me what to do or I have any right to tell you what to do.

    So what if David didn’t play with Roger? What f**king business is it of yours or mine?

    [The perfect note on which to close this topic, I say. Thank you to everyone for sharing their thoughts. Now, how about listening to some of Syd’s songs instead, eh? – Features Editor]

  126. remember that night……….

    and what a night to remember it was. and im not just talking about the RAH.

    i first heard about the barbican gig way back a few months ago – and decided to buy tickets.

    An amazing evening indeed, i must admit i did not know many of the performers by name, maybe if i heard their songs i would recognise them. However that is rather irrelevant as the night was about syd, and you really did feel that the performers had a lot of respect for him, and felt they owed him a lot.

    I was lucky enough to be sitting 3 rows from the front, right next to the stage door – so i had a little preview of the events that were to unfold.

    I noticed mr richard wright was sitting in the row in front of me, but i didnt feel like i could approach him to say hello.

    As chrissie hynde began her second song, i saw none other than mr gilmour himself, come out to speak to rick, and disappear back into the dressing room. again i would love to have said hello but didnt think it was the time. (also if you saw the fan who approached david when pf went off stage you would understand, i thought david was gonna wrap his guitar round his head, lol)

    so…………. chrissie hynde finished up, and joe boyd came on stage to talk about syd, about songs he had written that didnt quite fit with pf but would later appear on madcap laughs (i think) and how he didnt quite appreciate them to start. i havent done it justice it was a great speech im sure you can get full details of it somewhere.

    he then went on to thank the performers and also explained how difficult it had been to find people who would agree to play.

    so then he said: we have got david, nick and richard, to sing arnold layne…… its a bit fuzzy to be honest but he said words to that effect.

    the reception was incredible. everyone was on their feet.

    and that is the story of how i saw pink floyd at the barbican.

    [It sounds like a brilliant night, Rob. Thanks for sharing. – Features Editor]

  127. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control (a duff monitor, that I have just replaced) this is the first opportunity I have had to pass on my thoughts of the Syd tribute concert. Sorry, I know it’s late and many others have passed judgement; but “oh what a night”.

    As someone fortunate to have been in the audience, it was a truly memorable occassion not least because of the enthusiasm of all the artists who performed. It wasn’t always slick but that wasn’t the point (it was the human element that added to its charm) and in many ways it made it even more fitting.

    It was a concert to celebrate, enjoy and share the work of a unique and hugely influential (very) English musician and it more than achieved this. There were some very amusing, laugh-out-aloud moments, together with at times some more moving and heartfelt tributes. Congratulations must go to Joe, Peter, Nick and Chrissie for pulling off a real cracker of an event.

    In respect of the much debated Floyd reunion; even without the attendence of David, Nick, Rick or Roger the evening would have been a success and well worth attending. I took the view that the addition of any one of them would have been a bonus, although I had hoped this would be the case. Of course for all four to attend (along with the mighty Storm, who I saw sitting next to Rick for the first part of the show) and to perform was a rare treat indeed.

    However this was not a Pink Floyd reunion night and they were not there to suggest otherwise, but to be part of a tribute event for their lost friend and ex-partner. Whilst there would have been few dissenting voices if all four had appeared on stage together, obviously circumstances did not provide the opportunity.

    But this should not detract from the celebration of Syd and we should all respect their individual and collective wishes.

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