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dga_blog.jpgWe’ve got a treat for you today: an exclusive five-minute taster of what you can expect from David’s forthcoming live double-DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, which is released in September.

‘Remember That Night’ documents the Royal Albert Hall shows of May 2006, with a second disc made up entirely of extras, giving a broad overview of what really was a magical tour.

Click here for the video – and do let us know what you think of it.

Thank you to Charles Littledale for the above photograph.

The chatroom will be open from 2PM (UK) today. Feel free to drop in.

Other than that, that’s all for yet another week. I’ll be back on Tuesday, with another chat from 4PM (UK).

Have a great weekend – and don’t forget ‘The Seven Ages Of Rock’, if you can tune in to BBC1 or BBC2. You want BBC2 on Saturday at 9.10PM (UK) and BBC1 on Sunday at 11PM (UK).

Let us know what you thought of the programme.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

154 thoughts on “DVD taster”

  1. I’ll have to post a real comment tomorrow. Right now I’m just speechless.

    Great sound on the video. OAI and High Hopes solo snippets are outstanding.

  2. Thank you, David, and thank you dear FEd for sharing this with us!

    It looks amazing! I can’t wait for the DVD to be released!

    Ah, the memories!

    David, you and your guitar make me cry. Your music speaks to my heart.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Thank you for Releasing this Video. It looks Stunning!

    Mr. Gilmour, If you read this, Thank You. Your Music is an inspiration. I, Like you, am a musician, and your musicianship has inspired me to continue to pursue my passion, and never let go of it.

  4. PS. The behind-the-scenes footage looks like so much fun! I want it to be September now!

  5. Just a bummer that my soundcard has packed in on me at such a critical time. The visuals were great though.

    Really can’t wait until September now, you’ll have to send me an advanced copy of the DVD.

    Thanks David for the anniversary treat. Is it really a year since (Remember)That Night?

  6. hey fet ed nice bit of video to say the least the music sounds amzing , the picture quality looks amazing and the behind the scenes footage rocks a fat one .

    i don’t know if anyone connected with the making of the dvd will see this but i would like to make the following comment .

    on the song take a breath on the live and in session dvd there were a lot of flashing strobe type lights . i am epileptic and have to be careful about such things i could get a seizure .

    i am not sure if the song is being featured in the dvd i have no time to go through all the blotto posts ! if so could you put a warning on the back of the dvd box sleeve just so as people like me know to be careful .

    as i did’nt get to see the gigs live , i hope david did’nt set off any more waterloo canons and get himself into trouble with the RAH people 🙂

    it looked alike everyone on the dvd had a really good time . i am so looking forward to this dvd now get the thing out in a hurry 🙂

    peace and have a good weekend .
    Linda island lady

  7. Fantastic footage – what a brilliant tease you are!

    It’s all so exciting…I loved all the non-concert footage as much as I did reliving the concert itself. There were so many nice shots of glances between friends that it really draws the viewer in and gives that special insider view.

    I loved those RAH shows just SO much that I just can’t wait for this DVD. I’m particularly looking forward to reliving Fat Old Sun, Wots and Echoes but judging by that snippet every single minute of it is going to be delicious.

    Roll on September!


  8. What brilliant sound quality, I could hear each and every instrument.

    Looks like it has been made with a lot of TLC.

  9. Excellent! I got goose bumps (again) from those snippets. Sure looking forward to the DVD!!

    Thank you, Mr. G for sharing a peek with us.


  10. I don’t know what’s wrong, but no matter which media I try, I can’t get a consistant sound or picture.

    I could sometimes see picture but with no sound, and for that I am sad, but the footage looks absolutely amazing and MIND-BLOWING (like Pink Floyd and a bullet as I like to say).

    I can be patient and wait for the DVD; thanks nonetheless for putting this on the site. Maybe it’s just a temporary malfunction on my computer’s part.

    Thank you David. These clips just remind me how moving your music is. Seeing your easy smile just brings back what rocks my world when it comes to music – it’s connectability. How it can link people who would have never known each other, would have never even been aware of the other’s existance, is so incredible that a dictionary doesn’t have the capacity to hold the right words. I’m getting all emotional, I need a hug…

    Also, side note, my ink sketches that I entered in a local contest a while back won second place. I got a special comment on the one of David, the judge really liked the detail on his hair. (He said it made him wish he hadn’t cut his own! I laughed.)

    [I am sorry to hear of your sound problems, Jessica. – Features Editor]

  11. This DVD looks like it will become a benchmark for sound and picture quality exactly as Dark Side of the Moon did on 5.1 SACD…

    And that’s watching it on a PC Monitor and through PC Speakers!

    Amazing… and maybe we can use the correct definition of the word awesome!

  12. Absolutly fantastic! You are doing great work right now (but i didn’t doubt it), and i just can’t wait to a certain september night to open a great bottle of wine and remember that night with my man…

    Sylvie de Montréal

  13. Well, I´m in this bar, with friends surrounded, having some good ones and something tells me that I should go home as soon as I can – and it´s not my (ex) wife!!! Only this blog can do that!

    All the best and thanks!


  14. Bugger! I’m not home yet and can’t see what all the buzz is about from my little palm treo!!!!

    Soon I’ll view! So Soon! David, I think the modern vernacular that would capture what I’m feeling is, “Dude, you rock!”

    Perhaps something more profound will come to mind once I see for myself….

    Sh*t, where’s my dinner order!!!!

  15. Thanks to all involved in creating what looks to be the most amazing DVD.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to wait (or will have decided on the kit!) for the HD version and I’ll get the Standard one to keep me going!

    My favourite shot so far is the row of guitars bathed in the ‘dawn mist glowing’ during High Hopes.

    Don’t forget it’s Towel Day today!

  16. Hey FEd,

    Interesting thing is happening here. On my Mac (using the Safari browser), the page that comes up with the link is the May 10th, Barrett Riches Allsorts page front, but on my PC, the Remember That Sight: A Holiday Souvenir page comes up.

    Now I just checked with the Firefox browser on my Mac, and the Remember That Site page comes up. So beware when using the Safari browser people!

    Wait, hold on. . .now it works in the Safari browser. Never mind the above.

    And thanks for adding the RSS feed, I really do appreciate it!!

    [Thanks for noticing the button. We’ll have a starter’s guide to RSS next week. – Features Editor]

  17. Wonderful!

    Thanks for the sneak peak, it’s a special treat for everyone.

    Nice to know the fans are being thought of.

  18. Man, had a chance to view it. It brought back some really warm memories watching that. The vibe, the music, the emotion of it all…

    And the community. If the goodies we’re being teased about is as good as the billing, then it gives me a chill to know that we, the fans, are on the minds of those who are pulling this thing together.

    Thanks all you doing the work…and I know David and Polly are right there guiding the ship…

    So it’s September, right? No problem…

    (Keep it together, ang… keep it together…)

  19. David, FEd, et al…

    Oh my stars!!!

    I am actually speechless (a big rarity indeed)!!!

    Thank You,

  20. Thank you David for the music and thank you FED for taking the time to give us a sneak preview!! It looks absolutely fantastic from that clip and brings back so many memories. I now really can’t wait for the DVD. Looks like such a great job so far, so I thank everyone involved, who are working with producing this DVD.

    Can’t thank you enough for bringing us all this great teaser clip – FED, it gives all us fans a great idea for what the DVD will be like!!!

    Looking forward to more updates and appreciate all the work you do for this great site!!! Keep up the great work you do!!!

    [Thanks very much, Matthew. You’re all going to love this DVD, I’m sure of that. – Features Editor]

  21. Oh man…. I just signed on a short while ago (before hitting the sheets) and was completely gobsmacked to see a 5 minute trailer/teaser for the upcoming DVD release.

    What can I say? With my head still reeling, I’ll just stammer out what probably seems to be obvious upon the first (of MANY) views:

    * impeccable sound

    ** wonderful edits (smooth transitions that flow with the music; nice pace, allowing the viewer to linger on Dave’s masterful fingers doing their dance across the fretboards); thankfully NOT like the dreadful edits for Delicate Sound of Thunder (one of my LEAST favorite Floyd extended videos/concerts); leave the frenetic and senseless edits to Mtv (!).

    *** awesome behind the scenes inclusions (favorite thus far is Bowie’s story of seeing the Floyd at the Marquee, age 6! Hahahha) Can’t wait for the extras as I’m an extras junkie!

    **** nice, drawn out static shots positioned perfectly to catch the drama and kinetics of the principle movers on the stage (especially the stage left shot of the 3 guitarists all plying the strings on their respective axes). Raised the hair on my forearms, that one!!

    What immediately came to mind is how sharp the footage looks AND sounds (to my mere 2 1/2 by 3 Windows Media player screen) – HD in all its glory!

    Wow, talk about amping up the anticipation quotient.

    Thanks much to the powers that be (and FEd, natch) for that 5 minute drool-instigator!


  22. All I can Say is Freakin Awesome!!!! I love it!

    Thank you to David and Fed. You guys rock

    Thanks once again.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  23. Oh My God!!! Thank You, thank You and Thank You for this video…is amazing, simply fantastic. I ‘m emotional…the part with include High Hopes is amazing!

    I don’t wait more for this dvd…please change the date of release for June or July!!!! Please…

  24. LOVE IT~~good stuff~~wow, it has been a year since I saw that live.

    Looking forward to seeing the package, love the visuals and behind the seens stuff, it’s going to be good!

  25. As the dvd will have sufficient documentary, I wanted to ask that if possible they place legends in some languages.

    I am Brazilian and I do not speak English and as well as I, the majority of the population in Brazil does not have access to the English education, thus it would be a great aid in such a way to place legends in the show as in sets of documentary so that we Brazilians and the fans of other parts of the world could understand with greater ease!

    Thank you for reading this…and sorry for my english!

    [Thank you for your suggestion, Marcos. (Your English is fine!) – Features Editor]

  26. Just viewed the clip….absolutely f*^%*ng brilliant !

    Still kicking myself for not catching this tour live….not going to make the same mistake twice (assuming I get the opportunity again….)


  27. What a great way to begin our weekend!! Thank you for the teaser.

    Have all a very nice weekend.


  28. With each new creation, or twist and turn on the old – I keep thinking it can’t get any better than this. Yet for almost 40 years you have NEVER ceased to amaze me….Thank you dearly David…. And a thank you and curtsey to all you others for your involvement

    I leave in the morning for my Grandaughter’s wedding, I should have been asleep some hours ago, Far too excited – I needed the right moment to happen and now I can go curl up and dream away – Wishing I was there.

    Sweet dreams one and all – Nance

    [Enjoy the wedding, Nance. – Features Editor]

  29. Thank you so much for the peep show of the new dvd. It was a really nice way to end the day.

    It’s exciting to know that we will be getting to see some interview footage and backstage banter.

    It’s like I’m the junkie and yer the dealer, and I have never found a better drug than your music.

    I thought about the title of the dvd, ” Remember that Night” If it I were up to me, I’d have named it “Remember that Night…How could I ever forget?”

    Thank you for making music!


  30. Hi All

    Thats was cool. I really enjoyed it. Im looking foward to seeing the whole thing.

    Linda Island Lady- Im pretty sure that legally anything which could cause an epileptic seizure strobes/flash photography etc must be noted on the packaging, since TV programmes which contain flash photography have a warning before hand and cinemas also have warning, although you dont always see them till after the movie.

    I think though online content lags behind in letting people know, but seriously if a company dosnt give a warning to cover themselves then if somone were to have a seizure, they could sue the company. Without warnings that would happen a lot

    I dont think the world is quite ready yet for video and stuff on PC’s. it always causes me problems when trying to get stuff to play.

    [Just to let you know, there is a strobe warning on the back of the sleeve. – Features Editor]

  31. Mooooooooooorrrrrrrrreeee ! Please !!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks a lot.

    souvenirs, souvenirs…
    Félicien (Paris-Chantilly)

  32. This looks really great. The sound alone is very pleasing to the ear.

    Is it me or is the intimacy of David Gilmour’s as well as Roger Water’s solo DVD’s that makes them more enticing than the Pink Floyd’s DVD’s. Maybe it is just me getting older.

    “How can there be gray, when shadows cannot mix with light?”

    -L. Chavez

  33. That`s awesome!! I`m counting the days for the release 🙂

    I see I`m not the only one that found all those flashing lights during “Take a breath” uncomfortable.

  34. I just woke up after sleeping through my whole evening =( and my brain is dormant.

    Thank you for the sneak preview and “WOW” is the only word I can come up with right now!

    Four more hours and I have to get ready for work…Later…

  35. Thank you Fed, thank you Mister Gilmour for a short sample of “Remember That Night”!

    I count the days up to the publication with impatience.

    I wish a beautiful weekend to all Gilmour fans,

  36. The perfect DVD? Seems to be going that way.

    I’ve finally finished all my exams so am now on holiday for the short period of four months in which I need to find a job, any ideas people?

    Maybe David could go on tour again and hire me as a member of his band. I’ve only been playing guitar for a few months so they might have to stop every time I change chord (and have a little cry at being on stage with David et al.), but I would enjoy it.

    Anyhoos, it’s sunny today so us lazy students are heading for the park for a picnic.

    Take care everyone.
    x x x

    [A four-month holiday… Alright for some, isn’t it? Hope you enjoy it, Dom. – Features Editor]

  37. Wow

    Cannot wait to get the dvd, i might have to get two copies in case i burn one out with all the viewing 🙂

    Thanks for the clip, its really got the taste buds going.


  38. Frank, sorry to hear of your loss. It must be very difficult right now.

    I feel like the deaf dumb and blind boy right now cos I cant hear or see the DVD taster. But I can sense it.

    Thanks for it anyway, it’s the thought that counts. And, of course, the DVD will be out officially soon.

    Who mentioned the Kinks. Great band. I had the fortune to see them in Coventry many years ago. Superb live band!!

    Pete – Coventry

  39. Tasty snippets from another great production, thanks for that.

    My favourite moment was seeing the two Davids chatting and sniggering together.

  40. Oh la la la, oh la la, c’est magnifique.

    If these five minutes of video don’t cheer you up, I don’t know what will. From the very first second one is catapulted in Gilmour universe, everybody’s all smiles in it, it even features Mrs. Samson’s shoes.

    Oh dear, am I going to spend a lot of time in front of my TV coming September.

    Thank you for this taster, and my compliments to the person or team who composed it.

  41. Excellent!!! Wow! Thank you very much for this taster. How much I have missed out!

    Just hoping the tour starts again and Southamerica is included this time! (“Sharing a dream, on a blog, it felt right”) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Just one brief question, FEd: will this DVD have subtitles and, if so, for spanish? 🙂


    [Thanks for your question. As soon as I can confirm, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  42. Hello Dear Fed,

    Again, it’s been a long time since my last visit on the blog (lack of time in fact)

    Just seen the teaser of The DVD and if we have these kind of bonus, I think that will be a very good thing.

    The bad point is, why do we have to wait so long?

    But let’s go back to the teaser. I was happy to see Nick Mason in the movie because a few months ago, there was the “Retromobile Show” in Paris. It’s a show about old-fashioned cars and of course, Nick was there. He was there and I took my chance for a short interview with him. He was very kind and he dedicated to me his book “Inside Out”.

    I met my first Pink Floyd member ! For the Remember That Night’s DVD, that will be great if I could have a certain guitarist…!

  43. What a lovely surprise.

    That has cheered me up on a morning when I was already starting to get far too stressed.

    Thank you.

  44. Wonderful surprise!

    Maybe in holiday spirit, but it is a good gift also all for those who will be at office and will be able to see to it a lot of times…rather of work!

    I have some comments…but I will try to be short!

    1. Great sound, great colours

    2. Now that I saw that, I have to say that David’s choice to wear always black t-shirt was perfect: the effects of the spotlights in the total dark are very very good. I love it!

    3. The sketch with David Bowie is really nice! He seems to be an amusing man and David (our David, this time!) seems to love joking with him. It’s always nice seeing David laughing. He has a wonderful smile!

    4. The Royal Albert Hall is fantastic! Compared to it, the Auditorium in Rome seems a warehouse!

    5. I am listening to it again…the sound is perfect! Good! And David’s voice strong and confident. Great!

    6. Very happy to listen High Hopes is there…but the doubt on Fat old sun continues to exist…. Don’t do that to my weak heart!

    ok. That’s enough for now! Other comments will arrive later, maybe

    Thanks you for the surprise!!! But the next surprise, at the 5 of the afternoon, please!

    Have a very fantastic day, a happy week end and, to the friends from Uk and Usa – a relaxing holiday too


    P.S. The Towel Day. Funny!!! If I read it earlier, I would have a towel on my shoulders now!

  45. My God!!

    That was amazing.

    You cant show us this kinda stuff and make us wait until September!

  46. WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW I can’t wait for the real dvd. this is so great. love it!!

  47. Is the link working ok Fed?

    when i click on it i get the Latest News page…maybe this ******* computer

    [That’s what you want, Paul. There are several links on the Latest News page, depending on your preferred media player and internet speed. – Features Editor]

  48. What can I say, can’t wait for the DVD. Brings back so many memories of the show at the RAH.

    Loved David Bowies comment about how old he was when he saw Pink Floyd, oh and no I wouldn’t loan those guys my car 🙂

  49. FED,

    The link just takes me back to the latest news page ???

    [That’s where you’ll find links to the video, Timbo. You should see the same picture of the Royal Albert Hall that we’re using today on the blog and the title: ‘Remember That Sight: A Holiday Souvenir’. Beneath that and some blurb, you’ll find links to view using QuickTime, Real Player or Windows Media Player. – Features Editor]

  50. Very grateful for the preview here FE. It looks as though it’s going to be very, very good indeed!!

  51. Breathtaking. There’s nothing more to say.

    Thank you David. Really.

  52. Rudders me old china, you’re spot on, we have at last found the correct use for the word ‘awesome’!

    To David and the gang – it’s hard to believe it was almost a year ago we saw you at the RAH but the DVD teaser brought some great memories of a fantastic night flooding back. Thanks!

    (That was a bit ‘gushing’ wasn’t it..oh well, who cares!)

  53. So,what to say…simply great.

    David I hope to meet you one day,you’re really the best guitarist on earth and a real man,for this reason you’ve always been my idol.

    Congratulations for this Dvd to you and the band.

    Fed you deal with this site in an excellent way.Italy says hello to you.


    [Thank you, Piero. Just as long as Milan says nothing about the football… – Features Editor]

  54. Thanks Fed, David and all those connected to bringing us this five minute snippet.

    It looks amazing and it has taken my misery of Wednesday away now, after all it is just a game.

    This DVD is going to be so worth the wait.

    Thanks again


  55. Too bad I wasn’t able to play your video in Linux. 🙁

    Anyway, footage is awesome! David Bowie rulez and Rick’s solo in Wish You Were Here is very gentle and sweet! 🙂

  56. *drool*

    i didn’t realise how pally david and david are.

    off to a stag do this weekend for a spot of fishing. can’t wait and now this 5 minute treat. lovely jubbly, the wednesday pain has almost subsided…

    have a good weekend everyone.

    [The same to you, mate. Happy fishing. – Features Editor]

  57. Hi FEd,

    What a splendid taster. I remember that night alright 🙂

    Thank you very much for that treat.

    Have a nice weekend,

  58. TERRIFIC – thanks for sharing with us !!!!!

    Is it really nearly a year since these fantastic concerts at RAH, it seems to me like yesterday.

    Can´t wait for the DVD.

  59. What a wonderful taster of what promises to be a truly wonderful DVD. I can’t wait to see it all.

    Thank you to all involved.

  60. just a random thought and it might have already been done, but howabout a ‘what age group are you in’ poll <18, 18-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60+

    also a how rocking is that 5 minute clip poll

    choices: it rocks, it really rocks, it really really rocks and gibraltar?

    [Yes, that would be interesting. – Features Editor]

  61. Dear David and to all the great individuals that have the chance to work with you, and to contribute to this greatness :

    This video footage is : AWESOME, GENEROUS and VERY TOUCHING.

    Thank you so much,
    Martin de Montréal

  62. Gibraltar? Nah… Far too small… How about The Rockies 🙂

    3000 miles of ROCK!

  63. Thanks for the really marvellous taster from the forthcoming DVD. Looks as if we’re really in for an absolutely amazing package!!

    The more I think about it, the more I get hooked on the idea that Echoes could be the first track of the concert-DVD, as I’ve said before. Does anyone else think this could be a possibility or do you think that’s outright crazy?

    Have a nice weekend, everybody!

  64. To Marcos de Vargas and Rocío Floyd, who asked about Portuguese and Spanish subtitles:

    You’ll be pleased to know that all the documentary footage will be subtitled. We’ll have a full list of languages for you soon, but can confirm that Portuguese and Spanish will definitely be featured.

    And to Michèle, whom I recall asking about French subtitles many weeks ago… You’ll be happy, too.

  65. David and Richard have always created such emotional magic together. It’s quite amazing.

  66. FYI!!……still dont see anything other than latest news page

    [Do you not see a picture of the Albert Hall on the Latest News page, with links to QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media Player alongside it? Those are the links you need. – Features Editor]

  67. Wow!

    It took me 14 hours to come up with that…

    Can’t wait – have a great weekend everyone!

  68. Fantastic footage and performances! September is tooooo far away!

  69. Hi Fed,

    I have in the past seen updates on this site on my work computer and when i come home my own computer still shows the site before any updates, i’m off today so that might be the problem???????

    Sorry for being a pain, i see sombody else is having the same trouble


    [No need to apologise, but you do need to refresh your browser. The web browser you’re using at home – be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. – needs refreshing/reloading in order to display the updated Latest News page (it was updated last night). It’s likely to be reading the older version of this page, which will be stored in your cache memory. You should see a ‘Refresh’ or ‘Reload’ button at the top of your browser window. Hitting it once will update the page, revealing the Albert Hall photo and the links to the five-minute video. If refreshing your browser doesn’t reveal the update, please search for details on how to clear your cache memory. – Features Editor]

  70. [And to Michèle, whom I recall asking about French subtitles many weeks ago… You’ll be happy, too]

    And for Rudders – will there be Welsh subtitles?

    Pete – Coventry

  71. As the gentleman from the Guinness adverts would say…”Brilliant!”

    I was sufficiently excited for the DVD in September, now I’m just plain loopy, almost like when I got my tickets for the RCMH show in the mail.

    FEd, you are a master teaser!

  72. Paul Sexton…

    Refresh your page by either pressing F5 or go to the menu and selecting View then Refresh…. you have an old page in cache…

    I thank you…

  73. Hi,

    What a wonderful taster of things to come. I cannot wait to get my hands on the said DVD.

    It was nice to see Polly (snapping away on her camera) included within the taster.

    It was also very nice listening to David’s speaking voice. I could listen to the cultured P.O.S.H. accent all day long.

    It was also nice to see David’s disarming smile. And the two David’s together was a nice treat too.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Best regards.


  74. Superb!

    Love that Rick is wearing an ID tag. Was there someone there who would not recognise him?


  75. Cookin’ with gas now Fed, cheers

    [Glad to hear it. Hope you enjoy the video. – Features Editor]

  76. What a wonderful smile of Stevie during the Wish you were here song…

    French subtitles??? Can’t ask for more………..

    Sylvie de Montréal

  77. Dear F.Ed.

    fantastic 5 minutes with the most meaningful (for me) songs and a soft atmosphere, the lights, the words

    Thank you very much : a great present for us today. Thank you – I cant’t wait for the dvd

    “the taste was sweeter”

    Have a nice week end to F.Ed. and everyone
    ciao Bye Elisabetta

  78. Just wanted to pop in and say the dvd taster is as we say in wales…”Boys Bach!”

    I’m particulary impressed with High Hopes, which looks like the best ever version I’ve seen of it.

    David Bowie…..6 or 7…more like 67!

    Also like to comment that today I’m ordering my first guitar ever, so David, watch out buddy! There’s a new boy in town!

  79. Wow ! Christmas in Summer !

    Many thanks, such a lovely surprise !

    All is amazing: David, looking so relaxed and happy with his friends, Polly, taking photos, Rick’s piano on WYWH (such fine playing !),etc…

    Many thanks too for the subtitles in foreign languages, and for sending me, as a special prize, an ‘On An Island Tour’ banner like the one on ‘RAH’, to put on my own house (possible ? une publicité/promo gratuite pour David dans mon pays, vous ne pouvez pas refuser! hmm… utopique ?)


  80. Good Lord that looks fantastic.

    Thanks F*Ed and all involved in bringing this teaser to us this weekend.

    Can somebody please get me Rick Wright’s autograph? If you haven’t noticed, I love him…er, I mean his playing…oh what the hell, HIM!

  81. Fed- HELP! I can’t get the video! I click the link and it takes me to the main DG page…. am I retarded?


    [You want the main page, Tim. Please refresh your browser until you see the same photo of the Royal Albert Hall that we’ve used here today (up top) and six links – two for each QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media Player – positioned to the right of the photo. – Features Editor]

  82. Remember that night?

    I’ll never forget it, it was one of the most special I’ve ever experienced and I feel so lucky to have been able to share it with my family. Now we will have this amazing DVD to remember and share it all over again – what amazing people David and everybody involved with him and Pink Floyd are.

  83. Was it really twelve months ago I was at RAH?

    Now THAT is what I was hoping to see.


    When we had that teaser a few months back I was really concerned that the edit was going to make it look suitable only for someone with the attention span of a 5-year old. Or an MTV viewer. Same thing?

    My fears have been allayed if this is anything to go by. Will I be able to hold out for the HD version?

    Thanks to all concerned for the clip, have a happy Bank holiday weekend everyone.


  84. Hi Fed,

    Wonderful footage, thanks for sharing.

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the RAH concerts.

    I can say that if the rest of the DVD is anything like this trailer, we are in for a real treat.

    Have a great holiday weekend, all.


  85. Thank you Fed and David for giving us the opportunity to view a clip from the new DVD.

    It was so awesome, i cant wait to get the dvd and watch it over and over like i have done with Pulse and David in concert.

    Have a great weekend all, hope to see you all in chatroom.

  86. David Bowie has had a longtime love affair with “Syd’s Pink Floyd” as it is credited on his brilliant 1973 release “Pin~Ups” (he does “See Emily Play” quite well).

    This must have been the cat’s pajamas for him 🙂

  87. Will the release be available in a High-Definition format was well? Blu-ray, HD-DVD?

    Would be great if possible.

    [Yes, both formats will be available. – Features Editor]

  88. [And for Rudders – will there be Welsh subtitles?]

    I hope so! With an overdub of Gladys Pugh singing “Hello… is there anybody out there…”

    Simon… “Boys Bach” is an understatement 🙂

  89. Awesome, doesn’t even begin to describe how cool this clip is! The sounds is astounding!

    I love all the backstage stuff. It’s nice to see that everyone on that side of the stage enjoyed themselves as much as we did on this side of the stage.

    Thank you, David and FEd for the preview.

    Have a great holiday weekend, everyone.


  90. I got a tear in my eye just watching the 5 minute clip, so I’ll be a blubbering idiot when I finally get to see the full DVD in September……such great memories of the two RAH concerts I attended on 29th & 30th May !!

    Stunning, simply stunning……..and when are we going to do it all again, David?…..PLEASE !!

  91. Thanks for such a lovely surprise, FEd! We are so spoiled here!

    I love the shot of the 3 guitars during “High Hopes.” Beautiful! This brings back so many wonderful memories!

    Happy Weekend, Everyone!

  92. Thank you David and everyone at davidgilmour.com for such a lovely taste of whats to come. The 3D comment was very cute. Sound is fantastic, looks fabulous. Thank you!

  93. Nope – I keep refreshing Fed and all I get is the item from 10th May…. any other ideas?


    [You could clear your browser’s cache… – Features Editor]

  94. A very nice taster of what is to come. Thanks for letting us all see it… A lovely sound mix, too.

    Don’t know if it is just me, but it seems that the high quality Quicktime link isn’t currently working. Gives a dreaded “404” page. All the other versions are fine though – just thought I’d mention it *in case* there is a fault/typo somewhere…

    By the way, will somewhere on the packaging be shown which night each song has been taken from? I’m sure some people will be interested…

    Have a good (UK bank holiday) weekend, all!

    [I’m sure they would be, but no. – Features Editor]

  95. Thank you so much David and crew for documenting this historic and memorable tour on what already appears to be a jam packed and highly anticpated DVD.

    I am still having flashbacks of the Mermaid Theater show as well as the Radio City Music Hall show!!!

    I’m a big fan of all of your work both with the Floyd and solo, but I am a huge fan of “On An Island” I think it is a masterpiece. David’s solo “Darkside of the Moon”!!!

    Please come back and do another tour soon.


  96. Been a long time since I’ve posted, but I do check in from time to time and you all are doing a fantastic job as usual. The DVD snippet looks great, can’t wait for the September release.

    Just a note: had some difficulty with the quicktime link (my pref), had to go with real player.

    East Village, NYC

  97. FED,

    All is well, had to refresh but was worth the wait !

    One question. If we can see this now then that surely means the DVD is finished – Yeah !

    Therefore its only fair to release a copy to us bloggers in maybe June ?

    September’s too far away ! And it’ll clash with Wales winning the Rugby World cup !

    Well one can dream !

    Happy Bank Holiday in the rain !!!

  98. damn this dial up modem! even low quicktime

    god really hates me you know? even my tshirt from youknowwho after wearing it twice is now failing to pieces. guess I’ll have to wait for the dvd 🙂

    or better yet FE’d when DG is outnabout with the promo of the dvd he can always pop up to scotland, play a gig? or two? he can even stop by Chez-Blu! in the borders for a wee break from it all? just a thought 😉

    hope everyone is well? DG & Co? FE’d? internet extended family & friends?

    have a great weekend!

    [All’s well, thanks. Hope you have a good weekend, mate. – Features Editor]

  99. That was fantastic – thanks !

    It all came flooding back. Such a brillaint night.

    I might have to go into suspended animation so I don’t have to wait….


  100. In the long-standing Pink Floyd/David Gilmour tradition, patience is the key word. They could easily throw something together quickly, and it would be good, or, take their time, and it will be amazing!

    So far, this looks amazing! But I still can’t wait!

    Have a great weekend, all!

  101. For Editor: Thank you very much for answer questions about subtitles…have a great weekend!

    [The same to you, Marcos. – Features Editor]

  102. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

    I had to watch this twice- I have chills all over, makes me remember Radio City all over.

    This is just amazing, almost brought me to tears. I cannot wait for this to be released- this just made me “Remember that night”.

    Thank you David!

  103. Truly incredible – thanks for the unique sneak peek! There’s no greater music anywhere.

    Thanks for making the anticipation for the full production release as fun and exciting as the gear-up for the actual shows.

    Enjoy your (long) weekend everyone.
    Take Care. CT

  104. Hello All —

    The DVD teaser brought out dueling emotions: excitement and anticipation as well as melancholy and weepiness.

    I can’t believe it’s a year since the RAH shows. (I have been trying to persuade my family that we need to go to England every May – college tuition be damned :-)) The DVD looks like it is being put together with great care, love and precision.

    On a side note, tried the chat for the first time today. It reminds me of that Cheers theme song:

    Where everybody knows your name,
    and they’re always glad you came.

    Lots of hello, hello, hellos.

    I felt bad that my system at work decided to do an auto network update and restarted unexpectedly. Didn’t get to say a proper thanks and good-bye.

    Hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend!

  105. Looks very, very promising! Thanks for sharing this.

    Cheers to all of you out there!

    Sorry for Liverpool (Champions League), FEd …

  106. Well worth the hassle, the footage is superb

    Thanks for your help Fed & Rudders


  107. Fed,

    I do see your point about the specific nights taken not on the DVD but will there be any way we will know, even on the site so us that attended the show or shows can look out for ourselves.

    I do hope so


    [I don’t think so, Brook. – Features Editor]

  108. Dear Mr. Gilmour:

    What to say?

    Who engineered this DVD? If they managed to get this sound quality on a low end media (web stream)…damn, the DVD will be unbeliavable!

    Not to mention the arrangements…and you and the band playing like it was for the first time (I mean boldly, with enthusiasm). It´s a sense of refreshment that, in my humble opinion, P.U.L.S.E. lacks…

    And if P.U.L.S.E. quality is close to perfection, I think you have reached it this time.

    Can´t wait to have this DVD.

    The only put down for me is that, like walking on the moon, seeing you live is something that I´ll have to accept that simply won´t happen…

    Thank you and the guys back there at DGM.

    Have a great weekend, mate.





  110. Hi Fed & Co,

    Wow. That was brilliant….

    Thank you for sharing the excellent preview of the DVD, it looks like it’s going to be amazing (no suprise there then!)

    Can’t wait!

    Best regards to all,

  111. Fantastic footage indeed.

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour. It brings back fond memories of seeing you live in 2006 which can only be described as a privilege.

  112. I’m still stuck here at work! No sound card on my on pc.

    After reading all the posts, I can’t wait to get home to see the wonderful snippets from “Remember That Night”! A few more hours to go. Darn!

    Have a great weekend all.

  113. FED, the best present for the week end…thanks a lot!!!!

    Claudio from Ravenna

  114. f.e.d. you’re such a tease. thanks for the treats. have a great weekend.

  115. Wow….ONLY 4 more months to wait. Now that’s a “life sentence”.

    OK sorry David, my patience (or lack of) is not one of my strong points, but at least I now call Mr. Gilmour David and not Dave (yes I’m that Jon Harmon immortalized in the FAQ section).

    It look’s like this DVD will be more than worth the wait. AHHHHHH I can’t wait.

    PS Fed how about an advanced copy? Just for me, we won’t tell everyone else. 🙂

  116. Well you have done it now!

    After watching the five minutes of the concert footage, I have decided that I’ll have to buy two copies. The first one in regular format and the second one in HD format. Because I just can’t wait that long to get it in the HD format (even though it will only be a few months).

    This concert with all the extras is going to be great. Plus I can give the first one as a Christmas gift.

    I hope that everyone will have a safe three day weekend and FEd, I really felt bad seeing that your team had lost. But it was a good game. Next year they will do it.

    Take Care,

  117. Looking SO forward to its release. Loved the comic moments like Bowie saying his parents dragged him to a Floyd show when he was SIX…hahaha!

    David you still sound fantastic…thank you for all the music you’ve done…it makes me *verkelempt* just listening to all of it.


  118. in a word: Brilliant!

    thank you for the preview and the memories of the live show!

    Seattle> WA> USA

  119. Is it really a year? I was there, and I can’t believe the time has gone so quickly.

    Those 3 nights were pretty special, and the venue was simply beyond words. Meanwhile I’m not sure whether posting the preview is an act of kindness or cruelty.

    Now David, you still aren’t showing up in the Christchurch gig guide. Roger was here in January, CSN almost came (but for C’s ill health) in March, Bob’s arriving in August, Donald & Walter will be jazzing the place up in September, Leonard’s strongly rumoured to be popping in at some point…


  120. Even though we here in Canada had our long weekend last week, I, for one,am very much appreciative of the sneak peek.

    I saw David and the gang last year at Massey Hall and the visuals definitely bring back the good memories! I look forward to visiting HMV in September to collect the finished product!


  121. Enjoyed the editing. Really good footage, really good job.

    Can’t wait to see other tasters too..and a DVD as well.

  122. Thank you David (and Fed) for sharing this taster with us. And David as always for the wonderful music.

    It looks and sounds even in the low res version I was able to get with my dial up connection fine, so I think we can expect the DVD to be an absolutly amazing experience.

    Have great weekend everybody.

  123. thanks Fed, as if i was not excited enough now u have to go show me that, drip drip drip drip

    i cant stand the wait and its good to know mr bowie went to see the floyd about 7 or 8

  124. *Caption*

    Hanging the Royal Albert Hall on the side of David’s banner certainly added something worth remembering to the occasion.

  125. Hi Fed

    I’m back, battered, bruised and dejected. I was however cheered up by the preview

    I hope that when the DVD comes out the wife and children will leave me alone for 24 hours so I can constantly watch the video

    Will david be doing a small tour again or do we resign ourselves to this being the last memoir of the live gilmour experience?????????????????

    Still 5 Times, until moscow next year.

    [Never say never, but there are no plans for another tour at this time. Sorry that your trip to Athens didn’t turn out as we’d have liked. Here’s to Moscow and a sixth time. – Features Editor]

  126. The trailer is fantastic, it looks a really good DVD. I forgot how good the RAH show really was!

  127. what shall I say – it is wonderful, breathtaking, the sound, the music, the melodies, the picture quality … which always wants us fans to have more of it, new material, more David on his guitar making us dream, anyway,

    thanks for what we got already,

  128. The extra footage looks very interesting. Certainly much better than that in the Pulse DVD.

    I can’t wait to watch the entire DVD set.

  129. Hi Fed.

    great – greater – greatest!! thats really more than i expected!!

    surley thats a masterpiece of a dvd! everything that a fanheart wants to see – great concert footage, soundchecks, backstage material, jokes, and so on …..

    thanx david!!!


  130. ahh, its been a year already? they were good times really, good times….

    that was a great appetizer. i hope there’s soup cause now I’m hungry and main course is still a while away.

  131. Dearest FEd

    Oh thank you so much for the preview. What a nice Holiday present.

    It looks and sounds wonderful – of course! So excited to get the DVD.

    Thank you again


  132. Have you mentioned yet whether or not the ordinary version DVD will be anamorphic?

    [No, I haven’t. All that technical mumbo-jumbo is still to come. – Features Editor]

  133. We’re going to be closed until Tuesday, but thank you all for your comments. Have a good weekend.

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