Blotto (#4)

The Barbican tribute concert for Syd (May 2007)Blotto cards at the ready once more, please. You’ll like this one.

The tenth song to be revealed is – wait for it – ‘Breathe (Reprise)’, which will be the – are you sure you’re ready for this? – fourth song on the concert DVD.

That’s ‘Breathe (Reprise)’, song four.

Please suitably mark the ‘4’ space on your Blotto cards and congratulate yourself heartily if you guessed that ‘Breathe (Reprise)’ would be the fourth song on the concert disc.

As so few of you will be congratulating yourselves right about now, go ahead and grumble about the fact that the setlists here on the blog (including your own offerings) and over on our calendar deliberately confused you as to whether ‘Breathe’, ‘Time’ and ‘Breathe (Reprise)’ would be considered one song, or three.

Why on earth would they be anything other than three songs?!

Oh, you’re too easy.

Remember – as if you could forget – that Blotto’s aim (other than irritating you, of course) is to complete a line, either horizontally or vertically, with correct guesses on your Blotto card. If you complete a line, cry “Blotto!” and you will be entered into a prize draw.

There are 23 songs on the concert DVD of David’s forthcoming double-disc set, ‘Remember That Night’, all of which were recorded at London’s historic Royal Albert Hall in May of last year.

This fine DVD will be in the shops in September – and we’ll be telling you more about it as the month draws to a close.

Thanks for playing along with our wicked little game and the best of luck to all. You need it.

The above photograph was taken by Polly at Thursday’s concert for Syd at the Barbican in London. It’s a cracking picture, so please click it for a better look.

We’re asking whether or not you were surprised that David turned up at the ‘Madcap’s Last Laugh’ concert in our latest poll. If you haven’t voted yet, please do. Apparently, 75% of you were not surprised…

There’s no chat today, but the chatroom will be open tomorrow from 3PM (UK). Do feel free to drop by.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

85 thoughts on “Blotto (#4)”


    having found a time machine the lads chose the wrong time to play pompeii, from yonder comes a mushroom cloud and Rick feels the heat.

    rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. right this is getting wierd.

    Breathe reprise surely had to be 3rd.

    Im getting very worried that “wearing the inside out” “wots…uh the deal” and “fat old sun” might be left out.

    Those ones had better be in there david or ill be making a trip down to the astoria 😛

  3. That is an excellent picture! Absoultely gorgeous! Thanks again for sharing, Polly. I really hope some of these photos make it to the DVD.

    That’s for clearing up the song confusion. Of course, it’s three songs . . .what else would it be? Always easier to say in hindsight – LOL

    Have a good one all,

  4. Fantastic picture Polly.

    How many times can a man choose the wrong order for a song? the only lines now that are vertical & horizontal are the ones on my brow.

  5. Okay, so it seems silly now to have treated ‘Breathe’, ‘Time’ and ‘Breathe (Reprise)’ as one track but I guess we just wanted to fit as many songs on that DVD as possible.

    The picture is fabulous, all the more so for being in black & white.

  6. FEd! You make me laugh.

    Good luck to everyone playing Blotto. Hope you’re not too confused.

    Love the photograph, by the way! Thanks to Polly for sharing it with us.

  7. Yay! I got it right!

    Well the fact that Breathe, Time and Breathe (Reprise) are three songs that is… not their position in the running order 😉

  8. Of course this is the evidence…Why the hell i thought Breathe, Time and Breathe (reprise) were only one song… Incredible!!!

  9. That picture is just as haunting as Syd’s legacy.

    It’s a beautiful shot Polly, very moving…

  10. I wish David Gilmour would put “Time” on the DVD.

    My only request is that he would recreate the original solo from the album.The simplistic structure of that Solo spoke volumes in how the song transcended into the stratosphere of Mr.Gilmours sound.

    Thank you…there I finally said it,hope he reads it. I think Mr.Gilmour is truly one of the greats to ever grace the fretboard. Shine on!

  11. Great Photo! So moody.

    So, Breathe (Reprise) is fourth. Well, well, imagine that. So what song is first?

    I am betting that it is the song that I picked to be first, which is probably only the only way I can ever get even one song correct in bloggo. First on the CD, first on the DVD?

    Of course, the first track could be some sort of other surprise, such as a behind the scenes kind of introduction or perhaps David and Polly doing a duet of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

    What? It could happen. They have kids, they’ve probably heard it a million times. 😉

  12. Hmm. Interesting. I guess that means we will get an extended Dark Side suite with Great Gig as #4.

    That’s a great picture, Fed. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned enough is the spectacular lighting effects at the Barbicon show. These are extremely bright liquid oil projections. The original PF lighting director, the legendary Peter Winn-Wilson, was on hand to lend his magic once again. Click my name of some outstanding pictures of the show and the lighting equipment.

  13. Well THAT certainly tells a lot… ok so we have

    1.Speak to me
    4.Breathe (Reprise)
    6.On An Island

    Thus I am now officially out of Blotto! No possible lines left… can I have an ‘Amen”?

    It was fun, and I’ll keep playing (consolation prize? I need LOTS of consolation!). Good luck to those still in the running… is there anybody out there???


  14. Did I miss the answers to Phils questions?

    [No, you didn’t. They’re still to come. – Features Editor]

  15. Hello FED and All,

    Well it’s been a roller coaster ride this past week now hasn’t it ? It didn’t suprise me that Msrs. Gilmour, Mason and Waters put in their attendance to The Tribute Show to Syd. And I managed to unofficially guess that the order of Breathe (reprise) would be in the numer four spot.

    Can’t stay long. I’m just peeking my head in. As of this moment my mother, JoAnne, who has been suffering from lung cancer is currently in the Emergency Room at our local hospital and I have to head back very soon. Hopefully, she will not have to spend the night. Any prayers would be extra appreciated.

    Hope that you are DOING well, FED. Take care. I don’t know what will be going on from day to day, but I hope to make chat sometime soon !

    Missing you guys !!! Peace and Love to All !!

    Damn, I need to change my atteries on my wireless keyboard. This s nuts !!

    Cazart ! : )

    [All the best to your mother, Raymond. – Features Editor]

  16. Looks like it’s going to be like this then:

    01: ‘Speak To Me’
    02: ‘Breathe’
    03: ‘Time’
    04: ‘Breathe (Reprise)’
    05: ‘Castellorizon’
    06: ‘On An Island’
    07: ‘The Blue’
    08: ‘Red Sky at Night’
    09: ‘This Heaven’
    10: ‘Then I Close My Eyes’
    11: ‘Smile’
    12: ‘Take A Breath’
    13: ‘A Pocketful of Stones’
    14: ‘Where We Start’
    15: ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’
    16: ‘Fat Old Sun’/’Wot’s Uh…The Deal’/’Wearing The Inside Out’
    17: ‘Coming Back to Life’
    18: ‘High Hopes’
    19: ‘Echoes’
    20: ‘Wish You Were Here’ (with Stevie on drums, not Nick Mason)
    21: ‘Find The Cost Of Freedom’
    22: ‘Arnold Layne’
    23: ‘Comfortably Numb’

    I’m going to guess Fat Old Sun for Track 16.

  17. That’s a really beautiful picture: David, Rick and Nick and the very cool Mr. Bell.

    Wrong again! If I still had my card, I’m sure I’d be close to an unblotto. Can’t I just start again using all the right answers, that would make things easier for me? No, thought not.

    Anyhoos, I’m tired so I’m going to settle and watch a film and then go to be – I’m truly living the student lifestyle…

    Hope everyone’s well.
    x x x

  18. What a fantastic picture Polly took! Thank you for capturing the moment and sharing the picture with us.

    The black and white photo entices you to think back to the past – the one and only legendary Pink Floyd.

    The picture uniquely captures the emotions and expressions of each one of the musicians. The lighting couldn’t be more précised projecting onto the SPECIAL three: David, Nick and Rick – all of them looked magnificent in their tribute to Syd.

    What else can I say – THANK YOU (with tears of joy)

  19. There once was a man with a bass
    He played with a smile on his face
    He played some deep notes
    I felt in my toes
    These memories I’ll save
    when I saw his concert with Dave!

    (Sorry David, but Dave rhymes with save. Forgive me ok? Its lame, but I’m on some major fun pain pills right now)

    Love to all in DG world,

  20. Breathe …Time.. I’ve got the lot..Do i get to choose my prize now Fed ?

    Polly’s monochrome shot from the Barbican is excellent – Please have it gift wrapped and sent to me with a home made Fed type French dish – post haste !!

    thank you

    best wishes to all you irregs out there

    martin__d 😉

  21. Breathe (Reprise) #4 ?, but which one is #1 ?…

    Oh! I Can’t Breathe Anymore… I have thoughts of Murder…

    But, such a wonderful pic today! so, all bad ideas are forgotten.

    Many thanks to Polly!


  22. No surprise for me – missed this one as I expected.

    Now as I am typing up this post, it only makes sense that “Breathe”, “Time” and “Breathe (Reprise)” are to be in three separate songs. But when I was doing my picking and choosing the songs for the Blotto, my thought process was very skewed and of course, confused.

    I am definitely losing out in the Blotto game (with 2 out of the 10 numbers picked correctly); aside from that, it is a fun, amusing and rewarding process as we are painstakingly finding out the selected 23 tracks for “Remember That Night” DVD.

    Good luck to you all!

  23. Hi Fed

    Well, you asked…

    No, I am not surprised that David (or ‘the others’) showed up. I am surprised that it seemed to be a last- minute decision. Well, no I’m not. I can’t help but wonder if David had in mind to be there all along, and just didn’t say anything to anyone, for obvious reasons. (Drat, there’s that evil speculatiuon again…)

    On the subject of the concert- I have seen some pictures supposedly from the event of Roger and Nick, as well as Roger and Rick, and I would like to say that those pics tell a big story. It says to me that although they may not perform together, that they are at a point in their relationships that they can at least visit with each other and start to rebuild some of the bridges.

    I know this is off on a tangent, but please bear with me for a moment.

    We all, as fans, would probably give up some pretty important body parts to see ‘them’ together in the studio or on stage again. But, to me, the most paramount part of this whole saga is that now, after 20 + years of not speaking to each other, they can all at least visit and talk with each other on some level. In my eyes, that is more important than any show that they ever do.

    Good luck, Blotto-ers, and alas the great mystery has been revealed! They are separate songs!

    [Oh, you’re too easy] – Yeah, but we ain’t cheap…

    Have a great evening, all

  24. Hi all,

    As a long standing member of the site, I am ashamed to say I haven’t yet been on the chatroom, but since Jr came along. Time just seems to evaporate. I have been keeping my eye on the Blotto but haven’t got a full card yet, but I do still keep visiting.

    F.ed could you remind me how to get into the chatroom? Do I just need the password from last year and I’m in?

    Once again keep up the good work,


    [I’m afraid it’s not so easy these days, Dave (although, that said, once you’ve registered, it’s probably much easier). You need to sign up with a username and password now, but it doesn’t take long to do that. There’s a simple step-by-step guide, plus all you need to know, on the Stuff & Nonsense page. Please click your name below for that. If you have any problems whatsoever, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help. We hope to see you in the chatroom soon. The same goes for everyone who is reading this. Don’t be shy, come and chat with us. – Features Editor]

  25. Wow

    I love this pictire, are there anymore and can you buy them framed? I’d so love to get a proper copy to hang up on a wall somewhere!

    [They’re not for sale, sorry, but we hope there will be many more to come. – Features Editor]

  26. Ayako, I hope you are enjoying your vacation with your sister!

    This is supposed to be my vacation week also with my family visiting from Canada.

    Unfortunately the weather today is overcast and with threatening rain. I preferred visiting DG site and the Blog this afternoon (thank God for that) than joining my family on the “bowling” trip. My husband is watching David Gilmour in Concert – one of his favorites.

    What a busy, fun-filled and exciting week for us here on; first it was the news on the Tribute Concert to Syd and the wonderful rehearsal picture of David and Nick from Polly.

    Then there was the announcement of the two Blotto numbers within 72 hours.

    For today, there it is, a SUPERB picture taken by Polly at the Tribute Concert for the site.

    And then for tomorrow, it is the announcement of the winner for the limerick on Guy Pratt. You sure are keeping us busy, FEd!

    p.s. Thank you rob for the wonderful recap of the Tribute concert to Syd.

    [Things are going to get busier soon, believe me. – Features Editor]

  27. Well, I’m out of Blotto. No more way for me to finish a row.

    That was harder than I expected! I mean, the reprise to Breathe is never separated from Time, in other recordings…

    Oh well. Good luck to all those still in the running.

  28. Nice picture…the black and white gives it a great look.

    Hope everyone has a great rest of the week….celebrating my birthday on the 17th of May so that would make it tomorrow or today depending on where you are in the world. So everyone have a pint on me…

    P.S. Hey Matt. I will pitch in for that concert at your apartment..I will bring the chips and salsa. HAHA

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Happy birthday to you, Renee. Have a lovely day. – Features Editor]

  29. Hey FEd, it’s still Wednesday 16th of May here, UK time… I hope this still qualifies?

    This is my entry:

    There once was a Guy who played bass,
    Who was sad, sat beside his fireplace,
    David said ‘Now don’t fret see…’
    ‘…you’ll always have Betsy…’
    ‘…to sell, so you can go into space!’

    and this one is for laughs::

    There once was a Guy who played bass
    He put a smile on Madonna’s face
    She was sad to find he was married
    and he didn’t like the baggage she carried
    She then found her own Guy to replace

    [I’m sorry, but you’ve left it too late. Once the comment form is gone, the topic is closed. We’ve already drawn up our shortlist and we’re trying to decide on a winner (not easy). – Features Editor]

  30. Hello everyone,

    Cant wait to see who wins the Guy limericks, we will know soon

    Good luck to all of you in Blotto.

    Hope to see you all in chatroom tomorrow, I missed yesterdays but i will make it tomorrow.

    Have a great evening.

  31. Ah, it feels so sweet to not care about whether or not my blotto is correct… I feel no burn whatsoever. Now I can just focus on the picture and how evocative it is. 🙂

    It makes me think of the Simon and Garfunkel song – “I have a photograph. Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you.”

    I actually just learned that on the guitar, so that’s probably why the picture made me think of it.

    Well, I’m going to sit back and shake my head bemusedly at the wave of people burning their blotto cards. Hee hee hee…

  32. blotto!! what do I win?

    great pix by Polly! Polly how do you get great looking pix at a gig? what settings?

    surprised that DG turned up? not really, their history speaks for itself. surprised RW did though, get the feeling that somehow he’s looked on as being more responsible for RSB, maybe that’s just me

    great that all four of them could get on the same bill

    it would be a [nice] surprise if Pink Floyd – David Nick Richard 😉 were to put out another album though

    hope everyone’s ok?

    best wish to all

  33. does david actually read these comments?

    [Who’s asking? – Features Editor]

  34. Wow!!! So what’s the first song F’ed?

    C’mon, speak to me. (hee hee)

    [Very good. I’ll speak to you later, Craig. There are plenty of others to name first. – Features Editor]

  35. Our ‘local’ pub in Folsom will be showing the Champions League match at 11:45 am PST – it aires on ESPN next Wednesday.

    Double O L

    Come on you Reds! Good Luck Fed!

    [That’s the spirit, Christine. Let’s be ‘aving you, as Delia said. – Features Editor]

  36. Wow! I often find myself trying to imagine what a very cool event the concert must have been… Were there any tickets sold or was it a private gathering? Can you please include some footage of the Madcap’s Last Laugh concert on the new DVD compilation? Pease? Maybe Arnold Layne???

    I have always thought that Pink Floyd has inspired most of the spacey Underground electronic music I here today. They really had expanded the playing field quite a bit using common instruments during the 60s.

    I’m curious FED, has any Pink Floyd members or David Gilmour himself ever toyed with a Theremin instrument before?

    [That’s one for the FAQs page, I say. – Features Editor]

  37. Hi Fed and all

    I just wanted to say what a fantastic photo of the lads by polly, looks like nick is way back at the UFO club. i would pay good money for that picture in a nice frame.

    I am currently in New Zealand. im blown away by this country.

    I had a bit of a pink floyd day in queenstown last week.

    Firstly we were blocked on the road by a massive flock of sheep! then we went into a fishing tackle shop where they were playing a reggae style dark side of the moon. I think they call the album dub side of the moon. I have to admit what i heard was pretty good.

    Later on that day we were heading for a place called wanaka, we took pity on a young hitch hiker and he was wearing a floyd tee shirt, he was only about nineteen he said he thought david gilmour is a god of rock. nice to hear the young do appreciate decent music

    Take care
    cu all soon

  38. That is one striking photo!

    I always wondered why the tour setlists were revealed as Breathe/Time/Breathe(Reprise).

    You were setting us up to be confused way back then, eh Fed?

  39. F*ed,

    You ask, “Why on earth would they be 3 songs?”

    Time/Breathe Reprise is one track on Dark Side. Who would ever just listen to Breathe Reprise w/out listening to Time?

    That’s a lot of Bull-otto!

  40. [Things are going to get busier soon, believe me. – Features Editor]

    You just love to keep us in a fuss. Everytime I think things couldn’t get better here, things go and get better.

    Happy Birthday Renee! I hope you can make it to chat.


  41. The mystery is over…Breathe (reprise) is a 3ºtrack, but in Dark Side Of The Moon is Breathe, Time/Breathe reprise…two only songs, but a real amazing open show and dvd, great idea!

    In my opinion number 1 is (obvious) Speak To Me.

    The other mystery now is: What song is number 16???? I believe is Wearing the Inside Out but i vote for Fat Old Sun, this solo is amazing!

    Sorry for my english and…great picture…waiting for more for this concert!

  42. Nice photo today Polly, surreal.

    Echoes Bob, you the man, it’s like being there on that stage too. I enjoyed the review article also.

    Fed, that will open a can of worms again and I won’t speculate. Not worth it. I’ll leave that to you to sort out. LOL.

  43. FEd,

    I’m on a roll! Once again, I’m wrong. This blotto is sooooo easy…to lose that is.

    Polly you are such an artist! I thank you for sharing your gift. (Such a fabulous photo)


  44. Great pics EchoesBob! It felt very refreshing to have a glimpse into the event.

    I didn’t see any pics of the legendary Peter Winn-Wilson though…

  45. ciao.

    this photo is so cool

    I was right about breathe (reprise) to be one song. But supposed was third.

    As some guessed, the first one will be “speak to me” or something called “intro”.

    But Fed, when you say song, 23 songs, there’s human voice involved. So that was a trick.

    the setlist leave little space, now, for all the alternate songs which I loved so much. “Arnold layne”, “astronomy domine”, “fat old sun” etc. etc.

    I hope you and marketing department were so wise to include as extras all those songs which would push the number of sold copies to the stars and write it on the back cover (THIS sells the dvd, not “2 disc special edition” labels) . Will keep my fingers crossed……. 🙂


  46. [Things are going to get busier soon, believe me. – Features Editor]

    same for me Fed, it getting pretty frantic in the Knight household & over the next 48 our home will become a mad house. I hope i can get away to at least catch up on the blog but hopefully get to chat before me & my WIFE Jayne go away on honeymoon on tuesday.

    regards to everyone

    [All the best from all of us, Graham. – Features Editor]

  47. Caption****

    Nick breathes a sigh of relief as the roadies find his drumset just in the Nick of Time.

  48. Stunning photo.

    I completely agree with Veronica, it perfectly captures each of them, especially Nick !

    Truly magnificent.


  49. unblotto!

    fantastic photo. thanks for sharing these with us, polly (and fed).

    i just can’t wait for this dvd to come out. it’s going to be the best dvd ever!!!

  50. Polly’s pictures are pure pleasure. Black and white – can’t beat it, imho.

  51. [does david actually read these comments? – pn18]

    [Who’s asking? – Features Editor]

    haha, just me. 🙂

    [Well, in that case, David certainly does read them. – Features Editor]

  52. “I’m going to guess Fat Old Sun for Track 16.”

    Thats what im worried about, you cant leave out fat old sun, wots the deal or wearing the inside out surely?

    if you have to leave any of them out then find the cost of freedom shouldnt be there!

  53. The photograph is stunning. Thank you, Polly.

    FEd, do you know…is Polly ‘digital’ or does she use a film camera?


    [It’s film. – Features Editor]

  54. CAPTION:

    “……Haaaapy Biiiirthday Reneeeeeeeee…Haaaaapy Biiiirthdaaaay toooo yooooou!!!”

  55. Well, we can pretty much know everything by now, the only mysteries is #1 #16. Fed, can you please announce them next?

    Though as far as I know your cruelty, you’re probably going to give us a known piece of information, like saying that #3 is Time (what else can be before Breathe reprise?) or #5 is Castellorizon (same here).

    But I’m disappointed, because it seems that only one of the middle second set songs (Wot’s uh the deal, wearing the inside out, fat old sun, dominoes) are going to make it. Is that a punishment for the extra long encore?? Is there any chance we’ll see them in the extras?? Same for Dark Globe, Astronomy Domine and on the turning away. Is there any chance to see them at the extras??

    [You’ll just have to wait and see. – Features Editor]

  56. Renee, a very very happy birthday to you today! Bon anniversaire from montréal!!!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  57. Now I am getting very impatient. Would “Wearing the Inside Out” be in or out?

    David, it’d better to be in or I’d feel so lost 🙁

  58. Does anyone know if the Madcap’s Last Laugh concert was recorded for a future CD/DVD release?

    Really looking forward to David’s live DVD too, of course! 🙂


    [Sorry, but it’s far too early to speculate. – Features Editor]

  59. [Things are going to get busier soon, believe me. – Features Editor]

    Love it…love it…love it! Bring it on…

    EchoesBob: Those pictures of the tribute event were a nice treat, thank you.

    p.s. Raymond, hope you mother is doing better. She is in my prayer.

  60. Wonderful picture !

    I´m one of the lucky ones who could see the concert live. So all pictures are nice memories. Hope there will be many more published in the gallery.

    For me Breathe and Time/Breathe Reprise are two songs but I have it also with the wrong numbers – so its a Un-Unblotto 🙂

  61. great photo

    off topic: Madonna to perform ‘hey you’ at live earth!!

    Thankfully its not a cover version. whew!

  62. Need 1 more to unblotto, what’s number 11 going to be?

    If RTN is coming out in Sept. I got thinking that maybe perhaps some of Syd’s concert recently will be added on. Just wishing of course.

    [I wouldn’t waste your wishes on that, Frank. It’s not going to happen. – Features Editor]

  63. Daaaavid . . . is Loch Lomond going to be on the DVD? If not I’ll dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  64. I’ve been appreciating Polly’s photography from the start, but this latest shot at the concert for Syd is breathtaking, beautiful work. Three cheers for Polly!

    What an incredible moment…

  65. I thought I would share this with all of you today.

    I’m a great uncle. My neice had a baby boy named Colin. His weight was 10.5 pds and 27inches long. It is so cool to be a great Uncle.

    I hope everyone will have a good weekend.

    Take Care,

    PS I hope that your bath room is almost fixed up FEd. It sure is a lot of work.

    [Congratulations, Thomas. The bathroom will be finished this weekend, I hope. – Features Editor]

  66. I can’t enter the chatroom, it doesn’t accept my password. :S

    [That’s because you need a room password to get in after closing time. The chatroom closed at 5PM. We often put a room password in place after closing time, creating a ‘lock-in’ for those who wish to chat for a little longer. This password is only revealed to those who regularly visit the chatroom during scheduled opening hours and who are respectful of the rules. Apologies for the disappointment, but closing times are always listed on our calendar. – Features Editor]

  67. Fabulous picture. Thanks F.Ed, for keeping the goodies coming.

    The less said about “Blotto” at this point the better, I couldn’t lose any more even if I tried….

    Happy Birthday Renee – have a great one !

    Congrats to you and the future missus Graham !

    And to all my fellow bloggers – Shine on !


  68. WOW, Polly uses film? Now I’m really impressed! I just always assumed it was digital. I haven’t taken the jump to digital photography, either, not sure I ever will. It really lessens the artistic aspect of it, IMHO. Does she develop them herself too?

    Waiting for the limerick winner . . .


  69. Sort of off-topic, but just realised that it is virtually a year since the superb set of three shows at the Royal Albert Hall (soon to be immortalised on the DVD). Can’t believe how time flies!

    I’m off to the RAH tomorrow night, and was puzzling over where to go beforehand for a spot of nosh, when I remembered the pub that was the meeting point for many of the fine souls here – the Queen’s Arms. It was so nice meeting so many of you there…

    I’ll be raising a pint of strawberry beer (those who went to the pub a year ago no doubt spotted it amongst the beers on offer!) to all the new friends I made those three, memorable nights…

  70. Feat Ed you have to do fat old sun, wearing the inside out, or wots uh the deal next. Its one thing to toy with us, but this is just cruelty 😛

  71. “So, Breathe (Reprise) is fourth. Well, well, imagine that. So what song is first?”

    Well, I’m not participating in this blotto-game, but why are most of you so sure the first song is “Speak to me”? With a little more fantasy concerning the running order it could easily also be (surprise, surprise) “Echoes”. That would explain a lot of things … and what a nice opener this would be!

    We’ll have to wait and see …

  72. Caption Competition…

    Slartibartfast explains to Zaphod whilst dining at Milliways, the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe that the house band is made up four very strange creatures… from left to right

    – The Head – a creature from Magrathea who plays keyboard by looking at the keys.

    – The Shadow – made from anti-matter he can create a series of low notes by imploding atoms of various size

    – Lookup Man – This entire population of Ursa Minor live in fear as giant seagulls fly around pooping on people hence their need to always look up

    – Halfmour… a head floating 18″ above two arms and a telecaster, strange to look at but always able to strum a good tune.

    And in the background you can see the planet Earth seconds before the Vogons destroy it to make way for a hyperspace bypass…

    Douglas! You are a genius and sadly missed 🙂

  73. Rudders…. sounds like a good time to enjoy a pan galactic gargle blaster! What was the name of the planet from whence it came?

    And Guy… come on now- we’re patiently waiting! Who won the limerick contest??? Dying to know and Thursday is nearly over over there!


  74. [FEd, do you know…is Polly ‘digital’ or does she use a film camera? – Becky ]

    [It’s film. – Features Editor]

    You know, you just cannot beat the “real” stuff. I don’t trust digital stuff.

    I have an idea for a futuristic novel which has been going around my brain for the last few years. Basically, there are no tangible things left on the planet like sacred things such as books etc as everything is computerised and stored electronically. Then disaster strikes and we have lost everything and the world stops and we have to start all over again; almost back to the point of drawing on cave walls and learning how things are made and work etc.

    I’m sorry that this might have gone a bit off topic but I am having a gentle rant here.

    Anyway I work in the conveyancing department at a solicitors practice and one of my duties is to apply for registration of title deeds at HM Land Registry. The land registry do everything electronically these days. The amount of old deeds and pre-registration documents that are thrown away because the important information is gleened and stored electronically, saddens me. I have all the old deeds and pre-registration documents to my house and they fasinate me. I think, if anything, they are good historical documents to my property.

    Anyway, back to what I really meant to say before going off on a tangent is that you cannot beat a “real” photograph with real negatives.

    Perhaps I am just old fashioned.

    Best regards.


    [I wholeheartedly agree with you, Julie. You can’t beat paper and ink, can you? – Features Editor]

  75. [I’ll be raising a pint of strawberry beer (those who went to the pub a year ago no doubt spotted it amongst the beers on offer!) to all the new friends I made those three, memorable nights… – Posted by: Matt Johns at May 17, 2007 07:23 PM]

    Unfortunately they also sold newcastle brown by the bucket load. Ouch my head was heard reverberating around the Kensington arms hotel the morning after I can assure you . Which night you may ask ? Every night Im afraid to admit.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  76. An interesting twist to Blotto and a splendid photograph. Thank you, Polly.

    A good weekend to all,

  77. Julie, I love your comments and couldn’t agree more.

    The sci-fi book you have going is not a new idea. It has been thought that this has happened before. We get so technologically advanced that we become stupid, and then it blows up in our faces and we are back in the caves.

    It seems as though it is well on the way. As a physics major these days, I spent most of my time plugging info into a computer. I’ve found that even though I had to take a lot of math, most of the work is done by the computers. Now I’m rambling.

    My point is this, Our world maybe already going the way of your sci-fi novel, and I just hope that some of us can hold onto knowledge and remember when people worked, not just computers.


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