Blotto (#17)


No, we’re not giving away anything else yet (and it doesn’t matter how nicely you ask), but we will say that the eighth song to be revealed from David’s forthcoming double-disc set is ‘Coming Back To Life’, which will be the 17th track on the concert disc.

So, please mark the ’17’ space on your Blotto cards accordingly. If you guessed that ‘Coming Back To Life’ would be the 17th song, you are absolutely right. If you didn’t, what’s wrong with you? Plenty of people did and we salute you all. Well done.

If you’re still in doubt as to the aim of Blotto, then you need to complete a line on your Blotto card, either horizontally or vertically, with correct song/space guesses.

We’re not sure as to the actual point of Blotto ourselves, so please don’t ask. Please feel free to hazard a guess, though.

There are 23 songs on the concert disc of ‘Remember That Night’, which will be in the shops in September, combined with a second disc that’s absolutely chock-a-block full of extra goodies.

Funnily enough, there are 23 numbered spaces on your Blotto card. All we asked is that you place a song in each space and try your luck. (Not very lucky, you lot, are you?)

Anyway, if you do manage to complete a line, let us know by letting out an excited squeal of "Blotto!" and you will be entered into a prize draw. If you don’t, just hang in there.

Thanks for playing along and the best of luck.

As we still get regular queries, please note the following: The concert disc of ‘Remember That Night’ is made up of songs from the Royal Albert Hall shows of May 2006 only. No Gdansk. No Venice. No Toronto. Just little old London.

So we now have ‘Coming Back To Life’, with no sign of ‘Fat Old Sun’ as yet. Is anyone else concerned? Where’s ‘Wot’s… Uh, The Deal’? Why no mention of ‘Wearing The Inside Out’? What of ‘Dominoes’? Why is the sky blue? Did that wicked David leave these songs out? He always seemed like such a nice man, too.

You’ll just have to wait and see…

The chatroom will be open today between 2PM and 4PM (UK), if anyone wants to call in. Just note that doors close at 4PM sharp.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

99 thoughts on “Blotto (#17)”

  1. The point of BLOTTO? To drive us fans into an unrestrained, unmitigated, snivelling, frenzied, frothing-at-the-mouth hysteria over the upcoming release. Come to think of it, that seems to be the aim of this entire blog these days. And, of course, it’s working. And it’s not just because of the DVD. It turns out that us ‘irregulars’ are prone to that kind of thing, just as a natural state 😉

    Oh, by the way, kettle? This is the pot. You’re black.

  2. Well I now have two that are correct on a line that also has two wrong on it if that counts for anything? 😉

    The most I can hope for at the moment will be a line of three.

    60% Blotto perhaps? Sounds like the ideal state of mind to me 😉

  3. I give up with Blotto. It’s not my game! Not a guess…what a shame!

    The lovely David won’t leave Fat old sun out, right? And Fat old sun is also one of favourite’s Stevie’ song. I am sure Stevie would be so disappointed if it is not on the discs…and David doesn’t want Stevie to be sad, right? I am sure he doesn’t! …but I think that to be sure, I also will start a new campaign on the blog sending millions and millions of post with written on:

    “David, don’t forget Fat old sun!”
    “David, don’t forget Fat old sun!”
    “David, don’t forget Fat old sun!”
    “David, don’t forget Fat old sun!”
    “David, don’t forget Fat old sun!”
    “David, don’t forget Fat old sun!”
    “David, don’t forget Fat old sun!”
    “David, don’t forget Fat old sun!”

    even if that makes me feel a little psycopath like Jack Nicholson in Shining!

    “Wendy, I’m home, darling!”


  4. HI FED

    im not concerned at all. im glad that we get these wonderful dvd´s. and there is dvd 2 with some extra features – we are told!!

    coming back to life from 2006 was the best version i heard. i dont like the original version from the division bell alubm very much. but live last year it was great!!

    of course i hope to see and hear fat old sun, wearing the inside out, dominoes and wots .. uh the deal, dark globe, on the turning away. david played a lot of songs – thanx david for changing the setlist around!

    bye werner

  5. – A little in topic 1 :

    David doesn’t seem like such a nice man, he IS such a nice man ! sure of that !

    – A little in topic 2 :

    [Feel free to hazard a guess]

    Since there are two stars on the blotto card, there are lines with four songs and lines with five songs. So, it’s not fair !

    Maybe you could make anyone who has a line with four songs (in no particular order) win? or a line with three songs ? or a line with two songs ? or… hmm…

    Wait, you noticed ? I can ‘think more’ !


    [I like your style, ma belle. Nobody should give up on Blotto just yet. – Features Editor]

  6. Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Fedmeister… have you heard about the Chelsea dartboard?

    There’s loads of Bull, but no treble….

    [Love it. It’s funny, ’cause it’s true. – Features Editor]

  7. This is getting me mad now, ive got this one correct thats two on the bounce, but its no good as i was blotto’ed some time a go.

  8. [So we now have ‘Coming Back To Life’, with no sign of ‘Fat Old Sun’ as yet. Is anyone else concerned? Where’s ‘Wot’s… Uh, The Deal’? Why no mention of ‘Wearing The Inside Out’? What of ‘Dominoes’?]

    Personally, I would have preferred any of those songs over CBTL (I know, I’m probably in the minority here!), though the guitar solo ending of CBTL was good on 30th May.

    As it’s highly unlikely any of the OAI tracks will be missing from Disc One, I suppose all we can hope for is that Fat Old Sun (with that superb Telecaster solo ending) and some of those other songs will be on Disc Two.

  9. Happy Thursday,

    I didnt enter Blotto due to where I was back in February. Just couldnt be bothered.

    However, it has given me some laughs and smiles ever since.

    Keep em coming.

    Pete – Coventry

  10. [So we now have ‘Coming Back To Life’, with no sign of ‘Fat Old Sun’ as yet. Is anyone else concerned? Where’s ‘Wot’s… Uh, The Deal’? Why no mention of ‘Wearing The Inside Out’? What of ‘Dominoes’? Why is the sky blue? Did that wicked David leave these songs out? He always seemed like such a nice man, too.]

    Hey Fed, inexorable master of the sarcastically challenged!

    Where in the world did you learn such cruel torture methods? In the cellar of some “anonymous latin-american meat packing glitterati” (oops, sorry for that quote from, eh, can’t remember the name right now…)?

    Given the current pace of the blotto game: what do you think, will the complete setlist be revealed some time before September or exactly on street date?

    Please answer us, oh inscrutable oracle of highest ambiguity!!

    [You know that this will be dragged… out… v-e-r-y… s-l-o-w-l-y, Georg. – Features Editor]

  11. The sky is blue because there are no clouds. A cloud can block out the sun, agreed, but how much bigger than a cloud is the sun? It’s all a matter of perspective.

    Can’t answer all the other questions though as they’re all a bit too profound for me.

  12. Coming Back to Life is the 17th? Wow, I only missed it by one. Considering how far off I have been, I consider this a personal triumph.

    I see that a blogger voted for Mr. Waters in the singer’s poll. You know, I guess he can sing, he just suffered in comparison to David.

    Speaking of comparisons, thanks for including Toronto in the blog header along with Venice, Gdansk and London. We are usually unfavourably compared to Chicago or Manchester.

    [Sssshhhh! Don’t mention Manchester today. – Features Editor]

  13. Funny that coming back to life should be mentioned because that’s exactly how i feel.

  14. I am befuddled. How in the world did I get this Blotto entry correct??? I now have two correct. Not that it will do me any good since there is no way I can get a complete line correct.

    Amazing. Simply amazing.



  15. Hi guys! hope you’re all ok,

    Is there any Manchester United supporter in there?? I’m very happy today, Milan vs Liverpool is the final once again…I’m a Milan supporter, so what a chance to delete that awful Istanbul night!!

    I’m looking forward to seeing my idol on DVD the 17th of September, it couldn’t have missed Coming back to life! I would be happier only if I met David, but it’s nearly impossible, I keep on dreamin’!

    ciao David e ciao ragazzi

  16. Noooo…missed this one too!

    Please Fed and all Liverpool beat Milan!!!!! I hate ’em.


  17. [……… Nobody should give up on Blotto just yet. – Features Editor]

    you knew someone would bite at the this hook you threw to us fishes & its me.

    As the rules of this confounded game stand i cant possibly win, so, Mr Fed, explain the above?

    [The rules stand, but maybe we’ll have some sort of runner-up prize. Maybe. – Features Editor]

  18. I was at RW:s concert the other day (great) and It reminded me of what incredible music David and Roger created in the 70:s.

  19. Does AIG stand for Almost In Greece?

    [According to an e-mail I received earlier, it does. – Features Editor]

  20. In “Biotto” then the point would be on the second character, but “Blotto” is pointless.

  21. *caption*

    Darn that Guy, he switched my slide for a roll of sandpaper again.



  22. I hope they will include Echoes, Wearing the inside out and ‘Wot’s… Uh, The Deal’+ Fat old sun.

  23. Dear F.Ed.,

    My nr.17 was in fact “Dark Globe”…I was aware about the fact that the concert disc is made up of songs of RAH shows, but it’s just a funny game!

    ….luckily I ‘m not a football-supporter…..I do not follow football at all (unless last year’s world-championship of course!)

    May I thank Mrs.Polly for this further nice picture: is that from which one concert?

    Ciao You All/Bye Elisabetta

    [That one’s from London’s Royal Albert Hall. Click your name for more. – Features Editor]

  24. Well, not the greatest news, we have enough live versions of CBTL already.

    One can only presume that the “played on rotation” tracks appear as extras on disc 2.

    If it weren’t illegal, one may be tempted to construct one’s own running order. Perhaps that may be an interesting distraction to Blotto…?

  25. i voted in the poll for David of course.

    am i the blogger who also voted for Mr Waters? yes im guilty. of course he is no Gilmour but lets be fair, he is a big part of what we all like and he did have his moments singing

    hope u dont mind me sayin that Fed, as much as i love and i do love David i am a Floyd fan, hope u understand what i mean out there guys

  26. I’m fairly sure I know the answer to this one, but I haven’t posted in a few days so what the hell.

    I can’t wait for RTN to be released here in USA, I do wish Echoes could find its way on it. Did DG perform Echoes at RAH?

    I can’t help myself, Echoes is just my all-time favorite and has been since I was but a teen. i have a soft spot in my heart for it. It takes me millions of places whenever I hear it. And I do play it lots of times every day.


    [It was played at every show, wasn’t it? It was certainly played in London. – Features Editor]

  27. “RED-RUM, RED-RUM!!” Oops Lucia got me on the Shining thing, Must watch now.

    I did get this song so that is three now I have right…but I think I was blotto’d out sometime ago, oh well.

    On a side note one of my soccer players was wearing a Manchester United kit. He is a rather good player.

    Just thought I would tell ya.

    Have a wonderful Thursday everyone

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  28. nothing at all to do with, well anything really, but, just in case mr gilmour reads these, I’d like to thank him (his music) for getting me through the loss of a loved one who meant the world to me, so


  29. Hi all!

    Well that is 3 correct blottos for me! Anyone else have 3 so far? Of course it doesn’t help me because that line is out in both directions, but hey… I have my eye on the posssible runner up prize!?!?!

    Personally I’m glad CBTL is on the DVD… I love that song. I don’t expect any of us who have a hope that a specific song will make the DVD. I bet between the concert disk and the extra disk, all the songs we want will be in there somewhere! At least I hope.

    And Fed you failed to stir up the pot by asking about Echoes…. too much trouble for even you?


    [Oh, ‘Echoes’… I know that one. – Features Editor]

  30. OT

    I made a run to the market last night and heard them playing “pocketful of stones” on the store’s system. The sweet spot was between the tangerines and the shrooms. I was a sight just standing there forever staring at the produce.

  31. Hi Fed,

    Caption- David had originally wanted to try his hand at the ouija board, but someone got him a lap steel instead, and the rest is history…

    Caption- As David prepares to deliver his address to the Scool of Rock, he finally notices the shape of the podium.

    Caption- David tries to imitate Dick Parry’s sax change moves..

    Caption- David, trying to multitask, is rolling out pizza dough while rehearsing High Hopes..

    Have a good day, all


  32. Who would have thought in the 70’s the ultimate stoner guitarist would have a Blotto game going-seems like a really naff idea. Just release the thing man.

    John Golby

    [If you say so. It’ll be in the shops tomorrow, just to please you. How’s that? – Features Editor]

  33. Caption :

    David musing (amidst blinding excellence )..

    ‘ When that fat old sun…’…
    …….hmmm hmmm hmm ‘…
    Shall i put it on the digital versatile disc ?
    …Hmmm … la la la… ‘Smile’ everyone

    happy days

    martin d

  34. [The rules stand, but maybe we’ll have some sort of runner-up prize. Maybe. – Features Editor]

    Diagonals of a minimum of four may help…not that I have any possible diagonals…well when I say I don’t have any I may have one… Well, when I say one I may mean two…

  35. [You know that this will be dragged… out… v-e-r-y… s-l-o-w-l-y, Georg. – Features Editor]

    Which means that Blotto is also a form of Chinese Water Torture.



  36. Just checking in to say hello to all the bloggers and to you, dear Fed. I haven’t been on in awhile. Wishing everyone is well. Lots to catch up on over here– enjoyed reading Steve’s Q&A and all the Blotto frustrations, and the DVD updates. Have a great weekend, everybody!

    Catskills, NY

  37. The point of Blotto? To make us feel humble or in my case inept and clueless.

    I’ve just had one of those days; long journey to an even longer meeting, much pressure mixed with anxiety, then longer journey back. Whilst hopefully successful, I was left with a tight ball of tension in my stomach. Then relief, my collegue’s car stereo kicked into action and the air was filled with this beautiful calming sound. It was “On An Island”. Our conversation then moved from contracts and job security, to the English countyside, beach huts, summer evenings and wine.

    Ahh, the healing powers of David Gilmour. He reaches the parts other music can not reach.

    Thank you.



    Why the torture? Everytime FEd teases the Blog, a Rick Wright kills a kitten!

    That’ll teach em.

    And, that it matters in the least to my blotto card, but I’m still wrong. Still losing. Still sucking at life. POR QUE?!

  39. [It was played at every show, wasn’t it? It was certainly played in London. – Features Editor]

    Oh was it played at every show? Awww, here all this time I thought he played it in Chicago especially for me. (Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?) Ha!!


  40. ‘Wot’s… Uh, The Deal’
    ‘Wot’s… Uh, The Deal’
    ‘Wot’s… Uh, The Deal’
    ‘Wot’s… Uh, The Deal
    ‘Wot’s… Uh, The Deal’

  41. I have a great Idea!

    Let’s say that if you only get one right on the Blotto card and it happens to be 17. Wouldn’t that be something to say this person is the runner-up. Just a (very) little food for thought.

    I hope that everyone will have a good weekend and remember that there are no losers here.

    Take Care

  42. Sometimes I think we take things for granted (when I say we I probably mean me).

    I’ve searched around several of my favorite ‘classic rock’ artists’ web sites. Nothing even comes close to david I’m not saying this to try and flatter, just honest appreciation after having a good look around.

    Hope you’re not planning on going away after the DVD comes out. Surely you’ll find something to tease and torture us with.

    [Thank you, Steve. That’s very kind of you. – Features Editor]

  43. I love CBTL, it is one of my favorite songs of PF, but I waited that it I was for the extras since we see it in Pulse, In Concert and Strat Pack. And it was in Disc 1 Wot’s… Uh, The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out and of course Fat Old Sun.

    But one other possibility appeared of still being able to be these three in disc 1:

    1. Breathe 2. Time 3. Wot’s…uh,the deal (?) 4. Fat Old Sun 5. Castellorizon 6….! And Wearing The Inside Out later Shine On! It is a wonderful possibility and I’m praying for this!

    Blotto is really amazing and a torture game!!! But i love it…for me it lacks only one number to close a line!

    (Sorry for my english, is very bad!! – I’m a brazilian fan)

  44. Close but no Blotto-cigar again. Had it on #18.

    Enjoy the upcoming weekend,

  45. Missed by one again, if this was tic tac blotto, I’m doin fine. Fat Old Sun, WTIO, and Echoes. Need them Fed. To me they were the hilites with the rest of the songs included.

  46. Happy Friday!

    Surprise! My guess was correct for # 17, thank you. My second correct number out of eight. Will I be able to complete a line of winning #s? NEVER! I do enjoy the fun playing Blotto though.

    I’ve been casting my vote in the poll every day (for David Gilmour of course).

    I wonder if we can vote more than once since we have to provide our e-mail address every time we vote? Do they tally those who submitted the vote? That will be quite a project!

    Honestly speaking, I hope we are only allowed to vote once just to be fair for the sake of the poll and the musician(s) who really deserve it.

    Have a nice weekend!

    p.s. That is a very nice picture of David – thanks for sharing.

  47. [Just release the thing man. – John Golby]

    I agree but……………..hooked on this drip, drip method of giving details of tracks out and its strangley compelling. I wish it wasn’t. Drat, I wish I was cured. Is there one?

    Ian Pearson

  48. Coming Back To life is a geat song, and it sounded great on David’s tour, cannot wait to hear it again.


  49. Hello Fed and all!

    I voted in the poll for David of course.

    I look forward full of impatience for the new DVD!! So a long waiting period until September, that is a hard examination!

    Last night we had a “date” with Bob Dylan. Next month we want to visit the concert of Jethro Tull.

    But this interesting artist cannot replace David. The best concerts of my life were 2 gigs (Hamburg, Venice) of David in the last year.

    Mister Gilmour, when can we see you again on the stage, please…???

    Everyone have a sunny weekend

    Many greetings from Berlin

  50. I’d hazard a guess and say it was David playing lap on the music clip of Take A Breath featured today. Take a breath, indeed.

  51. Tempting to react to Golby
    With venom and an opposing view…
    Always remember that people do different things
    Thirty plus years on in their life…

    [Some might also care to consider that David didn’t say “Here’s a really cheesy way of announcing the songs on my new DVD. Let’s make a game of it!” This area is for the fans. Yes, it’s cheesy at times. But you can have the songs this way or not have them at all. If you don’t like it, clear off and come back in September when the DVD is out. It really is that simple. – Features Editor]

  52. …well so far I have all 8 right…but then again I never sent my sheet in 🙁

    I only have them right because I’m keeping track ’cause I can’t wait!

    Have fun in Greece FED!!! You will be there…of course, right?

    And a Very Happy TGIF to all!!!!!!!!

    [I’ve just about decided not to go, Rob. If I’m going to have a heart attack – and I did think that I was going to have one watching the 2005 final – then surely it’s better to have it at home, where friends can call an ambulance. – Features Editor]

  53. [of course he is no gilmour but lets be fair, he is a big part of what we all like and he did have his moments singing – simon emery]

    live 8 wasn’t a good one…

  54. Tempting to react to golby
    Obviously it would be a waste of time
    Some people are only happy when they’re bitching
    Some people think we care for their bitchy remarks
    Even though they sound like little babies
    Really feel sorry for some of these clowns

    nice one, rudders. 🙂

    as for blotto, i like it. i also got this one right, so now i like it even more.

  55. Hi all,

    I did not included Coming Back to Life on my list at all, in fact wanted to see Fat Old Sun on that spot.

    What do I know, now?

    CBTL is still very important to David and he must love that piece to perform and watch.

    What I’m wondering now is that if David also had dilemmas what to move to second disc (I assume so), or he knew very much from the beginning what will be included.

    Have a wonderful weekend all,

  56. The DVD set-list malarky has really messed up my brain….and I’m not even playing the Blotto game!!

    I’ve only just realised that Fat Old Sun could still be on the first disc….at #16 (I think!). Of course this only works if TGGITS, What’s…the Deal, Wearing the Inside Out or Dominoes aren’t at the #16 slot. Still, after CBTL was announced this week at #17, I thought my only hope of seeing footage of the great Fat Old Sun from the RAH would be on the second disc.

    Incidentally, I’d be quite happy to see some live footage of Welcome to the Machine from the late 1980s Pink Floyd concerts at #16 instead (maybe an idea for Disc Two or Disc Three or Disc Four, Five, Six….)

  57. this one’s for dw:

    Silly fool
    Of course you have enough versions of ‘coming back to life’
    Unfortunately this dvd isn’t about you
    Really, it’s not about what you want

    Go away
    Run your mouth somewhere else
    And spare us from your baby talk
    Put your toys back in your pram
    Everyone else is glad to have a new dvd to look forward to
    So why don’t you put a sock in it?

    i’ll stop now before you tell me to stop, fed. it’s just that these comments get right up my nose.

    can’t we have a bit more respect for david? he reads this!!! plenty of people manage to give an opinion in a polite way without sounding like big babies. fed, you let them speak their minds and it rubs some of us up the wrong way, so we should be able to tell them that we think they’re jerks.

  58. “People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering. ” – St.Augustine

    Dear F.Ed.and you all

    have a very pleasant week end

    ciao a tutti / Bye Elisabetta

  59. “Whats all this arguing and bickering over who killed who? This is supposed to be a happy occasion!”

  60. [If you say so. It’ll be in the shops tomorrow, just to please you. How’s that? – Features Editor]

    FEd must get paid extra for every witty remark. Sheer genius that he’ll proudly admit himself.



    [Well… – Features Editor]

  61. Happy Friday,

    [Who would have thought in the 70’s the ultimate stoner guitarist would have a Blotto game going-seems like a really naff idea. Just release the thing man.]

    I would.

    You obviously took the 70’s very serious.

    Pete – Coventry

  62. Hi Fed

    When is David gonna let me play with his band?

    Guess where I’m Going


    P.S what island was Mr G referring to on the album? I may be able to see the rusting swings

    [That would be Castellorizon, my fellow Red. And THAT would be brilliant. – Features Editor]

  63. [can’t we have a bit more respect for david? he reads this!!!]

    I’m not sure he would be pleased by reading your own words, Victor, they are not so polite either…

    On ne peut reprocher aux gens ce qu’on fait soi-même (imho).

    Have a nice weekend.


  64. [If it weren’t illegal, one may be tempted to construct one’s own running order.]

    You go your way and i’ll go mine.

    Pete – Coventry

  65. Dear Fed and All upstanding ‘irregulars’ out there

    Do you think that it’s the pesky BLOTTO that is causing this air of unease amidst our ranks??

    The solution is quite simple : I ONLY play Blotto with my patented ‘The Art of Hindsight Card’….no stress…great fun…

    and todays Number is 17 …a delicate and life enhancing tune named… ‘Coming Back to Life’ by that very nice Mr Gilmour and his friends

    Have a great weekend everyone
    martin______ d 😉

  66. [I made a run to the market last night and heard them playing “pocketful of stones” on the store’s system. The sweet spot was between the tangerines and the shrooms. I was a sight just standing there forever staring at the produce. – ag]

    ag had the good fortune to visit a market with a bit of musical taste running through its veins… it is certainly worth listening out as it is quite pleasing how often one can hear David’s guitarwork, and in the most unlikely places, too.

    ag’s post reminded me of two recent examples I experienced – the first was in UK newsagent/book shop etc WH Smiths a couple of days ago where Take A Breath was playing reasonably loudly from those funny round ceiling speakers. The sound quality struggled a bit in places!

    The other was when I was watching the DVD of the BBC’s Life On Mars (series 1). An action sequence in an early episode (think it was the first episode) had some of David’s great guitar work from One Of These Days to accompany it. Presumably someone on the production team is a bit of a fan… not the normal sort of thing to expect to hear in a prime-time drama!

    Have a good weekend, all. For those in the UK, it’s a bank holiday too… yippee!

  67. Same here Arlem, ‘Wot’s… Uh, The Deal’ was one of the many highlights that night in Chicago so long ago.

    Since I didn’t get my blotto in, I guess that makes me “the man on the outside looking in”. Anywho, thanks for the info Fed.

    Brad T

  68. Hi all… happy Friday!

    Hey I’m glad CBTL is on the DVD… it was played at the show and I want to “remember that night”… so it SHOULD be there. There are a lot of songs left to reveal people, and whatever isn’t on disk one may well be on disk two. Don’t worry about what you don’t yet know. Can any one of you add one cubit to his height by worrying? Jesus said “Do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough trouble of its own”. Sounds like the voice of reason to me!

    Hae a great weekend all!

  69. The sport is in the chase, in the hunt…Blotto being the chase. We are passing the time til this wonderful video journal of an incredible tour is released.

    What fun is it to have everything just handed to you…none. Enjoy and revel in the hunt, for every moment that passes is fleeting. It’ll be here in a flash, and you will look back on the wait as a fun time!

    I joke with my friends by saying “I want it all, and I want it now!” What an empty way to go through life. When you get it all, and you get it now, then guess what…it’s over!!

    There’s my bit of philosophy for the day, sponsored by “Eastern Philosophy For Dummies”

  70. Hello all, Happy Friday.

    A fellow worker that works for the same company as me has been in the US working for a few weeks. He is from High Wycombe.

    He was leaving today and he gave me a bag of Thornton’s continental dark chocolates. It is to die for. They don’t make chocolate that that in the states.

    I think I might be their next best customer..

    Happy weekend all.

  71. Hey,

    Did y’all lose a queen, cause we have a stray one roaming around here.

    The best to all

    [You can keep her, Fred, just be careful that she doesn’t bite if you try to muzzle her. She’ll be fine, she just needs a good home. Well, make that several really good homes. – Features Editor]

  72. I enjoy the wait (something to look forward to), it makes it all more worth while when you open it.

    When I see posts similiar to John Golby’s it makes me wish they would tack on an extra couple months.

    Please realize that blotto keeps us in the David Gilmour loop and I find despite the losses, people don’t care about winning & losing we use it as social lubrication.

    Finally, I’m sure you meant you say “Mr. Gilmour” rather than “the 70’s the ultimate stoner guitarist” …somewhere a village is missing their idiot. Cheers!


  73. “Wearing the Inside Out”. Played May 29.

    That would be a good one for the 16th track.

  74. FED, I told u about the final of the Champons League and i am sure that U think that I am like Nostradamus!!!!

    But remember…this time will not be like Istanbul….I am sorry for U!!!!

    kakà forever!

    Ciao FED :)!

    Claudio da Ravenna.

    [May the best team win, mate. Enjoy it… but not too much. – Features Editor]

  75. Hello FED and All !!

    Here I am starting to wonder if Blotto was created by an ultra-top secret government agency with FED as the chairman. However, I did crack the code and got CBTL in the 17th spot. Oh, wait…that’s right. I’m an “unofficial”, but I still play anyway. I’ve got three correct !

    I wonder what year somebody might blurt out Blotto!! in the future. It’ll be a scream heard far out in space. And some alien civilization will scratch their collective heads wondering at this loudly exclaimed, “BLOTTO !!!!!!”

    Echoes was absolutely sublime played both nights in Venezia.

    I just wanted to say hey and hope everyone has a good weekend…sheesh ! Seriously, The Blue Angels just charged over my house !!!! Oh, we have this huge AIR & SEA show going on this weekend in Fort Lauderdale. It’s projected that 1.5 million people will see this show. I will be listening to ‘Take A Breath’ while watching The Blue Angels tomorrow on my headset. Man, I’m going to get sunburnt. That Fat Old Sun will be beating down here in the tropics this weekend.

    Lisa says hello and I told her that it won’t be until next Thursday that she’ll be able chat. We’re going out tonight for her birthday !! We will be going out for a twilight dinner and then later tonight, I’ll take her out dancing, and then maybe slow dance to ‘OAI” later tonight !!! I’ll help her set herself up.

    FED, who are you putting your money on this weekend ? I noticed your comment on Manchester. : )

    Hoping everyone has a fantastic weekend !

    Hey Veronica ! You’re in Miami, right ? Maybe some of us South Florida bloggers could do a get together, maybe the Fourth of July or sometime during the summer. We could invite FED, right, FED ? : )

    Well, this is house is shaking again as The Blue Angels roar overhead doing their practice runs. I think I’ll put on ‘Learning To Fly’ from AMLOR.

    Everyone, Peace and Love to All, Have a great weekend !!!

    FED, take care this weekend, don’t blow that gasket on us now !!! Where would we go if something happened to you ?

    Hugs to All !! Cazart !

    [I always support City when it’s the Manchester derby, funnily enough. – Features Editor]

  76. Hi David & FEd,

    There sure is a lot of negativity going on right now. I’m ‘sending’ some nice blissful energy your way. You might want to burn some vanilla incense, it’s good for that sort of thing, or get a hold of some black tourmaline with a good point on it.(It is very good for protection and deflecting negativitiy)

    (Oh yeah, 2 finals down 2 to go!! I’m worn out. I can’t think anymore!)

    I hope you guys have an enchanting weekend.


  77. Caption..

    Wax on..wax off..wax on..”Must remember to thank Mr. Miyagi for this technique” thinks The Gilmour Kid.

    I now think I’m glad I did not submit a Blotto Card as it appears to be a huge source of anxiety,frustration,self belittlement,paranoia,schizophrenia,delusion and depression for most of those that did..(but in a good way I’m sure!)

    WHAT!..No Toronto footage.I may as well live in Brazil!

    Who care’s where the performances included in the DVD are from.David’s equally fantastically superbly great on all stages on all soils.

  78. Golby,

    Two words: Comfortably Numb. Or maybe On An Island (that’s three…think you can handle it?).

    Too many? Here’s one: troll.

    Still too many? Here’s none: .|.

    Hurray for my new emoticon o/


  79. This site is so amazing to to see that many people are SO eager to want a dvd, etc. on demand. To me it is euphoria to allow all of us to share opinions and express our thoughts along this road.

    Thank You David, Polly and Fed and crew. Drag it out to the end, blottto and all. I’ve said before. After this there will never be another site I will personally involve my person.

    By the way, wire man is relaxed and reading a book on holidays or sheet music. HHHHMMM.

  80. I know all of the spoilers of what the setlist will be on the first of two DVDs in this set (and exact running order practically) but, so I don’t get barred from here (FED, don’t hold it against me), cannot ruin the fun for those playing the game.

    Being that I have a form of autism called Aspergers Syndrome, we crack codes and so on easily.

  81. God, you’re an awful person Fed!!! I agree with Georg Kunz, you’re just playing with our little brains… Still, it’s always fun!!!

    This is what I truly think… Fed clearly stated that none of the tracks made it to the first DVD since most of them weren’t performed at RAH, however; it’s most likely they will appear in the second DVD since’s been constantly telling us it comes really packed!

    Final assumption and hint guys, we can start scratching those songs from our blotto cards since they aren’t part of the first DVD… unless onviously they were also performed at RAH in a different way!

    Fed, are you going to use your pointy stick with me? Am I being punished for being Fed’s fun grinch?

    Shine on fellows!

    [Grinch away, Jorge. – Features Editor]

  82. Wow ! Que de bonnes surprises toujours sur !

    J’adore cette nouvelle animation sur la page d’accueil, such a nice relaxed David !

    Qui devons nous remercier aujourd’hui ? Sned ? David Macilwaine ?

    Please, pouvez-vous transmettre mes remerciements aux personnes concernées ?



    [Avec plaisir, ma belle, et merci pour la compliment. C’est bon de voir que vous l’aimez. Votre mercis vont aux bons gens de Stylorouge. – Features Editor]

  83. Over on the main page, Wireman has changed! He’s no longer playing a concert. He is now sitting beneath a palm tree. I thought it was kinda cool!

    This from the radio yesterday. Some Kindergarten children complained to their parents: “Mommy mommy, there’s this strange guy who’s been coming to class and singing songs!” Turns out, it was Bob Dylan.

    Well, to a Kindergartener, Bob Dylan WOULD look really strange. And what is wrong with his voice!?

  84. Hi FEd and Friends!

    Haven’t checked in for a couple of days … love the zenned-out, Cinco de Mayo Wireman by the way! Maybe some people need to take the hint and chill out a little. Geez!!!

    April 17, 2006, Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California … couldn’t believe it when I was treated to BOTH Coming Back To Life AND Fat Old Sun which were high on my wish-list of songs. And, no, I wasn’t bummed out that the same two songs were played at the Kodak on April 19. BFD! I think the DVD will have just about every song anyone could hope for so why all the bitching about which songs are where?? Must be the full moon or something …

    I hope everyone, everywhere is enjoying a mellow weekend that includes the consumption of enchiladas, tamales, and a margarita or two!!

    Peace ‘n love people (a quaint ’70s saying, I know)!
    Washington State

  85. Hello,

    Sitting here on a boring Saturday night, the Nascar race got rained out, just thought that I would check in.

    Love the new wireman, sitting on a beach with the palm tree. Makes me think that summer is not too far away.

    Just for that idea, it might be a good time tomorrow to take the pool cover off and and get the pool ready… I will though have put the heater on. Not quite summer weather yet in PA.


  86. HELLO FED and ALL !!!

    FED, I absolutely love, love it ! , the new tropical “island” wireman !!! After today’s events it is quaint, cool, relaxing and so idyllic to see WireMan chilling under a palm tree, reading the paper, while a seagull swoops through the air like a Blue Angel. I especially love the tapping foot keeping time to… what is WireMan hearing in his head ? Hmmmm. I made a mix of Gilmour last night preaptory to going to today’s Air & Sea show.

    I’ll give the playlist when I’m more coherent. I am tanned, not burnt. Lisa and I had great time, jamming to Floyd with the Air & Sea Show. Half -way through we had a few Fans gravitate towards us. Actually turned three people on to ‘On An Island’ !!!

    I am suprised there’s a weekend posting but I should know by now to expect the unexpected !

    Everybody Have A Blessed Sunday ! I’m planting a bunch of new plants today.

    Good Luck Penny !!! And to anybody else out there taking Finals !

    BTW, it is now my sixth day into my smoking cessation program and have gone twelve days without a drink. Feeling b****y, but I’ll cope. I have to…I’m going to be a husband !! God, Im almost giddy. Well, it’s 2:26 a.m. EDT and Lisa’s kind of “distracting me”. : )

    Out for the Night ! Please mind the “Do Not Disturb” card on the doorknob. Take Care !

    Peace and Love to All !!! Hugs !! Cazart !

  87. David, please remember and don’t forget all the beautiful tunes you played on the tour like:

    Wot’s… Uh, The Deal
    Fat Old Sun
    Arnold Layne
    Astronomy Domine
    Dark Globe
    On The Turning Away
    Great Gig In The Sky

  88. To Victor, my word, what an over-reaction.

    No the DVD isn’t about “me”, but this IS a forum where people are welcome to provide an opinion. Many of us who read this would prefer to see less regularly played tracks make the DVD, equally many of you would like yet another version of CBTL, that is all.

    As for “respect for David”, I think we all have that. Consider this matter closed!

  89. It’s a beautiful day in Sunny South Florida, very hot though. It is the second day of the AIR and SEA show. Ray and Lisa, hope you are enjoying the show as this post is written. I heard about the “Thunderbirds” gave out a magnificent show yesterday. FEd, and all, WISH YOU WERE HERE, please click my name for the video of the air show (hope it works) and enjoy….

    I love the idea for the S. Floridian bloggers to get together. Bill Hayden, Akayo to name a few… FEd, it would be a real honor for you to join us – yet I know it is just wishful thinking.

    I haven’t heard any David Gilmour music play in the stores down in S. Florida; however, we do have 2 local radio stations (A.M.) that plays PF music occasionally after the commercial breaks or some program introduction.

    One of the radio stations had at one point (for a period of over 6 months) used the song “TIME” at 6:30 a.m. before their news break. I venture to say the producer and/or the host of the program are the PF fans. They tend to play some of PF songs here and there in the morning. Just something I like to share.


    p.s. Happy belated birthday Lisa.

  90. I didn’t expect seeing new posting on Sunday, FEd, you never cease to amaze me! Thank you for all these nice services you provide us.

    We decided to stay in and enjoy the lazy Sunday afternoon. We watched Paul McCartney – Live at the Cavern Club. This is a double bonus DVD for my husband because he adores both David Gilmour and Paul McCartney.

    Good luck to you with the “Health” program that you are in, Raymond. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You can make it. And at the end, you will be so proud of yourself for taking this step.

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