Blotto (#12)


How are we all doing with Blotto? If you’re still playing along, it’s that time again, so have your cards at hand…

The ninth song to be revealed from the ‘Remember That Night’ concert DVD is ‘Take A Breath’, which will be the 12th song.

Please mark the ’12’ space on your Blotto card accordingly. If you have anything other than ‘Take A Breath’ jotted down around the number 12, then you are incorrect. Better luck next time.

There are still 14 songs to go, don’t forget.

The aim of Blotto is to complete a line on your game card, either horizontally or vertically, with correct song/space guesses. If you complete a line, shout out "Blotto!" and you will be entered into a prize draw.

If it’s looking increasingly unlikely that you will ever complete a line, just keep a tally of how many correct guesses you have made.

There are 23 songs included on the first disc of David’s forthcoming double-DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, which will be released in September. The second disc contains all the extras.

If you care to know, our chatroom will next be open on Tuesday morning between the hours of 11AM and 1PM (UK time).

Thanks to everyone who has popped in recently, especially the first-timers. It’s always great to see new ‘faces’.

So, if you’re still thinking about taking the plunge, don’t be shy.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

69 thoughts on “Blotto (#12)”

  1. WooHoo! That’s three right so far!!! (9,18,17) and two of them are on one line which could win!

    Happy Mothers day to all of you who fit the bill 🙂


    Yes! I’ve got a line of red crosses! Woo hoooooo! UNBLOTTO!!!

    You might need to confirm these FED, just to make sure I’m not cheating so here they are!

    15,22,10,17 and 20.

    I’m famous at last!

    [Well, we haven’t announced numbers 10 or 22 yet, but, for the record, the ones we have announced are as follows: ‘On An Island’ (6), ‘Red Sky at Night’ (8), ‘Take A Breath’ (12), ‘A Pocketful of Stones’ (13), ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ (15), ‘Coming Back To Life’ (17), ‘High Hopes’ (18), ‘Wish You Were Here’ (20), ‘Find The Cost Of Freedom’ (21). Please note that the version of ‘Wish You Were Here’ does not include Nick Mason. – Features Editor]

  3. Drat, my cry of UNBLOTTO is, unfortunately, a miss call as I mistook 9th song to mean 9th slot on the DVD. Oh well, maybe next time . . .

  4. Still following Blotto….I still find it fun anyway…

    To all moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day! It’s their day today in the U.S., but all moms deserve a shout out…

    Whatever happened to that mom with the atom heart?

  5. Fed,

    Will the chat room ever be open after UK working hours?

    [It will be and has been. Please see the calendar for the latest. – Features Editor]

  6. Thanks for the welcome FEd.

    After our PF chatroom on mIRC went bad I thought that was it, sooo good to find the same atmosphere here.

    I look forward to many fun chats in the future 🙂


    [You’re more than welcome, Charlotte. Thanks for the kind words. – Features Editor]

  7. I think i have two correct answers but am not entirely sure as I’ve recycled my blotto card…

    Anyhoos, back to revision.
    x x x

  8. Hey FEd,

    Well, so far I have not gotten a single correct answer on Blotto! Damn I’m good.

    Hope you had/ve a great weekend.


  9. A Limerick for fun..

    So dear Fed invented said Blotto
    With answers that nobody gotto
    Whilst all shake their heads
    Fed dreams of his ‘Reds’
    and sailing for Greece in his Yotto !

    Please Note : All the ‘his’ references are,of course, merely conjecture and should not be construed as deliberately insensitive or prejudicial.Amen

    happy days to all

    martin __ d 🙂

  10. Fed… thanks for the re-cap…

    I’m back down to two correct ones now… 🙁

  11. Good 1 Martin, liked that.

    Missed again. I have 2 lines to Unblotto. Bring it on Baby.

    Happy Mothers Day World, I’m sure there are a few.

  12. Well, now that I’m out of Blotto, all this does is increase the tension of waiting… I’ve got the day circled on my calander! Once that’s out, what then do I wait for…?

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you out there who went through the pain of birth and no sleep and tantrums and “I wants” and birthday parties and adolesence and hormones and the first boyfriend/girlfriend and…

  13. Nope! I missed this one also.

    I love the rhythm of this song “Take a Breath”. I couldn’t resist and immediately watched this specific performance which is available on Live and In Session DVD. EXTRAORDINARY!

    Happy Monday to you all. I am on vacation this week with family visiting from Victoria B.C. :=)

  14. BLOTTO: “I think I was Blotto when I gave my guesses”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  15. Are you in my boat Penny, or am I in yours? Sailing straight and steady the wrong course, but happy and not giving up hope.

    Don’t now exactly what I am hoping for, just hope that you would not ban me because of ending up with everything wrong 🙂

  16. Hi Fed & All,

    I am a little surprised that the concert for Syd was not more publicised here, i would have loved to have gone.

    As far the blotto, WRONG AGAIN GRAHAM!

    Also my PC must have gone on a walk about over the weekend as i missed the reviews of the concert etc until this morning.

  17. Hey Fed

    Are you going to Athens, and if so did you get a ticket? I managed to get one and am currently on cloud 10.

    [Well done, mate. No, I didn’t get a ticket, but I didn’t try (I don’t think I’d have got one had a I tried, in truth). I decided last week that it would be better for my heart if I just watch it at home with some friends. That way, if I have a heart attack, they can call an ambulance for me (if they can tear themselves away from the game long enough to dial three numbers, that is). Hope you have a great time. Let’s hope that this is number six for the Mighty Reds. – Features Editor]

  18. unblotto!

    can’t wait for this dvd to come out. it’s going to be amazing.

  19. Caption Competition

    As Qui Gon, Obi Wan and Yoda get carried away with the backing vocals to Arnold Layne Marc Brickman can be seen with his head in his hands muttering “those bl**dy Jedi Knights…”

  20. Happy Monday,

    Not sure I will get away with this but as I am not doing blotto………

    I attended a prog fest at the Cheese and Grain in Frome yesterday (laugh now, have your fun).

    Anyway, cant remember date, but Guy is playing the venue sometime soon.

    Pete – Coventry

  21. [That way, if I have a heart attack, they can call an ambulance for me (if they can tear themselves away from the game long enough to dial three numbers, that is). – Features Editor]

    Maybe you should invite Nurse Angela over for the event?? LOL.



    [I’m going to be nervous enough as it is, thank you. – Features Editor]

  22. Funny thing about blotto is if you spell it backwards you get ottolb. Yes.

    Tom B

  23. FEd, you’re such a hussy for small print. You’ll be telling me next that just because I’ve got no blotto numbers correct whatsoever that I’m not eligible for a prize!

    Okay, just for you, I’ll bin my existing blotto card (with all the possible wrong answers marked off) and replace it with a new card (with only the wrong numbers you’ve actually called out) marked off.

    Here’s to Unblotto!

  24. [Funny thing about blotto is if you spell it backwards you get ottolb. ~ Regards,Tom B]


    I “otto pound” you repeatedly for that one! 🙂

  25. – I remember, ‘Take A Breath’ live was amazing !

    – Off Topic, but always in actuality, I think : ‘Echoes’, ‘You’ll never walk alone’,…hmm…

    So, Classic 21 radio station will be broadcasting ‘the making of’ the album ‘Meddle’ on thursday, May, 17, from 3:00 PM (CET). You can listen live on line, or, later, listen to as a podcast.

    BTW, what does the title name ‘Meddle’ mean, please ?


    [It means to interfere in someone’s business or affairs (basically, to poke your nose where it’s not welcome). Thanks for letting us know about the radio programme. If anyone’s curious about it, please note that it will be in French. – Features Editor]

  26. Hi all! Happy Monday!

    So Blotto number 12 eh? I seem to have the song “I Missed Again” by Genesis running through my head! Ah well… I STILL have one line possible with a star in it!

  27. I might have Unblotto, but at least I beat Penny! (no offense, Pen…).

    I have only 1 right, but enjoyed the game while it lasted. I think it lasted about 2 or 3 weeks for me! LOL

    Good luck to those remaining “in the game”. And good luck with your big game, FEd!!

    [Thank you very much, Susan. After the last two league games, I don’t think my boys are capable of beating an egg, but they don’t call it “a funny old game” for nothing. – Features Editor]

  28. *caption*

    David’s lighting director gasps in horror after he realizes that he has given the signal for the pizza sign and not the peace sign…

  29. [I don’t think my boys are capable of beating an egg, but they don’t call it “a funny old game” for nothing. – Features Editor]

    Sorry to hear that F*Ed….in a related story my daughter was voted “Co-Captain” on her soccer team for the remainder of the season. This was in recognition for her most improved play during the year. She promptly ran onto the field and whilst defending the first ball that came to her kicked it back out in front of her own goal, which was quickly jettisoned in for a score by one of the opponents.

    Ahhh good times…good times… 🙂

  30. Nice captions for this picture…Blotto well that’s another story……I have no comment

    Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

    Hope to see you guys in chat soon, been having problems. I do miss you guys tho.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  31. This is completely off topic but please do hear me out!

    When the surviving Beatles got back together to do the anthology series, they mused about doing new songs. They needed a replacement for John.

    George suggested Roger Waters or David Gilmour to take his place.

    Then they decided that it wasn’t the way to go so they called Yoko to see if John had any unfinished tracks and Free as a Bird and Real Love were finished.

    Imagine if they chose David to take John’s place. Most of the Song credits would go something like Gilmour/McCartney (5X) George Harrison; Gilmour/McCartney(5X) Richard Starkey; George Harrison. Or something like that.

  32. Hi Fed, how are you mate?

    i think you made a wise decision by staying at home to wach the match. too much tension.

    from 1 fan to another can you believe paul jewell resigning? how strange is that after sundays results? a good manager me thinks.

    also any Sheff United fans out there, you were robbed. it would have been justice if west ham went down. still i think you will end up with tevez next season. that would be a good catch.

    what do you think about him maybe playin for the pool? would u welcome that? after all he is real quality. if not we will have him at Leeds if u dont want him

    sorry to all non football fans out there for hijacking the blog.

    for a Leeds fan these are dark days indeed, at least i have Mr Gilmour’s music to console me

    [It’s a funny old game… – Features Editor]

  33. Curses! I’ve been gone too long! What’s this Blotto thing?

    [Please click your name below to find out how it all started. – Features Editor]

  34. No, no good again Blotto is not going well at all for me!

    [but they don’t call it “a funny old game” for nothing. – Features Editor]

    Was it Jimmy Greaves who used to say that, on the saint and greavsie show on a saturday?

    [I think you might be right, Adrian. Good show, that. – Features Editor]

  35. FEd!! Im So excited for the Game!! Liverpool is going to kick Milan’s butt!!

    Do you know if the game will be broadcast in the US?

    [No idea, sorry. – Features Editor]

  36. Is there any plan of releasing the concert with Gilmour from the 84 tour which was released on VHS in the states ?

    Looking forward to the new dvd in September 🙂

    [No plans whatsoever, Bjørn. – Features Editor]

  37. Re: Roger not performing with the rest of Floyd at the Barrett tribute.

    This did not happen because the people involved did not want it to happen. Pure and simple. If David and Roger had wanted to play music together, they’d have done so.

    Live 8 was a great thing, but maybe David and Roger have found that they are more comfortable working as individual artists. To borrow a phrase from another band who came to decide that they were best off working independently: I say, let it be. It is what it is, and I think we should respect the decisions that David and Roger make. Otherwise, we’ll be very unhappy people.

  38. [I might have Unblotto, but at least I beat Penny! (no offense, Pen…) – Susan]

    It’s ok Susan, none taken. At least I have Ronny to keep me company.

    Shall we sail on together Ronny?


  39. What a fabulous music clip today!

    There is still a lot of the big Floyd sound to come out. Maybe we should start calling it the Gilmour sound, because that’s what it is.

  40. [Free as a Bird and Real Love were finished.]

    And, I understand, that another is on the way very soon.

    Pete – Coventry

  41. [Funny thing about blotto is if you spell it backwards you get ottolb. Yes.]

    Matt, I used to play the same game on the London underground especialy on the Picadilly line around Finsbury Park.

  42. Tell us, the new wireman graphic on the main page, same artist sketched this one too or did someone else take liberty. I know you mentioned that wireman may be seen from time to time doing various things.



    [It’s the same design team and he certainly will be doing new things in future. – Features Editor]

  43. “George suggested Roger Waters or David Gilmour to take his place.”

    Wow, Richard. The possibility is awe inspiring. Gilmour with the remaining Beatles? *insert loud whistle here*

    Think of the harmonies and melody lines? Though I have to admit, Crosby, Gils, and Nash is a tough act to beat…

    A Gilmour infused Beatles is quite interesting indeed…

  44. This is a humble request to Mr. David Gilmour:

    Will it be possible to perform “Raise my rent” from the 1978 album “David Gilmour”. In my opinion, it was/is a classic guitar work of Mr. Gilmour and I get never tired of listening to it and would immensly enjoy watching Mr. Gilmour performing it on the new DVD…..

    I have this theory that at some point the landlord raised Mr. Gilmour’s rent and either the anger or frustration or some kind of emotion inspired him to write that piece of music.


    Prashant Bhabhalia
    A 58-year old die-hard Pink Floyd fan

    [Would it be possible to include this on David’s new DVD? In a word, no. (Sorry!) – Features Editor]

  45. Ciao,

    wrong again…..

    I didn’t know about this Syd concert. Happy that this has not turned into an occasion to make big personal profits from various individuals. Those individuals who wanted to celebrate were there anyway.

    I hoped here we would have been above discussions made over Syd Barret’s grave regarding the reunion of a certain band….

    The world unfortunately prefers dead artists, their profitability increases.

    Ciao a tutti.

  46. First, I just wanted to say it was great to hear about the Madcap’s Last Laugh concert. I was very happy to hear who was there (period). 🙂

    As for Blotto…I’m just counting down to September…

  47. Ah, I see… very cool game, Fed! I recently moved from my home in Vermont to California and havent been online, so I missed the boat. Really bummed I wasn’t able to post in on DG’s b-day too, so I’ll do it now… happy belated b-day, David!

    Love you all and good luck with the game!!

  48. This is for you Fed my Friend and anyone else in the know. Love and blessings to all out there


    This is a French recipe, traditionally made with Reblochon cheese. However, any camembert-type cheese will do, or you could just use ordinary grated cheese. The amount you need depends on how many people you’re cooking for, just modify the quantities as required. This is for 2 people, so will scale up easily:

    – 3 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into bite-sized chunks
    – 1 medium onion, peeled and chopped
    – 1-2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed (optional)
    – about 75 grammes bacon bits or lardons
    – 1 small Reblochon or other camembert-style cheese, or 200g ordinary hard cheese, grated.

    Boil potatoes until cooked, but not falling apart. Meanwhile cook the onion (and garlic, if using) – I usually microwave it for 4-5 minutes – and then transfer to a saucepan with the bacon pieces. Cook, stirring all the time, until the bacon is cooked.

    Mix the potatoes and onion-bacon mixture in an ovenproof dish, top with the cheese. If you are using Reblochon or similar, slice the cheese lengthways, and keep the crust on. Bake in a very hot oven (mark 8) for about 10 minutes, until the cheese has all melted.

    Serve with salad or a green vegetable.

    [Received with a nudge and a wink, Simon. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  49. [Shall we sail on together Ronny?…Penny]

    Yes please, it will be a pleasure.

    Maybe we should be provident and choose a vessel large enough to accommodate drowning bloggers we rescue having abandoned their sinking Blotto-ships.

    This humanitarian aspect of our trip will also help me to escape from the waiving rolling pin when I tell my wife, I am certain she will be emotional about it one way or the other.

  50. Dear Fed,

    My birthday is on the 20th.

    This year I once again offer the band a whopping $150 to come to Chicago and play in my apartment. They can split the $150 however they want to. Also, there will be free beer and chips.

    Also, if the four Floyds want to re-unite at my apartment I will be willing to shell out $250. Tell David to think it over….


    [Thanks, Matt. (What kind of beer?) Have a wonderful day on Sunday. – Features Editor]

  51. Hope not too late, still the 16th here, so should be early 16th there.

    There once was a Guy who played bass
    who was so good he played all over the place
    Then he also tried singing
    which left peoples ears ringing
    because it was more of a yell in his case


    [Not too late, just in the wrong place. – Features Editor]

  52. Ahah ! Simon, Sacrilege !!!

    – [1 small Reblochon or other camembert-style cheese, or 200g ordinary hard cheese, grated.]

    Surely not ! ONLY reblochon, and a BIG one, please !

    – [Serve with salad or a green vegetable.]

    And pour white wine from Savoie (ie,’Roussette’ or ‘Apremont’), indispensable …

    Cheers, Simon !

    Not good for your diet, Fed, though…


    [Next time, we’ll be telling you how to make the perfect Croque Monsieur. Don’t miss it. (Beaucoup de calories, oui, mais c’est meilleur pour toi que le Galette Saucisse, non?) – Features Editor]

  53. Too funny ! ‘Galette Saucisse, je t’aime’ is a song usually sung by football supporters of ‘Stade Rennais’! We can’t escape football, here…


  54. [We can’t escape football, here…]

    Right! And is for that that I suggest to organize a football game among bloggers: European fans VS the rest of the world….where I think I could win easier than with blotto, where I never guessed a number! But this time I was near: your 12th was “Take a breath”, mine was “Speak To Me/Breathe”. At least, I guessed the word Breathe!

    David and the band can support the teams, of course…I am sure that their chorus will be better than any other football supporters’ chorus! And of course, Fed, you are also a very trained supporter too!

    Ok, I have said my silliness of the day, so i can come back to sleep on my desk!


    [Don’t work too hard, Lucia. – Features Editor]

  55. Hi all… well the limerick contest ends today. I’m anxious to see who the winner is tomorrow! That has got to be a tough one to judge… you all came up with some great ones!

    Who is judging them Fed…. Guy?


    [He sure is. He’s enjoyed reading them, too. Thanks again to all who entered. – Features Editor]

  56. …and the homework for tonight children is to learn the following:

    Se taper une galette-saucisse
    Pour les Bretons ou les touriss
    Ça fait du bien par où ça glisse

  57. Hey everybody

    I am on my countdown for my trip to athens. I am having a huge banner made. does anybody have any suggestions for my banner? TO GO UNDER MY LIVERBIRD WITH 5 STARS.

    I think I am looking for a philosophical statement E.g. We Achieve what others Dream

    Thanks Fed

    [Never mind being philosophical. Just get to the point: WE ARE THE BEST. – Features Editor]

  58. F*Ed~

    Random act of thanks…

    Keep on keepin’ on…


    [God bless you, Matt. – Features Editor]

  59. Lucia,

    Would the European team include the UK. Or are we part of the rest of the world. Or are we neither?

    Pete – Coventry

  60. Saturday 26th May. Royal Festival Hall.

    I dont suppose David will guest but who knows.

    Pete – Coventry

  61. Caption;

    David waits studiously. The rest of the band carry on playing with their with new generation light sabers.

    Fed. My mates son [17] was asking me about a track called, shine on you crazy light bulb?? The youth of today I just dont know.

    [I don’t know. Kids today… They ought to bring back the cane. – Features Editor]

  62. Oops sorry i put limerick in wrong place, i was working under pressure, about 5 seconds to make up and post. Am i entered then? Again apologies.


    [Sorry, I’m afraid you didn’t make the shortlist. We have a list of several favourites and will name names when we announce the winner on Thursday. Thanks for having a go. – Features Editor]

  63. [Would the European team include the UK?]

    Have you decided to join Europe then? You should just make that clear. In or out. Nowadays you’re in when it is convenient. you are confused as well, uh? 😉

  64. [When the surviving Beatles got back together to do the anthology series, they mused about doing new songs. They needed a replacement for John.
    George suggested Roger Waters or David Gilmour to take his place.]

    The Beatles with David would have made some incredible music. But can you *imagine* (pardon the pun) what would happen if Roger were in the Beatles? You’d get a lyric like, “All you need is love, but God wants war.”

  65. [Would the European team include the UK?]

    Oh! British are European in their heart, aren’t they ? (except, maybe T.Blair…)

    So, please, drive on the right side of the road, adopt metric system, adopt Euro…

    Just teasing you all, of course, because you can be proud, you have the best guitarist and the best Features Editor in the world !


    [You’re too kind. I mean, I know he’s a good guitarist, but… (Joke!) – Features Editor]

  66. [You’re too kind. I mean, I know he’s a good guitarist, but… (Joke!) – Features Editor]

    ah! ah! Great!


    P.S. Happy birthday Renee!

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