Blotto (#10)

000013_blog.jpgWe’re back with Blotto, the game sensation that’s sweeping the world.

The 12th song to be revealed is ‘Then I Close My Eyes’, which will be the tenth song to feature on the live concert disc of David’s forthcoming double-DVD, ‘Remember That Night’ – five-minutes of which you can see over on the Latest News page.

Please mark the ’10’ space on your Blotto cards appropriately.

Although Blotto’s aim is to complete a line – either horizontally or vertically – with correct guesses on your Blotto card, because I’ve taken pity on you over the last few weeks, I will award a prize to the person who tallies up the most correct guesses.

So, fear not, you don’t have to complete a line on your game card.

Yes, I know. I’m just as disappointed that there are unlikely to be any frenzied shouts of “Blotto!” in the next few weeks.

There are 23 songs on the first disc of David’s double-DVD, all of them recorded live at London’s historic Royal Albert Hall last May. (Incidentally, the last of these shows was a year ago today. Doesn’t it only seem like yesterday?)

The second disc has many, many wonderful extras. I’ll have to tell you more about them one of these days. You’re going to love them.

‘Remember That Night’ is released in September: that’s Monday 17 September in Europe and Tuesday 18 September in North America.

David plays the cümbüş, as pictured above, on ‘Then I Close My Eyes’. As you can see, the cümbüş is a Turkish stringed instrument, rather like a banjo.

‘On an Island’ also included David’s debut on saxophone (on the track ‘Red Sky At Night’, song eight on the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD).

Just out of interest, which Blotto number are you most curious about? I’d love to know. There are 11 left, all rather nicely spread out…

You could tell me in the chatroom, which will be open today between 12PM and 2PM (UK) and on Friday between 2PM and 4PM (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

102 thoughts on “Blotto (#10)”

  1. F’Ed, I just put in a good word about I have listed it as my all-time favorite website in the “Meet Your Classmates” section of a course I’m taking online. And this is my all-time favorite website. And David is my all-time favorite cumbus player.

    Incidentally, rumor has it that David plays another instrument as well.

    [It’s true. He’s also a pretty good bassist. Thanks very much for the advert. – Features Editor]

  2. Wow, a change in strategy!! now I have again the possibility to win!! “who guesses the majority”….wow….I have….err…three. three?!? gosh, three isn’t exactly putting me in the list of those who could win, I think. Three. Errr….well, good luck to you. 🙂


  3. unblotto!

    i’ve got three so far. i got ‘cbtl’ as #17, ‘high hopes’ as #18 and ‘comfy numb’ with bowie as #23.

    how about the rest of you guys?

  4. Caption:

    David was extremely embarrassed (and not very amused) when asked to play “Leaning on a Lampost”.

    [Not least because he’d only just finished an extended version of ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’. – Features Editor]

  5. Hasn’t he won awards for playing bass?

    Anyway, it’s not knowing track 16 that’s keeping me awake at night.

    [He’s won one or two, yes. – Features Editor]

  6. I hate you and your blotto!!!!

    Do you remember what you said to me in the chat the day Milan won on Liverpool? It is what I’d like to say you now!

    Sorry dear, but you called 12 songs among 23 and I DIDN’T GUESS ONE!!! I hope you will think about to a prize for those with a blank blotto card either. Hey, you have to be very good to don’t guess a track!

    And about which Blotto number I am most curious about, no doubt: FAT OLD SUN!

    Have a wonderful day


    [I wish I could remember, but I’ve blocked that day out of my mind, sorry. – Features Editor]

  7. [Just out of interest, which Blotto number are you most curious about? We’d love to know.]

    Hah – you’re not catching me out with that one! If we tell you I just know that you’ll make sure you keep the one most people want to hear until last!

    [“We are such creatures of little faith…” – Features Editor]

  8. [Hah – you’re not catching me out with that one! If we tell you I just know that you’ll make sure you keep the one most people want to hear until last! – Lynn]

    Damn! I fell in the trap!

  9. Then I Close My Eyes. I remember this as being one of my favorites in the first half of the show and one I’m really looking forward to on the DVD. Seems like David played at least six different instruments on this one.

    Most curious about has to be #16. We can always be surprised, but the rest of them seem easy enough to figure out at this point.

    Track 16 could be any one of four or five songs. Any one of those would be great and I’ll bet the others will be on Disc 2, so not to worry.

    Thanks for the update Fed. I’ll have to try that chatroom sometime, but it’s off to work for now.

  10. Caption:

    After several weeks “On an Island” without sun lotion, it’s back to work as usual for Mr. Gilmour…

  11. Hmmm, I have two correct answers so far – not quite in the running for a prize. I think I’ll create my own special prize instead. Saying that I’ll probably end up losing.

    Anyhoos, lunch beckons.
    x x x

  12. Hi all,

    Not so lucky this time, 3 correct so far (High Hopes, Find The Coast For Freedom and Comfortably Numb with David Bowie).

    Generally my assumptions were not perfect, and that’s why I have such a poor result, but I count for #19 and #22 to be correct in my head of course, and I’m curious what songs are on #1, #3 and #16, in case of other numbers I’m fully, both mentally and physically prepared to be incorrect.

    In current circumstances at #1 can be Speak to Me or Breathe, and I bet on second option, if it comes true I hope to see GGITS at #3. If I’m wrong Speak To Me would probably be at #1.

    I bet on Wearing The Inside Out on #16, and as I mention in my Blotto entry strong point for that is, that it won’t appear in Mermaid Theatre section on disc 2, as it was said some time ago (it was big surprise to me, that the song was performed there, and I was privileged to see that one performed live on 29th of May RAH, courtesy of DG Blog and return ticket policy).

    But generally hoped for much better result (over 50% correct), and I was slightly down. But last Saturday I found out that I’m correct with #23 and I feel better now.


  13. WOW a year today!!!

    Memories are still fresh, well apart from the following night which is a bit of a blur…..

  14. Hi everyone,I ‘m just curious for the number 23…but my card is still sad this time!


  15. I would like to know if there are any tracks on the second disc ;-)))

    I have given up on the blotto LOL

    Cheers, Howard

  16. tomasz, i think you could be right about ‘wearing the inside out’ for #16. i didn’t think about the songs on disc two from the mermaid theatre.

    the mermaid songs that will be on the dvd are ‘castellorizon’, ‘on an island’, ‘the blue’, ‘take a breath’ and ‘high hopes’.

    all of the ‘on an island’ songs have got to be on the dvd and we already know that high hopes is on there as #18. i was blotto with that one!

  17. CAPTION:

    “How the $*%! am I supposed to play ‘Wish You Were Here’ on this frying pan!?”

    I gave up on Blotto ages ago, but I still check back to see what songs are appearing on the DVD.

    FEd, is it you who updates the “Remember That Night” page on Wikipedia?

    [No, I don’t. Do you think I should start? – Features Editor]

  18. mmm David Gilmour looks kind of different in the photo. Maybe its just me?

  19. I’m most curious about the numbers 1, 19 and 16, of course!

    Have a nice day everybody!

  20. Is that Then I Close My Eyes with Robert Wyatt as special guest?

    Doesn’t matter to me anyway as I don’t have this one correct. For the record, I have four correct but that is only because I am counting the two stars.

    And Lucia certainly has her dander up today and we haven’t said one word about that other band.



    [It certainly is ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ with Robert Wyatt as special guest. – Features Editor]

  21. Once again, I love the music snippet on the blog today, I would like to listen to it all day…


  22. *caption*

    “What that? You want me to play She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain?”



  23. [Anyway, it’s not knowing track 16 that’s keeping me awake at night. – Posted by: lorraine]

    Song 16 is Arnold Layne. Just my guess, but seeing as I have 2 correct so far, how can I miss? LOL

    Still a fun game, though….

  24. “Caption Competition”

    David finds a way to combine his love of music and food by captivating the audience with one of his custom made saucepans…

  25. CAPTION:

    “Remember that night”. Some came by train, some came by boat but when I come I cumbus always.

  26. Caption:

    [David was extremely embarrassed (and not very amused) when asked to play “Leaning on a Lampost”. – KenF]

    [Not least because he’d only just finished an extended version of ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’. – Features Editor]

    As per the chatroom Ken, when filling in this greencard do I sign form A or Formbie?

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin )

  27. Hi FEd, Gang,

    Exactly one year ago, I was lucky enough to meet a number of you in The Queen’s Arms before going to see David and his fellow musicians play the roof off the RAH.

    Remember that night ? I always will.

    Oh and blotto : wrong again 🙁


  28. *Caption*

    Whenever you’re ready, Mr. Lighting Director. Any Colour You Like, but please, will you just pick one!

  29. I am curious to know if I have got any right. Just one please.

    [You’ll have to wait and see, sorry. – Features Editor]

  30. The branches bare like a *cümbüş* played to the winds that listened best.

    I would be those winds any day for David… *hopehopehope*

  31. Caption..(David sings his favorite campfire song)

    “CumbusYauh my friend..cumbusYauh…”

    Will there be more teasers for the “Remember That Night” DVD or is the spendid one that you released here the official trailer until release day?

    [Good question. – Features Editor]

  32. Andrew, you start mentioning that band more than me! I think in your inner you love them a lot but your spirit is still not ready to admit that. Come on boy, leave your spirit flies high!


  33. Remember that night? Yes, I´ll never forget that spellbinding, awesome, gorgeous RAH concert we have been lucky enought to be able to attend exactly one year ago, today.

    Thank you David for one of the best evenings ever, which we really enjoyed and will never forget!

    We want more, more, more!

  34. Hi there FEd,

    Once again, I did not guess correctly. I am on such a streak!

    I didn’t catch the chat today, maybe I’ll catch you tomorrow. I wasn’t feeling so great today, so I kind of stayed in bed most of the day. (Except when Mom’s taxi service was required)


    [Hope you’re feeling better, Penny. – Features Editor]

  35. Well… althought i love and respect Mr. Wyatt’s work i would wish that My fav Live “On An Island” song appeared with the “sax only (not trumpet) version”.

    I Love Dick Parry’s work on this track!

  36. I missed this Blotto number also.

    Thanks for being so thoughtful, it helps to boost my spirit with the change of the rule for the Blotto game.

    Considering track # 4 being Breathe (Reprise), most likely “Breathe” would be song # 2 and “Time” would then be song # 3.

    If my guess is correct for those three songs, now I wonder what song # 1 would be? “ECHOES” perhaps!!??

  37. I am ashamed but I do not understand this game. I have the Blotto Card but I do not have or made a list of music. Then I’m not participating?

    [You can still play along, Marcos. It’s just for fun. You need to guess which songs will be on the concert DVD in the correct order: 23 songs, 23 numbered spaces on your card. – Features Editor]

  38. I googled the word cümbüş and found that the word is pronounced as “joom-boosh” – I will never guess.

    Frankly, I don’t know exactly how cümbüş sound is like; I only know “Then I Close My Eyes” has a very soothing melody with a unique intro. It is a good piece for meditation. I feel relaxed and peaceful when I hear the song; it helps to ease my mind after a stressful day at work.

    I can’t wait to see David playing with the cümbüş; but it won’t be until September though.

    Have a wonderful weekend all!

    [The way the weeks are flying by, it will be September before you know it. – Features Editor]

  39. Maybe on/off topic but just wanted to say after half way through Guy’s book that I am enjoying it and as this site gets a mention hopefully my comment is seen as relevent.

    I can’t post to Guy’s site and can’t access anything on this site other than this blog, so no RSS, Media versions, XYZ. I can’t watch TV. Too many “can’ts” maybe thats why I appreciate the simple technigue of the “written word”.

    One day no doubt this avenue of expression will close but as long as we have the written words then all will be well. It was good enough 1000 years ago and will be here for the next.

    Dont under estimate the cost of accessing technology. It is not free, are we not paying for it now?

    Ian Pearson

  40. [Song 16 is Arnold Layne. Just my guess, but seeing as I have 2 correct so far, how can I miss? LOL……Susan]

    Much as I love that song and wonderful as you are, I hope you missed this time 🙂

  41. I think David had spent too much time in the sun when this pic was taken. That, or he was thinking back to the events when he arrived at JFK.

  42. [Andrew, you start mentioning that band more than me! – Lucia]

    Which band ? I’m wondering…Help !


  43. What an odd looking instrument! It does have a sound similar to a banjo.

    I have to agree with Dr Phang, it does look like a saucepan, with a really long handle.

    It’s a nice image of David, but my preference is to see David with his strat.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  44. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, in advance, to Gabrielle.

    I hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow, and your birthday wish comes true.


    [Have a good one, Gabrielle. Enjoy your day. – Features Editor]

  45. O Lucia, my spirit flies high but when I hear them it sinks like a lead balloon.

    O Michele, how can you not know what band? It’s that band that Lucia keeps telling us is so great and we all shake our heads. Well at least FEd and I shake our heads.



  46. Well its friday and another miss on Blotto.

    I think Lucia is right, I think I remember that night in the chat room when that was said (Just Kidding). But who knows maybe three will be the magic number (Wish I had 3).

    Anyway I hope everyone has a nice weekend and FEd I hope the bathroom is done so that you can go and enjoy it too.

    Take Care, Thomas

  47. Step by step/song by song so the Blotto is going on…and no one correctly guessed….

    and it’s friday again…

    maybe today we can hope to see further 5 minutes of the DVD? I don’t think so. But it ‘s nice to read the posts and to feel so close everybody around this virtual round-table..

    Have a nice week end to all

    I’d like to leave this poem to all of you and as happy birthday to Gabrielle too


    After such
    by one
    the stars

    I breath in
    the freshness
    which leaves me
    the color of sky

    Know myself again

    Playfully whirled


  48. I have to agree with you Ian. Technology is great in many ways, but we have lost a lot, and probably will continue to lose a lot.

    Happy Birthday Gabrielle! I hope it’s a day filled with peace, love and happiness.

    Have a great weekend all, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do 😉


  49. Greetings, my fellow DG Bloggers.

    It was a year ago today that I went in for that huge cancer surgery; Ovarian Cancer Stage 3. Can you believe a year has passed already?? I even completed my chemotherapy, and now my hair is trying to grow in. (I still look like a boy, it’s so short!)

    Well, I’m in ‘remission’ now, and I just want to take a moment to thank all of my Irregular/Blogger friends for all the love & support you all sent my way. You’ll never know how much it meant to me. We truly do have a special community here at the DG Blog…

    Thank you all for being there for me! I’ve made it so far; and I plan to go a lot further.

    Thank you with all my heart,


  50. Anyone remember the old vaudeville act by Bud Abbott and Lou Costello called Slowly I Turned (also known as Niagra Falls or Poko Moko)? That is what may start happening when BLOTTO is mentioned.

    BLOTTO!! sloooowly I turned, step by step, step by step I crept upon him – and when I saw the streak on his countenance I grabbed him and I couldn’t help myself (starts beating Lou up and throwing him against the wall) and I was going out my mind…



  51. Susan ~


    Thats the best news I’ve heard in quite sometime!

    Positive Energy is a true and remarkable force. I am so glad that in some small way the blog and the irregulars have helped to add to its power of healing.

    Shine On !!!

  52. Happy Friday all,

    I am like Lucia, this blotto thing I just can’t get right. I have not had a single one correct so far.

    Just want to take a minute and thank Angelo, Rob, Mike and another Angelo for a fantastic day in New York.

    Strawberry fields was beautiful and what a great day to hear about Angelo’s trip to Abbey Road and meet fellow other bloggers.

    Now it is time to regroup from this vacation. My voice is shot and my liver needs a vacation now.

    Have a great weekend all

  53. Gabby Birthday to you!
    Gabby Birthday to you!
    Gabby Birthday dear….um…Gabby
    Gabby Birthday to you!

    Have a great day 🙂

  54. Hi FEd and everyone!!

    I haven’t had time to check on my Blotto success, heh-heh, but maybe I should just to see where I stand with the masses … pretty sure we’re all in the same boat sailing merrily down the river. Look, there’s the Astoria, shall we stop in for a wee visit?:-}

    Thanks to everyone regarding my milestone as of midnight tonight — I’ll officially the the age of two, yes two, 28-year-olds!!! I thought it would be easier to look at it that way, but I must say it almost sounds older, doesn’t it? It’s like they say, you feel like you did ‘then’ but you look in the mirror and ask the question ‘who the hell is that old person staring at me??’;-))

    Thanks to Melissa, Erin, Angelo, FEd, Susan, Elisabetta (beautiful poem, thank you!) for your messages — they mean so much to me:-))

    Susan, I’ll be celebrating your milestone — I’m sooo happy for you and very pleased to call you a friend! I think today you should wear that special shirt so you can really ‘Shine On’!!

    Peace ‘n’ love to you all!
    Washington State

  55. First off, I’d like to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Gabrielle !!!

    Secondly, even though we’re not married, Lisa and I are only “engaged”, I am now a proud Step-Grandfather !!! Lisa’s son’s girlfriend gave birth to a healthy 7 lbs. 8 oz. boy at 4:40 a.m., EDT.

    Eric Alexander came into this world a mere hour and twenty minutes after I left the hospital to catch a few winks. Figures !! I am completely knackered and naffing giddy with joy. I will make sure that little Eric will be a little Floyd / Gilmour fan before he reaches two !!

    Absolutely love the picture of David ! Caption: David to himself. ‘This is what I get for trying a tanning booth. Never again !!!’

    On a side note, I have to tell you, FED that when I went to my local music shop yesterday morning I happened to check out the bin slated for David’s recordings. Lo and behold ! and to my suprise I found an ‘OAI’ with the limited edition DVD ! Once I rushed home I nervously put it in my player, I was absolutely and DEAFINITELY elated. Particularly loved “Astronomy Domine”. That brought me back…magically teleporting me to ’94 all over again. Astonishing !

    Gabrielle, I certainly wish you a blessed birthday tomorrow. Many happy returns ! It’s no small wonder that we’re similar in some regards. Mine is on the 12th. ‘appy Birthday, m’lady !!!

    FED and all, may you all have a grand and great weekend ! May the weather be better where ever you are, it’ll be a soaker for us this weekend, eh, Veronica ? I’d like to sometime touch base with you, Veronica about that possibility of setting up a Gilmourites Get-togther for us S. Florida folks. Stay dry, Veronica !

    Everybody else. Take care. I’m off to the hospital to check in on my grandson and see how Mom is doing.

    Peace and Love TO ALL of You !!! Especially you, Sir David ! And, of course, to you as well, Polly !! Hope the both of you have a fantastic weekend whatever you may find yourselves doing ! I’m off to the hospital. : )) Cazart !

  56. Oh, by the way, I checked my list for Blotto. At least I had that in the right spot. Too bad, I’m not “registered”. Dagnabbit !

    Right about now, I want nothing more than to close my eyes. I think I’ll do that when I get to the hospital and hold Eric in my arms. God, just thinking of that song and that just makes me wanna cry, in the best way. : )

    Think I’ll bring my pod and do just that with the little guy in my arms. [sigh] Then I Close My Eyes…….

    Peace and Love ! Cazart!

  57. [The way the weeks are flying by, it will be September before you know it. – Features Editor]

    Yes and I’ll have to go back to uni (although not until late September). Still, I’ll have the DVD so I’ll be happy.

    x x x

  58. Hi folks – i don’t gamble but do aim to get blotto tonight!

    Hi Ralph – i remember you from the Queens Arms – i have a photo somewhere with you, Steve Rado, andy and a few others!

    Keep in touch folks!!


  59. Happy Birthday Gabs!!

    I hope to see you all later in chat. . . The Newcastellorizon will be flowing. . .

  60. Wow Susan, what a year! I’m so glad you are now in remission. I feel the same way you do, 3 jaw surgeries later. You really helped me and gave me strength . . .knowing what you were going through, made my stuff a cake walk. We do have amazing friends here and all their love and support makes the hard things in life, a lot more bearable. I’d like to echo that Thank you.



    you are getting better; not older…. remember that. You’re a Gilmourette! (Gilmourettes don’t age)


  62. [off topic]

    DG often mentions the 100+ songs he has on digi recorder. was wondering if there was any news on whether they were being worked on for future release at the moment?

    any talk that you may be privvy to about dates?
    I dont know, would think it could be cool, a couple of low key, intimate venues here and there?

    mind you curiosity often killed the cat 🙂

    [And I have no desire to play any part in killing any cat, sorry. I like cats. – Features Editor]

  63. Salute her when her birthday comes… (I’ve been wanting to use that one 🙂 *salute* )

    Happy Birthday Gabrielle!

    [Genius… – Features Editor]

  64. Hello to everybody!

    I am very happy that it will be these DVDs.

    Unfortunately I can not “remember that night” but I can remember very well the night of 26th august 2006 in Gdansk (Poland): the concert with the “baltic filarmonica orchestra” was fantastic and I hope that in the DVD-2 there will many songs of that night.

    This concert about 3 hours of music is unforgettable!

    Thanks David for giving us another emotion!


  65. I hoped to meet her in the chat…but I didn’t. So, can I wish happy birthday to Gabrielle?



  66. [Good question. – Features Editor]


    LOL..I’ll take that as “I don’t know..we’ll just have to wait and see.”

    [That would be good. – Features Editor]

  67. [You can still play along, Marcos. It’s just for fun. You need to guess which songs will be on the concert DVD in the correct order: 23 songs, 23 numbered spaces on your card. – Features Editor]

    ok, i go to continue “playing” this game only for amusement,since I’m not more participating officially.

    I understood that the game was as a Bingo, I had that to complete a line in the card with musics that were disclosed but I did not understand that I would have to make one set list for comparison. In the truth I did not give much attention for this. Patience hehe

    It does not have a way for me to participate again?

    [I’m afraid not, Marcos. Not now that we’ve told you 12 of the 23 songs. – Features Editor]

  68. Veronica_from_Miami imagined a new possibility of Echoes to be # 1, is an idea that can be correct. Or imagine then #1 – Echoes (part 1) and #19 – Echoes (part 2) the same in Pompeii? But I still find that #1 is Speak You Me and Echoes is #19…and i prefer thus.

    I love Echoes in the final of the show before the Encores, with the +/- 23 minutes of the amazing sounds.

  69. Happy Birthday Gabrielle, and many more to come.

    And a wonderful weekend, all!

  70. Hey Ralph!

    I remember you from the “Queens Arm” and yes I do remember that night, all three of them!

    Fed – Thanks for the little DVD excerpt, it was great!

    Best Regards,
    Stephen Rado

  71. how do i register for the chat room?

    [There’s a step-by-step guide to the chatroom over on the Stuff & Nonsense page. Please click your name below for that. It should tell you all that you need to know. – Features Editor]

  72. the photo above, isn’t that the hillbilly guy from the movie, “Deliverance”? ;P


  73. Wonder whatever happened to Roy Harper. He was on Mr.GiLmour’s ’84 tour and 1st soLo aLbum pLus he did the vocaLs on “Have a Cigar” on the aLbum “Wish you were here”…my hats off to him too…Shine oN!

    [Roy has released several albums since working with David on his ‘About Face’ tour. He’s actually been touring all year (with Matt Churchill) and, if you’re in or around County Cork, you can catch him at De Barra’s folk club next month for his final shows of 2007. – Features Editor]

  74. Hi Fed,

    I just had an idea for a contest. Each of us could try to draw what we think you look like and the closest one wins?

    Okay…so I’ve had a couple cocktails tonight…

    Have a great weekend!

    [Only a couple, Rob? – Features Editor]

  75. Late I know, but after the DVD tease, I have this uncomfortable urge to beg for some/any U.S. concert/s. So please come over and pay us yanks a visit soon…we miss you over here.


  76. to gabrielle: happy birthday!

    to susan: i’m happy for you!

    as has been said before, this really is a great community. please keep it going, fed.

    my hat’s off to roy harper as well.

  77. Hello to all….haven’t really posted here in a while but know you guys are in my thoughts..

    Gabby Happy Birthday!

    Susan…it is great to hear that everything is well now. I am so glad that you are in remission, it gives me hope. I really do hope to meet you face to face so I can give you a great big hug and give you the candle my mom burned for you.

    Well to everyone and Fed have a wonderful Sunday.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  78. fed, did you enjoy the who concert? i couldn’t make it.

    [I did, thanks. It was great. Loud… Sorry that you missed it. – Features Editor]

  79. It’s a pleasant surprise what has brought to me – a caring, compassionate, intelligent, fun and creative group of people. I am really pleased to meet you all on the Blog as well as in the Chat Room.

    FEd, thanks for the encouragement – I am glad to take the step and registered for the Chat Room.

    I agreed with Andrew as he mentioned on one of his recent posts “All were so friendly and welcoming that the experience was just fantastic.”

    The flip side… Now I am really HOOKED, not just to the Blog; but also to the Chat Room. All is worth it though!!

    Happy Sunday!

    [Thank you very much, Veronica. It’s good to know that you’re enjoying it. – Features Editor]

  80. Susan and Erin:

    I don’t know both of you very well; but from what you two had gone through – you two are amazing.

    As Matt put it, “Positive Energy is a true and remarkable force”. Never underestimate the healing power we all have that comes from this “Positive Force”; it works like magic and it helps us both physically and mentally.

    Kindest regards!

  81. Today is Mother’s Day here, what a lovely day !

    Cheers to all the Moms in the world…


  82. When David’s new cd came out I rushed to buy a cumbus and a sax so I could keep up with our fearless leader. A year+ later that sax is just a piece of art-deco in my study. My string-eating cumbus has a nice coat of dust on it too. D’oh!

  83. Just catching up on hundreds of posts i have missed and some real gems from the regular community. Appreciate reading all the comments, although I like many, do not get time to post as often as would like to. Feel guilty for not contributing on regular basis.

    Should never wish our time away but September seems to be taking for ever.

    Ps. Thanks to the team for the brilliant Bank Holiday treat last week.

    Pps. Fed, luckily saw Eng v Brazil live Fri & some encouraging signs. Could not help thinking it would make a great venue for David!

  84. Wow… thank you Matt, Gabrielle, Erin, Andy, Frank, Victor, Renee, and Veronica for your special notes.

    Renee, I still can’t believe how
    thoughtful that was of your mom to burn a candle for me, too. It gives me watery eyes! How someone I haven’t even met can be so caring. I hope I get to meet you, too.

    Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers. So far they’ve worked!!

    I know poor Erin has been through hell, too, and I’m happy to say (Matt & Veronica), that Erin & I both share very positive attitudes and beliefs; right Erin? 🙂 We know how important attitude and positive energy is (I’m not trying to speak for her; we discussed it in chat!).

    Take care, everyone! And Frank, I’ll be letting my hair down the second it’s long enough!!

    Love & Hugs to everyone,

  85. Dear FEd,

    How was your weekend? I do hope pleasant.

    My girls brought home 7 ribbons from the horse show on Saturday. (Cait won 3 and Beth 4)


    [Congratulations to them. I had a very good weekend, thanks. I saw The Who on Friday night and Wales play the Czech Republic on Saturday. Wales are ranked 62nd in the world listings, with most of the squad made up of second division players. To once again make a team ranked seventh in the world look very, very ordinary is an achievement. – Features Editor]

  86. thankz F’ed, GLad to hear Roy stiLL at it, unfortunateLy the cLosest I wiLL Get to Cork is oN a bottLe. Maybe Mr.GiLmour wiLL work with Mr.Harper again someday. weLL tickin away the moments here in the States

    Shine oN!

  87. If I may put in my 2cents – my feeling is mutual, Ian. No doubt there is a high price to pay as the technology progresses – not just the monetary aspect, but it’s affecting our health too.

    On the other hand, I feel that it is important for us to keep up with the technology; anything that can make our living more efficient – I welcome it. It might take me a while, but I’ll get there…


  88. FEd, the postman was here with the parcel on Saturday; but I MISSED him. I am so upset at myself. I must have just missed him for that 1 hour when I went to get lunch. They left me with a card. I believe it is for me to claim the parcel – the instruction is very vague. I will be at the Post Office first thing in the morning tomorrow to try to pick up the parcel.

    Thanks again, Guy Pratt and FEd.

    Congratulations to Raymond and Lisa who become the grandparents this weekend.

    Gilmourites Get-together for us in South Florida sounds great. Name the place and I’ll do my best to be there.

    Happy Monday!

    [We hope you’ll like your prizes, Veronica. They’re worth waiting for. – Features Editor]

  89. Happy Monday Bloggers –

    Belated Happy Birthday Gabrielle – hope you had a great time !

    Susan – am so glad that you are in “remission” – look forward to seeing you in the chatroom one of these days.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.


  90. [Gilmourettes don’t age – Susan]

    Good thing I started so young, eh? Yes Susan, positive energy and thinking has proven to work in my life. So keep sending that positive energy.

    I’m pickin up good vibrations . . .


  91. I’ll do my bit for “Where We Start” of course in the appropiate blog, but for the moment, I just wanted to say thank you to Veronica for your well wishes upon Lisa and I. Just got back from visiting the Mom in the hospital. Eric is just beautiful.

    Susan, when I read your entries it made feel hopeful for my mother. While she’s been going through the chemotherapy, which takes a lot from a person. However, my biggest concern now is her COPD. I am expecting to recertify on CPR beginning this week just in case. At any rate, I wouldlike to extend to you my prayers and thoughts, Susan. Keep shining !

    Life has been throwing quite a lot at me and let me tell you, there have been dark days and times when I’ve been trying to fight to maintain a semblance of sanity and patience and strength. I caught the bit about positive energy and I am a firm believer myself, but lately…well…

    Anyway, to reiterate my position and feelings towards this community of ours, I have come to love this place we call The blog and the addition of the chat have been welcome release valves and a place to share our love for David and Polly and the wonderful communities that have sprung up across the world. I have come to appreciate it. Thank you.

  92. Thank you for more good wishes from Nisha, Erin, & Rabid Soul. Rabid; my prayers go out for your mother, as well. I hope she ‘keeps shining’ as well.

    Prayers & Positive energy are quite powerful!!
    (except when it comes to the Reds… sorry, FEd)


  93. THANK YOU … THANK YOU…THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

    I picked up the parcel from the Post Office right at the time when they first open. I wanted so much to open it right there and then but time was not in my favor – I was running 20 minutes behind my work schedule. I also wanted to sneak in and write a post from work so that you all know that the parcel is safe and sound in my possession; but I was not able to – YES, THE PRIZES ARE A BIG DEAL TO ME.

    Guy’s book has a very interesting cover design and it has already taken almost 2 hours of my time – I couldn’t put the book down. Hope you all run to the store and get one and you know what I mean.

    And then the famous t-shirt – it fits loosely on me and it was very well kept – thank you Guy Pratt.

    I also like the yellow color writing on the shirt; and of course, red color would even be better (sorry for being ingratitude and wordy).

    Thanks again FEd and Guy Pratt!

    [So glad you like them. Thanks for letting us know that they arrived safely. – Features Editor]

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