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beau_blog.jpgA year on from the first live shows, I wondered which items stick out in your mind as being symbolic of David’s ‘On an Island’ tour?

If you could list no more than six ‘things’ that will forever embody the album/tour experience for you, what would you choose?

Thanks to Luis G for inadvertently giving me the idea for today’s entry with his recent reference to David’s guitar strap, which once belonged to Jimi Hendrix.

Some other memorable ‘items’ could include Guy’s ‘Didn’t They Do Well?’ T-shirt, Polly’s photos, Ian’s exquisite Glassman statue… or our very own blog.

If you’re wondering about the photo above, then that’s Igor Sklyarov, a glass harmonica player who performs with his own trio. He was spotted by David busking on the streets of Venice and was invited to perform the wine glass intro to ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ at the Piazza San Marco, which was undoubtedly one of the many highlights of the tour.

There is a chat later today. Doors open at 3PM and close at 5PM (UK). Feel free to drop in. Everyone is welcome to come and discuss their tour highlights, or whatever else they fancy.

Just please take note of the rules, written in red, on your way in. Some things are not open to discussion, for obvious reasons.

The rules will be the first thing you see when you enter the chatroom.

Here are a few more of Stevie’s answers to your questions. More to follow soon.

Which was the most enjoyable concert for you on David’s tour? (Lesley)

All of the shows were great, but I’d have to say The Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, mainly because my family was there. My Mother was literally in tears that night seeing me up there and even though my Dad had never heard of Pink Floyd (he’s a WWII vet and into Benny Goodman and Big Band music) he was totally blown away by David and the whole experience. I think it was his first real rock concert and he’s 80 years old. Now that’s a hip Dad. Also, a lot of my mates came to the show and are still in disbelief… Of course I have to mention the Royal Albert Hall shows, Vienne, then there was Gdansk and Abbey Road… It’s all just so great!

What has been the most beautiful city that you have visited during the tour? (Claudio)

I really enjoyed the beauty of Austria and the unique quality of Venice, Italy.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Easy… Do you have any more difficult questions, FE’d??? ;^’)

    Take A Breath!!!
    Red Sky At Night!!!
    This Heaven!!!
    A Pocketful Of Stones!!!
    Astronomy Domine!!! (Abbey Road Session!!!)

    [That wasn’t what I was looking for, but… – Features Editor]

  2. Walking up to the Albert Hall with the massive David Gilmour Flag waving proudly from the side of the building as a beacon to his gathering adouring fans will forever stay in my mind.

    The daily gig updates on the blog were essential reading, but iconic moment has to be the black jeans black t shirt black strat standing aloft on the stage doing what only David can do. mezmerising.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. CAPTION: “The barn is open, who is for ice and a slice”????

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  4. A year already? The memories, amazing as they are, remain fresh.

    1) Richard’s white button down shirt–those arms outstretched at each show during his introduction, as the love of the fans washed over him.

    2) David’s black T-Shirt. For the greatest living guitarist, is there a more humble presentation? Who can forget the silhouette of David playing the solo to Comfortably Numb with the white spotlight shining behind him, offering all of us in the audience just a frame of man, guitar, and music.

    3) The wine glasses in Vienne. An intro to SOYCD that may have been among the best ten minutes or so ever…

    4) The High Hopes bell next to Stevie–what a hugely iconic image.

    5) This incredible site. How lucky did we all feel to be able to follow the tour as it rolled on past our own cities–and how wonderful it continues to be to have this small but incredible community. All of this, from Polly’s pictures to the breathtakingly patient work of the F.Ed., continues to amaze, delight, and provide interesting memories.

  5. Some ‘things’ that will forever embody the album/tour experience…

    1. The first glimpse of the concert hall “that night” (Massey Hall, April 9th)

    2. People’s generosity! This included the surreptitious shenanigans with Pudders, Ian Pearson, Guy Pratt and the rest of the gang getting the Glassman, Liverpool Jersey and the charity donation together and then there was Angelo’s offer of a ticket to the RAH… heartwarming!

    3. Dick Parry’s shoulder flick sax-switch

    4. Maybe not an embodiment of the tour but Syd’s passing will always remain etched…

    5. The comraderie of the Blog and how it kept us part of every single concert

  6. 1) the black Stratocaster
    2) the black T-Shirt
    3) the “new” white/creme Telecaster
    4) the beautiful Gibson Acoustic Guitar
    5) the rotating mirrors @ the back of the stage
    6) the improvised wine-glass harmonica as seen in Munich

  7. 1. “…he was totally blown away by David and the whole experience.” so was i.

    2. “…Also, a lot of my mates came to the show and are still in disbelief…” so am i.

    3. “…Of course I have to mention the Royal Albert Hall shows, VIENNE, then there was Gdansk and Abbey Road…” so do i.

    4. “It’s all just so great!” same here…

  8. Oh FEd, so glad one of my questions was put forward for Steve to answer. I’m thrilled to bits!

    If you do read this blog, Steve, thanks for replying in such an enlightening manner. How heart-warming for your parents and friends to witness such an occasion. I know it must be very difficult to choose just one concert as they must all be pretty special in some way.

    Your answers to the questions put forward give a real insight on how a band member is thinking and feeling!! Thanks once again.

  9. Hmmm…it’s hard and maybe we need you explain better, Fed, at least to a poor italian as I am!

    If we are talking about tracks, I would say On an island song, Echoes and Fat old sun, in particular.

    If we are talking about the tour “policy”, I would say the choose to open this website (and to fill a barn of fools from all the world), the choose to performance in places of art (above all during the summer dates), the lots of articles and itnerviews to David I had the pleasure to read on the magazines and newspapers.

    If we are talking about objects/symbols I would say Polly’s pic and the glasses for Shine on your crazy diamond (and Ian’s statue, of course!)

    Which one of them is what your looking for? Please, help this poor italian to understand. Thank you!


    [The latter: objects, symbols, items, etc. – Features Editor]

  10. 1) My pre-concert meet-up pictures. I had very much been in a musical bubble for too long before that and was not able to share my interests with other fans, but that would not have been possible without…

    2) The Blog. Everything just seems to stem from here from “The Glassman Conspiracy” to coordinating meet-ups to lively discussions. It has really developed into a community and new people are always jumping in. It’s great.

    3) My black OAI Tout t-shirt that I wore to every concert except abbey road (it didn’t fit! But I’m happy to say it does now…)

    4) The Look. Erin and I noticing on Leno how David and Polly gave each other a look from across the plaza. It seemed like a tender moment between the two that went unnoticed by all except us.

    5) The build-up (Echoes during the Gibson Amphitheater show). That build-up into the third verse was the most amazing musical experience of my life. (shedding a tear can neither be confirmed nor denied… so don’t ask damnit!)

    6) Abbey Road. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, I received that email from Tomasz looking for a partner for his extra ticket. That whole experience was a mind shattering dream come true and so surreal that to this day I have difficulty believing it actually happened.

    This is one very grateful fan.

  11. A few moments come to mind…

    On the trip to NYC to the Radio City Music Hall shows…as we make our way into the Holland Tunnel, snow falling, and Brain Damage/Eclpise on the radio. Surreal (especially in April).

    Seeing RCMH for the first time…walking into the hall and just feeling the electricity in the air.

    The whole experience was surreal, and I had “smile-itis” the whole time. My wife asked, “Why are you smiling?” I said, “Just cause I’m here!”

    Getting to know everyone here has been another highlight of the tour…all the recaps and experiences…beautiful!

  12. CAPTION:

    …sixteen, seventeen, eighteen…. just how much wine does Guy and Fed intend to drink? …..nineteen,….

  13. 1) losing it to take a breath in the RAH on the 29th may, you thought Guy was grooving!!

    2) searching for the blog meet pub the queens arms to realise the next day that I walked past it no less than 6 times!

    3) getting news of the rescheduled dates for venice and getting to go to it

    4) on the turning away in venice (noone knew this baby was going to be unleashed) and the shock cracked my plastic cup of beer all over my crotch

    5) standing about 5 meters away from david and polly on the saturday 5th at venice as they assessed the damage of the collapsed stage frozen to the spot and struck dumb!

    6) echoes live!!

  14. hmm…I am not thinking, just writing down first things come in mind (like in some psychological game)

    – The colour blue of the tour books.
    – David Gilmour in Black
    – Richard Wright’s white shirt
    – Gold reflections of Dick parry’s Saxophone
    – a green laser
    – pin….pin……pin…..(and a huge scream)


  15. I advise you to see this […] and maybe you will get a taste of what I was feeling when I arrived at the music hall and saw it.

    And something else that will remain forever in my mind are of course the echoes of Echoes.

  16. 1.Seeing Echoes performed at the RAH(Last Night)
    2.The Fender Custom Shop Black Strat
    3.The Blog
    4.Meeting people from the blog on My Space(Hi Mel!!!!!)
    5.The standard of playing by everybody in the band.
    6.Dark Globe

  17. I really enjoyed Polly’s pics,
    Guy dancing it up onstage,
    Phil’s Shirts,
    The blog which got me tickets to the Jay Leno show,
    The laser lights were awesome and last but certainly not least, meeting fellow bloggers before the concert and having a bite to eat (garlic fries, Angelo or Erin and Tim???)

    Thanks Fed and Luis G great topic.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  18. If it keeps on raining, the levee is going to break…

    O, so sorry, senior moment here, I thought I logged into the Robert Plant blog. All this water in the Northeast is wreaking havoc over here.

    As for the tour, the Blog is definitely one of the top items. It was great to log in and read about the various shows and experiences.

    By the way, did you hear that over the weekend there was a Global Warming Rally that was cancelled due to cold weather. True, you can’t make this stuff up. Please, I know it is a serious issue but you have to admit its rather ironic.



  19. I did not attend any shows, owing to lack of time and money. But I read the blog constantly during the tour, which was the closest thing to being there. What I remember from that experience:

    1. Surprise visit from Crosby and Nash in my hometown, New York

    2. The odd assortment of David’s friends at the Albert Hall

    3. The guitar strap

    4. Polly’s exquisite photos

    5. The selection of songs that he chose to play, including Barrett songs that had not been played in decades.

    6. The emotion with which David sang “Dark Globe.” If that is included on the upcoming DVD, it will be worth the price of purchase for this performance alone.

    7. David’s willingness to play different things in different ways on different days. A great example is in the picture of Igor Sklyraov, above, playing wine glasses at the into of “SOYCD”

    As you can see, objects just didn’t impress me as much as other elements of the tour. The sense of these musicians being a family, the sense of each show being unique, the intimate settings, and of course David’s incredible talent and legacy, are what I remember most about this tour. I know that is not what you were looking for, F’Ed, but that is my memory.

  20. Aside from the music etc:

    1. Nov/Dec (ish) 2005 and finding the DG website. How I came about it was quite strange as well but thats another story.
    2. Dec 8th 2005 – got email to say that I was being given the opportunity to buy pre-sale tickets for RAH.
    3. Dec 2005. The blog begins. Do I really want to get involved with something like this. Might give it a go to see what happens.
    4. March 3rd 2006
    5. May 29th 2006. Got into RAH. Just stood there looking up and taking it all in. What a building.
    6. May 29th 2006. DG + band/Robert Wyatt/David Crosby/Graham Nash/David Bowie all in one night.

    Pete – Coventry

  21. Hi all,

    It’s been a long time since my last post. Many things have changed since then (well, almost all: 3 jobs, 1 mba, new girlfriend…). I’ve been reading the blog all the time but with no time to reply or even to join the chat. I hope I’ll be able to write more often from now on…

    Among my six items, I would choose:

    * The massive flags at the RAH
    * Finding Smile single numbered cover also at the RAH
    * Seeing OAI poster in Times Square in NY in the first episode of Heroes (Close to Mamma Mia poster)
    * The wreckage of the scenario in Venice
    * Wine glasses in Venice… I met the glass player the day before on the street but never thought of seeing him playing with the band
    * The improvisation of OTTA in Venice

    Talk to you, hope I’ll be able to make it for the chat on of these days!


  22. 1) Finding this web site.If Carlsb*rg made web sites…..
    2) Getting tickets to one of the concerts at the Royal Albert Hall.
    3) Pre concert excitement.I have not felt exitement like that since a child at Christmas.
    4) Going to the concert with my soon to be missus.
    5) David Gilmour with David Bowie.Total surprise.
    6) Polly’s pictures(including the sunset at the R.A.H.) ouch…

  23. well…

    The Black Strat;
    the Weissenborn guitar;
    The glasses filled with Chianti at Florence;
    every Polly’s photo;
    FEd’s work and sure…
    All the Regulars and Irregulars!!!!


  24. Hi all…my two cents worth:

    1. The blog- having constant updates, info etc made me feel a part of the tour long before I saw it at the Gibson.

    2. Guys’ posting on the blog.

    3. The Glassman- not only taking, but fans giving back.

    4. The show itself.

    5. The fun and biting tongue of the Fed.

    6. Getting tickets to the taping of Davids’ performance on Leno thru this site!


  25. 1. The blog – it whet my appetite for OAI and then the tour and was a central point for me (and us all) for the length of that tour. Guy’s additions from the road just made it all that more special.

    2. Echoes – both the RAH and Vienne performances are still tied for first place in my all time greatest music experiences list!

    3. The Royal Albert Hall itself – iconic and for me the perfect environment to experience David’s music. Vienne aside, it just doesn’t get better than that imho.

    4. David’s guitar strap – Polly’s birthday present to him before the tour started that for me became an icon for the tour.

    5. Richard Wright – RW ftw! His keyboards throughout delighted and brought his unique sound and feel to things.

    6. The OAI cover art – because it was everywhere on the tour but also because when I hear OAI I see the live performances, so the two are now inextricably linked.

    Has it really been a year already? Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time.. 😉


  26. Haven’t posted for a while but the question gave rise to so many memories. Highlights being:

    1.Getting my tickets on the pre-order day and knowing I was going to be in the first 15 rows.

    2.Having my beautiful daughter join me in Manchester for David’s amazing concert.

    3.Sitting, waiting for the start with the most stupid grin on my face!

    4.My OAI Teeshirt bought by my daughter as a birthday suprise in time for the gig.

    5.Fat Old Sun. One of my all time favourite tracks and with a blistering guitar break at the end!

    6.Echoes…nuff said.

    Keep up the good work Fed, we may not all be posting but we are keeping up!!

  27. Richard’s ovation at Massey Hall, David enveloped in total darkness during the middle of Echoes, The Glassman Episode, The Blog site, Polly’s Photos, and seeing David and the band live twice.

  28. 1. The CD: listening to all the excellent music, anytime, anywhere and for every mood
    2. The concert: Unbelieivable! I’m also glad I stuck around after the show to catch a glimpse of the band members as they left Oakland’s Paramount Theater.
    3. Signed CD cover: Thanks to Guy for his autograph, I wish I would have had the courage to ask for it myself rather than asking my friend to approach him. It was also great to meet several bloggers at the pre-show gathering.
    4. Photos: Thanks to Polly for capturing and sharing ALL of the incredible images.
    5. The Blog: I’ve been an avid reader since Dec 2005 and appreciate all the info provided. I also like the opportunity participate along with great bloggers from around the world.
    6. The Website: It really is amazing all the way around!

    Take Care, CT

  29. If I had to pick a single object to represent last year’s tour it would be David’s black Stratocaster. Absolutely.

    But for specific images, to me the most powerful came directly from the two shows at Massey Hall in Toronto. Roughly in the order they happened:

    1. The stage of equipment sprawled out under the houselights about 30 minutes before the gig.

    2. Probably the most enduring, iconic image of all for me is David’s arrival on stage: fading in under that lone spotlight amidst swirling fog during Castellorizon while making his Strat sing and cry. (Jeez…he almost made ME cry!)

    3. The crowd exploding as the houselights went up after ‘On an Island’ when David first attempted to speak. David’s reaction and everyone smiling and cheering wildly was just fantastic.

    4. David losing himself in the music as he tore into his strat during ‘Fat Old Sun’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’ (BOTH nights), Phil Manzanera grinning widely as David played on. And on… And on…

    5. David sitting behind his lap steel playing those gorgeous lines on the nylon strung acoustic to end ‘High Hopes’.

    6. Rick and Guy jumping up and down with huge smiles, playfully mocking the crowd’s reaction to the start of Echoes.

  30. 1.Purchasing OAI and getting to know it.
    2.The every day blog experience leading me up to the day of the show and after.
    3.Walking up to the stage at Massey Hall (April 9)
    and looking at the equipment.
    4.The excitement when the lights dimmed, and the first chords of Castellorizon played, watching this black shadow walk up and pick up his black Strat.
    5.Richard’s standing ovation.
    6.Being about 15 feet away from David, and in total disbelief that I am there.

  31. A footnote to what I said before regarding the blog and the tour experience.

    I echo what was said earlier about Guy participating in the blog, as well as Richard. There are other band sites where there are “canned” messages from band members saying how great the audience was here or there. On this tour, you got uncensored and honest participation from someone on the “inside.”

    By the way, I know this is David’s site, but Guy has hijacked the site a few times. So, any update on his extending his shows or a CD release of his act?



    [Guy, are you reading? There’s another opportunity for self-promotion here. – Features Editor]

  32. 1. The single blue laser that panned out over the audience during ‘The Blue’ was cool.
    2. The very first “ping” of ‘Echoes’ that began the best 23 minutes of my life…
    3. The slow clapping during the 40 MIN intermission at the Royal Albert Hall, 29th May… poor David.
    4. The “rolling lights” during ‘Time’ intro.
    5. Me realising that David DID say “….David Bowie”.
    6. Actually being in the same room as Mr G.

    Being the Features Editor, you must’ve been to at least one show… what stands out for you?

    [Going back to a collection of random ‘things’ (items, objects, paraphernalia, etc.) that standout in your mind and, in ten years time, will quite possibly be symbols of the whole ‘On An Island’ experience… For me, that’s the Hendrix guitar strap, the black Strat, a saxophone, Guy’s ‘Didn’t They Do Well?’ T-shirt, Polly’s photos and Ian’s amazing Glassman statue. – Features Editor]

  33. – The Blog, which especially during the Tour was addictive, and the audio clips.
    – The disbelief on reading that a full Echoes was being performed.
    – The mesmerising bombardment of strobe lights & lasers towards the end of Echoes.
    – Rick as permanent band member and feeling so pleased for him.
    – The song suggestions thing before the tour started and the varied and ever-changing set-list.
    – The whole mystery of the F’ed thing.

    The Alternate 6:

    – Mermaid Theatre Concert
    – Later…with Jools Holland
    – Jay Leno Show
    – AOL Sessions webcast
    – XM Radio webcast
    – Live From Abbey Road

    The Jon Carin notes:

    Gilmour and Waters seemingly arranging their tour schedules around Jon Carin.

    Jon Carin having one day off between finishing the Gilmour Tour and starting the Waters Tour.
    Jon Carin’s ability to seemingly play keyboards and guitar and sing all at the same time.

    Jon Carin’s travelogue: . . . Pink Floyd Live 8, David Gilmour Tour, Day-Off, Roger Waters Tour, David Gilmour Tour, Roger Waters Tour . . . oh the monotony of it all…..!

  34. Only 6 things FEd, geez that makes it hard. I’ll use broad catagories then:

    1) The Leno Show: this includes meeting bloggers, the first time I paid over $3 a gallon for gas, and of course, ‘The Look’ as Angelo put it. A tender moment between David and Polly that went unnoticed by all except us. Angelo and I are so sensitive!

    2) 4/17/06: including bloggers meeting up at Luka’s, including Guy, the most Irregular of the bunch. A night of firsts for me, oysters and cigars. Also all the anticipation, being the first group to hear AL live, and of course, Echoes.

    3) All of the guys in the band, both new and old, and all the guest apperances too.

    4) David’s attire: Black t-shirt, black Strat, guitar strap

    5) This site: including the blog, chatroom, Irregulars and others alike, FEd, Glassman, posts by Rick and Guy, Polly’s photos, the music clips

    There I think I managed to get it all in. Not on the list . . .stupid blotto. No, I’m not bitter.

    Thanks for the smoothie recipe FEd,


  35. See David’s equipment on the street in front of Massey Hall, we got so excited. Went into a cafe across the street for breakfast, and watched them bring in all the equipment, made the anticipation grow

    Meeting Peter from the blog & his son in Toronto

    The smoke alarm going off at Massey Hall after Take a Breath & David questioning “what’s that strange noise?”

  36. nothing cause i didn’t get a chance to go. ;*(

    also, is there anyway u guys can make it easier to get into the chatroom? I’m from NY and b/c of my work schedule i never seem to make it on time.

    crying, Linda

    [Sorry. As has been explained several times now, it can’t stay open all the time. Please keep an eye on the calendar for more suitable chat times. – Features Editor]

  37. For me, the most iconic item of the tour is the first one of this list .It appears on almost every photo taken during the tour .

    1- David’s guitar strap !
    2- The Sax on Red Sky at Night! It was amazing to know that David played saxes
    3- Wine glasses on “Shine On”. I fell more in love with the song after knowing this idea was used in the studio way back in the seventies .

    I’m not gonna put Stevie’s bell in the list, because high hopes was performed several times during the division bell tour. So it is not that particular …

    David’s black shirt isn’t very particular too…

  38. Going into the Rosemount Theater in Chicago and seeing all the OAI flyer things on the seat backs.

    The surreal feeling of knowing I am about to see and hear my musical hero, which leads me to the most amazing of all….ECHOES performed right in front of me by the man/men who made me love the song so much in the first place.

    Last but not least, sharing the same air as my fantasy-man. Oh and that lovely fall I took flat onto my face when I missed a step going to get a drink at intermission. Yes, graceful is my middle name.

    All in all, a night I will always regard as a high point in my life.

    Thank you for that night, David and crew.


  39. hi fed.

    great to read that steve liked his staying in austria!!

    1. The Black Strat
    2. Rick Wright
    3. Echoes
    4. the Lights – Mark Brickman
    5. Wineglass intro!!!
    6. the venues


  40. I will try to keep it short, but to me OAI has a life all its own, Birth of a fantastic Album, Web site and the tour.

    The highlights are numerous, and all made me very anxious. Getting tickets, my daughter and I driving 9 hours to Chicago. Entering the smoke filled Rosemont Theatre and the music from the 1st to last note.

    The only problem I see is how can you possibly top this?

    Well, I’m sure Mr. Gilmour will come up with something, until then I get to continue to enjoy what we have now.

  41. As a non attendee my objects are a bit vicarious I’m afraid. I’m not sure the blog quite counts as an object but its by a long chalk the biggest symbol for me.

    Then we have the Island / moon CD cover
    “Gilmour blue”
    The black strat
    The classiest summer concert venue list ever.
    Glass / wire man

  42. First, just getting to actually see David and the band live!! (I smile everytime I re-live the experience, and maybe shed a tear as well) My first David Gimour concert.

    The blog, for keeping the excitement going, and the kindesses to others. The humor of FE’d. The Glassman episode and gifts for FE’d. Great job gang.

    Polly’s wonderful pictures, from all the places on the tour and the candid shots of David and the band.

    The lighting magicians! David in center stage with green lights radiating out from behind him.

    One thing I would like to have heard was the child calling out ‘hello daddy’. Endearing and makes our guitar god more ‘real’.

    I keep coming back to this, because it was the most wonderful concert of my life. Just the whole experience of David playing, singing, keeping the band in time. switching guitars, adjusting sound pedals. David turning to his band and smiling. I’d love to capture that picture. (I was really there! I can still recall the ‘pinch me, I’m really here’ feeling.) If I’d been single, I would have traveled to see him at the RAH, but….

    Not exactly a list of objects, but just reading some of the memories again, brings it all back.

    Steve…thank you for responding to the questions. Your answers are refreshing. You sound like the guy next door and not one of the ‘stars’ in a great band. How really enjoyable to read your responses.

    (FE’d..have I finally caught on, isn’t the ‘Didn’t They Do Well’ t-shirt a copy of one David wore years ago?)

    Have a great evening.

    [That’s right, Jan. It’s a reference to Arsenal’s double victory (winning both the League and FA Cup) back in 1971. Both David and Guy are Arsenal fans and the 1971 FA Cup Final was actually the first football match that Guy attended. – Features Editor]

  43. Caption..

    “Hmm..Guess we shouldn’t have told the Fed these glasses were filled with vodka.. a few of them sound a little flat.”

    -The elation my son and I felt on Christmas Eve upon seeing the message “Your ticket order has been successfully transacted”(or something like that) a few seconds after hitting the confirm order tab will always be a fond,fond memory…what a rush that was!

    -The blog..teasingly trickling out concert info made the wait painfully unbearable..but it was “this hurts so good” kind of pain.

    -Staring at the marquee standing in line in front of Massey Hall: “Tonight.. David Gilmour”

    -David’s very first note..shivers..

    -David’s very last note…overwhelming peace and contentment.

    -Hooray for the Gilmourettes..and also for you F.E..Thanks!

  44. Yes, it has been a year since the Radio City Music Hall concerts, hasn’t it? Looking back, the things that stick out in my mind are:

    1) The first few chords of ‘Wots…Uh, The Deal’ – that song was a real treat!
    2) Having the band play (and Rick sing) ‘Wearing The Inside Out’
    3) ‘Find The Cost of Freedom’ with Crosby and Nash
    4) The part of Echoes with the intense strobe lights…you know the part I’m talking about!
    5) Cherishing Rick and David on stage…for maybe the last time for the US audiences. My thanks to David, Rick and the band for making it memorable!

    Brian from Upstate NY

  45. 1 . the poland concert with the big screens on each members of the band, and the philarmonic, even if it will not be edited on dvd :((((

    2 . the amazing concerts in venice, i watched lot of extracts, and it sounds like david tried to “pay back” the problems that there were with the cancelled concerts. These 2 concerts have the most beautiful solos that i could see on all the tour.

    3 . the great friendly atmosphere on stage, it’s visible on the face of everyone.

    4 . the modesty of david, his sense of charity. he makes big money and share it with people in need. Who care about poor persons by milions of sterlings nowadays ? david you are an exception in the showbizness, even if u hate compliments, these things must be said.

    5 . polly pics, i am a photographer too, many years, with pro material, and i think that polly is more than a loving wife, and great mother and a lyrics writer, she is a awesome photographer too

    6 . the site and FED, God bless u FED.

  46. ok, in no particular order of importance (note: all these items were present on the night of April 9th, at Massey Hall in Toronto):

    1) THE black Strat in the masters hands… need I say more?

    2) my bro in law (Alan), with whom I bonded with during the days events just preceding and during this show, making this concert one of the best … EVER!

    3) the comical smoke alarm chirping in the wings of the upper mezzanine section, set off by the onslaught of copious amounts of Gilmour smoke!!

    4) the t-shirt I bought for my good friend Jennifer Berryman!

    5) the fanned-like splay of pencil-thin green and orange lasers, making the most dramatic and mystifying 1-dimensional sheath of smoke dance, just barely whispering over Mr Gilmour’s head as he ripped into the most electrifying outro solo to Comfortably Numb

    6) the Cuban Cigars (Hoyo De Monterey Epicure #2) my bro in law and I smoked before greeting Mr Gilmour and Mrs Polly at the side entrance of Massey Hall just before the pair headed into the venue.

    Ahhh, what sweet memories… can’t wait to relive them in mid-September!


  47. The Fog
    The Guitar Strap
    The Banjo
    The Pock-A-Dot Shirt
    All The Gray Hair!

  48. I attened the 1st Radio City Music Hall concert

    #1 Echoes
    with the internet there are less surpirses than years ago though even though I expected it I was blown away by how great it was played

    #2 David
    this was the 19th time I have seen David live over the past 27 years and he was as good as ever

    #3 Crosby and Nash
    they sounded great

    #4 Richard Wright
    especially “Wearing the Inside Out” one of my faviorites from the Division Bell and bit if a disappoitment if wasn’t played on the 94 Pink Floyd tour

    #5 a great band

    #6 a really interesting set list

  49. Nice pic of glass!

    Caption ” Now which one is the Pyrex dish!”

    My 6:-

    – Winning Mermaid seats
    – Embarrassingly asking Polly for autograph, getting it, then wondering why?
    – Feeling for David when he went for “toilet break” – realising he’s human!
    – Getting great seats for Glasgow
    – Meeting Guy, Rick and Mark.
    – “Glassman” – all artists have to have an element of selfishness in them otherwise they wouldn’t be able to do what they do and “Glassman” is my indulgence – it was a privilege!

    Ian Pearson

  50. [If you could list no more than six ‘things’ that will forever embody the album/tour experience for you, what would you choose?]

    Only Six… this isn’t easy.

    1. Obtaining a ticket for Royal Albert Hall show via this great website.

    2. The Blog/FEd – reading comments/reviews from all the previous shows, built up the anticipation (I was not to be disappointed when May 29th came around). FEd, for being such an intrepid, intriguing, intrinsic, intimate, intuitive, invaluable “Item” on this site.

    3. The Royal Albert Hall – my first visit to this iconic building. A most appropriate venue for David and his band of minstrels to perform such amazing music in. It was great to hear some rarities, Echoes was absolutely Brilliant. There was also Wots…Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out and Arnold Layne, which I had never seen performed live before, AWESOME.

    4. Tour merchandise (my missus thinks I’m a sad old git, she’s probably right) I just had to have some “Items” in order to “Remember That Night”, so I am the proud owner of a quality Tour programme, poster and T-shirts, oh yes and a “Smile” CD cover very kindly provided via EMI, I believe. I was even able to supply Rudders with a spare.

    5. Marc Brickmans wonderfully effective lighting which visually enhanced the evening without being too extravagant.

    6. Polly’s photos have provided us all with a “Phlog” (have I just made up a new word – Photographic Log) encapsulating the entire OAI Tour experience through her lens. She has a great eye (Well, two actually).

  51. 1. The wine glass intro to SOYCD
    2. Echoes
    3. The Three crosses in front of the Gdansk shipyard – they made me feel so… trifling. Even strengthened the impression experienced at the concert itself
    4. Astronomy Domine
    5. All those people around wuth tears in their eyes.
    6. New friends I met waiting in front of the gate, while throwing away all my food, water, umbrella…

  52. Très agréable sujet de blog aujourd’hui, merci, l’occasion de se replonger dans cette merveilleuse année si riche en souvenirs et en émotions.

    Au-dessus de tout, le sourire (smile) de David, irrésistible, hors compétition !


    – The word ‘Blue’, omnipresent this year, on so many forms.

    – The ‘Happy Birthday’, spontaneously sung by the audience at the Olympia (march, 16th) to David and his nice reply: ” Vous êtes trop gentils, moi aussi j’ai un cadeau pour vous”, it was Sam Brown…

    – The wine glasses filled with Beaujolais and the close connection between the amazing performance of Echoes and the old stones at the Amphithéâtre de Vienne (toute une symbolique: Pompeï…)

    – The DVD ‘Live & In Sessions’ available for fans only on this site (sent with a gift).

    – The T-shirt I received as a prize, that I’m so proud to wear because I never saw the same one elswhere

    – La merveilleuse série des ‘Ed’ here (FEd, SnEd, PEd…) sans qui nous ne serions pas là aujourd’hui !

    Oh, cette liste n’est pas exhaustive, bien-sûr, mais les règles sont les règles ! (Oh, I just think, I could have put ‘the rules’ as a highlight symbol of the year ! / smiley-tongue !!!)


    [You know you all love our rules. – Features Editor]

  53. I need your concert live. How can i do?


    [A DVD of the ‘On An Island’ tour will be available in September. Click your name. – Features Editor]

  54. 1. The guitar strap with the big kisses on it.
    2. Polly’s photographs.
    3. My pink shoulder bag (which is getting a bit tatty now).
    4. Guy’s t-shirt, he did do well, they all did.
    5. The privilege and absolute joy of seeing David perform.

  55. 1.Wireman (he always arrives to play a song when I visit the page.
    2.The OAI album cover (David sitting there lookin up)
    3.David’s black t-shirt/shirts
    4.The Glass harmonica
    5.The big screens at Gdansk
    6.The color blue.

    Have a nice day friends.


  56. [That’s right, Jan. It’s a reference to Arsenal’s double victory (winning both the League and FA Cup) back in 1971. Both David and Guy are Arsenal fans and the 1971 FA Cup Final was actually the first football match that Guy attended. – Features Editor]

    And Bob Wilson, whose own charity was mentioned in a blog article here some months back, was goalkeeper in that team.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Indeed he was. Please click below to find out more about the Willow Foundation. – Features Editor]

  57. Things which embody the ‘On an Island’ experience for me are:

    – The blog for the build-up to the album release, the reviews of the shows and the wonderful sense of community.
    – Polly’s photos
    – The clothbound CD booklet. It stands out from everything else in my collection.
    – Wireman / glassman

    I found it difficult to stick to tangible things rather than feelings, places and songs. I’m not sure if the blog is really an object but there’s no way I could leave it out!

  58. Hi again fed and all

    taking my brother to david in concert OAI manchester was one of the highlights for me. I remember the 2 of us singing away merrily to every track. Just as well that gig was not being recorded it could have caused untold damage to davids career, hee hee.

    I was on a train today going into sydney. there were two spanish ladies sat in front, one of them never stopped talking for 20 minutes. The words that came into my mind were TAKE A BREATH.

  59. This page is a real pleasure for my reading! I like to know the unique, particular details that everyone has impressed in his/her memory about the tour and you all have expressed them in a lovely way.

    That’s a very beautiful page!


  60. What visual flashbacks will I have in say 10 years from here?

    – The photographs, the early “work in progress” ones in particular.
    – The OAI artwork obviously,
    – The WEM cabinets. (Would Mr Watkins know about that, I hope so?)
    – The magical return of VL-mirrors on stage.

    Actually, return might not be the appropriate term, not many of them ever made it to a stage. A shame really, they are such lovely creatures.

    – The marvellous camera-angle from high up in the RAH between the pillars.

    Do I feel a poll coming up?

  61. Another thing that stays with me from the tour experience was that $6 hot dog at RCMH that gave me heartburn. Luckily I was able to wash it down with a good helping of ECHOES.



  62. This was a great topic, Luis & FEd. Also, many thanks to Stevie for his comments the past few days.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s responses to the question. It’s hard to narrow it down to 6, but here goes:

    1. Polly’s Photographs — I was excited to see them during the tour and now they bring back so many wonderful memories.

    2. The Blog & FEd — My favorite daily ritual of visiting the blog. You’ve created such a wonderful place here, FEd.

    3. The Bloggers — I’ve really enjoyed meeting the other bloggers online in the chatroom. What a great bunch of people!

    4. Hearing “Fat Old Sun” — I can’t say enough about this song. I’m stocking up on Kleenex so I can get through the DVD when it comes out in September.

    5. Meeting Marc Brickman at the Leno Show — A gracious and wonderful person.

    6. OAI — The entire album and the artwork have captured my imagination in ways I can’t describe.

    The whole concert experience was rather like stepping into that delightful little book for a few days.

  63. For the six things I will remember, that is a hard list to keep short.

    -The Blog and how it has blossomed and grown from a simple update a few times a week to this interactive community. This is important to me because I have been coming here since the site was a few months old.

    -The overwhelming show of support and love with a shared grief after Syd’s passing. Even the bad apples couldn’t ruin that.

    -The covert operation by several Irregulars, including Guy, that got David and Polly a donation to charity, plus some nice gifts for Fed (including the now renowned Glassman)

    -Everyone sharing their concert/ tour experiences. I so enjoyed reading those.

    -The occasional post from Guy, as well as Jon, Rick, and others, and the questions so graciously answered by various band members. This makes the whole experience come down to a more human interaction.

    -The many thought-provoking and sometimes very heated discussions and debates. That has brought alot of people in this community closer.

    -The staff at DG dot com for their tireless work during the tour to help get people’s ticket issues resolved, and other times where they have went way above and beyond what anyone else would have done. This is especially true for Fed, who has worn alot of different hats for this place. I can honestly say that things wouldn’t be what they were if it was run by anyone else.

    -Last but not least, all of the moments captured in Polly’s pics. There are some spectacular shots that captured some memorable moments.

    Have a good day, all

  64. – The ride into NYC on the railroad with my son, Matthew
    – Watching my son’s face during the Radio City Music Hall show almost as much as the show itself.
    – Singing along with my son to “Wish You Were Here”
    – Retrieving my son’s jaw from the floor during “Echoes”
    – The ride home from NYC on the railroad with my son, Matthew

  65. [The whole concert experience was rather like stepping into that delightful little book for a few days. – Posted by: Lynn]

    This I loved, Bravo Lynn!

  66. I was no more touching the ground when i heard that David would come to Canada. And when i realised that it would be possible for me to escape 24 hours to Toronto to see the show, what an indescribable feeling!

    When i saw all the big boxes beside the Massey Hall i was probably looking very stupid, taking pictures and touched it very respectfully.

    And when i won the ‘smile’ contest, i was so happy… Great, great feelings!

    sylvie de montréal

    P.S. Melissa are you o.k. after what happened in Virginia yesterday?

  67. I’d like to add, Richard groovin to Echoes and playing WTIO too. Fat Old Sun solo. Guy’s energy. Jon’s huge talent. Marc Brickman, what can you say? Excellent. Dick’s sax switch.

    Thanks to Angelo and Nix for being there last night in the chatroom. Very kind of you.

  68. Great topic, Fed.

    1. It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since a few of us lucky bloggers got to meet Guy for a beer before the 2nd Oakland show. Thanks again Guy for coming out the 2nd night after missing us the first.
    2. Echoes. Enough said.
    3. Mr. Richard Wright. Still burnin the keys after all these years.
    4. Guy dances.
    5. Marc Brickman’s incredible light display in such an intimate setting.
    6. Fat Old Sun. I’ve never heard a Telecaster resonate the way David’s did on the FOS solo.

    On a sad note, please keep in your thoughts and prayers the families and victims of the tragedy at Virginia Tech. I attended classes in that very building some 20 years ago. I’m still in a state of shock.

    Bob Cleveland
    Virginia Tech – Class of ’90.

  69. The great, deep emotion: the same twentyfive years after….
    A black T-shirt…
    One Polly’s picture with David and Rick playing and smiling
    The blue on OAI cd cover
    The four magic guitar notes in Shine On Rome
    The last David smile
    Our own blog always with us and with the band

    A kiss

  70. [The whole concert experience was rather like stepping into that delightful little book for a few days. – Posted by: Lynn]

    I have to agree. For me it was a week, traveling to both Northern and Southern California shows. That whole week, I felt like I was on a cloud.


  71. [Brian from Upstate NY. –Posted by: Brian at April 17, 2007 03:56 AM]

    Hey Brian, where upstate are you? Anywhere near Ellenville, NY?

    Bronx, NYC

  72. Hello all!!

    I’ve just got back from doing practically the same tour of Europe with Mr Ferry (No, of course he isn’t a nazi…) as we did, ah it all came flooding back.

    My book is finished and out beginning of June, and as you did ask, well if you go to you can see my tourdates…

    Watched some of Gdansk with David & Polly last night, amazing!!

  73. – Explaining to people why I was flying to LA
    – Coming back from LA with no words to describe what I had witnessed.
    – The opening song, whishes do come true after all
    – The just stand and jam attitude
    – The colourful comments on the blog after each concert

  74. Dear Guy!

    Hope you can relax now after the tours…! Best wishes for the book.

    You’re the one, man, you know?

  75. There are more than six ‘things’ that will forever embody the album/tour experience for me, but some things….

    I am listening for almost 30 years to David’s music and I have never seen him live on stage (how is that possible, but here it is…). And then, one moment in Amsterdam he walks up the stage in person and starts playing his music!

    And being there while Comfortably Numb is performed…it really brought tears in my eyes!

    Well, one more: I have heard this phrase on the live cd’s and there it was at the end of a great show: “thank you very much, indeed”.

    It was a great experience!! Thank you very much, indeed!!

  76. [Watched some of Gdansk with David & Polly last night, amazing!! – Guy]

    You could go off somebody really quick ! 🙂

  77. Ah Guy, what a guy!!

    Glad to hear the book is coming out, I can confirm you will sell one copy to me.

    I checked out the tour dates – they’re all in England!! I thought maybe we might see a date in at least NYC, maybe at B.B. King’s.

    Curious if any of our fellow bloggers actually saw Guy on the Bryan Ferry tour. Anybody?? Mind you, I don’t doubt Guy, I think it is more of a question on the status of Ferry. BTW, I do find him very talented and love his music.

    Finally, could he rub our noses any more in it?? Geez, a private screening of the Gdansk show. Do you think at the end of the evening at the Gilmour residence he got up and just said, “Didn’t I Do Well?”

    All kidding aside though, thanks to Guy for continually being there.


  78. ‘items’

    -The website in it’s original form with the wireman figure. I stumbled onto this site just in time to get tickets for Chicago. Thanks for that.

    -The blog with it’s updates and reviews.

    -The photo gallery.

    -The OAI CD booklet itself.

    -The Rosemont Theatre and the all enveloping fog as you walked in. The green lazer right over my shoulder. All of David’s guitars (the nice usher let us go up and put our elbows right on the stage before the show ).

    -The man himself as he walked on stage at the beginning of Castellorizon (the perfect show opener btw ).

  79. Not on topic, I’m sorry, but I would like to extend my thoughts to everyone who has been affected by the tragedy at Virginia Tech. I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but I am keeping you in my thoughts during this horrific time, and my heart goes out to you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help if it’s needed.


  80. Dear Fed,

    Il y a bien longtemps que je n’ai plus écrit. Sorry.
    Les souvenirs de cette année?

    – tomber par hasard (?) sur ce blog, deux jours après sa création. Etrange, non?
    – l’attente de ce concert à l’Olympia. Il paraît qu’en amour, le meilleur moment, c’est l’escalier… cette fois-ci, l’amour était à la haureur de l’attente, et allait même au-delà! (assez rare pour le souligner, non? )
    – et puis, le partage de ce concert (dernier partage), l’illusion d’avoir reconnu quelqu’un (peut-être?) dans ce public…
    – l’amitié, légère comme une plume d’oiseau, et tendre, avec certaine, connue ici, et qui se reconnaîtra…
    – et… le sourire, la danse, la guitare, les mains,… de David!

    Par tous les dieux, je délire!

    Ikkar, with love

    Et pardon d’écrire en français. Je ne suis plus assez en forme pour tenter de le faire en anglais… Sorry…

    [Le français est toujours bienvenu ici. – Features Editor]

  81. Can only stay online for a second….today’s blog entry reminded me that it would be great if I could get my hands on a “Didn’t they do well” baby tee for girls. Anyone agree?

  82. Hello David!

    I’m Raphael, I’m thirteen. I love Pink Floyd, it’s my favourite band! And I think you are the best guitar player! My dream is to become like you! You’re the best David!

    See you later my god! You’re the best!!

  83. These are some things about the concert that were wonderfully memorable for me:

    As I waited outside Radio City Music Hall, hoping to catch a glimpse of David, people milled about and chatted. I had no idea whether he’d come to this side entrance or not. After maybe 20-30 minutes, the young woman next to me said quietly to her friend, “I think this is it.” She meant the black passenger van that was approaching. Well, damn, if she wasn’t right! The van pulled up and my favorite singer/guitarist in the world hopped right out. WOW! I know it sounds goofy, but I still can’t believe I got to see him that close.

    Some other memorable things are the homemade t-shirts we did for the concert, the marvelous surprise of Crosby and Nash joining David and the band, the amazing standing ovation to David’s introduction of Rick, and the first second that those burning green lasers lit up. I’m not sure if it was during Echoes or when, but it was fabulous. And Echoes itself was about as religious an experience as I ever hope to have. At one point, some guy from across the way bellowed, “Gilmour is god!” That dude may be right. 😀

    How many was that? One last thing: knowing that I could come to the blog at any moment and find other people’s reports and comments and set-lists and all sorts of things to help me remember that night. Thank you for letting me relive it a bit. It’s been a real pleasure.


    PS–I enjoyed your responses, Steve. Hi, Guy!

  84. First, just getting to actually see David and the band live!! (I smile everytime I re-live the experience, and maybe shed a tear as well) My first David Gimour concert.

    Good grief!! Who let me get away with that awful type-o? ‘Gimour’ indeed. Wonder what concert that was? I guess I was really caught up in the memories after reading these great entries and deleted my mental spell-check.

    Some of you bloggers have had some truly remarkable experiences with this tour. Concerts out of doors in Europe and at the RAH must have been incredible. The spontaneous ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘On The Turing Away’, the wine glass intro, Julie Gunn-Davis’ post about the Abbey Road event comes to mind, too. Thank you for expressing yourselves so well that it brought the magic of that night in April back. I can see the smile on my husbands face, feel the tears in my eyes of the pure joy of hearing those first notes. The color ‘blue’ (my favorite) will always mean On An Island to me. mentioned your prize T-shirt…same thing for me. Worn with pride..also, because, as you mentioned, have not seen another like it. Lucky, lucky us.

    FE’d …thank you very much for the ‘Didn’t They Do Well’ T-shirt information.

    I ‘Remember That Night’ and say ‘Thanks’ for the memories. I’ll never forget that feeling.

    Have a great evening all,

  85. Most of my favourites have been mentioned, there are so many.

    My most favourite, was at Massey Hall just after the band finished Echoes, my 28 year old son looked at me and said “this is like going to a Pink Floyd stadium show in my bedroom.” Even David referred to Massey Hall as a room.


  86. This aproach with the musicians, in an intimate way I have never experienced before is the tour item I´m most found of.

    We can say that David doesn´t pick his partners only based on their talents as players. But also, on their skills as human beings. They are all very good people, if you know what I mean.

    Of course, then we had this blog and all that came thanks to it.

    And someone still dares to say that David doesn´t care about his fans? We are way spoiled, that is!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    All the best,

  87. Hello once again. I’ve been away in az for a second winter. Stupid planet throwing me weather curves.

    Anyway, I remember the 1st NY show. I was up front and my hands were shaking and my pulse rapid when that insane Fog blew in out of nowhere with bits and pieces of sound. David’s image would materialize faintly in and out within the fog, him playing different instruments to start the show. My face still hurts from smiling so much. Ok, not really but you get the idea.

  88. I really enjoy the backwards “This Heaven” clip.

    A demo?

    [We prefer to refer to them as ‘Goodies’. – Features Editor]

  89. Guy Pratt, you are one of a kind. Always good to hear from you in these pages.

    EchoesBob, I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to have such a tragedy occur at a place with so much personal history. We have to tighten the gun laws here in America. We just HAVE to!

    Senators, congressmen, are you listening? We have to stop the carnage.

  90. My memories of the album / tour in order were:

    – First unwrapping the CD
    – Trying to get tickets to the RAH shows for a very long time, then ringing their ticket line the night before the final show to hear ‘wait a minute… two tickets have just become available in row 4’ !
    – Echoes (I know I don’t need to say anymore to explain why here)
    – David introducing Nick Mason for the encore
    – Getting my review of the night published
    – Listening to the 180gram edition of On an Island on vinyl… a beautiful sound!

    Now so looking forward to the DVDs!

  91. What do you mean “watched some of Gdansk”?!?

    Stop teasing us like that!

    So, Guy, what exactly did you watch? I mean, what songs…come on!!!…throw us a bone man =)

  92. [We have to tighten the gun laws here in America. We just HAVE to!]

    You have to tighten up so much as in europe. You must begin to think that having a gun is not simply working.

    In europe we are much more advanced on that, in our mind. thousands of years of history and wars and suffering made us better man. No normal european even thinks of having a gun (a criminal is a criminal anyway).

    We do not have death penalty in europe. Criminalty in europe nevertheless is much much lower than in united states. In a word we are more civilized.

    Now I know that american friends here will hate me for my opinion but that’s it. I admit, I am scared by the idea that I can walk in streets where a stupid boy has a gun. US scares me, from this point of view.

    I do not think anyway that the situation will change. Too many “cowboys” in US, a powerful lobby of weapons which put weapons everywhere (why american films are all about some gunfights?).

    A crazy man with a knife, like the one who committed that horrible crime which struck our conscience, can kill one or two people before he is stopped. Not make a slaughter.

    I can say more: in England, Bobbies (policemen) don’t even have a gun when they walk on the street. Violence produces violence..war produces war. Americans still do not get that.

  93. [Watched some of Gdansk with David & Polly last night, amazing!!]


    Get them to watch ‘City Lights’ tonight. It’s very funny.

    And get some choc ices in this time.

    Pete – Coventry

  94. Dear F.Ed.,

    truly all the material and the immaterial items are in such connection with each other…anyway

    1.the silhouette of David Gilmour on OAI cover and everywhere else
    2.the ticket PLB4-seat 91…. (so nice to give it a glance sometimes again….sigh)
    3.Really the first thing also i remember of that night and that struck me about is The guitar strap, that i knew very well as i saw it many times on Mrs.Polly’s pictures through this site, with reference to the many shows. So that in that precise moment i realized where i was and I said to myself: “Here I am, here he is!”
    4.The (division) bell on the stage : I loooooooove very much the song “High hopes”and the bell IS that song for me
    5. the white and bright hair of Mr.Wright, under the fantastic lights, while he was playing on the keyboards of hammond organs
    6.the water/wine glasses – intro of SOYCD
    7.the guitars, the steel pedal, the sax, all the instruments tears of joy and deep feelings
    9.this site/the blog/the news


  95. OT question. The wireman logo. Was that created several years ago prior to OAI and this tour? Sorry if I’m a bit ignorant here, but I thought I saw it on Gilmour DVD release from the early 2000s. Who actually designed that?



    [David Macilwaine is the artist responsible, and yes, you did see his work first on David’s 2003 ‘David Gilmour In Concert’ DVD (it’s on the bottom-right corner of the cover). Please click your name below for David Macilwaine’s website, which is also included on our Links page. – Features Editor]

  96. Mr. Gilmour, I would like to personally thank you for the six greatest gifts that you “gave” to me last year.

    1. On An Island

    2. Life threatening experience to “pause and take stock” then was rewarded by your performances in Venice after not making the RAH shows. Making life a little more worthwhile. Life is much more than money buys.

    3. Castellorizo itself. Megiste. Lonely, mysterious, magnificent. Even swam “The Cave” where the sun shines in, at just the right time. I needed to take a breath after visiting another by-gone era, caught in a time long past. And the Church was absolutely breathtaking. I have to thank Polly actually for this. It was your pictures, Polly that clinched it for me. I could keep going on and on…, but. : ) It certainly helped that the weather cooperated. I would like to compare experiences with H.Bayliss. Thank you David and Polly.

    4. The shows………………….well, what can you say ?

    5. That significant guitar strap.

    6. David Gilmour. Troubador. Visionary. Mindful. Benevolent. Maestro. One hell of a guitar player.

    BTW, Ripper I was right center stage, second column, seven rows back, but got as far as 3rd as I was mingling with others. You caught Friday nights show, eh ? Cos, if you caught Saturday nights show you had to love the inclusion of ‘Arnold Layne’ between ‘Wot’s…’ and ‘FOS’.

    I have cherished also every moment I get up in here in The Blog and in the chat, missed today’s (sigh). Love to all of you Gabrielle, Becky, Lucia, ‘Nix, Erin (hope you’re doing well, how’s the recovery going ?) , Penny thanks for being there for my meltdown), Rudders, Ripper, George’s Mac. & Gipe and to everyone else. Well certainly cannot forget you, FED, you’re tops in my book.

    Well the laundry isn’t going to do itself so…

    Peace and Love To David and Polly and ALL !!! Cazart !

  97. and Fan Fare/Blog – without it, my personal experience would be far less intense. That was you my friends who kept my faith to get RAH return tickets, thanks again

    OIA CD/Book

    RAH itself what a thrill, I’ve seen so much footage from there, so many great musicians/bands,


    Abbey Road

    but the most important are: people, which I met: Melissa, Angelo, Lorraine, Chantelle, Julie, Sue, Simon Emery, David’s entourage (band/management with special thanks to FED (we have not met, but You allowed me to AR competition) and Mr. David Gilmour himself, at last that was his art that it attracted me the most to follow this experience.

    Another person, which I would like to mention is Pete – Coventry, which unfortunately I have not met (Pete, we were on the same 29th of May night), he kindly send me AL single thanks again, I hope that one day we will have an opportunity to meet somewhere.


  98. Well for me it has to be these six!

    1) This blog. Many great people I’ve met. Everyone here should pat themselves on their back.

    2) Remembering the thoughts of others after Syd’s passing. Everyone was so kind and really that to me is when this place started becoming a community.

    3) The Pulse Dvd. I watch it at least 5 times a week. I have to. It’s part of my life now, and I’m thanful for it.

    4) Arnold Layne with Mr. D Bowie. The concert looks amazing, and that song was an imbelement of the tour.

    5) Rick Wright and David Gilmour. Two of the most influential people in my life.

    6) The Abbey Road TV programme. That programme was shot on my 20th B’Day, August 29th, so it was a speacial day for all of us!

  99. Items:

    The ticket to the concert itself.

    The website, especially the blog.

    The black strat, with the Hendrix strap (which was I believe was originally purple but faded to its current colour).

    The wireman/glassman. Symbol of the tour, the website and the blog. Wouldn’t it be neat to have a “Didn’t they do well” t-shirt with a little wireman logo?

    The stage full of equipment, including the legendary strats.

    The bonus DVD. The AOL Session was great, so intimate. I didn’t miss the light show. This DVD is still on reqular rotation at home.

    Guy: Thanks for posting. Can’t wait for your book! I will definitely pick it up. When’s the DVD coming out? 😉

    I am not sure why Brian Ferry said what he did in to a German interviewer, but there is a difference between admiring the marketing abilities of an organization and actually supporting their ideology (which you say he does not do). For example McDonalds, Starbucks, Microsoft, etc.

    There was a cartoon I saw a long time ago. Atilla the Hun is talking to someone while his hordes are wreaking havoc on a village. This someone says something like: “All I’m saying is that we’ll get better press if we support the Arts”.

    Finally, my condolences to anyone affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy. We have partial gun control here in Canada, but it doesn’t stop similar tragedies and kids being shot down in the street. There must be something that we can do to end this madness, I just wish that I knew what it is.

  100. Guy! It’s so good to hear from you and to know you are still popping in! But dude… that IS kinda cruel to drop the Gdansk bomb in here. What does that MEAN??? Hope you are finding time to rest before the next Gilmour tour… (tongue firmly in cheek)!


  101. [Another person, which I would like to mention is Pete – Coventry, which unfortunately I have not met]

    Tomasz – who knows, one day. You might not like what you see though.

    Pete – Coventry

  102. [We have to tighten the gun laws here in America. We just HAVE to!]

    Marijuana, Cocaine, LSD, etc. are illegal in the U.S., however people still manage to have those drugs.

    If you make guns illegal in the U.S., then the only people who won’t have a gun, are the law biding citizens who just want to protect themselves, and their families, from the criminals who will always have guns, regardless of gun laws.

    A criminal is a criminal, no matter how you slice it, and they are in every country. They are encouraged by the fact that a good percentage of the population is unarmed, and if gun laws are put in place, and every citizen becomes unarmed, the criminal will be more encouraged to commit crime, with his illegal gun that he will ALWAYS have.

  103. [David Macilwaine is the artist responsible, and yes, you did see his work first on David’s 2003 ‘David Gilmour In Concert’ DVD (it’s on the bottom-right corner of the cover). – Features Editor]

    Hold on, I checked out the website and it raised another question. Is there actually a wireman sculpture out there as well (in addition to glassman)?? Or was wireman just a graphic that Macilwaine did for David?

    It would be pretty cool if wireman was also a lawn ornament for the Gilmour residence.



    [I believe David has a sculpture of Wireman. – Features Editor]

  104. tough one fed, but at least i’ll give you what you asked for.

    items, people!!! physical things that symbolise the tour, not memories, people or songs. it is clear.

    i don’t know why you bother, fed.

    1. hendrix strap
    2. ‘didn’t they do well?’ t-shirt
    3. cumbus
    4. saxophone
    5. wine glasses
    6. glassman

  105. to piergiorgio:

    i agree with you completely. europeans are clearly more civilised and i say this because i think it’s law in switzerland for all men to own guns, but the swiss don’t go around shooting each other.

    violence produces violence and war produces war.

    maybe if americans knew what war is really like (and i don’t mean the wars they cause in other countries), they’d learn how to control themselves. that would be good for the whole world.

  106. Hmmmm…as an American, I am so tempted to jump in. But I will refrain and I think I will let the “civilized” Europeans fight this one out.



  107. Welcome back Guy!I was wondering where you were; you mean you were with Bryan Ferry? I love this man, he is so nice looking and his voice is so sensual…Happy to hear from you!

    Sylvie de montréal

  108. Piergiorgio & Victor,

    Thanks for your input. In our darkest moments, we americans can find comfort in knowing that more civilised europeans stand ready with a higher moral authority.

  109. (Watched some of Gdansk with David & Polly last night, amazing!! – Posted by: Guy Pratt]

    How cruel can you be? You did that on purpose you big meanie!

    The Karma police will be around soon, you know.


  110. 1. David Gilmour tickets in Oakland Paramount Theater one year ago today…
    2. David Gilmour Green Military Jacket
    3. David Gilmour & Dominoes
    4. David Gilmour Program
    5. David Gilmour Disk
    6. David gilmour B^)

    The six ‘things’ that will forever embody the album/tour experience for me…

  111. Sadly, I missed all the tour/event schedules of David Gilmour last year. Reading the post from everyone brought these tours/events alive to me. I do come up with six items though:

    1. Saw the DVD “P.U.L.S.E” concert on the Public Broadcast Station where they announced David Gilmour has a brand new solo “On An Island” – went and bought it the next day – that was already in September – really being taken by each and every song on the CD.

    2. Found David Gilmour official website with exciting up-to-date News, Polly’s photo gallery, On An Island, stuff and nonsense, important stuff and last but not least, the Blog.

    3. Video “SMILE”, “DARK GLOBE”, “ARNOLD LAYNE” made available on the site.

    4. Photo of David Gilmour and Richard Wright on the roof top in Venice; how about David photo for Rankins’ exhibition.

    5. Awards and Recognitions: Grammy nomination Best Rock Instrumental Performance: CASTELLORIZON; On An Island is certified Platinum for sales in the UK. Germany and Canada (if my memory serves me well) to name a few.

    6. Guitar… slide guitar… acoustic guitar… jeans… dark T-shirt… focus… silver hair… David Gilmour with his haunting vocals.

    Thank you.

  112. Best wishes for the book, Guy!

    Your book will be out in the same month when the Sundance Channel begins airing the Live from Abbey Road series here in the States.

  113. [Piergiorgio & Victor, Thanks for your input. In our darkest moments, we americans can find comfort in knowing that more civilised europeans stand ready with a higher moral authority.]

    I know that my opinion could have offended some of you and I feel the sarcasm in this mail. I just felt like making you think about things from another perspective.

    Things CAN change, laws CAN change. What Europe is now is the result of all the bad things of our past, even our recent past. second world war especially, that destroyed completely our continent. a continent where hate and nationalism led us to this absurd war.

    And on the ashes of that we changed, we evolved. We developed the continent on new basis of brotherhood between countries.

    Be aware, I think the United States helped us in that, their presence in Europe has helped to make the growing new democracies strong. But in some things we are like the pupils who get better than their teachers: we put weapons down, we canceled the death penalty and we wanted to build something new. a new order.

    Someone says that if you touch the bottom you can only go up afterwards. Maybe another tragedy like the one that happened can stimulate americans to see experiences of other countries and think if these could be useful to you.

    I used the example of England and bobbies without weapons as a high example of civilization. In italy even traffic wardens wear a gun, and I think this is not correct. Some english could give me an opinion about what happens in their own country. But I think that if a man stands next to me with a stick, I don’t need a gun to kill him and I am not induced (though a criminal) to shoot. violence is an escalation.

    Probably this is not the place to talk about these issues but it is an international community. I ask the american friends to hear these different opinions.

    The mentality has not to be the same mentioned by some of your politicians: “who is not with us is against us”. The world is much more complicated than that.

  114. Amedeo, I assume you second the idea that if more people (staff & students) would have been armed, the killing would have stopped sooner.

    There is logic in that, but I think you are gradually creating a bigger problem than a solution.

    Look, if on all the cars that I have owned the last 25 years a machine gun would have been mounted on the bonnet as a standard accessory, then I probably would have hurt somebody by now, or gotten hurt for that same matter, though I am really a peaceful take-it-easy boy, who would not hurt a fly. It’s the occasion that makes the thief sometimes.

    Owning a fire weapon should not be a right, but a controlled privilege. Banning them in everyday life is a first practical step to halt the spiral of violence.

    And no, you are probably right, it will have no direct effect on organized criminality, certainly not in the short run, but don’t let that stop you to change your approach to violence in society.

    Fellow DG-fan, you scared me there with your thoughts.

  115. [That wasn’t what I was looking for, but… – Features Editor]

    I know, I know… ;^))

    1.) OAI art!!! (Sums up the “feeling” rather well… Storm couldn’t have done better…)
    2.) Animated Wireman!!! ( Alexander Calder would have been amazed!!!)
    3.) Polly’s (Lyrics and photos!!! A++)
    4.) A richer appreciation for punctuation and grammar!!! Well… ;^))
    5.) The black Strat and T-shirt!!! (Simple, powerful, effective!!!)
    6.) Last, but certainly not least… FE’d!!! (Purveyor of “Tough Love”).

    Didn’t I do well??? Such a nice group of people here… Good show!!! Tally ho!!!

  116. Piergiorgio, I think you bring up some good points. Many of us, Americans, know that there are problems with gun control.

    However, people having guns doesn’t mean they are more likely to use them. There is a whole movie based on that topic called ‘Bowling for Columbine.’ I think a lot of the problem is how America tends to glamourize violence, in movies, TV and music.

    Me personally, as an American, I think we have much bigger issues that we need to deal with. Like being in debt billions of dollars, getting out of Iraq, health care, poverty, prison system, care for our own people (Hurricane Katrina). I like to think working on these other areas in society will naturally change the amount of violence and particularly gun violence.

    We, Americans, know we’ve got problems. We can only change things, as a society, as fast as we can each change indivdually.


  117. Piergiorgio…as one of the American’s here, I would like to say that you did not offend me. The killings offended me. I may not agree completely with what you said, but it was well put and thought provoking.

    In my opinion this countries old line ‘the right to bear arms’ has been taken too literally. When that was written, it meant something entirely different. It is antiquated thinking. I wish people would stop to think what it really means.

    There are too many guns. They are too readily obtainable, and the idea that the so called ‘good guys’ need to have them to protect themselves against the ‘bad guys’ is not the solution. You could be putting a gun in the hands of someone breaking into your home. More needs to be done for people before they get to the stage where life seems hopeless. There is no simple solution.

    I really like your remark ‘on the ashes of that we changed, we evolved.’ I think I am going to put that on my wall at work for others to read.

    Thank you to those who come here with wonderful and funny comments. With kindnesses to others. With thoughtful remarks about the world and it’s problems. Maybe blogs will be one of the ways in which we learn more about each other and maybe improve our understanding of each other. It certainly opens up a dialogue on subjects. And I appreciate all your views even if I may not always agree. You all make me think, about your opinion and sometimes it changes mine.

    May you all have a peaceful evening.
    luv you

  118. Ronny,

    Don’t get scared, I also am an easy going guy with no intentions of hurting anyone. I just get a little annoyed when some psycho starts shooting people, the first thing everybody says is take people’s guns away.

    The majority of gun permit holders in the U.S., and many other countries are honest people, that just want to protect themselves.

    Look at what those terrorists did on 911, they didn’t have guns.

    If we are talking about domestic problems, where a person shoots their spouse, and someone says “see, if he didn’t have a gun, that wouldn’t have happened”, then we all know that they will do it some other way.

    My point is crazy criminal people exist unfortunately, and I like my right to bear arms, to protect my wife and children from them.

    My apologies to all my fellow bloggers, for these posts that are not DG related, but I guess sometimes we have to say what we feel.

    Now I have to go listen to something Gilmourish, you know, to relax and be happy.

    Good night to all.

  119. “I just felt like making you think about things from another perspective”

    “…. we evolved”

    “Maybe another tragedy like the one that happened can stimulate americans to see experiences of other countries and think if these could be useful to you”

    Bosnia, riots & burnings in France, bombs on trains in Spain, bombed subways in the UK.

    Your message that america should suffer more to evolve will assuage the grief and pain we apparently are lacking but must endure.

  120. Things … must think ‘things’!

    1. Wireman greeting me every time I opened David Gilmour dot com ;>)

    2. The album/cd “On An Island” with it’s beautifully subtle artwork that perfectly complimented the lyrics contained within the book design. Even though I’d pre-ordered three copies of the cd from an online store, I found myself in Maui (a last-minute, much-needed vacation) on the release date so I did what any David Gilmour enthusiast worth their salt would do — I bought one to listen to right then and there while I was on an island!! What could be better? Bliss …

    3. Polly’s gorgeous photos which allowed us a peek behind-the-scenes during the musical journey, collaboration and evolution of what would become On An Island. Polly’s photos took us to all of those incredible locations and performances complete with shots of the spectacular light show executed by Marc Brickman — bravo!

    4. Beneath Polly’s photo o’ the day there was always FEd’s detailed description of the venue, information on where people were meeting up, concert news, set-lists, and a thousand other bits of information. While accomplishing all of this, FEd was also keeping tabs on the ‘needs’ of the Irregulars, informing us of and handling surprise events (Mermaid Theater, Leno Show, Abbey Road), helping people with ticket issues, answering many hundreds of questions (or was it one question answered hundreds of times?), and keeping people in line with threats of ‘the wrath of the pointy stick’ when it seemed appropriate. FEd has helped greatly in the formation of this community of friends from all over the planet and I thank him/her for that!

    5. The Paramount and Kodak Theatre shows! The band — David in black t-shirt, black Strat being held in place by Jimi’s guitar strap; Richard in his white shirt; Phil in polka dots; Guy hoping around in his special ‘proud’ shirt; Jon musician multi-tasker; Stevie having a blast on the skins; and last, but not least, Dick Parry with the dueling saxophones! Each and every one of the musicians were totally in the groove and pulled us right in that groove with them. Added to that was the outstanding light show which was far more than I expected given the smaller more intimate venues. Thanks again to Marc Brickman for that!

    6. The wild FEdmeister Surprise! A beautifully executed conspiracy that resulted in Ian’s magnificent Glassman and a certain football jersey for a special friend, all coming together with only a few scary moments here and there. This adventure was also the starting point for a lot of new friendships.

    To be continued…

  121. The NRA is fond of teling us that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. As we have seen time and again, people with guns can kill many, many people all at once. The problem in America is not that we have guns. The problem is that we are a very violent people, and too many of us have guns.

    Guns were invented to kill. Every gun is a killing machine. The answer does not lie in arming even more people. The answer lies in disarming as many people as we can.

    There are people who say that gun laws would take guns away from the good guys, while allowing the bad guys to have their illegal guns. At Virginia Tech, the madman used guns that he legally owned. If the gun laws were tighter, this man would not have had these weapons during his rampage. He may have hurt one or two people with a knife, but with his unfettered access to guns, he killed 32 and injured dozens more. Our gun laws made it legal for him to buy the tools he needed to carry out his evil.

    Let’s apply the logic of gun advocates to a different situation. It is true that crack is illegal in this country but the criminals can still get it. Does that mean we should legalize crack so that people with “good intentions” can use it? After all, drugs don’t get high, people get high. Do you see where this is going? It’s a flawed argument, as is the argument that we should all have guns.

    If everyone had unfettered access to guns in this country, the gun makers would soon start rolling in the money. But there would be many, many more shooting rampages. That is why we have to stop.

    We have to tighten the gun laws. We just have to.

  122. Continued…

    I think all of the above should qualify as ‘things’ that will always come to mind when I think of the whole On An Island album and tour experience. Of course if you had asked for special moments, emotions, etc. I have an abundance of those, but I think I’ve expressed most of those over the last 15 months in many posts.

    It’s a year ago tonight, right now, that my son and I were in the midst of the gig at the Kodak Theatre and that memory is happy and strong and I will treasure it always. Many thanks to David, Polly and the ‘boys in the band’ for making those memories possible. You’ll never know how much they mean to me 🙂

    I’ve been trying to put these thoughts together for the last three days but, due to sad events very close to home, the tragic events in Virginia, the on-going tragedy being played out in the Middle East, the genocide that is taking place in Darfur and other regions, it’s been difficult for me to ‘lighten up.’ Part of me feels compelled to comment on some of divisive and accusing commentary that I glanced through while scrolling down the page, but it’s nothing new is it? Shall I play Dylan’s “Blowin’ In The Wind” or “Masters of War”, “Only A Pawn In The Game” or “It’s Alright Ma … I’m Only Bleedin”? No, tonight I think I’ll lay down my weary head and listen to “The Blue” … thanks David for that too!

    Peace, love and understanding!
    Washington State

  123. I dont pretend to know the answers, however, there is a song called ‘Cloudy Now’ by Blackfield that tends to sum things up, in todays climate, rather well.

    Look it up

    Pete – Coventry

  124. Thank you all for your thoughts on the recent tragic events in Virginia, the (inevitable) ensuing debate over gun ownership in the US… and even the odd ‘striking symbol’ from David’s tour, too.

    As interesting as they’ve all been, this topic is now closed.

    Thanks again for leaving a message.

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