Thanks to Stevie


Sadly, this is the final part of Steve DiStanislao’s fan Q&A, which I hope you’ve enjoyed over the course of the month.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to extend our warm thanks and sincere appreciation to Stevie, who was extremely gracious with his time and gave some terrific answers to your questions.

Stevie, thanks very much.

Of equal importance, Stevie was genuinely flattered to be invited to participate in such a fan session, so I’m sure he’d like me to in turn pass on his thanks to everyone who sent in a question, and to all those who enjoyed reading his answers.

Thank you, all.

There’s no chat today, but the chatroom will be open tomorrow between 3PM and 5PM (UK). Everybody is welcome, so don’t be shy.

How tiring is playing a drum? You have to use two arms, two legs, beat strong also in different rhythms, one for the right arm, one for the left one, one other for the right leg, one other for the left one… It seems very tiring, or is it just my ignorance? (Lucia)

It’s really not as tiring as it seems. I try to keep as balanced as possible with good posture as well as pace myself like an athlete would. It takes more mental concentration than anything so as long as I stay focused and in decent shape physically, I’m fine.

What song do you prefer to play (from the ‘On an Island’ tour)? (Claudio)

I love playing them all, but ‘Fat Old Sun’ is one I just love to play. When it kicks into the jam/solo section, it just rocks! Sheer power from Mr Gilmour. I equally love to play ‘Shine On…’, ‘On an Island’, ‘This Heaven’, ‘Smile’, ‘Echoes’, ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’.

Would you like to do another tour with David? (Lesley)

There is nothing I would like more than to continue playing with David and this amazing band.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

68 thoughts on “Thanks to Stevie”

  1. thanks for doing this for us, stevie. it’s been really great reading your answers. you gave up a lot of time for us in doing so, which to me shows that you’re a fan like us who is living the dream.

    i hope you get to play with david again. you did a fine job and fitted right in.

    good luck with everything you do, stevie. 🙂

  2. Echoing FEd’s words, just wanted to say thank you, Stevie, for taking your time to give such detailed and intersting answers! Really enjoyed reading them.

  3. [I love playing them all, but ‘Fat Old Sun’ is one I just love to play. When it kicks into the jam/solo section, it just rocks! Sheer power from Mr Gilmour.]

    I totally agree and if this doesn’t make the DVD it will be a crime!

    Thanks, Stevie, once again, for answering my questions and others in such an illuminating manner. Best wishes for the future.

  4. Thanks for your wonderful and detailed responses to our questions, Stevie. They were a pleasure to read.

    Thank you ever so much for the drumstick that you kindly gave to me at the Abbey Road. I will treasure it.

    Best regards.


  5. Stevie thanks for answering our questions, really very interesting & informative answers. Good luck with your future projects, hopefully there will be another chance for us to see you with David, if he goes on the road again in the future.

    all the very best, Graham

    P.S. This sounds like signing a leaving card for a work mate, i hope this isn’t the case.

  6. It has been awesome to get an insight from someone other than the “big man” of the group. Steve, thanks for indulging us and providing us some great answers.



    PS – thanks to Lucia for showing up and I’m flattered that she said I was right. I’ll have to mark this day…LOL.

  7. Thanks for being part of the family StevieD – it’s the little things like the Q&A that brings us that little bit closer to the music and the musicians that perform it…and we love you for it 🙂

    I’ve only just read the Tuesday news article about the four notes in SOYCD. I couldn’t agree with Mr Humphries more. Of all of David’s lines, including the legendary CN solos, those four notes are for me the quintessence of PF. I like call it the “PF Call to Arms” because to me it’s like the Floydian version of Taps! Anytime I’m down Denmark Street having a play with new guitars the first four notes I pick out are those 🙂


    (unlucky last night FEd – I was hanging on the edge of my seat for a late 2nd half goal which seemed imminent. You’ll take them on the return for sure.)

  8. Thank you so much, Stevie, for doing this! This was a very special treat for us. All good wishes to you!

    Happy Friday Eve, Everybody…..almost the weekend! Yipee!

  9. Thank you Stevie for your answers!

    Hope to see you again whit David’s band and I think I’m not the only one who thinks your job was great.


  10. Many thanks to Stevie for his enlightening answers!

    I especially love the fact that playing Fat Old Sun was a highlight for him on the OAI tour just as it was for so many of us. I just loved the transition from the easy, mellow sounds of the beginning of the song to David’s incredibly powerful guitar solo backed by equal intensity from the entire band!!

    I’ll never forget the build-up of emotions I felt hearing that song in person and can hardly wait to revisit the sensation when the dvd is finally released! (can you feel me patiently waiting?)

    Peace ‘n love everyone!
    Washington State

  11. A true class act. I hope we get to see more of you either with Mr. Gilmour or Mr. Crosby.

    Take care

  12. Hi Fed,

    i saw this article & wondered if it would be of interest to others here (click my name).

    [It should already be in the Press section, but thanks for highlighting it. – Features Editor]

  13. To Steve,

    A big thank you for your time in answering our questions and an even bigger thank you you for making last years tour so truly special.

    Go on try twist a few arms and get the crew back on the road…….opps that sounds a bit selfish and wanting…….

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  14. Thank you kindly, Steve.

    I greatly appreciate your time and would like to thank David and the Features Editor once again for allowing us the opportunity to question you at all. It’s been highly enjoyable and interesting.

    Good luck for the future, wherever it takes you.

  15. Steve,

    I would like to say thank you for your time, it took some time, but answers were very informative. It was a great pleasure to read.

    All the best

  16. Thanks Stevie, did you give the hammer back? Tough one last night Fed. Get em next time 2-0.

  17. Caption:

    Stevie does a photo op for the “Arm and Hammer” baking soda company.

  18. Mr. DiStanislao,

    Thank you for answering the questions. It was really fun to read your thoughts on being part of this experience.

    FEd, I passed one of my auditions, and was picked for the play!! (I think it was the cockney accent I used lol)

    [Well done, mate. – Features Editor]

  19. Thank you Stevie, the enthusiasm of your answers was contagious!

    I am happy you mentionated Fat Old Sun, because it was as great for you to play, as for us to listen to! Probably the best memory I had about the shows

    Good luck for the future and hope to see you soon in another tour with David!


  20. Steve,

    We hardly knew ye…

    Thanks for an amazing year, here’s hoping that we see you again soon.

    Paths that cross will cross again…

    Cheers mate!

  21. Steve, thanks so much for taking the time to sit and mull through our pile of questions. It’s certainly a thrill for us fans to get direct access to you guys. It really means a lot.

    Thanks again and best of luck.

  22. Thank you kindly Steve for your time.

    May you have many more opportunities to play with David and his band. No doubt, we’ll be listening.

    Best regards,

  23. Steve,

    Thank you for your answers on the Q&A. Once again, another interesting and informative session which is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to the blog.

    All the best and hope to see you, David and the rest of the band onstage in the near future.

  24. Thank you Steve, for answering questions. You truly are a fine drummer, and it’s no wonder David wanted you to play on his tour. I hope we get to see you again someday, but in the meantime we’ll eagerly await the release of the dvd.



  25. Stevie, thank you very kindly for giving us a peek into the world of a stellar drummer. I can’t wait until the DVD comes out, so I can see for your work for myself.

    FEd, thanks much for your usual skillz in ‘making it happen’.

    Michele, you made me laugh a lot today. Je t’aime toujours, mon amie.

    Have a good day, my friends!


  26. Hi all. just thought id drop in with a line or 2.

    thanks steve. this was great to get the answers to some questions. thanks for your time.

    so Fed how are you doing and a shout out to all my friends out there

    wats the chance of gettin Mr Saxophone himself to answer some questions. that would be cool, do i need to name Mr Saxophone. i think not.

    i intend to be more active on the site now im buyin a new monitor tomorrow so ill have my own computer set up. work is gettin in the way lately but you have got to do wat you got to do.

    see ya mate and dont worry. the pool will get a result at home.

  27. CAPTION:

    Steve silently measures aim with his mallet at Guy’s back for what was a misperceived snide remark about “Paranoid Android”…

  28. I just wanted to say Thank You to Steve for taking time out to answer all these questions.

    Take Care

  29. *caption*

    Steve turns to Posh Spice and says, “Bang, Bang Maxwell’s Silver Hammer…”



  30. Stevie,

    Thanks for your answers and for being a great person.

    Best Regards,
    Stephen Rado

  31. That’s a great photo. Really captures the intensity of keeping that beat.

  32. Thanks for all your responses, Stevie!

    It’s so neat to get insight and opinions from someone who goes through what I could only DREAM of. And very cool of you indeed to take the time to answer them for us. Keep on rocking!!!

    P.S. I’ve always wondered myself – how tiring it seems to play the drums. Never would have thought to ask that myself, but I’m glad someone did.

  33. I enjoyed all of the questions and answers, but I enjoyed Lucia’s question the most.

    [How tiring is playing a drum? You have to use two arms, two legs, beat strong also in different rhythms, one for the right arm, one for the left one, one other for the right leg, one other for the left one… It seems very tiring, or is it just my ignorance? (Lucia)]

    I’ve wondered the same thing Lucia. I’m glad you asked. I think you got a great answer, don’t you?

    I guess Stevie’s brain get’s a pretty big work out playin those things. Total body work out in fact.

    Stevie I’m pleased to read that you like to play “Fat Old Sun”. It’s a great song, but I would have never guessed it to be one of your top choices. It’s all very interesting.

    Thanks for your answers Stevie


  34. Thanks Stevie, most enjoyable reading, and even more fun watching you play, you’re a major dude to quote Steely Dan.


  35. ****Caption****

    “If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning.
    I’d hammer in the evening… all over this land.
    I’d hammer out….Wha? What do you mean it’s not on our song list? But I have a hammer. Duh, helloooo.”

    Sorry Steve. I couldn’t resist;-)

  36. Stevie:

    Thank you very much for your time, efforts and insightful answers to those wonderful questions. I enjoyed reading them.

    We look forward to seeing your performances with David Gilmour in the up-coming DVD “Remember that night”.

    I also like to say thank you to FEd for posting these questions and answers.

  37. CAPTION:

    ” Told you this website would get a TOP GONG ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  38. CAPTION:

    Victoria Beckham skids to a halt in front of Steve’s hammer while trying on her new party dress.

    (i promise no more V.B. captions, i just couldn’t resist, who ever started has alot to answer for)

  39. Caption:

    Will Ferrell looked on at Stevie and wondered how they we’re seperated at birth. Will had to stop this!!!!!

  40. Many thanks for your kindness, Stevie, I’m glad you enjoyed playing Fat Old Sun.

    When ‘Echoes’ (the Best Of PF) came out, I read somewhere that David had been disappointed that his song FOS didn’t get enough votes from the others to appear on the compilation.

    So, I’m happy he played it in 2001/2002, and above all last year, offering us an extended, wonderful and ‘wild’ guitar solo! wow!

    It was obvious, I think, that he really enjoyed playing it, and the entire band too…

    And, as you all know here, when David looks happy, everyone is happy !


  41. Thanks, Steve, for answering our questions. It made for good reading. I’m not a musician, but the world of music is fascinating to me.

    F’Ed, that is a great photo of Steve with the hammer. I take it this is one of Polly’s pics. She is an amazing photographer.

    [Yes, that one’s from Florence. Please click your name to see a larger version. – Features Editor]

  42. It’s Friday and no BLOTTO??

    FEd must want us to have a nice weekend.



  43. It truly is a great photo, catches the moment perfectly. High Hopes it is included in the photo jacket when RTN comes out.

  44. [i promise no more V.B. captions, i just couldn’t resist, who ever started has alot to answer for – Posted by: Graham Knight at April 27, 2007 12:06 PM]

    that would be me sorry

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  45. [that would be me sorry – Geoff Duffy]

    Well Geoff, I hope you have been enjoying the captions you have inspired.



  46. Steve,

    A sincere thank you for your time and thoughtful answers to these questions we’ve loaded you with.

    Believe me, and I’m sure I speak for everyone here, we ALL hope to see you again on the risers behind Mr Gilmour and company… VERRRRY SOON!

    May the road rise with you,

  47. Caption..

    “1 Mississippi..2 Mississippi..3 Missi…”

    Who knew keeping time for High Hopes was that easy!

    Thank you Steve. I feel like I know you a little better now.Hope to see and hear you play this way again, (Canada), whether with David,or with any other band or on your own.

  48. I thought I’d see a new post on Friday for the new Blotto #, oh well!

    We just finished watching Live and In Session. I was moved each time I watch the AOL session where David concluded “High Hopes” with his acoustic guitar; where Phil, Guy, Stevie and Rick had already stopped playing and all of them quietly watching David skillful guitar playing – a beautiful melody. It was captivating. I venture to guess David may have created the tune spontaneously….just something I’d like to share.

    Have a wonderful weekend you all.

  49. Hello FED! hello bloggers!.

    Thanks to Stevie for the answers!

    FED I am afraid that we will meet in the final of the Champions league (The reds are better than Chelsea I am sure!). But FED forget Istanbul….this is another history…..!

    Claudio Ravenna

  50. [Well Geoff, I hope you have been enjoying the captions you have inspired. – Andrew]


    I think a monster has been created, I did laugh my friend.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  51. [that would be me sorry – Geoff Duffy]

    yours was the original & very funny Geoff, i just felt like following a great bit of inspired vision.

  52. i love you my brother david gilmour

    my life is pink floyd

    waldir from brasilian rio de janeiro

  53. Thanks, Stevie.

    Here’s hoping to see you with Crosby, Pevar and Raymond here in California.

  54. Hi Fed,

    just passing on that Planet Rock radio station are having a Pink Floyd Month in May.

    Actualy what i typed was…just passing on that Planet Rock radio station are having a Oink Floyd Month in May – before i previewed what i had typed.

  55. Hi,

    I haven’t been able to read the last three weeks of the blog, due to a delightful time in hosptial, so I hope I am not doubling up on information here.

    Screening time for LFAR in Australia on Max TV on Sunday the 20th May, is 10pm. Then it is being repeated on the Monday at 8pm. I am of course hoping to catch it, but we will see how I go.


    [Thanks, Karen, and get well soon. – Features Editor]

  56. Yeah, Steve is a great drummer. And I have a bootleg of one of the Kodak Theatre shows (with Fat Old Sun on) and Steve is absolutely right, the jam/solo part is amazing!

  57. [Happy Birthday Mike ! – Ralph]

    Thanks for that, Ralph!

    [Belated birthday greetings to you, Mike. – Features Editor]

  58. Thank you, Steve. Your answers have taken me to the world in your eyes.

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