Stevie answers your questions

stevie01_blog.jpgStevie has very kindly answered some of your questions – and was delighted to do so.

Starting today, I’ll be publishing more of his answers to a variety of questions over the next few weeks.

My thanks to those who submitted the following for consideration.

There’s no chat today, but the chatroom will be open tomorrow between 12PM and 2PM (UK). Everyone’s welcome, so don’t by shy.

When did you meet David Gilmour for the first time? (Werner)

I met David at the Royal Festival Hall after a show that I played with Crosby & Nash in ’05. I was so nervous when I met him I was certain that he heard my knees knocking… When it came time for him to put the band back together, fortunately he thought of me and rang me up.

I’d like to know how you met up with David. Did you audition? Curious. (frank par)

I actually didn’t audition for David. He saw me play with Crosby & Nash at the Royal Festival Hall in ’05. I later found out through David Crosby that Mr Gilmour was interested in working with me and I thought he was putting me on. Crosby and I like to play jokes on each other and I thought for sure he was up to one of his tricks. He kept saying “No, man, this is for real, you have to contact him, it’s important…” So, I did and it turned out to be no joke!

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Here we are!!!! Thank you to Stevie! His answers already sounds so fresh…I think this is going to be very good moments for the blog! Thank you boy!


  2. FEd!!! How ya doing?

    I was eagerrly waiting for these questions to be answered.

    Any Chance you might do one with Jon Carin??

    [There’s always a chance. – Features Editor]

  3. I was hoping that you would pull this one out soon, I was looking forward to hearing from Steve.

    Luckily, the knocking knees have calmed a bit. It seems silly, cause David is just a regular guy, but I would be shaking myself.

  4. Answers like those just lead to more questions. I’m sure some of us would love to hear more about the jokes that Steve and Crosby would play on each other.

    Thanks Steve for sharing.


  5. Hmm…cool, Stevie…, thank you !

    “Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre ” (= “all things come to him who waits” ? correct ? I found that on the web).

    I don’t even remember what was/were my question/s… S’il vous plaît, c’était quand, déjà ?


    [C’est vrai. La patience est une vertu, n’est pas? C’était… novembre. Cliquez votre nom, s’il vous plaît. – Features Editor]

  6. hi guys. i have a question. where can i find an email to the owner of this blog.or let me tell clearly how can i email david directly or indirectly?! please it’s mean so much to me!

    [That would be me, Soheil. You can leave any message here. David reads this. – Features Editor]

  7. Thanks Steve. the day i was fortunate to meet u at abbey rd it was my knees knocking. thanks for the memories of last year. you played a major part in my year.

    also Fed did you manage to catch our fave bass player on tv the other night on the 100 worst songs and his connection to a Jimmy Nail song “Shes Lying”?

    hope all is well mate

    [I didn’t. These TV polls are such a load of crap. – Features Editor]

  8. Great Blog and exciting to read!

    Back in my teens when folks used to ask me who my favourite musicians were, I used to hum and haw for ages and toy between this and that guitarist and this and that drummer etc.

    Of course, now David made it easy for me by picking the world’s greatest musicians to play in his band! After watching the latest limited edition DVD umpteen times, Stevie D is my favourite drummer.

    Looking forward to more answers.

  9. i agree with george. stevie is a fab drummer. can’t wait to get this dvd so i can see him play again.

    thanks for answering our questions, stevie. 🙂

  10. Well, this was a nice surprise for a sunny Tuesday, thanks Steve, I’ll look forward to reading the rest of the answers. It’s got to be more fun than crying at my Blotto card.

  11. i seriously dont think anyone will win blotto. it is really hard…nearly impossible. i wish all of you luck for you will need lots of it.

    i cant wait for the dvd…these pics are driving me crazy and to think about that show in a beautiful ornate 5000 seat theater almost pisses me off (i didnt see the show and am jealous…green i say). i know how a pf show looked in 20,000 – 60,000 seaters and it was amazing….the acoustics in these small intimate theaters must just be immaculate…and that guitar tone and voice in that room…with all of that production. simply amazing!

  12. Finally… I don’t remember my questions, but it would be nice to have an answer!

    Have a great evening all

  13. Just love how the information keeps rolling in on this site. Great balancing act F.Ed.

    Hope DG and mgmt appreciate you as much as we do !


    [Thank you, Nisha. I’m probably appreciated too much, in truth. – Features Editor]

  14. Hello,

    Just a question that has been on my mind. On the blotto thing, we have been given 2 answer so far and a rate of approx 1 per week.

    If there are 23 songs on the DVD, and we have 21 more to go, does that mean the DVD will not come out for at least 21 more weeks?

    That would put it around September?

    Just curious.

    Happy Tuesday

    [Maybe. I can speed things up or slow things down at anytime, though. – Features Editor]

  15. This is the only site I know of where the OTHER musicians get to have something to say. It isn’t just about David Gilmour. It’s about the family at which David is the center (here I mean friends, colleagues, and actual family members such as Polly).

    That says a lot about the kind of person David is, that he isn’t into vanity and being a celebrity. It’s nice to know that David is a really decent guy who has been part of some of the best music of the past four decades. His part in this music has been due to his having the chops, not merely the ambition.

    Thank you, David, for sharing this site with the other musicians in your band… and with us.

  16. Fed said “Maybe. I can speed things up or slow things down at anytime, though. – Features Editor”

    So, Fed… did you have trouble “Making Your Mind Up” or did you visit the “Land of Make Believe” to come up with that response…

    Ah Ha!!! You are Cheryl Baker of Bucks Fizz!

    [Damn. The truth finally comes out. – Features Editor]

  17. Good afternoon fed, I hope you rested well. Did you dream of steak?

    [Steak… – Features Editor]

  18. Stevie G, Stevie G!!!!! 1-0…Oh Wrong Steve!

    Stevie D, Stevie D, plays the drums for Davie G!!

  19. [Starting today, we’ll be publishing more of his answers to a variety of questions over the next few weeks. – F*Ed]

    This is being stretched out more than Rosie O’Donnell’s bikini… *apologies to all for the visual*

  20. Thanks Steve, I have been patiently waiting for the questions to be answered.

    Seems kinda a coincidence that this morning my 10yr old son asked for a drum set. Time to ear plugs!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  21. Oh, if only it were that easy to meet David… All I have to do is play for Crosby and Nash, that’s it!

    I am quite jealous of Stevie, not only because he plays with David *sigh* but because he can bang on animal skins and make it sound like music.

    Caption: As Stevie unsuspectingly croons into his microphone, the Division Bell lurks in the shadows, waiting to pounce.

  22. Yeah – Go Stevie …

    Good result for the reds F’ed.

    Oooh just imagine if we could get a Liverpool vs Man U final – as Janice would say “Oh. My. Gaaaaaarrrrd””

  23. Here you go again, giving us a direct link between artist and fan. You guys are awesome.

    Thanks for answering questions Stevie.

  24. Well FEd,

    This is nice to see that Steve took the time to answer some of our question. I’m really looking forward to reading more as you put them in.

    I wanted also to wish Jessica Happy Birthday.

    Hope to see you all in the next chat.

    Take Care,

  25. Steve: It is nice to know that someone as talented as you would be in awe of another wonderful musician. Everything we hear and read about David Gilmour makes you feel that he is quite an unassuming person. Like another blogger here, I would have been shaking in my boots to meet you. Thank you for answering so candidly.

    FE’d: I know you get pestered to death by lots of us, but still you have one of the worlds best jobs. At least that is my opinion, until you have to ruin your eyes by reading the same thing over and over and over and over….ad nauseum.

    Wait… I may be wrong… is there an opening in the band for someone to carry David’s guitar picks. (rest assured that I can guard them with my very life, I recall how many requests there have been for them.)


  26. Thank you Stevie for sharing your experiences with us. It’s always so interesting to “meet the people behind the music”; or in this case, find out how they met the Man behind the music!

    Blake from Nashville; I’m sorry you missed it, too. I saw the show at Universal, and I swear it brought tears to my eyes it was so moving. You’re right; it was much different than the huge stadium PF shows.

    FEd… I truly didn’t take you for a “Cheryl”… Glad the truth finally came out! LOL

  27. Mr. Gilmour; if you are reading this.

    In the FAQs there was a question asking about your favourite films, and that you are an avid film buff. I think there is one more movie you would enjoy… “A pursuit of Happiness” Please watch this movie…

  28. Hi everyone, Happy Easter to you all.

    I’m just back from few days in Paris-how cool is that, very French!

    Catching up on blog, good stuff,

    Note some football info going on and I would never have thought it but I also noticed a team called Liverpool is it, won a match. Is that the team you play for FeD? Did they play in Eindhoven? I’m there in June for glassblowing conference, small world eh.

    By the way what has happened to meeting on 18th August? Have I missed something?

    George I will reply and Simon, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Ian Pearson

  29. Well done Liverpool.

    i think i remember what i asked Steve (keeping time while playing high hopes), seems a long time ago now, have to wait & see if my question was asked.

    I am thinking about upgrading my guitar & sort of mentioned it in passing to my better half but was given the look which said it all. We do have our wedding coming up i guess, so it will have to wait, i wont FRET about it too much.

    [Boom, boom. – Features Editor]

  30. [If there are 23 songs on the DVD, and we have 21 more to go, does that mean the DVD will not come out for at least 21 more weeks? That would put it around September?]

    [Maybe. I can speed things up or slow things down at anytime, though. – Features Editor]

    ….so, if you reveal all of the tracks in the next few weeks, the DVD can be released?!?! (and it would solve my wife’s problem of what to buy me for my birthday!!!)

    Of course, you do realise that any delays in releasing the DVD will be blamed on you and the Blotto game:-)

    [How I wish I could affect more than just the delivery of Blotto numbers… – Features Editor]

  31. Steve always looks like he’s having a great time playing. I like that!

    One year ago today I saw Steve in person, smiling and playing away with David and the gang. That day I witnessed what was maybe the best concert of my life. It was more than a performance; it was some sort of life experience. I know that sounds crazy and exaggerated but this was no typical rock ‘n’ roll show. It was more like hearing the soundtrack to my life performed live for me. With a light show!

    Thank you to David and everyone involved for that visit to Wonderland. It was a night I’ll never forget.


  32. *caption*

    “Thank you! Thank you very much! I’m here till Thursday. Try the veal.”



  33. CAPTION:

    Stevie: …..B14….B..14… *spins cage*
    Stevie: …..G55….G..55… *spins cage*
    FEd: Um, Stevie? It’s “Blotto” not “Bingo”… *awkward silence*
    Stevie: *spins different cage* ….RedSkyatNight#8….RedSky..What? Is that right?

  34. FEd’s creative juices flowing…

    What an excellent idea – it’s interesting and informative to learn about Stevie’s venture and experiences with David Gilmour. I look forward to reading more about it.

    My husband and I just found out my in-laws has the Sundance Channel – we are all set to enjoy watching David Gilmour’s Live from Abbey Road in June – we can’t wait.

    Thank you.

  35. A lot of nice posts lately, a pleasure reading them.

    Thanks to Steve for submitting to the Bloggers Inquistion.

    Andrew, great to hear that your daughter may outgrow her malady. I hope that mine will outgrow her asthma, etc.

    By the way, don’t be too hard on the Formula 1 show, it’s one of the few vices I have. I started following it back in the 80s when it wasn’t the same old parade every weekend the way it has been lately. Maybe they can switch to hybrid cars or drive around with big air filters so that they can be considered “Green”.

    I see that my man Crouch scored again. He’s doing pretty good for someone who broke his nose recently. I guess that’s what they call “waking up the sleeping giant”. Now that I know that he plays for Liverpool, I’ll be cheering for them.

  36. Great caption Angelo… really good 😛

    I also liked Steve’s answers… keep ’em coming Fed!

    Salut Michele… comment ca va?

    Have a great day guys!

    Shine on you crazy bloggers!

  37. [in the voice of Homer Simpson : Damn you Server Gods !! ]

    Well, I missed today’s chat. (sigh) Oh well. Just peeking in here, to see what was going on.

    Liverpool seems to be on track tho’ I’m more of ManU fan, but my leanings towards Irish teams are more my natural inclination. I’m actually paying more attention this year than in previous ones.

    Well, I am officially smoke free for my first week. God, it’s horrible, but once I get over “the hump” I know I’ll be alright. It’s just removing the triggers that prove to be a bear. I like my beer, wines and good whiskeys too much.

    Anyway, my girlfriend and I are heading to DisneyWorld this Easter weekend so I just wanted to extend my deepest and warmest regards to everyone in having a blessedly good Easter weekend, particularly you, FED. Take care of yourself and re-charge the batteries so to speak.

    By the way, great picture of Steve.

    To David, Polly and family, may you have a Happy Easter !! Same to everyone else !!

    Peace and Love to All !!! Cazart !

    [Have a good one, mate. – Features Editor]

  38. I found it very interesting how Stevie met David and ultimately worked with him. I hope there are a few more questions he answered?

    Fed, my blotto card hovered over the shredder and I just could not do it!! I`ll hold out for a little while and see how I do with the next one!

    [Yes, we’ll have more from Stevie soon. – Features Editor]

  39. Hey Fed (and all who read this),

    Since David’s a film buff, any chance on getting a list of his Top 10 fave films of all time? I think this would be great and would give us a bit more insight to Mr G : )


  40. Sorry to double post but forgot to add this…

    Just received the lithos I ordered from David’s RAH shows. Beautiful print on a great quality paper stock… can’t wait to frame this one!!! (and a bargain at a mere 20 bucks!)


  41. Thought I’d add a Happy (and safe) Easter weekend to all!


    P.S. Thank you Thomas (and everyone) for the birthday wishes. I am feeling the love, yes I am. 😉

    “Our love can’t be bought with money, ’cause it’s coming from the heart.”

  42. Five months since the Stevie Q&A Blog (Nov 2nd).

    Wow FEd, I thought you must have lost his answers.

    It must have been a real honour for Stevie to have been chosen to play in the band on the tour.
    But then again David does have impeccable taste.

    Stevie seemed to have a permanent smile on his face for the whole tour and who can blame him in such great company.

    I look forward to seeing him in the same line-up again soon (Well I can dream, can’t I…)

    [How do you all know that I didn’t get the answers until recently? – Features Editor]

  43. [how do you all know that i didn’t get the answers until recently? – features editor]

    fair play. fed always gets the blame. i think they’ll be worth waiting for either way.

    thanks for answering our questions, stevie. i’d love to know if you answered mine (describe david in five words). it’s not the easiest question, is it?

  44. Un petit coucou à Jorge, mon Mexicain préféré… (and a little cwcw to…)


    [Merci beaucoup, Michèle (ma belle). – Features Editor]

  45. Andrew S,

    I hear you on the Formula 1 issue. Different strokes for different folks. I was just in a “thinking about the world mode” and it was just one of the things that came to mind. But I like the way you think.

    By the way, I was thinking of my friends up North when I made the comment about the maple trees. I’m also rooting for Toronto to win their last two games and maybe knock the Rangers out of the playoffs. That would be sweet.

    Thanks for the wishes and you do know that asthma can get a milder with age as well. My oldest has it but not as bad as she used to.



  46. It really shouldn’t matter how long we’ve had to wait for the answers.

    Steve, thank you kindly for answering our questions. I appreciate your time and would like to thank David and the Features Editor for allowing us the opportunity to question you in the first place.

  47. KenF is right, it’s true that Stevie is very often smiling in many pictures: he smiles
    first because he’s very young and already he has so much experience, second he is such talented, third, but not last, he is so lucky to have met the important and famous musicians we all know.

    Thank you very nice for your kindness and many congratulations and wishes for your career.

    Ciao Elisabetta

  48. Caption…

    Stevie is all smiles knowing that he has the Tin Man by his side as a guest helping out in the DSOTM and Wizard Of Oz sync recording session.

    Thanks Stevie!..we’ve been patiently waiting, and judging by your 1st couple of answers, it’s been well worth the wait.David has chosen wisely.

  49. I’m a HUGE David Gilmour fans since 1988 (Post Waters). Of course I went back and had to buy every Pink Floyd CD I could get my hands on. I just love the sound of Mr. Gilmour’s voice and the way he plays the guitar.

    He has always been a biggest influence in music. I’m 37 years old and just bought a Taylor guitar and hope to learn to finally start playing because I really, really want to learn but it sure is hard to find the time.

    All I know is that Mr. Gilmour is a one of a kind. I’m sure he doesn’t like to hear that but it’s true. He is absolutely a great human being. You don’t need to meet him face to face to know that it’s true.

    I did however get the chance to finally see Mr. Gilmour and most of his Pink Floyd band on his “On An Island” tour. I drove from Arizona to Oakland in 1 day and the entire day was perfect. The concert was just outstanding and I couldn’t have asked for a better show. It was beyond my expectations which is hard to believe in itself. I paid quite a bit for 2nd row Pit tickets for that concert but it was worth every cent.

    I hope one day I again can appreciate opportunity to see Mr. Gilmour live again. Anybody that missed the opportunity, I hope you have another chance because you do not want to miss it……again.

    Hopefully one day I can shake the hand of the man. He is the only person in my life that I’ve ever idolized.

    If Mr. Gilmour ever reads this blog I hope he reads mine. I truly respect him. He’s a Legend but he brushes it off. He has a mystique about him. Just the way he carries himself. He’s the best.

    Your voice and music really hits the soul. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Your voice will be heard for generations.

    – Danny

  50. Stevie D.

    Thanks for taking the questions. It’s a pleasure to watch someone who truly enjoys his work.

  51. one of my questions for stevie was to describe david gilmour in five words.

    my five words would be: classy, cool, kind, gentleman, genius.

  52. saludos from Peru. i just want to know if i can email david gilmour rep. or any site where he or anybody near to him can read it. i´m a big fan from Lima and his last album on an island is great. it was a matter of luck find it here. please try to answer me. thanks greetings from here. salo

    [David reads these messages, Salo. I’m glad that you enjoyed the album. – Features Editor]

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