Phil Manzanera Q&A

phil07_blog.jpgThe legendary Phil Manzanera is the latest member of David’s ‘On an Island’ band to be cheerily roped in to answering some fan questions for us (following Guy Pratt and Steve DiStanislao).

Please make them good ones.

As always, no long lists of questions will be permitted. So that everyone gets an equal chance of having a question answered, I only want a maximum of three questions per person, please.

Long lists of questions will be deleted immediately, regardless of how good the questions are.

All suitable questions will be published for all to see, so please read what’s already been asked before submitting your question.

Obviously Phil cannot possibly answer every single one, so please make them as interesting as possible so that yours will stand out.

The chatroom will be opening shortly. It will be open between 12PM and 2PM (UK) today. Everyone is very welcome to call in.

Last, but by no means least, here are a few more of the answers that Stevie gave us to your questions recently.

Thanks to everyone who sent one in. There are still a few more to come, so there’s still time to see your question answered.

Your drumming was particularly excellent during ‘Astronomy Domine’ at Abbey Road. Prior to David’s tour, have you ever played Pink Floyd material before? (Julie G Davies)

Thanks for the nice compliment, I’m glad you dug ‘Astronomy’ at Abbey Road. Yes, I have played some Floyd material before in a few bands over the years but, as you know, it was nothing like the real thing.

What are your favourite bands now? (GianLuca)

There are some local bands that I just love. Deccatree, Brett Bixby, Ray Lamontagne and Pedestrian, to name a few.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

91 thoughts on “Phil Manzanera Q&A”

  1. CAPTION: “So David has Hendrix’s guitar strap has he, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, well well well mine is emmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh ah yes mine belonged to DR WHO so there”.

    Phil feeling a bit jealous of Polly’s lovely gift for our hero.

    To all those in and around Virginia I say a heartfelt prayer, may they rest in peace.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. I just have one question for Phil…

    If there was one ultimate piece of knowledge or wisdom or message you’ve been given in your life that you’d want to pass on to future generations so it would never be forgotten… what is it?

    Thank you kindly for the opportunity to ask, FEd.


  3. PHIL: First off thank you for making the time to answer our questions.

    Mine simply is what was your 2 fav tracks to play on this tour. NO 1 from OAI and NO 2 from the floyd back catalogue.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  4. Phil, I’d be interested in views of guitarists moving about stage and playing. You appear to be concentrating so much on stage that you dont dance like others. Would your playing be more expressive do you think if you moved more and if so how?

    Ian Pearson

  5. Nice one Phil,

    Looking back at Roxy Music, and the great music they made, which album of theirs would be a desert island disc for you.

    Pete – Coventry

  6. Phil, as a musician, which would be more interesting for you: Gilmour plays Roxy Music, or Ferry sings Pink Floyd?

  7. Hi Phil

    Do you ever mess around Jamming with David, perhaps working with him on new material or playing along so he can work out lead progressions and riffs? If so, any notable leads that you were a part of while they were in the making?

    Thanks for being part of such a great band!

  8. Phil, you were superb on Davids tour, I had the pleasure of seeing you in Glasgow and London.

    If you could have any one of Davids Guitars, which one would you choose and why?


  9. Mr. Manzanera,

    “On an Island” is also the result of your ability to take out the best from hours and hours of private recordings of David Gilmour. Do you think that many other good parts of that material are worth working on? and in case, are you both doing that?


  10. Thanks Phil, my question is what are you doing now. Guy’s writing a book, Jon’s touring. Any plans?

  11. Phil,

    With albums that reeked of cigarettes, absinthe, and sex, Roxy Music helped shape the artier side of my favorite decade, the 70’s. Is it hard for you to look back some thirty five years later and see yourself as once a purveyor of Glam Rock?


    * Side note* Avalon is one of my all time favorite records

  12. El Magnifico…

    I get the feeling that you are not the most comfortable of performers on stage… the earlier days with Roxy Music and the big dark glasses, the nervous energy of the Strat Pack concert are two examples and now you are playing rhythm guitar for one of the greats… how do you deal with being up there on stage in front of an audience who can be quite critical at times?

  13. Phil: I was wondering if there was any particular reason why David & you didn’t dig out “One Slip” for the tour, as you co-wrote it with David?

  14. Ciao Phil, thank you for your kindness.

    my questions:

    1) I felt something special on the stage, I think the mood was always amazing. I’d like to know what do you think of the band, especially of Stevie and Guy.

    2) Who named you El Magnifico? (I think you are magnifico, of course:))


  15. Hi Phil,

    As a guitarist and as a friend of David, do you think that he is the best Fender player in rock history?

    Thank you very much for this occasion!

  16. Caro Magnifico Phil.

    How did the OAI creative process work? Did you and David jam together a lot, or did you work individually layering on each other material?

    I particularly appreciated your solo works reissued on cd. Will you be touring again soon?

    As a producer, how do you happen to scout new talents, and what do you think has changed in this process since the 70’s?

    Thanks for your time with us.

  17. Mr. Manzanera,

    – When and where did you meet David for the first time?
    – When did you work with David for the first time?
    – Do you work these days on a new album with David?

    All the best

  18. – Please tell us about the transluscent guitar you sometimes play: is it an aesthetic or a sound preference?

    – In your opinion is any of the material not used for OAI sessions strong enough to be released?

    – What would be your perfect, fantasy supergroup?

    Thanks Phil, for helping David to get his material out here for us to enjoy, and mostly, thanks for all of your incredible work over the years. Just love that solo in Amazona! (just one of multitudes of great moments you’ve given)

  19. Some sneaky questions coming through hoping for a glimpse of the future I see…

    Good try! 🙂

  20. Phil…

    Just between you and me and I won’t tell…

    Does it get a bit tiresome having a bass player next to you dancing around all the time? Kids these days huh!

  21. Hi Phil. Thank you so much for answering our questions, it really is a privilege.

    Anyway, just wanted to know two things….

    1) Which did you prefer producing: 50 Minutes Later or On An Island?

    2) What was your favourite destination on the Gilmour tour and why?

    All the best,
    Simon J

  22. Hi Phil.

    1. There was a concert in Columbia 1992 that you organized. Sadly i never saw any photos or footage from the concert. I only know that of course you – but also David Gilmour und Roger Daltery from The Who played there as well. What was the reason behind the concert and which songs did david gilmour play?

    2. You and the band seemed very relaxed during the on an island tour. A lot of laughing during the concerts. a lot of eye contact between you and david. he always watched over to you when you played your solo for the on an island track. is there one funny moment you remember with pleasure?

    3. Which Concert from the on an island tour was your favorite and why?

    all the best

  23. El Magnifico,

    Thanks to the F.Ed.’s recommendation, I’ve had the pleasure of tracing your back catalog, which has been a delight.

    As your neighbor, does David offer thoughts about your solo work as you have done for him?


  24. Here is one of my questions for Phil, I’m still thinking of the other ones:

    It’s well documented on the modifications David made to his black Strat. What kind of mods if any have you made to your main Strat?



  25. Phil thanks for answering our questions, here is mine:

    How have your latin roots influenced your music?


    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  26. not been round for a while – still pop in an’ read the blogs tho!

    just to say hi to everyone, hope Mr G and family are all ok?

    hope you’re still kicking arse FE’d? keep a tight rein on the rascals

    hope those that were under the weather the last time I was here are feeling much better

    and congrats to the comp. winners… er if there were any 🙂


    [Still keeping them on the path… Not sure about competition winners, though. – Features Editor]

  27. Phil, I saw you last year during the first concert of OAI in Dortmund, Germany. I think it’s not easy to back up David on stage, but you did a very fine job!

    I recognized your (David’s….) Cornish pedal board with new Tube Driver on top (I’ve got the same BK Butler version).

    OK, here’s my question and I am a big stratocaster fan: so, what Pickup’s are you using in your black strat and do they come close to the Fender ’54 custom shop pup’s (I use those)?

    Cheers, Ernest from the Netherlands!

  28. What is the most valuable piece of information you have learned working in the music industry?

    -cemet nosce

  29. Mr. Manzanera,

    Thanks for answering out questions. I have just one:

    What was your inspiration to pick up the guitar?

  30. my question is… being such a great guitarist like you are, how do you describe in a few words the way mr gilmour plays the guitar? and how fun it was doing this tour with him?

  31. If you were any character from MONTY PYTHON’S FLYING CIRCUS which one would it be, and why?

    Dale, Buena USA

  32. another great opportunity! thanks fed and many thanks to phil. very kind of you to do this for us.

    i asked the same questions to stevie and guy, so i’ll ask you the same if i may.

    1. what were the stand-out moments from the ‘on an island’ tour for you?
    2. describe david gilmour in five words.

  33. Dear Phil,

    As a fan of Roxy since way back when, it was a bit of an honour to share a few words after one of last years gigs when I mentioned how impressed I have always been with your effortless style of playing (in keeping with Mr Gilmour) and also your great collection of guitars.

    My question: How frustrating is it, waiting for Mr Ferry to come up with sufficient quality lyrics to enable a new Roxy album be recorded. I have recently heard Bryan explain that this is the only reason that he decided to record the Dylan album and do a solo tour. it seems that writers block is something that a lot of our great artists now seem to suffer from. Or could it be, that they are just more selective?

    Thanks for 35 years of class and style.


  34. Hi Phil,

    Have you ever been tempted to, or have you ever dared David, to set up an amp on the top deck of the Astoria and rip out a sweet guitar solo to rock the Thames? (Being mindful of any swans in the vicinity of course!)

    Thanks FEd for enabling these Q & A’s. It means a lot to everyone for such an opportunity. Great work as always!

  35. My questions are:

    Phil, do you have a thing for polka-dot shirts? Why do you think that is?

    Do you ever go over to the Gilmours’ to borrow a cup of sugar? 😀

    And, by the way, you rock!


  36. Hello Phil,

    1. You wrote a fab song with David 20 years ago, “One Slip”. You did studio sessions with David in your album “6PM” and of course “On An Island”. In any those sessions you co-wrote a songs with David? If so why haven’t it be included on those albums?

    2. Were you ever invited to Play Guitars for Pink Floyd (instead of Tim Renwick)?

    3. Apart from david: Did you co-write songs with Brian Eno for the forthcoming Roxy Music album?

    Tiago Freitas

  37. phil…blake here in nashville.

    i know you worked on the Momentary Lapse album in ’86-’87…Gilmour worked with Ferry at Live Aid in ’85…

    How did all of this ‘incestuous behavior’ begin? and were you ‘put off’ that Gilmour was your singer’s guitar player on such a big stage? (these are my official questions)

    oh…and what was madonna like to work with? (i remember being concerned that gilmour was working with a ‘writer of madonna tunes’ but i was young and stupid at the time and now im older and still stupid but totally get it and am a HUGE fan of you)

    obviously i know you were cool w/ it but it is interesting…maybe you could have played w/ waters huh?

    hello everyone…i miss u guys. mikey???

  38. I had a copy of 801 live back in the seventies and I am 30 years older as well as you and David. My taste in music is now a little more refined, like yours and Davids. I like pulling out the old albums once in awhile and get a bit of a chuckle with some of it.

    – What is your take on how you look at some that old stuff you used to do….like the 801 years?

    – Where did you get that Polka-dot shirt?

  39. Hello Phil..thanks for considering our questions.

    I really enjoyed your performance in the Strat Pack concert celebrating the Strat’s 50th (on DVD). Wish you could have played longer..however..

    – Did it appear to you, as it did to I, that the majority of the crowd was there primarily for David’s performance that night?

    – On that same DVD, no fanfare was made pointing out the fact that David was playing the 1st ever created Strat. Was anything mentioned about this at the actual live show?

    – Do you faithfully read David’s website’s blogs?..and can you tell me what or whom a Fed is?

  40. El Magnifico:

    What is your favourite song from the tour you enjoyed playing the most for pure enjoyment?

  41. Your last two studio albums were great, but your performance of “6pm” at the Strat Pack concert in Wembley made the track shine in a way the studio couldn’t – any chance we’ll get a live CD from you anytime soon?

  42. Dear FEd and all,

    Life has been very busy for me lately but I am enjoying life to the full.

    It is great to read Stevie’s responses to our questions.

    My three questions to Phil are:

    1. Out of all the guitars you have played, what is your favourite?
    2. What is it like having David and Polly as neighbours? I couldn’t think of anything better.
    3. Who was your main guitar influence when starting out on the guitar?

    Best regards.


  43. El Magnifico,

    You have been a great asset to David throughout the whole On An Island album and tour.

    There’s a wonderful interview with you in the Press section about the conception and production of OAI.

    1. I would be interested to know how you managed to whittle down the “150 pieces, enough for 3 albums” that David supplied you with, to a produce a manageable amount of tracks to conceive OAI?

    2. You were able to develop your “conceptual thinking and with the making of little soundscapes” once the title for the album was decided. How did David (and Polly) arrive at the title for the album?

    3. Chris Thomas joined David and you for the “final push for the last 3 months”, and at that stage the album was very acoustic and very orchestral. David didn’t add any electric guitar until the final month!!! Did you and Chris have to do much co-ercing to persuade David to add the electric stuff? (I’m glad you did BTW).

    When you have so graciously answered the bloggers Q&A’s, would you mind getting back together with David to start working on the next 2 albums :0)

  44. Hello Phil,

    – Who inspired you to play the guitar when you were a kid and why?
    – If you were only able to bring one guitar on tour which would it be?

    Thanks for being a sport about this and joining in the blogging fun.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  45. Mr. Manzanera!

    My question is: […]

    With best regards from Berlin

    [Ina, I’m sorry, but your three questions are already shown above. – Features Editor]

  46. Hi Fed and all

    im back and i have missed u all. i have been workin hard to bring in the cash for the family.

    so how are u fed. hope all is well. i will be in the next chat so i will speak to u all then. i can not believe how i missed our little site

    see u all soon, love to everyone and thanks for the emails missing me. its good to know i was missed

  47. Dear Phil,

    1) I loved watching you perform because you have such a groovy “wiggle” when you play. Are you able to let go and enjoy the music or are you focussed on the piece at hand – or are the two not mutually exclusive?

    2) How did your hands make it into an episode of Red Dwarf? (so cool!) Are you a fan?

    3) Which was your favourite performance of the whole OAI tour and why?

    Thanks for everything, not least helping focus and motivate David to creating OAI. Now, if you can do it again… 😉


  48. Hi Phil, thanks for the opportunity to set some questions.

    1. I believe the tour was a family affair with most of the band bringing their children etc, but who in the band did you get on with best while on tour?

    2. If every band member on the tour was given the opportunity to suggest a venue / city for the tour schedule where would you have suggested (regardless of the venue capacity)?

    3. Given the success of the bands from the 60s & 70s like Roxy Music, Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin; how do think they would fair if they were just starting out today?

    Thanks again and best wishes to all.

    Tom B in very sunny Dublin

  49. Damn…no special chat for my birthday!

    Oh well, here’s a question for Phil:

    What was your process for learning the songs for the tour? Did you sit down with David and run through things, or listen to recordings and learn on your own?

    [Is today your birthday, George? If so, have a good one. – Features Editor]

  50. Hello, Mr. Manzanera, thank you for being willing to answer our questions.

    I would like to know what was the first thing that came to your mind when Mr.Gilmour asked you to join him on “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” and what are your thoughts of that album?

    Also, if you don´t mind, could you compare the making of “Lapse” with the making of “On an Island”, I mean, how is to work with Floyd´s Gilmour and solo Gilmour?

    All the best from São Paulo, Brazil.


  51. Phil,

    Could you give us one or two examples of which direction an OAI track(s) could have gone in were it not for your influence during the album research/demo-ing/recording?

    And, if its allowed, where can we get those corner-killer boots?!

  52. Dear Mr.Manzanera,

    my three questions as follows:

    1.How do you remember the first time you’ve met D.G. in your teen?
    2.Have you ever replied to the fans through a blog/site before this time?
    3.Which is the very deep meaning and the message of OAI in your point of view?

    Thank you Sir
    I hope to see you performing again


  53. Phil,

    My second question is what do you enjoy listening to musically in your downtime? In other words, I know Zappa was a big fan of classical music.



  54. Hello El Magnifico, Phil,

    – How do you prepare yourself before a show???
    – Do you have any unusual requirements, rituals???
    – Do you still get nervous after all these years???

    Good show!!! Tally ho!!!

  55. When addressing F*Ed’s Christmas card how do you write his name?

    You can’t say “with great affection” or something smarmy like that… 🙂

    [“Dear Great One” works well, I find… – Features Editor]

  56. Here’s my third question:

    What is the most challenging OAI or Gilmour composition for you to play and if none are challenging then which one do you enjoy playing the most?



  57. This is not a question for Phil but just a general question for any of our fellow bloggers to answer. But Phil can certainly chime in if he so chooses.

    Aside from the PF and Gilmour catalog on CD, what would be an appropriate Bar Mitzvah gift? I’m not Jewish and I’ve never attended one but got an invite from a colleague. Any suggestions?



  58. Not every day one gets a chance to ask a question to a legend …


    – What is your proudest professional moment?
    – What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done that you are prepared to tell us about?
    – What is your greatest fashion triumph and worst fashion nightmare?

  59. [“Dear Great One” works well, I find… – Features Editor]

    F*Ed Is Wayne Gretzky !!!

  60. Mr.Manzanera,

    – Were you a close friend of Syd?
    – Were you a fan of the Floyd 25 years ago?
    – When you do your shopping and things like that, are there a lot of people who recognize you?

    Thank you for being part of the unforgettable experience of OAI…merci beaucoup!

    sylvie de Montréal

  61. Dear Phil,

    Do you ever get to the point where you feel like everything has become rote? If so how do you breathe life back into your performances? (Not that I noticed anything of the sort!)


  62. CAPTION:

    “What? It’s your birthday, George? Well we’ll just have to sing this one for the ‘Gipe-er’. Haaaaaapy Biiiirthdaaaaay tooooo……”

  63. Hi Phil,

    what a thrill being able to ask you some questions, after having enjoyed the album and tour last year so much, ty guys for the most mesmerizing moments in a long time.

    I´d like to know:

    1) What do you find the most inspiring when working with David?
    2) Do you have a fave PF or On an Island song?
    3) As we fans are craving for another tour, can you give us any food for high hopes?

    Ulli from Germany

  64. [F*Ed Is Wayne Gretzky !!! Posted by: Matt]

    I think F*Ed could probably identify himself with someome more like Pele, Matt.

  65. My Questions to Mr. Manzanera:

    1. At any time while you were producing the Album (OAI) did you think “maybe i should question David more about the sound direction of the album but i can’t ’cause he is such a reference to me”?

    2. Did David or Rick (or even you) write songs while on this Tour?

    3. Why didn’t you play lap steel guitar and Jon Carin (the Keyboardist) did?

    thanx and keep doing the good job

    Zé das Couves

  66. Last question Phil:

    You obviously love Polka Dot shirts, what inspired you to wear them and why? Curious lil old me.

    Happy Birthday George. Liverpool did well didn’t they Fed?

    [They did, Frank, and long may it continue. – Features Editor]

  67. [Some sneaky questions coming through hoping for a glimpse of the future I see… Good try! – Rudders]

    i noticed that too Rudders.i guess its always worth a try & only natural to ask.

    Question for Phil, sylvie de Montréal asked if you were recognised when you went out shopping. I am convinced i recognised you in a hardware store but because it was in a situation i did not expect you to be in & you did not have a guitar strapped to you i dimissed the notion it was you. I forget musicians may need paint etc the same as the rest of.

    Do you get offended if fans approach you for a chat while you are out & about shopping etc.?

  68. Thanks Phil, first of all! That’s really a nice gift you (and the others members from the band) made us. Thank you!

    I join to Tom B’s questions, which are interesting, in my opinion.

    But I’d like also to add a question by me…that I hope you will understand, because is not easy to explain for me…

    Phil is the member of the band with more experience than we had the opportunity to talk to. So I would like to ask something that I hope won’t appear naughty, because mine is only the harmless wish to understand.

    What I’d like to ask Phil is which is different from made music now and when you were younger? David didn’t need to do a new album, so it’s clear that On an Island was born from David’s genuine wish to give life to his thoughts. But when you become a great artist as you all from the band are, I think recording an album as well as making a tour can become also mechanic, in some way. It’s natural, isn’t it?

    From the other hand, David didn’t make a tour since some years, so I presume coming back on the stage has been very exciting for him…maybe also for every member of the band. I don’t know…but I’d like to know!

    So, after a long introduction (sorry! It was to make me understand…and I hope all this has a sense in english too! If you understood, FEd, make a summary, please!) the real question is:

    How much of an album and tour is made of “experience” (in the sense of “know how to get in music what you want to get”) when you become great artists like you and David, Richard etc. are? How much is experimentation and instinct?

    Has this question made sense? I hope so!

    Anyway, Phil, even if you didn’t understand my bad english, thanks a lot for your kind availability!

    Ah! Before I forget, if you listened to Ladytron vocals by Thom Yorke, can you tell me if you liked his way to sing your song? It is only to pinch FEd, so I’d like to know the answer only if it is “YES, I LIKED A LOT!”. Because we don’t want to make jump Fed for joy because you didn’t like him, right? 😉

    Thanks again! I wish you all a wonderful week end


    [My dear Lucia… You say that Phil’s a great artist in one breath, then wish something as dreadful as Radiohead on him with the next? That can’t be right. – Features Editor]

  69. Happy birthday Gipe! All the best wishes mate!

    This is the first time I access the site/blog from my mobile phone. Everything works fine, except the wireman animation and, oddly, some pics from the gallery aren´t loading – mostly those from Gdansk… And no music at all!

    I´ll assume that missing the wireman is due to some Java or Flash incompability… but what about the pics and the sound?

    Any ideas?

    It´s running on a Nokia E62 smartphone with the latest Symbian OS update and has both latest Java and Flash player updates.

    [Thanks for letting us know, Adriano. We’ll look into it. – Features Editor]

  70. Dear Fed and all..its been too long..Ive missed you.

    My questions for El Magnifico’s consideration are:

    1. Which musician(s) most inspired you to play the guitar ?

    2. Do you subscribe to the current trend of reforming famous ‘older’ groups when they offer NO new material ?

    3. Why do you think there are so few ’emerging’ guitarists – unlike your good self and DG to name two personal favourites – who capture the public’s attention ? ( you may disagree of course ! )

    good luck

  71. Hi Phil

    My 3 questions are as follows

    1) using so many powerful amps on stage is the sound comfortable to play with or do you battle against each other ?
    2) although you are a fine guitarist in your own right do you feel at times uncomfortable playing next to David ?
    3) Has David ever given you a guitar ?

    Thanks Phil you are a truly fine guitarist and your playing at the live events was as important as Davids, I know becuase I sat about 6 feet away from you at the bridgewater hall I truly enjoyed you playing on On an island

  72. Hi Phil

    thanks for all your great work. enjoyed hearing you with david.

    my questions (hope you dont think it too mundane)

    – How long do you practice a day and what do you practice?

    – Do you do any kind of warm up before going on stage? I know you do a sound check but I mean just before you step out.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to ask questions,

  73. Mr. Manzanera,

    – The involvement of digital technology in (nearly) every form of sound processing is one of the factors that have changed making music compared with say 20 years ago. As a musician, what do you see as major advantages and drawbacks of this development?

    – If there would be a thing in the music business you could change, what would that be?

  74. You have the best shoes, but just how long does it take for you to get them that shiny?

    Apologies for the flippancy, all the good questions were gone.

    Have a nice weekend!

  75. Lucia,

    I sense you are slightly masochistic and enjoy when we pick on you regarding Radiohead.

    In fact, how about a simple poll in honor of Lucia on the Stuff & Nonsense page: Do you like Radiohead? Yes or No.



    [That could be interesting. Then again, it could just get me into trouble. – Features Editor]

  76. Darn, I already asked my 3 questions but I always wondered if anyone ever confused Phil Manzanera with Ray Manzarek of The Doors.

    However, I doubt this kind of question would have ever made the cut.



  77. Phil,

    Thank you SO much for taking the time to indulge us.

    1. I’d read in an interview last year that you met David through your older brother. David agreed to meet to lend advice on getting started in the music business. What are your memories of that meeting and your initial impressions of him?

    2. I noticed huge grins on your face both nights at Massey Hall as David did extended solo flights during a few numbers. If you recall at all, what was going through your mind at the time?

    3. What music do you listen to for pleasure? (and don’t be a suck-up and say “Pink Floyd”!!)

    (Little known fact: 4 out of 5 musical geniuses are given the name “Phil”)

  78. Hi Phil!

    When did you first start playing guitar and what’s your favourite song to play live?

    All the best


  79. Mr. Manzanera, thanks for all the great music so far – I really enjoy On An Island.

    My questions to you are:

    – Have you achieved everything you wanted to achieve with music – any regrets?

    – Would you change anything about today’s music if you could?

    Hysteron proteron

  80. Phil….

    Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

    I believe that I have read that David did not read music when he started to play guitar. Did you know how to read music when you took up guitar?

    Do you feel that knowing how to read music is the best way to get started?

    Is there a guitarist from your homeland that you espicially like the work of?

    I really enjoy your music on ‘6PM’ and love those wild shirts.

    Thanks again for this oportunity.

    Good evening all,

  81. Happy Birthday George! hope you had a nice day.

    For Lucia: Italians do it better you know…I’m glad you’re a Radiohead fan!

    For Fed: you played your own Blotto? It will be my nightmare,you know…

    My last question to Mr Manzanera: Did you ever take to the stage when drunk?

    Uncle Emi

  82. Hi to everyone on this blog!

    Here are my two questions to Phil “el magnifico” Manzanera:

    1/ Which were your favourites venues on the “On an island Tour” last year (& “why” of course! lol)

    2/ Is there any other project with David Gilmour to come in next month ?

    Thanks again for giving a little time to answer our questions !

    See Ya!

  83. – what is your favorite song to play?

    – how’s that latin sounding side project coming along??

    it was a pleasure to see you in the best rock band around last year. thanks for kicking mr. g in the right direction.

  84. FEd, you definitely have quite an inquisitive group of irregulars/regulars here on the Blog. There are so many good questions and good information about Phil Manzanera. Here are my three questions for Mr. Manzanera:

    1. I heard on an interview that if David was not a musician, he might be flying planes?! How about you, if you were not a musician, what would you be doing?

    2. Did David Gilmour learn his Spanish from you? Chuckle, Chuckle…

    3. What would you prefer, playing rhythm guitar or lead guitar?

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  85. Thank you sincerely for this unique opportunity, Phil.

    If you’d care to consider any of my questions, then I’d like to know:

    1. Which one album could you not live without?
    2. Which one song could you not live without?
    3. Is David really as charming as he seems?!

  86. Happy Birthday George, albeit almost a week late, hope it went well.

    Pete – Coventry

  87. [I heard on an interview that if David was not a musician, he might be flying planes?!]

    I’m in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set
    And I think I need a Lear jet.

    Is that how that lyric came about? LOL.



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