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Following on from the 21 March update on where else in the world you’ll be able to see the ‘Live from Abbey Road’ music series, we can finally add a little more.

I already told you to look out for it on Fox channels in Italy, Sony in Latin America, Lumiere in Cyprus, Ceska in the Czech Republic, YLE in Finland, Kanal 5 in Sweden, 365 Media in Iceland, Geo TV in Pakistan and the Sundance Channel in the United States.

Please also keep your eyes peeled if you’re in Belgium (VRT), Hong Kong (ATV), Malaysia (Media Prima), New Zealand (Rialto Channel), Norway (TV2, Zebra), Singapore (MediaCorp TV 12), Spain (Multicanal) and Thailand (UBC).

It will also be shown on Culture Networks in Italy, as well as Fox.

I don’t have full details, but am told that the series will be shown on Star TV across Asia (35 countries) and on Melody Entertainment and Arab Venture across the Middle East (28 countries).

Good news for Australia and Japan

In Australia, the series launched this month on XYZ’s music channel MAX (available on Foxtel Digital and Austar Digital). The show featuring David’s performance is due to be broadcast on Sunday 20 May, with the entire series repeated in late June (I’ll remind you, don’t worry). XYZ have the series for three months exclusively.

However, I hear that ABC will also be showing the series in July. This is as yet unconfirmed, so I’ll tell you more when I know more.

In Japan, the series started on Friday 20 April, so sadly you’ve missed the first show (but not the all-important one). ‘Live from Abbey Road’ is broadcast at 8PM on Channel NHK NV.

Remember that David features in the eighth show in a series of 12.

If you see it in your local TV listings, please let me know when your fellow fan will be able to see it, so that I can add it to our calendar.

As always, I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the show.

I’ll be opening the chatroom to all and sundry between the hours of 2PM and 4PM (UK time) today. Everybody is welcome to call in.

Until then, here’s more from Stevie DiStanislao, who was kind enough to take part in a fan Q&A for us recently.

Speaking of which, thank you for all the questions sent in for Phil Manzanera last week. With so many good ones to choose from, please note that I am not considering any additional questions.

Which drummer inspired you to take up the drums in the first place? (Julie G Davies)

The drummer that first inspired me to play the drums is a fellow called John Ferraro. John was, and will always be, a mentor to me and I owe him a lot. He and my oldest brother were mates (I’m the youngest of four kids). I used to go over to his house where he would play and I would watch him for hours. When he went to the toilet, I would climb on the kit and start wailing away only to get kicked off when he returned. John turned me on to all kinds of bands and drummers. I remember the Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ and Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’ as some of the first rock music I ever heard. I was six.

I’d like to know who your favourite drummers are and why. (Sue N)

Jeff Porcaro, because he always played the perfect thing for every song. His feel is unparalleled. Steve Gadd, for his unique groove and his ability to play every style under the sun. John Bonham, for his sheer brilliance and huge groove. John Ferraro, for his natural flowing feel. Nick Mason, for his unique style, sound and feel. Matt Cameron from Soundgarden/Pearl Jam cuz he just flat out rocks! The list goes on and on and on…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. The best 4 notes ever….I agree!!!! I’m listening to it now.

    I hope you’ll have a nice day, everyone.

  2. From the first time I heard those four notes (i.e. if we’re talking about the same four notes from SOYCD!) over 30 years ago, I was hooked on the Floyd guitar sound.

    Strangely enough, I played these four notes for the very first time on a guitar just a couple of days ago. Together with my wife, I’m slowly learning to play the guitar at the moment and my family bought me the superb ‘Echoes, Best of Pink Floyd’ Guitar Tab book at the weekend for my birthday.

    All due respect to Mr Gilmour – some of those finger positions are bloody hard to attain!

    Anyway, I was extremely pleased just to be able to play the odd bits from some of the songs that I’ve heard so many times over the years….a damn sight more interesting than playing the usual boring dross they stick in guitar tuition books!!!!

  3. Caption: “Rick played on despite the 80ft robot looming behind him.”

    Stevie D and I share the same drum heroes! I love Steve Gadd lots…saw him at the masterclass at RhythmSticks a couple of years ago…every time I pick up a pair of sticks he’s the one I’m trying to emulate. I think it was “Aja” that did it for me. I was also a massive Porcaro fan (and Lukather for that matter…go Toto!) and of course Mr Mason.

    To everyone that has LFAR coming to a screen soon, you’ve got a real treat in store. Mine is still saved on the Sky box to be watched whenever I need 🙂


  4. With the latest news posted about the best 4 notes, did you open the floodgate for a discussion to begin about PF tribute bands??

    Certainly don’t deny the statement but just kind of interesting that the article and magazine basically was written by someone who for the most part is a taboo discussion around here.




    [Indeed. I don’t choose, or write, the Latest News. Neither is the magazine article in question even mentioned here, let alone used as a topic starter. So, if floodgates have been opened, it’s another example of you lot using the blog to talk about whatever you want to talk about, not sticking to the day’s blog ‘topic’, as such. What more can I say? – Features Editor]

  5. *caption*

    In the split second that Richard looked away, a UFO lands behind him.



  6. *Caption*

    I love Rick Wright…

    (Not so much a caption as it is a feeble attempt for F*Ed to allow me to state this again)

  7. Caption:

    Rick gives David a ‘you gotta be kidding me’ look when David reveals that the next song they’re going to play is not ‘Dogs’, but from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Cats’.


  8. Hmmmm…point well taken FEd.

    So then tell me, ABC is mentioned above as unconfirmed yet. Is this a reference to a station in Australia or is it a reference to the network in the U.S.?? For some reason I doubt it is the latter but just wanted to be sure.



    [That’s Australia, sorry. For now, the only place you’ll see it in the US is on the Sundance Channel. As soon as we have a broadcast date, or if we hear that it’s also going to be shown on an additional channel (as is the case for Australia and Italy), we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  9. Caption:

    Richard does his impression of ” Look ma, no hands!”

    I love playing the four notes, how he came up with that is truly amazing, the sustain is beautiful.

  10. *caption*

    Richard takes the lead in the interrogation of David by starting with the question, “Remember That Night?”



  11. Hi Fed,how are you? I just wanted to know how is my idol (Mr Gilmour) and how are all the members of the band…

    Last night I went to Milano to see the concert of Roger Waters,it was great but without David’s guitar the songs are not the same,still looking back at Venice concert…have a nice evening Fed


  12. This picture let me say that Richard Wright is playing “Shine on You crazy diamonds” and he ‘s watching to David Gilmour, as they always are use to do, to play together in perfect harmony.

    Fantastic song, unforgettable four notes.

    Thank you again, sirs
    ciao Fed/ bye you all


  13. Hello everyone, i know i havent posted lately but i have been very busy, i have been on chatroom when it opens at night, Im glad we have the chatroom it keeps me up to date an can talk to everyone.

    Good luck to all of those who are in the Blotto contest.

    Have a great week.

  14. [Indeed. I don’t choose, or write, the Latest News. Neither is the magazine article in question even mentioned here, let alone used as a topic starter. So, if floodgates have been opened, it’s another example of you lot using the blog to talk about whatever you want to talk about, not sticking to the day’s blog ‘topic’, as such. What more can I say? – Features Editor]

    Yes, I know we can be an unruly bunch but I, for one, didn’t realise you weren’t responsible for most of the site content, so I thought it would be acceptable to respond to the article on the home page.

    Also, as you’d allowed Emilio to comment on the content shown on the home page (and there were no other posts at the time), I thought it would be acceptable to do so too.

    Admittedly, it was also a bloody good excuse to tell people that, after a significant period of time, I’ve finally started to learn to play some of David Gilmour’s guitar parts!!

    BTW, please don’t take this the wrong way, but the topic of the day has never been Liverpool Football Club but they’re discussed here on a fairly regular basis…..then again maybe I’m just bitter because I’ve probably never forgiven them (well, apart from Kevin Keegan) for beating Newcastle United 3-0 in the FA Cup final way back in 1974:-( Maybe I’m also jealous that, unlike The Kop, The Toon have never featured on a Pink Floyd album:-( 🙁 🙁

    [No offence taken, mate. Comments about the magazine article have all been published, so they’re absolutely fine by me – as are most of the comments received, in fact. I’m just defending myself from what would seem to be perfectly fair accusations of hypocrisy before they come my way. Because they will come my way. They always do. – Features Editor]

  15. Hello,

    Happy Tuesday. I have to tell you all you people with your captions are truly inspiring.

    You all make me laugh. Makes the mid day break more enjoyable.

    Keep up the great work.


  16. Hi Fed

    Caption: Rick is wondering how fast he can get away after he shouts to David, “Roger is the creative genius behind the Floyd” then he considers how many years of purgatory he would endure for being a big fat liar

    [Controversial… – Features Editor]

  17. Hey Fed

    just another suggestion, many insprational artists put on their site guitar tabs / chords and or tuition videos. Would you please put it to David if he could consider this as I am now too old and lazy to sit and learn it from the record. I am sure David has done this himself and he realizes how it is a bind.

    PS if he says no tell him we are in the semi finals again and arsenal are not, if he says yes ignore the last comment.

  18. Hi FEd and friends!

    This is off-topic but when checking my email I had a message from ONE dot org stating that tonight and tomorrow (April 24 and 25) for every vote cast on “American Idol” the sponsors of the show will make donations to the ONE campaign.

    I’ve never watched this show before but will tonight and tomorrow plus I will vote!! Hopefully everyone can do the same. Every little bit helps and this seems like a very easy way to do it (even if you do have to sit through the show and Simon / Paula)!!

    Thanks FEd and I hope I won’t get the pointy stick for putting in the dreaded dot!

    Peace ‘n love!
    Washington State

    [I can forgive your dot, Gabrielle. What an easy way to raise money for a good cause. Besides, if Simon Cowell tells one of the contestants that they have about as much personality as a pencil, it’s money doubly-well spent. You can’t put a price on his put-downs. – Features Editor]

  19. Hi Fed,

    Reading the latest news reminded me of a bad experience with a ‘how to’ video. I bought one from a company that had a series, and the first clue that this was not going to be good was the box said Dave Gilmore and Sid Barett. I shoulda got the hint…

    I got out my guitar and played the video, it looks like it was shot in this guy’s mom’s basement on a grainy security camera. The guy looked like Sebastian Bach with hair extensions (which he constantly had to get out of his face), and every other word was ‘like’. Sometimes, he could form a complete sentence. His riffs sounded NOTHING like PF. Needless to say, I didn’t learn much.

    Those 4 notes, that simple little phrase, it’s so powerful and beautiful. That’s the magic of David’s style. He proves time and again that you don’t have to play 10 notes a second to be a great guitar player. It’s how you can make it sing.

    Thanks for the LFAR update. I’m keeping an eye oout for it’s showing in my area.

    Caption- Pssst!! Rick! don’t look now, but the flying pig is right behind you!

    Have a great day, all

  20. CAPTION:

    As our heroes intend to play hushabye mountain from over Rick’s shoulder comes a very special guest singer, why it’s chitty chitty bang bang himself “in the flesh” so to speak……

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  21. F’Ed…if I am permitted I wanted to post something I read in a guitar book today.

    “Some guitarists become legends thanks to their phenomenal techniques, other because of their originality. Then there are those whose reputation rests heavily on the uniqueness of their tone. Names like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton and B B King might be mentioned in this context, Carlos Santana certainly. But perhaps the ultimate tone guitarist is Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. The sound of Gilmour’s blues influenced, but not exactly bluesy, Stratocaster playing on DSOTM has come to define progressive rock guitar playing.”

    *Ping* I can name that tune in one note…. That must be the single most recognisable note by any musician.

    Can’t wait for the guitar book mentioned in the news section to hit our bookstores here.

    Good evening all,

  22. Caption..

    “I’m not sure either David, but think these might be the 4 they’re talking about..there’s a lot of notes in that song!”

  23. Wow! That’s a ton of broadcasts! That’s really great… I’m still blurry-eyed with all the xyz-abc-qwf station call letters…

    I’m sitting in a long-azz meeting playing with my geeky phone reading the blog….what a relief to get away, remember some good music and good times…

    I know I wrote this months ago, but I was air-drumming at the front of the Jay Leno Summer Stage while Steve was playing. We locked in, rolled out a drum fill together, and laughed out loud having a blast while David soloed.. That was special, and he’s a really cool guy…..

  24. I’m getting my copy tomorrow (that song is brilliant), cyas in the chat 😉


  25. I had an urge listening to “Have a Cigar” this evening; but as soon as I put the CD in my car, there it was, like a magnet, the “four notes” and the intro from Shine on…I ended up listening to Shine On over and over again and I never got to play “Have a Cigar”.

    Second time around visited Chat Room tonight, it was fun. Thank you EchoesBob, Lynn, Melissa, Ax, Marcus Buick. Thank you FED for the kind service and being so accommodating.

  26. CAPTION:

    Victoria Beckham really is trying to engratiate herself on this Band isn’t she? David, Guy & now Richard. Straddling a keyboard is going too far.

    is this wearing a bit thin now, sorry folks.

  27. [So, if floodgates have been opened, it’s another example of you lot using the blog to talk about whatever you want to talk about, not sticking to the day’s blog ‘topic’, as such. What more can I say? – Features Editor]

    With all due respect, what IS the topic today? On the page above, there is discussion about LFAR and there are the questions answered by Steve D. Which of these is the topic we’re supposed to stick to? And, since when are we not supposed to discuss the main page?

    This might read as though I were yelling at you, F’Ed. I’m not. I’m just looking for clarification. You’ll probably get this question from a few of us.

    What I am trying to say is, if you want us to stick to a topic and not discuss the main page, then these things should be made clear right at the start.

    [I can’t make it any clearer than putting it in a big, bold title: ‘More on LFAR’. – Features Editor]

  28. Almost forgot to write my piece about four simple notes, notes that are emotional and evocative, notes that sing from David’s guitar where a lesser musician might sound like a child plucking the strings at random.

    For me, those four notes showcase what we love about David’s musicianship. Just as he can make technically challenging solos sound easy, he can also make four simple notes sing.

    I was nine years old when SOYCD was on the radio, but I used to love to listen to it. Long before I knew what a Pink Floyd was, I loved SOYCD. At a time when the ariwaves were dominated by the Eagles and the Doobies, SOYCD sounded very different. Much more bluesy, jazzy, musical.

    At the age of eleven, someone gave me ‘Animals’ which was released on my birthday. From that moment on, I had to learn as much about Floyd as possible, had to buy every record, had to memorize every lyric.

    I still remember the moment when I got home with “WYWH,” wrapped in the dark blue cellophane which I had thought was the cover. First surprise: the actual cover was astounding. (I still have the post card that came with it, the legs sticking out of Lake Mono) Second surprise: those four notes that I had loved so much on the radio a few years earlier. It was like winning the lottery.

    To this day, WYWH remains one of my favorite pieces of music. And those for simple notes have become a permanent part of my DNA.

  29. Hi Fed, i could only guess about the 4 notes that everyone is talking about as the DG home page still had thursday the 12th April as the latest news, untill this lunch time (im not sure why my PC has gone a on a go slow). I guessed correctly without seeing the news item, that has to say something in itself!….i’ll name that tune in 4

    As Lorraine has said they are up there with the pings of Echoes.

  30. FEd,

    Just so we are on the same page, I too didn’t know that you had nothing to do with the stuff written on the Latest News page. And I certainly do not consider you a hypocrite.



    [Cheers, mate. Call me anything, but not a hypocrite. – Features Editor]

  31. Can someone please fill me in here about the four notes? I dont want to appear stoopid but I have no idea whats going on….thanks

  32. [As our heroes intend to play hushabye mountain from over Rick’s shoulder comes a very special guest singer, why it’s chitty chitty bang bang himself “in the flesh” so to speak…… – Geoff Duffy]

    ….That’s good, very good!

  33. stevie list of drummers is also my list…i love all of those guys and im sure that his mentor would be great fun as well. that was a who’s who of who i would want to play with which is fitting since i definitely want ‘el magnifico’s’ job at some point…j/k…sort of!

  34. I see that word up top LFAR and for some reason it just reminds of Steve Martin in the movie The Man With Two Brains where he plays Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr. I guess it could have been the name of one of the Doctor’s kids in a sequel.



  35. Why are people calling fed a hypocrite, when they complain (‘er i mean “talk”) about not having anything to discuss, when they don’t even read the news.


  36. Hi all.

    Those 4 notes… yes, I remember them well. I remember back in like ’80 or ’81 having heard only DSOTM and the Wall, a friend asked me if I’d ever heard the album WYWH. I remember clearly asking her “No. Is it any GOOD?”

    She pulled it out and I remember being completely stunned by the artwork. Then to find the music inside was absolutely amazing…. it was the next album I bought. Definitely one of my favorite Floyd albums (a tie with TDB).

    Have a great day all!

  37. Hi Mr Gilmour

    i am a singer,a Little singer,i Haven’t any fan and im not a famous man cause nobody knows me. I love music so much and i work music for myself.

    Mr gilmour now you are in music world for 42 grow up with music, you live with music, now music is a part of your mind, your soul and your body.

    Mr Gilmour i pride myself. i pride myself cause you’re my pattern.

    all of my world is music and i cant live without it.

    i hope one day i’ll be a man as you. i think i can, i dont know when but i know i can…

    that is all

    Yours sincerely
    Baabak N..

  38. Hi all

    MATT: [Can someone please fill me in here about the four notes? I dont want to appear stoopid but I have no idea whats going on….thanks]

    I spent much of life getting confused about whats going on but I think I can help so Ill give it a shot. if Im wrong Im really sorry but cant resist helping

    I think we’re talking about shine on you crazy diamond or SOYCD from the album wish you were here. the 4 notes appear at 3mins 55 secs on any CD version, both album and echoes I think.

    theyre repeated 3 times and then on the 4th time nick comes in on the drums.

    My thoughts on them,well they are amazing and will always remind me of working on my computer late at night

    floyd to me has always been there for me when I was bullied a lot at school and at 15 the whole world might as well of hated me, bullying etc. floyd is all I had, so to me those notes and davids voice are like a blanket that keeps me sane

    life is better for me now but without floyd I would have no comfort or release.

    have a nice day 🙂

  39. Hello FED and All,

    On the topic of LFAR, it really should have been clarified that it is Australia’s ABC and not the American Broadcast Company. But at least the matter has been cleared up. Fiddlesticks and corndogs ! [ I know pretty lame expletives, huh ? But at least they are two letters of the word I’ve in mind.]

    Well, I am lucky. My fiance and I had direct tv installed. After the tech left, one of the very first things I did was check the channel guide and Thank God !! We’ve The Sundance Channel ! Yay !! Bring on LFAR !

    OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT : As you probably may have noticed above, I wrote “my fiance and I”. Well, it’s true ! I am engaged !!!

    While we were travelling up to DisneyWorld just a couple of weeks ago we entertained the notion that after being friends for twenty-two years that maybe we should do something about that ! But then my girlfriend startled the hell out of me two Friday nights ago as she managed to slip a band on my finger. Next thing you know we’re kissing while listening to what else ? SOYCD !!

    After a tumultuous two years balance is being restored to the Universe. We did agree on one thing already about our fututre wedding, ‘Where We Start’ will be our wedding song.

    So, yes, my friends, I am no longer “on the market” ! Her name is Lisa and someday I’ll introduce her to the best of the lot of you ! You know who you are !

    Which begs the question, FED, how many times has ‘Smile’ or ‘Where We Start’ been mentioned as being somebody else’s wedding song ?

    Us two “crazy diamonds” will be “shining on”…

    BTW, I am seriously considering a good sized contingent of you to show up when the time comes. A good lot of you have become friends in my book. Getting you, FED, to come over might cost just as much as the wedding ! Which will not be until right about this time next year !

    And there it is, just as the second title for ‘Fearless’, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”…well, that’s me. : )

    Peace and Love to All ! Cazart ! [That sure is going to be one long guest list ! ]

  40. *Caption*

    Richard: ” Y’see this key calls the machines from ‘The War of the Worlds’, so you better be nice to me.”

    Off topic: Caught the tie breaker ManU won with yesterday. Just to play “Devil’s Advocate”, I’ll put my money with ManU this season.

    By the way FED, you just have to try the steak “secret” of mine, but I recommend a porterhouse cut. I just did it again last night for supper and oh,it was so lovely. Especially with a nice red.

    Instead of going to a restaurant, my fiance and I wound up buying steaks for our official announcement dinner. Six steaks + bacon drippings + a good, hot fire = Six beef satiated souls. The announcement dinner went very well, VERY WELL.

    So, yes, I did play well.

    Question: Who is David putting his backing into for football this season ?

    Peace ! Cazart !

  41. [Can someone please fill me in here about the four notes? I dont want to appear stoopid but I have no idea whats going on….thanks – Matt]

    Perhaps the only man to say more with fewer notes (2), was Ludwig Van Beethoven. da da da dum.

  42. Okay guys I must say the captions are great. I love it!! Possibly my favorite part of the blog besides Fed. Hope you all have a great Wed.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  43. I am now very exciting because we leave early in the morning friday for Florida, for our vacation.

    I KNOW I WILL MISS YOU ALL! Until my return, be kind everybody with each other!

    See you in 2 weeks, my dear friends…

    sylvie de montréal xxx

  44. *caption*

    Richard turns away from Posh Spice and says to guy, that’s a nice set of headlights….



  45. – Wow! Sylvie, je rentre juste de vacances, et toi tu pars juste en Floride ! Super ! profite bien de ton repos et, surtout, n’ emmène pas (comme je l’ai lu) les devoirs de tes enfants là-bas !!!! Vacances pour eux aussi, s’il te plaît !!! A bientôt !

    – Ikkar, vos messages sont de pures merveilles, toujours…

    – Topic = More on LFAR ? France, no ? too sad…

    – [I’m just defending myself from what would seem to be perfectly fair accusations of hypocrisy before they come my way. Because they will come my way. They always do.]

    Ahah, Fed, how do you translate the proverb ‘Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir’ ?


    [You’re right: ‘Prevention is better than the cure’. Another good one is ‘Think much, speak little and write less’, which would no doubt save a lot of unnecessary hassle at places such as these. – Features Editor]

  46. I’l say it again……

    you can name this song in ONE note….

    **** PING ****

    Right? Not Beethovens two and I think that ‘PING’ speaks volumes!


  47. Thanks for the updates on “Live from Abbey Road” – I am so glad that the show gets to be broadcast in so many different parts of the world. I can’t wait to watch the show – I believe David’s session will take place some time in July here in the U.S.

    Sylvie – hope you have a wonderful time in Florida? The weather has been beautiful here in Miami with clear blue sky and some cool evenings. But for you, the Canadians, you might consider it hot though. I understand from your previous post that you will be going to the Keys – Excellent choice! Don’t forget to visit the Duval Street, the Southermost Point and Hemingway museum/residence in the Keys. Are you and your family going to have a short visit in Miami at all? It would be nice if we can meet up.

    Sorry to hear that FEd doesn’t like Florida – I wonder why? One thing for sure FEd, you can find assorted fruits here (especially mangoes) for your smoothies.

    Happy landing, Sylvie!

  48. Yet another caption…(Richard has solved it)

    “People don’t believe me but I’m seriously thinking about putting forth my theory that global warming is being caused by the fact that we now have 2 suns!!”

  49. Oh those four haunting notes.

    I remember the first notes of the guitar solo coming in when I first laid down to listen to the album and I started crying out of nowhere. I can recall sniffling and wiping my face as the solo ended and the chord (my FAVORITE chord) fading off and those notes… bowwwwwww waaaaaanh waaaaaaaaaanh wah waaaaaaaaaaanh…

    The whole song was like 360 degrees of emotion and to this day it is still the album that I listen to when I am stressed or repressed. And of course, when I just in the mood for some damn fine music.

    I think I can safely say that Wish You Were Here is my favorite Floyd album. But then again, who can really pick? It’s like choosing one child over the other.

  50. Good one Rocket Man. Beethoven.

    On the topic, as long as the issues are about David and his music, it’s fine with me. That’s why we are all here.

  51. Howdy there,

    Those fabulous four notes….

    They are so haunting, so soulful. They speak volumes.

    I went to a “study group” tonight and brought WYWH. We must have listened to it 5 times in a row, while working on various subjects. I listen to David or PF while studying, most of the time. I actually think it enhances my studying.

    Thanks for the help with my homework David!!!


    (P.S. FEd, I would never call you a hypocrite. Awesome maybe, but never a hypocrite.)

  52. I seem to remember you recently mentioned that you’d be revealing some more of the content of the second disc of the DVD some time soon.

    Just in case you’d forgotten:-)

    Go on, you know you’ll feel better for it!!

    [Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. – Features Editor]

  53. mad blog day, fed!

    love the four notes, of course, but i also love the effort in keeping us updated on ‘live from abbey road’ and how much time stevie clearly put in to answering our questions.


  54. CAPTION:

    “Steve , Steve it’s called high hopes not HIGHawatah ,, put the tomahawk down buddy you will hurt someone.”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Depressed in Dublin )

    We looked more like the pensioners last night I fear.

  55. [Another good one is ‘Think much, speak little and write less’ – Features Editor]

    Why not ‘ Il faut tourner sept fois sa langue dans sa bouche avant de parler ‘ (=?) ?

    Or still better, ‘ Le silence est d’or ‘, but there would be no more blog…

    It’s a joke (with “a brightly-coloured face winking, or half a dozen unnecessary exclamation marks”, to make the joke clear to everybody…)

    Kindest regards to Lucia and you.

    Thanks for your patience.


  56. Congratulations Raymond and Lisa on your engagement (22 years in the making)!! ‘Where We Start’ is definitely a beautiful song choice for a wedding dance …

    FEd, it looks like just about everyone will be able to enjoy ‘Live From Abbey Road’ by the looks of it. I’m sure that the announcement has made the masses very happy!

    Those four magical notes … leading into that brilliant and memorable song of sadness and loss, love and celebration! I get goosebumps every time I hear it, no matter how many times I hear it.

    Washington State

  57. [you can name this song in ONE note…. **** PING **** Right? Not Beethovens two and I think that ‘PING’ speaks volumes! – Jan]

    Point taken, Jan! However, I don’t think a single note can define a melody 🙂 So, I still think Luddy takes the prize with his hugely volumetric 2-note melody.

    The ‘ping’ to me is a beckoning call leaving an air of suspension. Kind of like the ringing of a doorbell may be Publishers Clearing House delivering your million dollar sweepstakes prize!!

    This may be your lucky day!!!

  58. “But then again, who can really pick? It’s like choosing one child over the other.”

    In fact we do love all these “children” : I bought the LP “Wish you were here” together my twin-brother when we were 13 years (i still have it) and it is one of my preferred ones in the whole P.F.’s production, but i agree with Jessica, how can we choose one of them?

    The D.Gilmour’s sound is so unique, unforgettable, that it touches the deepest corners of the souls. Yesterday and today, always.

    Thank you all for all the nice comments,
    Ciao Fed/bye friends

  59. [Or still better, ‘ Le silence est d’or ‘, but there would be no more blog… It’s a joke (with “a brightly-coloured face winking, or half a dozen unnecessary exclamation marks”, to make the joke clear to everybody…) – Posted by: Michèle at April 26, 2007 03:13 PM]

    Michèle, this made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

    In fact, too many of the comments above made me laugh… out of sheer disbelief.

    Features Editor, I do not envy you, but I applaud you.

    Silence is golden.

  60. [Point taken, Jan! However, I don’t think a single note can define a melody 🙂 So, I still think Luddy takes the prize with his hugely volumetric 2-note melody. – Posted by Michael from New Jersey]

    Gosh. Mea Culpa. I was just trying to say that it seems like the only music that you can immediately recognise by one note. That’s all. But I appreciate your point about defining a melody.

    I should have been on the subject of Live From Abbey Road, but I got sidetracked with the comments of the musical notes. Maybe I’m just in a funk because we don’t have the Sundance channel so I’ll be missing LFAR. Darn.*#*#*#

    F’Ed…I like the line ‘Think much, speak little and write less’. Perhaps I should have followed that advice. My apologies for wandering off the subject. My face is a shade of ‘pink’ now.

    I had held off on comments about my blotto card, hoping a miracle might happen, but no. Like others, mine has circled the drain and finally gone down.

    Have a good evening all,

  61. I know that the A&E channel here in the states takes many of the programs they produce/provide and then subsequently releases them on DVD.

    Wonder if the LFAR sessions may see a DVD release in the future. It sounds like a good program that featured a number of great acts.

    I realize that DG management has little influence on such a project but it sounds like it could be a good marketing opportunity. No?



    [There is a ‘Live From Abbey Road’ DVD in the pipeline, documenting the first series, but we can’t yet say for sure whether or not any footage from David’s performance will be included on it. As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  62. To Graham Knight.

    Your short but informative explanation of ‘the 4 notes’ made me laugh long and loud. Nice one.

    robyns, sad to hear you were bullied at 15 but it seems to me you got through it. Pink Floyds music can be all things to all people. Great that it was of help to you. Never had that type of problem myself thankfully, but chances are I would have done exactly what you did if it had been the case.

    4 notes…. totally brilliant yet simplicity itself.

  63. To Gilmour..

    I wanna thank you…For being a live soul,’till the now days…live soul,rare to see in these days…I wanna thank you for having left a precious gift in every song you singe..Pure vibe …psychedelic side of universe that few dare to hold, simple, pure basic.

    Just wanted you to know,that this thing is precious,thank you then,for being a human that got carry it through all life…sometimes black,sometimes white,no matter color,pure energy ..

    And,ya know…all these feels are for real.The song is never ..over. 🙂

    a fan…
    Gabby 🙂

  64. This old man (62) is in process of converting his less than perfect VCR tape of the Earls Court 1994 concert from PAL to NTSC. I live in USA now this last few years.

    I am as I write listening to so so many of the classics and watching Dave playing just thrills me over and over. I think it’s called ”lump in throat time”!

    I somehow doubt Dave will ever read this personally (tho I wish he could) but I have to write down my immense appreciation of all his work over the years. Without taking away any of the kudos from other Floyd members, I have to say that Dave was for me since his joining, the ultimate epitomy of guitar mastery. A maestro.

    Dave – I have to imagine you are reading this and so say to you ……. thank you a thousand times over. You have given this old fella such pleasure over the years and you should know it.

    My only wish before I skip off this little rock we call earth is to be able to shake your hand.

    Thank you for your contribution to my life sir. I just want you to know that.

    Chris (Pennsylvania, U.S.A)

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