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80125_blog.jpgHere are a few more of your questions, answered by Steve DiStanislao.

Thanks to Ian and Lucia, who submitted the following for Stevie’s consideration.

There are more answers to come, so stick with it.

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Does it make a difference what material your drumsticks are made of? I mean, have you ever played drums with glass sticks, as it is possible? (Ian Pearson)

Wow, glass drumsticks. I’ve never tried it, but I suppose if they were a special tempered glass you might be able to use them. I’ve played some plastic polymer sticks called ‘Emmite’ that were cool, but they ended up shredding up like string cheese. I also tried carbon fibre sticks once, but they sent a shock through my body when I hit the drums, so I put those down pretty fast. I normally play sticks made out of hickory wood. It really does change the sound depending on what type of wood is used. For example, maple is generally a softer wood that has a pleasing sound, and hickory is a harder wood with a bit more of a solid feel and sound to it. Some sticks are made of oak, but they are way too dense-feeling for me. Also, the size of the stick, the shape of the tip and the weight are all contributing factors in creating a specific sound.

Have you never hurt someone, throwing your drumsticks? (Lucia)

Not that I know about, but when I do throw them I usually toss them up high and softly.

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Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Ciao,

    hats off to steve (but this is not necessary from me since ages ago I asked for a photo of the guy in the post).

    Lack of topic leaves me free to say something again about….the dvd cover!! I know, I know, you are full of that subject. But I feel like saying something.

    I complained about the label “2 disc special edition”. Well, a cover is a marketing compromise (even if I believe that Mr. Gilmour nowadays has more influence on marketing departments of his stuff).

    A “special edition” is special if there is a “normal” edition. the world is full of 2 discs dvd marked special edition for marketing purposes.

    I do not understand these people. “2 discs” sells more than “David Gilmour”?? I don’t believe. Look at pulse: Two eyeballs, nothing else. “pink floyd” was enough. and in the LP era Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd making misterious covers with no name were selling.

    My point is that a good product sells itself alone. And in case of Mr. DG. a “nude” cover without stickers, bumpers, advertisment or whatever would fit to the “class” of the artist…..

    cheap opinion. But I do hate “2 dvd special fantasmagorical edition” S**T


  2. What an interesting & comprehensive answer to Ian’s question & what a good question too.

    So, there’s much more to playing them drums then just bashing them about a bit, Steve.

  3. Thanks for answering my question Stevie. Glass drumsticks in the post to you. Of course I hope they dont get broken in transit!

    Ian Pearson

    PS Secret in playing with glass drumsticks is to use a glass drum – you’ll be so scared to smash anything that you’ll only gently tap them!

  4. great questions and great answers. thanks for doing this for us, stevie. you rock!

  5. [thanks for doing this for us, stevie]

    Yes thanks indeed. And many thanks to the DG website for allowing us the privilege of these insights.

    Pete – Coventry

  6. [But I do hate “2 dvd special fantasmagorical edition” S**T – Piergiorgio]

    I would be very, very happy to hear something you like, Piergiorgio…please !!!

    Congrats to Milan on the win over Bayern ! hehe …


  7. [I would be very, very happy to hear something you like, Piergiorgio…please !!!]

    Be careful Michele, the answer may be you.



  8. I suppose it only makes sense that different woods and different treatments to said woods would create different sounds. It’s just not something I ever thought about before. Thanks for the brain-worm, Stevie.

    No, I really must stay away from the music shop.


  9. Could you make this friday, the 13th our lucky day, Fed ? (or is it just a french belief ?)

    Find an idea, please, sure you can ! (no blotto revelation, please !)


    [We must be Blotto tomorrow… – Features Editor]

  10. You know what Piergiorgio? You have a point…I never thought about that before…. hmm….

  11. Olá,

    Here in Brazil, we are waiting years for a spectacle! When is it going to happen? The Pink Floyd changed my life completely!

    We love you!


  12. [We must be Blotto tomorrow… – Features Editor]

    Get ready for a sad day everyone,


  13. [I would be very, very happy to hear something you like, Piergiorgio…please !!!]

    [Be careful Michele, the answer may be you.]

    I like sarcasm, Michele. 😉

  14. I love the answers to the questions, thank you Steve.

    It gave me some insight on what type of sticks to buy my son. I finally relented and gave in to my son’s nagging and signed him up for drum lessons. I wonder if there are sticks that are padded to make no noise??? HAHA

    Have a great weekend…my sis is getting married so I will be very busy this sat.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  15. Hi Fed,

    Stevie, thanks for the insight on drumstick choice. Leave it to Ian to ask about glass sticks.

    Have a great day,

  16. Thanks for the answers Steve! Fascinating!

    I always thought the sound had more to do with the drum itself than the sticks. The carbon fiber sticks- need to be engineered to disperse shock… I work with carbon fiber every day (space applications) but I’m sure they could be made to reduce shock. Do carbon fiber sticks make an interesting or different sound than wood? I know- questions are already in… thinking out loud.

    Pier… I agree with you. A “special edition” should be set to distinguish something from a “standard edition”.

    Ian… now you make glass sticks??? You’re THE man Ian! And how do you get these guys addresses to send stuff to them? Steve will have to let us know if he tries to play with them!


  17. Help make Canada’s weekend something special…

    The local Toronto radio station Q107 are having a Guitar Heroes weekend and you can vote for the tracks you want played…

    Three guesses which one I chose… it was once sung by Kate Bush…

  18. Sorry Guys…

    I don’t know if it was the Chatroom server but it kept going down more than a cheap hooker!

    And I couldn’t get back in….

  19. Oh freakin’ fiddlesticks !! I had a niggling thought in the back of my brain and decided to wander through the archives garden and came across the March 13th post. Sadly I am relegated to being an armchair Blotto player because I didn’t submit the list. Unofficially though, I did get ‘High Hopes’ and ‘On An Island’.

    I take it there’s not a snowballs’s chance in hell I could get in at such a late time, guess I’m locked out. But hey, I can still have some fun with this, I guess. : (

    By the way, FED, did you ever play sports ? Just curious. I know David has, but what about you ?

    Cazart !

    [I did. I played football and hockey as though my life depended on it, and tennis, squash and badminton as though there should be a law keeping some people off court. – Features Editor]

  20. Interesting Steve, I’d like to be sitting in one corner while you are rehearsing for a gig!

    Sorry Fed but why are you asking about our opinion on the dvd cover, can it be changed?

    It isn’t really a great cover, it’s too obvious, even if we don’t mind and will buy it the same.


    [We always ask what you think, even if it sometimes comes back to bite us on the backside. We’re nice like that. This is the sharing, caring blog. – Features Editor]

  21. Friday 13th!

    Fear of Friday 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia…

    It is also the day the Knights Templar were simultaneously arrested across Europe by King Philip IV of France and ended with Jacques de Molay, the last Knights Templar Grandmaster being roasted (not burnt!) at the stake in Paris…

    The shroud that Jacques de Molay was wrapped in is widely believed to be what is known as the Shroud of Turin… Carbon dating indicates that the Shroud of Turin was in fact created between 1260 and 1390… Molay was murdered in 1314…

    Ooooo… Religion and Politics! 🙂

  22. FEd,

    Seems to be a bug with the main Blog page, this latest entry “More from Stevie” doesn’t show up. You can only get to it if you first go to the “Blotto #6” entry and then click to it at the top.

    Maybe you know this already.



    [Hmm. Thanks for that, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  23. Hi Features Editor,

    I appreciate the fact that members of the band, like Steve, answer questions. Thank You Steve.

    It was one year ago today that I saw David in concert in Chicago. I was actually able to get his autograph. I waited over five hours for David to show up at sound check. I did not know if an autograph would be possible since David and his group were hassled in New York. There were only five of us. When David was signing I asked “Can we take a picture with you?” He replied “Sure”

    To everyone out there always remember to treat people with respect irregardless of what their status is in life.

    I don’t know if David has the time to read the blog. However, to DAVID GILMOUR, I once again say THANK YOU!

    Mark Sachs
    Pembroke, Virginia, U.S.A.

    [Thanks for that, Mark. Good to hear. – Features Editor]

  24. Great story Steve, for you probably everyday stuff, for the rest of us…. great stuff, never gave any thought about different drum sticks.

  25. On the subject of the DVD cover, I have to say that I’m not a great fan of it either – but for different reasons to Piergiorgio.

    The main one for me is that it just isn’t ‘special’ enough, not by a long way. Not saying that every single release has to be some kind of Storm-esque vision, but for me that cover looks like something you’d expect to see on a ROIO cover rooting through a CD rack in Camden! (ooh, that might sound way too harsh – sorry).

    I also can understand that OAI has brought a whole new audience of listeners and that this DVD cover goes to reinforce that…but surely there’s a way to elegantly combine the two – the needs of the new and the old?

    Those shows were special. OAI, and the live performances of it were special. The DVD cover that represents it all just isn’t. I get the image of David, the master guitarist set in the hallows of the Royal Albert Hall. Maybe it’s just a bit too “in your face”, or loud? It just seems to be the antithesis of everything before it (and maybe that’s the point…). I can’t help but think I’d like it more if the colour palette were different.

    Anyhow, it’s late and I’m rambling. Ultimately it’s about what’s inside and what’s on the DVDs, which we all know from first hand experience was unreal, so the box could be plain recycled cardboard for me and save the excess packaging and printing.

    Hey, how about that for a special edition? I’ll still pay the same price as the fully boxed version but the difference can goto Greenpeace or a nominated eco charity.


  26. Just a quick follow up on drumsticks from glass.

    My colleagues and I are experimenting and hollow glass drumsticks will be stronger in theory. 15mm diameter seems to be norm. Nice change of topic from guitars eh?

    Happy weekend

    Ian Pearson

  27. Well it’s pretty cool that Steve took the time to answer so many questions. I Hope that one day we may see him play with David again. For David’s Band was great. All of them fit in perfect.

    Thanks FEd for a great day in the Chat Room

    Take Care

  28. It’s been too long since I’ve chimed in… Getting on then,

    Steve, I have never been a drummer and have always been curious; do you fatigue faster than a guitarist? Granted, you must have played guitar to answer that or at least felt like an arm was about to fall off as David finally finished the Comfortably Numb solo…

    [Sorry, Slater, but Stevie isn’t going to be answering any extra ones. – Features Editor]

  29. I learn something every day here on the Blog. That is an interesting and informative answer regarding the drumsticks, thank you Stevie.

    One of these days I am going to register to use the chat room. I just don’t know how this would work out for me with the time different – I definitely can’t do the chat room while I am at work – I’ve been pushing it these days posting my comments from work – all for this wonderful SITE I’ve hooked on.

    Until then…have a wonderful weekend everyone!

    [Oh, go on. You know you want to… Make today that day. – Features Editor]

  30. Hey Fed and all,

    I havent been around a lot lately, due to some bad turns in life recently. I was born with a misformed left lower leg, and despite the doctors advice to amputate it immediatly, my parents decided to take the chance and let me grow up with it. Bless them for that!! Now, some 30 years and quite a few surgeries later, the time seems to have come to make that decision myself. The condition is getting worse and a lot of hard decisions and plans have to be made.

    I want to thank you, fed, for the chatroom, although i havent been there recently. It is good not to be forgotten…I hope to be there again very soon, because i miss it a lot!! but hey, sometimes life comes first.

    thanks and hope to catch you all soon.

    p.s. congrats on the Reds, Fed!! Well done!!!

    [You’re always more than welcome in the chatroom, mate. Hope to see you soon. Look after yourself. – Features Editor]

  31. Thanks for sharing the interview, FE’d!!! Very interesting stuff about drumsticks!!!

    Ian, is there anything that you can’t make from glass??? Steve, is a very lucky chap!!!

    Good show!!! Tally Ho!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Wish You Were Here!!!” Enjoy!!!

  32. CAPTION:” Hey scooby I got a pocket full of stones fetch boy fetch…………..”

    There is a hint of shaggy about Steve in this photo.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  33. Emiel, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I would imagine this is a very difficult time for you.

    Just listen to your heart.


  34. Emiel, you’re in my thoughts as you face this difficult time. If there’s anything you need, please ask.


  35. Great answers. Rock on Stevie.

    Caption: this is the look on your face right before you get nailed with an old-fashioned pie.

  36. Thanks Rudders for attaching the Q107 site on your post. Unless I mistaken of what you said on your post, somehow, I wasn’t able to vote; however, to my surprise, I found a David Gilmour interview under the Music section of the site and, voila there’s David talking. I believe the Blog may have mentioned this particular interview last year. But it’s good to hear the interview again.

    I was also glad to notice the segment on The Doors at 40. I like the Doors – I am much fascinated by Jim Morrison poetry. I can only wonder what kind of lyrics that Syd Barrett and Jim Morrison can come up with now…

  37. Wow, this blotto is really surprising me. Different than the set I imagined …

    When I first saw the game I thougt “I’m not playing it…”. Because people in UK had seen the shows in Albert Hall, people in Europe had seen other concerts, and we in Brazil didn’t see anything. So you guys would easily win, and us in south america wouldn’t . But the setlist of the DVD is really surprising me, now I’m sad I’m not playing.

    Lesson: Yes. You can guess it o/

  38. OK – FED, the Chat Room does indeed sound tempting. I will register later on. I am trying to catch up reading some of these posts from everybody.

    [We hope to see you soon, Veronica. – Features Editor]

  39. Ian,

    How about hollow glass drumsticks that are partially filled with water? Although it may make it difficult to drum as the water may throw the hands off balance.



  40. HELP!! I tried to register last night but a message came back and said that “user name exists”. I tried it again tonight and it still prompted me with the same message. I did use the name I use on The Blog. Any ideas why? I don’t mind changing my user name if it helps.

    [Please check your e-mail, Veronica. – Features Editor]

  41. Emiel…I hope I am not too late to wish you the best on this decision you are making.

    You are a brave person. Not many have to make this type of life changing decision. How nice to hear you speak about your parents. I am certain their decision was not an easy one to make either, but with your best interest at heart.

    My prayers are with you and I echo the comments of ‘follow your heart’. Sounds like good advice from your friends on the blog.


  42. Hey, I would like to send David a thank you, although I am nervous about sending a thank you within a public forum. Is this my best option for something personal? (not a love note, ha ha).

    [It sure is, Janet. – Features Editor]

  43. I joined the chat room for the first time today. People are very nice and warm. Too bad I had to cut short with the chat. You are right, it is not too complicated but you sure need to be very quick reading the chat in order to respond to it…

    Thanks for being so accommodating to all of us in the States.

    Much appreciated.

    [Glad you could make it, Veronica. – Features Editor]

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