DVD cover


Here’s a taste of what you can expect from the ‘Remember That Night’ cover art.

As with the ‘On An Island’ sleeve, the design comes courtesy of Steve Knee.

You can see the full thing on the Latest News page tomorrow.

Let us know what you think of it.

The double-DVD set, featuring live concert footage from London’s Royal Albert Hall on disc one and myriad extras on disc two, will be in the shops in September.

There’s no chat today, but the chatroom will be open tomorrow. Feel free to drop in between the hours of 11AM and 1PM (UK time).

Everyone is most welcome and, if you haven’t registered yet, there’s a simple guide that explains the process on the Stuff & Nonsense page. However, if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

91 thoughts on “DVD cover”

  1. Happy Thursday,

    Is that an actual photo or has David been placed onto the background ?.

    Not a criticism just an observation.

    Pete – Coventry

    [It’s not a photo, it’s creative image editing. – Features Editor]

  2. i really like it. looking forward to seeing the full thing tomorrow.

    happy easter, everyone. x

  3. Thanks for update on DVD FEd. At least it allows plenty of time to prepare and you know what they say, the journey can be as good as the destination.

    Ian Pearson

  4. At the risk of sounding very, very cheeky and maybe my eyes aren’t working very well today and maybe it’s because it’s a small picture, I like the background, I like the colour scheme but it looks as if the left hand side of David’s face has melted. It’s such a lovely face too. Sorry.

  5. Many thanks for the notification of the DVD release date, though I can’t hide my disappointment that this date seems a long time since these concerts were filmed.

    Here’s hoping this official date has already factored in the usual delays that we’ve become accustomed to with Floyd-related releases.

    Is the HD version still going to come out some time after the standard version, or is this release date now relevant to both versions of the DVD?

    [As before, we’ll have a release date for the HD versions as soon as possible. – Features Editor]

  6. nice…tho this seems to be only a snippet so i cant really judge the whole cover art.

    I wonder what happend to a succesfull collaboration between Storm and David?

    He was practically a Floyd band member, giving them a unique visual identity.

    Nevermind…looking forward to this DVD…I really hope that it will be out in september.

  7. You really are spoiling us with all these teasers.

    Also, can any of the irregulars spot themselves in the background?

    Take care.
    x x x

  8. I voted for that photo of DG as the best one last year in the Polly Picture Competition… it’s from Gallery 8…

    To me it epitomises DG, the “look”, the stance, the t’shirt and the black Strat… perfect!

  9. [It’s not a photo, it’s creative image editing. – Features Editor]

    See I do take notice.

    I do like the colours though. Very come and play me.

    Pete – Coventry

  10. Great artwork!

    The Guess which song he’s playing competition . . . On An Island!

  11. Good Morning All,

    Love it, but prefer actual photos. Polly has taken some unbelievably fantastic photos. I see no need to use any creative imaging editing. It seems to be a bit of a disservice to her talent.


  12. [It’s not a photo, it’s creative image editing. – Features Editor]

    My initial thought as well when I first saw it. It just doesn’t look like a photograph but it does look like a combo of photos. I like it.

    Do you think we’ll have some bloggers looking for an enlargements of this photo so that they can see if they are in the background??



  13. Wow Fed… two posts back to back… you’re busy today! Great photo magic. It will be interesting to see the whole cover, though I’m far more interested in the DVD itself.

    And Penny- with all the great photos by Polly… I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if there is a section of her best on the Extras DVD. In fact I’d be very surprised if the best of the bunch isn’t on it.

    Who will be distributing/promoting the DVD Fed? I’d like to contact them and push them to make the DVD widely available on the day of release (don’t want to wait a moment after release to get it so no mail orders!).


    [We can’t add anything else to what we’ve so far announced, sorry. More soon. – Features Editor]

  14. Steve Knee is a very talented designer. His work for OAI is superb and I can´t wait to see his complete works on the DVD.

    By the way, here goes a sugestion:

    How about showing his sketches and a kind of “making of” of his work on both OAI and Remember that Night? I think it would be very interesting to learn more about his creative proccess and how it matched David Gilmour´s music.

    Thanks for the very good news, FEd. Hope you get well in no time!

  15. Ahh i like it, nice picture.

    Can’t help thinking Storm Thorgerson might have done a good job on the album and dvd covers tho.

  16. I like the cover too. I love that ‘concentration’ face he pulls when he is playing.

    Can’t wait till September.

  17. Maybe I’m blind, but the background of this cover shot looks empty of the audience, was it taken during rehearsal? Need to see it closer to be sure.

    See You In September.LOL.

  18. FEd…It looks wonderful. Will you plan on releasing the Full Size Image?

    [You’ll just have to wait and see, mate. – Features Editor]

  19. Great!

    DVD viewing parties 9/21-9/22? I’ll be on my gazillionth viewing by that weekend….

  20. From what I can see, I like it very much. As well as clearly showing off the majesty of the Royal Albert Hall and the sublime lighting, it shows David doing what he does best. The black guitar and Hendrix strap shown are fundamental parts of this fine experience.

    As for the Storm Thorgerson doing the artwork, then as much as I admire his work, I also feel he has done particularly well out of Pink Floyd down the years. I like Steve Knee’s work very much and, lest we forget, this isn’t a Pink Floyd project.

    [You’ve just given me an idea for a future blog topic, Luis. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  21. Great work Mr Knee! David and his guitar as one thing, I think this is the correct way to represent him.

    After his wonderful concert in Venice last August and the great On an Island Dvd, I’m looking forward to seeing “Remember that night”.

    Up to now I am looking back at Venice concert and remember that night I saw my idol performing in front of me those incredible songs!

    Happy Easter to you Fed, to all the band, their families and especially to David and Richard!

    Ciao da Piero

  22. Great news Fed. DVD release date, DVD cover…..what next. This is so exciting. I will be marking the days off on my calander. The artwork looks great.

    Hope you have a nice weekend…it is opening day for baseball today and my daughter Ashleah’s B-day and seeing as I work for the baseball stadium I will be busy this weekend.

    Hope everyone has a Happy Easter.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  23. I am late logging in and wow, great news, but why does Sept seem soooo far off?

    Anyway, I’m totally feeling the photo art, the colors are great, real eye-catching, perfectly handsome and God oh so sexy, genius of a man on the cover, what more could a girl want? I’ll take a cold drink now, excuse me….okay I’m back. Whew!

    Can’t wait for the dvd needless to say. Great news today! My baby girl is 14 today. Say Happy Birthday Samantha!

    Love to all in the DG world—


    [Happy Birthday, Samantha. – Features Editor]

  24. They appear to have cut out most of Blackie from that pic.

    BTW who’s the funny looking guy playing it? 😀

  25. [To me it epitomises DG, the “look”, the stance, the t’shirt and the black Strat… perfect! Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at April 5, 2007 12:50 PM]

    I’ve got to agree with Rudders on this. Add to that ‘the look’ — David with that intensity in his face when he hits those really exquisite notes, hey, it’s the real thing!

    Very much looking forward to more previews …

    Washington State

  26. Hi FEd,

    In response to someone’s comment in the last day or so about the lack of posts from people and how the Blog must be suffering from chatroom fatigue, I’m making every attempt to post as frequently as possible!! Now if only I had something profound to share …

    Let’s see how long it takes for someone to comment on the ‘chatty’ nature of the posts:)

    Washington State

  27. Sorry, not my favorite picture of David. Many better ones have been taken by Polly, but I do like the interior shot of the RAH. I have never been inside, have only seen the outside years ago when I was fortunate to be in London. I see it is as beautiful inside as out.

    May I ask a stupid question? Providing I can actually find the right time to get into the Chat room, is registering in advance the thing to do?


    [That’s right. You need to register a username and password before you’re allowed in (most people use the name they use here, so that they may be more easily recognised), but it only takes a few moments to register and is completely painless. There’s a guide on the Stuff & Nonsense page. Please click your name below for that. – Features Editor]

  28. Nice Cover Art!

    I hope the back of the DVC will have a shot of the whole band, with green lights, smoke and lasers too. (I have one like that as my wallpaper).

    Andrew: Thanks for those words.

    I hear you regarding the maple trees, but I suspect that furniture, flooring and housing use up much more wood than guitar-building.

    Regarding signature guitars, while I can’t play very well, it would still be nice to have one. Perhaps its like women and shoes – oops, never mind, forget I said that. 😉

    You didn’t list the Rory Gallagher strat, where you pay a hefty premium to have the sh*t kicked out of it. At least David’s will be all there.

    And replicating cigarette burns on the neck or headstock seems silly. Hmmmm. I wonder if Guy ever did quit?

    Happy Easter everyone.

  29. Call me a geek, but I already made it my display picture for an instant chat program.

    It truly is complete; the person, the place, the black strat, the hendrix strap, in the zone expression, the black shirt, the stance, and the lighting and proper use of shading really brings it to life. Very well done, I love it. hOppy easter everyone 🙂

    ::166 day(s) left::

    -Cemet Nosce

  30. [As for the Storm Thorgerson doing the artwork, then as much as I admire his work, I also feel he has done particularly well out of Pink Floyd down the years. I like Steve Knee’s work very much and, lest we forget, this isn’t a Pink Floyd project. – Posted by: Luis G at April 5, 2007 03:09 PM]

    What Luis said.

    As for myself, I like the ‘mood’ created by the lighting … and the famous Gilmour-at-work expression. I hesitate to label it a ‘grimace’ for alliterative purposes, simply because a grimace generally connotes dislike or something slightly negative.

    Can’t wait!


  31. Week after week of excellent photos we’ve seen on the Blog, so did it really have to be an artificially created shot, which I have to say isn’t very good.

    It looks rather tacky. Sorry

  32. I like the concept, but there does need to be more of the guitar and less colorization, in my opinion.

  33. David is such a photogenic man !

    Gallery 8,#13 ??? Fed, Lucia ! Could it be a photo from Rome ?


  34. Fan-freekin’-tastic !!! Happy Happy Joy Joy !!!!

    Thought I’d come on to see if there was something new and lo ! and behold !

    September 18th, eh ? I was kind of hoping for an earlier release date, but it would appear that the light at the end of the development tunnel is in sight ! I think it is touching that the release date happens to coincide with the passing of Jimi Hendrix. Especially what with the guitar strap that Polly bought for her beau.

    Rest assured I have marked my calendar.

    However, I wonder, since I did not get the limited edition ‘OAI’ with ‘Island Jam’ if ‘Island Jam’ might be one of the extras on the dvd. That would be fantastic.

    By the way, FED, when will the next Blotto call be happening ? I am determined now to get at least one or two right !

    Hope to make it for tomorrow’s chat.

    Cazart !

    [We’ll all be Blotto tomorrow. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  35. [As for the Storm Thorgerson doing the artwork, then as much as I admire his work, I also feel he has done particularly well out of Pink Floyd down the years. I like Steve Knee’s work very much and, lest we forget, this isn’t a Pink Floyd project.]

    Well said Luis. OAI is a David Gilmour album.

    Steve Knee’s images complement perfectly the “mood” of OAI.

    I look forward to tomorrow’s revelation of the cover in full.

  36. Hi all

    Well thank you for your welcome once again, I havent been able to post or read for awhile since Im staying with folks with bad internet connection

    happy birthday samantha

    re the cover. well I think its interesting. Im looking foward to seeing the whole thing.

    I can see why David might of not wanted to use Storm as a designer since David probably wants his own image away from floyd. after all what he does is quite different. of course it has reminiscences of floyd. after all since the age of 21 he’s been the voice and guitar of floyd. but this album is more mature and focused on one theme compared to say DSOTM which considers many themes

    I think the moderness of the cover will do David good, maybe appealing to a younger audience as well as the older who already know how good DG is.

    Hope everybody is well.

  37. Hello FEd, long time no post. Hope you’re doing well.

    That’s a very nice image, by the way. Can hardly wait for the DVD 😀

    Hey FEd, has the password to the chatroom changed? I tried to log in yesterday, but couldn’t. Just wondering.

    Anyway have a good one – what’s left of it.


    [Apologies for the disappointment. The only password these days, other than your own (which is needed to sign in, of course), is a room password. This is required to enter one of our lock-ins. If I’m in a good mood when the scheduled chat session is coming to an end, I choose a completely random password and set it in place to allow those who wish to chat for longer to linger for a while. To be informed of the day’s room password – if there is one – then you need to visit the chatroom when it’s open to all. Opening and closing times are stated on the calendar. – Features Editor]

  38. It’s beautiful!

    Of course anything with David’s face on it would have to be.

    Thank you Mr.Knee, for displaying our David, in such an attractive manner.


  39. Oh my. Oh MY. This is too much. Right in a row, two updates? September seems so far off now… I love the picture. David is always so focused on the guitar and the music and this captures that focus. In my opinion, of course. 😉

    P.S. Did that link work?

    [I’m afraid it didn’t, Jessica. – Features Editor]

  40. Is there any news on a possible CD to accompany it? or is this just wishful thinking?

    [There’s nothing to report at this time, James. – Features Editor]

  41. Hi Features Editor,

    It has been awhile since my last post. However, I am very excited about the news regarding the DVD.

    I still have flashbacks to 04/12/06 and 04/13/06 in Chicago. I enjoyed both shows so much!!!!!!

    Thank You for all you do to keep this site running.

    Mark Sachs
    Pembroke, Virginia, U.S.A

    [Thanks very much, Mark. Thanks for contributing to it and for giving me something to work with. There’d be nothing here if not for David’s fine fans, so I appreciate you taking the time to leave a message very much indeed. I hope you’ll enjoy the DVD. – Features Editor]

  42. Hello All, been a while. had a technical difficulty with my computer but im back,

    Hey i love the cover its awsome.

    Was on the chatroom for a little while last night but missed you Fed, heard you werent feeling well so i hope you feel better today. Talk to you all soon.


    [Bless you, Clarice. It’s just a cold. I’ll survive. – Features Editor]

  43. That’s David in his glory in this photo folks. I’ve seen it so many times and it still sends chills up my spine.

    Steve Knee, good job mate. You’ve captured David. No offense to Polly, may we ask more from you, some hidden photos we haven’t seen yet?

    Maybe one of Fed would be nice too. We know he’s shy, but it would be nice to share.

  44. Great job~~~I love it!!!

    The lighting is perfect, love the silver lineing on David, great colors, excellent atmospher. It fits all of Davids other covers…. like a glove!

  45. I love david dearly, but this isnt one of the best pictures. It does look like his face is melting. But thats just my opinion, it doesnt matter. He will always be number one in my book.


  46. Love the cover!..David facing towards us while performing with the actual live audience in behind, nicely conveys his warm wishes for us to join him to remember that night..whether you were there or not..that’s what I get out of it anyhow.

    Caption..with tongue in cheek, David ponders on what Rudders should name is new guitar and decides on ROOVESILLE. (only very early blog participants may get this one)

  47. “2 disc special edition” bigger than the title? that’s not classy. On a side, very little, or on the back….”2 disc set”. This sleeves with the “2 disc special edition” stickers does not stand the proof of time.

    I like the idea of colorization but there’s something which doesn’t convince me. It is too artificial and therefore lacks of feeling. You see, digital art these times is a cheap way to go around obstacles…like making hundreds of real photos for the perfect shot.

    All these opinions, anyway, are unuseful. The cover has been done.

    It just seems so easy….

  48. Hello!

    I think that this cover is nice. I believed it more various. I’ll watch it until is not consumed.

    Thanks for the news!

  49. Hi folks,

    September – marvellous – strings out the pleasure of the anticipation ….

    Nice design – very recognisably David in full flow.

    A happy easter to everyone – I’m off for a nice day and lunch at the spiritual home (i.e Cambridge) – got to keep those loonies on the path, don’t you know…

  50. great….17th sept,also the date i fly out to the states…do i buy it at the airport? Or if its not regionalized(dont know if thats the right word),do i buy it in the states and watch it over there.ooooooo what is a poor boy to do????

  51. Well David Gilmour you have done it again. You have put a DVD out where we can enjoy a concert
    with lots of extras to watch.

    So all I have to say is Thank You for giving us a chance to enjoy your concert in the comfort of our own home.

    Take Care,

  52. I’m really looking forward to tasting this amazing DVD, even though I think the artwork is not as great as the DVD content. Maybe I would have appreciated something created by the master Storm Thorgerson, but that’s only my opinion…

    September is far far away…

  53. I like the cover! Good work, Mr Knee!

    I wish you all (and to David, his family and all the band) a wonderful Easter time! Eat a lot of chocolate, which is good for the mood and also the health! Word of Harvard University researchers

    See you mates!


  54. fantastic picture fet ed . i look forward to having the dvd in my hot little hands in september .

    sorry i’ll miss the chat today but some of us have to earn a few euros ! got 3 drops on . 1st one being at 11

    have a happy easter fet ed and the same to all the bloggers .


  55. Caption:

    David, spotting the Giant Malaysian Rainbow Spotted Tour-Cockroach, bends a C-Chord in it’s honour. . .

  56. Given all the wonderful photos there are of David, I wouldn’t have chosen that one. The lighting isn’t very flattering.

    Looking forward to “Remember That Night.” It would be great if one of the extras was peek of tour rehearsals or sound checks. And of course a “spare digits” section is always welcome. I like my Gilmour guitar lessons very much.


  57. The image of DG, low camera angle for monumentality, playing guitar, surrounded by the interior of the RAH, some colored effect lights shining. That’s three icons in one image for the DVD covering DG in concert. It’s a good WYSYWIG approach, and whether one likes this particular layout or not is very much a question of personal choice.

    Personally I would rate it 7/10: firstly I feel that it’s quite “unGilmourish” to face the audience with the back, and secondly I would rather have chosen this pose for an occasion like “Ted Nugent on the road again”.

    The B&W picture of DG holding the neck of a Fender, eyes closed (The South bank Centre project. Has this article been deleted? Cannot find it anymore here) emphasizes more DG@2006 to me, but that’s an opinion like any other.

  58. Hi Fed.

    the cover looks great!! it shows everything – David Gilmour playing the black fender – pure sound – and behind him the albert hall.

    i`m sure the dvd will be fantastic.

    please dont let us know too much about the extras – i want to discover the 2 dvds in september.


  59. Dear F.Ed.,

    This amazing image is truly our disclosed Easter-egg surprise: Mr.Gilmour has a so intense expression!

    Thank you for sharing it
    ciao Elisabetta

  60. The image is a very good representation of the “mood”, “concentration” and “expression” of David Gilmour in his guitar playing; combine with the color theme, location (I presume it must be from Royal Albert Hall), did I also see the audience in the back ground? The cover projects everything of what the DVD is about – love it. I would prefer a photo instead though.

    This is the second art work I am exposed to of Steve Knee. I love the art work of “On An Island”. Another good representation of what the CD is about (some songs in the CD are more subtle than the others, of course). All the images/sketches are uniquely depicted. I refer a lot to the pictures when I am listening to the CD; it gives me a feeling of belonging.

    My husband and I can’t wait for the release. We hope the “BLOG” will provide us an “early bird” special, perhaps a discount on some merchandize from the shop, etc. I believe the BLOG did that last time.

    Until then…

  61. Absolutely beautiful! I really like it; David looks so concentrated,it is really him.We have seen him so often with this expression.

    I love the interior of the RAH and the colors…Any colors we like!!! Splendid!

    Happy Easter everybody! David and Pollys children; dont eat too much chocolate!!!

    sylvie de montréal

  62. I’m diggin’ the cover! Classic Gilmour grimace has he bares down on one of his trademark compound note bends!

    I actually like the juxtaposed background. The stage background could be anywhere, the RAH w/ audience grounds the event….”Remember That Night”

  63. I like the cover art too. However, I thought one of Polly’s very fine pictures was going to be chosen. It seemed to me an obvious thing to do… but maybe just to me! hahaha

    Anyway, yeah… September seems too far away…

  64. Very cool, mid-September gives me plenty of time to save up for a PS3 (built-in blu-ray player).

    Thanks for the info.

  65. Michele…you definitely nailed the correct original pic from the galleries.

    I like what was done to it, but [edit by gg]…god I hate that I feel the need to criticize the artwork, seems like nit-picking…so I shall edit it.

  66. A rhetroical question probably, but… will there really be no double CD to accompany this marvellous DVD release? Would like to have that in my CD collection!

    [If there was to be one, we’d let you know when the time was right. – Features Editor]

  67. I cannot wait any longer for this!!!

    The art is fantastico! Well done, team.

  68. Nice image!

    I’m frenzied to buy this item because I was one of the unlucky fans who missed all David’s shows in Italy.

    Happy Easter to everyone here and……of course….Happy Easter David!

  69. [Bless you, Clarice. It’s just a cold. I’ll survive. – Features Editor]

    You do seem to get your fair share of these Fed.

    Are you wearing your vest and have you been taking your vitamin C ??

    (Dr) Pete – Coventry

    [This is the first cold I’ve had in months, Doctor, but thanks for the advice. – Features Editor]

  70. Ok just saw the cover of the new DVD and the guitar geek in me experienced a mild seizure. Nice!

    Mid-September is a fantastic time for it to come out. Anticipation is half the fun.

  71. Michèle, tu es très forte, c’est effectivement la bonne photo! Tu n’est pas prof pour rien…la recherche c’est bien pour toi! Bravo!!!

    It is really curious,without reading both of our posts, Veronica and i said the same thing in our words!

    Sylvie de montréal

  72. snazzeh cover! Time to upgrade the stereo whilst I wait it out till sept!!

  73. [Sorry, not my favorite picture of David.]

    Yeah, but you know when he makes that face he’s in the zone!

    Great news on the DVD. Like many of the other bloggers it will be a wonderful B-Day present in September.

    By the way, Great Cover. Does it come with 3-D glasses?

    ~Tomi Sue

  74. Ahah, Sylvie, j’ai peut-être trouvé l’origine de la photo du DVD – ce qui ne sert à rien – mais j’ai tout faux au Blotto !

    Déjà 5 lignes fausses /5 et 4 colonnes fausses /5 !

    Alors, Fed, une suggestion (honnête), vous inversez vos règles et vous me donnez un prix si je suis la première à ne pas pouvoir gagner ! oui ?

    Joyeuses fêtes de Pâques à toi et ta famille, Sylvie !


    [Une bonne idée, ma belle roublard, mais non. – Features Editor]

  75. Great cover shot! It really couldn’t be anything else.

    I still remember that night! Can you see my big head in the background? lol!

    Stephen Rado

  76. I love the cover image and find it, fantastic!!!

    Looks as though David Gilmour is in the eye of some sort of unique futuristic oasis. Likened to the calm suspended space in the eye of a hurricane. Sending energetic direction to his vessel using his sounds, like a rudder, for an awesome voyage, to some beautiful island paradise in space B^) Cool…

    Also reminds me of a question I asked a buddy recently…?

    What would Earth look like from the eyes of the Sun? Of course, if the Sun has eyes…

    I thought, maybe a giant Disco Ball reflecting Light and Color into Space…

    I will Remember That Night always David Gilmour and amazing assistants…

    Thank you very much indeed,


  77. I have to say I think the cover looks a bit “Bargain basement”, like it’s a from a bootleg rather than an official release.


  78. [Bless you, Clarice. It’s just a cold. I’ll survive. – Features Editor]

    Guess you can see you’re Wearing the Inside Out?



  79. Hi all,

    I’m back from Spring Holidays.

    Thank you for good news, 17.09 DVD release, I hope it will be few days earlier available in Poland (just like in Germany).

    DVD Cover – I like it, I think it is similar to Live And In Session cover. But I’m more interested in how discs will packed. Another book?


  80. I remember that night…It was 1 year ago today in Oakland.

    What a night it was. Thanks, David…

  81. DVD cover is great.

    I guess I’ll get some adverse comments at this statement but I missed the shows in 2006. Call it busy with other things.

    Anyhow looking forward to Sept 17th, (hope it’s not delayed!) I have a short holiday a few days later, and after celebrating a ‘significant’ birthday I now have a portable DVD player. So thats part of my entertainment in Greece I guess.

    My main point of this though, is that, at least I’ll get a taste of what most of you experienced last year.

    Can’t wait for the release.


    [I hope you enjoy it, John. Do let us know what you think of it when you can. – Features Editor]

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