Blotto (#6)


If you’re waiting for your Blotto fix, please grab your Blotto cards now.

The fourth song to be revealed is ‘On an Island’, which will be the sixth song on the concert disc.

There are 23 songs on this disc, all recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall last May. Disc two is made up of extras.

The double-DVD set, ‘Remember That Night’, will be available to buy in September. It’s due for release on Monday 17 September on the EMI label and on Tuesday 18 September on the Sony label.

Please mark the ‘6’ space on your cards appropriately. It’s only right if you guessed that ‘On An Island’ would be the sixth song.

If you need reminding, the aim of Blotto is to complete a line, either horizontally or vertically, on your Blotto card. Only correct song/space guesses will complete a line. If you guess well enough to complete a line, boldly declare “Blotto!” and we’ll enter you into a prize draw.

Good luck to all who are playing along.

The chatroom will be open between 4PM and 6PM (UK time) today, if you want to call in. Everyone’s welcome.

Here’s the latest from Stevie’s Q&A.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a question.

Was it difficult coming in to David’s band when the other members had played or worked together before? (LynnR)

I knew I had some HUGE shoes to fill, and I was pretty nervous coming into this band (who wouldn’t be?), but everyone was so welcoming, helpful and warm that all those feelings went away very quickly and we fell right into the music. I have to say that the chemistry was there from the start.

Describe David Gilmour in five. (Victor)

Renaissance Man, Great Father, Generous, Classy, A True Genius, A Gentleman… OK, that’s six.

Playing in David’s band and performing behind all those great musicians and special guests must obviously be a great thrill. Would you ever consider, when the time is right, writing a book of events as viewed by you (as Nick Mason did recently)? (Peter)

I’ve thought about writing a book about all these great experiences at some point, but I think that’s still a long way off.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

87 thoughts on “Blotto (#6)”

  1. Now I feel the world is right again, I got another Blotto entry wrong.



  2. That’s another blotto number I got wrong. I’ve only got one row and one column left that I stand any chance in and somehow I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    I’m not despondent though because Stevie has answered my question. Thanks Stevie. The chemistry between the band members was noticeable from the audience both in the looks and smiles exchanged and the quality of the music. It really did take it to another level.

    I look forward to experiencing it again on the DVD, whatever order the songs are in!

  3. [my five words would be: classy, cool, kind, gentleman, genius. – Victor]

    [Renaissance Man, Great Father, Generous, Classy, A True Genius, A Gentleman… – Stevie]

    Wow! Victor! Great minds think alike!


  4. Wow, I got that one so totally wrong, it’s approaching right from behind, having traversed the entire globe…

    And that means that at this point, according to my virtual blotto card, I only have one more chance, as every column and all but one row has a dastardly red mark on it… Not even Michele’s requested diagonals would save me if that rule were changed.

    On the other hand, this morning I scored good tickets to see a certain Canadian band in August, so life is good.


  5. I doubt anybody would have got that one right! Other than including ‘Speak to Me’ as the first track, the only other way I think OAI could be track six, is if The Great Gig in the Sky has been slotted in after Breathe Reprise.

    By the way, please don’t leave it until the last track to let us know whether Echoes is on the disc, as that would be nothing short of psychological torture!!

  6. Oh, just read the entry about the Webby’s…congrats on being an Honoree…yea for us!

    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  7. Damn & Blast WRONG again, ive just realised if i get one wrong on every line im stuffed!, im almost stuffed already!

    [The music isn’t necessarily from ‘On An Island’, but it is always David’s music. – Features Editor]

    Have you just opened up another can of worms Fed. Where, what, when…..?

    [Probably. – Features Editor]

  8. Another one bites the dust, however I need 2 more wrong picks to be Unblotto. Then I win nothing. Yeehaww. LOL.

    Congrats to David for the Webby’s. Good job everyone.

  9. Fed, I’ve tried to go to the chat room entering my user name but the next screen stays blank, no response for password. What gives?

    [Have you got the latest version of Java, Frank? Everyone else seems to be fine. – Features Editor]

  10. WRONG!!! I have two “saved” lines still. All the other lines cross with something wrong. I think it is nearly impossible to win. So, Fed I want to be the first one to ask a consolation prize due to my faithfulness…and I also promise, in case I have a nice consolation prize, to be more “obedient” nice, calm…I can shut up forever for a PRIZE!! hahaha

    Anyway, this number creates more confusion on the topic “breath/time”. Counting breathe/time/breathe(r)/castellorizon/on an island…it makes 5. in the other case it makes 3….hmmmm…the mystery is far to be solved!!! 🙂


  11. [Other than including ‘Speak to Me’ as the first track]

    Speak to me as a track is ridiculous, come on, no one even plays it….this is not “dark side of the moon”.

  12. Yup… I missed that one too. Still, I’m at 50% correct… not bad considering.

    Hey Fed, you could have a prize for the first person completely eliminated! Obviously, the DVD will contain the best performances of the RAH shows, not necessarily a show per se, and not in the order performed. I look for the tracks that have special guests that don’t make it to disk 1 to be extras on disk 2. I could be wrong…

    Hey Pheonix… you Snake! I could shoot an arrow at you… I know my wife is going to insist I take her to see that Canadian band when they come in July. I don’t mind- I like them too.


  13. Great……foiled again! Oh well.

    I wish I could go into chat today…I seem to be having problems with the little password window not popping up. Not a good day.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Have you got the latest version of Java? The chatroom has been very busy. – Features Editor]

  14. Major bummer – I just missed entering the chatroom – I should not have WASTED time finding out who the heck Miley and Jamie Lynn were … (that was more frustrating than missing the password)

    Congratulations on the Webby Honoree Award, it’s very much deserved.

    Take Care. CT

    [The chatroom is still open and will be for half an hour, Christine. – Features Editor]

  15. – Speak To Me is normally listed separately as a track (come on, Nick Mason had to get some writing royalties!)

    – Breathe (reprise) is not normally listed as a separate track…its just part of Time.

    …all of which leads me to believe that Blotto #4 is TGGITS.

    (And of course Echoes is on Disc 1…to be announced as Blotto #19 by Fed in late August!)


    I am sinking further into blotto hell. Luckily I like circles as in zero/naught.

    Cheers, Howard

  17. Hm, seems that all the On An Island songs are coming on the numbers 5-14. That means I will have none of those right.

    That will also mean that number 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be Speak To Me, Breathe, Time, Breathe Reprise, if there is no other songs that has been put before On An Island.

  18. Just read about the latest news on the site – Congratulations on the Webby Web Site Awards – “Honoree” – well deserved!

    It doesn’t matter to me as much anymore if I miss any of the “blotto” #. It’s really fun playing the game though and I think FEd did an excellent job on keeping the momentum going…

    I believe we are all winners just knowing that there is a new DVD release of David Gilmour on the way. I am thrilled and excited just thinking of it.


  19. Thanks FEd – when asked for a password, I was too quick to think I was late and missed the room password. I should have just entered my password, as I’m sure was requested by the prompt I didn’t read, and I would have made it in the chatroom. It must have been a subconscience mistake tho because I should have been working anyway, rather than having fun chatting.

    I’ll try again at another of your later-in-the-day sessions.

    Thanks. CT

    [We look forward to seeing you soon, Christine. – Features Editor]

  20. Another one wrong – I am confidently predicting (with Piergiorgio) that there will be NO WINNERS – except of course in the sugar-coated sense that we are all winners by playing the game – I do still have 3 possible lines that could win but given what precedes they look improbable in the extreme….

  21. Caption:

    Nick: ” . . . . and, of course, I wrote Nick’s Boogie, and er, then there was Speak To Me, . . . . and er, oh of course, there was The Merry Xmas Song and er . . . . ”

    PS. Nick’s book IS truly excellent.

  22. Great photo…but it inspired two captions:

    1) Nick: “Only now young Jedi do you realise how tough the rototom parts in Echoes really are”

    2) Stevie: “OMG Nick – are Mica’s boobs bigger than mine?” 🙂


  23. [Speak to me as a track is ridiculous, come on, no one even plays it….this is not “dark side of the moon”.]

    You may be right but, other than ‘Great Gig’ after Breathe Reprise, what else could have pushed the OAI title track down to sixth position on the track listing?

    Talking of The Great Gig in the Sky, if it is included on the first disc but it hasn’t been slotted into position four, then it’s most likely to occur in the order that it was performed at the RAH concerts, i.e. between High Hopes and WYWH (which have already been revealed as tracks 18 and 20)….thus, dare I even think it, meaning Echoes might not be on there!!!!

    Of course, just to complicate matters, not all of the OAI tracks might be on disc one?!?!?!?

    That FEd bloke is enjoying this.

  24. Is it me or does Nick look like Michael Caine doing an impression of Nick Mason doing an impression of Michael Caine?

  25. Hello there David & FEd,

    Many congrats on being an Honoree!!

    I am so good at not getting ANY of the blotto so far! Will I get an award for missing all of them?

    Missed you guys in the chat today, bummer.

    Hope you had a great weekend,

  26. Yep I`m wrong again! The track order is obviously totaly different from what I thought, still I`m sure the final result would be well worth the wait!

  27. x x x x x U N B L O T T O x x x x x x

    Thanks Frank P., for inventing the word. Its lovely.

  28. No it’s not Frank, it’s rather a bit sad. But it will be repeated here soon I am certain. It will lead to a whole new inverse competition. It’s a silly game after all.

    And we will be part of it, may the worst win.

  29. Oh man. This was a close one. I almost lost another row to this Blotto harassment.

    Stevie’s modesty is so wonderful. To walk into an established group without any sense of entitlement or anything like that, that’s awesome. His words about David, how sweet. (I knew it couldn’t be any other way.) Wish I played the drums and met David and got to play with him. *burning with jealousy*

    P.S. Inside Out WAS awesome! Oh, Nick Mason, you crack me right up… Has anyone ever thought that he looked(s) like Eric Idle? Everytime I watch Flying Circus, I think, “Wha? Nick Mason?”

  30. I am getting ready to leave work in a few minutes and before I sign off, I’d like to echo what Stevie’s description of David Gilmour as “Renaissance Man, Great Father, Generous, Classy, A True Genius, A Gentleman”.

    With all that I’ve read and all that I’ve been told about David Gilmour, I also understand that he is a respectful mentor, a true friend, a righteous man, refined and definitely a versatile, talented and knowledgeable musician.


  31. Fine job on the webbsy award everyone at oai is most deserving.


  32. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Mr.’s Crosby and Nash sing OAI (w/David) all three nights in RAH? Just wondering. . .

    [I think so, but the blog’s memory is better than mine (the calendar’s, too). – Features Editor]

  33. HAHAHA! I’m drawing zero’s with little opportunity of redemption!

    This brings me to the question of what are the first five tracks anyway? As I have read here, people seem to agree that Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise are three different tracks. Assuming the order follows the concerts, then I’m left with an interesting hypothesis:

    On March 13th FEd announced, “Over the next few weeks, we’ll be revealing a random song/track number….” What if the first track is not a song at all but a quick behind the scenes backstage at RAH right before the band comes out? You know, goofing around, beer in hand, Guy picking his nose…stuff like that.

    If that’s the case, then OAI would be #6 and Red Sky #8 as expected. That’s my take on it.

    On the
    Official Honoree Selection
    Ladies and gentlemen. It was a team win!

  34. Caption:

    Nick says to the artists. “Okay,who didn’t use under arm deodorant today? A show of hands please”.

    Thanks for the tip today Fed, I tried, hope that works, as you know, I’m not comp. savvy, but trying anyway.

  35. Fed,

    Congratulations to all at the David Gilmour Blog! You all do an amazing job

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  36. Caption:

    Nick: Hands up who wants me to spank Stevie with these drumsticks?

    good going on the webaward!

  37. Hello again FEd,

    Congratulations to everybody involved on the Webby Honoree nomination.

    Best regards,

  38. wow, stevie answered my question. thanks, stevie! 🙂

    michele, great minds do think alike!

    congrats on the webby nomination, btw. you guys deserve it.

  39. [That FEd bloke is enjoying this]

    Probably SadisticFEd is enjoying. But in a short time it will be UNBLOTTO for everybody. and “there’s the rub”…going on telling songs ’till september? :0


  40. [….thus, dare I even think it, meaning Echoes might not be on there!!!!]

    a very worrying thought indeed, but why would it be left out, for one thing it took up a very pleasureable 25mins of the concert.

  41. I knew it was out there somewhere…

    “I’m going to nominate this site for a Webby Award and others when I find them…(or is there one you can suggest?) Fellow Bloggists!…. what do you think??? – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at April 7, 2006 08:52 PM”

    Thoroughly well deserved!

  42. Grats on the award – but I won’t be happy until FEd, SNEd and the rest of the DG backroom boys and girls are given the keys to their respective cities/tribute albums in their names/testimonial games at your team’s ground 🙂

    Sorry I’ve not been blogging or in chat as much as I’d like to…the work pressure is on and I need to use it to motivate me to get this book written. In fact every time you see me blogging or chatting I’m procrastinating work!! Hope everyone is doing well.


  43. Why do I get this feeling that the order of the songs for the DVD is being decided the same way you play BINGO? In other words they wrote down all the songs on slips of paper, put them in a drum and then started to pick them out one by one.

    I can just see it now: “OK, now let’s pick number 20. Richard you reach in there this time.”

    Also, do you think the management has a separate pool going on which blogger will yell BLOTTO first? “David, you have Angelo. Doesn’t look that good for you chap in taking home the prize.”



    [Have you been spying on us? – Features Editor]

  44. Dear F.Ed.

    as this site is an image of his Artist, many and many congratulations to Mr.David Gilmour, to all the crew working to this site and to the Jabeye’s webmaster for this such important nomination!

    I’m very happy for you


    [Thank you all very much. – Features Editor]

  45. Not so lucky this time, but I was prepared for that after #8 announcement, I wait for Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise count, probably GGITS will be after Time/Breathe Reprise. I still have a great fun, but do not expect to find a whole line.

    Congratulations on the Webby Honoree nominations,


  46. Who IS the man in the wheelchair in front of Nash and Crosby? I could have sworn it’s Stills but he’s touring so….????


    [Robert Wyatt, founder member of Soft Machine. He was also curator of the annual Meltdown festival held at London’s Royal Festival Hall in 2001, which, of course, paved the way for David’s hugely-successful semi-acoustic shows of 2002. Hats off to him for that, I say. – Features Editor]

  47. Fed,

    Senior moment !!!!!

    The last question answered in the latest round of answers. Reads a bit too intelligent but was that me or another Peter.

    I honestly cannot remember.


    Pete – Coventry

    [It certainly was you, sir. Please click your name for the proof. – Features Editor]

  48. Ok – I’m officially blottoed out…not even the additional of diagonals as legitimate lines is gonna give me a chance.

    Not quite the blaze of glory I’d hoped to go out in….lol

    Congrats on the webby honoree selection F.Ed – well deserved.


  49. Hi FEd and friends!

    I am here to tell you that I am 1 for 5 (is that right?) and therefore will most likely be joining the ranks of the ‘Unblottoed’! But I’ll be in very good company it seems.

    Nice to be receiving some of Stevie’s answers. I love to hear that musicians who perform with some of the biggest and best still retain some of that sense of wonder when it comes to the ‘sages’ of rock and roll.

    It’s also good to know that David is such a ‘classy gentleman’ behind the scenes and out of the public eye — no great surprise there but lovely to hear it from ‘an insider’ so to speak!

    Peace and love everyone!
    Washington State

  50. [….thus, dare I even think it, meaning Echoes might not be on there!!!!]

    [a very worrying thought indeed, but why would it be left out, for one thing it took up a very pleasureable 25mins of the concert.]

    I somehow think leaving Echoes out would be a not be a very good commercial or artistic decision. Mind you, I’d be happy for the ‘manic seagulls’ bit of Echoes to be chopped out….and then an extra track could be slotted in, thereby completely buggering up the Blotto game and further delaying the release of the DVD….err, on second thoughts, best leave the seagulls in and I’ll fast forward that bit.

    Anyway, the next track to be revealed is bound to be Echoes, isn’t it FEd!?!?!?!

    [I’m afraid not. I think we should keep you waiting for that one. – Features Editor]

  51. Well, if there is an award for the loser of blotto then I’m it! I haven’t gotten one right. Then again, I did take a gamble with my list, I knew that when I did it. O well.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Stevie. It’s always nice to hear things from one on the ‘inside.’

    Congrats on the Webby award all! You certainly deserve it.


  52. There ya go… IMcK said “Anyway, the next track to be revealed is bound to be Echoes, isn’t it FEd!?!?!?!”

    Fed said “I’m afraid not. I think we should keep you waiting for that one. – Features Editor”

    Fed is keeping us waiting for that one. I think that assures Echoes will be on it. So keeping us waiting for that one…. Now I get it…. Echoes is FIRST! That solves the numbering issue that has cropped up on everyones’ mind! And please DO keep the seagulls in… what would Echoes be without them???

    This conclusion (hopefully obviously) tongue-in-cheek, so no pointy sticks!


  53. [It certainly was you, sir. Please click your name for the proof. – Features Editor]

    Well well, Thanks for checking that out Fed – appreciated !

    I remember the topic but not asking that.

    Pete – Coventry

  54. I really can’t see David leaving Echoes out. I think we have no worries there. However, I could see it being on the 2nd disc, or even better yet (and certainly more tricksy) he could have split it into 2 like they did on the Pompeii DVD.

    [Also, do you think the management has a separate pool going on which blogger will yell BLOTTO first?-Andrew]

    If that’s true FEd, my sincere apologizes to the one who put money on me.


  55. Webby Award? Sounds sticky. Congratulations, everybody-who-works-on-the-site-and-does-a-fantastc-job-and-we-love-them-for-it.

    Erin, doing better now? How was that meal?

  56. Go Crouchie!!!! 😉

    I suspect Liverpool had no real intention of playing a wide open game.

    [Bring on Chelsea. – Features Editor]

  57. A special “well-done” for the Webby award.

    I would also like to congratulate anybody who has got all four tracks correct.

    Fed; you should consider issue prizes to everyone who has achieved this feat, because this has to be the hardest knowledge based competition I have ever entered.

    And yes I have got all four wrong, not that I am sore or anything.

  58. I didn’t even get 23 songs to start with…….. ah well bring on Chelsea!!!!!

    [Well said, Paul. Let’s ‘ave ’em. – Features Editor]

  59. I think I’ll stick to the traditional method of getting Blotto – I’m hopeless at the DG version! (Hic!)

    Congrats on the Webby Award as well everyone – hope to:
    a)Make a chat soon
    b)Hang around for more than 10 minutes this time!

    Nice win tonight FEd…….

  60. I think I’ve been able to use what’s been confirmed to make an approximate setlist that’s been correct so far. There are only three tracks I’m confused about. According to my calculations based on bootleg tracklists of the RAH gigs, it won’t be the whole day’s setlist.

    My approximate setlist, assuming songs weren’t also switched around, will feature:
    -Breathe and Time (uncertain if Breathe Reprise will be separate)
    -A full OAI
    -Shine On
    -Two more mystery slots
    -High Hopes
    -Wish You Were Here
    -Find The Cost Of Freedom
    -Arnold Layne
    -Comfortably Numb

    The two mystery slots could be:

    -Coming Back To Life
    -Wots… Uh The Deal
    -Fat Old Sun
    -Wearing The Inside Out
    -The Great Gig In The Sky

    My educated guess is that if the Mermaid show is on Disc 2, WTIO will not be needed. It’s possible Great Gig will either be in these slots or Breathe Reprise will be listed with Time, and The Great Gig In The Sky will appear after The Blue instead (where it was when Sam Brown appeared in Paris, although it never did this at the RAH gigs).

    Dominoes appears on the DG In Concert DVD, as does Coming Back To Life, leaving likely candidates of Wots… Uh The Deal and Fat Old Sun (yes, FOS appeared on the 2002 DVD, but without the guitar solo people love it for).

    This is going to be awesome.

  61. Fed, I’ll bet you’re going to wait to the very end to give us any of the first four songs,aren’t you? I can just see that evil gleam in your eye.

    Am I dreaming or was it announced on the blog a long time ago that the DVD would include a deluxe booklet with tour photos from Polly?

    Congrats on the award. Well deserved.

    [I think that was a dream, Steve. – Features Editor]

  62. With regards this blotto’ game, I think my card is best viewed from the reverse. Mine will be in the recycle bin soon. Congratulations to anyone who actually got some right.

    Best of all…..CONGRATULATIONS to the David Gilmour site and all for the Webby Honors Award. Classy certainly sums it up.

    Love Steve’s description of our guitar man.

    To anyone who might be curious about how the young man who lost all is limbs is doing. He is now an outpatient and working with prothesis. The dr’s and nurses are guiding his parents to help him become self-sufficient. He is moving on and getting better.

    Good night all,

    [Thanks for the update, Jan. – Features Editor]

  63. CAPTION:

    “Comfortably Numb is all about the drums. You see, it’s ‘Badum..bam-badum, KSHHH!’ Not ‘baboom’ at all, and not many people know that. I’ve made quite a career of it…”

  64. Steve’s 6 words to describe David couldn’t have been said any better. Someone should design a car after him and call it “Class”. Bumper sticker moto “Fender Bender”.

  65. [Renaissance Man, Great Father, Generous, Classy, A True Genius, A Gentleman]

    Who wouldn’t love this man?!!! Beautiful words, Steve. And most of these words sound good also about you and your answers!


  66. [Dominoes appears on the DG In Concert DVD, as does Coming Back To Life, leaving likely candidates of Wots… Uh The Deal and Fat Old Sun (yes, FOS appeared on the 2002 DVD, but without the guitar solo people love it for).]

    The version of Fat Old Sun with Telecaster solo that I was fortunate enough to witness at the RAH on 30th May was absolutely superb. It was certainly up there with the early 70s extended live version of Fat Old Sun from a Paris concert that was broadcast on the radio last year by the BBC. The extended bits of that particular recording mainly comprised of some great keyboard solos from Rick Wright.

    It would be nice to think all of the RAH stuff that doesn’t make it onto Disc 1 might make it to Disc 2.

    That reminds me, are you going to reveal some further info about the content of the second disc some time soon?

    [Indeed, we shall. – Features Editor]

  67. Interesting. On an Island is sixth. I think the only way to save me from Unblotto is if Castellorizon is first. Not likely, but I still think it is the best tune for opening a show.

    Frank: “Fender Bender” I like it!

    As a side note, my favourite Pink Floyd album is referenced in today’s (Apr 12) comic strip “Get Fuzzy”. It’s cute.

    [Thanks for sharing. – Features Editor]

  68. [My educated guess is that if the Mermaid show is on Disc 2, WTIO will not be needed.] – Posted by: Tenniru at April 11, 2007 11:06 PM

    Some Mermaid Theatre will be on disc 2, but no WTIO is planned to be there (it was revealed here earlier, few weeks ago, if memory serves me well).

    So probably WTIO will be one of your mysterious slot on disc 1, at least me thinks.


  69. Hello FED and All !!

    Well, I am back from my Easter holiday and I see that some very cool things have transpired. One being that for some inexplicable reason that I now have two spots on my Blotto card blotted out. Yay !!!

    Secondly I would love to congratulate those who have made an honoree !! Kudos !! To All.

    Also loved the q&a with Steve. Just goes to show that he’s a fine drummer who knows his stuff. Very interesting. Particularly about the kinds of drum sticks and different effects.

    Well, I am completely knackered from the drive from St. Augustine. My girlfriend and I went to Disney World for Saturday and Sunday, then Monday found us going over to visit the Haunted Lighthouse in St. Augustine. Tuesday and yesterday were just spent…well, never mind. No need for TMI.

    Needless to say I am extremely pleased for David and Polly and all of those who have made this wonderful site so deserving of being an Honoree. Now we have bragging rights, don’t we, FED ? : )

    Just goes to show : Yes. We do play well. Drinks are on me !! All around !

    I trust you had a nice Easter Sunday, FED ?

    Peace and Love to All !

    Cazart !

    [I had a very nice Easter, thank you. – Features Editor]

  70. [Speak to me as a track is ridiculous, come on, no one even plays it….this is not “dark side of the moon”. – Posted by: Piergiorgio at April 10, 2007 04:32 PM]

    How could you listen to Dark Side without “Speak to me”?

    Congrats. on the webby award.

  71. [Am I dreaming or was it announced on the blog a long time ago that the DVD would include a deluxe booklet with tour photos from Polly? – Posted by Steve at April 11, 2007 11:36]

    Steve: what a great idea for a book for Polly to publish of her own photos. Beautiful. Not for the dvd, but her own book. Which makes me wonder if she has written anything new?

    I feel I must be getting quite blase’..The first time I saw someone from the band post on this site,(I think it was Guy Pratt) I nearly fell off my chair. Now it seems almost a natural everyday occurance. Are we spoiled? I sure hope not.

    My best to you all,

  72. Umm, jan

    Sorry to disappoint, that wasn’t Stevie D. I play drums more like Steve Martin in ” The Jerk “.

    Have a great weekend anyway!

  73. Hey Jessica,

    Thanks for thinking about me. I’m doing much better. My enchilidas were fantastic! However, after 3 weeks of not eating, I think dog food would have been appreciated. It’s amazing how much better I felt once I started eating again.

    Have a great weekend


  74. to fed: please please please don’t keep us waiting on ‘echoes’. that would be horrible. it must be on the dvd, but i would rather know for sure than be kept in wonder. maybe you’ll make us wait until september. you wouldn’t be that cruel, would you? that would be horrible.

    to andrew s: thanks for the link to the cartoon. that’s funny.

    to erin: glad you’re feeling better. i ate dogfood once as a dare. it’s not nice.

    i’m still stoked that stevie answered my question. thanks again, stevie. you’re too cool.

  75. [i ate dogfood once as a dare. it’s not nice.]

    And you washed it down with a few goldfish too??


  76. FED – thanks for finding the link to the comic strip.

    Is it me or have there been a lot of blog topics lately? Liverpool needs to play more games to slow you down. 😉

    Have a good weekend all.

  77. Hi dear FED,

    congratulations for all…you’re so clever and able to create old and new emotions…

    Words about David:he’s our precious,rare wine more and more are and precious year after year.

    A kiss from Rome

  78. i wish that you come to iran and have a concert. i’m waiting here, in persopolis.

    i grew up with david’s voice. please come to iran, please.

  79. Hi Fed and all

    its been a while since i had chance to get on davids site.

    I would just like to say a big sorry to david, as i have always called him Dave and reading an article it appears he hates being called dave. im really sorry it wont happen again DAVID.

    Well here we are in sydney Australia, its a lovely city. i caught i bug in Beijing and cannot shift it. Im taking Antibiotics now so hope it will go soon.

    Its great to see the blog going from strength to strength, see you all in New Zealand

    Damian and Katrina.

  80. My deepest sympathy goes out to all students, and family members of students, and friends, at Virginia Tech. College.


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